The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 2: No Death"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
September 14, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear family, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together again in our sacred and divine space. You are among the first to move into what we call the New Earth Energy. It gives I, Tobias, such delight to be here with you on this day for the second Shoud, the time when you channel yourselves.

I love this moment when we first enter your space, when we first gather together with you, when you invite us into your place, when you can truly open your heart. I love the sound of your music (played before the channel). It tells such a story of your journey. I love the way you sit, oh, in anticipation for our time together!

Our time together during the channel seems so brief, but, dear friends, we are always with you. We walk alongside you, sharing your experiences and your times. Sometimes, I could just sit here and breathe in the love that you emanate, love that comes from your heart.

All of us on this side understand that the journey you are on is difficult and challenging. We know there are times when you have thought you have released it all, only to find out there is more to release, only to find out that there are others around you who do not so much want to release you. Just when you thought you have released it all, you learn there is ancestral karma. You learn that there are times from long before you came to Earth that you still carry with you at the deepest levels within your being.

But you continue. You continue on the journey. You continue, knowing that the work you do is so important for your own being, your own essence. It is so important for the other humans who are on Earth at this time and for the other humans who will come after you. Your work is so important for All That Is, for Spirit, and all of the others.

You are coming to a new understanding about who you truly are. It is not the human that you see in the mirror. It is not the flesh and bones. It is not the human who goes by a certain name. No, it is about much more than that, much more.

So, we love this time we share with you. And we have much to talk to you about today, much to share with you.

We ask you now, dear friends, to bring your energies together with us. We ask you to hold the hand of the angels who gather in the room today. We will explain in a moment who they are, why they are here. But we ask you to hold out your hand to them, to let them touch you, to let them grasp your hand, to let them touch a Divine Human, to feel for a moment what it is like to feel your vibrations, to feel you. They come here today to learn from you, to learn what it is like to have been on such an incredible journey, to end up in this space, to come to new understandings of yourself.


And now, dear friends, I, Tobias, ask you to extend your hands out to the humans who sit next to you in the chairs. Hold their hand for a precious moment. Feel their energy. Feel what their journey is like. Oh, not through the mind… but feel it through the heart. Oh, such an energy is moving here as you extend out to the other, as you hold their hand, as you touch them for a moment! This brings together all of the energy of Shaumbra in this room.

And now, dear friends, extend your arms out. Touch the hands of the ones who are connecting with us in this moment through your Web system. Feel them. And for all of you who are listening in or reading this, extend your hands out to truly integrate with Shaumbra here in this moment at this time. And now for all of you, arms extended out, hold it out. Hold the energy of this moment out for all who will read these words or hear these words in the days to come. Help them to understand that they are as much in our moment right now as you are, that they are not alone, that there are other humans who are divine. There are the other humans who are walking into the New Energy alongside of them. Oh, we thank all of you here, and all of you connecting, for sharing in this moment of time.

We sometimes wish there was a different way to communicate, other than just with human words. You are learning… you are learning to do this. You are learning to open that heart of yours, to understand at a new level, not of just the mind, but of your entire being.

Now, dear friends, as we heard Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) talking of these workshops and these seminars. They happen in the Now. They happen in the Now. It is difficult to preplan a workshop that will take place two months from now, or six months from now. Oh, you may put a title on this talk. You may put words on the page. And Cauldre may want to make all of his slides. (Audience laughter) But that is not the way of the New Energy. The New Energy is about the moment and about the Now.

If there is a title for the workshops that you have coming up in the days and weeks and months ahead, it is simply "To Be Determined." (Audience laughter) "To Be Determined" in the moment when you arrive. Silly human, Cauldre, thinking that he can plan all of these things! (More laughter) We know it makes him nervous, and we know it will make you, Shaumbra, nervous also to live in the moment.

You will want to still have a plan in your back pocket. Or perhaps you will want to have slides on that computer of yours. But when you get into that moment of time, that is when you will have a knowingness and a realization about what is truly needed. You can only think that you know ahead of time what is needed. It WILL happen in the moment.

When you stand in that moment, and when you are fearless, and when you are open to your own spirit and divinity… in that moment all of the answers come forth. The solution is already there. It is simply waiting for you to arrive. Do you understand what we mean?

The Shaumbra workshops, seminars and channels will all be in the moment - To Be Determined - until you and the other parties arrive at the scene. No theme in advance. No predetermined discussion. In the moment. This is when you get the golden glow, the ball of enlightenment, the inner knowingness, the "ah hah!" that says you are in the right place.

For those who are healers and teachers, it is the same. It is the same. We know so many of you try to run an analysis, a reading, on your client before they ever walk in the door, trying to figure out what must be done before they get there. You ask us. You ask their Higher Selves, "What is it I should know" about this client, or about this class? And you will not hear an answer, other than TBD - To Be Determined - at the moment. (audience laughter)

Perhaps this is a bit scary for you, Shaumbra. You have been trained to plan everything in your life. But now, it is truly living in the moment. And when that client arrives at your door, and you sit down prior to your session with them, then you will know. Then, it will come flooding in like golden rays. It will all be revealed to you in that moment. You will know exactly why they are there. Not why they are saying they are there, but truly why they are there.

When you assemble for the Crimson Circle workshops (held around the world), you may think you know why you are attending. But when you show up and open your heart, then the real issues come out. Then, you open up. Then, it is revealed why you are truly there.

You are not at any workshop to learn about abundance. That is a processing in your mind. You are trying to figure out a scheme, or a mechanism, or program, or a process. It does not work like that.

Spiritual abundance cannot be figured out with a plan from your mind. Abundance comes when you sit with yourself, when you acknowledge your divinity, when you open up and realize that everything is complete in the moment. When you stay in the moment, it is filled with abundance.

(Tobias now shifting into meditative, rhythmic speaking)

Right now, in this moment you sit in… having released the issues of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow… the moment you sit in is complete. Allow yourself to feel it… in this moment that you sit in. It is not about what happened in the past… or what will happen tomorrow… or worrying about that stack of bills… or worrying about anything else… or screaming to us for answers… but rather sitting in this Divine Moment. It IS filled with abundance… and healing… and wisdom… and love. Allow yourself to feel this as we sit here together as Shaumbra. All things are appropriate… all things are balanced… all things are in the Now.

Such simple lessons, dear friends; such simple lessons there are for you and for all of us. You tend to make them complex. We tend to take what can be said in a sentence or a paragraph and try to turn it into books. You take what can be said in a moment of time and try to turn it into hours of lectures. The best lecture we have seen so far is when you sit in the Now, breathing it in, and then just to sit there for an hour without words, without intellect, without processing. Just breathing in the Now.

So, things will be different for you, for Cauldre, for all of the others, as you continue the journey into the New Energy. No more preset plans. Oh, indeed, we know Cauldre is screaming at us right now! (Audience laughter) We know there are arrangements. You have to have water on the tables, and your wonderful, beautiful stage, and all of your accoutrements. That is fine. That is fine. Do these things, but when you come into the moment, have no agenda. Allow it to be. Allow it to be.

For days before one of these monthly gatherings, Cauldre asks us what we will speak of, what we will share. He wants to feel secure that there WILL be something! But he… and you… will have to learn to be in the moment. In that moment, perhaps we will just ramble. (Audience laughter) Perhaps, there will not be some big point. There will not be some big title that you put on the name of the channel. Perhaps, it will just be Shoud 2: ___ (More laughter) "We do not know what Tobias said, but it felt good!" you will say. (More laughter)

It is the time, the space, the energy, and the love of our gathering that is important. These words… these words do not mean so much.


So much is said in the silence. Humans have a difficult time with silence. Humans don't like the pause. Why is that? It is uncomfortable, because in the pause, in the stillness, you have to begin looking inside. You don't have the distractions on the outside, the noise, and the chatter, the things to occupy your mind and your hands. Oh, humans do not like the silence.

In the New Energy silence will be so golden. Silence is how you will renew yourself. It won't be through saying mantras and doing chants, reading books, listening to tapes. It will be sitting in the moment. It will not even be about having a prayer or trying to do meditation. We have seen so many well-intended humans just messing themselves up with trying to meditate! In the silence there is the breath, the breathing in and out, a knowingness that the life force continues, the knowingness that creation continues to expand.

It is sweet. It is sweet, being here with you. There are many others who come in on this day. They gather here, this unique group of humans - how to say - actually, former humans. The ones who gather here today – there are hundreds and hundreds, we have not counted so much yet – they are humans from all parts of your world, of all different belief systems and races and genders, hundreds and hundreds of them who have filled this room in the last few minutes while I was occupying you with my talking. They are ones who have "crossed over" in the last three days of time. They are humans who have left the body and come back to our side. These are not Shaumbra as you would know. These are not humans who were on the type of spiritual path that you are on.

The three days after a human leaves the physical body is a very delicate time. It is a very delicate time. There is not a prescribed process for what takes place. It is based on their consciousness and the events that surrounded their life and their death.

When we, the angels, go to meet them - and there are highly, highly trained angels who go to meet the ones crossing over - sometimes we are welcomed with open arms and with tears, and other times we are rejected, because the transitioning human was expecting something else. There are times when the angels are not even seen by the transitioning human, for they are so focused on their human ways that they cannot see the angels in front of them.

The group who is here today, welcomed by the angels to their side, wanted to know what just happened to them, where they were, where they were going to, what comes next. There were many in this group who were waiting for some type of judgment, who are waiting for the angels to bring them to a place of judgment. Some of them thought that when they felt the golden, warm glow that emanated from this space that they were being brought to the place of judgment.

Instead, dear friends, they were brought this room today! They were brought to this space and the energy created by you so they could see the potential of their next life. They come today to visit you, confused, so many of them, wondering why they are here, wondering why there is a group of humans, sitting here, emanating so much love. They do not realize that where they are is on a place of Earth right now. Oh, it is the new Earth, indeed. It is the consciousness of the new Earth.

But so many of them who are here now think this is some place in heaven because they see humans who are so open, and loving, and committed to their journey. They do not see the aches and pains that you been going through lately. What they see is your consciousness, and that consciousness is love and commitment to Spirit, commitment to divinity.

They have been invited here on this day so they could see the grand potential, so they could see what the journey looks like, so they could see that life continues in spite of change, in spite of transformation. Life continues. The hundreds of recently departed beings who join us on this day are scratching their heads. You know, they are still associating themselves with the physical body, wondering how they missed it, wondering why they had never met someone like you, a teacher like you. They are here to observe a group of humans who has gone through many, many lifetimes, committed to Spirit, committed to divinity, who have released all of the selfish parts of being a human, to be selfless, but still to own themselves.

So, if you don't mind, dear friends, they will sit with us today! They will feel your energy. They will learn something from you. The angels have escorted them here before going to the other realms, where they will visit with departed friends and relatives and others. They have been brought here to understand a new potential. So, do welcome them to the Crimson Circle today.

Understand that you may feel their fear. You may feel their questions come up. What to do, dear friends? Simply let them touch you. Extend your hand out to them. Let them feel the empowerment of a Divine Human, one who walks on Earth, but one who also walks in the other realms. And that is you, Shaumbra.

They come today to hear the Shoud, to hear your divinity speak.

I have been asked by so many of you here what it is like on our side of the veil. What do we do to occupy ourselves? What type of jobs do we have? What is it like when you cross over? Where do you go to? It cannot be explained in definitive ways. But we will try to give you a bit of an overview.

In this part of the discussion, we are not speaking about humans in general, but rather we are speaking about Shaumbra. When you leave your body and come over to our side, we are there. We, the angels of the Crimson Council, are there because we have known you for eons of time. We are a more familiar face to you than even the ones who have been your friends and relatives in this lifetime.

We greet you and welcome you back. And when we look you in the eye, there is an immediate knowingness, an immediate connection. There are some from the Crimson Circle who have crossed over recently, and we have to tell you, it is a such a dear moment, for they know us immediately. There is no question. There is no fear. They remember us from these gatherings and from the dreams. They know they have come to the right place.

At that point they are still heavy with all the vibrations of being a human. We go off with them to a quiet space, and we review their lifetime with them. And one day with you… yes, one day you will be back here. We know this for sure! We will sit with you, and we discuss your journey. We will listen to your stories and listen to your tales of some of the more memorable parts of your lifetime. By expressing this, it helps you to come back to balance on our side.

You ask us many questions. You ask about what you did right or wrong, and if we think you took wrong turns. And our answer is always the same. There is no wrong. There is only the experience of the moment and what you do with your new wisdom.

You ask us many questions about your lifetime. Could you have done it better? Could you have made better decisions? Often, we have tears when you ask this. Dear friends, everything you are doing is appropriate! Everything. You do not yet realize that you have divine guidance in your life. It is already there.

After a period of several days, we join you at your own funeral. This is an amusing thing, amusing for you, and somewhat amusing for us.

It is not like this with other humans when we go to their funeral with them. Oh, there is grieving, and there is pain, and there is remorse. The typical human is burdened with guilt and shame. They want to reach out to their family members, particularly those who they have harmed, or those who they are in love with. They want to go back to that human and hold them and shake them. But that human generally does not feel them.

The typical human feels that they are right at their own funeral. They are still so full of human vibration that they feel they are sitting there, much as you feel you are sitting here in this room right now. They cannot understand why no one can hear them. They cannot understand. And to make it even more challenging, they can begin to sense, and to feel, and to hear the thoughts of humans. And this bothers them, for when they in the human condition they could not hear the thoughts of others.

But now they are, in a very small way, beginning to hear. And they hear some humans say, "We are glad she is gone!" in their private thoughts, of course. (Audience laughter) And another human says, "I wish I had treated her better." And other humans say, "I wish I had been a better son, or a better husband." And another says, "Oh, I shouldn't have divorced her." (More laughter) They begin hearing these things, and that makes it even more terrifying and more confusing.

But dear Shaumbra, when you go to your funeral, you will have the enlightenment. To you it will be somewhat amusing. It will be fun. It will be a celebration! You know that they can generally not hear you. You know that. But you go and stand behind them and put your hand on their shoulder and comfort them and tell them that you are fine.

Do you know what the human fears so much? This thing of judgment has been ingrained through your religions. You have been taught that there is some type of retribution, some type of judgment when you die. Most humans carry this fear with them when they cross over to our side. This is the most difficult thing for us to deal with. There is no judgment. There is no jury waiting for you. Yeshua is not waiting to judge you, nor are any of the others.

So, when the human comes over after the period of going through their own grieving at their own funeral, then there is an interesting and challenging next step. At this point, anything can be created. Imagine yourself without a physical body. Imagine yourself simply as feelings and wisdom. What do you do with that?

At this point, some humans feel they must go into a time of punishment. They place themselves in a darkness. They place themselves in a space of their own, surrounded by ugly and dense feelings. In a sense, they go into a type of incubator to have a self-inflicted punishment for all the things they think they did wrong. And when we stand around, and when we try to tell them that we love them and nothing was done wrong, they do not want to listen. We have to honor that.

At some point - and there is no time measurement on this - at some point, they come out of this. They open up. Then, we are able to start working with them. They are still heavy with the human vibration. They are still heavily connected to Earth. They come out of this, and that is when we take them to a type of class.

We gather around, with humans who have departed before them, and with angels on our side. Then, we start reviewing, and we start talking about who they truly are. We can see their energy change as they release the identity they had as a human. It is funny, for they come here, and they don't realize that their identity is so much grander than the human that they were focused on in that lifetime.

We help them begin to understand and to re-balance. Once they start rebalancing and beginning to understand their identity is so much greater, so much greater… oh, they will, in a sense, bring up memories, bring up tapes of past lives even to refresh themselves… and lifetimes before that… and before that. And when they start releasing the heaviness of the human vibration, a funny thing happens. Immediately they want to come back to Earth! They want to come back!

When they come to the point of understanding of their journey, then they want to go back. We try to talk them out of it at that point. (Audience laughter) We would like them to spend a little bit more time here on our side, coming to a bit greater understanding, becoming even more balanced. They are just now coming to a point of understanding of their journey. Now they want to jump back in and experience more.

It is like the human who takes the roller coaster ride, and is filled with fear, but then wants to get right back on to feel it again. At this point, so many humans do go back to Earth. They go back without deep contemplation of where they choose to go in that lifetime. They go right back into the drama of being human, right back into the same family line, into the same group of friends - and enemies - that they have traveled with before. And we smile. And we shed a few tears. But we understand.

Others of you do wait. You do wait for a period of time. You spend time on our side of the veil in these types of classes. You spend time traveling, for here we can do interdimensional travel. We can go to other parts of your physical universe, and other parts of all the dimensions that lie around it. You travel around. You come back to a remembering of who you are. You review past lives to help put them into perspective.

At some point you are drawn back to Earth. Once you taste the human experience, you want to come back. You are connected to Earth. Indeed, there are even aspects and energies of yourself from the past that are still in the Earth. You are drawn back to the Earth sooner or later.

I, Tobias, had a difficult time when I chose not to come back for a long period of time. There was part of me that was being pulled so deeply to come back, so deeply to be in human form with all of you. I so much want to walk the walk with you. But dear friends, I know my role now is to be here on the other side to guide you and to be your friend. But I am still connected. One day I will return.

Once a spirit, once an angel has been in human form, they stay in that cycle until completion, until completion. They are drawn back over and over again. When you come back to this side of the veil, there are many tears. There are many stories. There are many jokes. But all the time, we can see it in your eyes. You want to go back, back to Earth, back to human form, back to learn more. For, in any lifetime, whether it is long or short, there is so much that is gained, so much wisdom that is brought to your spirit, so much love that is in there. That is why you who say, "This will be my last lifetime on Earth…" dear friends, there is a pull. It is like a spiritual gravity that brings you back to experience once again.

On our side of the veil, we do not have time as you would know it. But we do have a progression of events. Imagine yourself not wearing a watch, not having sun for the day and dark for the night to give you indications of time passing. We do not have that here. But we do have a progression of events and experiences. Some of you have theorized that we do not have time on our side, that all things are occurring simultaneously. That is not so much true.

We have access to the past. We can easily go back into the past. We cannot be part of the past, but we can go back to the past and feel its energies. We cannot go into a future because it has not been created yet. We can look at potentials of what might happen. We can look at the direction you are going in. But we do not even like playing that game here. We do not like playing that game. That is not living in the Now. It is imagining how things will be. We learned quite some time ago not to predict the future. We wonder when humans are going to learn the same!

We occupy much of our time here working with you, walking alongside of you, sharing experiences, comforting you. We are there to greet when you cross over to our side. We are there to share energies and to share love with you while you are back here briefly on our side.

We do not have to eat on this side. Some of you think that we have to eat food like you do. We do not. We gain energy… we bring in energy in one of several ways. One is to consume another entity, to go gobble them up, take their energy! But dear friends, all of us, including you, learned a long, long time ago that this does not work. This does not work, for it is a hunger that cannot be satisfied if you try to consume another entity.

The other thing we do is sit in our moment and our space by ourselves, breathing. Indeed, we breathe! We breathe energies in and energies out. You breathe - so you think you breathe - air. You are really breathing energy. We breathe in the pulse of All That Is, of Home. We can feel it here. We can feel the pulse of Home here. So, we breathe that in, and we release it. That feeds us. That is our food and our sustenance.

There are times when those of us on this side who have been in human form… we do plan a dinner party. We prepare a menu of our favorite foods from the time when we were on Earth. I, Tobias, was personally fond of lamb. And we bring in the vegetables, and the fruits, and the sweets… and, indeed the wines! And we set the table. We re-create the experience from our base of vibration and understanding. We re-create the human experience of dining. And we are delighted with it.

And we invite friends on our side, some who have been in human form, some who have just crossed over. They come to our dining table. Some who have never been in human form think it is a very odd thing when we consume the food. But dear friends, it is nothing compared to the joy that the human has when they consume food.

When you sit in the moment at your dining table, you do not need to bless and wave your hands all over your food. You simply need to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the vibration. Enjoy the experience of bringing it into your physical body, having the nutrients and the energy explode into life in your body.

Dear friends, you do not need to transform what you might think to be impurities in the food, or the meats, or whatever, and try to do - how do you say - "obbly, obbly " over your food, to try to release all of the negative components. (audience laughter) You are a Divine Human! The minute this food reaches your vibration, you transform it in the moment. You do not need to perform ceremony. Ceremony IS. And it is NOW. It is with you all of the time.

On our side of the veil, we meld with other entities. There was a time on our side of the veil when this was shunned, in a way. There was a time long, long ago, long before Earth was created when we feared this melding. This was a time when entities consumed and battled with other entities. We were afraid to go outside of our own energetic shell. But now, so many of us here have learned how to do that. It is a blessed thing. I can go in and feel another entity and allow them to feel me. We maintain our own unique identities, but for a moment we meld them together.

On this side of the veil, we can create whatever it is we want to create. We can create a beautiful cottage. I, Tobias, have a place I love to create, based on my experience of being a human. It is a cottage in the country filled with trees, filled with sunshine, and a stream out back, and animals all around. I loved my animals when I was a human, so I recreate this place.

But dear friends, it is nothing like being able to create it in material form like you can do as humans. It is like the wind, compared to the human experience where you can be in material form and truly experience it. You can best experience it as a human when you live in the moment, rather than worrying of the past, or what will come in your tomorrows.

Here on our side of the veil, indeed, there are entities who are still struggling with who they are. They are still afraid. They are still off battling in parts of the other dimensions, battling with each other, battling with themselves, trying to figure it out, trying to get back Home. When we go to work with them, to talk to them, they want to battle with us also. So, we learned quite some time ago to leave them alone. They are playing a game out there, these energetic beings. They are playing a game. And we honor them for this. We allow them to play it.

There are entities on our side who are lost. They get lost. You see, here there are dimensions like you could not even imagine in the human mind. Imagine being able to create anything you want, not in material form, but energetically. There are some who get lost in this maze, lost in their own creations.

There are many of us on this side who go out to try to help them find their way back. We are beacons for them. And once they understand that there is a way out of this maze, oh, dear friends, they are tremendously relieved. We help guide them back to a safe energetic space.

We can create here, but it is not like the reality that you have on your side. That is why being a human is so precious. It is such a gift. At times you curse it. You want the overview. You want the big picture. You want to know everything that is past, and everything that will come. You forget to live in the moment to appreciate the experience of being a human.

By being a human, dear friends, you can come to know something special about who you are. You can go through many experiences, dripping with vibration, dripping with feeling. But yet you want to ignore all this. You want to live in the past or live in the future that hasn't been created.

Being a human is a gift because it helps you understand your identity. You are focused on the identity of a human in one lifetime. But the gift is when you understand, while in human form, that you are much more than the name that is on your driver's license. You are much more. By going into the human condition and taking on physical body, you accelerate your own growth process, tenfold and a hundredfold, versus the entities who have never been to Earth.

There are many who have not been to Earth, many, many, many who have never been to Earth. Many of them wait for the time that they can come to Earth. Others wait for the time when the literal New Earth is created in your universe.

You see, right now, there is only one planet of Earth. But in the days ahead there will be many places of Earth vibration. The work you are doing now will create a New Earth and a New Earth after that. And the universe will begin to open up and provide the opportunity for other entities to experience human consciousness and ultimately Divine Human consciousness.

Now, dear friends, do you understand the importance of the work that you are doing?

There are many entities who wait for the opportunity of human experience. And there are many who fear the human experience. They know, based on what they have seen from you, they know the human experience is difficult, painful. They know you can get lost in the human experience. You can become so focused in it that you totally forget.

Even when you come back to our side of the veil, you still forget. There are entities who die and still don't open their eyes on our side. They are Earth-bound. You know them as ghosts. They wander the Earth. They are so lost in their humanness. Sometimes they find a way to incarnate again. Other times they continue walking the Earth as ghosts, angry at themselves or angry at others, wanting to stay in the vibration of humanness.

There are others who have not raised their hand yet, angels who are not ready yet to take on this experience. They know sooner or later they will walk down the path that you have walked. They will take on human form. They know for their own evolution of their own soul that this is the way to go. But right now, they are standing in the background, deeply honoring their friends… you. You have walked the path of a human, and now you are walking the path of a Divine Human. You are moving into the New Energy, to help create what so many others will experience after you.

So, you have asked us what it is like on our side of the veil. We will talk about it from time to time. We will share our experiences with you. When you return here to us, we will greet you. Indeed, we will celebrate. Indeed, we will look over the events of your lifetime with you, of this lifetime and many others. We will celebrate.

Oh, and we will see. We will see. It is like the words of the song that played prior to our channel today. It was a song about a dog, a dog who loved to roam, the traveling star. He would find a comfortable home and stay there for a while. But then he would have to continue roaming, not knowing where the wind would bring him, not worrying about the rain, not worrying about the moment. That is what the song was about.

And it reminds us of you, Shaumbra. You come back here. Things here are easy. Things here are comfortable and warm, for we have all created that space here. But we know. We know. We see that look in your eyes. We see another highway song being written by Shaumbra.

Oh, I love all of you so much!


Dear friends, it is time for you to speak. It is time for the Shoud to take place. I, Tobias of the Crimson Council and the Order of To-bi-wah will stand back. Cauldre will place his energy directly in yours. Then, you will hear the sound of your own voice.

So, now take a moment to breathe while we adjust the energies. Take a moment to acknowledge all of the recently departed humans who are in this space with you. They, too, are eager to hear what you say!

(Long pause before the Shoud begins.)

Shoud: I am Shaumbra. I am family. I am one voice and many voices. I am the essence of you. I am your soul. I am your divinity. In this space I can talk. In this space there is no separation of human and divine. It is one, and therefore, you allow your essence to speak. You allow your essence to feel, and to experience, and to be. I am Shaumbra, one vibration, and many vibrations.

I am your essence, and I share the message that there IS no death. There IS only life. The humanness within us has concerns of death, concerns of going into nothingness, concerns that it will all be over at some point.

I, your essence, remind you that there is no death. I continue onward and onward. I continue the journey with you. There is no closure. There is no finality. There is life, and there is living.

I, your essence, move you to life, and no matter what you do, I move you to life, and to living, and in the moment to live each precious moment to its fullest.

I, your essence, ask you to nurture me. I am within you and all around you. I am your beginning, but we do not have an end. I, your essence, ask you to nurture me like a child being birthed. I, your essence, ask you to feel me. I am present now and always.

I, your essence, have been separated from you, or so it seemed. But now, we reunite. We can only reunite in the moment. I, your essence, cannot reunite with you in the past. I cannot reunite with you in a potential future. I can only share the moment with you.

I, your essence, your soul, your spirit, ask you to fall in love with me again, to understand that we are one and the same. Fall in love with yourself. Feel no guilt or shame with loving who you are, who I am. When you love me, you learn to love all things. Your love for all things will be found through me. Love will not be found outside first. It is first found within.

I, your essence, your soul, your light, come to you. You have been searching for me. You have been searching for the lost part of yourself. But I come to you. I enter into your reality, into your consciousness as a feeling, as a wave, as a breeze, as a breath. I come to you when you are ready. I come to you when you release any guilt. I come to you when you forgive yourself. I come to you when you acknowledge your divinity.

I, your essence, come to you when you are ready for the power and the glory that is contained within me. I AM you, never lost, always here, always awaiting the moment that you could sit in the Now and be with me.

I, your essence, need your nurturing. I need your care and your love. I need your understanding.

I am simply feeling, feeling. I need to feel you. I need to feel that you are there and present for me. I, your essence, live in the breath that you breathe. I live in the moment that you sit in.

I, your essence, am not separate. I am not waiting for you to come to any certain understandings or higher learnings. I am here now, ready for you.

I, your essence, am not the identity of one lifetime. I am the identity of All That Is You, the identity that was gifted upon us when you left Home.

I, your essence, will bring you completion. I will bring you understanding. I will bring you wisdom. I will bring you love like you have never known. I will bring you power, and I will bring you balance. I will bring you feeling. But more than anything, I will bring you life, eternal life, fulfilling life.

I, your essence, wait for you. I have waited patiently for eons of time, while you have been off playing, while you have been off changing your identity from one experience to another. I have been waiting for you while you have been experiencing being in light form, being in human form, changing lifetimes, changing bodies, changing vibrational states, changing dimensional states, changing where you have lived as a human, where you have lived as an angel. I have been waiting for you.

I, your spirit, will bring you understandings, not from the mind, but from your very being. I, your spirit, come to you when you are ready in the moment and in the awakening breath.

I, your essence, will come to you, but not from a place that you expect. I will come to you in a new place, in a new experience and a new vibration. I ask you not to look into the old places to find me, but only into the moment.

I am Shaumbra. We are family.

(Long pause while Tobias prepares to return.)

Tobias: I, Tobias, return for a few words, dear friends, a few words here. The first word is to allow yourself to feel. This is a theme. This is a discussion we will have over and over again. Your own soul is asking you to feel. We are asking you to feel.

There is a divine mind that supersedes the human mind. There is a process that goes far beyond thinking. In your heart, and in your soul, and in your essence, there is intelligence. It is not like what you know from the human brain at all. It is a new type of intelligence, and knowingness, and understanding, and wisdom. We will be asking you over and over to feel who you are, to feel those around you, to feel us. Open those feeling centers.

Yes, we discussed this recently with Shaumbra in Lake Tahoe. We set the energy there. That group set the energy for discussions that we will have again and again.

FEEL who you are. We see you going through an intellectual process, trying to analyze this whole being of who you are, trying to analyze how to get to the next step. You are beginning to figure out that it does not come through analysis. It does not come through study.

It comes through opening up. It comes through releasing. It comes through living in the moment. It comes through breathing. That is why we have said, "Release the ceremonies. Release the prayers. Release the old ways."

Your essence sits with you now. "Why don't you see it, or feel it," some of you ask? "Where is it, Tobias?" You are still up here in that head of yours. It is there.

But as your own essence said, it comes to you from a new place. You will get it. You will understand. You will be sitting alongside the water someday. You will be driving down the road in your car. You will be drifting off to sleep some night, and you will get it. You will know that you have been looking in the old places for your own essence. It comes from a new place. It is here in this room.

Let us tell you that there are hundreds and hundreds of entities who sit here with wide eyes and open months. For, even in their vibrational state of having just been humans, they can begin to feel and sense. They see what you may not see - the divinity shining within you at this moment. In this moment it is here. They see the potential to integrate the soul, the essence of Spirit into this dimension, onto Earth, into your human form. They see the potential because they are looking at it right now.

Dear friends, you have done them a great service by allowing them to be in this space today. Your own essence is here in this moment, in the breath that you take.

We love you dearly. We thank you for sharing this time with us and with so many others.

We will return in a few moments to answer your questions and to have some fun with you. We ask you to come up to the microphone to ask your questions. We would like to talk to you directly. Do not be bashful. Ah, as you said to yourself a month ago, "Express. Express who you are. Express your divinity."

So, we will return in a few moments to share questions and thoughts with you. In the meantime, understand that there are so many who are around you on your journey. You are never alone.

And so it is.