The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 1: Expression"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
August 3, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together in the circle of Shaumbra. We love when you invite us into your space… when we are here as family… when we can rejoice for a moment… when you can take a bit of a "rest stop"… when you can open your heart… and when we can truly come in to be with you and to meld with you. Life can be so difficult when you are outside of this space!

I am Tobias of the Crimson Council, of the order of To-Bi-Wah. And you are family. We are here today to move to our next level, to move to our next step.

Dear friends, you have endured through this long and difficult journey. You have stuck with it. You are here once again for a new series, for a new set of challenges. You showed up in this sacred space with a conviction in your heart and in your soul to move your next level. How blessed and how sacred this is that you would even dare to come back! (audience laughter)

Indeed, we will talk here today of some of the changes that will be taking place within the Circle. The time is appropriate. You have made the changes within yourself, within your own consciousness. And indeed, you have removed so many of the layers and the filters that would have been a limitation in going forward.

And so it is that we start our fourth series with you. But now we will make some changes. It will be much more of you, much more of you speaking. We will talk of that in a moment.

As always there are guests who come in, and they will continue to come in if it meets your approval. They want to share this space with you. There are entities who remain strongly present with you, even when you are not in this room of Shaumbra. They will be with you, walking beside you on your day-to-day journey, helping you to go to deeper levels of understanding of who you are. They are the angels. They are the celestial beings who walk beside you. As you know, they cannot do it for you. But they are there in energy and in love.

In our last series Metatron came in. Oh, when Metatron first appeared, it was difficult for many of you, including Cauldre, to handle this intense energy. But within a few visits, you adjusted quite well. As you know, Metatron is you. Metatron is your voice in Spirit. Metatron is the representation of your God-self. It is part of your consciousness that you were not able to bring into your human level when you came here. It was part of your soul that stayed on the other side.

But now with the changes of the grids that have been done by the Kryon, Metatron, your voice in Spirit, can come in so much closer. Metatron has been present in so many of our lessons of the last series and will continue to be here because you are anchoring and owning this energy. It is not a single individual, although you may perceive it to be this way at times. But it is your own divinity and the divinity of all of Shaumbra, and ultimately, all of humanity.

Metatron is here today because YOU are here today. It is that simple. At our last gathering several weeks ago in the final lesson of the Ascension Series, there were other visitors as well. And their energy has remained all around you in these past few weeks. You might have felt them as you were driving down the road. You might have felt them as you were speaking to Spirit and to yourself.

Indeed, the energy of Archangel Michael is so present right now! Michael, in a sense, was a team leader, one who held the Sword of Truth beside you. Michael is working with you now for you to take ownership of your own Sword, of your own Truth. You will feel Michael pushing you and prodding you at times, sometimes with the sharp end of his sword (audience laughter) to move you through, to get you out that rut that you tend to get into at times.

And indeed, the energy of the Kryon is so present, particularly these last few weeks.

Have you felt the energies all around you? They are shifting rapidly. It is not just about you. Indeed, there are changes that are taking place within you, rapid consciousness changes, rapid vibrational and physical changes. But the world around you is changing quickly also. That is because of the final adjustments of the grid.

Oh, the Kryon entourage and team are very busy right now, very busy, making these final adjustments so that you can bring in your own divinity, so you can indeed behold the song of your soul. That is why you feel all of the commotion around you, because there is much activity, much activity.

And then, dear family, the energy of Mary, the Mother energy, the nurturing, the caring energy, comes in. She is here today, so strong and present amongst us, so loving and caring. What is called the Mother Mary energy is truly the love of Home that you have missed so much. The love of Home is beginning to shine through all of the veils and the filters and the layers.

Oh, Mary has been here for quite some time. But your own hearts were not open enough to truly perceive her, to truly understand. But now you can feel this energy. Mary comes in to walk with Shaumbra in this coming year in our new series. She will be with you when you stand up at the front to ask your questions. (chuckling)

Oh, yes, dear friends, no more cards. You won't write down your questions on cards for us to answer. (some audience murmuring) Instead, you will stand up and ask in your own voice. We want to talk to you. We want you to come forward. We want you to sing the song of your soul, to ask your questions. And as Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) is saying to us right now, "Yes, Tobias, and to take your comments and sometimes abuse, too." (audience laughter) So, we would ask you to prepare for this, when we come back for our questions and answers… to approach the microphone… to put yourself on the line… to ask your question on behalf of not only yourself, but of all Shaumbra.

You will feel the feminine aspect of the Mary energy all around you. You will feel the energy of birthing because you ARE birthing your new identity. Therefore, this draws in the loving energy of Mary. When you are having a particularly difficult day and a rough time, you can go into her arms. You can put your face upon her shoulder. You can cry a few tears. And she will cry with you. She will hold you and love you like the mother who truly loves the child. This is the relationship. This is the energy all around you.

So, today in our honored guest seat, we welcome the energy of the Mother Mary. Oh, her energy will stay with us. It will stay with us throughout this entire series. There will be other guests and other visitors. But she is here. She asks us to pause for a moment in our discourse so you can feel her love.

Take a moment, family, to breathe this in. Oh, some of you have known this energy so well.


She has a message for you. Feel it in your heart, each one of you… yes.


Simple, isn't it? So very simple, so very loving, and so very accepting of who you are.

Now, know that the Mother energy will be here for a long, long time to come.

We have spoken recently to you about clarity. As you open up, you are becoming much more clear. All of your human and divine senses are coming to a heightened sense of awareness. Your feelings are open and more sensitive than ever before.

Some of you are not so used to this. Some of you are not so used to this thing that you call the heart, the emotion, the soul-level feelings. Oh, at times you feel you are being barraged. You do not understand all of these feelings that are coming up, all of the emotions. They seem to play both sides – feelings of good and feelings of bad, dreams of terror and dreams of love, days that are difficult and days that are a joy. Feelings of every kind are so prevalent with Shaumbra right now.

Do not dismay, dear friends. As you experience more and more of your true feelings, you will begin to learn how to adjust them. They will not knock you over so much like they are doing now. You will not have so much of an emotional roller coaster as what you are going through now.

When you come to feelings, do not try to put the lid on them. Stay open. Stay open. The challenging or painful part will quickly pass. It will. It will move through unless you choose to hold onto it. When you come to these feelings, be in that moment with them.

Oh, there is so much New Energy in emotions and feelings. We have talked before of how Shaumbra is creating New Energy - never done before in all of Creation outside of Home. And it is happening now. You are creating New Energy. Within the feelings that you are experiencing in your own being, within all of these emotions and thoughts, even the difficult ones, there is a seed of New Energy there.

We told you recently that the New Energy you are creating is finding its way out into the universe, helping to set up the templates for the new universe, for what we call the Second Creation. So much of what is happening within you is flowing out to all places. When you come to our side, whether it is in a dream, or whether it is when you leave your human body behind, we will show you what you are creating. They are the new sacred paintings in the universe, the sacred creations. We will show you what you are creating.

At the same time, dear family, in the emotions that you are experiencing right now, there is a seed of New Energy. It will come to you in your reality at the appropriate moment. But it is there. The New Energy you are creating… you will also be able to utilize. There is a direct correlation between this New Energy within you and the level of your own wisdom and the level of your own self-acceptance.

In other words, this new very potent, spiritual energy will not germinate, will not come into your reality until you feel that your wisdom is in balance and you accept your new divine self. Then, that seed will sprout. At the internal levels you are saying, "This is a powerful tool. This replaces any sword that I have ever carried. This replaces any previous belief systems I have ever held. I do not want this new divine tool to come forth until I am truly ready."

But we tell you today, sitting here, looking at you, Shaumbra - Kryon, Michael, Metatron, and Mary, and I, Tobias, looking out at you. You have the wisdom. You have the understandings. Perhaps, you don't have the self-acceptance yet, but only you can do that. It is appropriate. It is time for you to now bring this New Energy up from within.

What you are experiencing right now in your new clarity are the feelings and the emotions that are running through you, deep and wide. Oh, some days you feel slammed against the wall. Other days you feel that you could take on the whole world with the love that you have in your heart.

As we mentioned in our last discussion, this clarity also has its challenging moments. You will begin to see through the façades that other humans put up. You know, humans… they put up large walls. Do you know that sometimes we cannot see through these? If a human chooses to be off the radar screen, they can put up a type of energetic field where none of us, even the most powerful of the angels, cannot see through. If you do not want God to see you, God cannot, for you are God. And you have just played a hiding game with yourself! Do you see? (audience laughter)

Humans do put up these walls. They put up these walls and filters for good reason also. It is a type of protection so that they are not inundated with all sorts of vibrations and information and frequencies and feelings.

So many of you have experienced this before where you walk into a large crowd, and you become aware of what some others are feeling. If they are transmitting in a very strong way, if they have a painful headache, oh, they are strong transmitters at that point! AND their barriers are down, so they are sending out this headache energy all around them. And you feel it first because, Shaumbra, you are much more open.

In your new clarity you will pick up on these things very quickly. Do not take these as your own. Go in. Explore the feeling. Ask it where it comes from. Ask it why it is there. So often you will hear it say, "I am not yours. Do not try to own me. Let me go. I am simply emanating from another, and you are picking up on it."

You, dear Shaumbra, are becoming strong receivers. You are feeling all things around you. As your clarity opens, it opens first in the sense of feel. And you will feel others. Don't retreat. Don't put back up your own walls and barriers. Simply go in and find out where this is coming from. Then, release it, much as you would take a bird in your hand and release it. Set it free. Let it soar. Let it be gone. You will have just learned something from the experience, the energetic experience you've just had with another human. You will have learned something within.

This New Energy seed within you will have touched this vibration from another person. Let us use the example of the headache energy that you have touched and released. This headache energy then will come back to them at the appropriate time when THEY are ready, transformed now into pure energy of love and Spirit.

Do you see, do you see, how you are teaching and affecting with just the touch? Do you see? It is so simple. It is so subtle, but you have just helped another human. You have helped them transform their own energy for them to use when they choose.

This headache energy, in this example, that goes out, that you touch for a moment with your New Energy… it also then flows outward and continues going out to other people. But now it also has a new potential within it. It is not just a vibration of headache. It now contains the vibration of love, of divinity, and of self-empowerment. You have included this package of New Energy in with their energy. The receiver of this information down the line, another human walking along in a crowded shopping mall, who suddenly picks up on the original headache energy, now has a new potential within this energy. It contains two elements: The original headache and now your divineness, your love, your new potential.

This is the New Energy. This is the way the Divine Human operates. This is what you are already doing, but you have not realized it. This is how, in one small way, you are all teachers. You are all transmuters of energy. It is a beautiful thing. We see it happening here all the time.

Dear friends, this clarity… oh, it is a wonderful thing! You will see beyond the façades that others put up. But when you do, when you see the games that they play, remember it is not up to you to change them, or to heal them, until they come to you. You will see things. You will see great games that they play. You will see lies and deceptions and abuse and corruption – all of these things.

And you will ask at that moment, "What is it I should do? Should I change that individual? Should I warn the others?" There is nothing you need to do at that moment. Everything appropriate will come to you. Then, act on it. You will know. You will know when it is time.

You will know when it is time to ask them if they are - how to say - cooking the books for their company. (audience laughter) Perhaps you will not have to do anything. Perhaps they will never come to you. But because you now have an awareness of what is going on, it has the potential of changing it, or having it come to the surface. You have seen this happen over and over again now in your recent times.

"Why is it," so many of you have asked, "that all these things are being exposed?" It is because the consciousness of Earth has changed. You have changed. This type of corruption and imbalance has to come to the surface. It has to come to the surface. When it comes to the surface, it draws attention to it. Then, it is up to you, to every human who hears about it, to the companies that are involved in it, to do something with it. Some of them will run. Some of them will confess. Others will collapse because they cannot take the pressure.

This will continue happening. When you read the headlines, understand that this is appropriate. Understand that your world is not falling apart. Things that were out of balance and inappropriate cannot be hidden anymore. You will see this in your businesses for months and months and months to come. You will see it in your government, for much has been hidden there. And it will come to light. You will see it in your churches, in particular. What is out of balance will come forward now. You will have a new clarity about it.

Now, we have also talked recently about your questions. We said it is time now for you to answer your own questions. Indeed, we would still be delighted to talk with you in our sessions like this, to look you directly in the eye, to chat with you one-on-one.

But in your day-to-day life, remember to ask yourself first. The answer to the question… is a question. The answer to what you want to know will come back as a question from us. When you say, "Dear Tobias, what is ahead on my path," we will say to you, "What do want to be there?" When you say, "Dear Tobias, should I leave my mate," we will say, "Do you want to leave your mate?" When you say, "What is it I should eat," we will say, "Ask your body what you should eat."

We will be pushing you. We will be challenging you to go within. And indeed, we will continue talking with you. During our question and answer sessions, we will ask you some of our own questions. But we will share with you our feelings, as well.

Now, when we first sat with this group several years ago, oh, it was much smaller! It was much smaller. We said that the energy of the Crimson Circle and of Shaumbra was about change. It was about walking through with you during this great time of change, not only on your Earth, but also in all of the universe.

You will continue to see changes all around you in the months to come. There is a great imbalance right now. It is caused, to a large degree, by the fact that the grid adjustments are coming to an end. What this means is that the energy of your true divinity is more available to you, or to anyone else, than ever before.

There are those that do not so much like this. There are those who want to hold on to the old ways. You have seen it recently in your news - the old religions, wanting to hold on to belief systems, fearing that their students will walk away, that they will no longer support the church. It is a shame that these religions do not also make the appropriate changes with the times, that they do not listen to the soul and to the hearts of their own people.

They want to hold onto something from 1000, and 2000, and 5000 years ago. They say that it is Holy Scripture, and it cannot be changed. It was never written that way. It was written in the moment, changeable in every new moment. The human soul evolves. Why would your books not evolve also? Why would not your beliefs… why would not the consciousness of the moment change?

What we are telling you, dear friends, is you will continue to see all of these imbalances around you. Do not be shaken. You will have a new clarity about them, but sometimes this too will bring fear. So many of you have been telling us lately that you feel a great sense of unrest. You feel - how to say - that the other shoe is about to drop. You feel that something is imminent and going to happen. You are right. You are right. You are feeling. But then you go into anxiety. In a sense, we have even heard some of you say, "Oh, I would prefer to have all of these doors closed, so I do not have this barrage of feelings. I do not like this so much."

Indeed, things are going to happen, and things are going to change. But we can tell you one thing about yourself. You can be in the midst of a storm and not be affected. When we began our first series, we sat in the midst of a storm all around us in August several years ago in a tepee… storms brewing… the Earth shaking… the sky rumbling. And we were not affected. It was a symbol. It was a metaphor of your journey. You can be in the center of chaos and be balanced and be in a divine moment.

When you sense change all around you, do not get swept up in the drama. Understand that things ARE changing. Understand that the world is not falling apart. The world is renewing itself. Humankind is evolving. Evolution requires letting go of the Old so that the New can come in.

So, in terms of our changes, dear friends, it is time for YOU to take more ownership of your divinity. We have sat here in this chair for three years, channeling you. The dynamics work something like this. You gathered in the room. Your intent was to be here and to share the energy, to share your energy, and also to receive our love. And when we sat down here, we, in a sense, gathered up the vibration of Shaumbra, and brought it into our reality, into our consciousness on the other side of the veil. Then we flowed it through Cauldre back to you. We went through many levels and many processes to bring in the information.

We do not need to play that role anymore. We do not need to be the distributor of vibration anymore. So, in this Divine Human Series, it would be most appropriate for us to stand on the sidelines.

We ask that the channel be a direct interchange between yourselves. We ask that you put your energy in the Circle as always, And, as a group, you will collect this together, meld it together, and then it will come back through Cauldre to you. You will take the middleman out of the process. You will hear yourself. And it will be a beautiful chorus!

On this side of the veil, we call this process "Shoud," "Shoud." Not shout - we do not shout! (audience laughter) Shoud is the vibration of "shou-doe-wah." This is the vibrational pronunciation that we use here. In a sense, it is a derivative of your human word "shadow," or "reflection." That is what you are doing.

In Shoud the human channels a group of humans. One human brings together the vibration of all. While it is coming out of one human - in this case, Cauldre - it is the chorus of all of your vibrations. It is like when a group of humans sing. You hear essentially one voice. But when you listen, you can tell there are many individual voices singing the same word and tune at the same time. When Cauldre goes through Shoud today, it will not just be his voice. You will hear the chorus of your own voice, of your own soul.

It will be a little different than what we have been doing in the past. Cauldre… he is nervous about this now. (audience laughter) But it is a simpler and cleaner process. And indeed, in Shoud you will also hear all of us. You can tune in to the frequency of an individual, the one sitting next to you. You can tune into the frequency of Metatron, or I, Tobias, or Mary, or Kryon. Or you can listen to the collective voice, the collective song that is being sung.

It is no longer appropriate to go through lessons with you. The lessons in the past series were to help you stay on course, to stay on path. There is no reason for it anymore. So, we choose that you do not call these lessons in this new Divine Human series.

These are Shouds. These are expressions of Divine Humans who gather. You can do this on your own also. You can gather together in your "local circles," your groups of Shaumbra all over the world. You can sit together. And after a period of chatting and melding, you can choose one individual to Shoud for the rest, to express for the rest. You can hear then what you sound like, what your group sounds like.

Those of us who are on this side of the veil, we do not know the answers. Sometimes we have a different perspective than you, but we do not know the answers. So, it is time for you to tell us the answers. It is time, through this process of Shoud, to reflect yourself. Talk to us. Tell us what you know. Tell us what you are experiencing.

And record these things. All of you, record these things, because other humans will come along. They will want to know what it was like for you, walking in the New Energy, to sit with a group of the other Divine Humans, and have a song of the heart amongst you. What were you experiencing at this moment on your journey? This will help others on their journey. What was the key vibration, the key feeling at the moment of Shoud?

So, dear friends, we will do things a bit different today. But before we begin, we would like to tell a very short story. There are not seven farmers in this story! (audience laughter)

There is a human who you may recognize, partly as yourself or partly as the others around you. We will call him Mark, although it could be male or female. But we will call him Mark. He was Shaumbra, indeed. Like so many of you, he had read the books and gone to the courses.

As he moved along his path, he found the journey to be increasingly difficult, harder and harder. He cried out to Spirit, and to Tobias, and to those in the Crimson Council. And he said, "Why does it seem that each day the path is more difficult? Why is it that each day it is more difficult to pick up my feet, to move one in front of the other? There are times when I want to lie down and rest, go to sleep. There are some days I do not think I can get through the density of this journey. I feel I am being pulled. I feel that I cannot cut through this dense fog."

Our dear friend Mark was wondering if he was doing something wrong on his journey. He was wondering if perhaps he did not hear us quite right, or he was not following the lesson the way he should have. So, he went back and reread all of the lessons. Oh, he learned much that he did not learn the first time.

But he still was unsettled. It still did not answer the question within him. Why was it so difficult? Why did it tire him out at the deepest soul levels, as well as the physical level? "Why," he kept asking, "is this journey so difficult?" At times Mark grew angry. He cursed those in the Crimson Council. He cursed Spirit. He thought it should be an easier journey. He thought we should be there to answer more of his questions and to do more things for him.

He found himself being distracted by his confusion, and his frustration, and his weariness. He grew somewhat disappointed in himself, and therefore with the others around him, and even with the Crimson Circle. He found himself, dear friends, sneaking off to UFO classes! (audience laughter) He found himself going to conspiracy seminars. He found himself going to classes where they taught you to go back to your guides for the answers. He knew he was slipping. (more laughter)

It did not feel right at the inner level, but at the outer level, our dear friend Mark got back into this old energy, this duality energy that he was so used to from before. It gave him an energy hit when he went to these things. It distracted him also, which he appreciated.

It was much more fun to think about the alien conspiracy than it was to think about his own divinity. It was much more fun to get angry with the government, and the Illuminati, and all of the others for the supposed conspiracies, to worry about what chemicals were being dumped from airplanes. It was much easier to think about these things and to get caught up in duality than it was to walk the path of the Divine Human. But underneath dear Mark knew this was not the long-term answer. It was a diversion and a distraction.

Now, very recently Mark was down on the floor, weeping, weary, angry, very judgmental about himself, very unaccepting of where he was on the path. And he cried out to us, and said, "Tobias, and Spirit, and all of the others, what is it that I should know? What is it I should know right now?"

Now, as all of you know, we did not tell him the answer. (audience laugher) We asked him to look inside. And Mark cried back, and said, "I do not know how to look inside! I'm a failure when it comes to looking inside! I hear so many different voices that I don't even know which one to believe or trust!"

We said to him, "Ask your Truth to come forward. The other voices will fall away. Your True Voice will come forth, and the others will leave. Tell yourself you are looking for the voice of your divine self. The other voices will have to go. The false voices will leave. The divine voice will come forth."

Now, fortunately Mark was tired enough and open enough that he actually let his Truth come through. Sometimes, Shaumbra, you have to get so tired and so weary that you get out of that mind of yours to let Truth truly come through. Mark was tired enough.

What he heard, and what he asked us to share with all of you on this day, was quite simple. The voice he heard was, "The world doesn't want to let you go. That is why you are having a difficult time. The world around you doesn't want to let you go. It is holding onto you. Your family and friends, they love you, even though they battle with you at times. They love you, and they can feel that you are leaving.

Your past life aspects – oh, dear one, you know we are talking to you – your past life aspects know you are moving on. They know you are cutting them loose. They are frightened. The prospect of you leaving, letting them go off and become their own creation and their own identity, frightens the hell out of them. So, they are holding on.

Yes, Shaumbra, you have released your past lives. But they have not necessarily released you. Do you understand what we are saying?

There are ones at your work that can feel you are leaving. You know, it is somewhat of a paradox that these "Left Behind" books. Now, they are talking about something different than what we are talking about. You will not be zapped up into some celestial spaceship. You will not be taken off to some distant planet. You will stay right here on Earth. That is what it is all about. You will not find a pile of clothes in the corner. (audience laughter) But the essence of the message of these books is true. There are ones who feel they are being left behind.

You, Shaumbra, are on a journey of the Divine Human. You are cutting loose all of the Old so that you can walk into the New. The others around you don't like it. They want you to stay. They love you. They enjoy you.

In so many cases you help to enable them in good ways and in bad. Some of them need you as the enabler in their life, even if it is a past life aspect. You tend to enable them, let them get away with their stuff. There are others who you help immensely. Your love, your light, your compassion is an important part of their life. Energetically, there are all of these - how to say - "cling-ons" all around you. (audience laughter) They are clinging onto you. They do not want to let you go.

So, why is it that Mark felt the path was so difficult? It was because he was being held onto, held down, held back by the others. It wasn't a force in front of him that was keeping him from going forward. He thought it was a dense fog of the New Energy – thick, syrupy, difficult to go through. He thought that's what was holding him back. It wasn't. It was the energies of the past, the energies of the Old, and the energies of even the Now that did not want to let him go.

Your own children don't want to let you go. They don't understand that when they let you go, you are still there, more present for them than ever before. They fear that you are leaving, that you are going off someplace else. They feel your consciousness changing and walking out the door. But that is from a place of fear. That is from a place of lack of understanding.

You are changing. You are leaving this reality. But the more you leave, the more present you are. The more you leave the Old ways, the more you are there in service and in love for them. They will begin to understand that quite soon. Some of them already are. Your husbands and your wives, your children, and their children, the ones all around you, don't want to let you go.

That's why it's difficult. That's why our dear friend Mark was weary and on the floor. That's why ascension, the path to ascension, is difficult. What to do about this? Well, we asked Mark what to do, for he was going through the experience. He knew what it was like.

What he said was simple and profound. "Talk to them. Talk to them in human form. Talk to them in divine form. Speak to them as one Divine Human to another emerging Divine Human. Speak to them in simple ways as one human to another – at the coffee table, at dinner at a restaurant. Do not explain the process you are going through right now. It tends to be intellectual, and they will not understand. Simply smile at them. Assure them of who you are. Assure them that you are always there in love. Assure them that, in your own gentle way, you will be here now more than ever."

This is what is happening, Shaumbra. The world does not want to let you go. The world does not realize that when you leave, you will literally come back in a stronger, more angelic, and more loving way than ever.

Now, oh, (big sigh from Tobias) dear friends, it takes courage to be here. It takes great courage to be here in this Circle or listening on your Web system or reading these words. We applaud your for being here. It takes courage for you to look at yourself. And that is what we are going to do now. Do not expect anything but be open to all. Listen past the voice that you hear in your ears and listen to the voice of all of Shaumbra.

We will take a moment to adjust the energies. And then, you will hear yourself. You will hear the song of your own soul. After we go through this process of our first Shoud together, I, Tobias, will come back in for a summary and discussion. Dear friends, you know what to do now. Breathe in your divinity and meld it together as family. YOU will return in just a moment.


Cauldre channeling Shaumbra:

We are Shaumbra. We are one voice, and we are many voices. We come now to speak to us. We come to speak to all. We come together as family and as a group. We find that this melding of energies is a little different than what we're used to. It seems strange for us to not have the energies of Tobias talking to us. But we accept our divinity. We accept that we are Divine Humans, so we are prepared for this moment to hear our own voice in Spirit.

As Shaumbra and as Divine Humans, we understand that there is a new set of attributes that we hold. We understand that there is a new vibration coming forward for all of us. As Shaumbra we collectively are learning to feel first, and then to think.

We are learning that the answers and that our own divinity come up through our feelings and emotions. We, Shaumbra, have been used to thinking things first, and then thinking about our feelings. We are learning that our divine feelings come up, and then we allow our thinking or our intellectual process to guide us through the emotions, to guide us through the expressions of what we are feeling. We, Shaumbra, have been trained to bring everything into the mind and now we are learning to bring it in through the emotions, and the feelings, and the sensitivities. We are learning to bring things in through our divinity first, and then to allow our thinking in our heads to go through the emotions.

We, Shaumbra, as Divine Humans, are learning to allow abundance into our lives. We have gone through many old identities, where we have kept abundance away. We resisted abundance so that we could walk the deep inner journey. But we, Shaumbra, are learning now that abundance is simply the expression of the love of All That Is back to us.

We are learning that abundance is an important energy in our journey. As a group we are learning to release the old notions that we have to have very little in order to become spiritual beings. We, Shaumbra, now embrace the concept that abundance is an important part of our life, an important part of our journey.

As Divine Humans, we are embarking on yet another new segment of our journey. We realize that we must have all the resources at our disposal. We are learning that, without the abundance, it is difficult to be a teacher for others. It is difficult to go through the ascension process. So, we, Shaumbra, bring abundance into our lives and accept it.

We, Shaumbra, are learning to be true to ourselves, not to what others think or say. But we are learning about our own truth. We are learning to be true to ourselves first. We have gone through many lifetimes and many experiences of giving to others first. But we have learned our own truth. It will free us. Our own truth will help us maintain our balance when things are every difficult around us. When we are in our own truth first, we can then be true to others.

We are learning that there is nothing selfish about being in our own truth first. It still affects us at times. We still think we need to give all of the time. But we, Shaumbra, are learning to complete ourselves first, so we can be there much stronger for others.

We, Shaumbra, are learning to accept love into our lives. We have been ones who have loved others but done much to resist love for ourselves. We have done this for several reasons as we are opening up and becoming more sensitive. It was difficult to have the conditional love of other humans in our lives, so we shut it off. We also thought, "We are unworthy in our deep inner search for Spirit." We did not think that we were worthy of the love of others, so we shut it off.

In a sense, this helped us to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper within. Now, we are learning and accepting within our being that the love from others is very fulfilling, is part of life, is part of sharing, and part of the oneness. We, Shaumbra, are learning to accept the love unconditionally, even when it contains conditions. For the condition that it may contain from the other humans does not affect us then if we open up to them unconditionally.

We, Shaumbra, are journeyers. We go out into new experiences. We are not satisfied just sitting still. Our feet are always moving. There is always a new experience. There is always a new understanding. There is always a new day. For as long as we have known our own identities outside of Home, we have been the ones that journey far and journey wide. We are the first to journey into this New Energy. And while the days sometimes are difficult or strange, we accept that we are the journeyers. We accept that we are the creators and explorers of the new realities.

We, Shaumbra, understand that our consciousness is truly a precious thing. When we take our consciousness and place it into a probability or a potential, it becomes our new reality. Our consciousness is our Spirit. It is our oneness with All That Is. Our consciousness is the collection of everything we have been and everything we have done. It is our wisdom. It is our heart. It is our soul. It is not contained within our body. Our consciousness is all of who we are. When we place that into a potential or probability, we transmute what was neutral energy into new reality. Our consciousness melded a probability a becomes reality. Through this formula we understand that we are the Creators.

We, Shaumbra, take responsibility for our creations. We don't blame it on others. We understand that we are the ones doing this. We take responsibility for who we are. We own our divinity.

We, Shaumbra, answer our own questions, then we look to those all around us – to Tobias, to Mary, to the others – we look sometimes for confirmation. We look sometimes to simply see the expression on their face. But we answer our own questions first. We go within, for the answers are contained there. We, Shaumbra, have our own solution.

We, Shaumbra, embrace all aspects. We understand that the light, and the dark, and the neutral serve a purpose. We embrace all of the things we have done in the past, whether we have judged them to be light or dark. We embrace all of the things of other humans that we meet along the path. We understand some of them are playing out old roles, old karma. We embrace them. We do not judge them. We understand where they are on their journey. We understand that the darkness also serves the light, also creates the new experience. We embrace all elements – light, dark, neutral, and everything in between. For, in this completeness of energy, we truly then know we are Divine Humans.

We, Shaumbra, create our own job descriptions. We came into this lifetime to complete some of the soul level contracts that we had. In our new lifetime in the same physical body, we write our own job descriptions. We create each moment, and each day, and each potential in the future. We know we are without old contract. We know we are without karma. We know it is up to us what we want to create. We write our own job description.

We, Shaumbra, walk between the worlds, the Old and the New. We are present in both. We understand the Old Energy. We live in it each day. Yet we are journeying into the New Energy, helping to create the pathways and the byways for the others who will come after us. We, Shaumbra, juggle both of these worlds at one time. And we know it is difficult. We know it is challenging. But we have chosen this.

We, Shaumbra, have chosen to be here. We have not been placed here. We have not been sent here. We have not been banished here. We, Shaumbra, have chosen to stay here at this time in this lifetime. It is by our own Divine Will. It is by our Free Will that we have chosen to stay here. We, Shaumbra, take responsibility for that. We have chosen to stay at this time of great change and great transition.

We, Shaumbra, are teachers. We have chosen to be here to continue on this journey to help the others. We know that so many of us did not need be here right now if we did not want. The lessons of the heart and the lessons of the soul were completed. We have chosen to be here as teachers to the others who will come after us. We know the teaching will come in many ways and in many forms, not just the obvious ways. We have chosen to be teachers. We have chosen to be explorers. We have chosen to be Creators.

On this day a gift. The essence of Shoud today is expression. It is expression. As Shaumbra, we know it is time to express who we are in all ways. We know it is time to step out from behind that veil that we have put up.

We have feared who we are, and who we are becoming. We have been somewhat reluctant about our own divinity. We have been going through an intellectual process with ourselves about who we are and where we are going. But now that we are beginning to "divine" within ourselves first before we think – now that we are divining instead of thinking – we know it is time to express.

We know it is time to let our true selves come forward. We know it is time to step out from behind the very walls and the very veils that we have put up. We are all nervous about this. We are all tentative about it. We are not sure how the world will react to us. We are not sure how we will react to ourselves as we express. We know it is time to tell ourselves to express all of who we are.

Each one of us will do it in a unique and a powerful way. Each one of us will be in the moment. We will not be hiding anymore. We will come out. We will allow our divinity to express itself in every way – at our jobs, in our relationships, with our artwork, and with our books, with our songs, and with our poems, with the way we smile at people.

Do you know that we have been holding back our smiles for others? We have been holding back the hugs. We have not been allowing our energy out. Now as Shaumbra we tell ourselves that expression in the moment is a sacred and divine thing. We encourage ourselves to express and to be all of who we are.

That is the message that we have for ourselves today. We know the rules. We helped to write the old rules. We know how things are done in the Old Energy world, the world we still live in. We know why the rules are there. We know how to follow them. But we also know how to transcend the rules without offending the others. We know how to transcend the rules, so we can express our divinity, so we can express our God-selves in the most sacred and joyful way.

So, we give this to ourselves today, this simple, Shoud about expression. We will go out and be all who we are, all that we are. We won't hide behind our faces anymore. We won't hide behind the love in our hearts anymore. We will express our divinity. We will be Divine Humans in the New Energy.

That completes our first Shoud. And indeed, there is laughter, and there is applause from the gallery all around us. And we, as Shaumbra, accept that from all of the angels who gather here today.


Tobias returning:

And so it is, dear friends, that you, Shaumbra, have completed your first Shoud. We ask you to give yourself applause for allowing this to happen. (sounds of group applauding) And you say, "This is not so much a big deal? This was easy to do, all I had to do was sit here and allow myself to come forth!" And indeed, that is what happened.

But it is a big deal because you opened yourself up. You gave of yourself and your energy to the others around you, to everyone in the Circle. You gave of yourself openly to all who will come along the path. What you just did, dear ones, was to open your divinity and your heart to allow that energy to come out.

When they read the book that this will be in – even when they read it 10 years from now, and 15, and 20, and more – that your energy in the moment, your opening your heart in the moment will be felt. And they will rejoice. They will think it was a big deal that you had the courage to be here, that you had the courage to continue this journey, and now to be expressing yourself.

You told yourself in this first Shoud that it is time for you to express, to open up, to be who you are. You are living in your own duality, your New Energy duality. And that is because you're not allowing your divine self to come forward. You told yourself today, "No more." You said, "It is time for me to express. It is time for me to soar."

Perhaps, you do not know what you are going to do. And we can see your heads clicking away here, "But, but, but, but what is it I am supposed to do? But, but, but…" (audience laughter)

You will come from your divine self, from your inner self. All you have to do is start the motion. Everything else then falls into place, the knowingnesses, the understandings. It will be like a fire has been lit within you when you begin expressing.

Remember what you told yourself. Don't go to the mind first. Some of you will challenge this. Some will get quite angry with Cauldre, and he will blame you for it. Some will say, "No, you have to think things out first," because there has been such a focus for generations and generations on the intellect. You place the intellect first. It is a wonderful thing, but there is something new that comes along. It is called divinity.

Divinity is spiritual intelligence. It is not just human emotion. It is not just fluffy, huggy kind of stuff. It is an intelligence, but it has a "spiritual quotient" to it. Yes, and we ask you to please NOT do a spiritual IQ test! This would not be a good thing. (audience laughter) We do not think so much of your human IQ test. This is just a way of evaluating a small portion of yourself, your intellect.

Your intellect is wonderful. It is very useful. But bring things in through your divineness first. THEN, allow the intellect, the mind, the thinking process to help you to execute it, to perform it in your material world. This will be a little bit tricky for you. Those who are smart, those who have - how to say - gotten the good grades and the good scores… you will find this most challenging. You, who have not focused on that so much… you will find this a bit easier to do. But you will come up with new understandings and new enlightenments like you could never have imagined.

Dear friends, you have told yourself to express. So, we ask you to go do this. You have also given yourself a set of attributes as Divine Humans, that you are teachers and explorers, that you allow abundance, that you answer your own questions, that you embrace all aspects. You have given yourself a list. Others will read this, and they will come to understand then what the Divine Human is all about.

It has been a delightful gathering. We will return in a moment to have YOU stand in front to answer your questions, to talk to you a bit. We challenge you to express yourself at the microphone when we come back.

You are Divine Humans who have walked a difficult journey. But you have never been alone this whole time. We have always been here with you. We love you dearly, and we will return in a few minutes.

And so it is!

(applause from group)