The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 12: "The Darkness is Your Divinity"

Comments from Geoffrey Hoppe regarding Shoud 12

Presented at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 18, 2004

Comments from Geoffrey Hoppe regarding Shoud 12

GEOFF: I want to talk just for a moment, a brief moment here, because I don’t want to be heady or…

LINDA: Weepy?

GEOFF: … or tied up or weepy about it.

LINDA: I hate it when you get weepy.

GEOFF: I just said I would mention a little bit about the channel from yesterday. It was a very interesting channel. I sat down, you know, and we did the breathing. And actually, we had a little miscue. The breathing was supposed to come right before the channel. So, I’m in my chair, doing the breathing along with Norma, and I'm really gone out there (some audience laughter). I mean, I am so far out there, I’m like ready to bring all of the energies in.

LINDA: We saw. We noticed.

GEOFF: I thought I said the camera is not supposed to be on me.

LINDA: That’s a good imitation of it (more laughter).

GEOFF: But anyway, I’m going deep, and all of a sudden I hear Tobias come in. And he says, “You’re on next.” And I’m thinking, “Oh, that’s right. We forgot to do our little thing, you know, our little talk that we always do, you know, about where we’re going next ­– Shaumbra News.” And I thought, “Oh, my gosh, I’ve got to quickly transition back to me.”

So, we did our talk. And then I sat down, and the music played. I got back into it. And the moment Tobias came in, I knew something was different because he normally comes in, I would say, with a very jovial energy. He’s so happy to be here. And you know, he gets very expressive. Well, he opened up yesterday, and it was different. And he starts rolling into things right away. He doesn’t do the typical… typically he goes, you know, “glad to be here, here’s our guest.” He chats. He jokes a little bit. Usually, you know, it’s 30 minutes before he gets into the meat of the matter. He’s having so much fun just talking.

Well, he started going into it right away. And within a couple of minutes I thought, “I wonder if I’ve got my right spot. I mean, I wonder if I’m connected because the things are very, very different here.” And that self-doubt came over and right away Tobias said, “Just keep going.” And I knew right away then that it wasn’t just Tobias. It was all of us, of course.

But usually I’m, you know, channeling Tobias. But I knew there were many other entities all coming through at the same time, including all of the energies of the guests that have been here this weekend. And he started talking. And I’m thinking, “This is so strange.” And when he got to the point where he was going to say the words – I hear everything first before they come out of my mouth – and at that point I stopped Tobias. And I said, “Those words are not going to come out of my mouth (audience laughter). You know I’ve been open and willing to do a lot of things in channel, but those are the words that are not going to come out of my mouth.” And you know, I actually had flashes of “What would my mother think right now?” (more laughter)

So, we stopped, and we were having a little discussion. And Tobias was kind of chuckling. He said, “I want to show you something,” as I was saying, “I cannot say those words. I cannot say ‘your divinity is your darkness.’” And I’m thinking of all of the ramifications of everybody, you know, getting hold of this channel, saying “Oh, this is a cult. They’re devil worshipers. They’re… you know, it’s everything that we said they are, you know, the darkness.”

Anyway, so Tobias said, “Hang on a second. I want to show you something.” And it was as if he opened these incredible doors, and this incredible light was emanating from behind. And I could see the energies of Yeshua and Quan Yin and Tobias and Kuthumi and Mary and Mary Magdalene and this whole entourage. And they were all just beaming, I mean, smiling and happy.

And Tobias said, “You already have said the words. You’ve already agreed with all of us to be here representing all of Shaumbra to let that energy out.” And the moment that Tobias said, “but you’ve already said the words,” they came pouring out of my mouth. And it was incredible and scary at the same time.

Of course, for the rest of the channel, I was kind of blown away. I was still trying to keep my balance in things. But I was also feeling probably the most incredible love I’ve ever felt in my whole life as Tobias was talking about these two energies. And he didn't want to just address them as light and dark. He called them the AH and the OH, the two original sounds.

And as he was talking about the energy of OH being so compassionate and having so much love that it took all of my junk – all of my self-doubts, all of my fears, all of my darknesses, all of my loathing and resentment and anger and hatred that I’d built up over the years, all the feelings of failures from lifetimes and times before Earth – and I realized what that part of me had done, what that divine part had been holding. It was absolutely blowing me away personally that I was having a difficult time even doing the channel.

But I think that actually helped the energy of the channel. I truly felt what Tobias was talking about. I have no idea how the words sounded out there. But I truly felt the greatest love that could ever be, and not a love that comes from some far often and distant God; not a love that comes from another entity but a love that comes from right in here that loves me so much that it would take all of the darkness and hold it until the time I was ready to come back and embody everything that I am.

And I realized that it wasn’t just me. It was about all of us. I realized at that moment too that Tobias and the others have been waiting for a long time to bring that message forward, that they had to do a lot of other stuff to lead up to that. If Tobias had come in five years ago, and said, “Your darkness is your divinity,” that would have been my single channel that I’d ever done (audience laughter).

But it’s a process that we’ve all been going through, coming to the point where we can finally say, “It is just me. It is the divine. It's been basically hiding underneath all that. It's been the gem in the center of all that stuff.” I finally understood what darkness is. I finally understood how the two work together. And more than anything, I understood how everything wants to come back together. Energy seeks resolution.

And I did a little thing with myself last night after I went back up to the room. I let the OH energy be released of carrying that burden. I didn’t need to have to have something hold my darkness anymore, because it really isn’t darkness. It was just experience.

So, it was a phenomenal channel, and it took me a while to get back.

I have to say I was angry at Tobias.

LINDA: Really (audience laughter).

GEOFF: When that hit, I was angry. I actually felt tricked. I felt that he should have told me before hand, that he should have given me a heads-up about what was coming…

LINDA: He only wanted to argue with you once.

GEOFF: Right (lots of laughter from everyone). But when – I will never, ever forget – as he said, “But let me show you something,” and he opened the doors, and I could see all of them, and it was actually all of Shaumbra energy. And he said, “But you already have spoken the words.” I had already agreed to do it. So, I went back up to the room, and I cussed at him a few times (more laughter).

LINDA: I left the room.

GEOFF: Yeah, she did. Linda gave me a good hour to myself. But anyway… but I also ever since have been experiencing the huge relief and release, a HUGE, HUGE, and I just have a feeling we’re going to put together… go to some incredible places. So, it is so cool!