The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 11"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 5, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we continue the energy of this day, the energy where everything comes back to its resolution, to its balance, and continues its expansion. Again, such a simple concept, such a very dynamic concept, such an energy now that you can work with in healing, facilitating. Not all humans that you work with may truly want to embrace this in a healing process. They still may want to have the fights going on within their being and in the world around them, much like in the story of Anna.

But there will be a group of Shaumbra and soon many, many others who are going to allow this very simple process to take place, the coming back together, the resolution of the elements. As it was shared with this group earlier today, the darkness is not what it appears to be and neither is the light. These are values… these are judgments that have been placed on the energies… the darkness having taken on all of the negative attributes… all of the things that you didn't want… all of the things you are afraid to look at. All of the fears were all put and burdened onto the darkness.

If you were to clear all of these negative energies and perceptions away, you would find that the dark is not what you think it is. The negative is not what you think it is at all. It has beauty. It has depth. It is the reflection. It is part of the Creator energy.

So, dear friends, it – the dark – wants resolution. It wants to be released from this role and task that it has been given. The light and the dark want to come back into a type of marriage and a type of reunion together and create their own offspring, so to speak. They want resolution. Every part of your being wants resolution.

There is resolution taking place outside of you. You see it in the outside world, resolution that is still battling, energies battling with each other. That is why we shared the story of Anna today, for she battled herself and everything inside and outside for so very long.

There are countries that are battling. They are trying to find resolution, sometimes in ways that don't seem to make sense, but the energies are just trying to play the game with each other, trying to work out the differences and rediscover themselves. There are humans who battle each other still trying to work out differences.

Sometimes the energy does get stuck. You see it in wars that seem to go on forever and ever and relationships that are built on fighting. It doesn't know how to get unstuck. But at the core it wants to. At the core it wants to be released, have resolution. The more it cannot find its way out of the rut, the more it screams out and cries out for guidance, for assistance.

Energy seeks resolution and WILL get it one way or the other. You are learning to do it here in the safe New Energy in a quiet way, in a stress-free way, in a way that does not have to tear you apart anymore. The outside world is still not sure how to achieve this. They are afraid. They feel that they must defend their turf and their territory. They must own their share of the balance. But soon they will get tired of that game. And they’ll come looking for humans, for Shaumbra, who are embodying the New Energy, who are embodying this new way of living with energies that are back in balance and now expanding once again.

Dear friends, if all of this sounds familiar, it is. It is how the energy of the omniverse has been for quite some time. It was stuck. That is why you chose to come to Earth – to find resolution, to find balance, and to allow the expansion to continue once again, but in a different type of way. You are experiencing now all of this in your personal life – how to get out of the rut, how to let the energies come back to balance, and to continue the expansion or the expression of Spirit. That is why we have been working with you on the multi-dimensional.

Cauldre is telling us we are going on and on; we have questions to get to here (audience laughter). We are done!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I have a question for Tobias, please. My son made his transition on April 27th. Why did he leave so soon? Is there anything that Tobias could tell me about this now?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Your son was what we would lovingly refer to as Plan B. In Plan A there was a group of humans, who you know as yourself as Shaumbra, who came in at this lifetime at approximately the same time to begin this whole movement of energy into the New. And we knew it was going to be difficult. You knew it was going to be difficult. There would be many, many challenges along the way.

It was not known whether you – none of you knew – that you could endure all of this in your being. Certainly many, many Shaumbra have left. Some of them left early, some by their own hand, and other by diseases they created for themselves within their being. This was what we call the “A Team.” And so many of you are still here, the ones connecting with this information.

But there was a backup. And it was the “B Team.” Should you choose to not accept your assignment (some laughter), the next ones would come in to continue the work that you had already done. Your son was one of these. You have known him in so many other lifetimes, not as a son, but as a partner, and as a mate. You have worked together on the angelic realms. And you became the “A Player,” and he became the “B.”

And when it was realized by both of you that you were going to continue here, and that you had done a grand job in your work, then he could be released from his role. He could leave the Earth. And he did so specifically at this time because he wanted to end the life cycle so that he could come in very shortly, very soon as one of what you would call the “crystals,” free from so much of the Old Energy ways, so that he could come back to Earth quite soon. He is preparing now.

And we do not want to give a specific date, but his plan is to know you again in this lifetime, you as the “A Player.” And he wants to connect with you once again, even just energetically on Earth. So, it is not a sad thing. He served his purpose, and then he wanted to move into his own next level. So, he his energy is around you all of the time. And it is – how to say – a bit different than how you knew it when he was on Earth. We thank you, and we know you will understand here.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, greetings with love and appreciation for all that you do for all of us. I have a two-part question today. How are an entity by the name of Dakkon (pronounced duh-CONN) and Kuthumi related, or are they? And what part of the Order of the Arc does the entity Dakkon belong to?

TOBIAS: This entity you know as Dakkon is you. It is an aspect of yourself. It is what you would call more of an oversoul name. It is your spirit and your divinity contacting you. And indeed, you do work with the energies of Kuthumi. We know that sometimes it seems hard to imagine that this energy – which appears to be so much on the outside – would be so much of you, but it truly is. It is – how to say – you are many, many faceted here. And this is one opportunity for you to take a look beyond your own humanness, to look at the Master that you truly are, and to look at your own grandness. But this is who you are, and this is why it has been coming through so strong lately and making itself also known with others. And Kuthumi and you have known each other for a number of lifetimes, so there is a natural closeness here. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Hi, Tobias. You talk frequently about Shaumbra choosing the things that occur in our lives, such as a debilitating disease, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, and all sorts of other major challenges. Who is really doing the choosing? I know the human "me" that I identify with certainly hasn't chosen overwhelming challenges. And many other Shaumbra I have talked with feel the same way, asking themselves, "How or why could I have possibly chosen such a thing for myself?" It seems like sort of an intellectual "cop out" to answer such questions with "you chose it," when there is no awareness, consciousness, or connection to having made such a choice. If some other unconscious part of me is making these choices, what's the point in calling us, the humans, the Creators? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Dear one, who thinks too much from the mind (audience laughter), when you stop analyzing and you stop trying to dissect and you stop trying to figure everything out and you allow yourself once and for all to open your heart – which you think you have, but your heart is so shut down right now – you will understand how you are choosing not from your mind but from your spirit. Your spirit seeks its own resolution and its own balance. And it cannot stand to see you put yourself in the predicaments that your mind has set you in. And it will do anything out of the grandest love and compassion to move you out of your mindful ways. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. Thanks again for answering all of my questions. I do have one about Yellowstone Park, however. There seems to be some stresses building there. And I wonder; you said the Earth challenges wouldn’t be as bad now. Is there still going to be some upset in Yellowstone?

TOBIAS: Yellowstone, this area you speak of, has – how to say – already gone through so many changes. And we do not see that this will become a particularly significant area. It has already allowed much of the purging to take place. And – how to say – there will be more battles there between the humans than there will be between the energies of the ground itself. This will be a very interesting place in these next few years of ownership and rules and – how to say – the infiltration of developments and even energies that would affect the beauty of the land there. So, if anything, it would be more human conflict than it would be Earth conflict.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): What is the life we are choosing? I feel like I am on hold, just waiting for something, going through the motions? And what should life be like – working for the betterment of others, working for the betterment of Mother Earth – or just taking each day at a time and embracing what is offered?

TOBIAS: The question had its own answer (audience laughter). It is about embracing life and understanding that life is not what you thought it was before. Life changes and all of the Old passions go out. All of the Old ways of doing things go out. And all of the ways of even understanding or viewing life also change. You do go through – all of you go through – this period of losing what you thought was your passion. But it was really a very limited Old Energy way of looking at things. You go through this process of changing from a 3-D linear human to a multi-dimensional angel who happens to be in a human body for a short period of time. Life completely changes.

Now, at the same time so many of you rebel against change and rebel against the creative forces within your own spirit that are trying to move you beyond simply trying to be a bigger, fatter, greener caterpillar. These forces within your own being, your Creator energies, are trying to gently nudge you into this whole metamorphic process that will absolutely change everything about you. But some of you still want to hold on to the Old, including holding on to Old passions. They all change. They all go away.

So, indeed, you did answer the question. It is about embracing every aspect of life. It is not about dedicating yourself to service to humanity. It is not about trying to change the world. It is simply allowing yourself to go through this tremendous process right now. It is not a selfish thing. It is a necessary thing, for when you allow yourself to be this New Energy human, that is when you are truly in the highest form of service to everyone else.

If you looked at it from our point of view, you would see that – Cauldre is challenging us here but we’ll move through this (some laughter) – you will see that the energy of humans, they are looking to you. They are truly looking to you to make this incredible change, because when you go through it, then they can go through it. Humans who don't even know you, humans who you'll never meet in this lifetime are literally counting on you. Your greatest service is to allow yourself to go through the process and to give thanks to yourself as you do. This is the greatest thing you can do. And simply embrace life.

Along those lines, Shaumbra, there are not enough of you who allow yourself to even partake in the pleasures of life because you think you will get addicted to them or sucked into them, or not be able to get out. That is Old Energy thinking. You have denied yourself so much. It is time to give yourself love in every way, and yes, absolutely to enjoy the pleasures of life. Embrace life in every way. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, it is a pleasure and an honor to be able to speak with you today. And of course, I came to the perfect channel for me. However, I still have a personal question I would like to ask because this syndrome or pattern seems to get in the way of my truly stepping into my mastery. And it has been with me for a very long time. I have been working in a scientific field for a long time, and I have just stepped out of that to explore new avenues. And as I have done that, and gone to open new doors with my thinking I have my mastery in hand, I have been surprised by things that have happened, like not getting good recommendations from people I have worked with, and felt like we were doing fine together. So, this mystery that comes up for me will throw me straight into hell. I am dangling upside down, feeling totally energetically drained by this, because it seems a mystery to me. And so I’d really appreciate any insights you might have about this pattern. It is a deep rut in my life at this point.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, it is a deep rut, and it is also – how to say – somewhat of a fear at a very deep inner level about embarking in this new endeavor of yours. In a sense, there is an energy that you are attracting to you over and over that prevents this from becoming a reality. It is an odd thing that is happening energetically to you. So, you could say at the root cause are these Old Energies that want to come back into balance, but yet purposely holding you back.

There are many good energy facilitators within Shaumbra – even in this very room – who can sit with you in a safe energy and allow these imbalanced energies from the past to now find their own level and resolution. It is not a very complex thing here. It just needs to be addressed… and with some outside help.

So, we would suggest, in order to help you get out of the rut that you already recognize, to work with some of these energy facilitators. They don't have to push anything or stress anything. They will just get you breathing and get you into a safe space where you can allow the changes. There is a very – how to say – very much a desire within your consciousness and all parts of you to have these worked out now. But there is also an Old fear that keeps popping in. It is about allowing yourself to be who you are. So, with a little bit of tweaking here, we see you quickly moving beyond this.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Hi, Tobias. As a facilitator, and as a fellow Shaumbra, I experience many who are constantly hanging on your every word to find the definitive answer, despite your persistence in pushing us to tune inward to answer our own questions. How do you feel about this dependency on your discussions? And what can we do to stop the cycle of dependency? By the "cycle" I am referring to the process of being confronted by a challenge, then applying the Crimson Circle principles to it, then feeling like the answers don't come or that nothing changes, then having the question "What am I doing wrong?" and then feeling like asking you is the only recourse. Yet that means continually looking to an outside source for answers, then back to feeling unempowered to deal with the challenge. Since we are God also, why are so many still expecting you to spoon-feed us? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, you could say that we are deliberately weaning Shaumbra off of the need for channels. These are indeed Shouds where we are all participating. And we invite you to feel all of your own energies within this. There – how to say – there are going to be continual changes in the way that we work with you and the way that we communicate with you over the period of time. So, we all have an agreement with each other on this side and on your side not to create any more of the Yeshua syndrome, any more of the dependency. But we also understand that it is a very challenging and at times difficult process.

There are times when you need to hear and want to hear how much you are loved. Sometimes you need to hear an answer that you already know, but you need to hear it from us as validation. That is why many people go to facilitators. They already know the answer, but they're not quite sure, so they go for validation and confirmation. When we sit in this energy together in this gathering of Shaumbra, there are many other things that you allow us to do, for instance, Kuthumi coming in today and making some adjustments in preparation for the upcoming transit and some of the other energetic events.

We are continuing to work with Shaumbra who are open and bold and daring to develop new programs that would allow you to become the voice of Shaumbra – or as you would call it – the voice of Tobias as well, for you to speak in your own voice as well. There is an upcoming program about how to truly embody all of this into your life where you are not hanging onto the words of Tobias – which are truly your own words anyway – where you are learning to bring it into your life, and act it out in your life, and then speak to others in your own words. We have emphasized this over and over. Do not quote I, Tobias. Do not quote Kuthumi, or any of the others because either they will run from you, or they will beat you, one of the two (audience laughter).

Speak from your own voice. It is golden. You are the Masters. When another human hears the words of wisdom coming from you, it will have so much more of an effect.

We would have to say here with this group of Shaumbra that we have had – from our perception on this side – we have had very few who have become overly dependent or addicted to the energy of Shaumbra or Tobias. And we find that they quickly move out, so they go to some other group because there is an addictive energy that needs to be fed over and over. From our side of the veil, we specifically do not feed addictive energies at these gatherings. We stay away from drama. We stay away from – how to say – things that do not pertain to your everyday life.

We are very deliberate and careful about not – how to say – simply bringing in energy to hype you up only to have you crash in a day or two. So, it is not a sugar energy that we bring in. And many have come and gone from this group because they want that injection, which we do not offer here. So, we are cognizant of this, and we are continuing to work with all of you on speaking in your own voice. And thank you for this delightful question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): I don’t know if I want to ask mine after that question. My question is about my job, about work. I work a lot and feel like at work I am drowning in Old Energy, drowning in duality. And I chose this wholeheartedly to be there consciously, everything. And I see benefits. I see benefits that I am standing more in my own power. But the problem I have is that it drains me, drains me completely. I go home and I’m tired. It takes me – it feels like – all weekend to sort of regain my balance. And I want to find better balance in my life and find and start doing more things besides working and then regenerating my energy. Do you have any advice on it?

TOBIAS: We have to ask you – are you truly ready for change, or simply mild improvements of a difficult situation? (audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 9 (laughing): No, I’m ready for change.

TOBIAS: We have to ask you again – are you TRULY ready for change? (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 9: I have not shied away from change yet, although I wish I had at times.

TOBIAS: We see that you had taken on a very difficult task, in a sense, doing not so much just about your regular job, by the way. It is about holding an energy in an area where you live also for a group of other people here. The job is just the end result of all of this. It is where you focus your attention, and you think that is tiring you out. But all of this other energy where you are is tiring you out. So, the change here – which will come about quite naturally – will potentially involve a move in your life. And the move would involve releasing some of those things that are close to you. But the intent has already been put out there, and it now sets into motion everything to come in now to facilitate this. But do not curse us when the move comes about (audience laughter).

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you, Tobias.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (from the Internet, read by Linda): On very different occasions you use the expression “Christ consciousness.” What exactly do you mean? I’ve been puzzling over that from the very start. Please help solve the riddle.

TOBIAS: Indeed. We use the term “Christ consciousness” quite broadly. And at its core it would mean a “crystal consciousness” or a “clear consciousness,” not held back by things such as karma and such as duality in its simplest state. Yeshua – or also known as Jesus – was one of the first to come in with this energy of Christ consciousness. So many of you helped to bring in the initial seeds of this several thousands of years ago. It created a potential on Earth at the time that would grow and grow and grow.

The Christ consciousness is not a person. It is an attribute of clarity and simplicity and moving beyond duality. And it can be embodied and brought into your everyday life. Quite simply it has been brought in by many of those who you have called Masters, such as Buddha, and such as Mohammed, and such as Yeshua. All held within them the Christ consciousness, but it could not be expressed as fully and demonstrated in life as you can now do. So, the Christ consciousness is clarity and release from the past. It is, at its core, also energies coming back into balance and expanding once again.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a man at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. Last night I dreamed that you were showing me a series of boxes, all nested within each other and expressing something about how we had hoped to be out of our box by now. I was wondering if you would like to elaborate. And what specifically do I need to see at this point?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Last night I was at a dinner party with Kuthumi and St. Germaine (audience laughter). I was not in your dreams. We were preparing for this gathering. We couldn't help ourselves (more laughter). Because you are tied into the Shaumbra frequency, indeed, you were symbolizing this as a gathering between you and I. And it was about this nesting of boxes was representative of boxes that are put in with boxes and boxes – what we have spoken of before, walls behind walls behind walls – so many layers of things holding back for not just you but for everyone.

And by addressing this directly in your dream like this, you are learning now to let go of the boxes that have been holding you back and let go of some of the things that you have spent far too much time on contemplating and things that you allow to perplex you far too grandly. You are letting the boxes go and learning to – how to say – let yourself, allow yourself to live freely. It is also symbolic of literally hiding away the Christ consciousness that we just talked about, the divinity within all of these boxes and all of these belief systems and concepts in a rather unusual way of trying to protect the divinity. It is now time for the divinity to come out and play.

So, our best advice to you here – based on what we see in this dream – is for you do go out and play yourself, for when you, as the male human goes out and simply enjoys something for the sake of enjoying it, and doesn't analyze it, simply allows the joy to come through, then you’ll find your divinity is so much more out-of-the-box also. So, we suggest some true playtime. Don't analyze how you’re going to play here. Just go out and do it. Thank you.

LINDA: Last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): I was hoping I could get in. Thanks, Tobias, for answering this. Thank you, David (addressed to a fellow Shaumbra who moved the microphone). It’s about a client that I have who is just an incredible young man. I get filled with awe when I think about him. How do I do this now (pondering how to ask her question)? OK… he had a break a year ago. It was the second one in the last couple of years. It feels, when I’m with him, that he had the break because he was moving too fast, and he couldn’t deal with who was, so he slowed down. And the catalyst for that was the change in medication – which he shouldn’t have had, but he did have. And he stopped himself from becoming who he is. I can see the split. I can feel the split. He is wobbling back and forth. What I’m doing is – the last couple of times I saw him – I’ve shut down. I have this thing around me because I’m not quite sure what to do for this young man. He is going in a certain direction, but he’s feeling another direction. And I’m not quite sure what to do. And so, I need to know from you, if you would, please, give me some guidance about what to do, or how I can best direct him. He is so amazing.

TOBIAS: Indeed. We want you to observe where you are and all of your own thoughts and processes, everything happening within you. And then watch him. He is a direct reflection of you. You have been very close in the past. He is relying so heavily on you right now. When you go into fear, he goes into fear. He is a magnification of your own process. He, in a sense, is going through this in tandem with you, but he expresses it so much more, on a grander scale. When you have trouble accepting who you are, watch what happens to him. And he will have one of these stoppages or breakdowns. There is a direct correlation between the two of you. You have an agreement to be here on Earth at this time together. And he is looking for you to go first. So, look at him as a reflection of you, and you will understand how this whole relationship works, and how you can be of benefit to each other, rather than stopping each other. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 11: Thank you.

TOBIAS: We feel that there is still another question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a man at the microphone): Sorry, I have to sit down periodically. Hi, I’ve just got a little confusion about the New Earth. Is this like a construct, sort of like a “happy hunting ground” for Shaumbra (some laughter)? Or is it like a goal state that this Earth is going to morph into?

TOBIAS: It is not certain at this time. There are so many things that are not determined as of yet that we will know within the next three years of time. There are so many who are hoping that this what you call the Old Earth will morph into the New Earth. There are some who very strongly feel that they will be two separate Earths for quite some period of time. It is all changing.

This New Earth is, in a sense, like a Shaumbra dream. It is a type of place that is more – how to say – like a university. It is like a place of education. It is the library for the New Energy that all of you are helping to create. So, it has the energies of what you would feel from one of your finest universities without all of the layers and the hierarchies and the bureaucracy associated with it. It is where those who have never been in human form can come to learn, and those in particular who have had a very difficult journey on Earth in lifetimes, that their energies are very far out of balance, can come for relaxation and rehab – these type of things – before returning to Earth.

So, it will serve a variety of purposes. But it will be a place where Shaumbra energy will be – how to say – the guiding energy here. And it is where you can go and – as we have talked of before – be in physical body when you choose, and not when you don't want to be.

It is a place here where you will have clear access to information about all of your past. Even this information is not available in the Akashic records, as you know. The Akashic records are quite a bit different than what the New Earth and the library of the New Energy are becoming. The access to much of who you have been is very limited in the Akashic records, whereas in the New Earth, it will be very available.

So, it is still in the process of being developed, and all of you – including you – are helping to develop this and helping to determine what will happen, truly happen, to the Old Earth. It has not been decided as of yet by the consciousness.

SHAUMBRA 12: No big bang, huh?



TOBIAS: Indeed.

So, dear Shaumbra, with that we bring this energy, this gathering, to a close. Indeed, we will continue working with you in these days ahead with some of the events that you have all agreed to. And Kuthumi asks you to be very aware of his presence in your waking state, for indeed you are never alone.

And so it is!