The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 10"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
May 1, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we continue the energy and the safe energy of our gathering on this day. We know we have repeated this to you often today. But it is such a basic and important concept in allowing the New Energies in, allowing yourself to transcend what you thought was just a mere human life and now to go into the New and mystical areas, the areas where you can live in the Now moment as a human, live in the Now moment as divinity; where you can literally open your consciousness and awareness to realms that are all around you that exist right at this moment, realities that are not human, but are real indeed; where you can open yourself up to energies, to seeing them and to perceiving them, to talking to them; energies of your clients that go far beyond the human face that you are looking at but to go into the soul energies. That is simply going into another type of dimension or reality.

You equate everything with this very finite and limited third dimension that you live in. But there is so much more all around. It has its own particular and unique – how to say – flavors, its own energy melds and blends. As we open up here, you will be able to perceive those and to communicate with them, to learn from them, and to help teach energies and other levels, all while being fully aware in this Now moment, all while being a human having their needs taken care of for them.

So, indeed you go off into what has previously been termed the mystical levels. But there is nothing mystical about it at all. It has always been there. You simply haven't been opened up to it because your energy has been so focused on the human reality. And in a sense, you have never felt safe enough to open into those areas.

So, we emphasize the safe energy here in our gathering today, here in this next step. If you are feeling safe with the outside world, if you are feeling safe on the inside, then it is much easier to open up. You know this from your own life. When you are feeling safe, it is much easier to open.

All of your energies – your divinity, everything else – need this same thing. And you can create it. You can be in the safe moment. You are in it right now in this Now moment we sit in together. It is only when you get caught up in the past or the future, when you explore possibilities of the past – or realities – possibilities of the future, it tends to bring in the fear. And then you tend to shut down. If you exist and stay in the Now moment, it is safe.

Recently in the “land of the unknown” – what you call Norway – we took the group of Shaumbra there through an experience. We are going to take a very large group of Shaumbra through a similar experience in the upcoming gathering in Santa Fe. It is quite simple, very simple. We called it a healing space. But really it was about simply a safe space. We had two humans sitting together in a group, four humans sitting together in a group. And there were three that held the safe energy, and one that simply allowed themselves to be in that, allowed the natural healing processes to occur.

The physics behind this are quite simple. Your body wants to heal itself. Your mind wants to balance and evolve itself. The emotions want to heal any wounds and go into new levels of emotions. The soul wants to evolve. The past lives want to heal. The entirety of who you are wants to evolve into the New energy. These are all natural desires.

So, it is about creating a safe space for this to occur. When you are in the safe Now energy, your body naturally heals itself. It can't do that very well when you are caught up in the past and the future, when you are filled with fear. When your imagination is not allowed to expand, the body then goes into its pain and the disease because it is not receiving the proper flow of energy. But when we sit together like this, in this safe Now energy – right now – and when you breathe it in, the body heals itself naturally. You don’t have to focus all sorts of energies on it.

Sometimes humans try to make it so complex and so heady. It is really quite simple. Spiritual physics are quite simple – this Now moment, totally safe, breathing in life, and allowing the natural processes of healing, rejuvenation, resurrection, and evolution to take place. Simply sitting like this together right now, what you would call healing – which is really coming to a new, enlightened understanding – is taking place. The body can then heal itself. The mind can come to balance. It is that simple.

We will take the whole group of Shaumbra through this together – through the safe space healing – at your upcoming conference to show how hundreds and hundreds of humans can connect the energies during the safe energy time. All of this allows you to open up the imagination to go far beyond just three-dimensional human living.

But the important concept here, as we stress over and over, is that you are also staying in the Now moment. Imagine your energies expanding out, radiating, and illuminating from you, from the Now moment to encompass all of these other things that you would have previously called mysterious or mystical. That is where we are going, Shaumbra. That is where we are going. That is where you have asked us to take you – beyond the realms of just living as a human and living now as a fully integrated Divine Human with a dynamic imagination.

With that we would be delighted to talk about your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, right now I am worried and scared. I am facing a legal battle that terrifies me. How do I stay level and enlightened when sometimes I can’t even see straight? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. All of these things, first is to recognize that you have helped to create them. And indeed, we understand and have great compassion for the fear that is here, for these legal things are overwhelming… overwhelming, and they bring up the fear. And we know – Cauldre is stopping us here and telling us we are oversimplifying. But it is important for you – and for he and all the others – to keep these things very simple.

Here you have the fear – the fear – of this legal battle, heavy upon you right now. It is like a tidal wave of fear. Take a look into the energy for a moment. The legal battle itself is not that big of an energy. It is the fear surrounding it.

So, now in spite of that tidal wave about to crash down over you, can you allow yourself to be in the Now, in a safe energy? Ah, we know this is a challenge and perhaps even a contradiction. “How can I be in the safe energy with all of this happening? Perhaps, later after this is all over, I can try being safe.” No, now is a wonderful time. Sit in the Now moment. This Now moment – right now – is safe.

This whole court thing and legal battle has certainly caused your imagination to soar, but to soar into some of the less pleasant realms. Sitting in the safe space in the Now energy, breathing – keep repeating these because they are so important – but now explore the potential of this legal battle not descending upon you, not overwhelming you. Imagine another potential of the outcome. Imagine how conflict can be turned into evolution, how even in light of this very difficult and challenging thing in your life that there could be something to be learned and gained from this, something that would help open you up.

So, breathe in the safe space. While you’re in the safe space, allow yourself to explore through the imagination some of the new potentials. And watch how everything changes now. Rather than the fear being worse and worse, watch how all of the energies change. Watch how the outcome of this changes.

So, you are the one creating it. Remember that. You are the one creating this. Use the imagination to go into your creation to ask it why it’s there, to ask it how it serves you, to ask it how it can serve you better now in the New Energy. And again, this is a simplification. We have tremendous compassion for what you are going through. But again, you are the Creator. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) many years ago. And I was wondering – what is the cause of this illness, and why do some people choose this potential?

TOBIAS: And again, this is very difficult energy. And we are looking at it now. Let us talk about why you chose this for yourself, and – how to say – we're going to answer you somewhat directly here, but somewhat energetically at the same time because of the personal nature of this. But there was a potential out there for you that existed in the realm of human biology to choose this thing that you call MS in your life, which is a crippling energy for the physical body.

So, we ask you to take a look here with us – not how you created it, but why you created it, why it is in your life, what events and incidences from the past have caused it to manifest in this lifetime. We ask you to take a look at the blessings – which we know will be difficult to do – to take a look at the blessings that are here for you in this, and what it has caused you to have to do in this lifetime of yours as a way to navigate around this, but also what it has caused you to do at the deeper inner levels of yourself. And again, we have to speak to you on two levels here because of the personal nature.

This is not a punishment that you gave yourself. And we want you to understand that you have been told by others that this is a past life punishment. And we can tell you right now – it's not. It has nothing to do with karma. It has to do with giving yourself what you would consider to be the most optimal conditions for your own evolution and growth, but ultimately for what can be taught to others. So, you’re here with something that holds the body down, but every other part of you is still allowed to soar and to grow.

You are faced with a very interesting situation right now in your life. You ask the question over and over again, “Can I heal this physical body of mine?” And you want to know if this can be done in a way somewhat miraculously in this lifetime of yours. But it presents other questions, other issues here. In a sense, you could say it would be easier to give up that physical body of yours and to come back in a new physical body, one where you did not have the disease, one where your body itself could be free to soar.

So, it brings up the issue – what is your choice right now? What do you want to do? Can you continue living your life in the physical body that has disease? Do you choose to go and to come back in a brand-new body – much like replacing a car that was faulty – coming back in a brand-new body, like having a brand-new car? Or can you – how to say – can you face a challenge in your life? Can you face what would be considered to be a barrier of physics and biology and to help move beyond this?

And we do not have the answer to this; only you do. Only you can understand whether you can allow the healing and the – how to say – the healing of your body at this point. So, you are at an important crossroads. But we want you to understand that in all of the thinking about this and everything that you do, understand this not a karma issue, a punishment of any kind. It is about facing some of the greatest, deepest, most moving challenges in any person’s life.

And you have created this situation for yourself to see how you can move through it. Every problem that ever arises in your lifetime – or the lifetime of anyone here – has a built-in solution, built in by you – built in by any of you. Long before you created the situation of your physical body right now, you also created a solution. It may not be what you think it is, the solution. You have your mind, your imagination even, set on what a solution looks like, what it should be.

So, we ask you now to spend some time exploring through the imaginations, going into the other realms. The solution is there for you. You already gave it to yourself. It would be – how to say – it is not just about healing a body. It is about discovery of something else. The challenge for you right now is – will you allow that discovery to come into your life?

So, once again, as we said with our last question, you are the one that created this – and again not as a punishment – so you are the one that can change the creation now, if you so choose. So, we will ask – how to say – Cauldre to have a few words with you at the end of our gathering today. There are some other things we would like to talk to you about.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, it was my understanding that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married, and they had a child. This is why she was known as the Holy Grail, the vessel that carried his lineage. Could you clarify this, as your statement was: they were not married? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. There are so many – how to say – interesting understandings about Yeshua and about those associated with him. And we have to say – as we said recently in another place – that there are also – how to say – so many potentials of what could have existed, what did exist. And there are times when those who deal with the imagination energies, the psychic energies, or the ability to – how to say – look to see what happens, or even to channel… when they – how to say – are going into one of the many potential scenarios that could have occurred.

Someone asked recently, they wondered, indeed, did Yeshua continue to live in physical body even after he was supposedly crucified? And there are many – how to say – who hold this belief. But we from our side – and especially here today with the energy of Sananda so present – we look at the one potential that was selected amongst the many, many that could have been. And it was that Yeshua did indeed – the physical body died on a cross. He did not continue to walk in physical body after that time. However, his energies were very present on Earth, strongly present for quite some time. And there were many who saw him, many who spoke with him. But he was not in physical body.

So, to answer the question about Yeshua and Myriam, indeed, there were many potentials. And there are often others who – how to say – go off into the realms to look to see what happened. And they might come upon a potential where indeed he and Myriam had married and had had a child. However, in the reality that we see with the energy of Sananda here today, it was not that Yeshua and Myriam were married.

There was – how to say – many reasons for this. One was that Yeshua had been previously married and did not choose to go that route again. The other (audience laughter), it would have (more laughter at Linda rolling her eyes)… the other was that this would have changed the relationship between the two of them and how they were perceived by others had they been married, for then – how to say – there were enough jealousies and misunderstandings in the first place. If they were married, this would have been very difficult for those who were close to Yeshua. They also had agreed – while there was so much love and honor between them – they were literally traveling in different directions so much of the time that it would have been so very, very difficult for them.

There were no children that were born into this couple for a variety of reasons. Generally, those who – how to say – are manifestations of consciousness rather than individual soul entities do not have children. And you can see this in the case of – how to say – some of the greats of your times – for instance, the one you called Hitler – great in terms of the awareness. So many of the others had not had children. It was felt that it was best not to do this. There are some difficult physics that would have to take place here in order for that to happen. So, we have to say that these two did not marry, did not have children in the reality that was lived out. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, recently I asked myself over and over, “What is my passion?” And then one day I walked into an art gallery and discovered a great passion and joy for the sculpture in that gallery. I can see more than one potential here. However, one of these is that I am doing a work proposal to create a completely new position for me at this gallery. Can you please tell me if this will work out as a work situation? What is the potential? And are there any changes that I should make to my proposal before I present it? Thank you.

TOBIAS: We are looking at of all the potentials involved here. And ultimately it is up to you which one you choose to bring in and how you choose to create it. The potential exists for you to be there. The – how to say – the passion adds to the energy of that potential. But the fear – how to say – and the self-doubt in here could actually divert the energies so it does not manifest.

So, can you imagine yourself from a place of safe energy? Can you imagine yourself being here in this place of passion, this gallery that you speak of? Can you imagine yourself growing here? Can you imagine yourself – how to say – creating such an outstanding report, as you call it?

But this presentation that… it is not about the words anymore. It is about the energy behind it that captivates the interest of the ones who have the potential of hiring you. So, it is really totally up to you. Everything exists there to make this happen. Now, just be in a safe energy and allow that imagination. Allow that potential to come to life. And it will. But when it does, also give it freedom. Let it grow. Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, I have so much anger. Most of it goes back to childhood. Some of it is from the present. I’ve tried EMF balancing, but it feels like it hasn’t worked much. I’d really appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Thank you for your deep compassion for humanity, brother (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling).

TOBIAS: There are – how to say – some of these deep anger issues that are fresh from this lifetime are some of the ones that are most difficult to release. They tend to linger around. They tend to stay around. And in a sense – how to say – if you were approaching your energy work here, the EMF energy work, as a way to combat this anger, it wasn't going to work.

You are using energy to fight energy here. And that is not even the reason for the EMF in the first place. It is about going in and addressing some of these issues, going back and – how to say – providing a healing into the anger issues. You’re not the only one that has these. You are not the only one who still has them affecting their life. So, it is about going back and talking to the anger, going back and – with your imagination launched from a safe space – going back and talking to the players who were involved in this.

Now, it is not using your mind here to go back. It is about the imagination. Yes, you can literally go back into the past. You cannot alter the sequence of events that took place in the past, but you can change the wisdom and the understanding, and therefore provide the healing.

So, go back to the people who were involved, the incidences that took place. Go back through your imagination. Ask each one of them why these things happened and listen carefully. Ask yourself why you chose this. Ask the energy of anger why it is still around. And listen… it will tell you something.

Understand at the heart of your heart that these energies want to be released. The energy of anger carries with it other energies. It is simply a carrier of energies that want to be released. And we will stress this with you – and with all of Shaumbra – over and over. All of the healing wants to take place – it does want to take place – the healing of the body and the mind and the spirit of past lives. It is aching to take place. It is not trying to be more unhealed and unbalanced. It wants to take place, indeed. Yes, that aching.

So, now can you allow it to take place? Can you open your reality base up, what we call the imagination? Open up your reality base to be able to go back and talk to all of these incidences and events. If you find it difficult to do on your own, work with a Shaumbra energy worker to go back. Help them be a guide and a tether. Don't make them do the work for you. But have them hold a space for you while you go back. There is a great benefit in this.

So, these energies are seeking release right now. Any blocked energy is seeking release. Any unhealed energy is seeking a healing. Any wounds are seeking to come back into wholeness and healing. It is a basic principle, a basic, basic principle, something for all of you to understand.

So, anyway, it is time to stop fighting anger with more anger. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I had a dream experience last Sunday that felt most like a soul experience. And I'd like you to perhaps give me some insight into what I created.

TOBIAS: Indeed. This is going to be happening more and more with you – and with others – where the dreams become so much deeper and so much more mystical and, as you said, like a soul experience. And indeed, they are because you are opening the imagination and going into a whole different level in your dreams also. You’ve all noticed your dreams shifting lately. You are going into different levels.

There is a different purpose now for your dreams. The dreams of the past in the Old Energy were designed to help – how to say – resolve issues. They were also designed to help live out different potentials of situations. But now that is changing. And the dreams are – how to say – your dream, in particular, was – finding the right words – it was an expression of how the divinity is going to be melding – and is melding – into your life right now. So, what was a dream to you will now also begin to happen in your everyday life of your waking Now state. It doesn't have to be a dream anymore.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, there is a lot of material out there now. When the new one comes, where should we tell them to start?

TOBIAS: This is always an interesting question. We have covered four and a half years of material of work here with Shaumbra, helping to channel your energies, helping to bring back your message. So, considering that it is your message, we ask YOU the question – where would you have the student start? There is not a general answer for this at all. It is up to each individual student.

Some will be able to – how to say – stay up with the current series, reading right along, or listening along as we go for month-to-month, while they go back. You will be amazed at how quickly they can absorb the old material, reading it in a matter of a few months of time, and absorbing it – where you and we had difficulty getting through month-by-month (some laughter) – because you created a bed of energy in that material that would allow them to more easily assimilate and understand it. You’ve also cleared the path in front of them through the work that you have done. So, it is up to each individual student.

But we ask you – do not make it a difficulty or a discipline. Do not tell them they have to read one lesson every three days or give them a lot of structure. You will know if you listen about where to tell them they should be. Ultimately, they will go back to the beginning and read if they have that interest.

We also do something energetically with each Shoud, each new Shoud we do. There are – again, this is a very complex type of thing – energies that are woven in for the ones who are just arriving here and wondering what they are listening to or what they are reading. So, we are putting other energies in there for them as well.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, you have already touched upon my question a little bit, but can you tell me what’s going on with my body? Last year my right side was having many problems and now this year my left seems to be starting.

TOBIAS: The body is reworking itself. The body is working right now literally on releasing huge, huge amounts of Old Energy. And there are times even during this process where things get stopped up a bit, where the energies are not sure what they have to do, how they can heal themselves. So, it is – how to say – it is about being in that safe energy now where you feel safer, where the body can heal at a different type of rate so that it doesn't have to be so dramatic on your system.

But it is good for you to also right now to work with some of the New Energy body workers and even some of the New Energy medical workers who understand the nature of what is going on. There are many, many around, but they will help move this through much quicker for you, so it doesn't tend to get jammed up here. Thank you. But it does need attention, and we do not say that in a fearful way. But we say that in a way of the energies really need to be processed through.

QUESTION FROM SHAMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, thank you for your visit to Christensen, Norway. I wonder how you relate to the fantasy figure called Tobias in the story of Kardamomme City (Cardamon Town in English).

TOBIAS: Indeed, I helped to create it (audience laughter). How to say – we do many interesting things on this side. Perhaps, we have much too much time on our hands (more laughter). It is no coincidence that this energy of Tobias was there. And it is no coincidence even that the metaphors of the lighthouse of watching for the changes on the horizon. And it is absolutely no coincidence that your gathering should have been next door to this. So, it is one of these little games we play on our side. St Germaine and I have much too much fun together (more laughter)! (For more information regarding this children’s story, which is called “People and Robbers of Cardamon Town” by Thorbjorn Egner, go to Thank you to Toril Storoe for providing this information.)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I want to thank you for your kindness, clarity, and patience in teaching us. And I would like to ask you something about the father of two of my children, who I haven’t seen since 1980. His name is Michael. And I’m just wondering if we’ll ever see him again. He has two children and two grandchildren who are very curious about him.

TOBIAS: We are looking for this energy now. It is difficult to make an exact prediction here, but the way we see this energy and the way we connect here with him, there is a deep-seated fear that he has here – how to say – a fear that perhaps you know too much about him. And so that has caused him to stay away. And it is uncertain whether… oh, indeed (Tobias interjecting this as though he is also talking to someone else on his side of the veil). We see… there are some things we cannot reveal here, so we are having difficulty. How to say, to make this very easy – as you move into this New safe energy for yourself, it will change his perceptions of you. And it will change his whole energy of fear that he has. And it will make it possible for the reuniting to take place. This is not a prediction. It is a potential that stands out from the others.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. And by the way, he connects with you on a regular basis in the dream state, relying on you for information and energy. But the humanness has a fear. So, you are still deeply connected.

LINDA: Last question, should you so choose.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I saw many pictures on the Internet taken by different people around the world that look like the sun was birthing new suns. Could you explain that phenomenon, please?

TOBIAS: Indeed. We do not want to say that the sun is birthing new suns. But we want to say that – how to say – humans all over the world are birthing their divinity. And the sun responds accordingly. So, you see all of these projections of energies. And you see things like solar flares. And you see multiple suns on suns. And it is a celebration that is happening right now in the heavenly – what you would call – heavenly realms.

And we would be delighted to take one more question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (from the Internet, read by Linda): It seems like lately every time we take pictures, the orb shows up, and not just at the Shouds and workshops. Can you elaborate on this more? We would really like to understand what’s going on. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and the orbs here, or the energy spheres – sometimes the energy is not just spheres, but energy shapes that appear in the pictures – your own energies are becoming so strong that they are now showing up in the pictures. And because of the nature of your digital technology, they will show up even more in digital than they did in film. It is easier – how to say – for those what you call orb energies to project through.

Sometimes the orbs are literally energies or angels from our side who are right there with you. And sometimes it is energy balls – how to say – that are coming from you and energy that is emanating from you. The ones that – how to say – have more flair in them will tend to be your own energies coming off of you. The ones that are more of a tightly held sphere or orb tend to be from the angelic realms. But these will be showing up more and more in your photographs.

And I, Tobias, will make myself present in some (audience laughter)! And we know that Cauldre does not like flash cameras during the channels. But perhaps he will open up to change some of his thinking here at the upcoming Shaumbra annual gathering. Yes, yes, indeed, indeed, he is agreeing that we will take a bit of time for some flash pictures to see what kind of orbs we can all create (more audience laughter).

So, with that, Shaumbra, it has been another delightful gathering. Much energy was delivered here today. We shared with you this whole story of the Wizard of Oz. We talked about the movie and the metaphors. We talked about how it really predicted the coming of the of the New Earth, but also how you can bring that New Earth back over the rainbow, back to the Now that you are living in. You don't have to wait to go to the New Earth. You can begin bringing it back right now. You do that by holding and by being a safe energy.

When you are in a safe energy, anything can come to you… anything wants to come to you. When you hold that safe space, then, dear friends, your imagination can soar in a very balanced way. It is about simply allowing the safe energy. This Now moment is so safe, so safe right now. And it can continue… and continue… and continue.

When your divinity feels that – that you are holding the safe space – you ARE the safe space. It will come in and play. And it will shine, and it will carry you off into New realms. It will open up the imagination energies. It will allow you to transcend the limitations of three-dimensional human living. You will be able to be three-dimensional and human, but everything else all at the same time. This is what you have been waiting for.

And so it is.