The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 6"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 3, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, Shaumbra, that we continue with the energy of this loving and memorable day, a day where we are honored by the presence of Quan Yin, by the grounding of a safe energy, by the ability to make choices in your life now from a platform of balance, and expansion, and expression. Again, all of this is very effortless, very simple.

We know because of your conditioning, because of your past, that you will try to make it complex. You will struggle with it. Then, you will remember what we talked about here today. It becomes effortless. It becomes graceful. It becomes quite beautiful, dear friends.

Now, we heard some of you talking out loud or in your minds at your break. And you said, “This is fine, Tobias, that you talk about a safe energy. Are you going to provide it for us? Are you going to guarantee us safety? How can you speak such words, Tobias? How can you tell us that we are now in a safe energy? What changed? What are all of you from the other side going to do to ensure that we are safe?”

Again, it is quite simple. It goes back to our discussion in our last Shoud about compassion. You see, when you are compassionate – not trying to change things, not trying to alter them, but simply honoring everything and everyone – then the universe, Spirit, and All That Is has compassion for you, you see. It is that simple.

When you do not try to change others, they do not try to change you. If you are not trying to affect everything and judge things, they do not affect and judge you. This is a basic principle of energy on Earth. And it always has been and will continue to be.

When you are filled with compassion, everything that comes back to you is compassion. If you are not judging others – rather honoring and accepting them – what comes back to you is acceptance and non-judgment. And that is safe, you see. None of the so-called dark entities then can come and grab you, gobble you up, because if you are in a compassionate place, they can't. It is only when you are out of balance, when you are judging, when you are not honoring others, when you are trying to change them against their will that any of the energies can come.

So, it is quite simple. As we said earlier, it is not something that we created. We are simply the messengers.

When you are compassionate, everything around you supports your compassion. And it is safe then. It is safe. That combined with the dynamics of the energy of “four,” the New Energy, creates a safe platform for you to live and to be and to express and to enjoy and to feast on life.

Keep it simple, Shaumbra. Keep it simple. No efforting required here.

With that we would be delighted to take your questions if you feel safe enough to come up. (audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Recently Keiko, the whale, died creating world news. Is there more behind the Keiko, the whale, story than anyone understands?

TOBIAS: Indeed, it could be said that the whales, and the dolphins, and so many of the other aquatic animals, carry – how to say – carry a very wonderful energetic attribute. So many of you, who are now in human form, first came to visit this place of Earth by projecting your energies into the whales and the dolphins. This is not to say that you had the soul of a whale or a dolphin. You simply… they were a taxi for you. They were a vehicle for you. You allowed your energies to go into theirs. And they provided a wonderful, wonderful space within their body and their energetic being so that you could get used to all of the energies of Earth.

They have also carried – how to say – a very strong remembrance of your past, of the path you took to get to Earth. They also have carried a very strong energy for Gaia. They have been placeholders and energy holders for you and for the Earth for a long, long time. You are very connected specifically to these type of living beings.

So, it is when this very famous one crossed over recently, and it made the news, it was a reminder. It was also letting you know that much of the energies that these dear friends of yours have been holding are now being turned back over to you. There is no need for sadness. It goes back to compassion and understanding the whole cycle of all this. But it is time for a reminder, to understand – at least from an energetic standpoint – the journey that brought you here to Earth, your early days on Earth.

And it is also to understand that these beings are – in a sense, difficult to describe – but angels in their own right. And again, while they leave the planet, at least in terms of their physical bodies, their energies are still available for you to work with. In a sense, they become your runners. So, one more thing to release, and one more thing to honor! Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): My job is rather chaotic, and unsettled, and demanding. And I have a boss with high expectations. And I have a hard time using what you suggest – that we allow, just sit back and allow. Could you give me some suggestions?

TOBIAS: Indeed, the allowing is on all standpoints. The allowing is to allow them to go about their games of being demanding and controlling and manipulative, having agendas, having power plays. What a wonderful game to play if you want to be in that game! The allowing is also allowing yourself to remove your energy from that. You are not stuck there.

There is no divine doctrine that went out that said you need to be there. We thought we addressed you earlier in our channel today that any time you want to leave you are safe to do so (some laughter). We are delighted that you came back up to receive more of this energy.

Allowing is understanding that they are going through their processes, but you don't have to participate in it anymore, unless you choose to. Unless you choose to. There are so many other potentials out there right now for you. We can see them from our perspective. They surround you right now. It is simply for you to choose which one.

Now, you don't have to know the specifics or the names. It is making a choice for yourself from the safe platform that we talked about before. The choice not so much designed for your material needs but to fulfill your spirit, the choice to have joy in your life, the choice to be with people who you choose to be with, the choice for abundance without the suffering, you see. All of these things are waiting for you. You do not have to be there.

None of you here, none of you here was made by Spirit or the angels to be somewhere, in terms of a job, or have a certain spouse, or a certain relationship. You chose it. You chose it. As was said earlier in the week, don’t use the term anymore, “THEY told me” because we never tell you. Perhaps, “They advised me,” but not that they told me. It is your choice. Now, it is your choice and freedom to do this from a very safe space. You will be amazed at what rushes into your life. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, I find myself in a living situation with a family member who seems to live and breathe conflict, drama, and anger energy. I’m confused at how to deal with this. And I’ve been carrying around my own anger as a result of this. Can you please help me understand what’s going on? I love you!

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is to understand – as you already do – that it is their anger, and their drama, and their conflict. And as we said earlier today, it does not need to affect you anymore. You can be aware of it, but you don't have to be overwhelmed by it. If you find that it’s such a difficult situation to be close to, remove yourself for the time being. That will give you a better perspective of the dynamics that are at play.

Understand that there are many, many humans on Earth that love drama. It is an up-and-down cycle that they need to feed them. It is duality at work. They love it.

So, as we said, be compassionate, but also be compassionate with yourself. You don't have to stay in that situation. Now, you might wonder how to remove yourself from this. Some of the fear elements come out. Simply go to this platform of safety, and from there make your choice. Make your choice to not be embroiled in all this. And you'll be amazed again at all of the new dynamics that come into play.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. My mother died a few days ago. She died on Christmas Eve. How is she doing, especially in light of… she carried a belief with her, during this whole life, that there is nothing beyond that one human life? How is she doing?

TOBIAS: Because of the work that we do on a regular basis with you – how to say – we were so available when she crossed over. The crossing over itself was quite peaceful. There was not the trauma. And we mean this very literally, when she became aware after crossing over, her first thoughts or words to us were, “Mindy was right!” (much audience laughter and applause) This pleased her very much because there was always a part of her, as you know, that struggled to align with the energies of your father, and part that truly wanted to align with you.

There was always part of herself that she reserved, truly wanting to be with you. But she felt it was her role in life to have a secondary feminine, energetic relationship with your father. She listened to what you said – quietly, of course. She heard the words and indeed felt the energy. But she could never allow herself to probe or to ask the questions she truly wanted to ask.

In the end days, as you know, there was a much different and deeper connection between the two of you. She was relying on you, even though the words were not necessarily said. The energies with there and have been so much a part of your life in this past month or so. She was holding onto that specifically – your energy – when she crossed through, and that's why it was peaceful. And when she got to our side, she had all those of the Crimson Council – at your request, of course – there to be with her and to greet her.

Right now, she is – the best way to say – is resting. Her energy is not immediately available right now. And it will be some several months before you feel her back. She is taking a bit of a vacation after a very difficult type of life, mentally difficult type of life. When she comes back to you, her energy will be different. You will not recognize it as the mother that you knew. It will be fresher, more open, more jovial, indeed.

And you will find that the connection that the two of you had as sisters in a previous lifetime comes back now where she is here to help you with – as you already know – with a new type of energetic… this is not counseling, but an energetic facilitation work that you have been waiting to do.

And as we have indicated to you also, with her passing now, this opens a whole new doorway for a very fulfilling relationship to come into your life. (some audience laughter over a silent gesture of “Yes!” made by the questioner) You have been resisting that up to now.

So… but she is not immediately available. But in one of our gatherings in the next three or four months, we invite you to come back up, and we will hear what she has to say to you, her daughter.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, I would like to know more about New Energy relationships with spouses. How do we create New Energy patterns within our existing relationships? Can we let go, without letting go of our partners? Or is that just fear speaking? I know many of us are dealing with this at this time. Thank you.

TOBIAS: We ask to be able to speak very candidly here through Cauldre. Many of you will have to… many of you will go through the process of releasing your Old Energy relationship. And when we say releasing, it will have to come from the core of your being, to fully release – not somewhat release, or kind of release, or a little bit – but fully release. And when you find yourself being so truthful with who you are and truly allowing them to go, some of them will. Some of them will.

There will be situations in the relationship that seem to come from the outside, but are actually generated from the inside, that will cause the two of you to go in separate directions. You have to be willing to lay it all down on the line. You have to be willing to let go totally.

For some of you, it will not mean going separate ways, but rather a whole rejuvenation in the relationship. But it will cause – how to say – having to make an evaluation from the heart of everything in the relationship including money, including sex, including the compassion that you have for each other, including your own goals and desires in life.

So, we do not want to define what a New Energy relationship looks like in specific detail, other than to say that it is no longer built on two unfulfilled pieces coming together to try to create one fulfilled piece – which, as you know, did not work anyway – but rather two humans that are in their own fulfillment, in their own divine energy, now sharing the feast and the joy of life. As so many Shaumbra know, in your heart you truly must let go. Then, if it is appropriate for everything to come back on a new level and a New Energy, it will.

We are not – Cauldre asks us to throw in this legal note here (some laughter) – we are not advocating couples leaving each other. We feel relationships are wonderful. As I mentioned earlier in the Shoud, I look forward to my own pleasant relationship! But we are saying it should be based in compassion, and love, and New Energy, rather than Old karma, or rather than in fear. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. I went through an episode Thursday night that was quite interesting. And I feel that it was something to do with what you channeled about our commitment that we made in Atlantis. And I think I released it totally. Would you kind of comment on that… or, any comments you have?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, and here in the past several days we had done a Shoud for the group that was gathered for the celebration. And we talked to that group specifically that they had been together in the Temples of Tien in Atlantis. These were – how to say – phenomenal temples where we were studying human nature.

We were beginning to have just a glimpse of divinity, just a glimpse of God. We did not understand God as you do today. We did not have religions back in those days. We were much more scientific and much more practical. But we began to have some sort of enlightenment that there was more than just humans on Earth. There was a guiding force.

So, in the Temples of Tien there was a group. Many Shaumbra were there back then. If you allow yourself, you can feel the connection – if you were there – into the Temples of Tien. There we made a commitment. And I was there with so many of you.

We made a commitment to the time that we would come to understand the divine. We would come to understand what you now call God. We made a commitment that we would follow a path that would bring us to the point of connecting human and divine together.

We understood this whole concept of cycling through lifetimes. We understood what you now call reincarnation quite well. But as odd as it may seem, our concept of God was very infantile, very immature, compared even to what you have now. We made a deep, deep commitment through months of sacred ceremonies, intense ceremonies, that at some point we would bring this together, the divine and the human.

And that is a path that so many of you, particularly those who were there the other night, have followed. The commitment was so deep that you didn't even recognize it within yourself, didn't even know it was there, just thought it was part of your overall makeup. It was a vow in a way.

So, we challenged the group the other night at the core of their being to release the commitment. It seemed almost sacrilege to ask that they would release something that was so much a part of who they are – who you are, my dear – to release the commitment. When you allowed yourself to do this, it had a profound impact on your energy and will continue to cause – how to say – tremors and quakes within you for a bit of time.

But by allowing yourself to release the commitment – in other words, the understanding that the journey ends, the divine and the human are melding – by releasing that commitment, you have released a great weight, and a burden, and a responsibility on yourself. And now you can begin to simply live it, rather than to chase after it.

There will be dynamics in your life here that change. You think that the past few years have been filled with change. (laughter from the audience and Tobias chuckling) There are many more coming! But they are changes of fulfillment, changes of bringing you to a whole new level within yourself first, but then manifesting on the outside.

Stay very open to things. And – how to say, Quan Yin is asking us to say this – hear. Hear things. We are not just speaking here with your ears. But hear the soul of yourself, the soul of the people around you and all humanity. Quan Yin is a master at hearing the song of humans, of their hearts. And it will be very important for you to hear.

Now, if you find yourself struggling and trying to figure out how to hear, you are going in the wrong direction. To hear is simply embracing and opening up, feeling safe. Be in that safe platform and hear what is going on all around you. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you, Tobias.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): My dearest Tobias, first of all, thank you. In conversations with people that are interested in spiritual matters sometimes there comes up a question that I can’t answer. They ask me, “Why don’t you believe in the negative, bad, evil spirits, that people doing black magic rituals can harm and hurt us? If you believe that there is a good, loving, and positive energy, there has to be both.” As this question came up a few times already in the last few weeks, it made me think, as well as start to worry a little bit. As I’m pretty new in this classroom, could you please tell me how do I answer this question? I’m not so sure about this anymore.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is all just energy. How do you want to apply it? Do you want to apply it, as you say in duality, towards the dark side? Do you want to apply it towards the light? Either can be imbalanced.

There is imbalanced light, dear friends. Many of you have experienced it in your lifetime. It is that “sugary-cotton-candy” light that has no substance or strength of its own. It shatters even at the mention of dark.

There is imbalanced dark, of course, what you would call evil or negative. It all exists. It is existing in this room right now. There are negative and dark forces here, as well. But they don’t come to intrude or change because you are in a place of compassion. They come here now out of curiosity, wondering what's going on. They’re used to the sugarcoated light. And they like to try to scare it. But they don’t find that here. They find a very balanced thing that is just energy.

There is evil. There is dark. You’ve all played in it before. You’ve all had wonderful times. There is also the light. And you’ve had wonderful times there also. Right now, you are just energy. Simply explain it to them like that. They are still in duality, you see. They want to have opposing forces. From this safe platform there are no opposing forces. It simply is. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Tobias, my question actually stems from a statement that Geoff, the channeler, mentioned at the end of the workshop in Santa Fe recently. And he said that if you didn’t like your life, your journey, where you were, your contract, if you will – and I’m paraphrasing – you can change it, if you’d like, and just ask for it. So, my question is – how long does it take? How to ask… first of all, how to ask that question? Second of all, how long does it take to see, feel, and know it… and how to know what, when, and who to let go? And could you please give these in simple effortless terms? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed. There goes Cauldre, causing all this commotion (more laughter). In a sense, you've already given permission for the change to occur. But we see looking at your energy that you also have one foot on the brake while you have one on the gas. And this doesn’t always work so well, as you know, particularly on these roads tonight (referring to the snowy road conditions in Colorado at the present time).

It is about, again, the feeling that you are on a safe platform to allow the changes to come into your life, to get off the Old karmic cycles, to get out of the Old Energy. As we said earlier, it happens anyway. It will happen anyway because you have given permission.

To give a specific time frame on it would not be appropriate. But – how to say – if you talk to other Shaumbra who are in the room here, they will give you a pretty good idea of how long. It can go for several years to several decades. (some audience laughter)

But it can also be easier if you keep out the element of suffering, if you allow the changes to come very gracefully, very effortlessly into your life. The specifics of the who, what, when, where, and why are yet to be determined. Everything comes to you appropriately.

The best thing here is we say that you are trying to go into the mind. And we don't blame you. You are trying to look for specifics. You are trying to look for the highest potential path.

Simply make that choice for yourself, again, from the platform of the safe energy. Make that choice to go through these changes in a very loving and a very graceful way. Time is inconsequential in the whole thing, in a sense. It doesn't really matter. It's about how much conflict, how much suffering is in the past.

Shaumbra who are listening, who are here in the room today, will tell you that the time is not an important element. It's about how much struggling you go through, hanging onto Old things, things that become burdens, and things that become painful. I’m sure most Shaumbra who are a part of this Shoud today would say that if they had to do it all over again, they would let go much quicker, much easier. They would stop resisting.

But of course, you see that they didn't have… they didn't know what was going to happen. There were no others that went before them. So, they were blazing very new trails.

Thank you… but it will happen quicker than what you think. (some laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a man at the microphone): Hello, my old friend. I’d like to thank you for answering the questions about the New Earth that I wrote down – you must have been watching – and about death, yes. And I would like to be so bold as to speak for Shaumbra for a moment. Very passionately we thank you. And I want to know – we want to know – how are you doing? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Thank you. Quite fine! (more laughter) It was a delight to bring in Quan Yin today. We have been waiting for some time. And it was easy today bringing in all this energy because there were so many here in the studio audience, and some even listening online, that were part of our gathering the other day. So, the energy was very well-grounded – so much easier for I, Tobias, and the others to help bring in this safe energetic element.

We have been very busy on our side preparing for this time of 2007 in your September month on the 18th day. So, we have been very, very busy with that. I’ve not had so much time lately to be off in my cottage (some laughter, as Tobias refers to his “dream cottage” that he has described in the past). But I do find time to get together for discussion and laughter with St. Germain on a regular basis.

I am – how to say – I have made a commitment to work from this side of the veil as long as there are those in the first wave of Shaumbra who are still on Earth and still wanting the guidance and assistance.

But I am very much – very, very much – looking forward to coming back to Earth, to the Old Earth. I am very much looking forward to coming back to it because the landscape has changed and is changing drastically. So, I will come back to the Old Earth. But it will be quite a different place because of all of the work you have been doing. I long for that dearly.

It was a most difficult decision that – Cauldre is saying that I’m rambling (audience laughter), but you asked (more laughter) – it was a very difficult decision to leave Earth back in my last lifetime, shortly before Yeshua, when Archangel Michael came to me and asked if I would come back to the celestial realms and not return to Earth until this outstanding group of humans to be known as Shaumbra would do their work, would go through the cycles of many lifetimes in order to bring in New Energy, and build this place called the New Earth.

So, I have my own deep commitment to stay on this side. But oh, dear friends, how I would long to return to Earth, knowing what I know now! (more laughter) Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. Hi, everybody. I’m very thankful to be here. This is my first time, and it’s really wonderful. My question is regarding the sadness and the anger that I have due to my parents, and their situations, and their choices in their past in their life. And I just find myself struggling constantly with anger and sadness. And I find it manifesting itself in my life in inappropriate ways… sometimes, you know, within relationships with those I love, or whatnot.

And I also, I’m struggling with something that my mother told me, which was basically that she’s 53 years old, she’s very ill physically, and she’s waiting to die is what she told me. And you know, I find… I think she’s a wonderful person who has had a hard life, who has very many talents. And I’m just struggling with all of it basically. And I just maybe need some advice, or some understanding that I can’t seem to find in myself, or to have in myself, or it’s not coming out, or I’m not able to… you know what I mean?

TOBIAS: Indeed. The anger and the struggling that you are going through right now only appears to be as a result of the situation with your biological family. But we ask you to breathe deeply and to go to the inner levels for the real understanding of where the anger and the struggling come from. All who are here today – and listening in this room, or over the Internet – understand these elements and challenges of anger and struggling. It is coming because there has been an awakening process within you.

Now, you're coming to a point of anger and frustration, of questions about why you are here, questions about where you go from here, questions about why life has to be so difficult. It is your own anger, and frustration, and struggling. But you are seeing it exteriorized all around you. You are seeing it in your parents, your own questions about life, your own questions about where to go next. You are seeing it in your parents.

So, we ask you to look at the many different layers and levels here, to stand behind the short wall, and to see what’s going on within you, then to understand that you don’t have to go through a long and difficult process of awakening. Many Shaumbra have gone before you. And this portion of your journey can be without the deep struggling. We ask you to stand behind the short wall on this platform of safe energy and make a choice that you allow yourself to go through this whole awakening divine integration process without all of the deep wounds that seem to be a part of this.

We ask you to look at your parents in a whole new light. They are ones who came in to – how to say – be a type of teacher for you. In a sense, you could say they came here in service to you – as odd as that may sound right now – but they truly did come here to be of service to you. There is a very long story behind this, very long, and has to do with ancestral karma, and in a sense, you being selected to bring your own ancestry out of a very wicked karmic cycle. So, your parents came in to be of service to you.

Your own biological mother knows that it's coming to the time where you are coming into completion; therefore, her work, in a sense, is done. So, she manifests some type of imbalance in her body and says it's time to leave. Talk to her – not necessarily in words – but talk to her energetically. Talk to her soul to soul. Let her know that indeed you appreciate and honor the service that she has given for you.

But she does not need to leave Earth now, if she does not choose to. She can bring her body back into balance. She can actually go out and live her life for herself for the first time. Let her know that. Talk to her soul to soul and let her know that you are coming into this point of awakening, that you have the support of family here, known as Shaumbra. Let her know that she can now live fully.

And in these next few days, in particular, Quan Yin wants to let you know that she – you don't have to know who she is – she will come in and work with you. The energies of Quan Yin will work with you very closely to heal some things that we don’t want to discuss here, but some things that are personal within you. That is her gift to you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you very much.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

So, with that, Shaumbra, we bring to a close this energy. But we ask – Quan Yin asks one more time – let us all breathe in to truly ground this safe energy, an energy, a platform, that you can work from, from now on that is built on compassion – compassion for every human, and compassion for yourself – a safe platform of energy that is based on “four,” non-competing and non-conflicting energetic elements. Breathe in and ground this safe energy that, more than anything, Shaumbra, let’s you be everything that you are you. It is safe now for you to be who you are.

And so it is.