The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 5"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
December 13, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue with the loving and the warm energy of this day. We know we touched many of you during our talk, during the Shoud. We challenged many of you. We caused some of you to scratch your heads. You wonder how you can do this thing called total compassion when so much of you in the past has been on a mission, on a journey.

You’ve been warriors, coming into this lifetime. You had to take on that warrior energy in order to affect changes, but now you are dropping the suit of armor. You are releasing that warrior energy to be in a place of total compassion.

This place of compassion is not without feeling, and excitement, and joy. Some of you think that if you let go of all of these things that there will be nothing left. Oh, dear friends, you will find life takes on a whole different meaning when you have compassion – the compassion of God – and a New Energy passion comes into your life. You will discover that you are carrying so many Old burdens – burdens for the world, burdens for those you love, burdens for those who you don't even know – but you are carrying those burdens.

Now, when you come to the point of total compassion, does it mean that you lose your sensitivity, or your ability to care? Not at all! It literally takes it to a new level, a new level where you can understand the dynamics of what are truly involved in the situation, and then understand when and how to apply your energies.

This whole burden comes off of your shoulders. It will affect your body. Your body will feel better and lighter that you are not carrying so much around. So, all of these burdens come off. And you will find it – how to say – easier to think, easier to be aware. You will become more sensitive, not less, coming from a place of total compassion for everything, just like God who is in the room today in so many different ways has total compassion. This group of humans called Shaumbra is now being asked to rise to that level.

We would be delighted to answer your questions today and perhaps challenge you with a few of our own. (audience laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, I have been following the channelings for almost three years now. I’ve never had the nerve to submit a question. I have been working out for all my adult life to try and escape my father’s fate. Do you have any insight as to my recent health issues? Would I be better off at sea level?

TOBIAS: In a sense, you could say that you are carrying somewhat of an ancestral burden, something in the bloodline. But it does not have to affect you now. You have been very worried about it. And in a sense, that triggers the mechanisms within your body to begin this unbalanced process.

As we said earlier, your body knows how to rejuvenate itself and balance itself. Sit with Shaumbra. Sit with another Divine Human. Have them hold the space of compassion for you and create a potential in the New Energy, a potential that you can accept within your being for your body to come back in balance.

No, indeed, you are not limited at all by your bloodline, by your past – none of you are! You can accept it, if you choose, but you don't have to at this point. You can release it. Moving to a different altitude or different climate will have no significant bearing on this. It is about allowing your body to come back into balance. Don't struggle. Don’t force.

Some of you, we know, try to do this thing where you – how to say – force a visualization of a healthy body. That's a game you’re playing with yourself. Your body already knows how to do it. It will happen if you allow it. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, my plan was to quit my job and write spiritually oriented children's books. Now, suddenly my job is changing, and it’s probably going to become my dream job. So, everything is turned upside down. My question is about how we… how do we create our future? I gave intent, and I chose one future, but another potentially better future was being created on the side. How did I do this? And how is this connected to letting things come to us?

TOBIAS: Indeed, it is so important for Shaumbra right now to release all expectations and, in a sense, even desires or Old passions, you see. When you let go of the Old passions, the Old agendas and plans, the highest potential of realization can come into your life.

My dear, this is a temporary thing. It is something – how to say – with the change in your job situation that it will provide you with even a grander method or resource to eventually do expression work. You see expression now as writing these books, creating in this way. There is another, grander potential that is ready to come in. So, do not limit yourself.

What comes to you is appropriate. There is meaning and purpose behind it. Don't limit it with the human mind. We know this is difficult because then you wonder, “If I am a Creator, how am I truly creating this?” It is being created at a vibrational level within you, at an energy level within you, attracting the highest level of things. When you do stand behind the short wall in a place of compassion for yourself, you begin to see how the dynamics work. You can begin to see how your energy attracts other energies.

It is so important right now to release ALL of the expectations and Old passions to allow the grandest to come into your life. Sometimes the human plan that comes from the human mind is so limited compared to the potential that you really have. So limited. So, there are some things that will come into your life that seem – how to say – inconsistent with what the human agenda had hoped for and planned for.

Stay open because what you are really doing is drawing in a much higher level of realization. There are some in this room here that are smiling right now because they know after years of struggle exactly what we are speaking of. Stay very open and have great joy in what you do. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, would you care to talk to us a bit about Michael Jackson? He’s a celebrity who touches many hearts in one way or another, especially these days.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we…

LINDA: Oh – a second more – also one who openly expresses to be God. Feminine and masculine energies are seemingly a big issue, too. Please explain a bit more. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, there are those who come in who – how to say – in a sense, give themselves in sacrifice – in this particular case with this dear one known as Michael, who indeed does carry the Michael energy – to achieve a high status, a high profile in order to expose other problems because of their status. They expose things like child abuse, even though they weren't necessarily directly involved; wrongfully accused, you could say, in this case, in particular.

But this soul has agreed to do this to bring attention to a problem, to an abuse that is taking place. This one indeed is also celebrating life in his own way by integrating the masculine and feminine by allowing himself to express. He is very burdened right now with critical energy being directed his way. It has been directed at his way for quite a while. This is taking a toll on his health, on his own stamina. But he has many angels from our side, from the family of Michael, working with him.

This was his passion to come into the world to draw focus on imbalances. There is another one in your not so long ago history that came in to draw attention to the importance of DNA. So, dear friends, when you come from a place of compassion, you get out of judgment. You understand what is truly happening, how these dear souls are bringing enlightenment to Earth. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, it’s been a long time. My question is about relationships. What are they going to be looking like in this New Energy of experience and joy? And also, specifically, what are the potentials for me in this area?

TOBIAS: Indeed, we could write books about this. YOU could write books about relationships. They will be changing drastically. Old relationships were based on two entities coming together for fulfillment of each other, two halves coming together to form something more complete. They were based on a male and female archetypical energy having to meld together.

So many of you have gone through relationship breakups because it was no longer appropriate for you to play in that sandbox. So, you are in a time here for a bit of no relationship, truly waiting for a balanced partner to come in. Now, looking across the globe at all of humanity – how to say – there are not too many to choose from right now. (audience laughter) There has been a small number that have chosen to walk into this New Energy.

However, you don't have to limit yourself to that either. There are many dear and wonderful souls out there who will understand energetically that they are not here to fulfill you and you not for them.

The New Energy relationships will be based on total and implicit trust. Can you imagine total and implicit honor and compassion? It will be based on mutual respect, and encouraging each other to soar, even if it means that from time to time you need to be apart.

New Energy relationships will not have the certificate of marriage that you have seen in the past that energetically and legally bind the people. They will be based on a day-to-day, on true love and true honoring.

New Energy relationships will be based on experiencing a whole new type of sex, one that is fulfilling and gratifying for both, one that is a sharing of energies rather than a robbing of energies. New Energy relationships will be – how to say – take place physically, but the two will be connected energetically in a whole New way.

In the New unions of two people – whether it is male and female, female-female, or male and male – this will bring in a whole different type of angel runner energy into their relationship. Because they are working so closely together, it allows more of us on our side to facilitate what their New Energy passion is.

For yourself, stop looking. No more journey here. Understand that it is about developing of a relationship with yourself first. That is the most holy and sacred thing – developing the compassion within you. And then stay open to the probabilities and the possibilities – how to say this – it might be someone quite a bit younger that comes into your life (audience laughter) because they carry a different set of – how to say – energy attributes that would be more compatible to where you are at. So, keep your eyes wide open here.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, would you mind discussing this season’s flu and why it is hitting children so hard? Also, would you speak about the pandemic that flu experts are expecting?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, this flu, in a sense, is designed as a cleansing or clearing process. The flues run through your population to help release Old Energies. When you are down with the flu, you are releasing so much within you. You are allowing your body to go through a cycle that is needed.

Some of you try to fight the flu. You think it is a sign of weakness to have flues and colds. Dear friends, this is one of the fastest and best ways to purge things out of your body and your mind. So, don't – how to say – give yourself a hard time if you have this.

Because of all the energy changes that are taking place on Earth right now, you are going to see much more of the flu and cold symptoms. You will see strains that are immune to the current vaccinations that are being offered. This will intensify. Yes, there are some young ones and some old ones that will lose their life because of this. But again, have compassion for the journey they have chosen.

When your body – if your body – becomes influenced or infected by this, have compassion for yourself. Stop trying to deny. Stop trying to say, “Oh, you’re just feeling a little down today.” Allow your body to go through the process. Again, it understands how to rebalance itself.

Also understand you will come to a point where you simply do not need this type of energy clearing anymore. As you are in the New Energy, you will find other ways to release things that no longer serve you. You will be able to do it through exercise.

You will also find out – how to say this; Cauldre would like us to move on (some laughter), but the point to make here – you will find it through your digestive and your bowel systems that you will be able to clean very quickly, very quickly. And you will not have to take on diseases or flues. Your own digestive tract and displacement system are designed to release Old Energy. So, listen to your body. It needs certain types of fibrous materials at times to facilitate the clearing.

But in a direct answer to the question, these flues and colds will become more intense over these next three or four years.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. I think you have probably been working on this, but do you think you're ever going to be able to talk Geoff into opening his eyes, so that he can walk among us during the Shoud? And also, what would you like to ask me?

TOBIAS: Cauldre and I spoke about that recently on this long airplane ride. I do love airplanes! (some laughter) If I were in human form now, I would probably be a pilot. I love flying. And a good time to talk to Cauldre because he is trapped. (more laughter)

And it’s funny that you asked this question because I asked the very question to him, “When will you open your eyes? When will you allow us to walk around?” I think we will have to work with him. We’ll practice on the side with him. But that day is coming soon. He knows. We know.

And what we would like to ask you is, standing here in the Now moment, what is the greatest gift you would give yourself?

SHAUMBRA 6: I think to love myself more.

TOBIAS: That is a good gift to give. So, so be it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): There have been many changes for me since the New Energy conference. I am getting divorced, and I’d like to know how I can do this with New Energy awareness, come out with my integrity intact, and not lose everything. Thank you. (some audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed, the first thing to do would be to release all expectations and agendas from this issue, to have total compassion for the one who you partnered with and to understand that it is time. You will see each other again on our side. You may even have adventures together here, or back there on Earth. But the parting is only temporary for any of you.

Energetically understand that you can release all of the bonds that you have between you. And you can let those go. And understand that as you do don't hold this energy here that you are going to lose your shirt, because then that certainly will happen. Let that go and understand that in your own New Energy, in your own life that you will be creating, that you will bring in much more abundance than what is currently there together for you. So, don’t let that be an issue at all.

Simply release in love and have total compassion for this one. The wounds will heal very quickly for them. We thank you, and we understand that you gave yourself permission to be on quite a process here. And we see that it will be settling down for you soon. Cauldre says, “Define soon.” We say in the March/April timeframe it will settle down quite a bit. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Tobias, I want to thank you very much for being in my life and for reintroducing me to chocolate. (some laughter) For the longest time I was playing the game that I thought my body couldn’t handle it. And now that I have re-experienced it, I find it is a wonderful experience. I don’t really have a question as much as I just wanted to share that this year I've received a tremendous amount of inspiration as to where I want to go. I recognize it as my human plan. And I’m taking steps… I’m writing a book… and have a vision of doing seminars… and so on. And yet externally I'm at this point in time staying with my parents, helping them with some health issues. And I’m doing my best to be compassionate towards them, accepting them, honoring them. There are times, however, when the energy, the Old Energy of their environment, is stifling to me. And so what I’m really asking or looking for is a broader perspective. I have this big vision, yet externally I’m in a certain situation. And I just want to get perhaps a bigger perspective from you as to what’s really going on.

TOBIAS: Indeed, there are many levels here, many issues contained here. One is about this issue of passion, expectations, desires. It is truly about following those things you want to do, but staying open to other things that come in. Sometimes when you – all of you, Shaumbra – wear blinders, you cannot see other potentials that move in.

Indeed, you are finding it very important and joyful to be in a place of expression, whether it is through books or workshops, whether it is through simply guiding groups – guiding and hosting groups in the work that they do – and other ways of expression that might come to you. Indeed, all of this is being stifled, in a way, because of your choice here to be available to those who you love, to be their caretakers.

How to say – it is totally your choice how to deal with that energy that you are in. You can be there and providing care and love for them without taking on their burdens. And that is difficult to do. You are right in the heat of things. You are right there where they find it very easy energetically to have you carry much of the burden. But understand that having total compassion and love does not mean you need to carry these problems.

While you are still involved in this situation with them, it will be important for you to have time by yourself, which you do not have nearly enough of… time away – how to say – on vacation where others come to fill in for you. If you simply allow that, this resource will become available. But you do need that time for yourself.

In a sense, you are using the situation with your own parents as a way to – how to say – not fully have to face your own creation abilities. As you allow the changes to take place, you will find your environment with your loved ones will also change very quickly. We – how to say – we’re a bit cryptic here, but intentionally. With your own work allow all of your energies to be with it.

The simple example you gave of the chocolate is so very telling for all of yourselves. We joke about the chocolate, not only because it tastes good, but also because there is a sweetness to it. Humans, Shaumbra in particular, have an aversion to bringing sweetness into their lives. They think that they can't because they’ll get fat. They won't be acceptable anymore. They can't because it will cause an imbalance in their sugar. We keep promoting it here because we are saying, “Bring sweetness into your life.”

So, there is a metaphor in here for you in your own life as well. You have allowed yourself to bring the chocolate in. Now, allow the sweetness to come into all parts of your life. You will find that there will be very significant changes. And before Cauldre asks us what soon means (some laughter), we will define it at the point of midsummer coming up. You will see significant changes in your total environment and even in your passion. This is something that you have set, not that we have set.

So, we honor you and understand that there are so many energies associated with your name that are also with you. It would be good to read more of our dear friend, the apostle Paul, for you to understand why you have chosen that name.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I seem to be connecting with a lot of anger and/or sadness lately which do not seem to have a point of reference in my life. But it’s easily released, as if it’s passing through me. Is this just my own residual energy, or is it the energy of others around just passing through?

TOBIAS: It is indeed both. And as you develop this whole attribute of compassion, you’ll begin to understand what's yours and what's theirs. It is some anger issues that are passing through you. But you also – being quite an empath – feel it all the time from others. But you have learned to allow it to flow through. You have learned to be aware of it, to understand the energetic implications, but then let it flow through without owning it. Thank you.

LINDA: Last question, should you so choose.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, what would you like to ask me?

TOBIAS: What is the most important thing in your life right?

SHAUMBRA 10: Storytelling.

TOBIAS: And why?

SHAUMBRA 10: I love doing it.

TOBIAS: And how do you see this – how to say – fulfilling your own passion?

SHAUMBRA 10: I’m not certain. I’m very fuzzy about that right now. I’ve been questioning whether or not I need to stay doing what I’m doing or move onto a bigger pond, if you will.

TOBIAS: What would you like to do right now?

SHAUMBRA 10: (laughing) I’d like a good night’s sleep!

TOBIAS: Indeed, and so would Linda and Cauldre. (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 10: No, I want a sense of home. I feel like a wanderer. And I would like to be able to put down roots in Denver. But I feel pulled. I feel pulled towards Los Angeles. I feel pulled towards Australia. I feel pulled towards other places where I can tell deeper stories of the human spirit that will reach a larger audience. Right now, I’m telling potato chip stories.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and it is through stories that consciousness is changed. It is through stories that this potential of the New Energy is brought to people. And it is such a dynamic way. How to say – stories have more impact than just talk.

You feel yourself pulled in so many different ways because there are so many different things, there are so many different areas calling you. Your passion, your joy, what you feel is important, is this telling of stories, weaving in, a weaving in your wisdom, weaving in the wisdom of Shaumbra.

So, splurge. (Shaumbra 10 laughing, some audience laughter with her) So, tell stories here at the Crimson Circle. Tell them online. Tell them in the books. Open up to it. You are feeling pulled from things within yourself, not from us. These are callings that you are having to truly allow yourself to do this New Energy work. We thank you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

With that, dear friends, we would carry on forever and ever, but Cauldre's throat is going quite raw. So, we will bring the energy of this day together here, an energy you can come back to anytime. It does not go away. You can revisit it during this holiday season in the months, even in the years ahead.

You can read this channel. You can listen to it and get the same energy back. You can simply allow yourself to be back here in this space and get the energy; the energy of the day where God came in as the guest.

Indeed, Cauldre asks us why Yeshua didn’t come into today, being so close to his birthday. First of all, it is not close to his birthday (some laughter) – quite an artificial date – and secondly, he had a previous engagement with the church. (more laughter) They like calling him in at this time of the year. Indeed, we are teasing here, cosmic humor. So many of you felt today the energy of Yeshua was here.

You can come back to this energy at any time, back to this space, back to this day where we spoke of the New passion that comes in balanced with your total compassion, being in a place of total compassion, releasing all of those old burdens that you carry for the rest of the world. The most effective doctor or nurse or healer, facilitator, guide, or teacher is the one that is totally compassionate. Which would you choose – the healer, the facilitator of total compassion, or the one who still has their own agenda, trying to heal in their way, rather than the New Energy way?

Dear friends, we love you all so dearly.

And so it is.