The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 4"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
November 1, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we have released much energy on this day, energies that have been very deep, deep within you, very deep within humanity in general, even deep within us. And you have been building up a momentum for quite some time to do this releasing, and with the help of Raphael, to move beyond this, to let it go.

This whole concept of the Star of David – of the two triangles separated, but yet with some overlap on them – represents one of the very core wounds that is carried. It is also interesting that some of you have already figured it out. It is also interesting that this is the symbol for the “Children of Israel,” for the land where I came from. So, could you imagine now a week from today, can you imagine the potential for healing in this land, for healing of the Jewish race?

You know, they have called upon so many others – the Palestinians, the Jordanians, Syrians, all of the rest in this area – to help them act out, to help them – how to say – go through some of their old, old ancient karmas from long before any of you ever came to Earth. And they put it right there in front of the world to see – the separation, the symbol of separation, the symbol of the wound – they put it there. It is a time for them also to heal. Because of my many lifetimes with this spiritual family of Israel, I will be working in this next week of time to facilitate a healing process.

But for those Shaumbras who are in this land of Israel and any of the neighbors surrounding that land, it is a time for the realization that this can be healed. It is a time to bring back together the Star of David, which originally was the shape of a diamond – four points – to bring these back together in this New Energy of four. It is time to bring this together for all of you here – even in your own lives – to provide the melding of these two pieces back together, as we spoke of – the male, the female, the light, the dark, the divine, the human – to bring these all back together.

One of the things that you will see occurring in your life soon thereafter is a constant reminder of the diamond. Yes, some of you like this very much! (some audience laughter) Just as you have seen sequences of numbers over these past few years – the 11:11, 12:12, and all of these other numbers – you will start to see a whole pattern of the diamond come in. The diamond, so precious, so clear. The diamond, so strong on its own but all integrated. All integrated. You will see this symbol of diamond come to you over and over, whether it is in a sign in the ad, in little things in your life, a constant reminder of the melding together of all of the pieces.

This also opens the doorway, a wonderful energetic doorway, for what you would call the “clear children,” what we like to call the “diamond children.” They come in integrated. They come in with the union of male and female, with the union of divine and human. You will begin to see this, particularly after next week, if the awarenesses of Shaumbra, the awarenesses of humans all over the world take this wonderful opportunity. You see, you created the opportunity. But now what will you do with it?

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (a woman at the microphone): Yes, Tobias, I would like to ask two questions again. The first one being – as I told you, I’m on a 7th floor building. I find myself now standing on the roof at the full moon chanting something from my solar plexus in a male voice with my arms up. And I would really like to understand this. Also, I brought up in the last channeling a little autistic boy who has now moved out of our building. Is there any future for me or for this child, being in this child’s life in any way?

TOBIAS: This standing on the roof and barking at the moon (audience laughter) and the chanting that you do, this is your intuitive nature, your feminine nature asking the male to rejoin. It is quite simple, especially at the full moon, where the energies and the balances of the male and female are so strong. There is all this lore about – how to say – the energies of full moons and what it brings out. But it brings out the strongest dance of male and female. So, you raise your hands in acceptance. You chant in the male tones, in the male language, to allow this into your being. It is wonderful. You are honored for it. Some of your neighbors think you are a bit peculiar (some laughter), but we understand.

As far as your dear friend – how to say – you are trying to figure it out. The best thing is to understand that there is a very wonderful natural process. Be open to it. But do not try to figure it out or force it. It is in your life for a reason, this dear one. And even though your path might separate for a bit of time, there is an energy that was established between the two of you, an energy that was based on a great love, a great trust in each other. And even if the physical is not there, the spirit is. So, be open to it. Embrace it, and accept it, like you are also embracing and accepting your male energy. And within that, there is a wonderful clue for you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Hey, Tobias, how are you? Anything I can do to help out, just let me know, I’m all ears. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: You are helping out, all of you; you and all of Shaumbra. We get teary on our side of the veil when we look at you, when we see the incredible work you are doing, when we see that you don't yet understand who you are. You won't allow yourself to see who you are – the ones who are the grandest, grandest of angels in the universe, the ones who helped create the code of the Order of the Arc and then put the key in your own pocket and came to Earth, all the time thinking, knowing, while you were creating the code of the Arc, thinking that there were the others that were wanting to come through.

But when the time came, you knew the journey would be too difficult. You knew that you would, in a sense, sacrifice yourselves and come to Earth. You told the others who truly volunteered, “Allow us to go first. Allow us to blaze the trail. Allow us to go through the difficulties, the true feelings of separation, not only from Spirit, but from spiritual family.” All the time this code of the Arc that was being created, others thought they would be first. But you knew you were going to go first in service to all.

So, what are you doing? You are doing something phenomenal for all of the universe, for Spirit. And we have to add this point. Dear Shaumbra, you already know this, but all of this is going to happen anyway. It truly is. The ascension, which you are already in, the movement into the New Energy – the New Energy coming into your life, the divine integrating with human – it will all happen. There is no doubt about it.

It’s not something you have to manipulate or make happen. It’s nothing that you have to do specific ceremonies or practices to make it happen. You don't have to force it. It is such a sacred and blessed thing. It wants to come into your life. Sometimes it has to sit in the background, waiting for you to get through all of your human plans so that the divine can come in. Can you meld the human and the divine plan right now, so that it just happens? Because it's going to anyway, it is just a matter of how difficult you make it on yourself. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you, Tobias. My question is in honor of the Now moment. Would you speak to us on courage?

TOBIAS: I don’t have to speak to you on courage at all, at all. The energy in your words alone spoke volumes of courage. Everyone who is listening, who is here; everyone who is reading this, it takes courage to do this. It takes courage to be here. It takes courage to ask a question of courage.

There are tremendous angelic energies here on our side that support what you would call courage, which is really truly understanding, which is truly allowing yourself to tap in at the deepest, and highest, and widest levels about your journey. Sometimes you don't understand why. But you summon up this thing called courage, and it allows you to go to the depths of understanding.

Understanding eliminates all the fear. Understanding gives you the strength. Breathing brings all of this in, by the way, as you know. The courage is simply allowing yourself to tap into the real reason why you are here. Perhaps, you won't know the words in your head. Perhaps, you won't be able to – how to say – construct it so that your mind is satisfied. But there is another part of you that says, “I know why I must go on.”

Now, we brought up an interesting – how to say – dilemma for all of you today. The journey ends here. The journey ends here. No more reason to think that you have to trot off down the road, creating these human plan lessons that you had. No more reason to carry those burdens on your shoulder. The journey ends here.

So, now what? Now, what do you do? We are not going to answer that right now. We want you to absorb this. We want you to feel this over the next six weeks of time. We will return to talk about it. But the journey ends now. Now what? Now what? Interesting discussion for your bulletin board on your website.

Thank you for the courage to ask this question, for it was one that so many Shaumbra had.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias has said that the Seven Seals relate to the seven chakras. Could you explain more about that? For instance, how does the 5th Seal of Suffering relate to the 5th chakra, the throat… or does it? Thanks.

TOBIAS: We refer to our last Shoud that we did together – stop trying to figure it out! (some laughter) We know that you want details. We know you want all of these things, these mental things, because they make you feel more comfortable, and it gives you a bit more trust.

We don’t want to get into a large discussion of the chakras because we said a number of years ago that your chakras truly have melded into one. They have joined together again, so there is not the separation. There are still energetic attributes that – how to say – are still there. But we want you to bring all of this together in unison.

We – how to say – answered the question in the Shoud about the Seven Seals. Specifically, during the middle of that Shoud there was a question that came telepathically from someone listening in online that wondered out loud to us, “Do these relate to the chakras?” So, we answered, “Yes, they do.” But you don't have to draw maps and diagrams of how all of these work together.

Allow the seals to be opened so that there are no longer Seven Seals. There is now the unity of all of these together with the understanding of Self, the understanding of the transformation, and the final coming to know that you are God also. Allow your seven chakras of your body to come together in unison as one chakra. As one chakra.

You segment your body. Once again, you get these little colors and lights spinning inside your body and we have to shake our heads. We have to slap our foreheads, yes, because you don't truly understand why you are spinning chakras. You read it somewhere, and they say, “Now we are going to spin the fourth chakra.” You’re just spinning up a lot of stuff within you at the same time.

Understand now that these have melded into one, that your body becomes male and female, that you become male and female, light and dark. Allow all of these to meld together. And – how to say – you don't have to go into great intellectual understanding. More than anything the answer will come to you, to your very question. It will come to you, and you will have an “ah” understanding of how all of this worked. It doesn't come through the intellect but comes through your divine sense. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. Could you comment on Dr. Eric Pearl’s work, “The Reconnection” (the title of one of Dr. Pearl’s books), and “reconnective healing,” and the twelve strands of DNA? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and – how to say – we, the Crimson Council work closely with this one that you call Dr. Eric Pearl. Such an interesting background he has, such interesting work he has chosen for himself. He has, in essence, come in for a very specific reason – to simplify a divine process. In previous lifetimes, and when he was back on our side here, he saw that there was a need to let go of all of these very tedious ways of facilitating, of allowing a healing process within a healing space.

So, he came in with something very simple. The challenge for him has been that it is so simple most people don't believe it's real. They want to have elaborate ceremony. They want to have to study volumes.

Healing is so simple. If there is one party who chooses it, and another party who helps facilitate the energy, it can happen. It is no longer a miracle. It is New Energy medicine happening instantaneously between two people.

Now, he also understands that those who practice this technique of “reconnection” need to understand they are just a facilitator of the process. They have to recognize they are not healers. There are no healers. There are facilitators, and there are those who choose to be healed.

But we work very closely with those energies. And we see – how to say – these two – the Crimson Circle and the work of Dr. Pearl – coming back together again in the very near time. Thank you. Very effective work also.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Geoff. Thank you, Tobias. My question has to do with the Harmonic [Concordance] in the sense that I have a granddaughter that’s going to be 4 on that day. And I can see… I’m awestruck at the fact that her birthday is the same date as this. And I’m wondering how this is going to affect children of that age, the real young children, and what it does for that child in a family. You spoke of tremendous healing. Is that something the child is going to facilitate within the family? What are the implications of this particular day being on a child’s birthday?

TOBIAS: The implications of this and the potential of this energy are available to everyone – children, adults, the elderly. It is how they utilize it. It is where they are at on their journey depending how they want to use it.

Now, it's – how to say – it should be interesting that this dear one you speak of, it is the fourth birthday, which allows this one to set up such tremendous opportunity for themselves to use this potential energy. There is nothing specifically that you need to do here, other than to – how to say – have joy with this dear one on this day. You don't need to preach or draw diagrams but say, “This is a day to release everything that no longer serves. This is a day to realize that God loves us so dearly, has so much compassion, smiles at everything we do, loves us no matter what.” That will set up – how to say – a whole sequence of events that will be understood at the inner levels.

It is a potential that comes a week from today. And it is up to all of the individuals how they choose to use it. We already know there are millions worldwide who are aware of the event, and at one level or another, aware of the potential of the event for transformation.

There are some who have gotten off-track a bit with the true understanding of the potential. They have been going too intellectual and trying to make this more complex than it really is. It is the healing. It is the bringing back together of the Star of David, the original separation. It is that simple. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I don’t understand why nobody is appearing at my door when so many need help. Doubts are appearing in all areas of my life, and I’ve lost the point of it all. I never seem to finish what I started. And one relationship is dominating my life. Any insights, please? Thank you.

TOBIAS: This is a good time to take a deep breath (some laughter) and understand that at times when nothing is appearing at your front door it is because things are being transformed on the inside. It is not appropriate to have the knocking at the front door when you are trying to sleep… if you understand what we are saying. You have given yourself a time here for inner work, and nothing will appear at the front door until you are truly ready.

One of the issues you have is your own balance of male and female. You have a dominating relationship. Why have you created that? How do you take responsibility for it? Why is that such an issue for you right now, and how is it keeping others from coming to you for your human and divine guidance? Take a look at these issues, and – how to say – stop having such anxiety and expectation about what comes to your front door. Even if nothing is there, something is there. Remember that.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Hello, Tobias. I have so many questions I don’t know what to ask… about people… about everything. So, I’ll just ask one question on behalf of everyone here… and Linda (some laughter, as the questioner is referring to Linda’s frequent request that each person ask only one question to give more questioners the opportunity). I just want to know from your perspective how you feel about my experience, and if you could touch on some points that will help me to move through a lot of the stuff I’m dealing with right now so that I can best serve Shaumbra, humanity, and the universe.

TOBIAS: Understand that you already are serving. And this is a good point for everyone here, thank you. You already are serving. Sometimes you wonder what your passion should be. You wonder what you should be doing. You already are doing it. It is interesting that when you come to that point of wondering what your passion is, this is the greatest time for clearing. You see, there are what we would call artificial passions. Divine passions, which are real; artificial passions, which are part of the human plan.

You already are serving. You already are doing the work. It is a matter of integrating that. It is a matter of slowing down. It is a matter of allowing everything to come to you appropriately without the expectation, as we just talked about. It is a matter of understanding that you don't have to get complex with your energetic techniques.

You – and you already know this – obviously know that you have done much – what you would call – vibrational work, energy work in the past, in previous lifetimes. You are very adept at it. But now you are struggling with it for several reasons. One is you don't want yourself to get back into some of the Old patterns and Old ways of doing things. You don't want to use vibrational energy for your work. You’re allowing the opportunity to come forth now to do an “expansional” energy work. And so you have been struggling with some of this. You’ve been wanting to resort to Old techniques, but yet knowing it was not appropriate.

So, it is about being in the Now moment. It is about allowing your next level of passion to come into you. But you have to do it without expectation.

You already are in service. All of you are. Can you accept that?

And we thank you. And we know you have many questions. We know you call us up all the time (audience laughter). All the time! And we are a more than delighted to work with you. We spend quite a bit of time with you at night. You have so much curiosity. You are filled with all of these things.

But we will remind you of something we have been telling you now for several years. The answer to your own question is already within. And we know you try to sneak around that, getting us to answer. We will state that for you again – you already have the answers. Allow those to come out. It is much better than any answer I, Tobias, could give. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, when I see Yeshua nailed to the cross, I see his last attempt to be heard. I feel that he wanted us to see that death is an illusion and to release our fears. Maybe instead of taking Jesus off the cross we need to change our emotion attached to it from negative to positive, or a merging of the two. Do you feel we are unable to change our emotions attached to this Old Energy symbol to reflect the meaning behind Yeshua’s last attempt to be heard?

TOBIAS: It was actually the – what he calls – the ascension that was his last attempt to be heard. (audience laughter) It was not being seen nailed to a cross. That was more of a human plan. His last attempt to be heard was to appear before others after his physical death, to say that death is an illusion, to say that the soul continues on and to say that suffering is no longer needed on Earth. So, those were his very last impressions.

It is very difficult for any human to look at this crucifix and to see anything that is joyful, anything that is happy, anything that is fulfilling, anything that would cause them to want to continue on their own spiritual path. It is like a large – how to say – skull and crossbones, standing over the divine symbol – the intersection of the human and the divine – that says, “Anyone who dares cross this will certainly encounter all of the wrath of darkness.” So, we say to focus the attention on the resurrection, which is the completion. But the resurrection is saying, “There is no death, and I will come back.” Thank you.

LINDA: Last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): I just want to thank you for the clarity that you’ve brought to us today. And I wanted to ask if you are familiar with a system called the “harmonic wave,” which has a tendency to use vibrations to clear specific illnesses within the body. And I'm wondering if you see a future for that, or if… or exactly what you see about it. I don’t know a lot about it.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The thing that you refer to here, the “harmonic wave” – how to say – uses Old Energy vibrations. It is somewhat effective, but the principles need to be brought into the New Energy. There are some who are literally trying to re-create these waves and/or other waves that use mechanical devices. Now, Shaumbra, does that not even make sense that you’re going to use mechanical vibrational devices for any sort of rebalancing, or magnetic devices, or any of these other things?

First of all they’re based in Old Energy vibration. Secondly, these machines cannot be tuned enough at this time to truly produce the type of waves that are needed. And more than anything, even the ones that are somewhat effective are pale in comparison to the type of work that can be done human-to-human using the New Energy, even in these techniques of Dr. Pearl’s, the “reconnective techniques” that bring in the grandest of all energies into the facilitation process.

So, sometimes we know that you get fascinated with techniques and machines and vitamins and all of these other things. Some of them have wonderful capabilities. But understand it pales in comparison to what all of you can do yourself.

We are challenging this group. We are challenging Shaumbra all over the world to move to the next level, to bring in the true potent energies, the divine energies. And when you allow these divine energies to meet with the human, this is where the real transformation can take place.

So, with that, dear friends, it has been indeed an interesting day, a wonderful day.

We would have all of you – but particularly dear Linda – understand that we would not allow anything to happen to Cauldre, that there is such a web of a wonderful type of balancing and protection that comes from you, that comes from us. Sometimes the energies are difficult, but – how to say – he recovers quickly. We would not let him – how to say – throw up in front of an audience, for he might find that humiliating. We do honor and respect the human wishes. As much as anything, he is connected to you, dear Linda, and he relies on that connection to help bring him back. So, no harm will come with this.

(The above from Tobias refers to comments that Cauldre made just before beginning this Q & A session. Cauldre had reported to the audience that he had felt quite a bit of stomach upset following the channel because of all of the energy being released by everyone during the channel.)

Dear friends, in these six weeks to follow until our next gathering, truly allow the human plan and the divine plan to meld together. Be aware within yourself of what your human plan has been. And it’s not always what you think. The human plan was to have as little as possible. The human plan was to give yourself only the bare minimum. It was the divine plan that wanted the abundance.

So, be aware of sometimes even the contradictions, of what you would think are contradictions in the various plans. Look at how your own human plan has sculpted your life, and how the divine plan has wanted to come in, but not been able to.

Understand now, particularly a week from today, it is the potential for the reuniting of the energies, for the Star of David to come back together. Understand it is time also to meld the human plan and the divine. Allow these two plans to be a single plan of the divine human on Earth.

We love you dearly. And indeed, we admire your courage.

And so it is.