The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 3"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
October 4, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that there is so much happening here right now in your lives, so much happening in the world around you. Don't be thrown off balance by things you read in your papers or hear on your televisions. It is all part of this process – this moving towards the time when the golden doors open, some four years from now. It is the realization of New Energy, the realization of human and Spirit melded together in this time of a quantum leap in consciousness that will affect all of humanity.

As we said before, it is not what happens on that date. It is the potential of what happens after that date. Things are moving from a vibrational energy where energies work off of each other to create a vibration that creates your reality. This will change little by little, little by little. It won't change overnight. The New Energy dynamic will be integrated into your reality. It is an energy that currently exists in the space between the space of your particles… it sits there in a neutral state. Scientists can’t see it. They know something is there. They can’t see it because they're looking with Old Energy eyes.

After this golden door is opened, as you enter in this whole New era, you will know it’s there. You will begin working with it on a consciousness level. Some of you already are in what you would call more of the experimental levels. Soon enough, scientists will begin to see it and then begin to understand how they can apply it, perhaps not how it works, but how to apply it.

As we said before, instead of energetic forces opposing each other to create vibration and therefore reality, it will be that neutral energy is activated and expands/contracts all at the same time. That will create the New reality.

It is difficult to say how fast this will happen after this date of September 18, 2007. But it will bring amazing changes in technologies and medicines, and the healing arts. You will have access to whole types of new capabilities in the work you do with others.

It will change the way energy is used here on Earth. Right now, energy is based so much on old fossil fuels – Old Energy – that are burned in order to give you mobility, to give you electronics, to give you any of the things that you use energy for. That will change too. It will take a while. You will see it in your lifetime. You will see the changes begin.

You’ll understand what is happening because of this Shoud. We have voiced back to you what is in your reality. We have spoken in one voice and many voices of Shaumbra all over the world.

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTIONS FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Tobias, what are the Mennonites supposed to do with the information that was channeled to them in the early 1900’s by an entity known as John Kaufman? The energy of that channeling seems to be an old archetypal energy and many of its adherents seem to be stuck in it. What’s your view?

TOBIAS: You could say that channelers – any channeler – delivers a message for that Now moment. What was given to the group of Mennonites was, in a sense, channeled. It was meant for that group and it was meant for that time.

You already know what happens if you hang onto the Old. You get stuck in it. You don't know how to get back out. That information should be honored for the time at which it was given.

Now the challenge will be – can this group of Mennonites, can this family move to a new level? Will there be someone in that group – hint, hint – who steps out (some laughter), who channels new information, perhaps doesn't call it a channel? Call it divine inspiration. Most humans love that. Call it a message from the heavens. Bring in the New information that is important for your group now.

They are looking to you for leadership. In your own gentle and wise way, ask them to let go of everything that they thought they were. Ask them to love and trust God so much that they could be guided to a New way. Ask that they open their hearts to the love of Spirit without the fear of the devil, so that this whole group could be transformed.

It can be done in a very short time. There are tremendous loving energies here. But they are so locked up or surrounded by Old rituals and Old rules. They are looking to a leader who is fearless, who is bold, who is willing to state what is on his mind.

Ask them to honor the Old information, but to let it go, for it was given for that time and that group. Even the information that is given here in the Shouds for this group of Shaumbra. It is about this Now period that we live in together. We are not saying that this is the way it has to be from now on. We have even said that our message will change because you are changing.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Dear Tobias, I first want to say thank you, and I am in deep honor of the work that you and all do on the other side to assist us Shaumbra in remembering. Last time after the channel I posed a question, and you answered it, but Cauldre said he wished it had been asked. And that was whether John Paul II was part of the Crimson Council. And then you also said – and I’ve seen a little bit of information on it – that God is very child-like. And I’m not resonating with that somehow. So, if you can touch base on those. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, John Paul II is not – how to say – does not work directly with the energies of the Crimson Council, although our energies work back and forth. But you would not say it is of the same family or Order. But there is a very close connection to the two. He plans to come and visit more often to sit even in the Second and Third circles of our gatherings. He is quite amazed at the work that is being done here by a small but very – in his words – a very advanced group of spiritual teachers and spiritual leaders.

We bring up this metaphor of God as a child to help shift Shaumbra off of thinking that God is the Father or some type of parent figure who is dictating rules, who is wanting you to worship and to serve, who is wanting you to be in compliance with certain celestial regulations. For this is not the way it is.

While it may be uncomfortable for some, we ask you to think of God as a playful child, who simply wants to go come and experience and to learn and to feel and sense and love unconditionally. These are attributes of the child.

Some of you still have a tendency to want some type of heavenly order from above. You want to know that everything is in a certain order on our side of the veil. You want to know that there is a control system that is in place that makes everything at your level on Earth then safe.

We have to tell you that this type of order that you are thinking about is not there because you are dealing with an Old Energy understanding of this. You are dealing with a very parental type of understanding of order.

Everything on our side of the veil – and indeed on yours – is in a divine order. There are no right and wrong turns, ultimately no good and bad. As we said before, even these alien agendas that were implanted in some of the angels who came to Earth, even we knew about those as part of the order, part of the learning and the understanding, part of the whole process. You don't need the type of Old parental energies that you have had before.

Spirit is a child. And the child is just fine. The child comes in perfect in its own right. A child simply wants to feel and express, create, and know.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: Dear Tobias, what is the pink? And what is its potential?

TOBIAS: This is an energetic attribute that can be utilized by you, in particular, who is asking the question. It has to do with a type of support system that you have from the angelic side. It is an energy that you can use in your reality now. However, we’d have to say, don't get too caught up with this, because it is limited in its own way. There are energies that are much broader and more encompassing. It is simply part of a support system for you. But there are also many other things here.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Hi, Tobias, something’s been going with me lately where I have this richness in most of my experiences now. And I have this texture that’s brought to them. For instance, the other day I was having lunch with my best friend, and we were sitting there, and we were just laughing out loud in this little restaurant called The Cottage. And everybody started joining in in the restaurant. And it was just so much fun. And it was so rich. And it was just like this awareness was just expanded out all over the place. And then like that (snapping her finger), I was sad. And the tears… I mean it’s just like… it’s just so different, yet it’s so ordinary, too. Can you speak to this?

TOBIAS: Indeed, we spoke of it a bit when we were talking about your dreams now and in the past several months. For all of you the dreams are beginning to take on a whole different dimension. Cauldre personally had an experience with this where the dream was so full, and it was no longer – how to say – it would make three-dimensional, even four-dimensional look so flat.

This is part of the New perception, the New awareness, as your divinity comes in within you. All of you will begin to experience this, first a bit at a time, and then more and more. Everything will have more depth. “Rich” is a good word. “Full” is a word, but in ways that you cannot even define so well.

Up until now, reality has been created by the resistance of elements or the vibration of elements. In a sense, it is not so deep. The new richness is the New Energy, and it moves in every direction. Everything is so much more full.

And you see, you’re all trying to imagine how things will be. But you’re trying to imagine in an Old Energy mind. And now, my dear, you are beginning to experience.

It sends out waves of energy and literally allows the energies to – how to say – recreate themselves, but bigger and broader way. It affects everybody, everybody around you.

The sadness comes in when you realize that it was temporary, that you do shift back into the Old Energy way. The sadness comes in too when you realize that that was the energy of Home coming into you. You want to hold onto it so dearly. You know it's slipping away because the Old Energies are pulling you back. It will return. It will return.

Don't try to define it because it’s going to return to you a little bit different now. It will be a new experience. It can't be the same replication of what you had. That's why we asked you not try to figure it out, or to can it, or to define it. It will come in different. It will be a newer, newer richness than what you had before.

There is sadness knowing that – how to say – so many humans will be living in this Old Energy world for quite some time. You want to share with them what you are feeling and experiencing. But there are no words that would help to define this for them. They are going about their lives in somewhat of a limited dimensional way. You want them to experience what you just felt.

This is another form of awakening, you see. We talked about cycles last month, the expanding cycles. You had another form of awakening. And you need to do a bit of processing – which we are doing here with you. Then, you do some releasing of what you thought it should be. Then the true integration will come back into you, bringing about yet another New experience and another awakening.

You’ve gotten a taste, just a small taste, of what it’s going to be like. It’s a beautiful thing. We know it’s sad and difficult to go back to the Old – what you would call – almost colorless, flat, almost unexciting Old Energy reality.

So, thank you, and we know so many felt this while you were talking, while we were talking. They could also get a taste of it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Dear Tobias, I have been working a long time about the dynamics of a place that I work. Would you please give me some insight about the company’s potential… the dear people I work with… including my very difficult boss… and what I’m doing there on the whole? Am I kidding myself that this place is going to move into the potential that I see, or am I being held back by energies not wanting to let me go? Will the place close? The present situation just seems interminable. Nothing else is coming to me, and so I want to move forward one way or the other, especially because I want a new place to live before winter sets in. My cabin is falling apart. It’s cold here in the winter. Thank you. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed, we ask you when you read this, when you hear this, to take a deep breath. Remember what we said earlier today about your real job. What you are doing now is simply holding a space and holding the energy. Yes, indeed, the company could collapse. It doesn't matter. You’ll go on. You’re trying to put far too much thought into this, far too much figuring it out.

You’re there because you’re there. (audience laughter) It is that simple. It doesn't matter where your “there” is. Just be. (more laughter) It is not Spirit trying to mandate some job for you. You are literally there providing a type of guidance and anchoring to many others who are in the company with you.

In a sense, you could say that the work you went there to do is done. So, we ask you to release ALL of your feelings, to release everything about this company and your position there. You see, you are blocking the way for other things to come in.

Now, you want us to define what those other things are, but that does not serve you and does not serve us. Simply let the energy of this job and this position, let it go so that the other things can move in. You are so focused on it, trying to figure it out that it is blocking all of the other potential.

In a sense, when you – when all of Shaumbra – does this type of thing, you are not living freely. You are not living openly. You are getting embroiled in energies that will hold you back. So, let all of this go right now.

In the meantime, while you let it go, go into this place of work and understand you are doing so much more than just working there. And it will indeed come to you. We know many Shaumbra still question this whole energy dynamic. But it does come to you. Everything appropriate comes to you if you let it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you, Linda, and thank you, Geoff. And Tobias, it’s an honor to be here after being gone for almost three years. The home is… this is my physical home. And I’ve been working with biological family for about three years. And I felt that… the burning question that I had you answered in part with the – what do you call – the “gray” energy. But I’m trying to connect a little bit more beyond reincarnation and beyond karma with family situations and trying to see if family isn’t somehow connected into that energy that you were talking about in the sense of discordance in family members and mistreatment. Is that where that started from? I’m looking for kind of a beginning of when things went disarray for the family because then from there it spread into the world. And I’m just seeing a connection there. And it’s important for me to be able get a more complete understanding… if that makes any sense. And then before you give me the answer to that or information, then I would just like to say, “I am God also.” I felt that for the first time today. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we think you already answered the question (audience laughter), but we will expound on it a bit. Indeed, your perceptions are right. We ask you to continue to trust yourself, which you have been doing. Continue to trust your feelings. Sometimes it is difficult because you have feelings but don't know where they’re coming from. You cannot define them. This is a time truly to take a deep breath, and the answers will come to you.

You are correct in your perception within this family. There are some very Old energies, but it is not a gray energy. It is an Old alien type of energy that is affecting everyone right now. There are changes that many are trying to make, but they feel inhibited because of this.

Your presence with them has been important because they needed to see someone who can say, “I am God also.”

In a sense, there is – it is difficult to define – but they are battling back and forth still in a time long, long ago, but it is also present. They are still battling with each other, even as we speak right now, but it is an Old battle, you see. It is happening on a different dimensional level. They are trying to come to resolution. But they cannot find a balance within themselves. Parts of them are still here on Earth now, going through a lot of conflict, and a lot of drama, and dilemma.

The best thing to do right now is to stand behind the short wall with this situation. Allow them to go through their processes. Allow them to call on you, but don't allow them to drain you of your own energy. This will reach a peak here – how to say – within about one year time frame. It could get hot and intense at times. But everything is working towards a resolution right now. More than anything, continue to trust your own feelings because you are you right there.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): I am full of gratitude for everything, Tobias, and to Linda and Geoff. My daddy just passed… a pretty good death at 93… good life. He was an intellectual and didn’t believe in Spirit, and was scared to die. I tried to help him as much as I could. How’s he doing? I haven’t felt anything. Was he greeted?

TOBIAS: Let us check here. Sometimes we… we do not know everything. (audience laughter) Sometimes there is very little that we know, so we have to check with the others here. (chuckling)

This is not coming directly from him, for he is off and – how to say – out of direct communication with us right now. But there are those who are working with him. His transition was difficult and frightening. He curled his energy up into a ball.

When he accepted the fact that he had transitioned, he allowed some previous family members to comfort him. He is still not sure where he is. He is not sure about this whole concept of heaven and hell. He is not sure if he will have to face that.

He is surrounded by many, many loving entities. Some knew him before on Earth, many who he knew on the celestial levels. You have to understand, they are not trying to do anything other than just allow their energy to be around him. It’s not like they are lecturing to him or trying to talk him into anything. They are just there.

Slowly he is accepting their presence. They will continue working with him for quite some time. We ask you to check in with us or with him, although it will be a while before his energy is available to you. But it will come through quite clearly, we think.

We are delighted that you asked this question because it allows us to reinforce what we have said before with all of you, Shaumbra. There has to be so much work now, and particularly in these New Energy days, with the energy of transition. There is so much fear associated with it. When you come back here, you’ll see it. You shake your head in between lifetimes because you understand it makes it so difficult, and it brings up so many fears issues.

The energy is directly carried over from a human when they transition. And it is brought back here. It is difficult to work with because it is so imbedded that, even as we have said, Yeshua could walk up to someone who has these Old fears, these Old religious fears – or even nonreligious fear –and they would not recognize him. They don't know what they're looking for.

When you teach transition on your side, this can begin at an early age. It doesn't need to be with those who are just about ready to go through. But help them to understand that first of all immediately when they cross over, we will be there with them. There are highly trained angels who help them come through that corridor, help them understand that on the other end there is no judgment. That is what they are waiting for.

Help them to understand that their soul continues. You don't have to get religious when you talk about this. Even someone like your father who didn't believe – or at least he said he didn't believe in a God. As a matter of fact, he was afraid of God, so he had to say he didn't believe in God. But help them to understand there is no judgment when they come here.

Help them to understand that their soul continues on. This is a concept that nearly everyone can understand – the continuance of the soul. The soul continues even without the body. You can talk to someone who is an atheist, who doesn't believe in God, and they will understand this concept.

Help those who are deeply ingrained with the Old religious beliefs that there is no judgment awaiting them, only ones who love them. You don't have to get into any of the other belief systems. You don’t have to talk about reincarnation. It has nothing to do with them. Transition education that we ask all of you to begin doing is so sweet and gentle.

So, thank you for allowing this. And now that we know where he is, we will continue checking up on him.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: Dear Tobias, I have two small questions here. The first one is – I live and work in the same place. And when I moved there, I was very passionate about my job and the people. We are presently about two-thirds immigrants. And I am extremely connected to the Ethiopian people, which I love very deeply and their children. Having no passion for the job anymore, but definitely for the people, I would like to know what’s up here? And also one of these Ethiopian children is autistic. And you were mentioning sound. And this little boy sat on the balcony, and he makes these sounds. I would like to know about this.

TOBIAS: Indeed, deep passions change, and it is difficult when it is on multiple levels. Passion for your job can change very quickly, but yet you still have passion for the other angels working around you. It is totally your decision. The two do not necessarily have to go hand-in-hand, even though you think they might have to. But it would be important for you to open the energetic doorways to allow the potential for another job to come into you. You have basically intertwined all of these things together that you're blocking the way. You can move on to a new passion and still maintain the loving relationship you have with your family, the family that you, as you know, you have been with many other times here on Earth, so there is that deep connection.

The autism that you speak of, in a sense, is a blessing and curse at the same time. It is a curse in the Old Energy because humans look at it as some type of handicap. Autism is created because these new ones are coming in are so highly sensitive to everything around them. They are so internal. They have such knowingness, but yet they cannot handle what they see in the world outside of them, so they tend to go internal. They tend to be affected by outside stimulation around them.

They need the love and encouragement of their parents, their friends, and their teachers to help them understand that they indeed are bringing a huge gift into the consciousness of Earth right now. They're bringing in the gift of sensitivity. The one you speak of, in particular, is working with the sounds because there is such an intuitive knowingness that here is the real vibration and the real language.

We talked of languages earlier. The languages that we used in Atlantis were nothing like what is spoken now. They were a singing language. Your language is very flat. As we speak to you right now, it is relatively monotone. You are forming symbols through your mouth, different sounds through your mouth, but it is so very flat.

Now, if we were to channel and Cauldre would sing our channels, there would be highs and lows, and then there would be a whole new vibration. (audience laughing as he uses Cauldre’s voice to demonstrate by singing these words) But this is the type of language that all of us had back in Atlantis. It was the singing language.

Now, Cauldre – he is embarrassed for himself here! (more laughter)

So, that is what you are seeing in this dear one. He is simply expressing in a New type of language. So, encourage, encourage him.

All of you know when you were young that those around you – your parents and teachers – tried to make you conform. And you tried, and you tried, didn’t you? And it hurt. You tried to conform when you should have been encouraged to go outside of that box. You were different indeed for a reason. This one here is different – great healing capabilities at the inner levels. So, encourage this one to sing and to rejoice. And let him know he is in a safe space.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: Hello, it’s Kathleen. And I have another juicy question. During the Shoud today you talked about expansion, and of the New Energy, and it’s being in expansion in nature. And OK, I do like to figure things out. But what came to me was that humans already experience orgasm. And I’m wondering if that is a way that we are already experiencing this type of new expansion energy. Thank you. Oh, and also… there are noises that go with orgasm. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed, the orgasms that humans are experiencing right now – NOT right now (much audience laughter) – are so very limited and sometimes so dreadfully painful. We are not talking from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint. This is supposed to be one of the greatest gifts that you gave yourselves when you came to Earth. And it is so – how to say – so small in comparison to what it could be.

Orgasms should be so much more fulfilling and joyful. The energies that come from this, that are shared between people, that are brought into oneself, they are so tremendous.

Right now, you are inhibiting this process – all of you are. You are not allowing yourself to have joy. That is what it boils down to. You try to bring yourself to a point of climax. You struggle to get there. You have so many emotions tied up in this. You wonder if you are doing it right. You try to figure all of this out. And oh, we would just rather start all over with this.

It could be so much more fulfilling if you release some of the concepts and some of the emotions you have around this. It is so fulfilling and so multi-dimensional. It is so sacred and spiritual!

But it has been diminished over the ages of man. You have been made to feel shameful. You have been made to feel that it is something dirty and sinful. You have been told that you're going to go to an eternal hell if you practice this outside of marriage. Whose rule does that sound like? It is not a law of God. God asked you to go to Earth and enjoy life.

In the early days of Lemuria and even into the days of Atlantis, sex and reproduction were two different things, you see – different orifices – so that you did not need to worry about getting pregnant by having pleasure. Through all of this programming and all of the struggling that humanity has gone through, they were combined into a single organ.

And they were also placed near the anus of the body. They were all put together in the same area. You are eliminating wastes from the same part of your body that you are trying to reproduce and enjoy pleasure. Dear friends, it is time for all of this to change.

There was a time when you could enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasures together in a grand orgasm, in a beautiful, wonderful sharing with each other, or by yourself. This has been so distorted.!

So, we ask you, in particular – all of you – to go out and begin the new work in this area. Do it without shame. Do it boldly. You will see how quickly people respond to it. (audience laughter) You will see that people are craving for the remembrance of Home. How do you think the quickest way to have this remembrance is? It is through the human sexual experience. This will bring about the remembrance of Home faster than anything.

So, begin the teachings. Begin your classes. Don't worry about where to begin – anywhere. Don't worry about the abundance. They will be willing to pay grand sums of money. (more laughter) If you look at it, when this wonderful tool called the Internet was first created, what was the first thing that was placed on there? It was sex. So, now you see that they are desiring this, even the ones that have a – how to say – somewhat perverse viewpoint of sex. They are simply trying to find Home. So, thank you, thank you. Time for your work to begin.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10: Hello, Tobias, thank you. I know that you already know what I am going to say, but for the benefit of all here…

TOBIAS: Actually, we have to stop you. We don’t know what you’re going to say because there are thousands of potentials around you right now. And the fact is you think you've chosen one, but you haven’t necessarily. We have an inclination of what you are going to say, but understand that you are creating it when you say it now.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you, Tobias, I stand corrected. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: You see? You didn't say what you thought you were going to say!

SHAUMBRA 10: Four weeks ago, I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. The Sunday after the last Shoud I went back to the ER with an excruciating headache. And a CAT scan at that time revealed a brain hemorrhage. The MRI the next day was inconsistent with a brain hemorrhage. It showed a white spot in the thalamus of my brain. The doctors have never seen this before and have no idea what it is. They are totally baffled. You have said that in the New Energy we will have things going on physically that doctors will not be able to explain. I’m quite sure that this whole process and this white spot is part of the ascension process, but I would be extremely grateful for any comments that you might be able to provide for me. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, you're going through a tremendous process right now, this ascension process, which is causing all sorts of changes in your physical body. There are purges, and there are cleansings that are occurring. Sometimes these appear to be – or these come out through – things that you would call diseases or imbalances.

Because of the tremendous allowing you have been doing in your life, you have been breaking into wonderful New territory in your life. It is no surprise that you would come into the energy of Shaumbra at our last gathering, that you would allow New Energies to move in, literally allow your divinity to come into a place, and that it could be monitored and measured.

Allow that divinity to be in your brain. Instead of just your Old Energy brain, the divinity is now moving in there, and when they take a snapshot of that, they see something unusual, different, something they never saw before. You are literally allowing. After much work, you are allowing your mental and your divine to meld together.

So, it appears here in this CAT scan in the brain. Understand that that is not the singular point of where this is occurring. It is happening throughout your entire physical body and your spiritual body, as well. But it was captured here. You are allowing it at all over your body.

In a sense, you had to go through this physical imbalance to put yourself in a state where the spirit could now rise from within. Sometimes, as you know, you tend to hold on, be a bit stubborn, sometimes try to figure things out quite a bit. But you are allowing this in now.

Remember, it is not just occurring in that one spot in the CAT scan. That is simply where it was captured. It is occurring all over you. You will be ready soon to release any physical imbalances because you will find you don't need them to help you to open up anymore. You can do that on your own without the body having to jolt you into position.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11: Hello, Tobias. I have something that I think a lot of us have in common. And that is not being able to sleep through the night, being awakened, and then being awake for maybe two or three hours, or having the alternative of taking some kind of medication. I’m wondering if you have anything to offer in terms of a relief to the situation so there could be sleep through the night again. Thank you very much.

TOBIAS: The answer is – probably not. (audience laughter) There are reasons here why you are no longer required to get what – you have been taught that you need – eight hours of sleep. The best sleep pattern for most of Shaumbra – for you in particular right now – is about four to five hours of sleep during the night, followed by several hours of getting up, and either working or listening to music, which is good for you, or simply breathing – but sometimes that gets a bit boring by itself – or doing something, something for yourself. This is the time for you and for all. This is the time to do something for yourself – the treat time – when you wake up.

Then, you might want to go back to sleep for a little bit to allow what you have just given yourself in terms of a treat to soak into your body. And then it is good generally to have a “power nap” in midday, somewhere approximately 2:00 in the afternoon. It is difficult for most of you to do this at your jobs. But we know you are finding ways to do it anyway. (audience laughter)

The sleep patterns will most likely not return to the old eight-hour pattern, or seven-hour pattern. It will be different now. Just try to accept that. It is difficult having these when you are trying to blend into everyone else's sleep pattern.

But if you accept this – and your body will go through a bit of a transition getting used to a changing sleep pattern – but if you accept this, you will find that the energies during these waking hours are so much more clear because everyone else is asleep. You won't have all the noise that – how to say – the vibrations that affect you and sometimes force you out of balance. Simply try to accept this. You will also find out there are times when you simply need to sleep 10 or 12 hours. So, you don't expect any particular sleep patterns at this point.

Most of you will be coming to a point here in the next few years that you will need very, very little sleep. The reason is quite simple. You have needed to sleep so that you could come back to our side to re-energize, to rejuvenate. You also needed the sleep so that you wouldn't get lost in Earth, so you wouldn't get lost in this illusion that you live in. You see, if you didn't have sleep and you didn't have death, you’d have gotten lost and immersed in this illusion a long time ago. These are two wonderful gifts that you have given yourself.

As you’re integrating the divinity, you don’t need the sleep because you are rejuvenating and re-energizing all of the time. You won’t need the sleep because there is not the concern anymore at your soul level that you get lost in the energies of Earth. You will simply have your sleep because it is enjoyable to come back and talk to all of us. (audience laughter)


Dear friends, it has been another delightful gathering, another milestone, another moving forward in this whole journey. Do yourself a favor in these coming days. Don't try to figure it all out. Stop trying to plot and to chart this whole process. You’re only limiting it if you do that. The answers will come to you.

You see, you get out of bed in the morning and right away start trying to figure out everything in the day. Now, indeed, there are certain things that have to be done. They are on a mechanical level, certain necessities, but you already know how to do those. Those are done relatively automatically. But trying to figure out life and why you are here and how to make your divine integrate with your spirit and how you should be doing this and how you should be doing that. Take a day where don't try to figure it out. You will be surprised at how difficult it is to do.

But you will also be surprised how energizing it is. You will be surprised how answers come to you long before the questions are ever asked, and the answers are so full and complete. It is a New way of living. It will take some trust in yourself not to try to figure it all out because that is what you have been doing. Approach tomorrow with that. Don't try to figure it out. Just be.

When other people are trying to pull you back in and make you try to figure things out, trying to get you back in that Old duality, you know what to do. Take a deep breath. Stand behind the short wall. The answers will come to you in a whole New way.

We love you dearly. And we look forward to our next gathering. In the meantime, your runners are back on their feet right now back. They are back working the energies. They are shuttling back and forth. Understand that you are doing tremendous work here. You are never alone.

And so it is.