The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 2"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
September 13, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we continue with the wonderful releasing energy on this day. When you are working with yourself and working with others, remember the cycles of the expanding self. You go through the awakening, the processing, the releasing, the transmuting and integration, and finally into the New Energy.

Today was just another phase of releasing, but one that was so important, one that was causing an imbalance. You continue to hold and carry suffering in your consciousness. You continue to drag the crucifixion energy with you, cycle after cycle. Yes, you are learning. You are discovering things about yourself. You are coming to new understandings of life. But you continue to drag the cross with you. You continue to make it difficult.

We asked the group six days ago in Bodensee (Lake Constance, Germany) a simple question. “Is this real? Is any of this real?” The energy of I, Tobias, is it real? The feeling that you have now of release, is it real? Or is it just the moment that you sit in?

Are you hearing just the voice of a human who sits without shoes on a bar stool (referring to Cauldre as he channels)? (audience laughter) Is the energy of John Paul right beside you right now, encouraging you in your work? Is Spirit in the room with you now in the form of angels, in the form of – yes, indeed – ones who have passed, who have been your family and your spouses? Is any of this real?

Can you release the suffering? Can you release that cross you have been dragging, just by being in this energy? Is any of this real?”

The answer is simple. If you allow it to be, it is real. It is that simple. If you allow it. If you allow the suffering to be gone, it will be gone. Oh, it may take some trial and error. It may take realizing that you don't need to keep carrying that with you. But if you allow it, it will be gone.

This is such a tenet of the New Energy – if you allow it, then so it is, if you allow it. If you allow the love of Spirit to be in your life, if you let go of the suffering, then it will be real. If allow yourself to be a Divine Human and take responsibility, then it will be so. If you allow yourself to feel once again, then it will be so.

We asked this question over and over to Shaumbra six days ago – “Is this real?” Are you playing games with yourself? Is this just a diversion? Are you going to go back to the same Old difficult situations? Is this real?”

It is real if you allow it to be. So, allow it, dear friends. Allow yourself to release the suffering energy. You don't need it anymore.

It is not so deeply embedded within you that it can't be released. It is not a precondition of being a human. It was never intended to be. That is not just the way things are. It is what you believe. Is it real – being here and releasing suffering? If you allow it to be!

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions on this day.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1: Would you tell us what is happening in Yellowstone National Monument with Mother Earth?

TOBIAS: Indeed. There is a clearing going on here. It is part of Gaia leaving. It is part of an overall process. We know it is difficult to watch at times. But it is, in a sense, appropriate here. There are also some ancient energies that were held there. It is time for them to be released or transmuted in order for New Energies to come in. So, it is a process that will take place for quite a number of years. Then you will see a whole new type of energy in that area.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, I have two questions. They are connected. The first one is – for the last 5000 years, 98% of the cultures on Earth have perceived men as superior and women as inferior. What the heck was that all about? (some audience laughter) And the other question is – did Jesus ever marry?

TOBIAS: This old patriarchal energy came as a result of old wounds that occurred long before you ever came to Earth. The consciousness of humanity felt that there needed to be a stern father-type of figure, a predominant disciplinarian figure in order to prevent things that had happened in the past. So, in a sense, you would have to say that both sexes – the male and the female – agreed to this. But it is greatly out of balance. This male energy has been so much a part of the religious structure and the cultural structure.

We talked about this several years ago. We said there needs to be a new balance of the male and female. We talked about the gays and the lesbians who are helping to bring in an integrated balance of male/female energies. It has nothing to do with sexual choice. It has to do with an integrated balance of energies. You will see – and we will talk more about this in upcoming discussions – but you will see a new balance of the male and female, particularly in your business and social worlds.

But until the religions help to bring this balance back into their churches, they are simply looking for their walls to come tumbling down. It is difficult for those of us who are on this side of the veil to even understand how the churches can justify this imbalanced male energy, but more difficult for us to understand at times why the females continue to go along with it. (audience laughter)

Was Jesus married? Yes, he was indeed. He was not married in the church, but rather married in the heart. There was no particular ceremony, but there was a deep, deep love. Yes, indeed he was.

He enjoyed so many of the finer things of being a human. It is also time to release this concept that Yeshua did not partake in sex. He found it quite stimulating. (more laughter) He enjoyed the foods, and the wines, and all of these other things.

Yeshua came in to give a message that God wasn’t what the churches had been teaching. So, he enjoyed, he enjoyed the life of marriage. But, like so many of you, he was so busy he didn't have a lot of time to be with his spouse.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3: I left an Old Energy marriage and am involved with a married man. When we touch, we meld unlike anything I have experienced. If I am fulfilled, why am I losing myself? Is this a New Energy relationship with potential or am I delusional? Thank you. (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: If you allow it to be. (more laughter) It is indeed whatever you choose it to be at this point. It is difficult for us to say whether it is New Energy or not. We don’t want to put that label on it. But more than anything, you are beginning to open yourself up to feelings, to emotions that you have held hidden for so very long. This experience that you are going through is allowing you to expand who you are and to understand that sex is a wonderful and sacred and blessed thing.

Again, Cauldre is chiding us here for taking off on the churches today, but that is what today is about. (some laughter) There was such an energy attached to the darkness of sex, particularly by the churches. They taught that sex was not a good act. It was only done for producing other humans, and it was not meant for pleasure. Women were taught that they should not have pleasure.

This is a very sad thing, for indeed this is one of the finest parts of being human, where you can be together with another – or just yourself – and truly open up. It opens up all of your senses. It opens up your divine senses as well. But just like Jesus being placed on the cross – which is the symbol of divine and human intersection – there has been dark energy placed on this thing you would call sex.

Sex is one of the great ways of opening yourself to trust and to love and to feelings and to divinity. If you want to feel your divinity come in to play, then open yourself totally when you are making love. So, we see this as a wonderful thing for you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4: Tobias, I have a health-related question. At what point do you believe and take advice of a medical practitioner versus a time when you take it upon yourself for full responsibility? Or is there a partnership where you maybe take some advice as you’re working on it also?

TOBIAS: Again, Cauldre does not so much like what we have to say, but we see that the medical institutions and professions today have gotten away from any type of true feelings or intuition. They are working by the book. And they are also working on the clock.

There is tremendous, wonderful technology, but it is not being applied in the appropriate manner, which makes it very difficult because these very ones who are not working from their hearts are also the keepers of the technology. Right now, it is important to have a balance of medical, and the technical, and the spiritual all melded together.

You can help change the dynamics of your meeting with the doctor, for instance, by opening your divinity even prior to going in to see the doctor, connecting with your doctor, Divine-Divine, and also connecting human-to-human. It is your time with the doctor, and you can tell them what you need rather than just being another rote patient. Actually, we see that most doctors would appreciate this, for you are taking them out of their mesmerized condition caused by seeing one client after the other.

In the purest form, your body can heal itself of anything. But as long as there are still beliefs that it is beyond you, as long as there is still suffering energy, it is difficult for the body to respond to the proper healing. We will discuss this in more detail in an upcoming Shoud. You, Shaumbra, can take responsibility for your healing. At this time, however, we still suggest a balanced or an integrated program of your current doctors and technology along with a good New Energy facilitator.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5: Tobias, my mother has Alzheimer's disease. And I was wondering if you could address her condition in particular, and Alzheimer’s disease in general. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Yes, indeed Alzheimer's is the loss of focus in particular. This is happening right now as consciousness is being expanded. There are many individuals who are allowing themselves to remain on Earth in the human body, while allowing their energies to expand or go into the other dimensions.

It is a condition that will be overcome within your lifetime. It will be attributed to medical advances and breakthroughs. But ultimately, it is because so many Shaumbra and others around the world are beginning to understand how consciousness can be expanded. You can go into the different dimensional zones without having to leave your body or your mind. So, we see here that there are those who are working with specific enzymes, combinations of enzymes, that can be ingested into the system in a relatively painless way where it will help bring back a new balance.

Your mother is one who, in a sense, has volunteered to go on this very special journey on behalf of all of consciousness.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6: I have a question about my father. He passed away about a month ago. He was Catholic, and he believed so much in purgatory. So, I was wondering how he is doing.

TOBIAS: We love these questions because it releases so much energy. His beliefs were held strong. When he crossed over, it was somewhat difficult to work with him. But there were several hopes in his life, energies he brought back over with him that helped him to understand a bit more of his journey. He watched you with a very curious and sometimes skeptical eye. But he felt your energy in his crossing, particularly when you began communicating with him. It gave him great comfort.

He is – how to say, in your words – going through intense classes right now, catching up quickly, trying to get a better understanding of this whole balance of human and Divine. He found himself having to hold on firmly to beliefs in this past lifetime of his, because in lifetimes before that he had been quite unstructured. He was quite a wild one. (some laughter) So, we see the work is going quickly. As you know, his energy was present here today alongside of you. He wants you to continue to talk to him. He thanks you and sends you his love.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7: Tobias, this is a complicated question. It’s a long question. OK. My son… is he the reincarnation of my brother? And am I on the right path with him, doing the right thing? And the other question is – my friend, Dale… his mission here is a healing of the soul and the body?

TOBIAS: We do not so much want to get into the specifics – but, no, your son is not the reincarnation of a brother. There is a connecting energy between the two. But it is best that you release this energy from your son, because you are placing somewhat of a burden on him that is not fair or appropriate. It is a type of love that is actually hindering his growth at this time. The healing energies are there. It is good if you helped to encourage them through. But more than anything, it is important that you give your son the pure love right now, rather than the burden of who he might have been in the past.

And this is also sound advice for all of you. Honor the ones who are there in your lives right now for who they are, not who you think they might have been.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8: This is a question concerning the heart. Approximately two months ago I was in an intimate relationship with a woman. And she severed the relationship, which, of course, hurt me a lot. It opened my heart more than any other relationship that I have ever had with any woman. It had allowed my heart to expand and feel love so greatly that I have never felt this before. My question is this – what can I do as a Creator to create this same relationship with another woman, if I should create it, and also what steps would I take to create this same love?

TOBIAS: It is important not to try to create this same love once again. Again, you would be placing an imbalanced energy upon this new person. It is best to love them for who they are, not for what you wished you had had. This one who severed the relationship, in a sense, did it out of compassion and love, because she would have hurt you deeply if you had stayed together. At an inner level, she knew this. She knew that you would have become overly attached to her energy. This is funny – but overly attached to the energy, and to the point where it would have hindered your growth and progress.

You want to know what you can do to replicate this true love that you felt – and it was so good that you opened your heart – how you can once again have this in your life. The humorous thing here is that the very one who severed the relationship so that you could find more of yourself is the one who has the greatest potential to have the relationship with you once again.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9: Hi, Tobias, I am bugging you again. I just wanted to ask if… what, if I’m stuck… where am I stuck… what seal is stuck… and how do I get it open? (much audience laughter)

TOBIAS: As we told you last time (Tobias referring to this female Shaumbra’s presence at the microphone on a number of previous occasions, which is also part of the reason for the audience’s loving laughter), take a deep breath. Through the breathing you come to new awarenesses and understandings. By breathing in Spirit and allowing Spirit to breathe in you, this will unstick all of those stuckness places within you. (more laughter)

You are a delight. You sometimes worry too much. You sometimes don't give yourself enough credit.

Where we see you stuck right now is the inner knowingness that it is time for you to start teaching. It is time for you to take everything that you know and start working with the others. You’re not sure where to start, or how to start. But more than anything, you don't believe that you are ready to be the teacher. So, take a deep breath.

You have so much to offer others. You don't need to continue learning, like you think you do. You don't need to continue trying to make yourself perfect. You already are. You are ready to go. You are ready to begin the teaching.

Within you are so many new ways of teaching others, young and old alike – how to move past their blockages. You’ll do it in such a simple, and divine, and humorous way where you don't get caught up in all of the things of the head. So, the only place we can truly see that you’re stuck is not believing that you’re ready yet. But we see that you are. And keep breathing. It’s a good thing for you.

SHAUMBRA 9: I breathe a lot. Thank you very much.

TOBIAS: With that, dear friends, it has been an honor to be here with you on this day to go through this experience of deep releasing of suffering. You continue to drag around this energy of suffering with you. This was a day where we spoke about the New spiritual freedom.

We do honor the churches for where they are at, and the loving work they have done. It is appropriate for you to honor them also.

But yet there is a very large group of humans who are ready to move beyond those Old Energies. They are looking for the New way. They are looking for a New wisdom, New ways of learning about who they are and their relationship to God.

But when they walk out the doors of the churches, sometimes disillusioned, sometimes angry, there are very few places for them to go. They don’t want to attach themselves to another church like the Old one. They don't want to become part of some emphatic group, some group that has just another set of rules. They don't want to get overly esoteric, because they have learned that pure philosophy does not satisfy the heart. It is only food for the head.

They are looking for someone who has gone through the cycles, the cycles of awakening that lead to the processing, and releasing, and the final fulfillment. They are looking for a human that has gone through these cycles, a human who has empathy and understanding. That is why we are here, working with you. The world needs what you have to offer. The world needs your love, your teaching, your classes, your books, your music, all of these things. So, dear friends, it is time. It is time that you can release the suffering from within you in order to help others release it within them.

Until we meet again, we love you dearly.

And so it is.