The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 11: "Energy Seeks Resolution"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 5, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is that we gather once again in this amazing energy of Shaumbra. Oh, indeed, we sometimes are so overwhelmed when we come into your space, when you allow us in; overwhelmed at your emotions, your love, and your growing compassion; overwhelmed at how you are truly blossoming and allowing yourself to be in this thing we call the New Energy. We have to breathe on our side now to balance our energies because you are so intense, so loving here.

You don't even see who you are. That is the amazing and amusing thing. When you come back to our side of the veil, and we greet you – which we always do – when you come back here we laugh and laugh and laugh with you because you didn't see who you truly are. You see us as the ones who are sitting in some far-off celestial realm, having an overview of things, being great and grand beings in our own right. And it is true… we are! (audience laughter)

But when you come back here, the halls of the celestial rooms expand to greet you. Your light, your energy, illuminates and radiates throughout all of the corridors of all of the houses of the archangels. You are the ones who are truly the grand beings, who truly have great wisdom. You don't see who you are. You see… your path is being limited, as your choices are being limited.

Dear friends, we serve you. We know it is hard sometimes to see your own grandness when you are held in these things called physical bodies and when it is difficult to even see beyond the dimensional reality that you exist in. Grand beings – grand, grand beings – each one of you. Leaders – in using your terms – leaders of grand legions of angels. Pioneers who have created stars and entire galaxies and solar systems.

But here as humans right now, you won't give yourself that credit. You won't allow yourself to look there. You won’t allow yourself to acknowledge who you really are at your core being. You place yourself at the bottom of the entire order of all beings, physical and non-physical, placed there in the Old Energy belief system that you have to work your way back up to be in the graces of God.

Dear friends, it is quite the opposite. Turn that chart upside down. You are at the top. And we ask you to break out of some of the Old molds right now, to take a moment and let yourself remember how grand you are. Some of you shudder at the thought of being grand. You think that if you allow yourself that feeling that then you will somehow abuse that, somehow have an inflated ego. Again, you no longer are in that energy. You don't have to worry about these things.

Allow yourself for just a moment here to remember who you really are and where you have come from, how you have given yourself in service to Spirit and to All That Is, to take the plunge to Earth to learn all of these incredible things. There is so much more to each one of you than what you realize. We are not leaving anyone out of this. If your names are spoken here on our side, there is a hush that falls over the group, for we remember how you have taken us through the building of this entire physical universe, how you have taken as through creating the omniverse. When your name is spoken here on our side, there is respect and reverence and a certain amount of awe at what you have done.

You are in a funny place on Earth, not being able to see this, thinking that we are the grand ones, that we know everything, that we somehow have made it and you haven’t. It is quite the opposite. We are your servants. When you come back to our side, oh, there is an adjustment period; there is a time that you work with us to release some of these limitations of the human journey that you just took. We are here to serve you. You are our leaders. Scary thing, isn't it! (audience laughter)

And indeed, we do not know all of the answers on our side. Otherwise, you wouldn't be on Earth. Why on Earth would you be on Earth if we already knew the answers? (more laughter) We would send a team down to pick you up and to bring you back here, so you could have the answers also.

Through you, we are learning. Through you, Spirit is learning. Yes, indeed, your perception of reality is somewhat limited and somewhat askew when you are on Earth. But we have been working with you lately in this series in talking about the imagination to help you open up once again. Sometimes we have been coming at you with spiritual crowbars (more laughter) to help you open up, to help you understand that you don't have to any longer live within the limitations of the 3-D world.

You are not who you think you are! You are a Grand Master. We do not call ourselves “masters” on this side of the veil. It is a title reserved for you, always – the ones who went first, the ones who went through all of the difficulties and the challenges of placing yourself in a physical body and limiting yourself to 3-D reality, and then forgetting, not only who you were on this side of the veil, but forgetting who you were in each lifetime. We want you to remember now and allow yourself to remember the grandness of who you are because in the grandness is also a certain amount of humbleness, is also a certain amount of quiet.

But we ask you during our gathering today to allow yourself to feel how incredible you are. See it through our eyes if you have to. Feel what we feel when we enter this room of the Masters. You’ll understand why it takes our breath away, why we are sometimes thrown off of balance when we first begin.

You see the irony and the humor that we are here talking to you? You should be the ones talking to all of us. And you do. You are getting better about that. You are coming back here during your sleep state at night, in your dreams. You are spending more time now once again gathering our energies together.

So, dear Shaumbra – how to say – many of you have recently lost dear loved ones. Many of you are in the process of losing loved ones right now. Many will lose loved ones, ones who are close, in these next few years. We do understand how difficult it is. We ask you, though, to understand there are reasons, and there is love in all of this. Many of the ones who are leaving now are choosing to do so for specific reasons related to the times that you live in, the changing energies of the planet.

You will see them again. We know this to be true. Those ones who have crossed over – and are going to be crossing over – you will not have to be searching the heavens, trying to find them and reunite with them. You WILL be with them again. And it will be in a way that is even more real and genuine than in the ways that you were with them on Earth. Many of them will be coming back to you in one form or the other in a human body with a different name and a different look to the body, of course. But they will be reincarnating to be with you so you can be their teacher.

Some of them have remained here on our side of the veil to assist you and to work with you. It was part of the set-up that you had agreed to. And if it wasn't agreed to a long time ago, it was something that was agreed to with all of the changes you have made, the progress you have made in your own life.

You see, there comes a point of balance even where part of the energies of the ones who have been so close to you in the past lifetimes can serve you better from this side, from our side of the veil. Sometimes there is an agreement between two of you in particular that one will come back to our side to work with you in balancing energies, to be a voice that you can listen to because you trust.

Some of you have pets. Oh… oh, we hear humans say, “But it is just a cat, or it is just a dog.” No, dear friends, it goes far beyond that. They, in a sense, leave – how to say – take for example a dog. The dog that becomes very close to you and tied into you leaves the electromagnetic consciousness of “dog.” They leave “group dog think” (audience laughter), and they come into your electromagnetic, as well as your spiritual, energy. And they become part of you. They work with you and for you.

Dear friends, there is so much more to these dear loved ones. You will see them again. You will see them again. Letting loved ones go is so very difficult at times. And we know you feel cold and lonely. And there are other times when we know you wished you had made amends with the dear ones who had left. But you will be with them again on our side of the veil, or perhaps even on Earth.

There are many today who sit in the Second Circle who come in, who were humans and some who were pets, indeed, who sit in the Second Circle asking you to lighten your heart. They are all right. There is not the type of hell over here that is so often – how to say – talked about on Earth, unless the human who leaves really wants to go there and feels they need to be there. But it is not permanent.

There is so much guidance here on our side, and particularly with the work you are doing with the Crimson Council and with the other archangels. You are so tied in here that when one who is close to you and loves you comes to our side, they immediately have friends. They are immediately surrounded by the specialist angels on our side who are the greeters and who welcome the humans back.

When you have a heavy heart, when you are holding a song of sorrow in your heart, it is sometimes difficult for the ones who have crossed over to fully cross over. So, we ask you – and they ask you – to let them go when it is appropriate, to let them come back to our side to bring back the consciousness of who they truly are; to release them so that they can serve you in a New way from here or to come back to Earth. You WILL be with them again.

So, dear Shaumbra, we have a wonderful guest on this day. Yes, indeed, we ask you to feel the energy of the guest. It is one who has been longing to come in for some time now. And the energy is now appropriate. Some of you have been working with this dear one. Some of you have asked us offline when we are going to bring this dear one in to be part of your group. So, we ask you to feel the energy of our guest, for the timing is so very appropriate. All the elements and the energies come in together.

This dear one goes by the name of Koot Hoomi lal Singh. Indeed, the energy of Kuthumi coming to visit. He comes in during this special time when there are energies that are dancing on Earth, energies that are dancing in the cosmos also.

On our side of the veil there are some of us, we have our own special clubs, so to speak. We are ones who have been on Earth. We are the ones who have walked in your shoes and have returned to this side to assist you and to guide you.

The energy of Kuthumi is such an important part of the Order of To-bi-wah, in a sense, the more modern, the more contemporary – how to say – projection of the To-bi-wah energy on Earth, for he lived in your 19th century. He was human, as I was, as dear St. Germain was. Indeed, Kuthumi and St. Germain spent much time together on Earth in physical body working together.

Kuthumi has been called a Master, for in his last incarnation on Earth, he was able to help balance his own energies. He was able to do something that we are going to talk to you about today. It was in a different time and a different era on Earth, and much of what he learned and taught others went unheard. But the time is right now for Kuthumi to come back, for Kuthumi to come out and play.

He helps to bring in the energies of wisdom and love together at the same time. He comes to this gathering of Shaumbra today in his golden robe of cashmere, walking through the group here – walking through even to the ones who are connecting on the Internet – sharing his love, and sharing his compassion. He will be spending quite some time now with each of you, helping you with this whole area of energy balancing in the New Energy, the ability to go between the worlds, the world of the New and the world of the Old. Indeed, he is a Master of this.

Kuthumi is a wise one, one who we spend much time working with on our side. Kuthumi, when he was on Earth – how to say – had a close relationship with the one you call Madam Blavatsky and St. Germain. And the three played games with each other, for they knew how to go between the worlds. They would appear to each other, even when it was not in physical form. They would communicate with each other with the unspoken word. They helped to set an energy so many, many years ago here on Earth of this whole ability to walk between the worlds.

And that is what you are doing now, dear friends. The worlds you are walking between are different. They are the worlds of New Energy and Old Energy. You’re also learning to walk between the worlds of the physical and nonphysical, walking between the worlds of masculine and feminine. They are different worlds, in a way, the way it is perceived on Earth. They have been separated.

They (Kuthumi and Madam Blavatsky) learned to walk between both worlds, back and forth to truly bring in the energies of all sides. Kuthumi comes in to help you walk between all of the various worlds that exist all around you now. You are ready for it. You have asked for it. You have asked for this opening to occur.

There are times when you will be feeling Kuthumi coming to you during your normal waking state, for he is very adept. He does not have to just show up at night during the dreams. He is adept at coming in during the day.

He has held his energy back for a while now. He has been wanting to come in. Some of you have been getting clues or hints about his coming in. He has been holding back until the appropriate time and the appropriate energies on Earth and some events that are occurring now and will be occurring quite shortly. Kuthumi’s energy can be called upon at any time, not in particular to answer specific questions, but to help as one who – how to say – perhaps holds your arm, guides you as you are learning to go between the worlds.

Indeed, as Cauldre spoke of recently, he had his own scare, feeling that he was losing his balance and was told that it was this thing called vertigo, but it was not truly the reason. It is about opening up and walking between. When you do this, it does tend to cause an amount of physical or even emotional imbalance. You are used to holding a very rigid and tight pattern in the third dimensional world. You are used to being very limited and very linear.

And now as you open up, it does cause some sensations in your body and some in your mind, as well. Some of these may be uncomfortable at first. Sometimes you will feel very warm in your body – other times very cool – when those around you are not feeling a shift in temperatures. This is one of the first and most obvious signs. Sometimes you will feel very lightheaded. And some of you will feel nauseous because all of the energies of you are changing. We ask you during these times to simply take a deep breath and understand it is because your body is adjusting to the changes in your dimensionality.

Sometimes you are going to get very forgetful in your mind. And this is most delightful for us (audience laughter), for you stop using that head of yours so much. And you have to go and learn to rely on the divine guidance system and the divine knowingness for the answers. Your head seems to be like in a freeze-lock position where nothing can be perceived or processed. You can't remember even your own name at times. This is because part of you is pushing you and asking you to use your divine intelligence now. It transcends, it supersedes anything your mind could have done.

Some of you will blame all of these symptoms on getting older or, for the women, on menopause. Some of you go to the doctors, and they give you a very traditional – how to say – analysis. And they send you home with one of those little slips of paper, telling you to stop and get some drugs in the meantime. We are not opposed to this, but we ask you before you endeavor into these drugs to ask your body and your mind if these are appropriate for you. In a sense, you want to go through some of the sensations right now that are occurring. You don't want to put another wall in place.

Now, there are times when we have seen the humans who have tried to open up too fast. This can cause a major imbalance. Ask your being how fast you can expand and open.

Kuthumi comes in at this time to help teach each one of you many of the things he learned when he was recently on Earth. He asks all of you who are listening – and all of you who will connect to this later – not to refer to him as “master,” once again because YOU are the Masters. He will address you as such. He will call you Master Bill or Master Mary out of honor and respect. And that's how you will know that his energies are close. But he asks you not to address him. It is quite embarrassing for him.

He will be here to help you walk between these worlds and share much of the knowledge that he gained when he was on Earth. He will be helping to bring in also the energies of St. Germain at specific times. So, you may be feeling – how to say – double-teamed from both who come in.

But dear friends, dear Shaumbra, we know you are serious about this opening up. We know you would not be satisfied by staying within this shallow 3-D reality. We know you are bursting at the seams, so to speak, to want to open up, but still not quite sure what this means. So, we send in all of the appropriate energies now to work with you.

We ask you to listen and to be aware of their energies. These are energies, by the way, both of Kuthumi and St. Germain who you have known before and worked with before. There is a trust that is already built-up with both of these entities. There is an additional trust that comes to play because they have both been on Earth for many, many incarnations. So, you can relate to them unlike beings sometimes who have never been on Earth and do not have the empathy or the actual experience to know how far things can open, or how fast they can open, and still stay in balance.

We are being asked here to add a note for this group also that – how to say – we are asked over and over again how long I, Tobias, will remain on this side before I come back to Earth for another incarnation. It is my agreement, my commitment, to stay here on this side at least through the time of the quantum leap in 2007. Beyond that we are not quite so sure. There are many elements that come into play.

Cauldre and I are having a little discussion here (some laughter). Beyond 2007, dear friends, it would not even be appropriate to do the type of channeling, or what we now call Shouds, as we are doing now. So, the dynamics of all of this will change, the dynamics of how I work with you should I stay here on this side of the veil. After 2007 the dynamics will change considerably.

It has been agreed in the Order of To-bi-wah that at the time that I come back to Earth and incarnate back into physical body, that the dear one – my dear, dear friend, St. Germain – will take over my seat in the Order of To-bi-wah. He will be one who – how to say – comes to you in so many different ways, and also will be assisting me – yes, I have some special help – will be assisting me from his side of the veil. But dear friends, you have me at least for another few years to work with.

So, Kuthumi comes in on this day and is very active with all of your energies right now. He is literally going to every one of you, even those who are online who are not here physically, but who are here energetically. And he is doing some – how to say – very profound energy moves with you right now that you may feel in different ways. You may feel it in a little bit of – how to say – grogginess… yes, that is the correct word… grogginess after you leave here or a bit of disorientation. And he asks you to again just breathe in, and you will maintain a balance, but yet still be able to expand. This is all being done by agreement, something that we have been setting up now ever since our last meeting with you to help facilitate some of these changes now.

So, we ask you to welcome the presence of dear Kuthumi.

Dear friends, let us take a look for a moment here to the energies of Earth right now. Some very, very interesting things are happening on Earth all around you, even within you. There are energy events that are being caused by – how to say – some of the cosmic things that are taking place. Indeed, in the next few days you will have this transit of Venus passing between the Sun and the Earth. This is, by itself, simply a mathematical event for the most part that occurs on periodic basises because, as planets orbit the Sun, as they are all held together in a certain pattern, there are certain time periods when this comes up.

And you will be seeing this in the next few days when there is an eclipse caused by Venus passing between Earth and the Sun. (The actual event occurred on June 8, 2004.) But there is an important delivery of energy that will take place that goes beyond the simple mathematical or scientific event. During this short process, during the eclipse, even if you do not see it, there is going to be a very bold potential change for those who are willing to embrace it and bring it into their lives. It has to do with a shift in perception of two very key ingredients of human qualities, so to speak.

The first is the potential shift for you individually – if you should choose it – in your perception of finances and money, and how you bring these things into your life. With this whole energy dynamic of Earth and Venus and the Sun is a perfect time for us to help facilitate this change. That is why Kuthumi comes in once again to help you shift between the worlds, to shift your thinking, Shaumbra, of money, of finances. If there is any place in particular you have a very focused third dimensional concept, it is about how you bring money into your life. It is time to change that.

As, we have said to you over and over, we want you to be abundant. You perceive abundance to come in through only very specific channels – a regular job, regular work you do. You see that many times you are limited to a job that pays $15 an hour. So, you calculate how many hours that you can work in a year, and that is your level of abundance. And you hold yourself within that. Most of you do not even perceive yourself to be in a job that would pay $500,000 in a year. Most of yourselves do not perceive money coming in from something that isn't a job, something that you are not working for. You think you are limited to a specific career path, or an hourly payment.

So, during this time of transit with Venus – with the facilitation of Kuthumi – we are going to help those who are willing to begin a major shift in your perception, your consciousness, and reality of money. It may hurt a bit (audience laughter). In a sense, this might be like a big celestial spanking that we are going to give you (more laughter) – with your permission – because you have found yourself so locked into this whole area.

This is caused by many lifetimes of vows of poverty. It is caused by, basically, a perception of your own limitations. YOU think you are limited. You forget that you are the Masters. Then, you try to create the abundance and the money through hard work, and you wear your damn bodies out (more laughter), working and working at multiple jobs, thinking that the more you abuse your body, the more money perhaps it will bring.

Or, you believe that money is manifested through the mind. It is not. It is not because someone is smarter than the other. We look at some of the – how to say – the leaders and the wealthy ones, and ones who are at the heads of corporations. And they are not so very smart at all (more laughter). It is now working against them.

We look at this group of Shaumbra, and smart, when we talk about smart, we are talking about your wisdom, what you have learned and your ability to put it into play in a reality. It is not about taking some IQ tests. The sooner that IQ tests are released from your school system, from your education, the better. That has been one of the most limiting and devastating tools that are used these days. The energy is very imbalanced. So, it has nothing to do with IQs. It is about spiritual wisdom. It is about knowingness. And it is about allowing yourself to once again fully open up.

So, we are going to work with you. We are going to continue this work on the abundance and on the finances at your upcoming gathering. We have been having a wonderful time working with one of your speakers who knows how to bring abundance in, who has worked with Kuthumi for longer than she cares to ever remember. So, we will be onstage with her as she delivers her message at our upcoming Shaumbra gathering in this wonderful place of Santa Fe. The work will continue from there. It’s not that you have to be there to understand. She will find such an overwhelming reaction to her work that it will cause her to look at many different things.

So, this time now of the transit of Venus will bring an energy potential change for you – for you – that will occur not just because these planets are aligning, but because other energies are right as well. We have to make a point here – it is not just because of Venus coming into transit that causes these changes. We just find it to be a wonderful opportunity in working with all the energies of Venus, indeed, and all of your energies. So, it is you creating the event. It is just that we are helping to choose the timing with Venus.

So, what else would be important now for this rapid change, this very quick change in your life, at this time of the Venus energy? It would be about love in your life – love in your life – and about how to get out of Old concepts, and Old relationships. Kuthumi is going to help you to understand how you can walk between the worlds. You can live on Earth as a human where you are expected to have a mate, where you are expected to have love relationships. That is going to help you to understand love from some different perspectives, as well.

It is going to begin with the love of yourself, and this is where some of you may feel the most intense pressure – yes, love for yourself, how you have neglected who you are – and this ties into how you have even forgotten who you are. You’ve forgotten how to love yourself.

Somehow, somewhere it was painted that loving yourself is not right. It was painted as a negative, rather than a positive. So, in addition to now coming out of the closet about who you are, we are going to be asking you to come out of the closet in terms of remembering how to love yourself, learning how to love yourself also in a whole New Energy way.

There is a reversed polarity and energy, if you would call it that, of loving thyself. It has been taught over and over again that you should not do that, that it is tied into the ego, that it is imbalanced. Dear friends, nothing could be further from the truth! Why wouldn’t you want to love yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to love yourself first and foremost? When you do, you can understand what it's like to love another.

A person who hates himself and professes to love everyone else, is just a “suck up.” (lots of audience laughter) They are trying to find their own love for themselves by projecting it into others, by pretending to love others. And we see that they do not really do that. They are just pretending to love others. They are desperately seeking to find love for themselves through someone else. They won't look inside for it. So, they try to project it. They try to pretend with everyone that they are loving them, desperately though searching underneath for real love, genuine love.

You’ve seen them. You’ve met them. Some of you have been them (more laughter) in the past. But you now are able to see the imbalance in those ones who profess to love everything, but yet when it is turned on them, they cannot handle the light of love.

So, with Kuthumi coming in now to do some work of energy shifting and shaping, he is also going to come into your face about remembering to love, and now loving yourself in a whole New way.

So, expect, dear friends – if you are willing – expect some interesting energies coming in for you in these next weeks of time. Take a look and feel. Be aware this whole time. We have the energies on one side of shifting perceptions of love, as well as shifting perceptions of money. So, a very interesting balance!

Some of you may be feeling pushed to the edge during this time, beyond your comfort level. Take a deep breath, and understand you are just going through a process. You are releasing some very Old core perceptions on some very Old realities. You will have tremendous guidance from our side during this time. You will be doing the work. But you will have tremendous guidance. As we said, Kuthumi will appear to you, make himself known to you during your waking hours. He will be the one that comes to you with the golden cashmere robe.

So, dear friends, there are many other interesting events on Earth right now. There are the energies of two comets that are in play right now with the Earth’s electromagnetics. These are not – how to say – some high-profile comets. They are visible. You will be able to see them. They came unexpectedly. Scientists did not see them coming, and suddenly they were there. We wonder how that happens! (some audience laughter)

These two comets are deliverers of energy, literal New Energy. It has been – how to say – energy that you have been working on. We told you a while back that it was coming in. But it was not playing into your reality yet. It wasn't coming into your everyday life. It is now being – how to say – the facilitation of these energies is being brought in with the comets. The comets will come and go, but they will leave behind the beginnings of true New Energy in your life, not just held in some other realms, but now coming into your life.

These two comets also have to do with this whole shift that is taking place in the perceptions of love and money. All of these things are happening because you have created it, Masters. You have asked for it. You have felt the time was right.

While all of this is happening, the overall energies of duality on Earth are swinging back and forth. The pendulum is building up great momentum right now on Earth. It is causing stress and duress in many people who are still so firmly based in duality. It is causing world events to take on a whole new type of energetic dynamic. It is causing – how to say – some shakeups in Old institutions.

The pendulum will continue to gain momentum between now and September 18th, 2007. Don’t let it throw you out of balance. It is just the duality world doing its thing. You can maintain a safe energy. You don't have to have the pendulum arm hit you and throw you way off.

But you will continue to see what appears to be some very crazy things happening on Earth, erratic – how to say – activities in areas that have been – how to say – dormant for quite some time, quiet for quite some time, all of a sudden having a whole new type of conflict between the energies, and, as we have talked about before, some Earth changes itself. But those are far less than what had been predicted.

You will see a craziness at times around you. And particularly, as you are in a more safe and balanced energy, everything tends to look a little crazier anyway (some laughter). We ask you to understand that, to allow these activities. We ask you to understand that you don't have to get caught up in them. But you can have great compassion for them.

The electromagnetics of Earth are literally changing right now. There has always been a type of – how to say – a type of rhythm of the electromagnetics, a dance. There has been a particular strength of the electromagnetics. And those are all changing right now. What used to be isn't anymore. People are feeling that from their body and in their mind, particularly in their mind, for so much of the consciousness is held in the electromagnetics, and as those change, it affects the mind which is the – how to say – interpreter of consciousness.

There are indications in the scientific community that all of the energies of Earth are changing, going into a state of flux, not sure how to act anymore. This thing that is used to measure the pulse of Earth, the Schuman resonance, has been fairly stable and steady for nearly 2000 years – a very interesting timetable, by the way. It started changing 2000 years ago. It is the frequency – or what is measured in hertz, or cycles – of the vibration of consciousness of Earth. That includes humanity and Gaia.

It has been changing for 2000 years, but now in just the past six months it has been going crazy. It has not been following any predictable type of chart. For so many yours it was steady. It started changing 2000 years ago. About now 14 years ago of time, it began to rise quickly. It had always been measured at about approximately 7.5 cycles. It then began rising over these last 14 or 15 years to the point where it was about 13.5 hertz on an average. It does change from time to time. Now, it is going back and forth between 7.5 and as high as 80 hertz. It is fluctuating rapidly. The overall average is increasing in what is called a – how to say – a “hockey stick” type of progression.

And many people are having a difficult time adjusting to this. The body and the mind both tie into this frequency of Earth and consciousness – what is called the Schuman resonance – they are tied into it. The Earth and body are also tied into the overall electromagnetic strength and orientation. These are changing right now.

The magnetics of Earth are changing. The magnetics are diminishing. There is not nearly as much magnetic hold on Earth as there was 10 years ago or 20 years ago. It has continued to change very rapidly. But it won't just reduce itself. There will be days where it will intensify itself. It will go back and forth, creating a very unusual pattern, if you were going to chart this out.

And by the way, dear Shaumbra, all of this can be observed through data collected by your governments. It is all observable data, scientific data.

So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance, all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality, you see. And now they are changing.

Many people cannot handle this in their body or mind. They do not understand what is going on. You, Shaumbra, have a different understanding. You have gone through the difficult changes. You are no longer tied into the mass consciousness. You can still feel the changes in your body and in your mind at times. But you are not dependent on it anymore. That is why we asked you quite some time ago, “Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?” so that we could take you out of those energies, so that you are not so dependent on the electromagnetics of Earth for balance and adjustment, so you didn’t have to depend on the cycles of Earth to hold your balance. You allowed yourself to leave a while back.

So, we bring this up to help you to understand all of the things that are going on in the world around you. They are not sure – other people and animals, and even trees – are not sure how to find their balance anymore because it is changing.

If you take a group of birds, for instance, they are tied into “bird” energy, the “bird” mind. Indeed, and this “bird” mind is not the mind that is inside the physical body. It is not the brain, for the bird brain is quite small actually (lots of audience laughter regarding Tobias’ play on words here around the derogatory word “birdbrain” for a person who is not very smart), as you know. That was Kuthumi’s joke, not mine (more laughter). And it was a good one for his first time (more laughter).

The brain inside a bird, for instance, is quite small. They do not need to process large amounts of information in the brain. It is meant as a very small storage device for data that is used on an ongoing basis while they are on Earth. What they do is they tie into an electromagnetic energy, a frequency, that would be called “bird” frequency.

You wonder why they can fly – many hundreds at a time – fly together in a formation. It is not that they have little cell phones and talk to each other (more laughter). They are connecting on the electromagnetic “bird” frequency. And they all tune into this. And when the bird frequency says, “Shift a wing this way or shift that way,” they all shift. They are simply responding to “bird” frequency. They do not need a massive brain to store information because they are getting it on the outside.

It is the same with most wild animal forms. They tie into the frequency of their species. It is that way also with the plant life. They tie into frequencies of their species. Trees talk to each other, communicate through the electromagnetics. Your body does this also. The cells and the molecules talk to themselves on certain frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies that allow communication. It does not require a brain.

Dear Shaumbra, there is a frequency here also, a spiritual frequency, that you are helping to create. It is called the “Shaumbra” frequency. It is not a typical electromagnetic energy that surrounds Earth. It is a multi-dimensional type of frequency. It is not very often that humans in general tie into any of these other types of frequencies.

The humans have learned how to contain themselves within their own biological unit. They rely heavily on the mind and the body. They ignore the communications echo that goes on between the body and the mind or within the body itself. But they do not communicate with each other on these other types of frequencies.

So, we have been working with you, Shaumbra – you have been working diligently – to help build this New type of – “frequency” would be the best word indeed – Cauldre was questioning us here – a New type of frequency that is part electromagnetic. It is part – how to say – spiritual magnetic. It is part cosmo-magnetic – or cos-metic, as you might call it (audience laughter). And that was my joke! (more laughter)

So, you are starting to create this frequency that you will all be able to tap into and use it to communicate better with each other. Use it even to communicate with other humans when they allow themselves to be tapped into it. This type of frequency is not resident here on the Old Earth. It is being created and maintained on the New Earth. It is being provided as a type of direct link between the Old and the New for those of you who choose to go to the New Earth after you leave this physical body so you can easily communicate and connect with the Old Earth.

So, dear Shaumbra, there is much, much going on here in the energetics of Earth and all around you, all leading up to this event in 2007, the quantum leap, the day of September 18th, when nothing much will happen (some laughter), but everything after that changes drastically.

So, during this time we want you to be very aware of everything going on in and around you. We want you to observe and to feel and to listen because you are now going multi-dimensional, because you are learning to process information, not just in your brain, but in your divine center, as well as now this whole new type of Shaumbra frequency. We want to you to listen and to be aware in every part of your being.

The answers are generally going to be very, very simple to the point sometimes where you even doubt the answer that you get for yourself. When you ask, when you observe your body, for instance, the answers are quite simple. You already truly know what to do. You simply are not so sure.

The answers about what to do with your own career, your own relationships, are right there for you. Observe. The answers are right there, right there for you. You know what to do. You simply sometimes fear doing it. You wonder about how it will turn out. You wonder about the effects of your decisions. Don't worry about that. Make the decision, and all of the other pieces come into play.

You create these scenarios sometimes when you have to make a decision. You fear the worst, and then you block yourself because of that. Make a choice in your being in this Now moment. All of the elements then come into play for you. But if you never make that choice, the elements can never work for you. It is that simple.

Be aware of what is going on in the world all around you. It is changing, but it is not bad. There is a tendency to judge it and to sometimes be ashamed of your own humanity, be ashamed of your fellow humans. We want you to be so very aware of energy movement right now. Don't judge it. Simply be aware. Be aware of those who are transitioning over to our side – why they are doing it – the answers are really quite simple. Sometimes you try to find the answers deep, deep, deep within your brain. You don’t need to go there. The answers are right on the surface now for you.

Be so very aware of what is going on in your body. And again, as we have said, “Throw out the rules and the diets.” Listen to your body. It knows how to communicate. It knows how to talk to you and to itself. It won’t speak necessarily in human words, in a human language. It will speak to you in knowingness. It will speak to you on the Shaumbra frequencies.

So, be very aware now in these coming months of what is really happening out there and within your own biological being.

So, we’ve had fun here in our opening, watching Kuthumi go out to all of you, reminding you first of his energies, but also preparing you for some of the work here. It gave us an opportunity to chat for a bit.

Now, before we actually get into the meat (audience groans and laughter) – some of you thought that – how to say – we were coming to an end (more laughter). But the rest of it is truly quite short.

I would like to tell a bit of a story. It has been a while since I have shared a story. I would like to dedicate this story to my wife who I had in the days of Tobias so many years ago, to Anna and to her energy. And I will call this story “Anna the Fighter.” And while I will dedicate the energy to her out of love and humor, it is not a literal story about her. But she understands, and I have spoken to her before this gathering if I could share this story. The story is also all of yours. And the story has implications on what is going on right now in your lives.

Anna was an angel, much like all of you who chose to come to Earth and to take on a physical body and to go through many, many lifetimes – we won't go through all of them today – who chose to go through many lifetimes on Earth. And like so many of you, she learned that she had to adjust on this place of Earth and this thing called the physical body to the very heavy and harsh energies of duality.

Particularly, in the days of Atlantis, Anna had great desires and ambitions. And she discovered that in dealing with the inherent energies of Earth – the plus and the minus, or the yin and the yang – that in order to accomplish what she wanted to do – and eventually did do – she had to be a fighter. She had to be tenacious. She had to battle for what she felt was right. She had to battle for her share, literally and figuratively.

In the days of Atlantis, in particular, Anna was in the Temples of Tien with us. Part of her responsibility was to work with the outsiders, to work with the organizations, and the types of governments, and the groups of Atlantis, and in the end days, to work with those who were seeking to consume or to overthrow all of Atlantis. And Anna learned to become a wonderful fighter, fighting for the rights of those of us who were in the temple, and ultimately fighting for those who were being persecuted by the energies of Azura, who was trying to – how to say – take over all things.

But dear friends, this quality of being a fighter continued with Anna, even into the lifetime when I was married to her, the lifetime as Tobias. She was a dear and loving wife. She ran the household. She truly, truly wore the pants in the family (audience laughter).

If it wasn't for her, I may have drifted off and never come back. If it wasn't for her, I would probably have been locked up in that lifetime for being a bit of a lunatic, for I liked to conduct orchestras without any musicians being there (more laughter), as I am still wont to do. Yes, I had a bit of an orchestra in my own imagination going on all of the time. And we would compose music, and we would play it simply for me.

So, Anna was indeed quite the fighter, and she helped – how to say – keep our household straight. She helped to keep me straight in so many ways. And she would tell people that instead of being a lunatic I was simply brilliant and to look past some of the eccentric behaviors that I had. So, she was also a fighter at home. And – how to say – we had many arguments with each other during our lifetime together, sometimes disagreeing quite – how to say – passionately.

She brought these qualities of fighting and surviving to particular good use when I, Tobias, was blinded by the dung of a bird in my eyes. And at that time, I could no longer travel for the king. I could no longer be the buyer. I could no longer provide for my family.

So, the energy of Anna who was the fighter and the survivor rose up. And she quickly began doing business with the royalty. Even though we were Jewish, she began doing business for the royal ones, doing the sewing and the weaving that would bring the money into the family, and keep food and a bit of wine on our table. So, this energy of being the fighter and the survivor truly came forward.

Anna is on Earth at this point, indeed not one that most of you know, not – how to say – but she is on Earth, and we have a delightful relationship at this time.

So, dear friends, her energy, this energy of the fighter continued and she relied on it more and more – if this sounds familiar to any of you – she relied on it in so many lifetimes in Europe, in the days of wars, but also the days of – how to say – royalty trying to stab each other in the back in the royal courts, which took place more often than not. She was quite the fighter.

And she came into this lifetime on Earth where she now lives again with that tenacious survivor energy. She came in as Shaumbra. She came in choosing to expand her own spiritual energy, to move outside of duality. And she tried to use her fighter/survivor energy to battle her way through this whole thing called duality, battle her way into the New Energy – if that sounds familiar to any of you.

She tried to battle things in her mind and in her body. And in the process, she truly wore herself out. Even as close as she and I have been, it was very difficult to communicate with her in this lifetime. But her battles were so intense – her battles in relationships and in jobs and in all aspects of her life, but particularly in her spiritual journey, trying to battle her way through, trying to battle the dark side within herself, as we have spoken about in our last gathering, trying to battle her way through her mind.

What happens, dear Shaumbra, was that all of this energy intensified so much that she finally was in an automobile accident and came very close to coming back to me on this side. She was in a hospital for quite a period of time. She was recuperating and had to rely on others to serve her and to bring her the medications and the food. She had to rely on others to empty her bedpan. She had to rely on them for every little thing. Her fighter/survivor energy couldn’t do anything. Even when she was convalescing at home, she had to rely on others to take care of her.

And while she tried to bring back her fighter energy, it simply wouldn't do. She found out that it would throw her healing process off, that her body would go into a relapse, and she would get sicker every time she brought the fighter energy back in. She found that she offended other people with the fighter energy when she brought this in as well. She found out within her own body and her mind and her spirit that she could no longer bully her way through things.

She discovered something beautiful one night literally here when Kuthumi came to her because I could not seem to get through. He came to her, and she saw and felt the overwhelming goldenness that came from Kuthumi. And she listened. She listened. Kuthumi helped to guide her in a very simple principle, but one that is profound, one that wants to go to work for you right now. It is so simple. It doesn’t require any effort. It is stress-free.

And the principle is that ALL ENERGY SEEKS RESOLUTION. Every bit of energy within you and around you from your past and the Now moment seeks resolution.

You say, “Dear Tobias, we waited to hear this?” But it is so simple and so profound. Your body wants to heal itself right now. It really truly does. But it can't do it if you are interfering, if you are trying to dictate and demand, if you are being Anna, and you are trying to fight your way through an imbalance, if you are trying to think your way through it.

It naturally wants to find resolution and balance. Every bit of energy wants resolution, wants balance, and then wants to expand. Imagine that simple principle going to work for you in your life, in your body, in your mind. Oh, those energies in your mind, they want to be balanced. They want resolution to any conflict that’s in there. They want it more than you want it. Every bit of energy in your personal life wants resolution.

All of the energies want to come back together in a New Energy way. They seek it. They will do it naturally if you allow it to happen. If you maintain yourself in a safe space, you stop fighting your way through, you become the observer of how every bit of energy finds resolution, wants resolution. Every bit of energy seeks balance. The dark does not seek to overcome the light, or vice versa. They seek to come to a new understanding and then expand into the New Energy.

Every aspect of yourself from the past seeks resolution. They do not have to be forced or pushed or coerced or tricked. They seek resolution.

We talked earlier about finances, money in your life, the imbalance right now of energies within you. The imbalances of energies of abundance seek resolution. They want it desperately. You are the only thing standing in the way – you, thinking that you have to control every bit and piece; you, having the Anna energy of wanting to battle and struggle. Your entire being wants abundance. It wants to expand the abundance.

Your entire being wants the mental balance where you do not have to be on these drugs, where you don't have to go to counselors every week. Even the parts of you that are the most – how to say – insidious and play the biggest tricks are only doing it because they want a re-balance. They don't know how else to get your attention, so they do it in some of the craziest ways; your mind talking to you in the craziest possible way. It simply wants balance.

All energy seeks resolution, balance, and then expansion.

The dark doesn’t want to be left out in the cold any more than the light does. The energy of love within yourself doesn't want to be ignored anymore. It is so easy, Shaumbra, particularly when you are in the consciousness that you are in. Particularly when you are moving into the New Energy, it can be so easy.

We are going to ask a special favor here. We are going to ask for a special thirteen-minute safe energy resolution session at your upcoming Shaumbra gathering in Santa Fe, led by the one who carries the energy of Quan Yin, led by the Master of Breathing. Only thirteen minutes this year (audience laughter; the previous year’s conference involved a much longer breathing session). You’ve gotten that much more powerful. It will be the breathing, but it will be just sitting in a safe space together where you are not doing anything, you are not having to push the elements or demand from them or beg from them; where you can just be in a safe space and allow the energies to naturally rebalance themselves.

Do you know, Shaumbra, the most effective and potent healing technique that you can use with each other – two humans sitting with each other quietly, one holding the energy and one allowing the re-balance to take place. No waving of hands, no pushing of energies, no doing gyrations, no chanting, incantations, anything else. Simply being in the safe space.

All energy wants to find resolution. Any imbalance that's within you wants resolution. By sitting in the safe space for a few minutes, you allow this to happen. Certainly, you will feel some things happening within you as energy comes to a new balance. You will feel changes in your biology and your mind.

Sometimes your system will have to dump and flush things that no longer serve it. Sometimes you’ll go through some interesting physical processes. And Cauldre is verifying here also – yes, particularly the flu-like symptoms that the doctors scratch their heads over, and then they give you all sorts of medications there… too many. Your body is simply adjusting. It is releasing things that no longer serve it. The elements are coming back together.

Energy naturally seeks resolution. The dark and the light don't want to fight. The masculine and the feminine don't want to be at odds with each other. The up and the down don't want to miss each other.

Dear friends, all of the energy seeks resolution. It doesn't come back into this – how to say – a simple state of oneness. It comes back into a state of “multiple-ness,” but balanced and wanting to expand. It is very simple. It is one of the things we ask you NOT to make complex. It is very simple.

You can practice it in this Now moment we sit in together. Let your body and your mind come into balance. They want to. Every cell within your being wants to be balanced, healthy, vital, and energized. In the safe energy it can happen.

So, dear Shaumbra, that is our simple message on this day. That, and as you allow the energies to come back into balance, as they have their resolution, it is yet one more opportunity to have that imagination opened, to be able to see beyond this 3-D thing that you live in, see beyond, see all of the other realities, see a greater potential for life; life here on Earth; life on the New Earth. A potential that goes far beyond simply living in a physical body for 80 or 90 years. A potential that encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical. A potential that you all have of being in body, but also in spirit.

You are helping to create this. You are helping to make this. Kuthumi comes in now to facilitate this multi-dimensional experience that you go into. Be so very aware of everything in you and around you.

We asked – how to say – Cauldre to volunteer for an experience recently with the imbalance to give him understanding and empathy, to help him understand what it is like – how to say – to freak out when the body changes. We are not saying that it is wrong to see a doctor. It is always good to double-check.

But check with yourself first. Ask yourself why are you going through this experience. What is happening within you? Check with us on our side. Indeed, check with your medical professionals if you feel that it is appropriate, for they often have good insights and particular wisdom as well. And you will find – as did Cauldre – that they can be in the New Energy also.

So, dear Shaumbra, it has been a delight being with you here. In just a few days we will have this transit. We will be delivering this little energetic spanking for you (some laughter) to help you shift, to do this shift of these Old issues of finances and love. And then we will move on from there. Some of you still may see the – how to say – the end part of the comets that have been close to Earth, that have delivered such an incredible energy. Some of you may be able to see it through your telescopes and such. They are here delivering all of this energy at this appropriate time for you.

We look forward to our gathering of Shaumbra next month. Oh, we are preparing here. We are even baking our special chocolate chip cookies just for you (some laughter). We will have quite a cast that will be joining you there, many guests that will come in. And once again, we are going to ask for a thirteen-minute period of allowing energies to come back into balance. When there are hundreds of Shaumbra gathered in a room, and tens and tens and thousands tied in energetically online, when we all sit in this safe space and allow energies to come to resolution, we will cause tremendous change in you and tremendous potential for Earth itself.

Dear Masters, remember who you are. Remember why you chose to come here to Earth. Tell yourself this out loud. You know it. Channel to yourself. Sometimes you are afraid to say the words of who you are. Tell yourself. Look in the mirror and channel to yourself. Remember who you are, Masters, and why you are on Earth now, why you've chosen to stay here.

And so it is.