The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 9: "Imagination and the New God"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 3, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, dear teachers, that we gather together again. The energy has changed since our last gathering. You have changed. Ah, it always takes a bit of energy to get going here, for we truly love to just sit, be with you, and to share with you. We love hearing your laughter on this day, laughter over silly things (referring to lots of laughing earlier during the recap of last month’s material over a typo that Linda and Geoff turned into a hilarious interaction between them). We love feeling your love.

We love feeling that there is so much less suffering here now. It is changing, Shaumbra. It is changing. We can tell you this – even as we are, thoughts are coming through Cauldre, he is asking us for confirmation, but we can tell you this – the most difficult times are behind you. Indeed, they are (murmurs and then applause from the audience). We can see this energetically in you as individuals. We can see it as the energy of Shaumbra.

You have walked through the “dark night of the soul” and come out on the other side. You have crossed the Bridge of Swords – which is the release of your karma, release of your Old beliefs, release of your limitations. And you have come across that Bridge of Swords new and different.

Yes, indeed, there are still vestiges of the Old Energy. It does not happen overnight. This whole process we thought would take many, many lifetimes. But you have worked through it, and – how to say – in a sense, battled your way through it. And then you realized that battle should be no more within yourself or outside of yourself. You gave it your full passion. You gave it all of your energy. And then you’ve realized it was time to stop fighting yourself, time to stop struggling, to stop the suffering, and to be in this Now moment.

We love the word used earlier today by your announcer (referring to David McMaster), the one who carries the David energy. He says this is “the present moment,” for it is a present. It is a gift. It comes to you. The moment is a present, every moment.

You’ve learned to release your expectations in a dualistic energy. It was very difficult to let go of everything that you thought you were, to be who you truly are. That is why we say the most difficult part is over. There will be struggles and challenges because you live in a world of duality.

If you came back to our side now, you would not have to face these things. If you went to the New Earth to take up permanent residency – and every one of you here is entitled to it – you would not have the struggles of living in duality. But you are choosing to stay here so there will be the simple, irritating things that happen in your life (audience laughter).

As I, Tobias, said recently back in my land of Israel, one of the most difficult things I would be challenged with coming back to Earth in human form would be to put up with your traffic (more laughter). This is truly a sin of humanity. But in a sense, it is also a symbol of congestion that is happening in the energy. You are trying to go so fast, and then the energy is trying to slow you down.

Dear Shaumbra, there will be things like lost luggage. It happens, you know. We were asked the question recently why the luggage of a dear Shaumbra was lost, thinking there was a grand mystical reason for this, that Spirit was trying to tell this dear one something. The reason was that the energy of your airlines is very unbalanced (more laughter). Luggage gets lost. As you say, “Things happen”… (pause, with Tobias chuckling )… something like that (much laughter from the audience, knowing that Tobias is joking here and referring to the common American phrase, “Shit happens.”)

We are told that – how to say – those of us who are not in physical body are not supposed to swear. So, we are supposed to be spiritual (more laughter). If you could peek in on some of our discussions, some of the games we play here, you would be appalled (more laughter). We do have fun. We do drink a glass of wine, have a cigar. Yes, indeed, we play a bit of cards from time to time.

But dear friends, it is not like what you have, where you can actually taste the wine and feel it go into your biology. There is nothing like that, where you can actually touch another human, feel their skin and their energy. Nothing like it.

This whole journey of coming to Earth has a purpose and a meaning. There is a reason for it. It is to bring energy to life, to manifest it in matter, and to bring it to life.

Dear friends, when you left Home, you left because you knew that someday you would inherit the throne. This was given to you by the King and the Queen. God – All That Is – said to you, “Someday you shall inherit the throne.” So, you left Home to learn what it was like to be outside of Home, what it was like not to have a throne, what it was like to feel that you were simply mortal, simply limited.

You gave yourself the experience so that some day when you sat on the throne – meaning when you were a Creator, a full Creator in your own right – you would be dealing from a place of experience and wisdom. You would have had the experiences in your own life. You would have known the highs and the lows… for how could you inherit the throne without the complete understanding? So, you gave yourself this tremendous journey. You gave yourself all of these experiences so some day when you are a full, full Creator, conscious Creator in your own right, you will understand the implications.

To use a human analogy would be as if your family, your parents owned an empire of businesses. And you were their only child. And they said, “Someday this company – all of these companies and this grand wealth – will be yours.” You had enough wisdom to know that it would be important to leave the family for a while, to leave the comfort of this empire of businesses that they had. This was so you could discover what it was like on the outside, so you could leave all of that, so you could come to the realization that you are God also in your own right. This was so that some day – in this analogy – some day when you inherited the family fortune, the family empire, that you would have known what it was also like to be outside of it. You would have known that you had come to understand your own skills and talents, so it was not just taking over a company from someone else. You would have known that you would have developed your own wisdom. That is why you left Home.

Some day you will inherit the throne. You will be a Creator in your own right, dear Shaumbra.

Take a look for a moment, feel for a moment how far you have come in a very short time. You are different right now than you were a month ago. You are different than you were certainly a year ago. We had to talk to you different four years ago when we started together.

Sometimes we know you think this process is slow and tedious. And we can understand that. But take a moment. Feel who you are right now. Feel what you have learned on the inside. Don’t worry about the external right now but feel who you are now – the truth and the depth that you have now versus four years ago, or ten years ago. You are a different energy. You have a whole different consciousness.

Indeed, because you wanted all of this to go so fast, it was difficult at times. You felt that you were going out of your mind. And in a way, you have been. You’ve been getting away from this thing called the “mind.” You are different now.

Allow yourself this pleasure. Every once in a while sit back and feel who you are now. Feel where you have come from. Sometimes on a journey you have to look back to see how far you’ve truly come. When you only see the road in front of you, it doesn't seem like you’ve made much progress. But when you stop for a moment and reflect, look back, you see how far you’ve truly come.

So, Shaumbra, today in this Shoud, we will keep it short and sweet. Cauldre asks us to define short here (some laughter) – under two hours today! That is very short from our side. I, Tobias, have been talking quite a bit. And as you know, I can talk, and talk, and talk because it is such a delight to be here with you, to share all of this with you.

You have all worked very hard, particularly in this last month, even though – how to say – it wasn't necessarily difficult. There has been so much energy bursting forth from you ever since this moment where we talked about embracing and choosing life. Oh, the energies have been moving very fast within you and within the consciousness of humanity.

Shaumbra all around the world joined with us this past week, the week before, in the energies of our journey to Israel. We know you were there with us. Even if you weren’t there in body, you were there in spirit. We felt your love and your support. We felt that you were participating in this journey, in this adventure, and in this experience.

We moved much energy together. And we will talk about that in a moment. But we moved much energy. We created a potential. We placed this potential in the land and in the consciousness, a potential that has the potential, the ability, to affect humanity, to affect all of the consciousness. You were part of that, Shaumbra, because you added your energy and your identity, your consciousness, to what was done there.

There was a reason for being back there. It was more than just smelling the air, and tasting the food, and visiting my own land. There was a reason. We will talk about that in a moment.

Shaumbra – how to say – we do move to a new level with you. We move to a different level where you are more actively participating in what is done here. We move to a new level where we can go faster with you. We can together work with you to open up whole new areas of potentials, whole new areas of consciousness, things that you’ve only dreamed of before, things that perhaps you’ve never dreamed of. So, we are going to be moving faster.

We have spent four and some years working with you and helping to release Old Energies and Old beliefs. Now, we can get on with some of the more fun things, the more dynamic things, the more interesting things. You have gone through the toughest of times.

We ask you all to take a deep breath, Shaumbra, to feel the energies of our guest today. And there are two guests. Their energies are quite different. Again, it is not about trying to figure it out in your mind. It is simply about feeling the energies of those who come in today.

The first is so much an important part of the work that we are doing with you right now. Her energies were with us in the land of Israel. Her energies were here in our last gathering. She comes back again so we can move to the next level with you in using this creative imagination, the divine imagination in your life, applying it practically into your life. No more philosophy, no more – how to say – simple words of soothing and comforting, no more explaining to you why you are here. We move now into a more practical applicable energy with you.

So, indeed Myriam comes back in, closer even than a month ago, because you have all been working with her energy in the dreams and in reality. She comes in for another discussion about the imagination. Oh, we will be talking about this for some time. It is such a dynamic area. It is so much part of the Creator energy. It is time to put this into use in your life and to watch how it affects, not only you, but everything around you.

So, indeed Myriam is here, so happy, so happy to have been with us on our journey recently. Oh, she even got to go back to what was her old village, yes, indeed, and to celebrate, even though it was late in the day, even though the travelers who were with us were weary. They celebrated her life. They celebrated her energy with a toast of wine – medium quality at best (audience laughter), out of a paper cup – but it was from the heart. It was that this group would so honor her and so honor themselves that they would stop at the roadside as the sun was going down to toast her in her old village. So, she is thrilled to be here, thrilled to be back.

There is another guest on this day. We ask you to feel the energy and take a deep breath. Again, not to go to the mind, simply feel first. The thinking comes later. Feel first.

You see, so often we bring in guests who either have been in human form or still are… some still lingering. Our former guest, the Pope – you know, most of his spirit is not here anymore. His body is here, but most of his spirit has already gone on. They are – how to say – energetically holding him here, trying desperately to maintain this energy balance – the church is – at least through this time of 2007. They know they are trying to hold onto something that is Old that wants to go. Does that sound familiar, Shaumbra? It wants to go. The Pope truly wants to leave now, but they are, in a sense, doing ritualistic energies to hold him. What a shame. What a shame!

So often we bring in guests who have been in human form or are in human form. Our other guests have been archetypical energies, energies that are not – how to say – a specific human being, or even a specific angelic being. They are archetypical – archangel Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, so many of the others who we bring in, Metatron.

These are archetypical energies. They have their own persona. They have their own type of energy. But they are archetypical. They are here to work for you. They represent aspects of yourself. They represent support systems that you have created for yourself that you can call on. They are not – how to say – human-looking with wings, but they can appear to you that way when you need them.

Our guest today is neither an archetype – like what you would normally be used to – nor has this guest been in human form before. Our guest today comes in with Myriam. And this guest is a bit different. It is the energy of Truth. The energy of Truth comes in. There is no one Truth, so if you have been trying to identify the energy, if your mind has been trying to figure it out, and it could not seem to – how to say – place where that energy is, if it seemed to elude you, it is because the energy of Truth is constantly changing and evolving. In a sense, you could say anything and everything is Truth, but there are just greater dimensions and aspects of it that unfold in your life.

The energy of Truth comes in now because we are going to places that will require opening and expanding your consciousness to understand that there is a greater Truth than what sits before you, what is in material form, what can be quantified with mathematics, what can be – how to say – processed by a computer. We are going to an area of Truth that is far grander, but it is not limited. It is not limited.

It is always changing. So, understand, as we now bring in this energy of a New Truth, that it will change. A year from now it will be different, even six months from now it will be different.

But it is time to open up to a whole New Truth, to bring that into your life. It is YOUR energy of Truth. It is a potential that has been waiting to come in, waiting for you to feel that you are in the right place, waiting for you to feel that you had let go enough of the Old beliefs that you could bring the New Truth in. It is part of you. It is also part of all things.

We know we are talking – how to say – somewhat a bit vaguely here, so we ask you to breathe in and feel the energy of a New Truth, an expanded Truth, and a growing Truth.

Truth is not righteous in its pure state. It does not claim to be the ONLY way. It claims to be the way in the present moment.

Truth does not stand still. It is always moving.

Truth has clarity when you bring it into your life. It has clarity in THAT moment in your life, and you understand things in a New and different way.

Truth is balanced, you see.

Truth fits you like a suit that is well-fitted. But as you know, even a new suit of clothing eventually becomes old. It wears out. It becomes either too small or too large. The threads begin to fray. It goes out of style, you see.

Truth does change. It does go out of style. We told you at the beginning of this series and at the beginning of the previous one that even things that we talk to you about today, we may seem to contradict them in a year from now, because Truth is always changing.

Truth comes in as a guest today with Myriam. Truth asks you to be flexible, to allow change.

Ah, so often humans are afraid of change in their life. They get very comfortable in their own misery (some laughter) because they understand it. They can deal with it. Sometimes it is easier to stay in a miserable relationship because you know what’s going to happen the next moment. It will be miserable, but you know what’s going to happen (more laughter).

When you step outside of that relationship, you don't know what’s going to happen. You don't know if the rent can be paid. You don't know if you are going to be lonely the rest of your life. You don't know what’s going to happen to you, you see. So, humans tend to resist change.

This energy of Truth that comes in now, that is you. A potential you created comes in now. It wants flexibility. It wants the ability to express, and to change, and to grow. That is where we are going, Shaumbra – to some New places, to some New dimensions, to some New ways of understanding, and definitely to New ways of living.

Sometimes it – how to say – may frighten you. Sometimes you may need a break – how to say – a vacation. You may need to stop for a while, simply to assimilate everything New coming into your life. That is wonderful!

Just remember, dear Shaumbra, don’t try to hold onto the Truth, but let it become part of you, growing and flowing. Don’t try to be righteous about the Truth. Don't try to inflict it on others. Don’t try to own it.

The churches right now, the religions, the major religions of the world, are trying to own Truth, you see. They are trying to say, “This is the ONLY way.” It was a way of 2000 years ago, or 4000 years ago. It doesn’t mean it’s the way of today. There is so much misery right now, so much conflict on Earth, being caused by those who are trying to hold onto a Truth – to own it, to dole it out in bits and pieces – but to control it and to own it.

The Truth that you will learn in your life is not to be owned; simply to be, to be breathed in, to be brought to life, and be given freedom to.

So, we bring in this totally New Energy of Truth here. Some of you are asking, “Is the New Truth built upon the Old?” This is an interesting question.

“Why are I here?” (laughter over Tobias jokingly referring back to the funny interaction prior to the channel) The great questions from the minds of men and women!

Yes, indeed, the New Truth is built upon the Old, but again it is not linear. It is not – how to say – it is not limited to what you have learned in the past. The essence of everything that you have learned before, the Truths that you have embraced before, are part of this New Truth. But this New Truth goes beyond. Goes way beyond. It is not limited to what you have known before.

In a sense, we always say to you, “The future is the past healed.” The Truth is built upon a past, but it is healed, it is balanced. So, now it can flow in totally New directions. It is not limited to what you have known before.

So, dear friends, together with the energy of Myriam, let us breathe in a New Truth that is YOURS. You see, it is not coming from us. We are not mandating it. We are not defining it even. And we ask you not to. It is a Truth that you created individually, and as Shaumbra. It wants to come into your life now.

It was an honor and a delight for I, Tobias, to return recently to the land where I spent many, many lifetimes, including the lifetime as Tobias (saying Toe-BYE-us), Tobias (pronounced this time as TO-bee-us) or Tobit, whatever name you call me by. It was more than just going back to reminisce.

Indeed, I did feel – as we traveled around together – I felt the places where I had walked. Cauldre and I had many talks. Places that I had been before, in a sense, they looked the same. And in a sense, they didn’t look the same at all. The energy has changed drastically. The landscape itself is a bit different. There is more greenery than in my times. There are more trees and flower. The energy is different. It is heavy. It was almost painful, in a way, to be back there, to feel the conflict that has taken place over the ages.

It was difficult to be in the company of Shaumbra who live in the land of Israel and know that they have been holding an energy for so very long – for so very, very long – in service to you, in service to humanity. They have been holding an energy, waiting for the right time. We know they are tired. But yet there is so much love in their hearts, so much joy of service to Spirit and All That Is, holding the energy in this place. Many of them I have walked with in my time in Israel. And they are still there. I am back here.

The air was still the same. There is a sweetness. There is an aroma in the air. It is not just the oxygen. There is an energy that can be smelled in the air. And that is what I longed for.

As Cauldre mentioned earlier, it was a fulfillment of an agreement – not a contract but an agreement – between he and I to go back again. You see… you see, Cauldre – who was known back then as my son, as young Tobias – he and I had an agreement that we would go back to this land at the right time to do something with all of Shaumbra, with all of you.

We would go back and help to plant the energy, a potential to be available for others. We would go back to gather together with Shaumbra once again. We would go back to some of the holy spots, some of the sacred sites. We would go back to release an energy – two energies actually – that were in the land… literally, in the land.

Back when the Earth was first being formed, long before you had physical bodies, so many of you came here as angels and planted an energy into the Earth. The Earth held it for you. Gaia held it for you. In this place that you now know as Israel, very close to this – how to say – “Lake” of Galilee (some laughter over Tobias using Cauldre’s word to describe the Sea of Galilee), was placed an energy in the land. And it was the energy of the divine melding, the melding of the human and God together. It was a potential that was placed there, you see. It would come forth at the right time.

It was the energy of God walking on Earth as human, realized in material form. It was the energy where there was no separation anymore between the two. It was placed there so very long ago, waiting for the right time to come forth. Is it no wonder then that Abraham found himself drawn to the area, drawn to the land that was known as Canaan (pronounced as KAY-nen), Canaan (now pronouncing it as CANN-en), that he made his home there and that over millennia of time other groups have come there?

The churches of the Western world have emanated from that very spot. They started there. Yeshua walked there. The religious leaders all have been there as the Mecca for the Abrahamic religions – this very spot.

Oh, the land itself, there are more beautiful in the world, more beautiful places. But this land in Israel held the energies of a time when God could walk on Earth, a time of “You are God also.”

So many religions in the meantime have felt this energy and have tried to own it, tried to make it theirs. So many of them have camped out there. They have put their own energy holders there, from every aspect. Oh, indeed, even from the metaphysical, even from the New Age energy holders. But there are different types of energy holders. There are the energy holders that never want to let go of the Old way, that want to keep a lid on it, that want to place nails in the lid to hold it down, never to let it out. There are energy holders who are there, like Shaumbra, simply holding a balance, holding a balance in duality, so that these energies could come forth at the right time.

So, we went there are not so very long ago with Shaumbra – with so many of you energetically joining us there – so that we could release the Old Energies that were so attached to this place, so that we could let those energies have their freedom if they so choose. We also went there to – in a sense with a key – to open the doorway to allow this whole New Energy of divine human to flow now, to in a sense, ask Gaia to release those energies so they can be used by all of humanity.

You, Shaumbra, have been tapping into these for quite some time. You have been tapping into those energies that have been held in the holy land. But now you help to release these to open them up, to make them more available all over the world, to help them manifest easier for all who want to use them.

We went to this land, to revisit it, to place a New Energy there for those who want to embrace it, who choose to embrace it in the future. We went there to place an energy of a New God… you see.

It is time to let go of the Old God. The Old God, dear friends, is hanging on so tight, held there by humans who want to control, humans who are frightened, humans who do not understand there is a New Truth. So, we went there to proclaim in our own energetic way that it is time for a New God on Earth. You see, God is simply a reflection of human consciousness – that is all.

Do you realize that in the days of Atlantis we didn't even understand the concept of God? We didn’t have a God. If someone had come up to us and talked to us about God, we would have had no idea of what they were referring to. We were trying to find the source of life, the fuel that ignited all of life. But we didn't understand the concept of God.

In Atlantis we looked inside the human body to try to find the source of life, the fuel of life. Why? Why – so we could take it. We could take it out of somebody else's body and put it into our own. But it wasn't a spiritual thing. It was a very scientific thing. When we failed to discover it inside the body, then we started to think it must be out in the stars somewhere. We tried to find ways to bring it into us.

Religion as you know – the understanding of God as you know it – is really only some 6000 years old. Initially, as the consciousness of God started coming into humanity, there were many gods. There were gods of rain, gods of dirt, gods of the sun, of the moon, of everything. There were bird gods. There were monkey gods, every type of god you could imagine. It got very confusing, keeping track of them (some audience laughter). Then, it was a question of which god is stronger, which is bigger. And then there were wars between the gods, created in the minds of humans.

It wasn’t until the time of Abraham when – how to say – God talked to Abraham, and said, “There is just me, one God, that’s all. We don't have to have many gods. There is one.” It was really the consciousness of humanity talking to Abraham, saying that it is time to understand that God was within, that there is a oneness to God, that there are not all these separate gods fighting each other, vying for control. You see, that was human consciousness at the time. That is all consciousness could comprehend.

So, God came to Abraham, and said, “There is me. There is one.” And consciousness embraced it. Humanity embraced it. This drew together, once again, so many of what we call “the family of Hapiru,” the ones who are the Jews. They have been working on this concept, this understanding, long before humans ever came to Earth. So, they were drawn together, and there was one God then. The many gods seemed to disappear. They became one.

But then humans tried to control it and make it their God and their way. God became a man – a white man with a beard – and he was old, and he had a bad temper (audience laughter). One moment saying, “I love you. I love you so much.” And the next moment saying, “You will go to hell forever.” What kind of God is that? It was a God that supposedly gave all sorts of rules to Moses. Moses was not given rules or commandments. They were commitments from Spirit. But that is a whole other story.

Yeshua came to Earth to try to help others to understand that God is within. It is one. It is many. But it begins from within. From Abraham and all of the descendants and all of the energies in the area came many religions – the Christian religion, the Jewish religion, the Muslims, and many, many others – all claiming to have a truth about God, all claiming that if you didn’t follow this truth, God would send you to some terrible place.

Man created God, you see. The consciousness of humanity is God. It is time for that to change. It is time to go to a whole new level of Truth, Shaumbra. Some might call it blasphemy. Some might call it Satan. Some might fear because it has been so ingrained within humans – deep, deep ingrained this energy of God – that we have to hold on to the Old ways. We have to appease God. We have to worship God.

Now, Shaumbra, you have so much wisdom. Why would God need to be worshiped? Honoring yourself, loving yourself, having compassion for yourself, ah, that is the New consciousness of God.

It was time to go back to this area, Shaumbra. It was much more than a simple trip, going back with you energetically. So many of you were there during the time of Yeshua, even were there during the time of Moses and the time of Abraham. You’ve been following – you’ve been actually leading this whole thing. So many of you were there in the early days of the church with Peter. So many of you helped to start churches all over the world.

Some of you got tired of what you had started in the past, and started a whole new church, a whole new way. But it was just based on the Old Energy, the Old consciousness of God – God is male, God is punishing, God is separate, you see; always separate, living off there somewhere in the heavens, but not manifest here on Earth.

Shaumbra, OUR journey together, OUR agreement together – with I, Tobias, with the archangels, with you – was to go back there to release the Old understanding and the Old consciousness of God, to let that go. THAT consciousness has served its time. THAT consciousness needs to be let go now, for those who choose that.

It was time to go back there with each one of you, but in a New Energy of God, a New consciousness of God in all of humanity. And that is what we did together. We all went back there. We all participated in this.

It is time for a New God on Earth – a God that has compassion, a God that is living on Earth, a God that is no longer separate, a God that loves joy, a God that loves creating and expressing, a God that is imagination. Some of you ask now, you scratch your heads, and say, “But is God personal? Is there a singular God somewhere, perhaps off in the heavens in another dimension?”

That is a very difficult question to answer. It is like the question, “Why are I here?” (audience laughter) Yes, indeed, there is a – how to say – there is a singular energy of Spirit. And you connect with it all the time. But it has been kept distant and separate. It is part of you.

It is not a God who pulls strings, makes you dance like a puppet. It is not a God who has any rules at all. No rules. Can you live with no rules, Shaumbra? Your world is filled with them. People seem to need them desperately. They make more and more all the time.

On our side we're amazed at the new rules and the new laws that are created. Why? Oh, you say, “We have to control people.” When you try to control someone is when the problems start occurring. They rebel. You have rebelled, Shaumbra, every one of you. When rules were inflicted on you, you have rebelled.

Indeed, there is a God, but not like what you could possibly have imagined yesterday. Not the guy in the sky, not the Old Energy, certainly not judgmental, certainly without any rules. So, you say, “Well, how could God be tangible, if there are no rules, where it is all just this ‘lovey’ thing? Who’s controlling everything?”

There is an energy that transcends anything you could understand on Earth, an energy of – what you would call on our side – Truth. Feel it for a moment. It is not about laws. It is about Truth. There are many levels of it. It is not about control, for you don't need to have control when there is evolving Truth. You only have to have control when Truth is limited and suppressed.

There is an energy on our side and on yours. It is the New God, a New consciousness, a New Truth where all things are – how to say – in a flow. Where all things are balanced in their own way. Where all things want to be expressed. But it is NOT the Old God, the bearded guy on a big chair.

So, we went back there, Shaumbra, to let that Old Energy go. There are millions of human beings in this world right now that want to embrace life, that want to embrace a different type of God other than the ones that they are being subjected to. They understand at some part of their being that these religions don’t make sense anymore for them, that these religions fight with each other about who owns God, about what favors God will give. They understand it’s time to move on, but they don't know where to go.

So, Shaumbra, together we put an energy potential in the holy land for a New God. Sounds pretty incredible! And it was, it was indeed! We did it quietly. We did it with honor for all who hold onto any beliefs that they still hold onto. But we put a potential there for the seekers, for the ones who are looking for a New Truth, for the ones who are lonely in their lives because they have not felt the presence of Spirit within, the ones who have not been satisfied with the rhetoric and the dogma, the ones who know it is time to move on.

As we told the group of Shaumbra who gathered there, the energies will escalate now in this land, in the homeland. We are not going to make any prophecies here. We are not going to say exactly what will happen, other than the energies have accelerated tremendously. It depends now what humans choose. Do they choose conflict, or resolution?

From our perspective we can see right now, dear friends, that there is – how to say – there is so much that could happen here. It will happen fast. It will cause the attention of the world, the consciousness of the world, to be focused there.

And when the consciousness of the world is focused on the land of Israel, then something will come from the hearts of people all over the world, especially people in Israel. It will cause such an outpouring of compassion and love that it will once again change the consciousness of humanity, once again move everybody to a New understanding, a New wisdom; perhaps even a day when you don't have to learn through war, when you don't have to learn through disease anymore; perhaps a day when there is no more karma or sin on Earth.

So, it was incredible work that you did, Shaumbra. It was incredible work that those who are in the land of Israel are doing, have been doing for lifetimes, holding in the energy. And we told them – when we were there – they can release the land now. They can let go. They don't have to be the holders of the energy anymore.

Now, the energies are moving. They are flowing. They can choose to stay there. They can choose to go anywhere. They are free.

So, we did fulfill an agreement that we all had together. And now it is time to move to a New level. Now, it is time to speed things up a bit.

So, let us now talk about imagination, such a wonderful thing. Imagination is one of the base energies in the New Energy. You are using it on a regular basis on the New Earth. The New Earth is being created through your imagination. But the wonderful thing is now you have the experience of having been in human form, in matter. So, you can now – how to say – bring in those energies through the imagination to the New Earth.

As we have said before, you can be on the New Earth, and you can manifest a physical body when you want to do things like have sex, make love. What a finer way to do it than to have a physical body in which to experience it! You can create the human body on the New Earth when you want to enjoy a fine meal. Wouldn’t you want to exercise and feel the body at its best? But when you don't choose to have the human body, you can release it. And you're just then energy, or spirit.

But you are creating the New Earth through your imagination by melding all of these energies together. You can also begin to use the imagination here on Earth.

Let us talk about the very simple process. Again, the imagination does not come from the brain. It does not come from a specific place in the body. We do not want people to start writing, saying, “The imagination is all contained in your left toe.” (some laughter) Humans have a tendency to do that. The imagination is an inherent part of your energy, but a part that has been shut down for so very long.

In a way, your imagination is like your dream state; however, your dream state tends to be very etheric, very – how to say – unstable at times. But for the sake of our discussion here, think of your imagination as a dream state. We are not trying to put logic to it. You are dreaming while you are fully present in the Now moment in a human body. But you are allowing yourself to dream – to visualize, envision, have vision of – all of the potentials. So, in a sense, you could say your imagination energy goes out and plays with potentials. But it doesn’t try to define them and limit them.

You have the potential, for instance, of a certain type of work you want to do, many potentials – the potential of staying in the job you're in now, the potential of being unemployed, the potential of creating your own business, the potential of being an energy worker, the potential of writing books or music – all of these various things, like a dream. Go out and play in as many of them as you want. Feel the energy.

Go off and play with the energy, the dream, or the imagination of what it is like to write a book. Feel it. Don’t try to define it. Feel what it is like to share your inner experiences through the word with others. Feel what it is like to express yourself on paper. Feel what it is like to have a pair of other eyes read your words and feel your energy. Allow your imagination to connect all the way through here. Feel what it is like to have them connect with you through this book that you wrote. Dream it. Have vision of it and feel it.

Now, go over to another potential here, the potential of being unemployed. You don’t like your job. You want to leave. You know it's time to leave. So, you set up through your imagination the potential to get fired (some laughter). Oh, yes, feel it for a moment. Feel what it is like to be released from your job that you may not like. Feel what it is like to have no job, nothing, no reason why you have to get up in the morning. Feel what it is like to have time to yourself. Feel what it is like to simply be with yourself now.

Now, as you see what happens here, your human mind is running into these things. “But how am I supposed to have money? How am I going to pay the bills? How am I going to find another job? Spirit, Spirit, what do you want me to do?” We want you to dream, indeed.

Feel what it is like to have released an Old Energy job. It creates, in a sense, a void to allow the New to come in. You don't have to worry about defining the particulars here. We are asking you to feel the energy. This is dreaming. This is dreaming.

Go to another potential here of creating your own business. And right away the mind jumps in, and says, “But I don't know anything about running my own business (some laughter). How do I even fill out tax forms? What do I need to do?” You see, you have put a limitation on yourself right away.

Allow yourself to dream now of starting your own business. Ah, you have let yourself dream this before, haven’t you? And then you didn't think it would work – THINK it would work. You didn’t allow yourself to fulfill and go through this dream.

Just because you’re dreaming it doesn't mean you need to choose it. You are simply exploring potentials. This is the imagination at work, exploring potentials.

At some point you make a choice of a potential. You say, “Oh, I like this potential here of being unemployed. It feels good for a while. I like that – sleeping late, spending time with myself. I’ve gotten so separated from who I am.” So, dear friends, at that point you have dreamt it, and you have made a choice.

Again, here is another point where Shaumbra has a difficult time. They don’t want to make a choice. They want it made for them, by someone else, or something else.

Remember that – when you used to wonder what your guides were telling you to do? They never did! (audience laughter) You created that. The guides were there to hold an energy for you, to keep a balance. They never told you what to do.

So many Shaumbra are afraid to make a choice. They think that Spirit has an agenda for them, has something, a destiny already mapped out. No, Shaumbra, it is up to you. What choice do you make? How would you like to embrace life?

Embrace unemployment for a while. The funny thing happens in here is you add your energy to it. You embrace it. You bring it in. You find that the company gives you a severance package that you never thought was going to be there. That employment kicks in in so many countries of the world. Perhaps friends ask you to do jobs that don't take all of your energy, that don't – how to say – brutalize your energy where you may be only working a day or two a week but making more than what you were… you see.

As you choose and embrace a potential, the grander potential behind it begins to unfold. Generally, when you go and feel a potential, you don't realize everything that surrounds it. There are potentials within potentials.

So, now you embrace, and you choose this thing called unemployment. You say, “It is time to release that Old job. Let me choose unemployment.” Now, you simply breathe it in.

What does that mean – breathe it in? How can you breathe in unemployment? (some laughter) What you are doing is taking this potential that you have chosen, and now letting it come into the human reality, the Now moment. You’re not keeping it off there in some distant place, some dreamy place. Now, you are bringing it in. There is no easier or more effective way than through the breath. Breathe in the potential you have chosen.

Oops, we feel your fear coming in here (some laughter). “Perhaps I made the wrong choice. Do I know what I'm doing?” We will talk about that in a moment.

Now, we have to clarify. Cauldre is hollering at us. He is not asking, we are not asking all of Shaumbra to go into unemployment tomorrow (more laughter). This is simply an example, simply an example. We do not want emails, and Cauldre does not want them, saying, “OK, I left my job. Now what?” (more laughter) This is an example.

So, you breathe it into your reality. If you find your mind in the way, struggling, trying to figure it out, let it go, let it go. This is not a time or the place for the mind to get involved. You’re breathing an energy, just as you could say metaphorically Spirit breathes life into you. You breathe life now. You bring it into your reality.

And now that you have breathed it in – you have selected the potential, you have breathed it in – you have given permission for it to come through the gateway of the ethers into your human reality. Open the door. Open the gate. Breathe it in.

Now, what do you do? You give it freedom. You don't try to control it. You give it freedom. You allow it to find its highest level of Truth in your reality. When the mind controls it, it cannot be free to find the highest level of Truth. So, you breathe it in, and you give it freedom. You give it a life of its own.

And now as the Creator – as you, the Creator – you watch it unfold in your life. You don't try to control it or define it. That is limiting a Truth and a creation. You watch it unfold. Because you are in a safe energy, you can do it fearlessly. Because you are in a safe energy – you’ve released the dualism in your own life – you can watch it unfold in sacred ways that you could have never imagined in the Old human mind. But now in the New Energy imagination you can allow it flow.

This is where all of these things you call “synchronicity” start happening. All of the pieces start coming together. The flow happens in your life. It comes to you. Everything. The present in the Now moment comes to you. It is so different than the way you have lived before, and the way other humans are living right now.

It will take a little bit of work. Oh, let’s not call it work. It will take a little bit of using the energy, of applying the energy. What you will find is when you make it complex – and you have rituals and techniques and methods – it will go away. When you keep it at its finest simplicity is when it can have the truest freedom. It can have the highest Truth in your reality. It is SO simple, Shaumbra!

The other night we were working with Cauldre. He was talking to us about this imagination energy. We told him to keep it simple. Breathe it in. Don’t define it. Remember this was the lesson of the broad stroke. Don't define it. Create in broad strokes. Give it life of its own, and watch it unfold. This is the amazement of creation.

When Spirit created you, he let you go. He gave you freedom, she gave you freedom. She has been watching you and loving you ever since. He does not give you rules. She doesn’t punish you.

It is the same with your own imagination and your own creation. Now, you think perhaps, “This is odd. They are my creations. I should be able to tell them what to do.” This is the New Energy. It is about watching them unfold. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a creation unfold. It even makes the joy of giving birth to a child look so small in comparison. You are giving birth to something. You are watching it unfold. The Creator has the greatest joy in watching the energies express themselves, you see. No control.

You don’t have to breathe in the specifics. You don’t have to breathe in the details. You don't have to figure them out in your mind.

Again, when we were talking with Cauldre the other night – we are having a little debate here of how to share the experience. But he wants to keep it personal.

So, we were trying to say to him, “Keep it simple. Don't do the details. Those take care of themselves. Keep it simple. Breathe in the essence of the energy that you have imagined. But don’t define it.”

What happened was an incredible experience for Cauldre. It was beyond his wildest beliefs. It was beyond the limitation of Old Truth. It was beyond anything he could have imagined. Now, he has given himself – we did not do this for him, we simply told him to keep it simple – he has a new understanding of how the imagination works, how everything flows into your life. No more struggling! No more controlling! No more limiting!

What will limit the imagination and your creations? First and foremost – Old belief systems. Belief systems are like a prison cell for the imagination. They limit it. One of the reasons why we took our recent trip to Israel was to let Old beliefs go, to open the doors of this prison cell of Old beliefs.

Shaumbra, you have discovered how Old beliefs get you in trouble. You even have beliefs right now that – we have to say – are still limited. You still don't understand the full potential. You still sometimes see yourself as a limited human being because that is the way you have lived, so that is all you can see in front of you. Belief systems are the prison of the imagination.

Now, we know you feel naked without beliefs. “Well, I have to believe in something.” Why? Why? You can believe in everything and nothing at the same time.

Belief systems can get you in trouble in the New Energy. Truth expands all of the time. So many of the belief systems are deeply, deeply ingrained in you, you don't even see them. The belief about God. We have been working with Shaumbra in our workshops all over the world. It is amazing how Shaumbra says one thing but believes another, still holds onto an Old belief about God.

Belief systems about money, another crucial one with Shaumbra. You believe money is limited. You believe you have to work hard for it. You believe you're not worthy of a lot of it. You believe that the only way to heaven is either not having the money, or not giving yourself enough of the flow that comes through you, diverting the flow around you. We see some of you do that. You are excellent manifestors, but you divert the flow around yourself.

Another Old belief system, a belief system that the biology will break down; belief system that you have this hereditary, biological line. It is time to let all of that go.

Take a look at your belief systems as they come up in your life. And this is one thing Myriam will work with you on in the next 30 days – putting belief systems right in your face (some laughter), so you can see how they are limiting you. Not so much ouch here… it will be more of an “ah hah!” You don't have to have the ouch anymore. Let THAT belief system go (more laughter). It will be a wonderful “ah hah,” “I didn’t even know that I was holding onto that Old belief.”

Again, we say it will be interesting as you let all belief systems go. You may feel a bit naked for a while. But then you will realize how belief systems are really Old Truths, Truths that you try to own, that others try to own for you. It is time to let that go.

We cannot do this work with this wide-open imagination if you embrace Old belief systems. There is honor, and there was something to be learned in every belief system. But they too must go, must pass through you.

The other thing that limits the imagination that you have is the fear of being a Creator. You all know what this is like… the fear that you have. “If I am a full Creator in my own right… oh, my gosh, what if I cause more wars? What if I kill more people?” Shaumbra, you are beyond that! You have learned that lesson. Now, move beyond that.

You are in a New place of balance. If you can hear these words, if you can feel our vibration, you are well beyond that. You don't need to worry about mis-creating, about creating something that is in imbalance. If you are fully present in the Now moment, if you are with us right now energetically, you don't have to worry about these things.

There is the fear we mentioned before of making the wrong decision. There are truly no wrong decisions. There are just different ways of experiencing things. If you stop looking at them as right and wrong – let go of that duality – this fear will also leave.

There is also the energy of mass consciousness that limits the imagination and creation. In a sense, you could say you are so bought into it – or were bought into it – that you are held back by it. There are other things now though in your life – creations, imaginations – that could be more challenging to manifest because of the dualistic energy and the mass consciousness all around you.

Some of you want to fly, soar very far with this imagination. And you become frustrated because it is difficult to bring it into this reality. We are going to work with you in upcoming discussions about how you can be in this reality, but yet be removed from its limitations, and its rules, and its laws. But right now, there are certain imaginations that would be more difficult to manifest than others because of mass consciousness or group consciousness, energies that your own family or friends put upon you. We are going to be talking to you and reviewing once again how to recognize what's within and what is outside of you, how to release these energies.

It is also, dear friends, as we mentioned in our last gathering, so very important to imagine and to create for yourself. You get frustrated, you get into trouble when you try to do it for everyone else. It is about for yourself first, everything. This whole thing that we have talked about before – become balanced in yourself. The world will feel that and then perhaps bring that energy into themselves.

We are not trying to save the world here. The world doesn't need to be saved. That’s an Old belief system, by the way. It has been put – how to say – out there in mass consciousness by religions and by many groups: the world has to be saved. The world is wonderful and fine just as it is. The world is choosing their own experiences. Let us stop trying to save the world.

Imagine and create for yourself. Have no limitations on what can happen. Don't think in a logical, linear way in this. We are going to go some new places.

So, between now and the time of our next gathering, allow yourself to dream the potentials. Allow yourself to make choices. Breathe it into your reality and watch it unfold. Watch how the energies within you and all around you start changing. Watch as your own frustration for some of the things in life start going away. Watch how everything has a smoothness and a flow to it. Watch how that harsh, hard energy of living as a human on Earth starts to go away, replaced by a flow, a glow, a softness, and an amazement.

Dear Shaumbra, we are so delighted that we have all gotten to this point together, fulfilling our agreement, going back to the holy land, placing an energy of a New God for those who choose to embrace it. We don’t force it on them. We simply place it there as a potential. It is time for a New God on Earth right now, sadly needed. It is time for a whole new consciousness of God, time to bring that God into self – no more separation, no more rules, just about living and about imagining and about creating.

So, in a sense, you could say we have ended an energy with each other, only to pick up on a New one, a New one that encompasses a New Truth, a higher Truth, and certainly a Truth that is more joyful. As I said at the beginning of our discussion today, the hardest part is done with now. Now, we fly together.

And so it is.