The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 7: "Embrace Life"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 7, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together in this safe and very sacred energy. What a joy it is to come back to this place where we all gather. Whether you are here in person with your body, whether you are here energetically, it is all the same. All the same. What a joy it is to hear you serenading us, to hear you expressing from your heart, from your soul, being who you are.

The energies on this day are strong and moving fast, much like all of you here are also strong and moving fast. It is difficult at times. We understand. But as we have said before, you continue. You endure. You even ask for more.

You know that the journey of Old is done, and the New experience begins now. Some of you are still confused with this. You are not sure what it all means. You are trying to go back to the past, go back to how you did things before. When New experiences come into your life and New situations, you try to draw on the memories of the past, what you have learned before. And indeed, there are many wonderful things to be learned, much wisdom. But so much of it now is New. And we know this is throwing you off a bit.

That is why we love coming into these gatherings and working with you, playing with you, helping you to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling, helping you to understand that you have undertaken something monumental. And it is difficult. But it can be so very rewarding. It can be so, so fun, exhilarating. It doesn't have to be difficult.

Indeed, we are in a safe space here together, the same safe space that was brought in in our last gathering and continued from there. And so many of you have had experiences with this – how to apply the safe space, how to understand what safe truly means – experiences that could have been challenging in very many respects.

But yet, when you have the overview, you will understand that it is safe. And there was a purpose to it – not a purpose that was handed down by Spirit or the angels – but there was a purpose that you gave yourself… that you gave yourself for a New experience, and to learn something so that someday, someday very, very soon you could help others to understand. You walk through it first, teachers, so that you can have the empathy and understanding for those who come after you.

When we had a discussion quite some time ago, we said, “It's not about you anymore.” We know it is difficult to understand at times because it does seem to be about you. But you are giving yourself experiences – sometimes in very difficult situations – so that you can truly understand for your students. You are indeed teachers. It is a delightful, a wonderful, and a sacred title.

You were teachers long before you ever came to Earth – all of you. There is not an exception with Shaumbra gathering, Shaumbra listening to this, or Shaumbra reading this. You are all teachers. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what the color crimson is about. It holds the energy of teaching.

And as you know, the very best teachers are the ones who go into experience, who experience it for themselves, experience it from every different direction. So, you go into challenging and difficult circumstances – as well as beautiful, easy situations – so that you can understand how energies work, so that you can then share these, teach these to others.

Oh, and there is a benefit to you also. You get to experience this firsthand – sometimes challenging and difficult, we know – but you get to experience what it is like. You are the first to be working with New Energy, the very first. It is an honor that you do this – the very first to work with New Energies while in your physical body.

So… so, today – how to say – we will do things a bit different (some muttering from the audience with an “uh, oh” here and there).

You see, when we have these gatherings, we have some basic understandings of what is in the hearts and the minds of Shaumbra. And as we have said so many times, we are simply channeling you. This is called a Shoud where it is your energies, your consciousness, things you are working on in your awake human reality, as well as in your dream states. This is what is called a Shoud. We simply reflect this information back to you. We have ideas of what to speak to you about, what you want to hear from yourself. And it does change at times.

And today is one of those days. We’ve had a little bit of change in our programming. We ask you to feel the difference in energies today. There will be visible and tangible differences in the Shoud. But energetically we ask you to feel the difference. So, take that deep breath and feel the difference in all of this.

Before we begin with the Shoud for this day, we do want to communicate to you that so much of the information that comes to you has been previously downloaded by you. You work on it in your dream state. And you download information to yourself, things that you are learning as you explore in your dream state. In your dreams you go off into many different dimensions, different types of realities, again exploring, working with energies. In your dreams you take various potentials of what could happen in your human reality and play with them.

You may have a situation, something that is coming up in your life. And you have many, different potentials of how it could be played out. And in your dream state you experience the many, different potentials, and then choose one that is most appropriate for you. This information is, in a sense, downloaded to you. And it resides in your energy field, in your immediate Now energy field, waiting to be accessed.

There are times when you talk to us, and you think you do not receive a reply. There is never an occasion when you speak to I, Tobias – or any of the other angels, or archangels, entities on our side – that your voice and your heart are not heard. It is difficult, for the information does not necessarily come back through the mind. It comes down and is downloaded by you. It is maintained in your energy field. You access this information in the Now moment when it is most appropriate.

In all of our Shouds that we do together the information is downloaded to each one of you who participates and to each one who even will read these in the future. The information is downloaded. In the case today it was downloaded during the talking by Cauldre and Linda. When your attention was focused on them, we downloaded to all of you. Some of you got feelings of it, feelings that will be confirmed as we get into more detail of the Shoud. Some of you download it and have it sitting right beside you, right within you, waiting to be accessed by the mind, your mind that processes the information, waiting to be truly brought in fully into this human reality of yours as we deliver the energies of this day.

This whole concept of downloading is one that you should be familiar with because so many times, you see, you look for the answers, and the answers are already there. You have gone out and worked on these things. You bring it back into potential. That potential has a dynamic of its own. It can expand and take on a life of its own. It is fluid. It can change. But you bring in the essence of that potential into your reality, waiting to work with it, waiting to experience it in your life.

So often when you are searching for an answer, you try projecting far out, way out. You think the answer is hidden in some secret part of the universe or in another dimension that you don't have access to. We see you sometimes… it is like you are trying to fly a kite out so that the kite will attract the lightning bolt and the lightning bolt will deliver the information to you, that you have to go far out to receive it.

Dear friends, it is right there already. So many of the answers to the questions that you have are right in your energy field. We see them. You access this information by allowing it in, by understanding it is already there. You access it by the deep breath, which allows the mind to pause for a moment and the information to come through.

And then it is about trusting what you are receiving, trusting the knowingness that comes over you. If you do not feel the knowingness is there, simply let it go. Simply move on in your life. It will come to you whether you are driving down the road in your car, whether you are having a fine meal, whether you are doing something that takes your intellectual mind off of the pressure of having to come up with the answer.

So much information is downloaded to you from your Divine Self, from the runners who work with you, from the angels who work with you. It is residing within you right now. You don't have to project your energies into some far-off space to find them.

Dear friends, on this day we have shifted things around a bit in response to you, in response to some issues, in response to something that troubles I, Tobias. There will be no guests or visitors on this day. I would like to talk to you myself, heart-to-heart, former human to current human, friend to friend.

Indeed, there are many entities, angels, who sit in the Second and the Third and the Fourth Circle. But their energy does not directly influence or impact. They are simply observers. They are the ones who also take the energy of your choice, your choices in your life, and then take these energies back to the other realms, our realms, back to the inter-dimensional realms, and put them to work. These are your runners, the ones who respond to your decisions and choices, and then help support you in these.

If you did not have these runners, if you did not have these angels who supported your decisions, you would truly feel empty and flat. You would truly feel that there is no activity or energy in your life. It is because you reside in this thing called “the human reality,” what you call “the third dimension.” In a sense, you would feel lost here if it weren’t for the runners and the angels doing their work. They sit in the outer circles on this day, but they are simply observing and waiting for your choices so that they could respond appropriately.

So, it is just us today. Just us. We did shift a few things around, subjects that we were going to talk about. But in working with you, and listening to you, and hearing you, we knew there was an issue that must be addressed here.

Let us go back to the energy of our last gathering when we spoke of the Four Tenets. Some of you – how to say – felt that there were truly five, even though there were four. Some of you thought you heard five. But you only heard four. There is a reason for it, for there was one more tenet. It was not time to bring it up. We were not sure if we would need to bring it up.

As you recall, the First Tenet was about COMPASSION. Compassion first and foremost for yourself, for every decision and every choice you’ve made in your life, for you have done these things in order to discover something New. There have never been any bad choices. There have been some interesting ways of doing things (some laughter). But who are we to judge, for we do not walk in your shoes?

It is about compassion for every other human, understanding that they are on the journey of their choice, understanding that they are making decisions based on what they want to learn, what they want to experience, and eventually share with others. It is about having compassion for your world, understanding there is truly nothing wrong with it, understanding that every human has planned their own path. It is up to every other human to honor that. This whole thing of compassion, such an important element of the New Energy!

We spoke of BALANCE also, the balance of bringing in the energies – formerly of duality – now the New Energy… the balance of male/female, the balance of right and wrong, the balance of up and down, all of these things coming into balance.

We talked to you about now feeling safe enough to EXPAND your energy, to open up, to feel safe once again. We know many of you are still struggling with this, feeling that this would open some type of Pandora's box, to open your energies… for what could come in? You have learned how to cope – you say to yourself – you’ve learned how to survive. You’ve learned if you hold a tight and narrow space of energy that you can survive.

It is now time to open up and to be all of who you are. There are things that you desire in your imagination, but that you don't allow to come in because you hold such a tight rein on your own life. It is about feeling so safe and so free to open up your energies. Through this you will discover so many New things, not only in the human experience, but on the other realms as well.

You want to be able to talk to us. You want to be able to feel energies. You want to be able to see entities. Then, you have to open up YOUR energy. We are already there, you see. It is about you feeling safe enough to open up, and you will see we have always been there. You will see that there has always been a flow of inter-dimensional energies all around you. You simply had shut down so tightly that you couldn't even perceive them anymore.

Partly, this was designed on purpose so you could maintain a focus here on Earth. But partly it was out of fear.

As you open up, you will perceive all of the activities going on on all the different levels, passing through you, crossing through you. You walk through many dimensional corridors every day. But you simply aren't aware of it because you have been closed down.

We talked to you about EXPRESSING your energies, again, one that leaves some of you scratching your heads, truly bringing up the issue of fear. We have seen some of you attempt to do this in the past month, some of you with great delight and great success. Others are not so sure, feeling that if you expressed yourself – who you truly are – that you would fall back, that you would go backwards, that it would be more of a negative impact on you, that you would lose ground.

It is about understanding that there is no ground to lose. No one can ever take away any of the wisdom and knowledge that you have gained. No one can ever take away your enlightenment. It is ALWAYS there. Try to go away from it. Try to block it out. Some of you have. It doesn’t work. You feel that irritation, that nudging. That is yourself telling yourself to get back into that enlightened space that you are in. Some of you choose an experience of what it would be like to fall out of enlightenment. This creates a great imbalance. You cannot. You cannot.

So, dear friends, in this safe energy you can express yourself. So many of you have dreams and aspirations, things that you want to do in life, new ideas coming to you all the time, some ideas that are small and simple, some that could revolutionize ways of thinking, consciousness; revolutionize technologies.

But then you put the barriers in your way. Those are Old Energy barriers. You put them in your way so that you never get out of the starting gate. You never get on with the idea. Then, that truly brings a sadness to your soul. You feel then that you have truly done something wrong, that you are – how to say – a failure.

It is time to express yourself, to play with it and to have fun with it, do things that you’ve always dreamed of, and do things that you have never even attempted to dream of. Try something New. Energy flows through you. It is not meant to be held in or restricted. This applies to your creativity. This applies to your abundance, to your health, to everything. It flows through you.

In particular, the New Energy flows. It is an expansion energy. It needs to have flow to it. You could hold vibrational energy in a very limited space. It simply vibrated in that tiny space. New Energy is expansional. It needs room. It needs to flow. It needs to have a life of its own.

Truly what you are doing when you are creating and expressing – you are giving life to thoughts, ideas. They are yours. You are the Creator of these things. But you give them life of their own, in a sense. It is playing the role of a Creator right here on Earth.

These ideas then take on the New Energy attributes. And they continue to expand in every different direction. They emanated from you, but now they have a life of their own. That’s what the New Energy is truly about, dear friends.

There is another attribute, another tenet. Before we speak of this, let us talk to you a minute about this whole journey to Earth, about why you are here, why you are sitting in these chairs in a body. Oh, you are used to it now. But there was a day when it was very foreign. It was very different.

We went into great details about this in our wonderful School II – coming to Earth, projecting your energies into matter for first the time, placing your energies into life forms on Earth, into the molecules and even the atoms, to feel what it was like to place etheric energy, to place angelic energy into matter. From there you placed your energy into various types of animal forms – into the dolphins and into the whales. You rode with them, so to speak. It was not your body. You simply placed your energy in them. You can do that now today when you place your energy in a bird or a dolphin or one of your pets at home. You can feel what it is like to place your living energy into another being.

So, you came to Earth, and you projected energies into matter. And you eventually took residence in matter. You eventually developed the biological human form that you have right now. And then you truly took ownership of that. There was truly a melding that took place with matter, with biology and Spirit.

Now, why would you do that? Why would you take this incredible journey to Earth and then live in biological form? It wasn't because you were punished. It wasn't because you had made a mistake in heaven and were banished to Earth. It wasn't because you got too big for your britches on our side of the veil and felt that you were going to take over God.

You ARE God! How could you take over God? There is some belief that it is a sin to say that you are a Creator, to say that you are God also. How could it be a sin when you always have been, and you always will be? Nothing will ever separate you from Spirit. You ARE Spirit.

So, you came to Earth, and you took on these bodies for good reason – to feel what it was like to live, ah, to feel what it was like to live inside your own creation! It is one thing to imagine things. It is quite another thing to live things. So, you created a wonderful place called Earth. You took life force energy, divine energy, and were able to put it into matter and bring it to life.

This planet that you are on right now was just a rock. You impregnated it with life force energy. You brought it to life, all of you, all of you, Shaumbra. All of humans created this place – a place so beautiful and so joyful, so filled with the expression of Spirit that you wanted to live inside of it – to come to life, yes.

We have talked before about the story of the painter, of the artist, who creates a painting so beautiful. But the artist is separated from the painting. They live in two different realities, two different worlds. The artist can admire the painting through the eyes and through the other senses. But it still is separate. So, the artist then decides to jump inside the painting, to go into her own creation to experience what it is like from the inside.

And that is what you did. You said you wanted to live inside your own creation to feel what that was like. But more than anything, you wanted to know what it was like to live, you see, to birth energy into biology. You had played on all of the other dimensions, all of the etheric dimensions. But you had never played in matter. It was – it still is – the grandest experience, grandest experiment of them all.

The things you did on the other dimensions are nothing compared to this. There is a difference, you see. In the non-physical dimensions things are very temporary. Things are very fleeting on our side of the veil where we do not have human bodies. As we have said, we can imagine eating a meal, but we also know that it doesn't contain the fullness and the richness of when you eat a meal. We are simply imagining it. It goes away quickly.

On our side of the veil, indeed, we can project ourselves quickly through dimensions. There are incredible – what you would call – colors and sounds. But they are temporary. They are fleeting. They are etheric. They are imagination. That's what we use here is imagination. It is delightful. But it is not filled with life.

You are in human form right now because you wanted to know what it was like to live. You wanted to know what it was like to die also, and then what it was like to live again, but to change the persona, to change your human clothing. You wanted to know what it was like to live as a female and as a male. You wanted to know what it was like to live, period.

As we have said time and time again, the angels follow you. Spirit follows you on your journey. The angels that have never been in human form want to know what it is like to live, to be birthed in matter, density, something that you can truly feel and experience. The angels who have never been to the Earth realms, been in human biology, are frightened of it, indeed, much as you were; concerned about getting lost in it, becoming so deeply embedded that they can never get out; concerned that they would lose touch with themselves, that they would have this thing called the veil and they would forget.

“What a difficult thing it is,” they say here on our side when they sit around talking, “to forget who you are, to forget your experiences, to forget where you came from.” But yet they want to know, more than anything – a deep, deep passion and desire – what it is like to live.

We know this will have you scratching your heads a bit. There is this perception that everything on our side is joyful, and easy, and wonderful without the difficulties and challenges. And that is true. But yet we don't know – the ones who have not been in human form do not know – what it is like to live. To live. So, there is a long line of them waiting to come in.

I, Tobias, have had a very difficult time not coming back into human form, for I love to live.

And you see, once you complete this evolution here on Earth and you know now what it is like to truly live – to truly be embodied in your creation, to bring it to life, manifest it, have it so real you can experience it in every different way – then you carry that wisdom on with you to wherever you go. Whether you go to the New Earth, whether you go to some of the – how you would say – grand universities on our side of the veil to teach, whether you go off, as many of you might do, to create your own new space and dimension – put your name on it, “John’s dimension,” you can go create that – you will always take with you the wisdom, and the knowledge, and the enlightenment of what it was like to live.

Then, you will be able to have a wonderful melding of the etheric energies, the energies that can shape and shift very quickly. You will have a deep understanding of living energy. This is why you chose to come to Earth. In doing so, it helps to answer so many of the questions of the omniverse. You wanted to know what it was like to live.

But what happens now, Shaumbra? Your journey has ended. The seeking has ended. You are in a New Energy. You are in a place where the divine seeks to come in, where it will do so anyway. You don't have to force it. You don't have to regulate it. You don't have to push it.

The divine comes into your reality. As we said in a recent gathering on the full moon, when questioned by Shaumbra about what they should do in their life right now, “Get out of your way.” The divine energies are coming in. You have planned it this way. You chose to experience it. Get out of your way.

There is something that troubles I, Tobias, as I work with all of you. You have come to this point where the journey ends, indeed. You’ve come to this point where you can begin playing with New Energy in a whole new way of creating, of being a Creator. But you have forgotten something.

Cauldre tells me I sound like an upset parent (some audience laughter). But perhaps I am on this day. Perhaps, this is why I have asked for the other venue that was going to be discussed, the other potential to be placed aside for a while, for I do have concerns. I expressed it recently in our gathering in the desert. I had concerns about bringing in a very dynamic energy, a very dynamic concept. It could throw Shaumbra off unless they were truly ready.

Shaumbra – and this is meant for so many of you – you have forgotten how to live! You have forgotten how to live. Does that ring a bell? You forgot to embrace life. You’ve gotten so caught up in the day-to-day that you have forgotten how to embrace life. You are not living anymore.

You go through the motions, but they are barely motions. You wake up in the morning – so many of you – and dreading the day, surviving through it, pumping yourself up on New Age energy, on channel energy, on fluffy energy just to get through another day. You take in this intellectual and spiritual cotton candy, but you are forgetting to live life.

You are waiting to come back to our side. And when you get back here, what happens? You say, “I can't wait to go back to Earth. It was so exhilarating! So wonderful, so many challenges, so many things I could do.”

But you come to this point when the journey ends. You forget to live life. You get frustrated and confused. You don't embrace life anymore. You can't wait to get out of that physical body of yours. You can’t wait to come back Home. You are waiting for some stroke of magic, some nod from God in your life, forgetting that you are the Creator, that you are God also.

You get into a rut. You get depressed. You get frustrated because you are not embracing life, every aspect of life. Ah, yes, indeed whether your house starts on fire, embrace it. It is safe. You made it. Whether a dear loved one passes over, embrace it because they are going onto a new experience. Whether you are fired from your job, embrace it because you didn't need it anymore. You are trying to tell yourself that. Whether everything falls out from underneath you, embrace it because it was time to let go of it. It didn't serve you. You planned it that way.

Embrace the people in your life. You tend to stay away from them. Embrace them. Embrace every experience that comes along. Life is a sacred, sacred, sacred thing! There are very few entities on the angelic realms that have ever gotten to experience what it is like to live – truly live – place their energies into matter and bring it to life, and grow it, change it, express in it, feel it in every different way.

You are the ones – how to say – who are chosen. You chose to be here. You chose to help create the Order of the Arc – the code, the gateway – that you crossed through to come here to Earth. You gave yourself all of the resources. You’ve had hundreds, thousands of wonderful lifetimes, wonderful lifetimes. Oh, when you come back to our side, you talk about the great experiences that you had – the loves, the battles, the things you’ve created, the stature that you rose to – you talk about all of these wonderful things.

But at this point in this lifetime when you are moving into the New Energy, you forget to live. We think it is because there is such a desire now to remember. You are so close to remembering everything. You can feel that in your heart. And in a sense, when the veil is so much thinner around you than it is around other humans, a sadness comes over you. You want to return Home. You want to come back. It is also sometimes the frustration of having to deal with physical reality around you. There are also expectations of what you thought things were going to be like.

You see, basically, you forget to live. That is why we have said to you over and over, “Take that deep breath.” Make the conscious choice of life. You choose life.

I, Tobias, say to you today, “You have been given this gift of life here on Earth. You’re at the end of your cycle. Don’t forget to embrace life. Embrace every moment.”

You wonder sometimes. You have things happen. You think that Spirit is trying to tell you something. You think that there is a lesson in it for you. You think that you have done something wrong, and this is a karmic-type thing. It is not. If anything, right now, it is something you have placed there to say, “Can I embrace this – the most difficult and challenging, as well as the most joyful and loving?” Can you embrace life? Can you live again?

I’m concerned because I see so many of you dying. Yes, indeed. You're not sure if you want to live. You don't necessarily want to die, but you’re not sure if you want to live. So, you simply exist. And then your body starts crumbling out from underneath you. Your mind isn’t as sharp. You feel a depression, a sadness. You feel that everything is being pulled out.

It is because everything is responding to you. If you're not embracing life, then life is not so sure it wants to be with you. It will start to go away. This will only serve to reinforce some of that Old thinking, simply reinforce that perhaps it is time to come back Home.

So, I ask all of you today, can you embrace life right now? Can you embrace life, everything about it? The flu that you get, can you embrace it? Stop looking for a deep spiritual meaning. Your body is simply going through a change process. Some of you get to the point where you think because you are spiritual you should never get sick. That is, in itself, sick thinking (some laughter). The body needs to go through its cycles right now. It needs to purge and cleanse.

Some of you get upset. You get upset, and you wonder why you don't have abundance in your life. It is because you're not choosing life; therefore, abundance can't come in. Abundance is there for those who choose life because it supports your desire to live.

Some of you wonder why there isn’t a relationship in your life. If there was a relationship to come in, it would be one that matches your indecision about life. You can both die together then, slowly rot away (audience laughter). When you choose life, a corresponding relationship will come in. It will be another who chooses life, who wants to live, who wants to enjoy and experience, who doesn't judge everything as right or wrong, who doesn’t wonder why their life seems to be falling apart. The one who comes into your life will be one who can find the joy and the love in everything, who can embrace life and live it every moment.

Indeed, I am a bit troubled by all this. You’ve come so far. You've come to this point. We are talking here of New Energy and safe energy. But you’re not sure if you want to come or go. It is time to make a decision, Shaumbra. Embrace life. Choose life or choose death. No more in-between. No more indecision. No more waiting for us to answer it for you.

If you cannot choose life right now, then you are, in a sense, choosing death. And we will help support that process, indeed. We will help support your choice of death, and you’ll come back to our side of the veil rather quickly.

There are many who want to come to Earth right now and experience life. Many of you are standing in the way of them coming in. If you come back to our side of the veil, if you let go of your physical body, it will be a bit different this time. We say that when you get back here, you always want to go back to Earth right away.

But there are indeed a whole line of angels – the ones who will be coming in as “crystals” – who are needed on Earth right now. And in a sense, you could say THEY have priority. Up until now you have always had that ticket back. You’ve always had priority to return to this living planet. But right now, if you choose to come Home, they will take precedence over you.

Cauldre is shaking his head right now (audience laughter). It is important that we speak of this, and speak openly and clearly about it, and ask you, “Can you embrace life right now? Do you choose to live?”

“Live” – such an interesting word! “Live” – the antithesis is “evil” – “live” spelled backwards, contained in this wonderful word of the English language – “live.” You see, the English language is indeed appropriate for so many things because it is based on other languages and other vibrations, other cultures that were put together in the new language. It contains many of the – how to say – the very old energies of the Atlantean song language, indeed. It contains energies of the Lemurian, the vowel language, that are all put into this, a part of the English language.

But in this word “live” spelled backwards is “evil.” Contained in “live” is also the word “lie.” It is also the “veil,” dear friends. All of these things, but the essence is about living.

Now, where do you go from here? You answer the question for yourselves. Do you embrace your life right now? Do you embrace every living moment? Can you release all of the Old Energy ideas that life is inflicted on you, that it is Spirit trying to tell you something? Can you release the idea that you had done something wrong, so that's why something happens?

It is all about life, indeed. Indeed, it is all compassion. Compassion and life put together create the greatest experiences.

It was time that we talked to you openly about this. And basically, we are not giving an ultimatum, but we are reflecting to you what you are setting up for yourself. Either you choose to embrace life – stop hating it, stop being angry with it, stop getting frustrated. It is simple. Life is simple, you see; stop trying to figure it out.

At this point of where you are at it is either about embracing life, or it is about dying. Perhaps, not tomorrow, it might be several years. But you will slowly fade away. You’ve seen it happen to others, others that you love, how they slowly fade away.

If you don't embrace your life – embrace the life energies – this is what happens. If you embrace life every moment of every day, take joy in everything, everything, if you embrace it – these New Energies that we talk about, these things that we say “when it will come to you” – they will come to you. They are sitting outside of your energy field right now because you're not sure.

You’re questioning God every day, questioning yourself every day about life. We say that it comes to you. And it does. But it is waiting for you to make that decision, do you choose to embrace life? No more just existing, no more waiting for somebody to make that decision for you, no more waiting for a series of good things to happen in your life before you decide whether you are going to go on or not. The good things will come in when you make that decision.

We did indeed defer our regular message on this day so I, Tobias – speaking on behalf of the Order of To-bi-wah, speaking something that has been troubling us and has been troubling you – could have this discussion. We will keep the energies short today. We will remind you over and over until you make that decision.

Will you embrace life, stop waiting for something different to happen? Can you embrace this moment that you’re in? Life is a precious gift.

We’d like you for a moment to feel the energies of a group of angels who has been observing, the ones that are preparing to come in as the “crystal children,” anxious to experience life on Earth. They have not been here before. You have been training them, Shaumbra. You've been working with them in your dream states, helping them to understand what Earth is all about. They come in now.

We ask you to feel their energies, to feel how excited they are about knowing what it is like to come to life in physical form, to manifest within creation, to embrace every pure moment of life. Feel them for a moment; the innocence, the excitement, no skepticism, no negativity, simply a desire to experience life here on Earth.

You have a precious gift, Shaumbra, to be here. We know the journey can be difficult. If you are ready now, we ask you to put your arms around life, your life. Embrace it, every breathing moment of your life.

And so it is!


Following the channel and more breathing with Norma Delaney, Geoffrey Hoppe, the channeler of Tobias, made the following comments:

GEOFFREY: I just want to add a comment or two to the channel today. When we were in Tempe, Arizona a week ago, Tobias did a channel about imagination. It was a wonderful channel. He said he was basically planting the seed for that there. But it wasn't known at that point if they would talk about it to the group this week.

And before… earlier today when we were getting ready, I always take a little bit of time to talk to Tobias, connect the energies before we come here. And he said that they had made a decision not to talk about that today because it’s such a… oh, grand energy. And they talked in Arizona about how to use the new “spiritual imagination” and how to bring it in.

Today he told me that before the gathering, he said they weren’t going to talk about it. And he told me what he was going to talk about. He said no guests. He just wanted to go one-on-one.

And I was like, “Oh, Tobias, how about some other time, or other person to channel that through?”

But he was pretty serious about it. And he had – they all have – a concern, the ones who work with us about, “Are we truly ready to bring in and play with the New Energies, very dynamic, combined with the imagination, how they work in our reality?”

But he said if we’re not sure if we even want to be here, if we’re not embracing the sacredness of life, it could actually have some rather adverse effects, imbalanced effects. So, he said he wanted to talk about it.

And I wasn't terribly thrilled. I was happy that we got through it, but I could feel his love for everyone. I could feel his passion in talking about it. But I could also feel the emptiness in so many people as he was scanning around the room, all the people listening in online, how many people are not really sure if they want to live right now, how many people are waiting to be told what to do…

LINDA: “You don’t need to raise your hand! (audience laughter)

GEOFFREY: … how many people are waiting for just something good to happen or some indication from Spirit that it's okay to go ahead, but basically living in kind of a nothingness right now. And basically, what Tobias said is if you are not choosing to embrace everything in life – the good stuff, the bad stuff, but just life itself – if you are not embracing that, you’re dying. And you’re going to go rather quickly. And it was troubling to see that, but I could understand.

And more than anything, he was saying… and then, you know, you’ve been so used to leaving the physical body and coming back to their side, you know, they do a little prep on you, you know, and then send you back, you know because…

LINDA: Yeah, that was a nice little disclaimer. If you choose to go, you can just get in line this time (more laughter).

GEOFFREY: Well, I could see it.

LINDA: I know. I got it.

GEOFFREY: And I want to share this now while it’s still all clear. But I could see it. There’s a whole group waiting to come in, a group that you've trained, that you’ve work with, that have never been in human body. They want to know what it's like to live.

It raises an interesting question – well, then don't they live on the other side? You know, aren’t the angels alive? It's the manifestation of energy in matter, like we have done, taking on human form where you truly understand what living is like, where you… you know, on the other side it’s – like Tobias said – it's wonderful, but it's very temporary. It’s very etheric. It's not tangible and solid. They can do a lot of stuff. But he said if an angel wants to know what it's like to live, then they come to Earth.

And he said we've been given – we gave ourselves – a precious gift. But right now, we’re backing away from it. We’re letting it go. We’re not so sure if we want to be here. And we’re just… we’re kind of waiting. Well, that waiting is the clock ticking. And that waiting just means we’re just going to kind of fade away.

So, he is saying right now, “Can you embrace life, every part of it, everything that happens, everything’s that in your life right now? Stop waiting for the good stuff because it’s all good. You’re just probably not seeing it. But embrace everything about your life.”

And I just felt that he was so emphatic, a couple of times I told him to tone it down a little bit. Settle down, boy! (audience laughter)

But it was also his own energy coming through. He's seen what it's like to be in human form before. And he knows he wants to come back. He knows you have to pass through this gateway to go to the next step. You have to pass through the Earth cycle and understand what it is to bring energy to life.

And he’s saying we’re so close. But yet we’re thinking about backing away right now. Or we’re just actually, more than anything, the indecision. It’s not even saying “I don’t want to be here,” it’s the indecision – “I’m not sure I want to be here.” I want to wait for God to give me this big gift, and then I’ll move on. It doesn’t work like that.

So, anyway, it’s not one of the more…

LINDA: I can’t to wait to talk about this next time (laughter from the audience, Linda, and Geoff).

GEOFFREY: … not one of the more fun channels to do. But I felt that – like Tobias said – it was very important to bring that out right now before he takes us to the next level.

LINDA: I thought he was quite clear! (more laughter)

GEOFFREY: Real clear!