The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 5: "Your New Energy Passion"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
December 13, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather our energies together again at this wonderful, festive time of the year for so many of you, a time when your regular year comes to an end – all of the activities, all the finalizations of projects and plans – and now you can enjoy and celebrate. You can relax a bit. You can take note of all of your accomplishments, all of the things you have learned in the past year. You can even look forward to this next year that's coming up but look forward to it in a New Energy way, without expectations, with the understanding that indeed it does come to you.

What a delightful way to begin our gathering here today with this music! (referring to the live music performed by Ralph Nichols before the channel.) We recorded it on this side. (some laughter) We may be singing it here. We have our own types of gatherings and clubs, if you would. (more laughter)

As we have said before, we love the human music. It has so much soul in it. It tells the story. Hear the story that you never walk alone (referring to the lyrics of the song). I, Tobias, can say the words to you, “You are never alone” but to hear them sung, to hear them expressed in music, dear friends, is a joy for us.

If only Cauldre could sing a bit, we would end each gathering with this. (audience laughter) We are lucky today he is a bit out of his mind, a little bit more disoriented than normal, which is good because he is so very open. And he is laughing right now. He can be so very open so we can deliver your energies back to you, back to Shaumbra, indeed, bringing all of these energies in for you in support of you and in celebration of you. That is why we come here today.

Indeed, it is not about the words, although we have many, many words to go over today. It is about being in the energy of Shaumbra, being in the energy of others who are sharing (some laughter and murmuring here as someone enters a bit late, opening the door which squeaks and allows the blowing wind to enter the room), being with others who are sharing the experience with you.

We ask you here, Shaumbra, to take a moment to feel, to open your hearts, to feel all of us come into you now. Indeed, the doorways do open (some laughter), so that we can come in. You have invited us in. You have allowed us into this space.

We ask you all now to open and to feel, to breathe, for there is something very special in the air, something very special here today. It is, for one, a New Energy. You have created it.

Take a moment to feel this New Energy and what it brings. Allow the New Energies to flow into you right now – not the angels, not I, Tobias – but the New Energies. Feel the patterns, as it flows into you. Feel the dynamics of the energy as you let your own shields and barriers down and sit in a place where you can just absorb them right now. Just allow all of these energies to come into you. We will be in pause for a moment, so that you can feel what it's like to have it come to you.

(Brief pause to feel what Tobias just described.)

You see, the energies flow in. They flow into you, bringing you New awarenesses, bringing you New skills, and talents, and capabilities, bringing you understandings, but so very different than what you had before. That is one of our biggest challenges with Shaumbra. You know things are changing. You know they are becoming very different. But you keep looking back for the answers to the Old spaces. You keep trying to conjure things up in your life, trying to make it happen. It does happen anyway. You try to force and struggle things into your reality.

Take this moment to feel them come to you. These are energies of your making. These are energies that flow now into your reality here as a Divine Human, sitting in these chairs, listening through your Web system. Feel what it is like to have these unconditional energies flow into you.

(Another brief pause to feel the energies.)

So, it is a delight for all of us to be here to see what you are going through, how much progress you are making; to see how you are truly learning to let go of the Old and to bring in the New, how you are truly coming to understand what it means to be God also, to let go of the Old expectations, to be God also.

We have a very, very special guest today. The energy of our guest is very simple, very loving, and very nurturing. This guest has no agenda. This guest is filled with compassion and love for you. It has been a long, long time since you’ve truly allowed yourself to feel this – this being that we bring in today.

There has been so much separating you from the potential of our dear guest. But now is a good time to bring this in. So, we ask you to get out of your heads for a moment, to relax, to feel at the most intimate and sacred levels within you as we invite in the energy of the Elohim, of God. Quite a guest we bring in! The energy of God, of Spirit, All That Is. Simple, loving, and unconditional, not some man with a white beard that sits on a mighty throne.

It is time to release all of your expectations and thoughts of what you thought God was – not of some judgmental being, not of someone who has favorites of any kind, not at all the type of God portrayed in the old book (referring to the Old Testament), or even the new (referring to the New Testament). It is so difficult for us to even define God, as it were, so we will not try, so you will not go intellectual, trying to figure it out, other than to say, “It is simple. It is loving. It is unconditional compassion.”

You see, in your former journey you were trying to find God. You were waiting for an outside manifestation. You were waiting for something to appear to you. Over the course of this lifetime, you have asked over and over again for signs. You have asked for a presence to appear to you. For the most part this hasn't happened, so that you didn't become distracted by this, so you didn’t begin to think that God was external, so that you didn’t think God would only come occasionally.

Spirit has always been there within you, but it has been dormant, in a sense. Now, the love of God, the God that you are, the God of all things, the Elohim, can come in and be with you. When you try to figure it out, when you try to grasp it in your mind – like some of you are doing now – it is elusive, isn't it? It goes away. That works through the heart, through the soul, and through the spirit.

God defies explanation or definition, so that it can simply be “is-ness.” Can you open now to feel the “is-ness” of Spirit here in this room? Can you be in such a place of peace with yourself to know the presence of God is in the molecules in the air, in the cells of your body, in the light that shines all around? The essence of God dances in the fire. It flows into you through the foods that you just ate.

But God is not impersonal. God is not simply an energy. God has the character of all creation, the love of All That Is. God has such a presence within you and all around you. And it is appropriate on this day, on this gathering after the recent alignment of the stars that the energy of God can be here.

There is not some far-off place called “heaven.” There is not some point a long, long way from here that holds the energy of Spirit and is limited to that. It is all around. It has always been within you, waiting to come forth. It is simple. It is loving, unconditional compassion.

Let yourself feel this energy of Spirit within and all around. And feel the character, feel the warmth and love, and again, without trying to define. Without trying to define. The moment that the energy of God is defined it immediately changes. It immediately limits it. It is a difficult concept for humans who always work in their minds, for humans who are opening up the heart right now. You can begin to truly feel, truly feel.

There is another set of guests that we would like to bring in to the First Circle. And indeed, when we gather like this there are many, many, many entities. Many of them sit in what we call the Second, or the Third, or Fourth Circles surrounding. Their energy does not come so close as to cause – how to say – interference. But there are guests who come and sit directly with you, who come into your space, into your homes, and your living rooms, your meeting spaces here on this mountain in this beautiful Shaumbra gathering place.

We will call these guests today – how to say – it is difficult to translate into human words, so we won't go for the exact pronunciation, but you would call these the “Daughters of Isis” who come in today. They began flowing into your reality, into your space after the energy of the Harmonic Concordance. They will continue to be here for some time, working with you to heal the wounds of Isis, to integrate the masculine and feminine.

They come in today as a group of thirteen. They are from an order – how to say – a sisterhood. Again, words somewhat limiting here. Far in the celestial levels they have been keeping a balance of this feminine energy, helping to continually balance and hold a space for it, knowing that the feminine aspect in all of you, in all angels was going to go on a journey through many experiences. So, this particular group, the Daughters of Isis, the order of the Sisters of Isis, stayed behind to hold an energy of balance.

And they come in now, knowing that you have chosen to heal, bringing back together all of the energies. They come in today, particularly for those who are going through some of the struggles of healing the old wounds, a feeling that they are not worthy to let go, a feeling of shame for things that have been done in the past, and for you who have been physically abused. For you women who have been physically abused, this is a sign that you did not feel worthy, that you opened yourself up to this type of abuse. And it is time to heal that now.

Your wounds, dear ones, are very deep, the scars caused from the initial wounding of Isis. And then there are the burdens that you have taken upon yourself in this lifetime and some of the other recent ones, subjecting yourself to the masculine energies who abused you physically as well as emotionally, and mentally, and caused you to shut down, caused you to hold back, caused you to go into a place of fear and mistrust of yourself.

The Sisters of Isis, the Daughters of Isis, come in today to be with each one of you. It is time to transform that. How do you do that? How do you do that? First, you begin by breathing and opening your feelings again. You have been so shut down. You have been looking for resolution in very strange ways. As you know, your hearts have been shut. You’ve been looking for satisfaction and acknowledgement in other ways.

It is time to understand that you were carrying a burden for all of femininity, for all of Isis. It is time to understand that you put yourself through the experience of abuse on behalf of all women in your culture and your society now, as well as the feminine energies of Isis. You allowed this to happen to go to the depths of sorrow, the depths of pain, and the depths of understanding, pure understanding. We know you struggle with this. And you have difficulty opening up because of this.

So, indeed, indeed, the energy of this group, coming from Isis, comes in to work with you. They ask you to be open and real with yourself, even if you cannot be with the ones who are around you, even if you cannot be with your counselors and facilitators. Be so open with yourself and honest about what you went through.

You see, many of you play games with yourselves. You somehow tell yourself that you caused this event, that you did something that would cause a man to abuse you like this. You think you brought it about through some wrong action on your part, because that is what they told you, and that is what society continues to say.

Let go of that notion and be honest with yourself about the incidents in your life that took place. Some of you, indeed, it was just emotional abuse. Others, it was physical and emotional. Face the dilemma. Face what happened. And then, forgive yourself. Have compassion for yourself. Understand that you were doing this energetically on behalf of Isis, but that you don’t need to do this anymore, that other women don't need to do this.

Once you acknowledge that you are ready to have understanding about the event – not to deny what happened, but to have understanding of all these events – then the Sisters of Isis, the Daughters of Isis can work with you in helping you to transmute that energy into wisdom, understanding, and compassion. You are still, so many of you are still holding on to some of these old, old hurts that took place while you were in human form.

So, we bring in all of this assistance for you. It will be difficult. We are not going to diminish this at all. It will be difficult for you. That is why we continually ask you to gather together with Shaumbra, with others. Talk about your experiences.

Understand that as you open up, as you go through processing, you will come to new understandings, and enlightenment, and a new sense of integration. So, understand also as you walk through this most difficult, difficult experience – by healing it, you are also helping the feminine energy heal over all. You are doing this for yourself, but it has an effect and an implication on all others.

So, we gathered recently with you for this event called the Harmonic Concordance. And it was such an event, incredible from our perspective, our side of the veil. We watched as you sat together, as you celebrated, as you energetically felt the impact of the alignment, as you felt even the division within yourself come together.

Indeed, it was the broken diamond, what you call the Star of David. It was the two sides, the opposites, the mirror for each other. And they served a purpose. But it was time to bring them back together.

You started a process on November 8th. And this process will continue to build, and build, and gain momentum, all directed towards this date that we have talked about in 2007. You have started on a wonderful new way of reintegrating all these energies together, putting the Star of David back together the way it was meant to be. You had an energetic impact within yourself on this date when we gathered.

But it also did affect the overall consciousness of Earth. You helped to raise not only the vibration but also the level of the New Energy. You see, vibration as we have talked about before is an Old Energy attribute, things vibrating back and forth. You helped to raise that vibration level over all of Earth. But you also helped to bring it in to grow this thing we call New Energy. New Energy doesn't vibrate. It expands in all directions simultaneously. It is totally going in all directions at the same time. Quite a bit different than vibrational energy.

When you gathered together on this Harmonic Concordance, you helped to bring in more of this New Energy, to make it easier for the energies of God, of Home, to come here, to make it easier for the energy of the divine within you to reach out and expand, to grow within. It was a delightful time we had with you. And indeed, there will be other milestones along the way, other dates and times that help to – what you would call – anchor this energy, to help it bring it in.

But the process has started. The changes are occurring. They are going in you and through you right now. It was a delight for us to share this procession, this ceremony with you, this healing of a very Old wound, what we’d almost term the last grand wound to be healed before this time of 2007.

So, in our gathering last month we talked to you about the journey, said that the journey comes to an end. It was interesting to feel your reactions to this, to see how you felt, what you thought about this. But indeed, the journey does come to an end. You have been going through so many experiences. You have been struggling. You have been working hard. You have been going through challenges in your life.

It is time for all that to end now. There is nothing else to seek. There is nothing else to try to achieve in an Old Energy way. The journey ends. And now the experience begins. The journey ends. And the enjoyment begins. The journey ends, and the realization and manifestation begin.

There is nothing to search for anymore. There was nothing ever that was truly lost that you had to find. You just allowed yourself to go through what appeared to be this grand journey, this quest, to find the divine, to find the solution. And what you discovered, indeed, is that it was always there. But you had to go through. You had to go through all of your learning, all of your lifetimes, in order to come to a full understanding that it was always there.

It is much like the analogy of a chef in the kitchen going through all the preparations, looking for new recipes, cooking new type of dishes, adding new ingredients, different types of ingredients melded together to see how they work, find different ways of creating aromas, find different ways of melding and blending different energy sources in foods to come up with something that was very satisfying. You’ve all been chefs in the kitchen, working away, creating magnificent gourmet experiences for yourself.

But now the cooking is done. The cooking is done. It is time to go sit at the table and to enjoy, to have a feast and a celebration, to feed and to taste and to experience now everything that you've been making up to now.

So, dear friends, the journey indeed is done, unless you want to continue on it. A whole new way of living and experiencing begins. It all shifts. No more chasing. It comes to you. It all finds its way to you. We will say that over, and over, and over again until you truly realize it. It comes to you.

You don't have to choose any more – how to say – challenges in your life right now. When you think about it, dear Shaumbra, when you think about it, the vast, vast majority of the challenges in your life right now aren't even about you. They are things you are taking on from other people. You’re taking on their challenges and their pains. You’re taking on a nurturing role for them that sometimes causes a dependency. It certainly causes a burden on you.

Without trying to be overly specific, we would say that 90 percent of the problems in your life right now, the difficulties, are related to other people. Only a small amount is truly about yourself. It is time to let that go also. At least acknowledge it for what it is, but also to let it go. We will talk about that in a moment.

Sometimes you think life is so difficult and challenging that if you let go of their problems and allow them to live their lives – yes, totally – you will have so little burden. Now, many of you will also feel that you have very little to do because you have been so busy trying to take care of others and carry their burdens.

But dear friends, we will tell you right now there is so much to do in the New Energy. It is nothing like the Old. But there is a tremendous amount to do. The New Energy is about expression. It is not any longer about challenge, or suffering, or trying to find the answers. It is about expression. That is what God is – expression, pure expression.

It is time for the journey to end and realize that everything then will come to you, to realize that you have had energies, and talents, and abilities that have always been there but have been dormant. They have been latent. They have been waiting for the right time.

Some of you here have had urgings to be musicians but thought that you weren’t born into the right family or have the natural talent. You will be surprised as you let go of the journey and come into the time of experience how musical you are, how quickly you can learn what music really is. You will have a whole new understanding. It won't simply be chords and notes. It will be vibrations, and harmonies, and New Energy all working together.

Many of you do not think you are so smart. You think that your IQ is not up there with the others. The IQ thing we do not so much care for on this side. It is a way for humans to measure each other, for some humans to put others down.

There is a thing of being smart, and there is a thing of being wise. But dear friends, as you end the journey, and you come into a time of experience, you’ll understand and realize how wise you truly are. And wisdom will help manifest what you call smartness, intelligence, the ability to grasp concepts like never before; to understand how things work without having to go through the Old schoolish ways of learning, without having to study all the boring details but to be able to be ever-present in the moment, to be able to hold a flower in your hand and understand intuitively how it all works.

Later you can go and read about the specific scientific process. But you will understand beyond what even a scientist can know about how life comes into that flower and creates it.

So, as you end the journey and come into experience, you will have a whole new type of intelligence, not just a human brainy intelligence, but a divine intelligence. Yes, we know so many of you are already experiencing this.

As the journey ends for you, you won't have to try to figure people out. You won't have to try to go through a mental process to understand them. You certainly won't have to use Old Energy psychological principles to try to put boxes around them to help you understand. You can be in the presence of others, and so easily feel and read their energy. And the knowingness of them will come to you. You will have such a new level of understanding and empathy for other humans.

As you get off the Old journey, and you come into experience, you will find that it's so easy, dear friends, to manifest financial abundance into your life. You think right now because you don't understand the stock market, or because there is only a small group of people who really understands money flow, because you're not an accountant or financial expert that therefore you’re not in the stream of abundance.

When you stop the journey, and you allow yourself to be in full experience and expression of human life, it will just come to you. Opportunities within the current structure, within the current financial structure, will come to you, the knowingness of how energy – which is all money is – how energy flows will come to you.

You will also understand that hoarding it, stockpiling it does not serve you or anyone else. To have abundance come to you and then not experience it, dear friends, makes it lose all its effect. Do you see? For many of you, abundance has come into your life. And then you sit on it, afraid that it might go away. Then, you wonder why more doesn't come in and become even more afraid.

You will find that, as you get off the Old path and come into a New point of experiencing life, of feasting on life, that you can go and spend money. Does that make you feel guilty, Shaumbra? Spend money! Buy things for yourself! And new money will appear. Buy that pair of shoes for yourself. Sometimes we get tired of walking alongside of you and your feet are aching! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, as you allow the journey to come to an end, you will have a whole new understanding about yourself and why you are here, why you ever came to this place. You won't be struggling with it. You will have a divine realization. You are already getting glimpses of that. It is already coming in.

So, indeed, it is time to stop cooking. It is time to get out of the kitchen, and go to the feast, the feast that you have created, a feast that is so bountiful, so rewarding and enriching. Some of you may feel guilty about this. How could I possibly feast when there's so much work to do in the world? How can I possibly enjoy life when there are so many who are suffering? We’ll talk about that in just a moment.

In the meantime, we want to share with you a very simple thought, a very simple concept. You are wondering how all of this New Energy stuff works. You are wondering when, and why, and how. You’re going through all these questions in your mind. You are wondering when I, Tobias, will set down a specific structure and a path, specific things you have to do each day to bring this about in your life.

Dear friends, we have a bit of a secret here between you, and God, and me. It's going to happen anyway. (some laughter) This whole transition into New Energy and releasing of duality is going to happen anyway. You have given permission. You have allowed it. You have opened yourself to it. The wheels turn. The motion begins. The energy builds. It's going to happen anyway.

So, you can either struggle with it and work against it and wonder and try to figure it out and try to develop some specific techniques and ways to actually make it a drudgery. Or, you can simply know it's happening. It is happening with or without you. It is happening. It will happen in your life.

You don't need to wonder if you took the wrong turn or did the wrong thing. None of that matters. As we said before, it doesn't matter which direction you step in right now – forward, to either side, backwards, up or down.

You've already started the motion. Spirit within, God of all things, brings the momentum into the right place and to the right direction. It's going to happen anyway, this thing you call moving into the New Energy. It already is.

Yes, you are going through some of the difficulties and the tribulations – all related to holding onto aspects of the past, all related to not being sure what’s going to happen in the future. But it will.

We are talking specifically here to Shaumbra. We are not talking about the rest of the world. Most of the other humans on Earth right now have not given permission for this process. So, they continue to walk in duality and to play in duality. They continue on their soul journey.

Shaumbra is a bit different. You have given permission. You have allowed us to come in and work with you. You have allowed at the core of your own being to become a Divine Human angel.

So, now we ask, “Can you sit back and relax? Can you know that it will just happen? Can you release those things that might be anchors in your life or holding you back? Can you not fret so much about what this process looks like?” Again, it comes to you. It just happens.

There are so many who are supporting you, so many who are walking with you. We are helping to facilitate a process. You wonder what your runners are doing. You tell your runners that you need a new job. They have better things to do. (audience laughter)

They are helping to bring in grand shifts for you, grand changes in understandings. They are helping to bring in New Energy. They are helping to keep you balanced with our side of the veil. They are helping to take some of the wisdom that you are gaining and bring it back to bring to other dimensions. You see, while you sit here right now, there are spirit beings in other dimensions, waiting, waiting for you to make progress, so they can make progress, waiting for you to discover your divine origins, so then they can discover.

The runners are very busy, shuttling back and forth the energy. Something as simple as finding the right job, dear friends, it will come to you. You are the Creators. You are the ones.

So, it will indeed come to you. It will indeed happen. This whole process has so much momentum going to it. This quantum leap that we have spoken about in 2007, dear friends. There is really not much you have to do to facilitate that. It is happening. It will come.

So, let us switch energy gears here for a moment. Let us talk about something we energetically planted in Ah-ta-rah recently, in this place you know as Australia. Let us talk about passion and compassion on this day and bring in all of these energies.

As humans in this lifetime, you've had so much passion. You came into this lifetime with such strong desire to make a change, to affect things on Earth. You’ve had this passion as a driving force in most of your life. You had passion for a job.

Perhaps, you were a health care worker. You had a passion to help others. You had a passion to heal them physically or mentally. Perhaps, you were a cook, or you are a cook. You had a passion to create marvelous foods that others would enjoy. Perhaps, you were a businessperson. You had a passion to be in a business environment, to help grow a company, to help bring a product out.

Perhaps, you had a passion as a teacher, as a schoolteacher to work with children, to help them be all that they could be. Your passion might have been a hobby. You passion might have been your family, or your pet. Your passion might have been simply getting together with other like-minded spiritual people.

But you had a passion, a strong drive. This changed many times in this lifetime, the passion you had as a child, followed by the passion as a teenager, and then an adult. But there has always been even an underlying passion beneath that – the passion to bring New Energy into this world, the passion to change the consciousness, to change how other humans perceive life, the passion to reunite with Shaumbra, to create this whole thing called the Ascension process.

And for so many of you the passion then left. The passion went away. But it wasn’t there anymore. You didn’t have the strong motivating force that you used to have to get up in the morning. You didn’t have that underlying drive anymore. You wondered what happened to your passion. And each day, each and every day, you looked for it to be replaced. You wondered when Spirit was going to give you a new passion, a new drive.

So many of you have felt empty to the core because there wasn't a passion in your life. You have become frustrated with Spirit, frustrated with yourself, thinking perhaps it is time to go. You look on enviously at other people who seem to have so much passion in their life, wishing that it would return to you, wondering about this whole New Energy thing, thinking that if it is without passion, then it’s also without life, without joy and expression.

The passion left, in a sense, because it was Old Energy. It had to go. It had to leave. Old Energy passion was generally based on a challenge, or struggle, or trying to change something. Old Energy passion worked with the opposite elements in so many cases. There was always the opposing force of the passion, no matter what you were doing. Allow yourself to feel that for a moment. Even though the passion had such wonderful merits to it, it was also based in duality, based in Old Energy. So, the passion left.

And here you sit, wondering, “What next?” You’ve been looking around, looking under your bed, looking in the closets, trying to find that passion, trying to rekindle. Haven’t you found out? You can’t rekindle that old fire. You can fake yourself for a little bit, but you can't rekindle.

There is a New passion now coming in, and it is not based on Old Energy characteristics. We don't even like to use the term passion. We even challenge Shaumbra to come up with a new word for this because it is beyond passion. It is the joy, and the expression, and the experience of life itself. There are no dualistic elements in it.

Much like Old Energy is based on vibration – back and forth, up and down – Old Energy passion was based on the same thing. New Energy, as we just explained, is based on energy that moves in all directions simultaneously. It expands and contracts. New Energy passion is the same. It moves in all directions simultaneously. And it is based on the joy and the expression of Creator energy.

You’ve been looking in all of the Old places to rekindle your passion. There is a New one moving in. There is a New one being birthed within you at this very moment that we speak. Stop looking in the Old places, Shaumbra, for your passion.

Allow yourself to be in a void for a while, if that's what it takes. Allow yourself to be passionless, as to release all of the Old Energies associated with what passion was.

This New Energy passion is so different. It makes Old Energy passion seem small, tiny, inconsequential in comparison. The Old Energy passion was a driving force. The New Energy passion is an expressing force. It is so different.

And again, we don't even like to call it passion because that is so associated with an Old way of thinking and an Old way of being. So, we do ask all of you to come up with a new name for it. As you start to feel it within your being, wait for that New passion, New Energy passion, to start coming in, that New expression of life to come in. Then, use the feelings associated with that to feel the energy of the word that you would use now to describe this.

As this New Energy passion comes in, it gives such new meaning to life and to death. Death is such a funny thing in your reality. Most humans, most all humans are so afraid of it. Even you, Shaumbra, are afraid of it. You know it's inevitable.

You are going to ask us questions over and over again, “How can we avoid death?” And we will tell you, “You won't.” You can change the dynamics of death, but you are not intended to stay in this human body forever. We will talk about that in just a moment. But dear friends, this New Energy passion gives a whole new meaning to life, and to death, and to why you are here.

In order to truly allow yourself to feel it and to experience it, though, it requires you to have total compassion. To have New Energy passion requires total compassion. What is total compassion? How does God feel about you, the God that is in this room today as our guest? God has total compassion.

We felt some of you when we said that God was here, we felt you duck right away (audience laughter). Lightning bolts, the hand of God, reaching out “Ah, I found you now. Here you are. You’ve been hiding.” No, it is not like that.

God is total compassion. We have said it in different ways. We will say it again today. Can you be totally compassionate, Shaumbra, to everything? Everything, everything because God is total love and compassion for you, for everything you have done – every dirty little thing, every nasty little thing, every delightful little thing, every grand, grand, big thing you’ve done – everything, dear friends.

Some of you even hide parts of yourself now from the energy of the Elohim that is in the room, that is within you. You know you can do that. You can hide from God. You can hide from God. You can close off parts of yourself. Your religions teach you that God can see everything and knows everything – not true! You can hide from the angels and hide from God. But when you do, you’re also hiding from yourself, you see.

So, dear friends, it is about having total compassion, just like God does. Can you have compassion for everyone in your family? No? Take a deep breath. Can you honor them and stop trying to change them – your daughters, and your sons, your spouses, and your parents? Can you totally accept them?

Stop trying to change them, Shaumbra. They are on their journey still. You might have ended yours, but they are still on theirs. Honor them, just like God honored you every step of the way in your journey.

Can you stop trying to change your children to make them be like you? Start honoring them. They come in with a different energy than what you came in with. They came in with a whole different type of karmic structure than what you had. Stop trying to change them. Accept them. This is a difficult thing. There is a difference between trying to change them and being a guiding force in their life.

Stop trying to change your spouses. You tried that, and they walked out. The next one that comes along – honor them unconditionally. You wonder why you have relationship issues right now. It is because you are trying to change them. You cannot accept everything about them because you have not accepted everything about yourself.

Can you have total compassion for people who are sick, including the children? Can you look at them and honor their journey, dear friends, a difficult thing to do, particularly with the young ones? Some of them come in, knowing that they will bring disease, knowing that they will bring some sort of deformed situations into their bodies. They chose that. Can you honor it totally, and stop trying to change them, stop trying to make them what you want them to be?

Can you totally honor countries that are at war? We know we’ve caused a few eyebrows to come up in the past when we said, “Stop praying for peace.” They are having so much fun battling with each other. Let them have their games. They are also working through some old karmic issues. They are working through some struggles and difficulties that they had with themselves. Can you honor them when you open the newspaper and read about wars, read about terrorist acts? It does not mean you are encouraging it. It does not mean that you are saying this is the best behavior. You are simply honoring them.

There were times when we have looked at you and sometimes shook our head at the direction you were taking. But we honored you for it, and we were right there with you. Bad direction or not, we were right there with you, because you chose to experience something. And in the end, we all learned. You learned, and we learned from you. Can you be filled with so much compassion that you honor and accept everything, everything?

The environment. We know you are concerned about the environment because this is the precious place of Gaia and you are taking it over now. We know you are concerned about the quality of your water, and your air, and your land. But can you step back first, and honor it, and understand the process, and understand more than anything that the energies of Gaia and the Earth are so much stronger than the physical energies of humans? Gaia can take care of herself quite well (some laughter), as so many of us, including myself and you, experienced in Atlantis.

Can you honor those who are dying, and understand that dying is simply a process? You go through it many times. Can you honor everyone and everything, having so much compassion, just like God has for you? Can you have compassion for your neighbor, the one that’s been irritating you for all these years, honoring them?

One of the great attributes of humans is they are always trying to change everything outside of them. When you come to this new place in the New Energy, it is about total compassion for everything. Everything! It will challenge you to the core. We know, we know this already. Honor everything. Stop trying to change it.

Quite simply it is the principal of standing behind the short wall, getting out of duality. They are still in duality. You are not. When you have total compassion, and you are then a Divine Human here on Earth, then you will understand how to apply this New Energy passion that you have. You are not going to be fixing the world or changing it. You will have such a deep wisdom and understanding. That in itself sets up the potential for those who want to change. It is all about creating the potential for those who want to change.

You wanted to change at one point in your life. You said, “Dear Spirit, I want to change. I want to know God within.” That set up a whole course of events in your life. There are many potentials then that came to you that you created for yourself. And we helped you to create on this side by having total compassion for every human, total acceptance.

Don't try to change them anymore. Don’t try to fix them. Don’t try to heal them, or mend them, unless they come to you, unless they look for change within their own life, and they accept then the potential that you are helping to create.

When your New Energy compassion, when your new passion starts birthing and expressing fully within you, then you will have the understanding of how things truly work, how to apply your energies, when to apply them. You see, right now you are still dealing in the Old Energy way, battling back and forth, struggling.

The New passion is so different. New passion, based on total compassion – it is that simple – it should be such a guiding force in your life from this moment on. Watch yourself. Watch how you react to things. Watch how so often you are trying to change it. You don't like it. Take a deep breath. Have total compassion for everything. Everything. Nothing held back, dear friends.

You want a test of that tomorrow morning? Read your paper. Go through the articles. See if you can have compassion for the one whose house burned down overnight, for the ones who lost a loved one in an accident, for the ones who were kidnapped, for the ones who lost lives or limbs in a war. If you are having difficulty with it, take a deep breath.

Understand there are no accidents. Understand that they gave themselves this experience. You don't have to buy into that way of living anymore. You don't have to go through those difficult struggles in your life anymore. Just because someone else was harmed in one way or the other doesn't mean you need to accept that energy in your life. But have compassion for them in their life.

Have compassion for death, as well. As we said, it will come about. It is changing in this New Energy to the point where you can choose how you want to depart. You were never made to live in this body of yours forever. It was temporary. It was designed that way by you and by us, so that you didn't get lost. The human body was designed to die at some point. The wonderful thing is that you can come back and create another one, a young one, a vital one, a good-looking one. (audience laughter)

But have compassion for death and understand it's not a punishment from God. It’s a way of cycling through experiences. Have compassion for the fact that, dear friends, yes, someday you will release the physical body that you are carrying around with you. Someday you will take on a different identity and name.

But the essence of who you are in this lifetime will always be there. Always be there. It will never go away. It does not go to the grave. The name, the identity that you have right now does not disappear. It is always a part of you.

Have compassion for this whole process called death. Stop fearing it. Stop trying to avoid it and deny it. Stop trying to think just because you are metaphysical and spiritual that you will somehow avoid death. If that's why you’re in this work – to avoid death – you’d best leave now.

Understand, and have compassion that while you live in this body of yours that you can celebrate, that you can enjoy, you can feast now at the table of life. You’ve been in the kitchen a long, long time. And now you can feast.

Also, have total compassion for yourself and everything you've ever done, just like God has for you, just like Spirit has. When you have recalls of things you’ve done in this lifetime or others, stop trying to deny it or hide from it. Have compassion.

In reality you never hurt anyone. You think you have killed many others in battles or in heinous acts. You did not kill them. Most of them are back in your life right now anyway. (some laughter) Some of them you’d like to kill some days. (more laughter)

You can never destroy the essence of a soul. You can play all sorts of games with it. But you can never destroy it. Have total compassion for yourself, as well.

In order to bring in this New Energy passion into your life that is so different than Old Energy passion, you must have total compassion – compassion for everything and everyone – nothing held back. Does God, who is in this room, who is with you right now as you’re listening to this, has God ever judged you, ever done anything other than love you sweetly and dearly? Now, the energy of the Elohim is asking YOU now to do that.

The energy is very high here!

You are indeed the first large group of humans to be asked to do this – to have the same compassion as God has, compassion for everything and everyone. There have been individuals, some small groups of humans who have been coming to understand this process. This is the first time – according to those who we are talking to now – that this has been introduced conceptually to a group of humans.

So, we’d like to briefly speak about one more subject while we were talking about your physical bodies, dear friends. We know you fret about them. You worry about them. You wonder what's going to happen. You wonder about flus and diseases, all of these things.

First, understand why you chose a physical body to begin with. You wanted to experience. You wanted to come into this material world, this world of matter and mass. You wanted to feel what things are really like, what creation is like. It is difficult for entities on our side of the veil to have the full level of feeling that you can have on Earth.

So, you took on the physical body as your vehicle. You don't necessarily own it. You are borrowing it. You have responsibility to care for it, and to love, and to nurture it. But it is not you, as you know. Your soul is not hidden inside of it somewhere. In a sense, the body is the animal inhabited by a spirit, by God, by you.

The body allows you to manipulate and to work in this physical reality. The body is like any organism on Earth. It is susceptible. Every organism on Earth has a cycle of birth, of living, and of death. And so does your body.

As we said before, when your body gives out, you continue on. You can either come back to our side of the veil. You can linger around Earth without a body, like so many entities do – quite a few coming in and out of here today even – or you can choose to incarnate into a new body.

The biology is changing rapidly right now. It is changing rapidly because you are bringing in New Energy. There will be many new ways to facilitate the rebalancing of the body. One thing that you gave yourself, your biology, was the natural ability to heal, to come back into balance. It is already there. It is an intrinsic part of your biological system – rebalancing when you allow it to be.

If there are things within you biologically that are out of balance, that are in disease or dysfunction, simply take a deep breath. Breathe often. Let your body know you are giving it permission to come back into balance. It has the natural ability to heal and mend.

It has the natural ability even to re-grow limbs. But that portion has not been exercised in so long – re-growing an arm or a leg. You’re already doing it on a rather crude sense with things like teeth and some tissues. But it has the ability to re-grow limbs. It is not one of the strong suits of your DNA structure right now. But it has the ability to come back if you give it permission.

You will see great advances, even in this next year of your time, in medical research. You will see many more over the next years. And you will see this accelerate even more rapidly after our date of 2007. But dear friends, still the fastest and the most effective way is to allow your body to rebalance itself.

You will see advances in medicine in – how to say – so the doctors don't cut out large parts of the body. We consider that here on this side of the veil to be somewhat crude. Even back in the days of Atlantis we used pinpointed energies, directional energies – generally from crystals, but also from other apparatuses that we had manufactured – to change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA. Contemporary medicine has gotten away from that to where it is cutting off limbs, thinking that that is the root cause, thinking if there is a cancerous area of your body to cut it out because that must be the problem.

Dear friends, that is so far from the truth. The cancer, the signal for cancer, starts in other places in the body and the spirit and the mind. To cut that out is only temporary. To cut that out is also not honoring that portion of your body.

There are many benefits to modern medicine right now. We are not saying not to use these.

But we do say to each one of you – when you go to the doctor, even when you have to go to the hospital, give your body permission to be part of the whole rebalancing process. Bring an energy facilitator with you, you see, with you to the doctor. There are some who are already starting this process, some who are located right here in this area. And it will continue to grow. And we strongly encourage their work.

When you go to see a medical professional, who does not understand New Energy or the nature of Spirit, bring an energy facilitator with you. They don’t need to wave their hands. They don’t need to perform any ritual. They are helping to hold a space. They are helping to create a potential with you, a potential of rebalancing the body.

As you move into the New Energy, you will find that your body does rebalance itself much faster and much better. We know many of you have asked – and will continue to want to ask – about the advances in medicine. There will be some. They will not overcome cancer within your lifetime. It is too deep within the human consciousness right now. It is there for a reason. It will not be overcome. It will be controlled, but not overcome.

You will see a proliferation of other types of diseases popping up. Some already are. The imbalance of sugar in the body is reaching epidemic proportions with diabetes, with low blood sugar. Dear friends, this all relates to the acceptance of sweetness in your life, of love in your life. It relates to self-love. It relates to the ability to allow others to love you and for you to love them. This will continue to grow, and grow, and become such a problem. And when medications are taken, the problem will manifest somewhere else.

You will continue to see problems such as AIDS, which relates to the immune system – the ability to heal self, the ability to have the biology take care of itself – because there is a lack of self-worth. There is a feeling of – how to say – negative energies consuming the person. From our perspective we also do not see this being healed, being eradicated in your lifetime. It will come under control. It will take more consciousness surrounding the root causes of these things.

You will see a remarkable increase in mental health problems to the point where the government, your governments, will not be able to handle the problems. They will have to close the door, close their eyes to the problems. They will hand out drugs like candy because it will help to reduce the effects. People are having a very difficult time right now adjusting. There are New Energies coming in, Old duality trying to leave. There are such forces that cause the mind to go a bit out. These will continue.

Our message to you today, Shaumbra, is you don't have to accept any of these things. You don't have to accept them. You can allow your biology to rebalance itself. We encourage all of you right now to be energy balancers with each other… with each other. It is very easy to learn. Just sit with the other person in total compassion. Don't try to change them. Don't try to fix them.

Sit together one-on-one. One of you is an energy space holder, as a creator of potentials, as a friend and a companion; the other one to just sit in that energy and allow it to come into their system to help rebalance their biology. Two people sitting together, or do it as a group, but it requires coming from a place of total compassion.

If you're helping another with their balancing, you are not trying to fix them. You’re not doing voodoo hand gestures all over them. You’re not trying to conjure up all of these outside energies. You are simply sitting with them in a place of total love and compassion. And that's the greatest thing you can ever do for another human. The greatest thing. It will have the most remarkable effect on helping them rebalance their biology.

Try it, Shaumbra, with each other. You’ll be challenged. You’ll want to start doing something. You’ll want to think that you have to project your energy on them, that you have to visualize them in a healthy body. Nothing like that, Shaumbra. Be in total compassion. Be God sitting with them. That creates an energy potential that they can either absorb into them or not. It is up to them at that point. You have just created New Energy potential. It is so simple. It is so effective. It is so Shaumbra.

So, dear friends, with that we know the day is getting long. We just love sitting with you. Sometimes we do yammer on and on (audience laughter) just so we can be with you. But we feel the dryness in Cauldre’s throat. We can – we know some of you are rolling your eyes, wondering when we will conclude but allow us – allow us to just sit with you for a moment, just be with you and God in this wonderful space we are all creating together, knowing that the journey has ended and the feast of life begins.

You are never alone at the table.

And so it is.