The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 3: "The Answer is Greater than the Question"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
October 4, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together in this beautiful energy. It is a delight for I, Tobias, to be with you again. When you are doing your breathing (prior to the channel), and when the music plays, I do walk around and talk to you. I shake your hand, so to speak. I give you hugs. Some of you can feel this and wonder, “Was that Tobias? Were the other angels around? Do they wait to come in until Cauldre starts speaking?” No, no, we walk the aisles even before the Shoud begins.

We are so delighted to see you again! We encourage you to open up so that all of us can bring in the sacred energy. This is one of my special times – before I start the Shoud – to be with you. Sometimes it takes a while to make this meld, because we like to just sit with you.

We do have much to talk about today. Some of it may seem disjointed. But dear friends, it all ties in together. We will cover much territory today, with many different subjects. When you read this or listen to this later, you’ll understand how all of this ties in. All of this ties into your journey.

There is much, much activity on our side of the veil right now. The angels are going to and fro. There is so much activity, so much shuttling of energies back and forth, so much communication going on between the human realms and the celestial realms. It is very, very busy on our side of the veil right now. (chuckling) It is so busy in fact that we were a bit late getting here today! We almost missed our appointment.

You see, we don't have calendars here, but we have energetic awarenesses. We knew it was time for our gathering, but we were so busy moving around other energies that we got here just in the nick of time, just to hear Linda talking about the Pope (audience laughter) and our prophecies. We came in so hurriedly that we tended to disrupt a bit of your electronics, and the keyboard, and the other things (referring to problems before the channel with microphones and musical equipment). So, we will try to be a bit gentler. You know how that is. You’re late to a meeting, you’re speeding down the highway, go bursting into the room and tend to mess things up at times. (audience laughter)

But we are here, all of us. We also had to do the breathing exercises with you to settle our energies down a bit.

Perhaps some of you have felt the increased activity on our side of the veil, increased activity all around you, increased activity even at night in your dreams? There is a lot going on, all in preparation of an event that is coming up in the not so distant future. It is a consciousness leap, a time of great change and transition on Earth. It has required many, many changes in response to what you are doing. We will talk about that on this day.

We do have a whole group of wonderful guests today. Some of them you know – you’ve been working with them. Some of them come in new, a type of changing of the guard.

The ones who come in today are your runners, your team. You have many of them. We don’t want to place an exact number. We don't want you humans comparing – “I have three,” the next person says “I have ten,” the next one you know has a thousand. (audience laughter) It does not work like that. It is not particularly a quantity. It is more of a quality. These runners are angels indeed. Some of them have been on the Earth plane before, but most of them have not.

They are not like your former guides. Your guides were in your direct energy field. They held a space all around you. They were there to balance your energies. They were there to keep that space occupied until you were ready to accept all of your space, all of your consciousness, and all of your potential divinity. Your guides, as you know, left that space quite some time ago. Some of them come in from time to time to work as runners or as “shuttlers” of energy for you.

But the runners are different. They are here. They are here today in the room. Their purpose is to move the energies and information back and forth. They also transport love and support from the two sides of the veil. We know in some of your literature there is this thing called the “silver cord” that connects the human back to the celestial side. In a sense, it is the responsibilities of the runners to maintain the integrity of the silver cord.

Please understand, it is not a literal silver cord. It is an energy conduit that connects both sides. The runners go back and forth. They bring you new types of energies and information from our side. They also help to balance and adjust the various elements of spiritual energy and human energy within you.

You are making so many changes right now, and therefore your runners are very, very busy. They are constantly helping to readjust energy quotients within you. As you open up and allow your own divinity to be present in your Now moment, they help adjust these energies between you and our side of the veil. In a sense, you could say they are servants. They are here in service to each of you.

As you go through your changing cycles – the cycles that we spoke of in our last gathering – they also help to take this New Energy that is being created and put it in the appropriate places. You are now creating New Energy, but there are not the mechanisms yet to use this in your human reality. Your runners are putting it into storage for you and also bringing part of that energy back to our side of the veil where it is applied throughout the physical universe, and where it is applied throughout all the dimensional aspects as well.

So, they are very, very busy right now. They come in today as our honored guests. In this space we create here together, they can come in so much closer. They can take a break here for a moment while you relax. They can – how to say – they can sit next to you. They communicate with you in a whole different way.

All of the activity can slow down here in our Now moment together. All of us can take a deep breath. You runners can relax for a bit, and get to know you in a whole new way.

Your runners are here in service to you. They cannot do it for you. That would negate the very reason that they are here and the very reason you are here. They cannot create things for you, but yet they can keep a continual balance of energies with you.

When you are aware of their presence, or when you allow yourself to know that they are real, this facilitates the entire process. It makes it much smoother. You don’t have to go through all the challenges, such as those you have been going through in these last few months. There can be a more balanced type of energy in your being and a better connection between both sides of the veil.

So, dear friends, take a deep breath and allow your runners to be with you, sitting in this space ready to respond to your changing consciousness, ready to shuttle the energies back and forth, ready to put the New Energies that are being created into a type of safekeeping for you to be used at the appropriate times. Indeed, there will be many times in these days ahead when you will have situations in your life that require totally New Energy moving in. It will be available for you. As you are creating it now, it is being safeguarded for you until the appropriate time.

Some of you wonder about all this. We ask you, “Is this real? Could your runners truly be here? Could they come into this space? – whether you’re sitting in your home, whether you are at the home of another or sitting here in this canyon gathering – “Is any of this real? Are there really such things as runners in the first place?” Is the energy you’re feeling right now, this vibration – but a new type of vibration – is it real? Or is it just you wanting it to be so?”

We will continue to ask you this over and over, “Is any of this real? Is the work you are doing here – not the job you have in life but the work you are doing here on this planet right now – is it real?” If you allow it to be, it truly is. If you allow yourself to be in that space of loving yourself, of honoring yourself for the journey you have chosen, indeed, then it is real. It is real in a whole new type of way.

Your job, it’s not the work you do when you get up in the morning, and you go to some office. That’s not your job. You keep wondering, “What does Spirit want me to do right now? Why am I here on the planet? I have some lower-level job, some job that is relatively meaningless to me. Surely, Spirit had other plans for me. Surely, I should be doing some grand type of work.”

You know what your real work is? You are energy movers and energy holders. You are the ones who are helping consciousness to expand. You are the ones going through all of these things in your body, and your mind, and your spirit – all of these changes and transformations – going through them very rapidly. You’re the ones that are blazing the trail for the others.

While you are creating and moving New Energies, you are also holding energies. That is why so many of you have been moved to different geographic areas. You have a type of energy quotient within you, a type of bright light so to speak, that is needed in certain geographic areas to maintain a balance and to provide a new potential for that area.

You are not being moved to a certain area because it has a certain geological formula or formation. You are not being moved there because there are mountains, or water, or crystals. You are not being moved there because you need these elements. You’re being moved there because the area needs YOU.

The land – Gaia – needs you. You know, she is leaving. She needs ones who can accept the responsibility of Spirit within them, so you are being moved there to hold that energy, and to build that energy, and to make it available for the ones who come knocking at your door.

Your job isn't about how you earn a paycheck. Your job is to break through Old paradigms. And there are so many Old paradigms right now. We need you. We need all of you to be the ones who are challenging the Old ways, moving into the New, but yet maintaining a balance through the whole process.

Your runners who are here today, they are happy. They are happy that you’ve created and allowed this space for them and they know there is much more work to do. They make a commitment to you. And they will do whatever they can to make it as easy as possible. They ask for a commitment from you: Would you allow it to be easy for a change? (audience laughter)

We talked about this in our discussion last month. There is no need for this suffering energy anymore. There is a difference between things that are a challenge and things that are difficult. Can you separate those two? Can you separate out the word “difficult” or “suffering” from the word “challenge?”

You, Shaumbra, love a good challenge, even when you are back on our side. Sometimes we roll our eyeballs because you always want a challenge. You always want to go play with energies, hardly content to sit and just be. You always want to play. We love you for this. But then you go to Earth. You take on the challenges – the challenges of building the empire of Atlantis, the challenges of bringing in the divine seed in the time of Yeshua, the challenges of creating New Energy and creating the new pathways – but it doesn't have to be difficult. It really doesn't.

Look at yourself and what you are choosing in your life. If there is a lack of abundance and love, take a look. Why would you possibly choose that? What energies are so ingrained in you that you think you have to have lack? Or, why would you choose it – just to say you could jump over a bigger hurdle? Take a look at that. There doesn't need to be the difficulty.

Challenges are fun. They are joyful. It’s like playing an intense game. You love doing it just for the challenge, just to exercise your energies, just to sharpen and hone your own intelligence and your own spirit. Challenges can be very rewarding as well. But please drop the difficulty and suffering.

Last month we talked about the cycles of change and fulfillment. These are cycles that you are going through and have gone through. We bring them to your awareness so you can understand what you are going through. You go through an awakening. Then you go through the processing, which brings understanding and wisdom.

Then you go through the releasing, which is letting it all go, releasing any hold that you had on it. No, you’re not putting it in a closet somewhere. You’re not sweeping it under the rug. Releasing is allowing it to go to its highest potential.

Your awakening generates an energy. The processing brings understanding, but the understanding is limited until you can release everything that you thought you were. When you release it, it goes to a whole new energetic level.

Then it comes back to you. It comes back in the form of integration. It melds back in, so every past lifetime and experience comes back to serve you in a New way. The wisdom, the understandings, and the enlightenments, the fun and the challenges can all come back to serve you in a new and integrated way.

You go through all of these cycles. And then you go through them again. But you can release the suffering and difficulty from them. You can allow it to be a joy.

We bring this up to you so you will have greater understanding of the cycles involved in the process, and so that you would have understanding when others came to you for counseling.

When they come to you for advice and guidance, you could say, “Yes, they are at their awakening. I know the dynamics of this. I know the joy. I know the exhilaration, but I also know that it brings other things as well.” When they don't want to move beyond the processing because there is a certain comfort in it, you, the teachers, will have to know when the time is appropriate to say, “Let the processing cease. Let us release now.” You will know the deep anxiety associated with the release. It is like letting go of everything. It is like dying in order to be reborn in a whole new way.

The dynamics of these cycles are involved in so many elements of human life. You have this with the cycle of all of your lifetimes. You have these cycles within the periods of the your life right now as you transition into the New Energy.

We do understand that there are so many new and unfamiliar dynamics in this part of your journey. We do keep close track of it. Your runners are constantly aware of these things and trying to rebalance and readjust the energies.

At some point very soon, you will have the enlightenment of how all of this works. You will be amazed at how you were able to continue going, continue living, continue moving through this intense process when you see the work that is being done by all of your runners. They are the ones who come in to balance when you are not so sure when you want to stay on this planet, what good it serves anyone or you. They are the ones who move in the energies.

The runners cannot change the way you feel. But they move in the energies, like moving in a potential, that you can use then when you need to, when you say, “But there must be a reason why I’m here. There must be a reason why I keep going.” That potential has been moved in by your runners, like a message from us, saying, “Here's why you’re on Earth right now.” They are constantly moving around energies. You will be simply amazed at the extent of their work and how it has helped you to get to this point. You are the one who ultimately uses the energy. They are the ones that move it around for you.

As we feel the energy of Shaumbra all over the world right now, we see that you are going through some interesting experiences at this particular time. Some of the things have you perplexed – perhaps not down, but simply perplexed. One of these things that you have been wondering about, worrying about a little bit lately is, “What is reality anymore? What is reality?” You thought you once knew, but these days you have to ask yourself, “Now was that a dream that I had?” (audience laughter) “Or did that really happen?”

You have to ask yourself, “Did I really have that conversation with this other person in real life? Or was that something going on in my head? Did I really go to the movies last night? Or was that a dream or a vision that I had?” (more laughter) “Did I really bump into that person that I had known from so long ago or was that just my imagination?”

We know some of you think that you are losing it. Some of you are attributing this to old age. “Oh, so this must be what my grandparents went through.” (more audience laughter) It is not like that. Theirs was a different journey. It is not like that at all. What you are going through is not a result of age, rather a result of wisdom and expansion.

Some of you are wondering if perhaps you should hold a tighter rein on your imagination, on your creative expression, hold it back a little bit. Dear friends, let it go. Let it go. You are truly walking between the worlds right now. You are truly integrating, and this is part of the process.

We know it is a little bit disconcerting at times because you’re no longer able to tell what’s real. Then we keep asking that question, “Is it real? Is it real?” If you allow it to be. Is your dream real? Have you noticed lately that your dreams are so much more intense. Sometimes you don't want to come back out of your dreams.

Dreams are different now. They changed some time in these past two to three months. Your dreams aren’t the same type of activity as what they were before. Often you use your dreams to try to figure out solutions to things that are happening on Earth. You went through an experience of potential realities before you actually brought them into your human reality. This is what you would call a dream. In some dreams you were there in service to others. You went to help them in their dreams. You were there in service to them.

In some of the dreams, you’re back on our side of the veil. And you’re teaching classes. There is a bleed-through into your dreams where you can feel or see this, even have visuals of it. All of you – all of you – teach classes back here three or four nights a week. (audience laughter) You are teaching those angels who have never been in human form the processes of the integration of the Divine.

You see, that's what it was all about. That's why you left Home in the first place – to have your own unique identity, but also to understand that you are God also. Spirit doesn't know her own identity. You do. You have that unique gift of your own awareness of Self, now melding with God. The angels on our side of the veil, particularly those who have never been to Earth, gather around in what you would call large, huge auditoriums to hear about what this is like.

So, you are finding that there are bleed-throughs in your dreams. You are wondering what's real anymore, and the answer is, “It’s all real. It’s all real.” You are learning to let go of that very defined and highly focused energy that you placed into yourself so that you could be a human on Earth. Now, you can still be a human on Earth and have access to all of the other inter-dimensional energies – all at the same time. But it will be a bit strange at first.

One of the other things that is causing you concern is that you are becoming highly, highly sensitive. We talked about some of these issues when we went through the Language of Ah. You are so sensitive sometimes it hurts. It literally hurts when you hear certain noises. It will scare you out of your body.

It actually hurts sometimes to be in the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth, an energy you have always loved. Now you are so sensitive that some of her energies are causing you irritations in your body more than ever before. You wonder about this. You wonder if perhaps you are just becoming too sensitive. Well, the answer is, “Yes, you are.” This too shall pass. You will learn to integrate all of these energies.

These high levels of sensitivity are causing you concern. It is difficult for you to be with other people. You are so sensitive to energies now. You wonder if there is something wrong with you. You wonder why you feel so odd and different, why you almost can't stand being in groups and crowds anymore. Sometimes you just want to sleep because in sleep you think that you won't be so sensitive. But then you find out that you are sensitive in your sleep state, your dream state.

These sensitivities, dear friends, also work FOR you. You can feel things like never before. You can feel the energies in rooms. Oh, you had always wanted to do that. Now you are doing that, but you don't always like it. (audience laughter)

You can feel energies. Yes, we know one of you felt the energy the other day of an accident on a highway. Then you came up to the scene of the accident. You didn’t even know it was there until you saw it with your physical eyes. But you could feel it. It made you nauseous in your stomach. You could feel the agony. You could feel the sorrow of the ones who were leaving Earth at that time.

Yes, you are feeling all these things – part of the process that you are going through. But imagine what you can do now with that new sensitivity in terms of facilitating others, helping them through their process, being able to feel energies in rooms, and understand it’s not you in the energy that has been imbedded there for a long time.

We were listening in on Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) and the others talking recently about how they don't like old places anymore – old homes, old buildings, old places. That's because there is so much energy in old things. It’s overwhelming at times. New places don't have quite the buildup of energy. Old places have a lot.

You don't become thrown off by energies. You can go into the many, many layers, for instance, of a beautiful old home. You can feel all of the families that have lived there, all of the love and the joy, all of the agony, all of the difficulties. You can let it roll through you. You can feel it, but you don't have to own it.

These increased sensitivities you have been having lately are just part of the whole process of opening up.

We know so many of you are caught between this interesting, strange dilemma – one moment everything is going so very fast, and the other moment is going so very, very slow. Now, which one is it, Shaumbra? Is it going fast, or is it going slow? It is both!

The energies ARE moving faster. You are moving faster. Sometimes it is so hard to keep up with yourself. Sometimes it is hard for the runners to keep up with you. Sometimes you say, “I need a day off by myself where everything slows down.” But what happens? You get that opportunity to have a time where things can slow down. And you wonder, “Why are things going so slow now?” (audience laughter) “I want more progress. I want it to happen fast. I want to move through this quickly.” All of this is appropriate.

Indeed, the energies are going faster. Indeed, your patience level, your tolerance level, is lower than ever, so you don't like when it goes slow. Understand it is part of a process that will continue for a bit of time.

Talk to the energies of fast and slow. Integrate them together. Ask your runners to show you where the balancing energy is. It is there for you. They have brought it in. Sometimes you just need to be aware that it’s there. Have them help you to find it so you don't feel that things are excruciatingly slow, but yet sometimes so fast that you don't know what to do.

This is something that we have seen in Shaumbra lately. It is causing you concern. You wonder sometimes where your mind is, what is happening inside of you.

Then, there is another interesting dilemma that you are moving through. It is difficult to be with people. Sometimes you have to force yourself to be with other humans. Sometimes you have to really work at it. Sometimes you want to shake them. Oh, all of you want so much to integrate with them as well – and you will, and you are – but you are going to integrate at a whole new level.

Sometimes you wonder why you were born so different. Why couldn’t you have just been a little bit more like them? (audience laughter) But you know, you chose it this way, so that you could truly soar in your own right. You will come back to a new understanding and integration with other people. But in the meantime, it is difficult.

Sometimes you dread having to be with groups. So, what do you do? You go off on your own. Then you find out that you can't stand to be with yourself either (audience laughter). When you are with yourself, the energy is so intense. It is going so fast. You get into these head talks with yourself, then you have to find other people so you don't have to talk to yourself any more. Quite a dilemma!

It is difficult to be with yourself right now because you are changing so rapidly. You don't even know who you are anymore. It is difficult to be with yourself because the Old is still tugging at you. You are still hearing the voices from the Old, all the questioning going on in your mind, all of the questioning, “Is this real? What am I doing here? Is this real?”

So, dear friends, it is good to spend time alone. But in that time just breathe. Just breathe. Talk to yourself. Talk to yourself about what you are going through. Ask yourself questions. Honor every part of yourself for what you are going through.

In this whole challenging difficult time of not wanting to be with others and not wanting to be with yourself, and sometimes just feeling like you could crawl right out of your skin. That is a good time to be with Shaumbra. As we have said, it is not good for all of you to go off and live in the woods together. It’s not why you are here on Earth. You would really get on each other's nerves after a very short period, but get together with Shaumbra.

Even today some of you wondered if you should be here. Part of you dreaded the whole prospect of coming up here or gathering in your groups. You didn’t think you could deal with the others today. The energy wasn’t in the right spot. But what happened when you got together in the energy of Shaumbra? You took a deep breath. You said, “Ah, I’m glad I’m here today. I needed this. I needed their energy, and their love, and their acknowledgment. I needed to sit in the chair here today and have my runner angels be with me. I needed to just take a break from all this for a little bit.”

What else is happening right now with Shaumbra? You are beginning to see some strange and interesting things with your human eyes. You’re beginning to feel all sorts of things with your senses. We've noticed that you are amazed at what you are beginning to perceive.

In particular, you are seeing through the mask of other humans. You’re seeing their auras for the first time. You’re seeing their face change. You’re sometimes astonished at this. Your mouth drops open, and your eyes get big. You’re seeing them go through a metamorphosis right in front of you.

And they look at you like, “What is wrong with that person?” (some laughter) “What are they seeing?” And what are you seeing? You are seeing things that are familiar, but yet strange.

You are seeing through people, in particular those who have brought in what you call the “gray energy,” and reptilian energy, and lizard energy. These are your terms, not ours. But you’re seeing it in their faces. You’re saying, “That person looks like an alien from another place.” What is happening right now with the very fast and very drastic energy changes on Earth is not only is your human sense of seeing becoming so much broader and so much more open, but in a sense, some of the – how to say – some of the Old agendas are coming out right now. They will continue to do so.

When the Order of the Arc created this place called Earth, this was a method to help come to a new understanding of the energies in all parts of the cosmos. Earth was created as a neutral place where you could re-experience things from before – “before” meaning before you were ever human, before you were ever on this planet. On Earth you could walk through Old experiences in a very slowed down fashion. You could walk in matter in these human bodies. You could forget who you were and where you came from. Earth was designed this way on purpose so you could re-experience things that happened to you eons of time ago, so that you could come to points of choice and points of understanding, so that the past could be healed. The future IS the past healed.

When this place of Earth was created and the call went out to the angels, it wasn't just what you would consider the good angels. It wasn't just the light angels. There had to be an exact balance of energy on Earth as it was in the universe. So, a wide variety of angels came to Earth.

What you call the reptilians, the grays, the lizards – these again are your terms, but there are certain attributes that are amusingly correct about this – they came also. They were part of the seed of Earth. Now all of these angels who came to Earth to help resolve an interesting situation, to come to new understandings for all of the universe, they came to Earth neutral. It had to be that way.

But, but some of the angels from certain celestial families had implanted into them what has been called the “alien agenda.” They had an agenda that was imbedded deep within them, representing the agenda of their celestial families.

Let’s say they came from the “grays.” They didn’t know that they had this implant placed within them. In a sense, there was a hypnotic suggestion placed within them that would carry the gray agenda to Earth. It wasn't supposed to be this way. But they did it anyway. And we all knew about it. They weren’t hiding anything.

Now is their agenda coming forth on the Earth. That is why you, Shaumbra, can start seeing it physically manifest in front of you. That is why sometimes you can be with certain humans and feel nauseous or feel that something is trying to consume you, or sometimes feel that something is trying to take all of your energy away.

Yes, Cauldre is slapping his forehead and rolling his eyes right now. (audience laughter) “Tobias, Tobias, oh, what a can of worms you have opened!” But we bring this up because it is an important point. It does tie into our rambling discussion. We will get to the point. (chuckling)

So, with all of the energies now moving intensely, headed towards a point of quantum leap in consciousness, which is four years away, and with your new insights and understandings, you can begin to see these “hidden” agendas.

Now, we have to clarify a point here. Some of you listening and reading this now are thinking, “Oh my God, there is an alien agenda implanted within me!” (audience laughter) No, no, you got rid of those, the ones who had them. You got rid of them a long time ago. When you did, there was an incredible transformation that occurred. Most of this took place in other lifetimes. For a few it took place in this lifetime.

You released yourself from the bonds of the past. It was difficult and painful because it was so much a part of who you were. You released the energies so that you could be free, so that you could help others move into the New Energy.

Some of this is manifesting in what you would call conspiracies, but ultimately there truly is no conspiracy. There are attempts by others to either stop the changes that are going on right now, or there are attempts by others to hold control. But it is nothing that any of you need to worry about. You are far beyond that.

From our perspective, there are no huge conspiracies that have all of you mesmerized. There are no mass conspiracies that are trying to kill all of you. As Cauldre likes to say, the greatest conspiracy there is, is right in front you. It is called your IRS (Internal Revenue Service). (audience laughter) You’re all aware of it. You all go along with it. A few of you don't. But it’s not a conspiracy unless you allow it to be.

You talk about this thing called the Illuminati. The Illuminati was indeed a conspiracy. There was a group who used energies to try to control the world. But you know what they found out? It was no fun trying to control world. It created more headaches than they wanted. They had all the money they needed. They didn’t need to try to control. Actually, they began letting up control about ten, twelve years ago of time. They realized it wasn't that much fun. There was also an energy that was coming into Earth at the time that was birthing through you, through others who were going on the spiritual journey, that said that this was not part of the New Energy. It had no place in the New Energy.

Don't be surprised when you start seeing things and feeling things that appear alien. Indeed, they are. And indeed, it is you from the past. And indeed, some of these alien-type energies will still try to scare you or scare others.

But more than anything – we can tell you this – more than anything, they want to transform right now. That's why they are appearing to you. That’s why they're making their face known to you. They understand it is time for a change. They understand that the New Energy is here. And the New Energy and the concept that “You Are God Also” far surpasses any of the Old agendas. They’ll make themselves known to you so that they can feel your energy, so that they can begin to release some of the Old imbedded energies within them so they can be God also. It is amusing from our side because we see that none of these Old agendas have any power over you, unless you want to play their game.

You know, there are – how to say – disincarnate spirits, ghosts, that come by you every night. They gather around because they see a light and they feel a vibration that is so different. But they don’t do anything to you. They cannot harm you. They cannot. They are simply attracted to your light. They cannot take anything away from you. They cannot come into your body and take over.

Anyone here, reading this, listening to this, anyone here who thinks that they are a walk-in, think again. (more laughter) Nothing walked into you. The physics of Earth are not set up like that. There have been a few isolated cases where there was intense agreement prior to a soul coming into a body for a lifetime, but these are very limited.

You are not a walk-in. You are an ascendee. You moved from one lifetime to the other while still staying in the same body. You transformed your consciousness. And yes, you may feel totally different. You may feel like a new person because you are, in a way. But there wasn't some outside entity that one day walked into your body.

So, we got off track a bit here. But we wanted to help you to understand why some of these things are happening in your new life, why these sometimes imbalanced energies are coming in, and what you can do to balance them. Simply take a deep breath. Understand your runners have brought in the appropriate and balanced energy. It is available to you.

Don’t make it difficult. You see, you go back to the Old ways of trying to move from one conscious state to the other. You think you have to go through all this difficulty and challenge, even to bring us in. We are right there! We are one breath away! We are that close.

You try to go back to the Old ways of going into trance states or any of these things. Understand it is right there. It happens quickly. You can move from one level to the next. You can tap into your runners right now. Just shift over and allow it to happen. You are there. It happens that quickly.

Everything you are going through is preparing you for something that we have talked about before – a quantum leap of consciousness, a change into the New Energy. And it is approaching fast. It was predicted that it would occur in the year 2012, predicted eons of time ago. Many still hold to the thought that it will occur on December 31, 2012. The Mayan calendar ends. They had to end it somewhere! (audience laughter) And it was a pretty good guesstimate on their part of where to end it. Many still hold that this is some point of change.

But dear friends, we have been working on this from our side, trying to help to understand where this quantum leap would take place. Cauldre has been asking us, you have been asking us, “What is the date? What is the sacred and magical date?” We would be delighted now to share that with you, with the understanding that, as we see it now, nothing monumental will happen that day. It will come and go like any other day. However, what happens after that day will be important.

On that day if you want to gather together as Shaumbra, have celebration and joy, indeed that is wonderful. We will be there dancing with you. You don’t need to write books about catastrophic things that will happen on that date. You don't need to bring the element of fear into this. There is nothing that anyone has to buy to get through this date. There are no little metal devices that you have to wear on your toes. (audience laughter) This is not a date that is dictated from a celestial standpoint.

It is a date that comes from you. It is a date where we see this quantum leap taking place, and it is simple: September 18, 2007, a date of completion, and a date of transformation.

Now, this date could change. There could be events that bring it in earlier or a bit later. But we've been looking at it. The runners have been working with it as well. This is the day that we see this happening.

You see, what will happen between now and then is intense and fast changes around your planet, all over your planet. Things are trying to come into alignment. There will be many who leave the Earth because, in a sense, they are not prepared to cross over into the New Energy. They are prepared to cross over physically but not in consciousness.

There are Old Energies that do not want to see this change. They can feel it coming, and they will resist it. We brought in the Pope last month because that is also a signal to the church that the change is now imminent. And they don’t want to let him go because they know when he does, that it will bring changes in the church, changes that move towards this date, September 18, 2007. So, they are holding on.

The reptilians, the grays, these alien agendas that we talked about, they know it's coming also. Up until recently there has been doubt about when and even if. But they know it’s coming. They are going to make their presence known. They will be the ones trying to scare others and trying to say there is some great conspiracy. The ones who shout the loudest about the conspiracies are the conspirators!

Indeed, they are going to be writing the books under the guise of – how to say – spiritual and religious clothings. They are going to write the books that bring the fear about these events. They are the ones who are going to try to make all sorts of correlations between other events, other things that have happened before, perhaps even celestial alignments, and say, “This is the day of reckoning and judgment.” They are going to try to scare humanity.

This is not a day of judgment of any kind. It is a day of celebration and transition. The judgment of any human is released on this day, if they allow it to be. That is what we are all moving towards. That is why you feel the energies intensifying around you right now.

You are going to see technologies moving faster, and faster, and faster. So, as we’ve talked about before, more patents will be filed in these next few years than ever before. You’re going to see breakthroughs in the medical fields, in the technical fields, because the energies are moving so rapidly. They are picking up a momentum right now.

Part of the reason for this, part of what has really made it possible is communications. Do you realize that your Internet – what we are speaking over right now – is barely eleven years old? A blink of time! Look how it has impacted your Earth – eleven simple years! Radio and television and telephones have only been in practical application for about 75 years – a way of communicating, of opening up.

Your printing press, which was the first major change in communications, was only in more recent years of your total life cycles on Earth, it was only very recently. It is interesting to note that when the printing press was first developed, the first commercial application, the first communication that went out from it, was the Holy Bible.

Those who worked at the printing press, who made books, they were tortured by other humans. Their places of business were burned, burned to the ground because there was a fear that if communications were opened, all humans – particularly communications about what was in the holy Scriptures, what had been held for only a few humans in the church – if this was put into the hands of the common man and woman, that it would be difficult. They would lose control.

Communications over these next few years will increase. There are technologies right now that are being worked on, that will absolutely amaze you. It is difficult to explain, but they involve a type of holographic vibration.

There is a new language that will be developed in the next few years. You see, humans are still held back by their languages. There are many, many languages on Earth. The languages are incomplete. It is difficult for us at times to communicate with you in words because the English language is so limited.

There is a new language that is being developed right now. It is more of a universal language. It is one that combines certain types of math, new – what would you consider to be – digital algorithms. This will be a language that can be written, in a way, but more than anything, sounded, sounded, not necessarily spoken. It will be a sounded type of language. It will be, in a sense, based off of some of the research, some of the work, being done on your Internet.

Most likely this language will first appear on Earth here in these next few years with a small group of children. You see, they will be playing. The kids who understand technologies, or like to play on the Internet, but want to communicate with people on the other side of the world, they will begin playing with a new type of language. It will be a game for them, a secret code. But someday it will get out. There will be some researcher, someone who understands it is more than a game. It is a new method for communicating.

Communications will have such a big part of what happens here in the next few years and also what happens after. Communications are really helping to open the First Seal for humanity, the Separation. You see, as all of this happens, the seals begin to open. You have gone through the process and will continue to go through the cycles. Humanity will begin opening the First Seal with this quantum leap. It is happening now. You are separated from each other because of languages. You are separated.

Can you imagine several hundreds of years ago there was no automatic or instant communications like there are now? It had to be handed from person-to-person. It was slow. Now it is instant. Now we can talk to all of you at one time over this Internet.

Communications is helping to open the First Seal. As it does, that will help bring Home into the energy of Earth. All of this works together. The First Seal is the seal of Separation when you left the Kingdom of All That Is. Oh, you have carried that with you ever since – that separation, that longing to go Home, that longing to feel the love of Spirit – but it will be opening. It will be opening through communications. It will be part of this quantum leap.

Separation also goes into the veil. It helps to create the elements of the veil. The separation is no longer, as things come back together. As Home comes to you, the veil also begins to disappear.

At this time of the quantum leap, it changes the physics of all things. It is so difficult to explain to you what will happen afterwards. It will take a bit of time. It won’t happen overnight. But everything will begin to change. You’ve been going on a linear path with everything from technologies, medicine, consciousness, all of the things have been linear. But with this quantum leap all of the physics change.

We will try to help you to understand here. A bit difficult to communicate this.

Your physics and your reality is comprised of energies that are vibrating at certain levels. They go in cycles. For instance, sound travels as a cycle. It goes up, and it goes down, depending on the range. The speed and the distance of the cycles determines how you perceive the sound.

Everything vibrates around you right now. That is what helps to create this reality, this thing you call matter and mass. Your body is not solid, although it may feel that way. It is energy particles that are vibrating at various speeds. That is what your entire reality is comprised of.

That is what even communications are made from – vibrations. All the elements are vibrating. They go up. They go down. They go at various speeds. But there is a yin-yang to the vibration. That is what creates everything around you. It is all about vibration.

When you get to this point of quantum leap, the elements will begin… they will not vibrate any more. Reality will not be created from elements that are vibrating at opposing energetic levels.

At the quantum leap there will be a new type of physics that's introduced into your reality. It will take a while for the scientists to understand, even know it’s there. The particles will no longer vibrate to create their reality. Instead, the particles will expand in every direction. Energy will expand inwards and outwards and sideways and up and down in unison. You will not need the dualistic energetics of vibration to make reality happen. Instead, it will be the expansion of energies that will create the new reality. It will take quite some time for this to integrate and for the scientists to learn how to use it.

What is this indeed? This is the New Energy. This is what you have been working on. These are the templates that you have been helping to create, that the runners have been helping to store until the appropriate time.

Energy, by itself, is neutral. All of the energies that you have used in creating the universe and creating your reality here on Earth come in neutral. But then you activate them. You get them moving. You get them vibrating. You get them opposing each other, working against each other to create something new, to create your reality. That was the Old way.

After the quantum leap the transformation of energies will be different. There will no longer be the opposing forces. Energy will be transformed or utilized by you now as a – how to say – single element that is expanded in all directions simultaneously. That is how it will work.

After this date of September 18, 2007, it will become available in a new way. It will become available to help with technologies and inventions, to move and to shift consciousness. It is a potent energy. It works so differently than the Old Energy of vibration. It will change things on Earth very rapidly.

What you are working with right now, dear friends, is a dynamic leading up to that time of September 18, 2007. That is why you are listening in, reading this, sitting in this audience; to begin this whole process, so that you could have gone through your own ascension and divine integration prior to this happening.

You ask us all the time about your jobs. “Tobias, when am I going to get a job that's meaningful?” (audience laughter) Look at what you are doing. You’re helping to change and to expand reality. You are helping to move to this point of quantum leap of consciousness that makes a whole New type of energy available.

We’ll have much more to say about this. But we wanted to share this with you on this date. This indeed is the New Energy Series, and we will focus on what is happening in your lives right now, what is happening in the world around you, and what is New Energy.

In the meantime, we ask you not to try to figure all of this out. (laughter) We brought this up to a group recently. We asked them to stop trying to figure everything out. Imagine getting up in the morning, Shaumbra, and not trying to figure anything out! (more laughter) Imagine going through a whole hour of time and not trying to figure anything out! Then really stretch your imagination – try to get through the morning without trying to figure anything out. Ultimately a whole day.

You see, you try to figure all this out. You try to put an intellectual understanding on something that's not intellectual at all. That’s why you’re having difficulty right now. You’re trying to figure out everything.

It is so new. It is so different. You can't figure it out. You can only feel it and know it – know it in your heart, not in your brain. You try to figure out what to do next. You try to figure out, “Should I turn left or right?” You try to figure out what Spirit is trying to tell you, as you dropped a carton of eggs on the floor. (audience laughter) Spirit is not trying to tell you anything other than you are walking in many dimensions.

Sometimes the eggs do go right through your hand, literally. You wondered, “How could have I possibly done that? I was holding onto them.” Part of you was holding onto them. The other part wasn't, and they slipped right through the other part. Spirit’s not trying to give you any big message. Spirit’s not trying to tell you to go in certain directions.

If you stop trying to figure it out, that thing inside of you – we’ve talked about before – the Divine Guidance System can go to work. It can take care of the more mundane human things for you. It can help to balance you. It can help to bring you everything that you should have in your life right now – abundance, and health, and all these things.

But you see, you try to figure it all out, and your Divine Guidance System goes into a shutdown mode because it loves you. It says, “They want to figure it out today.” (audience laughter) “So, we’ll take the day off.” (more laughter) “They are having so much fun trying to figure it all out. They want to document all this. They want to make their charts and graphs about how we move to the New Energy. They want to plot out, and run it through their computers, and figure it out.”

You can't do that, dear friends. You can only know it. Later on, the intellectual understanding will come to you. Stop trying to figure it out. You are running into walls every day. We have been trying to get this message across through to you. You have been trying to understand every little thing, but in your mind. Your mind operates on an Old Energy basis. You, the Divine Human, are operating at the New Energy basis.

Imagine, a whole day of not trying to figure it out! You will be surprised at how much more energy you have. You will be surprised at how more clearly you see things. Your clarity level will increase exponentially. You won't get yourself into those mental binds. You won’t get yourself into those places of depression.

Stop trying to figure it out. That will be difficult because – you see, we already know – you’re going to release some of the figuring it out, but not all of it. You still have to have that element of control. You still don't have that total trust in yourself. So, you do a little less figuring out.

We mean TOTAL “stop-trying-to-figure-it-out.” The answers are already there, but in a whole New way. The answers will come to you in a whole New way. As we talked about with a group recently, the answer that will come to you is so much grander than the question that you could have asked.

But you’re so busy trying to figure out every little thing. You're wearing yourselves down. Mark our words – you will need your energy these next four years.

Stop trying to figure it out. It comes to you. You see, you think that if you stop trying to figure it all out somebody can come and take you over. We already told you they can't do that. The physics just aren't there.

We have to laugh sometimes. There are those who even try to give themselves up to other entities. (audience laughter) The other entities don't want that. (more laughter)

So, you can let go of the old human control and allow Divine Guidance to come in. You can stop trying to figure it out. You can allow knowingness to come in. You can allow the answer to be there before the question is ever asked. This is how it works.

When you find yourself getting stuck in the mind, you already know what to do – take a deep breath. Remember what we talked about here today. Remember that you are on a grand journey. Remember that your job is so important. Your job is making such a difference.

You see, when Earth makes a quantum leap, the rest of us can also. When Earth goes from a vibrational state of being into an energy that expands in all directions simultaneously, then we can also. On our side of the veil, we are in vibrational reality. Indeed, it is beautiful – the vibration of colors, and sounds, and energies. But they vibrate. They are linear.

When you go into this New Energy, the expanding energy, we can do that also. Then Home can truly come to you. There won't be separation. Then we all embark on a whole new way of living, and growing, and being God in our own right.

You wondered about the significance of this lifetime! It is so much more than you could ever imagine. Let yourself feel it for a moment. Let us communicate it to you, what you are really doing here; not what you think you are doing, but what you are really doing. Allow yourself to feel it. You do it without having to carry big titles, or having to beat your chest, without having to create some grand and glorious entity that you think you might have used to be. You’re just doing it.

That is why we love you so much. That is why you will never be alone.

And so it is.