The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 2: "The Expanding Understanding of Self"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
September 13, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together again. Oh, how I, Tobias, and all of those who are of Crimson Council, enjoy these times that we share with you! We love this time when the music plays (before the channel), when you open your hearts, when you allow yourself to feel, when you invite all of us into this space.

There is a true transition of energy that takes place here. It is such a delight to watch all of you during this time to let go a bit, to release, and to allow the love of Spirit to flow in and around you.

It takes us a bit of time to adjust when we come in. The energies are so strong, even for us. You are so intense with your work! You are so passionate! We love just sitting here with you.

The work with these channels – what we now call the Shouds – is becoming so much easier. There is a profound difference for I, Tobias. I used to come in to a nervous and somewhat bewildered Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). He was not so sure if I would show up! He was not so sure if his energy was clear enough to allow me to come in with the highest amount of integrity. Back in those early days, oh, dear friends, you were so different then, so much sadder, so much more fearful of yourself!

Now we can join together energetically and Shoud in a single voice, yet in many, many voices. What you hear now is much more than I, Tobias. You are hearing Cauldre. He is finally allowing himself to become part of this. Amazing! (audience laughter)

You are hearing yourself, for you are opening your heart, and you realize that we are all connected. You realize that we simply bring your message back to you. You are opening your heart in love and in trust and lending your energy. Therefore, you can hear your voice written into these words, written into the vibration of this energy. You are allowing yourself to hear yourself for the first time.

You are allowing yourself to hear the person next to you. Oh, for so long you closed down to anyone near or around you. The level of trust of others was so very low. But now, now hear their voice written into the vibrations of these words. The one next to you has wisdom and love and compassion.

Hear the angels who come in to celebrate you! Oh, they stand in line to come this event, to be with you. Now you can hear the chorus of the angels who come in, who gather in the Second, and Third, and Fourth Circles.

What a wonderful journey we are all sharing together, a wonderful time on Earth! Oh, yes, indeed there are difficulties and challenges, but never before has consciousness moved so fast. Never before has the vibration of Earth moved so fast.

You can see witness to this in the technologies all around you. Technology simply follows consciousness. Your technologies are changing so very rapidly. But it is not the technology that is changing the world. It is you. It is consciousness and vibration that is changing the world. It is evidenced in the technologies.

In these past fifteen years of time, there has been more technology developed than in the history of mankind. You, the ones who came in and around the time of the Second War and after and have been coming in ever since, you bring a bold new way to the movements of energies.

Previous generations were afraid to let go of their heritage, traditions, and family roots. You come in, sometimes to the amazement of your parents and their parents, and you do not hold onto the traditions. You broke the barriers. You created the New ways. They rolled their eyes at you, but you come in ready to make change.

What is so special about Shaumbra is that you are so willing to go into the very difficult levels. You are willing to continue coming back to these gatherings, to continue to go to some very difficult and challenging levels within your own being. This group of Shaumbra we admire deeply.

We have joked with Cauldre and all of you that it would be easy to talk about the times past in these gatherings. You noticed, Shaumbra, that in the Shouds you don't talk about the Old days. You don't try to go back and rekindle the energies of Lemuria or Atlantis.

Oh, there are many, many who are on this journey that are attracted to the past. And it is appropriate. They need to have an understanding of how all things have come to be. But they can get lost in this as well.

Not with this group of Shaumbra. You have been there and done that. You want to go onto the New. You want to move consciousness forward. This group of Shaumbra is so special.

Yes, we could talk about the aliens, the galactic ones. It is appropriate for so many, for they need to understand that there is much more to the universe than their world. There is so much more going on. There is so much that has transpired in the past.

This group does not choose to bring up the subjects of intergalactic, multi-dimensional, “alienic” types of energies. (audience laughter) You have been there and done that. You choose to go to the next level of discovering, and of enjoying, and having a relationship with your Divine. Instead of going into these far-off places to search, you continue to go within.

You are the ones who choose the subjects for what is discussed in the Shouds. We are simply the carriers of energy. We simply help you to celebrate what you are learning. This group of Shaumbra, indeed, does not choose to bring up the conspiracies.

Cauldre jokes with us and says that perhaps if we talked about these things we would attract much, much larger groups. But it is not what you choose to bring in. It is not what you choose to focus your attention on.

Conspiracies? Indeed, many of them are real. Indeed, many of them are over-dramatized. Indeed, all of them are fearful. This group does not choose to go there. That is what is so special about Shaumbra.

You come here for challenging work. You come here for inner revelations about yourself and your relationship with Spirit. You come here to discover the New Energy that is within you. Indeed, Shaumbra is special all over the world. Shaumbra is paving a New way, a very New way.

So, it is an honor for all of us to be here with you. It is an honor for you to be here with you on this day!

Dear friends, in this New Energy Series, you have said, and we are helping to bring through the messages that are a bit different, a different type of guest. We said that we would be discussing timely issues that are occurring on your planet, helping you to understand what is coming before you, what are the trends and patterns, helping you to understand why you are going through the feelings, and the emotions, and the experiences that you are going through.

With that we bring in a special guest on this day. We ask you to simply breathe in and feel the energies of this guest. He is important to what is happening in the world right now. He is important to the consciousness of this planet. Today’s guest is also important to our discussion.

Breathe in and allow yourself to feel his energies. He is one who is currently living upon your planet, but will be leaving very, very soon. You know this one as the person who has carried on a long tradition, but a tradition that is ready to change.

Indeed, it is the energy of Pope John Paul II who comes here to visit today. He is transitioning right now. He is moving away from the physical. At this very moment he is on one of the last pilgrimages of his tenure. He is going to be leaving quite soon. He is old and feeble in the human body. But his spirit is as strong and as sharp as ever.

He came in at a very important time for the Catholic Church, which, as you know has its origins in the work that all of you did in the time of Yeshua. It has been called Yeshua’s church. From this sprung many, many other churches.

He has come in at a time of change, doing a very difficult job, balancing Old Energy with New. It has been a very difficult task for him, for there are many, many humans who hold onto a very Old Energy of the church and do not want to let go. They want to go back to the Old ways indeed. John Paul II came in as a bridge into the New Energy.

Indeed, he wanted to depart from this planet several years ago. He has taken on a very difficult responsibility. But the Old Energies of the church have kept him from going. They did not want to see him leave because they know what comes next are great changes, difficult changes in the church. He is indeed ready to go now, and it is time for this root church to change.

Part of his energy still remains as the Pope. He cannot understand why they hang onto him. He cannot finish his speeches, and they finish it for him anyway. He did not write them to begin with. Notice the difference in the words that he speaks now versus what he was saying two, and three, and four years ago. He is not writing his own words anymore. Once in a while, when he gains his strength, he will throw something in that is not written into a script. This will cause many of the elders of the church to go scurrying (some laughter), for he is coming to many New understandings and insights, even now in his work.

He comes into this meeting to see a group of humans who can boldly say, “I Am God Also.” He comes into this meeting not as a frail, unhealthy, old man, but as a spirited angel, a spirited human who understands the need for change, who understands that the church itself is going through many difficulties and many changes. He has concerns as to how well the church will make it through these changes.

He sits here today with you, all of you. He feels your energy and sees what progress you have made. He sees how you helped create the church in the first place. Some of you here were his teachers in past lives. He sees how you then moved away from the very churches that you helped to build, went off on your own lonely journey, and now have come back to a New understanding where you can say, “I Am God Also.”

It is a delight to have John Paul with us today. He asks that when he makes his passing not to mourn, not to worry. He says that his energy will be more present than ever in this group. He would like to work with Shaumbra, and he would like to learn from Shaumbra. He is quite amazed at how such a small group of humans can make such an impact on consciousness. He is quite amazed at how such a small group of humans can go so quickly through a very difficult and challenging process.

We call that process “the expanding understanding of Self” – the process you have been going through all these days of this lifetime, but particularly these last few years. You are expanding the identity of your Self while still here on Earth. It is a difficult process. It is a challenging process. And sometimes it seems like it is a never-ending process.

It goes in cycles, as you have learned. It is not a straight path. It is a circular path. Each time you complete the circle, you come around again but with a new understanding, an expanded understanding of your identity. You’ll understand the process that we speak of here because you have been through it. We bring this back to you to then help you understand what you have been going through, and to help you understand what other humans will go through. Ah, it is so good to have gone through this experience so that you can be the teachers.

The first step in the expanded consciousness of your identity is the awakening. Up until your awakening, you are simply asleep and unaware. You are simply going through the motions of being a human.

Remember your awakening? Remember that knocking at the door, that unrelenting feeling that you had within that something wasn't right, that irritability at the deep, deep level that you went through, that feeling out of touch with yourself, feeling that something was changing but you didn't know what it was?

Then you came to a point of awakening. It could have been a very difficult situation, a car accident perhaps, and then a time when you were laid up, when you had to go within. It could have come as a result of an experience, or perhaps a class that you went to, a book that you read. The awakening came in response to that nagging desire that was within you, to that knocking at the door that you had been hearing but ignoring for quite some time.

The awakening came, and it is beautiful in so many ways. It was exhilarating. It carried a new and fresh energy. There was a new hope and a whole new feeling. You looked back on who you had been before the awakening and couldn’t even imagine that you had been so shut down, so limited in your focus.

Upon awakening you want to rush out and tell everyone of what you experienced. You want to tell everyone about this new inner feeling that you have. You want to share with everyone your new dreams, your new energy levels.

You find out quickly that when you talk to them, they roll their eyeballs! (audience laughter) Yes, they begin talking about you behind your back. They come to you and say, “We have been talking about you. We are worried.” But you know in your heart that it was real, that the awakening wasn’t just another false hope. It was real.

In the awakening, there are difficulties. The awakening wakes up everything within you, not just the good, not just the light. Everything. Oh, yes, now you start to have experiences, feelings and thoughts, reliving past lives, reliving difficulties and challenges, reliving times before you ever came to Earth. It all comes up in the awakening.

There is almost a depression that sinks in at this point. You thought the awakening was the final answer, didn't you? You thought everything was going to get better, that God and the angels were going to take care of it for you, didn’t you?

Now, in the second step of this expanding identity. Now that you have gone through the awakening, you went into processing. You became experts at processing! You went to healers and facilitators. You went to workshops and classes. You couldn't get enough of processing. (audience laughter)

The processing was important because something was brewing within you. You had been awakened. Now it was time to get a better understanding. You needed to talk about past lives. You needed to talk about the difficulties in your childhood in this life.

You needed to get angry, with spouses or parents. You needed to get angry with God. Yes, it is all right to get angry with God. Oh, it helps release a tremendous amount of very Old and pent-up energy. You needed to cry. You needed to let some emotions out. You needed to play the role of a victim at times. You needed to let all of this out. The awakening opened it up.

You needed to talk about it. Yes, some of you have spouses who thought you would never stop talking about it (audience laughter), friends who started to avoid you when you asked if they wanted to go to lunch. (more laughter) Oh, what a wonderful time for processing! But this served you well. The processing was an important part of your new understanding of Self.

But then there comes a time to move on. How will you know it is appropriate? Oh, when you are repeating the same stories over and over again. Or when you find yourself more fascinated with past lifetimes than this lifetime. When you are constantly going into the past, constantly having to bring up these stories, constantly creating some past lives to give you a type of comfort about where you are right now, then the processing is done. It is time to move on.

Then you go to the next step, which is the releasing. That is pretty much where we picked it up with you, Shaumbra. Releasing. When we started four years and a month ago with you, you were at this step of releasing; somewhat confused, many of you wanting to go back to the processing phase. Releasing is a very important part of this expanding of your identity. Releasing, this letting go. This letting go, it is very difficult, as you know.

There is a tendency to want to come to new understandings and enlightenments while you’re still holding onto the past. We worked with you for several on releasing, letting go of the Old. While you were releasing, you lost jobs, you lost spouses, you lost a sense of identity of who you were. But you had to let it go. You had to let it go. This was probably one of the most difficult and challenging phases that you went through.

It will be the same for those who you work with. They will want to release a little bit with your guidance, but just a little bit. It will be difficult for them to wholly and openly release everything that they thought they were. Remember how that was. At our early meetings, you were willing to release a little bit here, a little bit there.

Then you realized the cycle of releasing had started. It was almost difficult to stop releasing. It was difficult because you lost a sense of identity of your Old self. You went into the darkness and the void in your life where it felt like everything was shut down, where it felt like you were in a void once again. And yes, that brought back memories of the void when you left Home. It was doubly difficult for you.

Releasing doesn’t mean that you are denying who you were and what you had been. It was simply releasing. You were simply releasing Old Energy conditions around those experiences.

You see, the experience still exists. You were just letting go of your reaction, your feelings, your understandings and your attitudes about that experience. For instance, the difficult experience you went through when you were a child is still there. But you released the Old emotional energy surrounding it, perhaps the victim energies. You released the energies of abuse and understood that you were simply playing into this wonderful experience with other people.

When you released, you weren’t pushing things under the rug. You were letting go of how you perceived that experience. So many of you were perceiving these old and difficult experiences with an imbalanced energy. Perhaps, it was an energy of being the victim, an energy of bad things always coming to you, an energy that you were not worthy of anything other than darkness. Releasing is letting go of your perception of the way things had been.

Some of you said you were going to let go, then you went back to your homes, and you realized you hadn’t, that you were still hiding it away. There is a certain comfort in your Old Energy attitudes. It is sometimes easier to be the victim than to be the Creator, sometimes easier to blame others rather than to take responsibility for who you are. So, you would say you were releasing, but then you’d truly hang on to the Old ways.

But you allowed us to work with you. You allowed us to push you. You allowed us to move you. You allowed us to come into your dreams, as we have done so often, and scare the hell out of you! (audience laughter)

Finally, you did release and let go. Many changes occurred in your life. But you still find yourself here. You are still safe. You are still in the Now, and more than ever, You Are God Also.

When you truly, truly released, you transmuted energy. You transmuted energy and created a whole new vibration. When you transmuted the Old, you changed the potential of your future.

You were traveling along a path that was filled with difficulties, potholes, rocks, barricades. You kept on placing these difficulties in the path ahead of you because of your perception of what was behind you. You believed the road had to be difficult because it had always been that way.

When you transmuted the energy through releasing, you changed your potential future. The future is the past healed, dear friends. The future is the past healed.

Listen to yourself right now through the voice of Cauldre and I, Tobias. Listen to yourself. Feel yourself. You have released, and you have transmuted. You have changed the potential of your tomorrows.


The next step in expanding the identity of Self was allowing the integration of divine and human. This is where you are at right now, in a way. Part of you is not willing to accept that You Are God Also. You hear the words, but your heart blocks the feelings. You know it is time, but you don't feel you are worthy. You know that the Christ seed within you. But you don’t feel you are pure enough to allow it into your life, so you hold back.

You are struggling right now. You hear our words about divine integration. You hear our words of being God, but you don’t know if you are ready for it yet. You don't know if you can accept it.

Dear friends, in the words of a very wise teacher, “God is ready to be human now. Is human be ready to be God?”

These cycles of the expanding identity are not just one-time cycles. You will go through them over and over again. You have gone through more than one awakening. You have gone through more than one time of processing. You have gone through many, many releases. You have gone through much integrating.

When you hit a new level of enlightenment – what you would call the awakening – you know it is time then for processing. Processing – instead of being dreary and difficult, being that of the victim energy – can be a joy that catapults you so that the releasing is very, very easy. It is done with grace. It is done with a finesse of a professional, talented, graceful dancer.

Then you will have transmutation and the transformation in your life. A whole new level of divine energy will come into your life. Then you go back through the cycle again, a new awakening, a new type of coming to understanding through processing, a new releasing, a new transformation, a new level of understanding the divine. You thought it was a one-time program, but you go through it over and over again.

Some of you have become quite frustrated and a bit depressed. You have said, “I have gone through this difficulty. Why do I feel I am back on the same merry-go-round again?” Dear friends, it is not a merry-go-round. Indeed, it is spinning, and it is circular. But it is series of cycles that continue to expand outward and outward, a spiral going both up and down, a spiral going to all sides, a spiral that is interdimensional.

Speaking of interdimensional, we know you ask questions about this, about different dimensional zones. “Are we in the fifth dimension right now as we are speaking?” No, we are in all dimensions as we are speaking. “How do I get to the sixth dimension?” It is by being in the Present Moment and allowing your divinity to come through you.

“What is on the twelfth dimension?” It doesn't matter! We don't see the dimensions from our side like you do. We don't segment them. They all occur together in the Now. You don't need to take journeys out to these other dimensions. You simply need to expand yourself in this Now moment to allow them to come in to you.

So, you go through these cycles of expanding, expanding awareness of Self. You will continue to go through these. Understand that it spirals up and down, sideways, in and out. It can be such a blessing and a joy when you realize you have reached the end of one cycle, and you are ready to begin a new cycle. A new awakening comes to you. Have joy in this. Play with this.

Each time now, Shaumbra, when you come to the completion of one of these cycles, a new level of divinity can integrate with your humanness. Something happens here. We have talked about this. We gave it some new definition.

Each time you come to the end of a cycle, you create New Energy. The completion of the cycle now creates New Energy. That New Energy is available to you in the next cycle that you go through! The next cycle will be easier. It will become broader. It will become more defined. It will be deeper. It will have so much more clarity to it. New Energy is created when you come to the end of each cycle.

The New Energy is then made available as a potential to the consciousness of other humans. They can choose to draw on it during their journey. Some of them will not recognize it. Some of them will not want to use it. But it will be available.

You are creating New Energy. That New Energy will help the shift of consciousness. The New Energy will help create new technologies that will benefit mankind and the universe.

Many of you are coming to a completion of a cycle. When you come to this point, understand what is going on. Understand you just simply now create New Energy and go to a next level.


And many of you are stuck. You are stuck in a very difficult energy. We didn't realize the importance of this stuck area. No, we do not know all things. We learn through you. God does not know all things. God learns as you experience.

So, we did not know the impact of this particular situation until we met with you eight weeks ago (at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in July 2003) and walked through the opening of the Seven Seals. When we hit the Fifth Seal, dear friends, the alarms went off on our side! (audience laughter) We realized there was very, very much stuck energy here! The energy of struggling, the energy of suffering, is still embedded so deep within you that you are not completing these cycles in a balanced fashion.

You get through the cycles of awakening, processing, and releasing. But when it comes to integrating with the Divine, you get stuck. You try to go to your next cycle without completing the essence of divine integration. You don't feel worthy. You think that you need to suffer.

Then you start a new cycle in your life. But built into the cycle – the awakening, processing, releasing, integration – within that cycle you build in suffering once again. You build in a difficult path. We had a deep look into this energy. And we have to say, we had to put all of our energies into creating a way to help you understand to move through it.

The trip that Cauldre, and Linda, and the two doctors (Dr. Norma Delaney and Dr. Garret Annofsky) took to Europe recently was no coincidence. Oh, no, they did not plan it. We did. We had to shift things around rather quickly for them. We had to take them to an area where suffering is so deep and thick, so Old, where the fifth chakra, the Fifth Seal, is so closed. We had to go there, to this land. We had to make the arrangements to be on this boat (at Lake Constance, Germany) to deal with this energy of suffering.

Let us talk about suffering as it relates to the church, as it relates to spiritual freedom. Let us help move through some energies here, a continuation of our discussion less than a week ago (in Lake Constance). Let us talk here about the churches. Perhaps you will understand the importance of John Paul II at our meeting here today.


In the times of Lemuria, dear friends, you did not have churches. There were no religions. There was not even the understanding of God! There was no need to try to understand at that time. You were coming into this Earth to experience what it was like to be in human body, and also to help balance out the biology, and to also help Gaia develop the life system here on Earth.

You had difficulty holding your energy in the physical body. It was rather challenging. But it was a fun game to play. As the energies became more and more focused, you were able to hold yourself in biology.

In the time of Atlantis, a wonderful and sometimes difficult time, you helped to balance the biology so that it took its basic form that you have today. There was much research done back then about how to create this body vessel, how to make humans look generally the same.

But even in the days of Atlantis, with all of the understandings of working with energy, we did not have an understanding or even a concept of God. We did not talk in those terms. We did not even think in those terms. We did not have the consciousness.

In a sense, all that we understood was the human. The human was God at that time. We did not understand so much about the Earth and the stars. We came to great understandings about the human and the biology.

Until some 6,000 years ago there was not the understanding of God as you would know it today. Six thousand years ago there was hardly even what you would call religion. It wasn't in the consciousness of humanity at the time. Religion, as you know it, has only been around these last 6000 years.

And yes – to the one who just asked – that is why some religions believe that mankind is only 6,000 years old in spite of scientific evidence that says otherwise. It was only 6,000 or so years ago where there came to be the conscious understanding of God, and therefore, religions were established.

All this time there was an energy of suffering in the human consciousness. This suffering originated in a time long before you ever came to Earth. It manifested itself in the human consciousness, particularly in the growth and evolution of humanity during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. And it became particularly intense about 6,000 years ago. It was one of the Seven Seals of Consciousness.

The energy of suffering and struggling came from the fact that it was difficult to accept yourself and your identity. You thought of yourself as something far removed and different from God. Humans felt that they were banished from heaven, punished for having done something wrong, waiting for a savior to pull you out of the depths of the human condition. You believed that you had to crawl on your hands and knees, worship God, be devout and suffer. The struggling and suffering energy has been deeply ingrained in the human condition for some time now.

Then came the time of Yeshua. He came in to teach a new type of God. Not an angry, old male God, not a God that was filled with punishment, not a God that needed to be worshiped. Indeed, dear friends, how ridiculous – why would God need you to worship Her? (audience laughter) That makes no sense. That makes no sense! Yeshua came in to teach about a new type of God. You incarnated to Earth in and around that time, carrying the new seed of the Christ consciousness in you. Yeshua was the spokesperson. You were the carriers.

But humanity was still filled with guilt, still filled with so much struggling and suffering that they could not hear your words or the words of Yeshua. Indeed, they nailed Yeshua to a cross!

Dear friends, the cross is a divine symbol, a sacred geometric pattern. It is the intersection of the divine and the human. The horizontal line represents the human, and the vertical line represents the divine. They intersect, and all of the elements are equal and balanced. There is not one line longer than the other. It is a sacred symbol that has been around for a long, long time. It has also been abused by many.

As this new potential for knowing the God within was awakening on the planet at that time, humanity did something to this sacred symbol. They nailed a man to it! They placed a horrible energy on this sacred symbol. They put suffering in the doorway of divine revelation. It has stayed there ever since.

That is why John Paul comes in today. He understands. He has done his work in trying to help remove this suffering energy from humanity.

Religions do more to affect the consciousness of humanity than anything on Earth! If changes are made in the religions, changes will be made in consciousness. Then, all things can move forward to their next cycle with ease, and grace, and love.

But dear friends, the Old Energy of suffering that is deeply imbedded on the planet now. It needs to be removed. Your religious and spiritual institutions – whether it was in Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, or any of the rest of these – continue to hold the energy of suffering. You continue to think you need to suffer on your spiritual journey. It is time to let that go.

Six days ago, we went through a very intense process with hundreds and hundreds of Shaumbra on the water in a confined vessel to release that energy. We brought in the energies of Archangel Michael, representing a strength and a new understanding of truth, and we brought in the energies of Archangel Amael, representing hope, a new hope for humanity. We worked with that group (in Lake Constance) very intensely.

We continue the energy on this day to help release the suffering that you think has to be part of your reality. We challenged the group on that day to let go of the suffering within them. You do not need it in your life. But you believe in it. You are almost stuck in it. Even though we say, “Are you ready to leave mass consciousness,” you bring suffering with you. It is so imbedded that you think that it is part of you. When you leave mass consciousness, you can leave so many things behind. But in your suitcase, you carry suffering.

Many of the churches on Earth right now need to change. Their logo is a dead man nailed to a cross. That’s the first thing you see when you walk into so many churches. You open the doors, and what energy greets you in this holy house? A dead man nailed to a cross! Dear Shaumbra, it is time to take Jesus off the cross! It represents the suffering that has been placed directly in the doorway of the divine and the human melding. How can humans move to a new understanding that They Are God Also if suffering, punishment, and death that greets them?

We asked our group in Lake Constance a week ago, “Imagine, imagine if the aliens came to visit and asked to be taken to your holy shrines.” And you took them to the neighborhood church, opened the door, and there was a dead man on a cross. They understand the energy of the cross also. Imagine young children being brought into the churches which are so often dark, so filled with Old Energy and tears and Old, Old prayers, pictures on the walls of heads being cut off, glorified in colored class. What type of religion is this?

We challenged our group a week ago, and we challenge you also – we say this somewhat jokingly, but mostly seriously – go to your churches. Talk to the priests and ministers and ask them to take Jesus off the cross. (audience laughter) Dear Shaumbra, can you be bold? Are you ready? (more laughter)

It is a symbol, but it is a potent symbol that has penetrated through so much of your religious structure. Instead, can you have the Divine cross as the symbol with happy humans, humans and angels gathering together in the Now? Can you get rid of the suffering? There is so much suffering associated with the churches that goes back, oh, even into the times before you came to Earth.

There are religions on Earth right now that treat women like second-class citizens. Those women have agreed to be treated like that. They are carrying a burden from the past, a time long before you ever came to Earth, when the feminine energy was in power and was very abusive. The feminine energy had learned how to be the seductress. It still is. (audience laughter)

There was an abuse of power, so now there are many women who allow themselves to suffer and continue to suffer for this. They wear veils over their faces. They cannot even sit in the churches. They cannot allow themselves to be seen. They are covered in a shroud of guilt. They suffer for old wounds. It is time to let go of that.

The churches continue to tell you that you were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, that Adam and Eve had done something wrong. Dear friends, this is an old, old story. It is not true to begin with. There is a great misunderstanding about the metaphors that were originally created about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Indeed, it does represent the Adam Cadman energy, also the Eve, the female energies, the feminine. It represents, in a sense, your own leaving Home to go out on a wonderful journey.

But dear friends, this is so much a part of religion. They say that you have to work your way back to God. Those who call themselves devout pierce their skin, damage their body, crawl along the ground and get bloody so they may be seen as worthy in God’s eyes. Dear friends, God does not need this, want this, or enjoy this. These are Old Energies that are stuck upon your Earth.

It is time for spiritual freedom on your Earth. It is time for the churches to let go of their Old ways or their walls will continue to come tumbling down. It is a time for humans on Earth to understand that God is love, that God is compassion, that God is creation, that God is deep and true understanding of all of these things. You will see dramatic changes in the churches. The changes will continue as long as they hold onto the Old Energies.

On this day, sitting here with Shaumbra, continuing the energy that was started in Europe, we ask Shaumbra all across the world to release suffering as your personal reality, to allow the Fifth Seal to open. You are not doing it for the world right now. You are doing it for yourself. The world will change accordingly.

Can you let suffering out of your life? Can you release it, so that you can allow the pure integration of divine and human?

Take a deep breath.

You’ve let suffering become such a part of your belief system that, even when you released everything else, you forgot to release suffering. God does not want you to suffer. God does not want you to go through all of these difficult and challenging things. Spirit wants you to have joy – the opposite of suffering – joy in your life, and joy in your creations.

Your suffering has caused you to be lacking in abundance. You focused in on abundance and set up a test between yourself and Spirit. “Spirit, if I’m worthy, give me abundance.” You play a game of more suffering and less abundance, and then less belief in Spirit, and less belief in yourself. It is a vicious cycle.

You play a game with yourself and your health. You say, “Spirit, make me well. Make me healthy. Make me balanced.” But you still hold the energy of suffering, so you still allow your body to be imbalanced. You still allow the pain. You still allow yourself to be penetrated by this thing called cancer. You still allow your body to suffer. It is time to release that.

There is no God that wants you to suffer. There is no God that asks you to suffer. God asks you to be in joy and celebration.

Release the suffering from within yourself, Shaumbra, within yourself. It does not have to be part of your reality to have suffering in your life.

When your life continues to be difficult, when you are not making the type of advances in your own energy levels that you would like to see, you question yourself and your worth. You question this journey that you’re on. You question the words of Shaumbra, of Shoud, of Tobias. You question God.

Take a look. The energy of suffering is so deeply imbedded within you. It has been pounded into you through many lifetimes. And in this lifetime the churches helped pound it even deeper. You are not worthy, they say. You have to work your way back to God. You are a sinner. One day there will be judgment. Perhaps, you will make it, perhaps not. Fear, suffering, and more suffering – you have it deeply engrained within you that the way to God is through deep suffering and pain.

Dear friends, change that at this moment now. You should not be suffering for anything. You do not need suffering to help you understand duality. You do not need suffering to help you to understand love. That is Old Energy. You do not need pain to understand joy. Old Energy. You can understand the fullness of joy without having to go through pain. You do not need to suffer anymore.

If you allow yourself to release suffering right now, in our time together, if you allow that process of the suffering to be released, it can be transmuted. It can be turned into New Energy. It can be then made available to others, for when they come to the point where they realize they do not have to suffer, they can pick up on the New Energy that you helped to create. Their transition can be easier because of what you have done here.

You’re not making the world release suffering. You are letting suffering out of your own life. You are changing the vibration of humanity, changing the potential of tomorrow. You are doing it for yourself in this Now moment that we sit in.

It is time for a new spiritual freedom. You are helping to create it. It is a freedom of suffering – no more suffering – a spiritual freedom that allows you to say, “I Am God Also,” and to be worthy of it at the deepest level. A spiritual freedom where there is a balance of the male and female, of the human and the divine, of the light and the dark; a spiritual freedom that lets you off of the path of the Old ways of the suffering, of the karma, of the sin and the punishment.

John Paul sits here today with you. He asks if you will be the teacher of this new spiritual freedom. You don’t have to get into rhetoric or dogma with others when you teach this. You don't have to have rules. You don't have to have lengthy books.

You can let the others know that they do not need the suffering anymore. You can teach this in classes. You can teach this one by one. You can teach it as you teach the information about the Seven Seals. It is about teaching each and every human that they can be free. They can have spiritual freedom in their life. They can be free of suffering.

The churches will undergo some very important changes. As you watch this, as change takes place, understand that so much of it has been possible because of the work you have done. It is time for the churches to change once again the concept of God, a concept that has not been refined to any degree in 6,000 or more years, a concept of God that is very Old, is very structured.

In these next four years of time, you will see great changes in the churches, difficult times. Be there and be ready to teach a new type of spirituality – that of freedom, that of love and acceptance, tolerance and honor.

This is what is ahead, Shaumbra. This is what is ahead. The changes start on this day when you can truly tell yourself that you don't need suffering any more in your life. Nobody is putting it there for you. We can tell you that right now – no, not your angels, not your karma, not even the consciousness of humanity.

It doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't have to be difficult anymore. When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself, take a deep breath and say, “It doesn't have to be difficult.”

If it is difficult, stop. Take a deep breath. Change it. Change your consciousness. Change it.

If you are struggling, stop. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself there is nothing making you suffer right now, other than an Old belief system that you have held.

Yes, suffering is heavy in the consciousness of humanity. But you don't have to buy into that anymore either. There is a tendency to go back to Old ways. There is a tendency for those Old ways to be like a magnet. It doesn’t change overnight. But the process starts here and now. When you find yourself in a situation where there is suffering around you – in yourself, and with other people – tell yourself, remind yourself, nobody is choosing the suffering except for you. Honor the others if they want their suffering. But you do not have to buy into that belief system anymore.

Dear friends, this crucifixion energy has been very strong on Earth for 2000 years. Some of you – most of you here – have helped put it there. The crucifixion energy, it is ready to go now. Jesus is ready to get off the cross indeed. He is tired of being there. (audience laughter)

For those who asked the question, “Did Jesus indeed die on the cross,” the answer is, yes, he did not continue living as a human on Earth. His energy stayed very present on Earth. It still is. He can’t help it. He’s nailed on the cross. But the man, the body died. The work continued. It continues today in you and through you.

So many of you are so deeply invested in those times of 2,000 years ago, so deeply invested in the suffering and the struggling that took place. You can’t let it go. So many of YOU are still nailed on the cross. When are you going to allow yourself to live without struggling, without suffering? Take Jesus off the cross. Take yourself off the cross!

We love you dearly. You are never alone.

Together now, group. (audience joins in saying) And so it is.