The New Energy Series:
SHOUD 1: "Attributes of You, God"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
August 2, 2003

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together as family once again. It is an honor for I, Tobias, to be here with you today, to begin yet another session with you. It is such a joy for me to look out, to connect with each of you sitting here, each of you who is tuned into this.

I told Cauldre quite some time ago that this is difficult work, not to expect large crowds. (some audience laughter, reflecting on the room of over 100 people, plus thousands listening on line) It is a different type of work that you do. It is challenging. It is breaking through Old systems, and most challenging of all, breaking through Old systems within yourself.

We did not necessarily expect to be sitting here four years hence with such a strong and loving group of Shaumbra, a group that has grown from beyond the small gathering on this mountaintop. It has grown into something that has captured the attention of New Energy workers all across the world and captured the attention of angels, of councils, and leagues on our side of the veil.

So, it is a particular honor for I, Tobias, to be here with you today and to watch your group grow, to watch you come back to sit in these chairs to take more from me. (more laughter) It is an honor to see the progress that you have made in a few short years.

As I have said before, this is a course that we thought would take many, many lifetimes. But here, here you are, having gone through the acceptance of All That Is, having gone through the understanding that you indeed have ascended. You are still on Earth and still in human form. But you ascended, meaning you went from one lifetime to the other, and more importantly you switched consciousness from the Old systems to the New in one lifetime.

You are still working with all of these things. You are still finding some struggles. But each day that we work with you, we find that you are releasing more and more of the Old to embrace it back in a New Energy way. You have gone through so much in the way of letting go in your relationships, in your life plan that you came into this lifetime with. You have let go of jobs. You have let go of even your health. You have let go of so many things, so that it could truly come back to you in a New and divine way.

So, I am a bit overwhelmed here today, being with you, a bit overwhelmed at the guests that we bring in. And this is a monumental time.

Cauldre tells us we sometimes get a bit grandiose here. But allow us to proceed without interruption. (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling)

This is a monumental time, a time that has been going on for some three, four thousand years, an age of consciousness that is so ready for change. And of course, as you know, you are the ones leading the change. This is a monumental time when the energies and the entities, who have paved the way up to now, and who have held a type of archetypical energy, are now ready to pass this on to you. There have been examples of this in many of our channels and our discussions over the years. But there is a large change now, and it is only possible – it is only possible – because of the work that you have done. It is not at all the type of work that you had thought. We will talk about that a bit today. We will talk about some of the archetypical energies that are no longer valid, that are leaving.

But dear friends, let us all take a big breath of Spirit together here, to share in the energy of this gathering and of this day – very noteworthy, spiritually historic day – for here is a group of New Energy workers ready to go on to the next step, ready to go into – how to say – New fields, New horizons. A monumental day.

And that is why the masters come in today as our guests to sit with you, and in their own way, to do a hand-off of energy to you. There are, in particular, four main energies, and many others, many others who sit in the Second, and the Third, and the other Circles surrounding. Yes, indeed all of you – whether you are here in person, whether you are listening in – they are surrounding you in a circle of love, in a circle of support. For what goes with you, goes with them also. So, they are so very interested. They have such a high interest in what you are doing.

Let us allow the energies of the first guest today to come in, one you are very familiar with, one whose role on Earth is changing now, and changing particularly with the opening of the Seven Seals, and the advent of the New Energy Bible. And indeed, our dear guest today is Yeshua. He comes in beaming, dear friends, beaming with love and gratitude, not the picture of Yeshua that was discussed earlier on this day, the one on the cross, the one who suffered for you. That is an Old Energy Yeshua.

Here is one who is so much like you. Here is one who so many of you walked with and shared times with. And he, he comes in today to tell you that the times are changing. His time is changing. His time where his energies were such an integral part of Earth have to change now, because you are open to taking on the energy of the Christed one.

So, dear Yeshua, dear Yeshua, can be freed now. He can be released from this very intense energy of Earth to continue his work in what you would call the Order of Sananda, his work on the other side. He has loved his journey here on Earth, and he has loved being with all of you. But it is time even for his energy to leave, so that you, so that you can be the Christed ones.

Now, indeed there are so many who are highly vested into this archetypical energy of Yeshua, of Jesus, and they will continue to hold that. And he will continue to be there working with them, but asking them, asking them to release and let go, asking them to look within themselves, asking them to find a teacher who goes by the name of Shaumbra, for that teacher will help them to understand that they are God also.

Yeshua comes in, and he says, in particular, that his energy will always be available to you, but in a New way, not in the way of the Old scriptures, not in a way that asked you to go through him – those words so greatly distorted. He was saying, “The path I walk is my path, but you can walk a path also, as I have done. Walk your own path, and you will discover what was never missing in the first place.”

Yeshua is beaming today because there was finally enough energy of Shaumbra to create this New book, the New Energy Bible – YOU ARE GOD ALSO. That was what he was waiting for before he could begin his departure. He will work with you from other planes and levels. He has specifically asked to come back to this group, but with a different name and a different energy attached to it. So, he will be back. You have all walked this two thousand year journey together, one way or the other. He is here today as a type of, as a type of farewell, but farewell only to the Old times.

The great masters come in today to hand the baton to you, so that you do the work now, dear friends. And coming in now to the energy of this group is the beloved and gentle energy of Buddha, Gautama, who comes in also, smiling from ear to ear, happy to have been human, and happy to be divine; happy that there is a group of humans on Earth who are coming to the understanding of what true integrated enlightenment is. This is the melding of the human and the spirit. This is the accepting of the Self and the Divine all together.

It is time for even Buddha’s energy to leave. You will see, you will see some rather interesting – how to say – depictions of this, portrayals of this in many parts of your Earth. You will see almost a rebellion against Buddha by some who can no longer handle the energy, more smashing of statues. And Buddha is fine with this, dear ones. He does not need statues of metal, bronze, stone, or even plastic put in his honor.

He comes in today to sit beside you. He has been there to guide you in so many ways, to be part of your journey. He too will return with a new name and a new energy, but not as one who you put on a pedestal, not whose image you put on the altar, but a new type of image, an image that was able to be created because of the very work that you did, the very progress of humanity.

Yes, indeed, there has been tremendous progress. It is difficult at times. Sometimes we know you look at the world around you and wonder if humanity will ever get it. (some audience laughter)

But dear friends, dear friends, also look at your headlines. Look at your magazine covers. Look at the way people around you are talking. So different than it was ten, and twenty, and thirty years ago. Featured on the front page of your magazines are stories about meditation, stories about New Energy health, stories that question whether the Christians should be trying to change the Muslims; topics that could not have been discussed a few years ago. They are now mainstream. What you were considered crazy for ten years ago is now accepted. (some laughter)

And you have gone to new levels. Indeed, just when humanity is beginning to at least understand and partly accept the attributes of meditation, you let meditation go. (more laughter) When your popular newspapers talk about the power of prayer, you know that you do not need to pray anymore. So, indeed, you go to the next level.

But look, look at the effect that you have had upon the consciousness of Earth. It is not going backwards. It is going forward. And part of our message to you throughout the year will be to help you to understand that things are going forward so rapidly, fast forward, four times fast forward, dear friends.

You are rushing towards an event, a quantum leap that right now we would – how to say – it is a changeable date. But we would say it would happen in your summer of 2007. That is only four years from now, where consciousness goes through a quantum leap. It is large. We will have a celebration with you on that day.

Now, there is so much work to do between now and then. We get a bit excited here. (audience laughter)

Cauldre always wonders what our last channel will be. After the Seven Seals, he went back to his home, sat in his room by himself, and said to me, “Tobias, farewell. Nothing else to discuss.” (audience laughter) “You closed the old Bible. You wrote the New one. So, I guess it's up to us.” And in a way, he was right. It is up to you. But dear friends, we could not leave right now. We are having too much fun with you! (audience laughter)

So, the wonderful energy of Buddha comes in today, smiling from ear to ear, so appreciative. Some of you may have felt that little tap on the back, that breeze across the ankle as he has been passing by, also very excited. He got tired of being put into statues. (more laughter)

That is one thing, dear friends, that we chuckle about on this side. Whenever there is a great human, and they are erected on a statue, it is very difficult on their energy when they come back here. It is very difficult for them to let go of that identity of who they were in that lifetime. And people come by and worship, sometimes hate the energy. People hold onto that energy.

We are not big on statues here on this side. (more laughter) That is why we send birds occasionally to take care of those statues. (more laughter) That is what we think about them. It is interesting that humans usually put statues outside.

So, dear friends, Buddha, representing so much of the energy of your modern, your current consciousness, the age of these religions on Earth, comes in today to thank you, to, in a sense, bid you farewell, to hand over the baton. He smiles to know that you were bold enough to say, “I am God also,” bold enough to let go of the Old ways, which had such a hold on you.

If you breathe in right now, you can feel the freedom of having let go of the Old ways. You see, it was difficult because you helped to create that book. You are in the stories of that book, the Old Energy Bible. You, some of you, helped to literally write the pages of it. You connected so deeply with the journeys. So, dear friends, there is so much freedom in this day.

The energy of Mohammed comes in today to visit, the archetypical energy of Mohammed, who had such an influence, and has such an influence on Earth right now, a very peaceful energy in spite of what you may see on the outside of so many who embrace this energy on Earth right now, very, very devoted and loving energy. But Mohammed comes in and says that, again, in spite of appearances, that those who truly understand the essence of that faith truly understand the four words “You are God also.” That is what they have been trying to say for so very long.

But indeed, humans turn the words. Humans change them. Humans make claims that were never there from the original prophets. Mohammed comes in, knowing that so much of his energy now can leave, so much of his energy can come back to our side of the veil to work with the celestial orders who are helping to free those peoples on Earth who are held down, who are enslaved, but not to change – how to say – the energy of the ones who are the dictators, the ones who are holding them back. It (Mohammed’s energy) comes back on this side to work with the peoples who do not believe in themselves, who do not understand or feel the nature of divinity within them. That is the only thing that is holding people as slaves, that is holding them in a tyrannical government – it is their own lack of self-worth.

The work we do on this side is the constant gentle reassuring, constant reassuring, constantly sending out waves of love and reassurance that they are loved, and that the way to Spirit begins within. We do not try to change the course that they are on. We do not try to change who they are. But once in a while when there is an opening, we’re able to slip in that gentle reassuring message that comes as a breeze, that comes as a gentle feeling, or thought, or music that says, “You are indeed worthy.”

And fourth today the energy of Moses comes back. He has been such an important base energy for the religions of the world today. He is one who indeed helped to liberate his people. He is one who helped to define the conditions of living as a human and spirit. Moses comes in today, as he has done in another gathering of ours, to say it is time for him to withdraw his energies also. It is time for him to leave so much of the wisdom, so much of the enlightenment of his work with you.

These four grandmasters, Yeshua, Buddha, Mohammed, and Moses – and there are many, many others but these are the four that represent – how to say – the most acknowledged archetypical energies of your modern age – they come in today to acknowledge you for the work that you have done, to ask you to hold now the energies that they have held for so long. It is more appropriate for a living human angel on Earth to hold these, than an Old archetypical energy.

You have seen many, many energies leave here in these past few years. Many have gone through the doorway during our very meetings and gatherings. Many have departed in other ways. Again, it only means that there is such honor for you and your path that now you can accept this.

There is a fifth energy that also comes in, one that is a bit different than the others, but one that has been so important in your modern consciousness and your modern cultures, more important than what so many of you have realized, much more than a story. Some of it happened in reality. Some of it happened multi-dimensionally. But all of it has laid the foundation for your contemporary consciousness, for your beliefs.

It is the energy that comes in today, yes, of King Arthur to be with you. Was King Arthur real? In a way. In a way. Not so much as depicted in your books, not so much as the human king, the boy king. Part of that did occur, in a way. If you go back to the original lands of Britannia, you can feel it there. You can feel his energies. But it was happening so multi-dimensionally.

It has been – how to say – developed into such an energy that all of you have accepted within you. You all relate to it in one way or the other. You all have the Arthurian energies within you. With that are the energies of Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgaine, Mordred, and all the cast of characters.

Dear friends, they are ready too to leave. They are ready to bid their farewell, for there are changes that will be sweeping the very lands that they are associated with – the lands of England, what you would call it, the lands of Great Britain. There are sweeping changes there that are coming about in this next 12 months.

We will let you observe to see what happens. And as you watch the events in this wonderful land, the land that birthed the energies for so many of you, that birthed the energies for the continent of Europe, that provided the gateways for those who came to the Americas, to found the free land – oh, this is all woven together – and at the core of all this is the Arthurian energies. They are here. They are such an integral part of who you are, or who you have been. Dear friends, from this came the Crusades. From this came the search for the Holy Grail. All metaphors, but all taken place in reality.

So, Arthur comes in today and says that there is no need to search for the Holy Grail. It was always within you. It was always the cup of divinity that you had, but you had sealed behind the wall, sealed in these conditions that we talked about in our last gathering. It was always there.

Arthur was killed by his son, which is an interesting metaphor in itself. Arthur allowed himself to the killed by his son in penance for his own sins. You see, he was a warrior. He was a battler. He loved war. He thought nothing of cutting off heads and piercing his sword through hearts, until one day he came to realize there was something stirring within him. And it was his own divinity. It was his own awakening.

And he indeed was touched by the energies, the seed of Christ, the energies that so many of you worked on in those early days of Yeshua, and immediately after Yeshua. He was touched by you and the work that you did. He gave up his sword, and he created a new place of peace, a place of prosperity and abundance, a place of mostly freedom. And then he allowed himself to be killed for his sins of battle. So, his energy comes in on this day, thanking you for the awakening that you gave him.

There were certain offshoots of energy from his work, from your work. They were called the Crusades, an interesting thing, a thing that so many of you here right now, the moment we said that word, your energy dropped ten levels. (audience laughter) It was a difficult time then. You were Crusaders. You were the ones trying to carry the new word out, trying to carry the seed of Christ consciousness throughout all of the world. But dear friends, as you know, it got slightly out of hand. But you were passionate – oh, so passionate – so passionate that you have not allowed yourself to be passionate since then.

Arthur comes in to say that what you did had an effect upon the world. It changed a world. And it is time now for a change again. And that is why you are here. He withdraws his energy.

Dear Lancelot, dear Lancelot – we will talk about him in a bit – withdraws his energy as well, a loving energy, but sometimes an energy that did not honor so much.

Morgaine, who held the balance of light and dark, greatly misunderstood for the work she did trying to keep the dimensional portals open; trying to, dear friends, maintain an understanding of all sides, maintain an understanding of the mystics at a time when through the work of the – how to say – the flourishing church at the time, this was all being squelched, everything taken up. The church at the time was a mixture of politics, sometimes religions, very rarely spirituality trying to create conformance within everybody; trying to make them conform to certain ideas and concepts of God and of Christ. So, Morgaine, who is such a part of all of you is also ready to leave her energy, so that she can return to our side and work with you in a whole New way, even with a New energetic name.

Mordred, the one who created such chaos in the palace, he leaves also. His job is done. He does not need to be the one who takes on the difficult dark role anymore. It is time for him to return his energy back to a balance.

And yes, we would never forget dear Guinevere, one who loved, one who was filled with passion but also filled with conflict, not sure whether she should be in service or follow her heart – or is there a way to be in service while following your heart? She has been so much a part of all of your energies, helping you to try to understand this balance; this balance of love and nurturing, as well as the balance of serving, trying to help you to understand how to love openly and freely, but in a New way.

So, the energies of Camelot join the energies of Yeshua – interesting combination here today – and Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed to hand you the baton. Not to leave you alone, dear friends – for, as we always say, “You are never alone” – but to say, “It is time for you now to carry this seed of Christ consciousness even further for those who are ready.”

These masters, they were ones who helped to spread the Christ consciousness. This was not just about Yeshua. Within Buddha was the consciousness of Christ, and within Mohammed, within Moses indeed, many others. But now it is up to you.

This is a monumental gathering today. And our meetings in the future will be also because you have broken through a very Old and difficult energy. You are ones who are willing to open the Seven Seals, to take on a whole New way. Monumental.

You know, the disciples, the apostles at the time of Yeshua, really didn't think that what they were doing was important. They thought that they were ordinary people in search of answers, answers through Yeshua. Little did they know the impact of their work, the impact that it would have two thousand and some years later.

We look out with such honor at all of you, Shaumbra. You don't even begin to realize in your mind of today what you are doing and the impact of your work. You have no concept.

In our last gathering we talked about the Seven Seals. You reviewed them today, and you know in your heart what these are and what they mean. The Seven Seals were the end of the line of the Old Energy Bible. Now that you have opened them, you can flourish in the New Energy. You can flourish with the New Energy Bible. So simple. So simple – You Are God Also.

With the Seven Seals, dear friends, this will take a while for these to fully blossom. And we will ask you, and we will ask Cauldre and Linda to continue to work with this. It may take a year. It may take four years of work – continual opening of these energetic centers, of these conditions that were sealed inside you. This is not a onetime deal. This will be bought up again and again.

We ask, and we challenge Shaumbra to develop many unique ways of presenting this. This does not just have to be one way. We do not want it to be one way. Take the energy of our gathering from last month and work with it. You see, there are very potent types of healing, rebalancing associated with this.

You do not have to work with just other Shaumbra. There will be people who will come to you who are ready for this. The Seven Seals, if you look at the energies behind these, and you look at the imbalances in their body, you can come to very fast rebalancing and realignment by just allowing yourself to feel which one of these seals is most greatly imbalanced.

There are deep wounds in the Seal of Separation that should be addressed. You do not need to talk about these necessarily directly with the client, or directly with the one you're working with. But allow yourself to feel deep, deep wounds associated with this hurt, a hurt. The child was abandoned by his parents – that is the feeling of this wound. If there are lower extremity problems with those who you work with, go there immediately and understand what is contained in that Seal for the person.

There are those of you who work with music. There is – how to say – a vibration in that Seal. There is a vibration that will allow the rebalancing of that Seal if the human is willing. And through music you can work with these, through different types of tones in the voice, through different types of energy work, all of these.

Dear friends, this is the essence of so much New Energy rebalancing that can be done. So many of you are looking for your passion and wondering what to do. Go back and reread these. Revisit them and then go within yourself. There will be so much information there for you – how to take this basic core information, this material, and to create the New programs.

With your children look at where their blockages are, where the imbalances in their Seven Seals are. Most of them, dear friends, as a clue, will have the imbalance in the Salvation Seal right now. That is where they are having a difficult time. The New Energy children have gotten through the struggling, but they are having difficulty with the Salvation.

That is why they are looking to you, in a way, for the answers and getting frustrated with you beyond belief (some laughter), because they want to know that you have accepted also that you are God. Then, they go looking in other places and do not find humans who have come to the understanding and they get frustrated. And they rebel or they withdraw or, dear friends, they get disoriented. They cannot focus anymore.

Look to the Seal of Salvation when you are working with them to help rebalance them. Help them to understand that it begins within them. And they do have this enlightenment within them already. Help them to bring this out, to come to a new sense of self in the New Energy. It is that simple.

So, so much work to be done with the Seven Seals in four years of time. You wonder what to do and we are telling you today, here is a sacred opportunity. There are so many ways of working with this – stories, healing modalities, group gatherings – it does not have to be limited to Shaumbra. You do not even have to talk about the Seven Seals with those who you work with. Be aware of the imbalances. Be aware that they relate to the seven chakra centers, which are desperately trying to come back into a rebalance as one energy center.

What is being done right now is monumental. And we will keep saying that over and over again, so you understand that you are not just coming here to listen to some sweet words for an hour or so. You are coming here because there is New work. You have chosen to stay on this planet. Shaumbra has chosen to grow, and to learn, and now to be the ones who hold this energy that the others are releasing, that the masters are releasing.

So, dear friends, dear friends, you introduced the New Energy Bible. It is also a metaphor, in a way. It will be interesting to see where this goes, but you introduced the energy, and that was the important thing. You allowed it to come out, and you embraced it when it did.

You have known the words for years and years. The masters have been telling you in one way or the other. But it hadn’t sunk into the heart yet. It hadn’t gone through all of your layers and all of your filters. It was a concept, but you didn't practice it in your daily life. You held it as one of those neat little intellectual concepts where you were playing spiritual one-up-man-ship with another – who can come up with the best key words? – and that was fine, because that helped to bring it into your reality.

But then you began to embrace it. You began to truly, truly feel it. You began to know that you are God also in this peculiar garment called the human condition.

But you are God also, in a different way, in a different way than the God of Home. You see, the God, the King, and the Queen, the Mother/Father/God, the image that you had in the Old Energy is not the same as you, God. Not the same. That God did not have the experience of going outside of the First Circle, of leaving Home, of developing a new sense of identity, of being a Creator in your own right.

The God of Home has only experiences through you. You are a very unique type of God also, because you have had all of these experiences. You have lived in human form. The God of Home has not done that – only through you.

So, when you say you are God also, it is different. It is different than certainly the Old Energy, the Old illusion of the old man with a long white beard, sitting in heaven. That is so long gone.

It is different than your concept of an – how do you say – All That Is. So many of you have held the concept, the feeling, how you are all interconnected and that Is-ness makes up the Ones-ness, and that is God. That is different also. You are God also means you are all those things, but you have had the unique, the unique experience of your journey as an angel, of your journey on Earth as a human and now coming full circle, so it is different.

In this coming year, dear friends, we are going to switch somewhat the energy of the Shoud with you, based on – how to say – your request. We are going to be indeed talking to you about what's going on our side. But we are going to be talking to you about – how to say – somewhat timely topics of Earth – what is happening on Earth, where the energies of Earth are going to.

And we are going to call this the New Energy Series, for indeed, indeed, you are truly walking in the New Energy now. Part of you still in the Old, but that is the beauty of this – you can be in the Old and the New together. You can.

In the New Energy Series we are going to talk to you, we are going to Shoud with you about rather common things – how businesses in the New Energy will operate based on the work that you are doing now, based on what we all see in terms of energetic trends and patterns. How businesses, for instance, will get out of their competitive dualistic mode and go into a New Energy mode. And we think you will be surprised at some of the things that you say. (some laughter)

We will talk about the churches and where they are going, how the churches are faring or not faring in the New Energy, what the New Energy spiritual gatherings will look like, based on the work that you are doing. It was only two years and two months ago where we sat with you and talked about the energies of the church and talked about the walls tumbling down. Look at the changes in two short years at the highest levels of the churches. Look how the churches, the patriarchal churches, are changing.

Some of them in their heart of God are actually acknowledging humans, humans who call themselves gay. What a change, dear friends – it is more than a headline in the newspaper – the underlying energy of balanced energy coming back to some of the churches. Those who do not open themselves to allow for the balance of male and female and the acceptance of everyone for who they are, their walls will come tumbling down. They will.

We will talk about health issues. We will talk about your biology. We will talk about New Energy medicine and… Cauldre stops us right here. (audience laughter) He does want us talking about medicine and these things, but you will see, it is not what you think it is. We will talk about how – we will not be prescribing anything, Cauldre (more laughter) – you will see how energy medicines and chemical medicines can work together. And we will talk about how they work to defeat each other.

We will talk about community. We will talk about where humans gather to live and to work together, and governments indeed. We will talk about the way of the New Energy, the ways that will be happening in these days to come very soon. We will be talking about these because you are creating the energies for these new conditions to exist. We will be talking to you about them because we want you to understand at all levels what is going on in the world around you. When there is seeming chaos, when there is conflict, when there are wars and battles, we want you to understand that it is all part of a process that is appropriate, and a process of change, and a process of release. So, we will be going through some of these topics with you throughout the year.

We will be challenging you more than ever to do, dear friends, what is in your heart, to follow your passion. The Fruit of the Rose is contained within this opening of the Seven Seals. It is there.

We will be encouraging you to release those situations that you are in. You know you're stuck. But you are afraid to let go. We’ll be encouraging you to follow your heart. You are not destined to follow some dismal, miserable path of suffering. (audience laughter) You have simply chosen that. (more laughter) And we are going to help you understand how you can release that, how you can let go of that.

We will be bringing in a new type of guest in our meetings, guests that – how to say – we will wait. New types of guests into our gatherings together.

Indeed, you have shown in every way that you are ready for the New Energy. You have shown in every way that you are willing to take the lead, indeed.

Dear friends, you are God also. Breathe that in right now. You have Yeshua acknowledging this. You have Buddha acknowledging this. You have Moses, and Mohammed, and certainly King Arthur, and all of Camelot acknowledging this. You have taken that step across the line in the acceptance of this. And it is now time to start living this. You Are God Also.

God loves you dearly, always has. It has always been within you. In the understanding of God's love for you, perhaps you can understand the love for yourself, and therefore, the true love, the true love for other humans, for life around you. To understand how you are God also is to understand the compassion that Spirit has always had for you – total compassion, total love, even in your darkest moments.

When you fell into the abyss and felt that Spirit did not exist there, Spirit did. Spirit was with you. Spirit was there in total compassion with you, crying the same tears, experiencing the same loneliness, feeling the depths of darkness with you.

Compassion sometimes from Spirit, compassion cannot be felt sometimes because it is so close you don't even recognize it. Compassion in those days where you have felt like giving up, and you wondered where Spirit was, the compassion was so deep and pure and so integrated within you that you could not even feel it as an outside energy. The compassion was so genuine and true that you could hardly feel it. It was that close. It was always there.

Spirit has always had compassion in the form of total acceptance of everything that you are, everything that you were, everything that you did. Total acceptance. Never a frown on Spirit’s face, never a suggestion that you did it wrong. That is a conditioning that you get from your parents, that you get from your society, not from Spirit. Spirit has always had honor for everything that you are and everything that you did because EVERYTHING was sacred.

Through you, Spirit experienced the sunrise in the morning. Spirit could never have experienced that without your eyes, and your feelings, and your heart. Spirit felt the hurt of a broken relationship through you and had never felt that before. Spirit did not even understand a relationship until you came along. Spirit knew the joy of friendship through you. It knew the exhilaration of success through you. It knew the despair of the dark days through you.

Spirit has total compassion for you. And the compassion includes the acceptance and the honoring. You are God also, and, dear friends, you are a reflection of Spirit.

And as you walk into these New Energy days of yours, and you are wondering to yourself, “What does this mean – I am God also? What does this mean?” Think of the compassion that Spirit had for you and has for you. Have that for the others. This will be the most challenging thing for you to initially get over.

Have compassion for those who are destitute, for those who are suffering. Have compassion for those who are lost and troubled. Have compassion for those who are highly successful. Have compassion for those who are healthy. Have compassion for every human.

Stop trying to change the world. God didn't change it. God did not interfere with your journey. God only wrapped you in total compassion. Can you be God also, and have such compassion for every human that you honor and accept them for their journey? Stop trying to change the world. God didn’t change it because he loved you.

The toughest challenge so many of you will have in the New Energy is that honoring, and acceptance, and total compassion, even when you see someone in great pain. Oh, we know what you are going to want to do. You are going to want to try to fix them and heal them. (some laughter)

And that is appropriate when they ask for it. They do not have to ask for it in words. You will have a knowingness, a Spirit-to-Divine-Spirit knowingness. You will double check that to make sure that that is the deepest level of your truth. It is not for you to change them. Remember the compassion that God had for you and carry that out into the New Energy for others. It will be challenging.

And then, dear friends, have that for yourself. Have that same compassion for everything that you have been up to the moment, total compassion for yourself. Compassion for any physical imbalances.

One of the greatest energy imbalances that you are going through right now is this issue of weight, and we are so tired of it. (audience laughter) God loves you fat or skinny, tall or short. Have compassion for you. Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you find joy in your physical being? Can you look at the challenge you set up for yourself?

If you can find compassion and love for yourself in a body that you gave yourself, that body will come back into a blessed balance. Release the concept of what you think you should look like and allow your body to rebalance itself in the most divine way, greater than anything you can imagine right now. And that is a challenge for you.

And yes, we are a bit wired here. (audience laughter)

Dear friends, you are God also. God has always had total compassion for you. Now, in these days to come, have it for your fellow man. Have it for Earth. Have it for all of the animal and plant kingdoms of Earth.

Compassion doesn't mean indifference. It simply means honoring.

And when there is another human angel that wants to take a different path, they will come to you. They are searching for Shaumbra right now. Don't give them mumble-jumble words. Work with them on their level. Look them in the eye. Connect with them. And say from your heart to theirs, not from mouth to ears, but from heart to heart, say “You are God also. I recognize you.” That will change the way the work begins, and how you work with them. So, have total compassion. Dear friends, we are focusing on this, this one here, this attribute of compassion, because it is so important to work through.

Understand there was another guest that we wanted to wait to bring in till now, and we mean this seriously. To help you understand the energy behind the compassion, one of these very simple attributes of God, we bring in the energy of a great and mighty one, of a strong and bold one.

This one is dead. Superman is dead, dear friends. (audience laughter) Superman is dead. Superman, you see, died because he didn't have compassion. He was trying to save the world when the world didn't want to be saved. He interfered with everything going on around him. It wasn't kryptonite that killed him. It was the lack of compassion. (more laughter)

Superman was an archetypical energy that was created at a time when your world really truly needed it. They needed a type of hope, of some superhuman.

But in a sense, that archetypical energy has worked against you. It is not just Superman. It is all the superheroes, and all of these grand beings that you have manifested. You have wanted the perfect body, the perfect strength, X-ray vision, the ability to do all these things and save the world.

But dear friends, Superman is dead now, replaced with compassion, replaced not with the image of this perfect body that was strong and all of these other attributes that related to the physical being. That is dead now. You have been struggling and fighting with the way that you think you should be a superhuman. And that is gone. Gone. Dead.

It is replaced with your divinity. It is replaced with a natural balance that the body takes on and the mind takes on and the spirit, once you have released these Old concepts of trying to be Superman and Superwoman. You have focused your attention. You have even judged your spirituality based on all of these superficial things. They are gone now. They are gone. They are replaced with compassion and honoring of yourself and everything around you. Superman forgot to honor himself and others, and he had to leave. (more laughter)

The second attribute of Spirit – and there are many; we will cover four today – the second attribute of Spirit is simply joy and celebration. Spirit is in continual joy and celebration all of the time at everything going on. So – so, dear friends – in awe of what you are doing. In celebration even when you have a bad day, celebrating now knowing what a bad day feels like. (audience laughter) You can stop having so many because Spirit knows now. (more laughter) You made your point.

Spirit is in continual celebration – whether there is a battle going on, whether there is a birthday, whether there is a party, whether there is a student studying, whether there is an invention taking place – but a constant joy and celebration.

You are God also. Can you be in constant joy and celebration? Can you stop judging what is right and wrong, good and bad? Can you celebrate the death of one who is close to you? Can you celebrate your own impending death? Can you be in joy and celebration when you read of some of the heinous things going on in your world? If you can't, dear friends, then you are not allowing yourself to be God also.

It will be difficult at first, we know. But God, Spirit is in constant joy and celebration. This doesn't mean God doesn't understand the implications of what's going on, doesn't understand the depths of the experiences that the humans are having. God is fully aware of the dark and the light. But God is celebrating every experience in it.

You are God also. And it is time for joy and celebration in your life. It is time, as we said, to release the suffering that you have been going through, placing yourself in. Every moment, joy, and celebration – stop looking to us to do it – you do it. Celebrate with abundance in every way in your life. Celebrate everything.

When you are wondering what this means – to be God also – it means compassion. It means joy and celebration.

God is always creating (the third attribute). There is always a movement of energy. There is an expression of love, and it is creation, always creating. God finds great joy and celebration in creating.

You are God also. You are Creators in every way, constantly creating whether you know it or not. Now is the time to be the conscious Creators.

Dear friends, from working with you we know that you have these dreams at night. We are going to talk about dreams here in one of our upcoming discussions with you. But you have dreams at night, and some of these dreams are ghastly and terrifying. Some of them are challenging and difficult and make no sense at all.

But within very recent times there are many, many, many of you here – we have been right beside you in the midst of your rather traumatic dream – you have stopped in your dream, and you have said to yourself consciously, “This is only a dream. I can change it. It is an illusion that I am creating. And because I am the Creator, I can now change the dream to be anything I want. I’m no longer simply a victim of my dream. I am the Creator of the dream.”

As you sit here now, you are in a dream. It is an illusion. Try to find me. (audience laughter) It is an illusion that is very, very real. It is a potential that is being acted out in a very intense, and a very focused, and a very material way. But you see, there are other potentials being acted out on other levels. This is the one where the prime focus is, however. We do not need to go off into the hinterlands. We will remain here.

But dear friends, sitting here as God also, you can do the same thing that you have done in the dreams. Stop for a moment. Breathe in. There you go. You can change it. You are the Creator. You are not the victim of your life. You are the Creator of it. You are the Creator of your life. And that is one thing that makes you so unique, even from Spirit.

You are a different type of God also. You see, the Spirit that you know, the God of all things, the oneness, doesn't try to specify what needs to be created. That Spirit allows it to be done through you. The Spirit of all things only wants you to continue creating, and exploring, and learning, and growing.

That is a big difference between you, God, and the God from Home. You can change your creations. You can direct them in any way. The God of the Kingdom, of Home, has no particular – how to say – he, and she, has given you that right of creative choice. You can sit here today and change it. You do not need to get specific.

We have talked to you in the channel about “create in broad strokes.” Don't go down to the minutia. You don't have to worry about how your body processes food into energy. That is taken care of on divine levels. It is the same with your creation. Create with broad strokes.

If you don't like what you’re creating, change it. How do you change it? Simply take a deep breath. Release the Old. Remind yourself that you are in a type of very real dream state, and now choose on a broad general level. We will talk to you at some point in the future now about – how to say – more specific creations. But first you need to understand the very nature of creation.

So, create in broad strokes. Change it if you don't like it, but create. Do something. Create. It is the nature of Spirit, and you are God also.

Dear friends, this concept of “you are God also” – you are beginning to grasp and feel and understand. And we say that Superman is dead so that you understand that it is not just about creating the perfect body. That is child's play. That is child's play. We want that energy to be released now. It is about creating at the most divine levels, the highly sophisticated levels.

And dear friends, God always loves (the fourth attribute). God always loves – loves all things, loves the experience of life, loves the expression of Self. In your life look at areas that you haven’t been loving – dark areas, difficult areas, areas within yourself – and allow yourself to have that love. Allow yourself to have this.

The area that we ask you to truly work with goes back to the first condition of God – compassion. This is the one that will come to you in these weeks and months to follow, particularly in the next few days – having full compassion. It does not mean indifference. It does not mean apathy.

Quite the opposite. In compassion you have total love, total acceptance, total passion for the others. Standing behind the short wall doesn't mean not caring. It means stepping out of the Old Energy way of doing things, the dualistic way. It means taking a look at how things are truly created. This is the one where we truly, truly ask you to work on now here for a while.

So, we have much, much work to do. As we said, in four years or so – not a specific date – but human consciousness will go through a quantum leap. We are not saying anything particular will happen on that day. We are not saying that there will be headlines any different. But there will be something that happens at the underlying level, much like what happened on your “harmonic convergence.” It was not just the alignment of the planets. It was a change of conditions.

There is a major change coming four years from now. There is much work for you to do. There is much work preparing – how to say – the new house for what will happen after that time. Things will accelerate here all around you. Understand why this is happening right now.

With that, the loving energies of Arthur, of Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, and Yeshua come in to embrace you. They will be back too in a New way with a New name. But for now, they leave, they leave the Old Energy. And they leave the pathway to the New to this group that we call Shaumbra.

You are never alone, but things will always change.

And so it is.