The Embodiment Series: "SHOUD 8" - Featuring Saint-Germain and Tobias
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 5, 2005

ADAMUS: I, Adamus, return for a few brief messages before we begin the questions and answers. Both Tobias and I will be answering the questions today.

I have several points to make regarding today's discussion. First, it is to remember that under hypnosis the aspect-self will do anything it can – anything it can – to justify itself. Under hypnosis the aspect-self, which is the story that you expound right now, will do anything it can to justify its existence. It will lie to you. It will steal for you. It will do anything to justify its existence. Remember that.

You are an aspect-self right now. You are not fully expressed. You are not fully awake, no matter what you think. And it you think you are, and if your mind is telling you are, you are really hypnotized right now (audience laughter). The aspect-self will do anything it can to perpetuate this story because it loves you, because you have asked it to serve you. The trick is – how do you get out? That is the reason that we are here now.

For these next days of time until our next gathering, I want you to take a look at the belief systems that you have bought into about yourself. A belief system in anything from your physical being – are you believing something within you is diseased? Do you believe you are going to die? Well, indeed you do, don't you? But you don't have to, not in the way that you think. You will end your story. You will evolve. But you don’t have to die in the way that you have been doing lifetime after lifetime.

I want you to take a look at the belief systems that are shaping you right now. What do you believe when you look in the mirror? I don't see anything when I look in the mirror (some laughter). I will tell you why in a moment. What belief systems do you have about your weight, for instance? And how hypnotized are you? How hypnotized are you about your weight issues, your intelligence issues, and your financial issues? It is all a spell that has been cast upon you by yourself and maintained and certainly intensified by these other elements of church and government and family and all of these things – business – all of these things that always are reinforcing your hypnotic state of being.

Under hypnosis the aspect-self will do anything to justify its existence, including run for fear next month when we show you how to walk out. Remember that. You are going to have some very interesting experiences this next month of time. But it is time to release this hypnosis, these limited belief systems. That's all hypnosis is.

Some of you have practiced it. You get your client to focus their energy. You get them to supposedly relax, but there is nothing relaxed about the state that they are in. And then you interject belief systems at various energetic levels. You get them to buy into it. What you are doing is helping them shape energy. Remember we talked last month – energy is potential expressed. You are helping them to take energy out of the air, the thin air, and to shape it into something, into a belief system about themselves.

You are assaulted with hypnotic messages – or belief system messages – every day, hundreds, thousands of times a day. Some of them serve you quite well. You want to have a belief system that, for instance, you have to drive in a certain pattern. You want to be hypnotized when you are on the highway. You want to follow a certain belief system that others are also following.

But other times it doesn't serve you. Other times it tells you that you are inadequate. It tells you that you are crazy. That is one of the surefire ways that we have on our side of knowing how deeply hypnotized you are. “Perhaps, I'm crazy,” you say. “Perhaps, the neighbors won’t like what I am doing. Perhaps, I have to dress and act a certain way to make sure people accept me.” That is deep hypnosis, very deep. So, you don’t have to accept it anymore, unless you choose to.

I want to answer a few questions about my own background and reputation. I have been associated with the energy that you would call Count Dracula (some laughter), and I am not. I am not, particularly, although my energies are – how to say – have been taken and tied into this. I created quite a stir in my lifetime as Saint-Germain. I was able to go without food because I can pull energy from the air, literally.

At times I ate ground grains, which I enjoyed. And there were other times I would sit at a meal and simply absorb the energy. I was not much for eating meat because your – we won't go into that right now; that is a whole other discussion – but I found that I did not need to eat the solid foods, unless I simply chose to.

In my lifetime I did not die, as I have told you. In my lifetime I could walk in and out of bodies. I can still do that.

As I said, I never see myself in a mirror because it is an illusion. It is hypnosis when you are seeing yourself in a mirror. It is not reality. So, I see not of myself as a reflection at any time.

I caused quite a stir in my lifetime, and this continued into the 1800s. There was a revival of interest in my personage in the late 1800s. And it bothered the church to such a degree that they wanted to create a story, to create a story that tied in my energy. But also, it did bring in the energy of a human, a being that did live quite a while before I did, a human by the name of Count Dracule (pronouncing this as drak-ool), who was a true being, and who was heinous, loved to impale his subjects.

It is interesting to note that Count Dracule was angry with the church. He was brought up in a religious family. He was bought up devout. He was brought up to honor and obey his parents and God. But it was the church that murdered his father and ultimately murdered his mother. And this brought up a hate in him that was so strong and so intense and so against God – or at least the churches – that this incredibly strong energy turned, and it was used to express his anger and hatred. He killed thousands and thousands in some of the most gruesome ways.

His lure still lives on. And it was taken by some who have – how to say – control of the church hypnosis energy and woven into mine to make it so that any person who didn't have to eat, any person who did not appear in the mirror, any person who did not die was considered evil. This is part of the effect that this hypnotic energy of the church has.

It is appropriate not to die in the way humans have been dying. The suffering that they go through causes them to have to come back to Earth. It pulls them in, whether they want to or not. It sucks them back in because they died with suffering. The church states in these books that they help to write that there are beings who live off the blood of others; they don’t have to eat food. I have to wonder who is truly living off the blood and living off the energy.

I did many of my teachings, many of my studies in the area of Transylvania. I still keep my main energetic residence in that area. I love that area truly. And it is one of the most difficult and oppressed areas in some respects, but it has the most potential for going off into the multi-dimensional realms.

You could say that there is a type of incredible portal there that has been distorted, that has been abused. But it is ready to open back up. I spent time there helping to teach Cauldre these things about channelings, these things about multi-dimensional realities. I am going to invite some of you to join me there in the not-so-distant future. Yes, we will go back to Transylvania. And what a journey it will be!

And you will come to understand how you can transcend death. And there is nothing unholy about it. So, it is simply a distortion by the energies of the churches, and one of the reasons why I like to discuss it (some laughter).

With that, let us begin our questions. We will integrate the energies of Tobias here.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, what happens if we found out that we may be in violation of a few rules regarding pooling of funds? What happens if such funds violate 3D rules? A thoughtful steward of 3D defers to Spirit. Where the freak does that leave us? I have so many great ways to pool, but they are met with resistance from the 3D establishment. Not wanting to diminish a great Tobias channel in San Diego, what can be recommended?

TOBIAS: This a wonderful example here of going outside of the system, of transcending the rules and the belief systems. You have to be knowledgeable about what the rules are in order to, as you would say, break them. But as long as the heart is in the right place for what you are attempting to do, which is basically allowing energy to expand by itself, then it will. And perhaps it may cause the watchful eye of some of the regulators and some who have the rules. But you are also learning right now how to transcend these and how to break this hypnotic barrier that Saint-Germain talked about, how to let energy move itself. That is all you are doing. So, we are having a little bit of discussion with Cauldre. But it is about breaking the rules at this point. And you have to be willing to do that to get out of the system. Thank you. We have to say that you will find… you will know the answers. And stop worrying about the rules. That is the true answer.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Blessings to you. I was wondering if you could tell me what is going with my 13-year-old son. He is making wrong decisions. And how can I support him?

TOBIAS: It is so important for you to take a look at what you consider a wrong decision. And we go back to one of the very basic understandings that there is no right or wrong. You are carrying a judgment about this. And you are not honoring the souled being who chose you as its parent. You are not honoring this being in making their choices. Now, we know sometimes it is difficult for you to watch. You cannot possibly imagine how or why they are making these choices.

But your own judgment of them is actually causing this one to rebel even more and to go against the system even more. It is so important for you to have total compassion – which means total acceptance, fearless acceptance – and let this being be. When you change the energetic relationship that you have with this dear one, it will also change the way they come to you now for advice and guidance. But you need to have total compassion. And we know that is difficult for a parent to do when they think that their child is making the wrong decisions. But perhaps they’re not.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Saint-Germain, I’m wondering why you don’t take the stage before us as a newly manifested being, or perhaps as a previously manifested being, such as Mark Twain, or Shakespeare? Why do you choose to be merely channeled through Cauldre? (audience laughter)

SAINT-GERMAIN: We are going to answer this question in a multiple of ways. We have to say first that you would become overly fascinated if I suddenly manifested as the essence of light in front of you. We know exactly what would happen because it has happened to others. That is why in the lifetime of Saint-Germain this entity kept a relatively low profile. He was not out to do magic tricks at parties or to try to make a name for himself. He needed to keep a lower profile in order to even start these secret societies and help the energies at the time. So, if there was a manifestation directly in front of you, it would so totally throw you off your path. And we are trying to get you to do it for yourself. The second answer to that is we have manifested in front of you, and you don't choose to believe it (audience laughter). Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): I don’t know. What do you think? Would we freak out and lose it and not be able to handle it if we saw you as light or anything else? I think we are all so yearning for a glimpse. This wasn’t my original question, but (more laughter) this is better. I think it will reinforce us. We are so strong. We have been going through all this stuff. Please, we won’t tell anybody (much more laughter and applause).

SAINT-GERMAIN: We will share with you a few things. Part of it is that this hypnotic overlay right now has prevented you from seeing me when I truly do appear. Much as – how to say – my reflection does not appear in a mirror, it is also difficult for an asleep human to see who I truly am. So, I do have to manifest in strange and unusual ways. As I mentioned before, I manifested for Norma and Garret and Linda and Cauldre as a taxi driver in Paris. But even their hypnotic overlay kept them from seeing who I was.

I manifested at our gathering a month ago through Linda, and you were looking directly at her. And I came into her being, and yet you did not see me for who I was. And when I mentioned that I was in the room and said, “Do not turn around” – and she agreed at other levels. She was quite ill and out of balance before the gathering. It was the only time that she – how to say – had to be taken to the back to be worked on through breathing. But in a strange – we are sorry, dear – but in a strange way the breathing that you felt necessary before the last meeting actually only helped to bring me in deeper into your being (audience laughter).

So, I will provide a true answer to your question. Once you are released from the hypnotic state, you will see me very clear. I will not have to come in through a channeler. I will not have to make my presence through the body of Linda or any others. I won't have to create illusions within illusion. You will be able to see me even as I am standing one inch from your face right now and you cannot see me. You can only hear me through Cauldre. You release the hypnotic effect that surrounds you, and you will feel my breath on your face.

SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): Very briefly, my question continues from there. Can we… I have the feeling that I would like to release my… walk away from my story, walk away from the hypnotic state and remain in my physical body and then, at some point say, “Let me walk out of my physical body now.” Is this something that we can look forward to, or are you implying that when I do see you, I won’t be in my physical body?

SAINT-GERMAIN: Absolutely, you will want to be in your physical body. There is a great gift in being here on Earth. And there is a great gift of being in the physical state of being. So, this is something that Tobias and I are going to encourage everyone to do – to have the choice and the option to walk in and out of your physical being. A few of you will walk out of your physical being and look back at it and (audience laughter) decide to start over. But the important thing there is that you won't have to go through the traditional birth process in order to do it. You won't have to be born out of the womb. The whole other discussion – but the fabric of biology will be there waiting for you to inhabit it. But in answer to your question, no, you won't have to give up the physical body, unless you choose to. That is the whole purpose of this movement into the New Energy – it is to stay embodied, stay embodied, but yet be free. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, my mom, Mary, is seemingly very ill in the moment. I would describe her as a completely dedicated, truthful, loving person, and so her illness makes no sense. I am grasping at straws, and we are hoping and trusting that the greater picture knows what it is doing. It is very frustrating being in the dark. And if she’s doing planetary service then I’m asking for a speedy recovery, at least some sort of peace for her. She has sacrificed a great deal in the name of truth. And I am asking for a bit of it back for her. She is too confused and ill to ask for herself, and so I am doing it on her behalf. It’s all very well trusting the greater picture, but sometimes we are mere human beings and the ride can get pretty rough.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it can, as long as you buy into this whole belief of death. I am going to ask you first to be very bold and fearless and to accept the process that she is going through, to accept that she has chosen this at some level. That takes ultimate compassion on your part. I am going to ask you to also release connection. You are so tied into this being that you are literally making it difficult for them to move into their next level. You have many judgments about what is right and wrong, many judgments about how things should be. With those, it is going to be so difficult for you to move into a true New Energy. You are still holding onto the Old.

It’s going to require the total release and total acceptance, even the disconnection of love. As strange as that sounds, love has no connection. It allows freedom to every being, every thing, every bit of energy, and every potential. Can you take a look at this as a sacred and blessed process that this dear one is going through? Can you stop looking at death as a final type of thing? Can you understand that there is evolution of the soul, transition out of biology, particularly for those who are still in the Old Energy? We are going to ask you to take a strong, close look at your own belief systems because this question isn't truly about your mother. It is about you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, I notice that we have a lot of music at the Crimson Circle. And it seems to be a very important thing. And I think that a lot of people in the audience would probably agree that music to them is very important. And I remember that Saint-Germain mentioned something about energy and music. And I wondered if you could go into a little bit more detail about energy and music.

TOBIAS/ SAINT-GERMAIN: We will to an extent. But we’re going to have a separate discussion session simply on music. Music operates at many different levels, even beyond the number of levels as the human voice. Oh, we’re going to get into a bit of celestial science here. Typically, a human voice operates at approximately 20 different – we’re trying to push information through Cauldre – but 20 different levels. You not only hear it in the ears, but there are other energy levels that it operates at. It is really quite limited.

Music expands that exponentially. And depending on the type of instruments and how the music was created, performed, and recorded, it can operate literally at thousands or tens of thousands of various energetic levels. So, you not only hear the words, but you begin feeling at different levels.

When the music is applied in various sequences and with different types of patterns, it can be most effective in helping misaligned energies within the body, mind and spirit come back into alignment. The music can be used to create a sacred energy. And as you know, music can also be used to shatter energy and make it even more erratic and outside of itself.

So, for those of you who create music, or perform music right now, or simply enjoy it, you are receiving multi-dimensional energy. That is a good way to put it, for the musician, the Creator, can begin to pull in energies from other dimensions and angelic realms, even from our realms, into the music that is played back. Again, how it is – the instruments that are used, and the recording methods, and even the playback methods, have an impact on this. There are times, for instance, where we don't want our messages recorded for particular reasons, and we don't want them played back over certain systems because they can literally distort the layers and the rhythm of the music, even the energies that are coming through us.

So, you touch on a fascinating subject. And there are those who are listening right now and those who are in attendance here who are being motivated and encouraged to work with new music. Get out of your mind about how music was done before and begin working with the new music. We will have one of these music sessions quite soon. Thank you.

LINDA: Is any of this related to why we’ve had such a problem with broadcasting?

TOBIAS: There are a variety of reasons. And we don't want you to go overboard about this. But there are energies that are directly applied to making sure that the transmission doesn't go through, that are used to distort and diffract the energies that are going out over the Internet. And there is a conscious effort to have this not happen. And you can look for all of the mechanical or the physical causes for the disruption in the service. But it is coming energetically from other levels. The best thing to do is to ignore this and to keep doing what you're doing because, obviously, even if they cannot listen live, you can offer this in many other ways. So, do not let this get the best of you.

LINDA: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I feel the wound of Isis is a wound for men as well. I talked about this with my male partner, and we both felt our wound and had to cry, feeling the anger of women and the shame of men. Can you say something about this?

TOBIAS/ SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, we spoke about this recently in one of our gatherings. And we have to say, first of all, that this whole understanding of masculine and feminine energies is distorted. The feminine energy is given a label of being a softer or weaker energy, a more vulnerable energy. And this is not at all true. This is a hypnotic belief that has gone out to try to pervert the feminine energy. The feminine is actually the stronger of the energies. The masculine becomes the protector. They work together, and they are a part of any person. Just because you have the body of a woman does not mean you are just feminine energy. You are both. Every man also carries a feminine energy within his being. Most of them suppress it. And that is why you do not see more men at these gatherings because they are trying to suppress something that they know within them is stronger than what they thought was their strength. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUBMRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias and Saint-Germain. As one who loved being quiet and silent and work behind the scenes, I’m now choosing to be bold and fearless and radiant. And as I’m birthing an international film production company, I welcome your assistance and your blessing and any information you have to share.

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: We have to say that our blessings and our assistance are in whatever you choose to do – whatever – so this concept that you are working on, we are going to offer a few suggestions. Don't limit yourself in it, for there is more potential than even what you realize now. Understand also that connections are already being made and developed at the moment you are speaking. Understand that there is going to be a whole new way of communicating – how to say – alternative reality type of things. We say alternate reality because this is like your movies. It is a reality. It is just different than the reality you know.

And these alternative reality productions – or what we would like to say “new reality” productions that you will become involved in – will also be much more than just a movie, much more than the visual on the screen or the music or the sound effects. So, we want you to imagine beyond where you have been. This is a venue that is still being highly developed that has to do with, again, carrying vibration or messages or communications or energies within all of the aspects of this manufactured reality. So, it is a wonderful thing you're doing. And you’ve been preparing for it for many lifetimes and many sleepless nights.

SHAUMBRA 9: And many wonderful dream states. Thank you for showing up. Bye bye.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear beloved Saint-Germain, please explain what’s going on with my staying visa and what is the solution? Thanks, your brother Moshe from Romania.

SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, you’re being challenged about who you are, and it manifests itself directly in – how to say – your identity. You talk about this visa that you have. And it is making you have to look at who you are, Moshe. You are not who you think you are. You heard in the discussion in the Shoud today this whole concept of hypnosis. Now, you've done an incredible, beautiful job of helping to hold an energy in a place that is very sacred in the energy of Romania and Transylvania and this whole region. But you have also bought into your own self. And your own self is wanting to shake loose of that now. So, you’re being challenged. And we’re going to help challenge you to stop, to not limit yourself with the story that you have. Do not fall prey to your own hypnosis that you know so well how to do, for this area keeps calling you back over and over again. So, we are going to spend a little extra time with you offline here, but this is, in a sense, what is happening. And it is bringing up all of the issues and energies within you. And this is a good thing.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): Adamus, thank you for being here today and last month. I have felt your presence several times and heard you speaking to me. In the last six weeks I have been questioning the forgetting who we are, forgetting our “I Am-ness.” And today it seems you have broached the subject about being hypnotized. When you say, “Release and accept,” you’re saying release and accept your essence or your “I Am-ness?”

SAINT-GERMAIN: It’s about releasing your limitations and accepting your “I Am-ness.” Your limitations are, in a sense, all of the stories that you have created, your past life aspects. They are just stories, but there is a tendency to believe that they hold the power, that they hold the energies. They are just stories. It is about releasing them.

They want to be released. They want to be set free. They are in this – how to say – this type of crystal or structure that we talked about before, frozen in time and space, waiting for you to let them have their own freedom. When you do this, it lets go of your limitations and your acceptance of this hypnotic state that you have been in.

When you accept everything – everything, including what you consider crazy thoughts in your mind; when you accept what another person does, when you accept your children, when you accept the world as it is, when you accept everything that happens – this also sets you free in a whole new way. It allows you to go beyond the limitations of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis requires limitations. Acceptance lets you fly past those. So, accepting, which is the compassion that we speak about so often, is so essential for your total freedom. It is very simple, and don’t get so much into the head about it.

SHAUMBRA 11: Okay, thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Did I plan to spend this lifetime alone? Is there a man on Earth I could be happy with (audience laughter)? Relationships have been non-existent, unrequited, or hopeless. I have worked at enjoying being by myself. Also, in the decade before retirement I still haven’t started a career. Who the hell am I? (more laughter)

SAINT-GERMAIN: We could talk for quite a while about aloneness, for as I mentioned earlier, after Shaumbra froze me into this state of crystalline non-movement, I spent literally hundreds of thousands of years alone by myself. So, you do not know alone, like I do.

You are trying – and we know you are going to disagree with us already, you are already hollering at us – you are trying to build on your own story. You are trying to bring a partner into your Old story and you’re just trying to make your story a little bit more comfortable. When will you understand that it's just a story? It’s just an illusion and it's time to let go of it. But yet quite naturally, you’re trying to hold on.

As we said before, under the influence of hypnosis the aspect-self will do anything it can to maintain itself, to justify itself. It will even try to pull in a partner, telling itself it is incomplete without it. It will try to create careers for itself and passions.

How many of you have lost your passion over these last years because it is time for that to go? It was a passion that just served as a story-builder. It is time to let all of that go. We know it is difficult. But yet it is so simple. But yet we have to come back over and over again and let you know it is time to let go, let you know that you don't have to hold onto the Old stories. You would be really angry with us if we were doing things to help you build that Old story even bigger. It is time that we are disassembling the stories so you can see who you truly are.

LINDA: You’re kind of calling yourself sort of a victim of Shaumbra. Can you help us understand that better? (audience laughter)

SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, and in the Shoud earlier, I made it very clear that I chose to walk through that door. There is no victimhood here. But I love telling stories about it (more laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, this is really very hard for me to stand here. But I had to do it. But I don’t really understand why it’s so hard. But I did it anyway.

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: We are going to ask you to be very still for a moment here and to feel a transformation that you are allowing yourself to make, even though it feels a bit uncomfortable up here like this. I am going to ask you to feel the love of Shaumbra surrounding you right now, loving you. We are going to ask you to feel how really, truly that you are not stuck in this thing, that it is not – it only feels hard; it really isn't. It only feels like mistakes were made, but they haven’t been.

We are going to ask you for a moment here to feel that it is all an illusion. And everything will tell you that it's not. Everything will try to tell you that it's real, but it isn’t. It is an illusion.

There are energies in you right now that want to move. They want to be flushed out. They want to be set free. But there is a part of yourself that felt that they had to stay put, part of you that felt that you had to go through a suffering, and more than anything, if you look really deeply, you will see part of you that feared who you truly are. So, you created this wonderful matrix all around you, this wonderful matrix that caused you to not come out, to not be who you are, to stay under your own spell. It only appears to be hard. It only appears to be difficult.

SHAUMBRA 13: But I’m fine. But it’s walking in front of people and standing here.

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, but it is really about not just standing here, not just walking in front of people. But it is really about being who you are, as you say, not hiding, not keeping yourself suppressed and hidden. It goes far beyond just the fear of standing in front of others. It goes into the whole aspect of the fear of being who you are, the fear of letting yourself out of that box now.

SHAUMBRA 13: Thank you.

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, and simply by standing here in this moment of time, it has allowed the energies inside of you to change, to move. And you may feel some effects of this in the next few days, a kind of releasing and a cleaning and cleansing out. And this is a good thing for you right now.

SHAUMBRA 13: Yeah, it’s been like, oh, shoot, probably the last two years I’ve had this argument – “No, I’m not going to stand in front of people.” So, I was very brave today.

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Indeed. (applause from audience)

SHAUMBRA 13: So, I can go now? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: Or you can continue standing there (more laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 14 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the recent events that happened in my life and the people that came into it, and also in particular, what happened a couple of days ago and how to move forward with this?

TOBIAS: Again, we would ask you to not be so cryptic and to share more of the details of this for others who would benefit from what you have to say.

SHAUMBRA 14: About this dark hole that I feel like I’ve been in for the past few months? And how I’m going to release this energy so I can move on because I don’t recognize myself anymore? And the feeling – what happened two nights ago when I was half asleep, and I felt… I don’t what it was, but it was some kind of energy that was forcing me down on the bed. And I couldn’t move, and it scared me, and I don’t know what it is.

TOBIAS: We are going to ask you right now to transcend any of this suppression and just allow your own self to come through. What happened here? What happened here? You know already.

SHAUMBRA 14: I don’t think I do. I feel like I’m in a limbo. I feel like everything is changing around me and that I don’t know how to move forward.

TOBIAS: But you say you don’t how to move forward, but you do. So, why are you resisting it? Why do you hold yourself in this suspended state of belief right now and expect that we’re going to get you out of it?

SHAUMBRA 14: That would be nice! (laughter from questioner and from audience) I don’t want to hold it. I don’t want to… I’m confused.

TOBIAS: So, what was holding you down? What was this?

SHAUMBRA 14: Fear?

TOBIAS: You tell us. Do you feel this was on the inside or on the outside?

SHAUMBRA 14: It felt like it was coming from the outside.

TOBIAS: I am going to go back to Adamus said before. Under the state of hypnosis, the aspect-self will do anything it can to justify its existence, including feeling that you are in a hole, including feeling that you are being held down, and that you are not being granted your freedom, that you are dis-empowered, that you are not a Creator. So, what is happening here in your life?

SHAUMBRA 14: I guess I’m trying to make changes that are scary, that are taking me to new places. And I don’t know how to do that.

TOBIAS: Indeed, or perhaps, also along with that is this whole fear again of truly knowing who you are, of letting yourself move beyond Old Energy and Old limitations, and truly becoming who you are. Now, we have to thank you for standing in front of this group during this grueling time like this because you are helping others to understand that the thing that causes the most fear – and we’ve gone through this with all of you in your dream state – the thing that causes the most fear is remembering who you are. It causes such a violent reaction in your being – particularly when you bring yourself back to this three-dimensional state of being – that again you freeze. You allow yourself to believe that you're less than you are. There is this intense fear of letting yourself out, this intense fear of being who you are. So, you have to consider why is this fear there? Why would you possibly fear being who you are? So, why? Why would you fear being God also?

SHAUMBRA 14: Cuz it’s a lot overwhelming?

TOBIAS: Indeed (some laughter). Indeed, perhaps the fear this brings up in all of you is that, first of all, those are some big shoes to fill – to be God – but only under the current hypnotic state that you're in; the belief that you have in God, that God that is big and powerful and controls everything. So, there is this intense fear that you can't possibly fill those shoes.

On the other side is the fear that perhaps there is no God, perhaps you are just the result of some cosmic accident that created life here on Earth, and you live, you know, a simple life, and then you die, and nothing happens. There is no God – that is the other fear.

So, these two fears are here, causing you – but really causing everyone – to freeze in their tracks and to then create imaginary things, like dark holes, and beings holding them back. And it causes them to believe in conspiracy theories, and all of these other things that simply hold you back.

So, if you could let go of all the belief systems and all of the hypnotic effects that you carry with you about what God is, or isn't, and you just let yourself feel what Spirit has always been and always will be, you have no shoes to fill. It is only about letting yourself experience the God-self within once again.

Yes, it does seem that all of the darknesses, and all of the angers and the hates and all of the fears come to the forefront when you are at this point. And they are. But you are not the only one experiencing this. So, now is the time to transcend that. And indeed, Adams will be back in our next gathering to show everyone how to literally move out of that. But you bring up a wonderful, wonderful issue. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 14: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question, should you so choose.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 15 (a woman at the microphone): Dearest Saint-Germain, Adamus, my question is – is the general decline in human intelligence and all sorts of birth defects, retardation, ADD, all of the kinds of thing we are seeing in our civilization now, are they the results of experiments that we were working with in Atlantis, kind of like what you were talking about? And is that why so many of us went into human services, helping professions? And is our karma/responsibility towards a lot of this suffering that it seems like we created… is it… can we walk out of it now? Is it finished, etc.? Thank you.

SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, wonderful questions. The major reason right now for the distortions and the disease in the biology, as well as the – how to say – the changing of the human mind are not so much directly related to Atlantis, although there are some fringe elements there. But right now, it is more a combination of individual karma of a human. And when there is the non-acceptance or the anger with who they are, and they bring this into biology, it shows up in the biology as disease and imbalance.

There are also some overall group consciousness reasons for some of the things that are going on. There are groups of humans who are working literally at changing DNA structures. And this has a tendency at times to cause some distortions in the biology. There are those who are living out group or family karma. And this again will bring in the distortions.

There are, for instance, in this disease known as AIDS, it is a manifestation of humanity’s sexual guilt consciousness that those who are 13-stranders – what you would call gays and lesbians – are bringing onto themselves on behalf of humanity to help better understand the sexual guilt. But as we have said before, it is not necessary for them to do this anymore. There are other ways of handling energy changes and problems.

The mental imbalances that you speak of are so often right now caused by this change of energy going from mental, or a mind-type of intelligence, to a Divine Intelligence. The mind is almost rebelling and almost shutting down in many cases, for it wants to be relieved of the burdens that have been placed on it. And this is causing – how to say – deterioration of the Old mind skills. But for those humans who are ready, the Divine Intelligence will quickly pick up where the mind leaves off and will expand far beyond that.

So, biology is an interesting thing. It is a very delicate fabric. It is a very, very delicate type of organism. It has been susceptible to disease and all sorts of other types of fluctuations. But as we have talked about recently, we are coming to the point where the biology doesn’t have to suffer. And the biology doesn’t have to take the brunt of what is going on inside the soul of the person.

We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally, as with the energies of Saint-Germain, he maintained an appearance of looking approximately in the mid-30s to forty-ish. He felt that was the most appropriate age to be at. He maintained that look, even though the biological body that he had was at well over a hundred years old. And this is something that all of you can do as well. Thank you for your question.

We will take one more.

LINDA: Tobias, would that be the little bit of talk that Brian had about the transformation in England maybe, or is it a…

TOBIAS/SAINT-GERMAIN: We would like to do one more question, and we will… then we will go into that.

LINDA: Okay.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, the abundance presentation recorded in San Diego, November 2004, leaves a big question in my mind about those individuals who have their credit cards maxed out. Did they think they had flow, but didn’t? Please elaborate.

TOBIAS: Now, we could go into a whole long discussion of credit cards. We call these “karma cards” on our side (audience laughter). The underlying challenge or difficulty here is that thinking that you can go out and charge things is going to bring abundance into your life. But you are still carrying with you a lack-of-abundance issue. You are still carrying this hypnotic effect that there are limitations in the financial system. So, whether you put it on a credit card or not, you still have this underlying issue. As a matter of fact, it’s only going to compound the issue and put it directly in your face. And then we’re going to have another class about how to overcome these abundance things.

Yes, these credit cards are, oh, they are simply another form of hypnosis, saying, “Here, use this, and everything will be fine for a few days.” (some laughter) But then the monster comes back even bigger than before. So, this is not a way to solve the problems. The abundance will manifest for you immediately in the moment. You don’t have to go out and tempt it with this thing called a credit card. Thank you.

With that, Shaumbra, we will bring our energies to a close. There is a brief discussion here we would like you to pay attention to and give your energies to. But from our standpoint we will remove ourselves from Cauldre’s body now, for it is growing tired. And we will have a very exciting next month with all of you.

And so it is.