The Embodiment Series: "SHOUD 5"
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
December 11, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, Shaumbra, that we return to this gathering. I am delighted to hear your music and to hear your singing. As you will notice with this whole new phase of energy moving, when you apply your creative energies and your life-expression energies to anything that you do, it will have so much more impact to it. As you help to move energies from the other realms in you and through you, it will awaken your own creativeness, your own creative/divine center. And it will help you to express yourself in ways that you could never have imagined.

Even something like singing a song will contain so much depth in your voice and energy in your voice, no longer just singing a song, but helping to flow and project energies, much as we do with Cauldre when we are speaking. It is not about the words, or even just the voice. It is about the movement of energies on many different layers and levels that occur as our communication to you and through you occurs. So, you will find that one of the delightful benefits of this new job of energy movement is a new type of way to express your own creativity, move your own energies.

Now, Cauldre has asked two things of us on this day. First, is that when we are making our connection, when he is going into the channel mode, that we do not allow his mouth to hang wide open (audience laughter). He is quite self-conscious about this. And he told us literally that he thinks it makes him look like an idiot (more laughter) when his mouth is drooping. We are having fun with him today. And then he has also asked us to keep our discussion short, so we can get to the questions right away, for there are many on this day. So, let us begin.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, my nerves are shot to pieces. My mind is a fog. My heart has turned cold, even towards my friends. So, I’m not a good Shaumbra ambassador. I feel as if I’m an empty fridge on Pluto. I thought I was finally giving intent to bring in joy. Why can’t I?

TOBIAS: Indeed. We have discussed much of this in the regular Shoud, this whole thing that you call depression. But it is different than what – how to say – most other humans are going through. Some of you have sought the help or the assistance of a traditional mental health worker for this thing called depression. And as you found have out, there is little relief they can give you, for they do not understand, even while they may pretend to.

But it is not a classic type of a depression or a classic type of – in your case here – a feeling that you’ve grown cold or distant. It is simply part of this process that you are moving through, changing from the Old Self to the New. And again, as we said earlier, there are many from our side of the veil who are working with you very closely. It is about allowing yourself to embody this rather challenging and difficult time.

Stop trying to look to the Old ways to bring out a New passion. And that is truly what is happening here. A whole New type of passion, which you cannot even fathom in a traditional human mind, is starting to come through. But yet you are still looking in Old places to try to, once again, bring back Old passions or Old feelings. You are trying to re-ignite something that cannot be re-ignited.

It is a matter of breathing your way through this. And Cauldre is stopping us here, saying that sometimes it seems so simplistic. And he is saying that Shaumbra would like more definitive answers. But we have to state that the breathing, the being in the Now moment, and the allowing yourself to feel this are the very best methods or remedies you can give for yourself. There is no – how to say – happy little word, and certainly no happy little pill, that is going to relieve this.

You have to understand this is part of a very significant change process. It should be no mystery that your system, your emotions are going through a complete overhaul, a complete work-over. You come out the other end of this with amazing New passions and New insights. It is about allowing this change process to take place. I thank you for this question on behalf of so many Shaumbra.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, dear Tobias. A special man came back into my life. And I was patting myself on the back for creating such a grand potential. And it was devastatingly painful when I realized that it was not a grand potential. And I want to create better. And I don’t really know how. I need to create better. And so many of us want to. Can you help me?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Your creation should be for yourself first. For yourself first. And so many Shaumbra are still trying to create and then bring others into that creation. You have to honor and respect the fact that they may have a different agenda for themselves. They may have a different creation path for themselves.

And sometimes it is not appropriate – most of the time it is not appropriate – to try to create at another Creator’s expense, you see. Now, here you were allowing yourself, creating to bring an Old relationship back. You were, in a sense, inviting that energy back in, but when that energy realized that he was in a different place then you were, it didn't work out. And then you come to doubt your own Creator abilities.

Create for yourself first. Sometimes creating for yourself means that there is no relationship, you see, because in a relationship you are no longer unto yourself. In a relationship you draw in somebody else’s energy. And there – how to say – there are very few with compatible Shaumbra energy right now. Create the relationship for yourself first. That is so important. And we know the heart longs for another to share this blessed and sacred part of your life. But it is important to create that relationship within yourself first. Then, your whole concept, your whole understanding of relationships with others will change.

But this was an Old relationship that essentially was appropriate for a short period of time. But it would've not worked in the long run. So, you could almost say that you created it to terminate before it got too wrapped up in itself.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): How can I know if I am truly on my spiritual path when currently I am not attracted to my current position. And I feel no attraction to anything else at the moment. And how does this fit in with me currently not holding energies anymore? I appreciate any clarification.

TOBIAS: Indeed, as we have said recently to Shaumbra, there is going to come a point where you feel disconnected and dispassionate from everything that was Old, and the New hasn't moved in yet. So many of you are literally allowing yourselves to be – how to say – reconnected to this thing we call “the field,” the source of all energies. In this process of reconnection, you are going to feel an experience – this loss of passion, loss of enthusiasm, or excitement – because you are really totally rebooting your entire system.

You are moving into a whole New method of living and operating. Therefore, you are going to experience things like the depression and the anxiety that we spoke of earlier. And that is a natural result of being reconnected on “the field.” And you’re going to feel a loss of passion – passion for your work, passion for your family, and perhaps even passion for yourself.

But did you not give yourself – actually ask for – this whole change process to take place? Did you not ask for this time of being reconnected to “the field” and reconnected even to your own divinity? Embody the process, instead of fighting it. Ask the process that you are going through what it is there for. It is not about a lesson, but it is about an energy dynamic, a changing energy dynamic.

We can say from working closely with Shaumbra that it is just part of the process that occurs for a relatively short period of time. Breathe through it. Embody it. Don’t try to run from it. Understand why it is there. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a man at the microphone): I am going to take care of myself here. Blessings, dear Tobias, blessings. I’m a little nervous here, and only because it is difficult to allow myself to be who I truly am. I want you to know that I have a whole lot of joy and gratitude for your monthly visits. I’ll move onto my question before I get the hook (some audience laughter). It is my understanding, as you know, that I walked with Yeshua two thousand years ago. And now it is also my understanding that in a prior incarnation I also walked with you, Tobias, or hung out with you, if you wish. And what type of individual was I… what about our relationship? Did we drink wine together (more laughter)? Was I mad (more laughter)? Did I… was I… you being you? And if you do have a name for me – because I can’t remember – it would be pretty cool (more laughter).

TOBIAS: Indeed, we have hung together. And the more important times are not those from Earth, but those in between, the times between lifetimes when you are back here, working with others and working with I, Tobias, although I’m not so much referred to by that name here on our side.

But the work is very intense when you return here. There is so much discussion about what you are learning on Earth and the way Earth is changing and growing. And we listen very carefully. And – how to say – you are doing much work with the – how to say – non-physical, non-human types of energy forms that – this would take a while to explain – but that are currently being birthed into realities. These types of entities don't exist in a reality now. And they are being birthed into realities. You are doing much work with that. And that is truly what I'm most impressed with you by.

In actual human lives I did not know you in person in my lifetime as Tobias. But in my subsequent lifetime where I was imprisoned, you were incarcerated for a short period of time (more laughter) in one of these holding areas quite near mine. And it is actually interesting to say that I never saw your face, but we talked quite a bit back and forth. We talked about drinking wine (more laughter), but we never truly could. We talked about many of the philosophies of life.

And we talked at great length about the Hebrew religion. We talked much about the Jews. And you had some very – how to say – interesting views at that time. You felt that the Jewish religion was – how to say – very stuck, very old. And this went against my own thinking and opinions back then. And we had some very heated and lively discussions about that.

And – how to say – the nickname I gave you during those times of incarceration was Saul. And there was somewhat of a private joke behind that that you can pick up by reading more about Saul in the scriptures. And with that, it is good to see you (more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 4: It is good to see you too. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Hello, I have a rather urgent request for some guidance from Tobias. A few days ago I received a phone call from a fellow Shaumbra to tell me about messages received through a couple of other Shaumbra in this area who channel. We were warned of a large earthquake coming to our East Bay area sometime this month, in December, in which disruptions would be such that we should be sure to get earthquake insurance on our homes – it’s extremely expensive, by the way, here – to stock away food and water for two weeks per person… etc… etc. The Shaumbra who called me informed me that she had, as a result of the information received, decided to put her condo on the market immediately. She was looking for a room to rent in the meanwhile and planned to relocate to another part of the country. It’s so easy to panic. Is there any way to put some corroboration, a better idea from Tobias, perhaps on the probable date of this earthquake? And which fault is going to be doing the tango? And thank you.

TOBIAS: Oh, my! (audience laughter) Now, let us take a look at all of the energy behind this, because what – there are many, many layers here – what is being seen right now is a potential for this type of earthquake that you speak of. And it is being – this potential, this individual layer – is being tapped into by the ones who are reading and feeling energies. And they are absolutely correct – there is a potential, but it is only one layer.

Now, there is an important lesson here for all of Shaumbra. It is one layer, and it is a layer that draws interest and drama because it stands out from the other layers, in a way. But it is one layer. There are other layers.

Let us talk about another layer that's not so interesting, and not so fun, and not so dynamic. It doesn’t have people moving and selling and doing all of these other things. That layer is that there is a group of Shaumbra who sits together, gathers together worldwide on a date of December 11th, and does a little bit of breathing, and does a little bit of energy moving on behalf of All That Is, and all of Earth, and all of human consciousness. And through this moving of energies, we don't have to have this large earthquake and this large destruction in the East Bay area, perhaps, Shaumbra, another reason why are going with Cauldre and Linda to the center of California a month from now (audience laughter) for a little energy moving.

Yes, there will be quakes, and there will be rumblings in the ground. But it doesn't have to be. And it’s not the only potential. To focus in on this great – how to say – this great catastrophe is partly due to the fact that there is a tie-in with the times of Atlantis. There is a feeling the energy from back then. There is a reading of only one layer. But it does not have to be that way.

When any of you are out in the realms, when you open up your consciousness, and when you – whether you channel, or you give readings – give yourself and give the listeners the benefit of checking all layers and levels, then taking a look at what they represent and the potentials for these. Yes, there will be quakes in this area of California, mostly south of the area that was mentioned here. But there will be quakes. But they don't have to take human lives. They don't have to be disastrous.

And more than anything, Shaumbra, you don’t have to be caught up in the drama. At any moment, any time, you can create the safe space, safe energy for yourself and be there. At any time and all times, you are in the safe energy. So, thank you for bringing this question out, for it provides so much for all Shaumbra. And we remind you – it doesn't make anyone right or wrong. We are simply saying – look at all of the layers and levels that are involved here. And no, we will not give a specific date.

LINDA: Thanks for letting Geoff and I sort of flirt with drama on our travels. I appreciate that (audience laughter).

TOBIAS: And you notice that when you recently went to Japan at the end of your workshop there was a large, large earthquake on the north end of the island. And the toll on human life was very, very little. It had a potential to disrupt the larger cities. It had the potential to cause great casualties. But there was a group of Shaumbra who gathered, who helped to move some energy, and had a certain impact on the outcome.

LINDA: Thank you, Tobias. That was a 7.1 or .2 or .3 Richter scale, serious earthquake. Thank you very much. That was good (more laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Dear Tobias and all of you friends up there, or around us, actually in us. I’ve written this down because I feel you all and me have come a long way from having the energy in my body, me not being able to contain the energy. And now I’m being able to be present in my body and present with you as I’m doing that. So, that’s number one… thanks for that. And I also feel that you do that… I’m going in the opposite direction maybe, but my depression for many years is actually starting to release. And I’m starting to be more in my presence. But the question is: for our public school systems – which are in Old Energy, and specifically where I work, which is a public Montessori school – we’re in this absolutely financial drama of survival. The staff is in full conspiracy. And it’s so easy to be part of that drama. So, as an Energy Mover, other than breathing and noticing that the benchmarks have moved, how can I stand and hold the future of education for our kids?

TOBIAS: Indeed, as an Energy Mover it is time for you to move your energy from this school that you are in right now. It is very – how to say – based in a dynamic that ultimately will not be suited for you. And there is a series of things taking place around you that would encourage you to work with other Shaumbra and create a New school of your own. The energy of Montessori is – how to say – is wonderful and appropriate, but there is a New appropriateness that comes in. So, it is time to start, Shaumbra, for young ones.

SHAUMBRA 6: Will this be in Argentina or in America?

TOBIAS: And all over.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thanks.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, I have been experiencing more and more physical pain. And no matter what I do I can’t release it. I have received regular massage, chiropractics. I breathe, drink a lot of pure water, take supplements, do releasing, work in creating work, etc., etc. Yet the pain persists. I experience the depression, anxiety. I’m very empathic, and… I think you get it.

TOBIAS: Indeed, you are so much a very sensitive and empathic person. And what is happening here is you are literally loving this job as an energy holder. And it is affecting your physical body. Your physical body is basically screaming out to you that it wants to move beyond. It wants you to stop holding energies.

We want you to take and write a list of we see – we are joking amongst ourselves here – but we see at least a dozen or so major things that are you holding energy for. And these are things in your life right now around you. These are people, and these are situations that do not even count the past life things. You are holding dozens of energies. Write these down on a piece of paper. And then if it is appropriate, give yourself permission to release these. Tear the paper up. Throw it into a fire. Let it go. But you are holding energy, and it is racking your body right now. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, Tobias. I want to say I am sorry for all the times that I called you bad names when I was angry (audience laughter) cuz I did numerous times.

TOBIAS: I have to say that I had a few for you as well (much more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 8: I’m sorry about that one. And I wish I’d gotten the memo about drama before I opened a restaurant because there’s no way to get out of the drama. But I wondered if you could give me some advice as to why the situation is what it is with my partner and to… when you talk about dreaming about new things, I keep thinking about this other business that maybe I’d like to start. And it’s using alternative fuels but not like the alternative fuels you’re talking about. And I wondered if you could tell me a little bit of advice about that.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we have already checked with your partner prior to your question being asked for the appropriateness of full and open disclosure, for so many times we cannot answer questions if the other is not willing to participate. But indeed, he is. And it is an interesting dynamic.

The two of you, as you know, have spent many, many, many wonderful lifetimes together in situations where you were deeply in love, when you were close, close partners in so many ways. You both made yourselves a type of interesting promise that in this lifetime you would not continue that. You felt that it was holding back both of you, both of your energies. So, you essentially had an agreement between you that in this lifetime no matter what happened you would make yourselves – how to say – hate each other (some audience laughter).

SHAUMBRA 8: It’s too late. I mean, we are there already (more laughter).

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, a wonderful thing (more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 8: Yeah, come walk in my shoes one day.

TOBIAS: You are fulfilling your own creation and his creation because you knew it would be too easy to get back together. But there was too much work you had to do individually in this lifetime. So – how to say – while…

SHAUMBRA 8: So, who leads the other?

TOBIAS: … while you were in this human condition, you found your way back to each other, even though you said you wouldn't. And in this human condition you found yourself in a romantic situation, even though you said you wouldn't. And then when the romantic situation was – how to say – dissolved, you tried to sneak around your own back and start a business together and become partners. And you knew it wouldn’t work (more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 8: Yeah, drama.

TOBIAS: So, no, it is not drama at all. It is about a deep and true inner love. And it is about a vow that was given in the greatest love for each other to let each other go for at least one lifetime. So, you interjected all these dynamics that would interfere if you tried to get back together.

Now, you have to decide – are you going to walk away from it? And is it still what you want? Is that vow that you had still important? Can you be together in a new way that doesn't involve necessarily an Old Energy romance? Can you move to the next level of potential that you set up that basically said, “All right, if we do find ourselves back together, we are going to re-create this in a new way. We are going to re-create how two humans who give this vow not to be here, do everything to try not to be, can be together in a whole new way.” And we don’t necessarily mean romantic. Can you – how to say – take this business that you have and with all of the personal issues involved in it, and involved between you two, and allow it to evolve? It is a huge step. And he will know what we are saying. You can even talk to him about this craziness that you are involved in.

SHAUMBRA 8: He knows already.

TOBIAS: We know. That is why he has asked us basically to be open about this. But can you move past some of the trappings of an Old Energy relationship into a New that doesn't necessarily have to involve romance, or physical sex, or any of that? But can you find the expression between you through this business?

SHAUMBRA 8: Maybe with a mediator. Do you think with a mediator…

TOBIAS: No mediator. A mediator would not be appropriate here. You are willing to change the energies and by stepping forward on behalf of both of you, it has the potential to do that. Or, perhaps, perhaps, it is best for both of you if this partnership was dissolved, and you went your own way, and he went his. And – how to say – perhaps that will open up new doors for you as well. But we see here as the highest level of potentials that the both of you have worked out… it is to get past all of this, and to develop a new and healthy relationship. Yes, there are legal and financial and emotional issues that are very deep and very thick. And I am going to… we have something here we are not being allowed to say publicly. We will talk to you afterwards about it, something that may help to facilitate the whole process in this.

SHAUMBRA 8: OK, thank you.

TOBIAS: Understand that you are the Creator of this. It is an amazing story between the two of you.

SHAUMBRA 8: It feels like a creator of madness… imagine that… whew!

TOBIAS: No, indeed, the madness was taking the vows in the first place to not come back together in this lifetime. That was the madness.

SHAUMBRA 8: How did that happen? Ok, well, thank you very much, Tobias.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

LINDA: We would be close to what you propose as being the end of this session, but one more question?

TOBIAS: Several more.

LINDA: Oh, wow!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a man at the microphone): Greetings, Tobias, I just want to tell you how profound the changes have been in the last four years since I’ve been working with the Crimson Council and the Circle. And today, I am going to be playing a few songs that I’ve written in the last twenty/twenty-five years and sharing some of the journey before the Crimson Council and during it. And I have one question. I had a teacher over twenty years ago who was a profound influence in my life. And he ended up in Thailand ill, and I lost track of him. He became very reclusive and secluded. His name is Lewis (Louis?) Gitner. And I wonder if he is still on this side of the veil, or is he on your side of the veil?

TOBIAS: He is with us right now, with you right now actually. And – how to say – he had to go into this – we are talking with him – a period of reclusiveness here. And there was so much he wanted to change in his own life. But – how to say – he is telling us that his energies are very close to you should you decide to have collaboration on some of your new music.

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and it was not a difficult or traumatic death. It was an easy cross-over.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I am totally ready for wild abundance in my life, however, I seem to be stuck in Old Energy when it comes to abundance. What is it that is blocking abundance, the flow of abundance in my life right now?

TOBIAS: In this case, it is several things. It is a belief in a limited – how to say – limited belief system that the abundance is limited. It is also – how to say – we are going to get a bit personal here with you. But it is also about a wavering on your part about if you really want to stay here, if you really want to enjoy life. There are times when you have an attachment for coming back here. It is difficult for abundance to come in when you’re not sure whether you really want to live.

This thing of abundance, we know, is very difficult. We spoke of it at great length in this place of San Diego. And it would be a good thing to listen to this. But it is a very, very simple energy. Humans create blockages around it.

Yours is somewhat of a deep-seated belief system that it IS limited for YOU, that you don't have the resources or the knowledge to have it come in. So, we are going to say for you – simply, absolutely give yourself permission to let this go. Understand that it probably will involve some changes in your life when you do – changes in your job situation, in particular – to put you in a different type of working environment that will allow it. You literally place yourself in a restricted or limited work environment right now, believing that’s where you should be. So, this change will probably involve something in your work and perhaps even another type of move. We ask you simply not to curse us out when these changes occur. They are part of the overall process.

And we are going to use this opportunity with your question to also encourage Shaumbra to join your resources together. It is very difficult at times to – how to say – work in an Old Energy situation and have this flow of abundance come in because you are working against – or with – so many Old Energy belief systems. As Shaumbra works with Shaumbra, and you explore New potentials and opportunities, you are going to find out first that you have so many more talents than you thought you did that you don't have to be working for somebody else. That is a very key point – that you can be creating your own grand potential. As long as you are working for others, it is difficult to truly receive the amount of abundance that you are entitled to.
Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Is this work coming up for me, is this something that I can do on my own and not work for others? Because that’s my desire.

TOBIAS: It will challenge you in terms of you thinking perhaps that you may not have the tools to do this. But this change that we are talking about, yes, it does involve doing your own. And it’s going to challenge you at first at many levels, wondering if you can do it. And this is an excellent time to move the energies and to allow the energy that's coming in to all of sudden to also go to work for you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. But it will cause you to get out of your comfort zone for a while (some laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, thank you that you are here. I have two questions, please. One – I think I need a little bit of confirmation. I feel myself in a very special situation in the financial area. And I would like, if you can talk a little bit for me about that, and what’s important for me in this point. And the other question is about staying in the moment. What makes it so difficult, feeling into it? The breathing, it’s difficult, and how the more I want to stay in it, the more I push myself outside of it.

TOBIAS: Indeed, let us take a look at what “the moment” is. Let us take a look at how we define it and how we benchmark it. In the Crimson Council we speak of “the moment” and “the expanded moment.” The expanded moment allows you to be fully present right here and right now, knowing that you are in this room, knowing that you are in this body. But it also allows you to expand into the other realms and to feel and to be aware of many other things around you.

So, it is a little bit disconcerting when you start expanding, which you have been doing. You have been doing it wonderfully and diligently. But then it makes you think that you are getting out of the regular moment. It can all be together. You can be in this body of yours and this space of yours and in the expanded space. And it means you can have a sensory perception that encompasses everything, everything.

So, you are being a little difficult on yourself here. And we can understand the dynamics of why, but we would say that it is more important for you to let yourself expand into these other areas. And you try so hard to maintain a focus here. You have done that well. Now, open up to these other realms.

There is a tremendous amount of change going on in your life, as you know, change that you have given yourself permission to do. And everything seems to be in a state of upheaval. Everything seems to be in a state where Old Energy supplies have gotten cut off and making you very uncertain about what you are going to do next and where you're going to do it. It is all a very appropriate process. You have given yourself all of the answers for it.

We have to be a bit – how to say – honoring of how we speak here. We do not want to try to make any predictions. We are going to ask you – we are having a little discussion here amongst ourselves – we are going to ask you to do something here. You are going to have to trust yourself a bit because there are certain things we are not being given permission to speak of, so it is about giving yourself permission to go through these changes that you're involved in. Trust yourself more. Understand you have already given yourself the solution. And that is all we can say right now. We will speak with you a little bit later.

SHAUMBRA 11: Thank you.

TOBIAS: One more.

LINDA: Is Cauldre agreeing to that too?

TOBIAS: Indeed.

LINDA: Okay.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. My question is concerning my seventeen-year-old daughter who seems to have chosen a very difficult path in this life. She had a tumor growing in her brain for many years. It’s now gone, now removed. But it affected her in a lot of different aspects of her life – physically, personality-wise, things like that – and I’m just wondering if you can give me some insight into why she chose this, and who she really is, and is she Shaumbra?

TOBIAS: Indeed, so many humans pick very difficult experiences to go through in their lifetimes as a way of learning and expanding and growing, as a way of giving themselves the experience in handling a wide variety of different things. Sometimes it is based in karma. And sometimes it is based strictly in experience, wanting to have the experience of something like a tumor, or something of having what you would consider a handicap. It is joyfully – in her case, in particular – joyfully and gladfully accepted and brought in.

So, it is for you to understand and to honor this is as well, to honor it totally. And while the human part has difficulty sometimes – and the mother part who loves this being very much has difficulty – allow yourself to bring in and to be the compassion. Allow yourself to embody the energies of Quan Yin in total compassion, and you’ll see the whole story for yourself. You’ll see how this is a blessing, not a curse. You’ll see how this is a beautiful thing, not anything ugly. And you’ll see how humans are truly the Creators. Sometimes you think that these things happen outside of your control, but it is that you are the Creator of all of this.

She is Shaumbra from the standpoint of allowing herself to go through the ascension process, allowing herself to integrate the divine while on Earth. So, in that respect, yes. We do want to caution, saying that Shaumbra is not a title that we hand out. You don't have to have a card. And you certainly don't have to pay any dues. But Shaumbra is a group of humans now who are going through this whole integration process while staying on Earth. And indeed, she is one of those. So, with that we thank you for your question.

SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you.

TOBIAS: And with that we do now bring the energies of this day together. We smell the feast (some laughter). We are getting hungry, and we know you are getting hungry. So, dear Shaumbra, let us take another deep breath together. Let us allow the energies to move and flow through us. And we look forward to this special season that you have, this season of love, this season of sharing and caring. We look forward to seeing you back here in just a few short weeks for more work with Shaumbra.

And so it is.