The Embodiment Series: "SHOUD 3"
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
October 2, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that I, Tobias, come in to speak to you now. It was tough to follow that act (some laughter at Tobias’ reference to Kuthumi’s message), but it was such a delight for me to listen from my perspective, to listen in and to watch, for normally for the past many, many years I have been the one being right here with you. And now I got to be in the Second Circle, to be the observer, to watch and to laugh, and to see how your energies changed. But it is good to be back here in this chair. It is good to feel your energies.

And I’d like to talk to you just for a moment, to continue with what Kuthumi was saying about the changes that are taking place and will continue to happen. They will continue, Shaumbra. Over the next period of years – the next three years, in particular – they will be fast like never before. They will be within you and all around you. That is why last month we talked about the four different TIONS – the ability to not get distracted, to have an open perception of things, not to look outside for validation. All of these things we spoke of, Shaumbra, are to help prepare you, to let you know that changes are here, changes are swirling all over the planet and certainly within you.

The changes bring back memories, as Kuthumi was saying, of our time together in Atlantis, in the Temples of Tien. Those were times of changes with results that cut into us very deeply, wounds that are still there. We were together back then. We were changing the world. We were changing ourselves. And I know from being there with you.

We were also trying to inflict our changes, trying to inflict ourselves and our way on the rest of the world, you see. That is why we are saying now that it is about honoring the world, honoring everyone else. That is one of the important things that we learned.

In the Temples of Tien we had many great discoveries, discoveries that have been hidden for quite some time now that will be re-discovered – discoveries about how energy works, how all the various elements play with each other, how energy can renew itself even after it has been used. We made these discoveries, and then they have been hidden for a long, long time.

So, there is a fear associated with these things coming back. There is a fear associated with the whole Atlantis-rising experience. And these things are coming into your life now. And you react. You become fearful. You become frightened. You wonder if you are doing the right thing. You over-analyze everything in your life. You try to find that outside source for the answers, for enlightenment. You are waiting for something or someone to come swooping down to save you. You see yourselves as small, as human only.

Dear Shaumbra, as Kuthumi was saying today, you are you right now. You are everything right now in this moment that I speak to you. You are the body, and you are the mind, and the spirit, and the soul, and the divinity. If you could see as we see – and you can – you could see that everything is in this moment, captured now, all of these things.

You are you. You can choose the potentials. You can let go of the Old stories as we have been speaking of recently. The Old stories keep you in a limited space, keep you confined. That is why we’ve been saying, “Release them; don't be angry with them, just release the energy. Unstructure it. Let it come back to you in a whole new way.” You will see that you are truly creating all of this.

Some of you know that you are stuck. Some of you even insist on being stuck, insist that you have tried everything, insist that you have done everything in terms of relationships or abundance. It’s almost like you are demanding and hanging onto some of these things. You get angry with us. You get angry with other humans.

You get defeated and dejected. You say, “It is not possible. Something or someone is preventing me from having abundance because everything I tried has not worked or prevented me from relationships because every time I try, it doesn't work, and I’ve tried everything.” So, you are holding on so dearly to your story that you can't even see the potentials around you. You get so angry that you can’t see the beauty and the joy of these things around you.

And then you say you don't like platitudes. You don't like just words. But you feel stuck. You’re not sure what to do. So, what do you do? What do you do when you're in that stuck position? Nothing seems to be working, even what we say, what we do with you doesn’t seem to be working. And eventually it affects your entire system. It breaks down. You go into either disease or sudden death, come back to our side and start all over again. It doesn't have to be that difficult. It doesn't have to be that challenging. It truly doesn't, Shaumbra.

This moment right now that I am speaking to you – you, all of you – you are the one creating. Don't wait for even this thing called divinity. Don't wait for anything. It is you right now.

We are pulling back the pieces that have been separated and fragmented. We are pulling them back together. Several months ago, we pulled back the piece of the darkness. We said your darkness is your divinity because it was removed and separated from you. You were frightened of it. You hated it. You denied yourself. We pulled it back.

We pulled back all of the pieces. We let all of the Old Energy structures off now, off of those Old stories. This is the true freedom of the soul. This is the true liberation. These changes that you are going through and experiencing all around you don't have to be difficult. It can be a graceful dance.

Today Kuthumi was talking directly to your spirit, to your energies that connect to all of the other energy sources. He was also talking to your soul and your mind and your body. He was saying, “Give permission to yourself to be flexible right now, to be graceful right now.” You, as Kuthumi said, the one who sits here right now, not the one who is in some sort of divine dreamy state of being; you, not the one that is separated or different, but you, God, right here, right now are creating all of this.

You can give yourself the flexibility. You can give yourself the joy. You can let go of the Old stories. They are not holding onto you. They want you to let them go, you see. They want you to let them go. It is as simple as giving permission.

This can be very deep stuff. This can be very difficult stuff – if you want it to be, or it can be very simple. It can be very joyful. It can be very humorous as Kuthumi brought in today. He has that capability. He has us laughing here so many times. He was, in so many ways, a bit of an annoyance because of his humor with St. Germain and Madame B all the time. He has the ability to go in and let energies be free.

So, Shaumbra, changes are here. They will continue. You can make your choices. I loved what Kuthumi said, “Imagine, everything is already worked out, everything is okay. You are physically safe, mentally safe, spiritually safe. It is all okay. So, now how would you live different? How would enjoy life? How would you allow your creative energies to flow and to dance?”

You’ve all experienced some moments in your life where you are in such a place of joy and passion and with melded energies. You are doing something that you absolutely enjoyed, and everything just flowed. You know the feeling – it just came together. It was synchronistic. It was flowing. Everything worked together. It was a point of joy and creation. You know what that feels like.

As you release the Old story, as you let go of the worry about tomorrow, and all of these are the things we talk to you about – that can be in your life every moment. Every moment can have that blended, melded flow of spirit and human and self with all of the answers being right there. You can deny what I’m saying. You can argue with me about what we say to you. But we know. We know from watching so many of you – it is true, and it is real, and it is possible right now.

Earth does not have to go through the type of turbulent and catastrophic changes that we had in the times of Tien. We don't have to go through the type of wars and the type of torture that we had back then. Earth won't go through that. It will go through ripples of events. It will go through different iterations, but it won't be catastrophic.

We’re not going to sink Earth right now. We’ve come too far. We have set up the New Earth, a corresponding energy with this physical Earth, with that New Earth firmly in place and connected to the Old Earth, working together like twins, loving twins. It has changed the whole balance and the dynamics of this Earth, where this Earth does not have to be terminated. It does not have to go through hardships anymore to realize its full potential.

I want you to feel for a moment here how this New Earth that we have spoken of – this place that is physical and nonphysical – holds the very best dynamics and characteristics of everything from Earth, everything from the celestial realms together. It is working now heartbeat and heartbeat together with the Old Earth. Their hearts are beating together. This sets up some very interesting energetic patterns and connections between the two, some very interesting things that we are going to talk about – how you can be there and be here at the same time.

Dear Shaumbra, as you know, we love you so dearly, and it was interesting to bring in a different energy today, to have somebody other than I, Tobias, speaking to you. We plan to do more of this. We plan to continually change, as you change.

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, this question will probably not be selected, yet it’s being heard and felt on the other side. Why, Tobias, do you emphasize on allowing for the New divine energies to manifest, on letting go of the Old story, yet month after month you bring in guests who are rooted in the Old stories and Old energies? What’s up, Tobias, with some of your humor that feels like condescension and borderline judgment? Where is the compassion? This type of energy is not present in the realms that you profess to be coming from.

TOBIAS: We ask you to take a moment and look at who YOU are bringing in (audience laughter). We are simply a reflection of all of you. We are a reflection of perhaps your association with our energies, perhaps from the past, perhaps not. We are a reflection of your own judgments at times. Yes, we maintain our own identity, but we are simply channeling you. We are delighted by your question. And we ask you to pause next time you look in the mirror (more laughter and groans).


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. Thank you for making it through the heavenly traffic. I just have had the most unpleasant month of my life that I can recall. And so I am asking for some insights and if I’m on the right path and… I’m whining.

TOBIAS: Indeed, it was a difficult month, not just for you, so do not feel like you were singled out here. It was difficult for so many of Shaumbra. And as we have said, September now has a cycle of being a change month. And it can be difficult on your system. In a sense, you – how to say – you are allowing changes at the deepest level within you, but you are concerned particularly that you are doing the right thing. So, this is causing quite a bit of trauma on yourself.

Indeed, you ARE in the right place, you ARE making the right choices. Sometimes you tend to live out your choices so passionately that – how to say – it has a very dramatic impact on your life. And as long as you realize that, that is appropriate. But you have to also realize that you don't have to take it on the chin so much. You don't have to live it out to that extent. This is not being inflicted on you, any of these things that are happening in your life.

So, we ask you right now to set the potential, to choose the potential of what you want in your life and understand that you don't have to be at the mercy of all of the outside energies around you or the changes that are happening. You tend to embody other people's changes and humanity’s energies. You do not have to do that anymore. It is about embodying your own changes and about embodying the choices that you have made.

So, let us both have an agreement here because, as you know, we have worked together many, many times. We are working together on a regular basis now. But let us have an agreement that you don’t have to have these things anymore. They don't have to be in your life, these hardships that are knocking at your door, trying to tear it down right now. Tell them to go away. You are the one who brought them. Tell them to go away now. They do not need to be there.

SHAUMBRA 2: I want them to go away, but is it really true…

TOBIAS: I heard a “but.”

SHAUMBRA 2: Go away! Go away! Go away, you rotten little whatever you are!

TOBIAS: Indeed. You created them, no “buts!”

SHAUMBRA 2: Okay, go away. Am I… I’m journaling. I’m trying to journal. Archangel Michael told me that. Is that accurate? But I’m so upset that I have a hard …

TOBIAS: You want us to go against Archangel Michael? (much laughter) Journal if you must.

SHAUMBRA 2: No, not go against him, but am I supposed to do what he said? (more laughter)

TOBIAS: With the greatest admiration and respect to Archangel Michael we have to say that, first of all, none of us ever tell you what to do. If you are getting that, you are getting it wrong. And at any time, you can tell US what to do or where to go (more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 2: Okay, so I don’t have to. If I don’t want to write any channel books, I don’t have to?

TOBIAS: No, no, you are you. Or, as Kuthumi says sometimes, “Gee, you are you. You are the guru.” (Guru = G-U-R-U). You do not need to listen to what any of us tell you. We don’t tell you things. We love you. We support you. We help show you different perspectives. But we don’t tell you what to do.

And if you struggle with journaling, release the journaling. If you struggle with praying, release the praying. If you struggle with meditating, release the meditating. There are no formulas up here at all. The only thing we continue to tell you in as many different ways as we possibly can is, “You are God also. You are creating it.” We are supporting you. Archangel Michael supports you whether you want to struggle through journaling or release journaling. It is up to you.

SHAUMBRA 2: I don’t know what I want to do. I want to have some grand abundance.

TOBIAS: Then so be it.

SHAUMBRA 2: I want to feel it, see it, touch it, and spend it (lots of laughter and applause).

TOBIAS: It is a great thing. And there are still massive amounts of guilt associated with this with so many Shaumbra. And there is resistance to this. It is a great thing to have it! And we can tell you right now, Shaumbra, you are not of the wisdom or the energy or the balance to abuse it. You may love it and enjoy it and let it flow through you. But we know you won’t be abusing it. You still have that guilt and fear. You think that if you have much, others will have none.

Shaumbra, it doesn't work like that. Energy doesn't work like that. Have it in your life. We want it. We will fully support you in getting it. And don’t go into your mind about where it will come from. It will find its way to you. It is a physics. These are not words, just words. It is a physics. If you are in a place of abundance in your Now moment, you attract nothing but abundance to you. You don't attract lessons to show you that you shouldn't have abundance. You don't attract Old karmas that are trying to make you feel that. Abundance begets abundance.

SHAUMBRA 2: I didn’t know I was attracting any of those things…

TOBIAS: I wasn’t done (audience laughter). Relationships beget relationships. When you have the relationship with yourself – we are speaking to others here – when you have the relationship with yourself, it begets other relationships. When you have a healthy relationship with you, it brings in other healthy relationships. It is so simple. So, now… yes.

SHAUMBRA 2: Okay, it’s all right to sell my real estate building to change my life from the last 20 years? And I hope I don’t become a “bag lady!” (more laughter)

TOBIAS: What do you choose to do right now?

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, I have the building on the market.

TOBIAS: So, you are choosing to sell.

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, that’s just so I have money…

TOBIAS: But we also hear you choosing to be a “bag lady,” and that puzzles us (more laughter).


TOBIAS: Interesting dynamic that you are creating and you will bring to you! Why are you choosing to do this?

SHAUMBRA 2: No, I’m not. I don’t want to. I was just… Janice Burney said that she was going to have a nice bag if she was a “bag lady.” No, I don’t want to be a “bag lady.”

TOBIAS: Indeed. So what do you choose?

SHAUMBRA 2: Well, I would just like to have everything grand in my life like Kuthumi said, like grand abundance, grand everything.

TOBIAS: And you choose this?


TOBIAS: And you bring it into your life?


TOBIAS: And you accept it?


TOBIAS: And you know that you are worthy?


TOBIAS: And you know that you are the Creator?


TOBIAS: So be it.

SHAUMBRA 2: Yea! Thank you.

TOBIAS: It is so simple (audience applause).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Please explain to those of us that crave a relationship with another person, what a day in the life of a human having a perfect relationship with oneself is like. I ask this because I just finished listening to the channeling on relationships, and it brought up a lot of emotions for me. I feel as though I am more than ready for a relationship, yet being told that it is a gift to be alone and that it’s best for me to remain to alone for the time being. I long to share my life with someone. Why must I wait so long?

TOBIAS: Indeed. You have to ask yourself again why you are choosing this. We are not inflicting it on you. There is no other outside energy that is stronger than you that is making this happen. You have to look at yourself. You have to look at issues of establishing the relationship with yourself and addressing some of these issues of unworthiness, addressing some of these issues of having – simply having time with yourself.

It is difficult to define what a day in the life of a healthy relationship with yourself looks like. And that is up to each of you individually.

But from my perspective for I, Tobias, a day in the life of a relationship with myself would be, as I have mentioned before, it would be going to my cottage to be with me, to be in the midst of my creation and to realize that I created it. I created this virtual, charming, lovely place. And I can have that time to myself and simply glow. That is what I do there, I just glow. I just emanate. I just am. And then I can invite others. I can invite Kuthumi, or St. Germain, or any of the others into my space into my relationship with myself.

It is about being at peace with who you are. And I look at your energy, and I find that there is a desperate type of energy that wants to bring somebody else into your life, so you don't have to face your own self. But I look at you, and I see such an incredible, incredible God energy. And it is about finding that within yourself. I know you so much desire to have a relationship with others, but it does start within first. And take a look at the friends that you have in your life, not even relationships, but the friends in your life. And look at the enjoyment that you have. And look at some of the problems that you have. It is all reflections of you. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias. I’ve been having some experiences lately that I think kind of go along with something you said in the last Shoud, the non-conceptual realm or world or something like that. And I’ve been for quite some time breathing in the morning and before bed for an extended period of time and just reflecting on me. And what’s happened in the last few months is this spaciousness. It’s just so big and so good. And it just feels so good. But as soon as I want to grasp it, it goes away. And then what I notice is, as I’m walking my dog, I have these experiences that I feel like I’m almost that little 5-year-old girl. And I’ll see two towhead girls skating, and I’ll go back to all these wonderful, absolute, marvelous experiences. And as I’ve been working through all of my crap, I never had those experiences in the psychological realm, you know. And now I’m just… everyday, like four or five times a day I’m getting these experiences of, you know, my childhood was pretty damn good. And you know, I’m okay. And this non-conceptual opening, vastness, driving down the road… it’s amazing… it’s almost like I’m in front of the car, watching me drive down the road. Am I going crazy?

TOBIAS: Indeed (much laughter). Indeed, you are letting go of the tight grasp that you have had on the brain-related matters and the analytical way of handling everything. And – how to say – you have been in the field that you are in to help you understand things about yourself.

But you have transcended that now. You have transcended this whole psychological evaluation. You realize that is very limited energy. And you have moved on to New realms. So, you have expanded yourself. You are allowing yourself to be out of your mind. You are allowing yourself to dance in the multi-dimensional realms while still being in the Now moment. You are only just now beginning to touch on the vast potential that this has, whether it is imagining a 5-year-old girl, whether it is being at the leading edge of your car. These are just the beginning.

You will all realize, as you let go of the Old structures, as you allow yourself to be so much more multi-dimensional, that these can become more and more real. You will also find perhaps some difficulties in these because defining real will become very difficult to do. You define right now being here or listening to us online as being real, but you will have occurrences happen to you that you have to question yourself. You have to say, “Now was that real or was that my imagination?” And then we have to say, “What is the difference? What is the difference?” This reality, 3-D, is simply your imagination put into a very, very tight focus, perhaps a focus that you are learning to relax right now and expand.

So, what you are going through is real. One of the challenges of what you are experiencing is – how to say – you are opening up, but there is part of you – let’s call it spirit, as Kuthumi said – part of you that is feeling perhaps you are going the way of some of your clients. And in a sense, you are because, as you know, so many of them were way out there. Reality to them was very blurred. But you are doing it from a Now standpoint and a balanced standpoint. That is the difference, yes, indeed. We thank you for your wonderful comments.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, I’m upset that you advise people not to vote. Voting affects policies, which affect people, often the most vulnerable among us. Voting is the use of our voice to protect others, even if we don’t need anything for ourselves. A vote can protect an abused child or an elderly person who can’t afford medication. A vote can bring the planet into balance and help protect the environment. Scoundrels count on voter apathy. Please reconsider your advice (some laughter and chuckling from Tobias).

TOBIAS: How do you reply to this? So, vote! (much more laughter) We ask you to jump right in there and to vote and to try to change the world and to get all embroiled in duality. And when you come back to us in a year or so and wonder why things aren’t working out for you, we are going to go back to the beginning. We are going to say, “Stand behind the short wall. Observe how duality works. Observe how real changes are made, not duality changes, but real changes are made, Shaumbra.” We look forward to hearing back from you in a year (more laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I’m having a very wonderful relationship, only it’s inter-dimensional. My friend passed away three months ago. And people tend to say, “Let the person go; don’t grieve.” I’m not grieving. This person visits me a lot. And it’s getting deeper and more loving and more wonderful. And I just want some brotherly – from my spiritual fitness coach – reassurance that I’m not hindering anybody’s expansion.

TOBIAS: Indeed, you are not. This is a wonderful type of relationship, everything except the sex (audience laughter). That is more difficult. But we are going to say here – just between us – that there are ways to do this energetically with each other (more laughter).

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you. And I will stand behind the short wall and push the vote button.

TOBIAS: Indeed, but you will all find this to be more and more so. It is… you are not hanging on or holding in an Old Energy. As a matter of fact, you are simply letting it in in a much newer way. When one departs their physical body and comes over to our side, if there is grieving that is based on guilt, it is very difficult for that being to come over easily and gracefully here. And they are kept, in a sense, earthbound. But when there is the accepted grieving process, when there is the understanding and the releasing, then that angel can come back and visit, and you can have a wonderful relationship, a wonderful companion. And they will actually help take you into some of these nonphysical realms. They will be your guiding hand in this. And it is wonderful.

We love the relationship that we have with you. We love the ability to come back here. You are not hanging onto us. We are opening doors between the realms. We are taking this whole duality veil off. And we love to come back and visit. So, no, we encourage you in what you are doing.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I have for many years had the firm belief that I am Jesus’ little sister. This has given me, of course, a lot of trouble, both with myself and the psychiatrists I have met (much audience laughter). They have given me a lot of medicine, but I still believe it (more laughter). I now feel that psychiatry has killed her. But I’m still wondering about it. Can you say something about this? Thank you for being there.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we want to be cautious here. We do not want to confirm or deny. This is part of your own – how to say – soul process that you are going through to help you have more trust and insight into yourself. So, you are asking us not to confirm or deny is what we are saying. You are putting yourself through quite a challenge here, being opposed by the psychiatrists, being infused with medications that are trying to do everything they can. It is a very interesting game you are playing. And actually, we mean that in a very loving way.

You are helping to gain and develop some tremendous insights about the nature of reality, and particularly about the nature of trust between the elements and the parts of yourself. The set-up here as the daughter of Yeshua, the set-up here has to do with this whole thing, but it is not to focus on that. It is to look at all the other dynamics that you are having fun with and learning from.

And we are with you in this process. And we are going continue seeing it out with you. And it has the potential for you to do some very, very powerful work having to do with psychiatry indeed, but also with this whole nature of what reality is and how to maintain a balance of all aspects of yourself while in multi-dimensional realities. So, continue this work and don’t be dismayed by it. Don't be distracted by outsiders as well.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I’d like to read something from the Shoud 1, August 7th. “You love this time when you first go to bed, drift off into the etheric realms to let your body and mind rest, let your soul come out to play in these wonderful dreams that you have.” In the spiritual life I seem to have it very, very fortunate. I have no problems. It’s not a hard life to me. It seems very easy. I accept all of the energies. I don’t really have anything to worry about there. It’s not a burden. It’s not difficult. But my dream state is completely different. My normal nights I have two, three, four dreams that I remember very distinctly. They are all very disturbing, frustrating. I’m completely unable to cope with what I’m doing. I don’t have the capacity. Everything I try to do I can’t finish it; I can’t complete it. It just is impossible to do it. And this has been going on for I’d say 30 years. I mean it’s a normal part of my life. I just learned to live with it. At times I’ll wake up between dreams every time and try to get rid of the effects, the pressures, and this and that. And I remember your words to breathe deeply and to relax. And I’ll sit on the couch for a moment and breathe deeply. And in two minutes I’m off in another dream that’s worse than all the others. It kind of backfires. So, I just wonder if you have any suggestions. I have a pleasant dream maybe once a month, wonderful dreams. I can’t remember when the last one was.

TOBIAS: Yes, indeed. Indeed, and as a human begins their whole awakening process and opening up, one of the first things that is affected is their dreams, which you have experienced. The dreams become much more intense, and sometimes it appears to be quite violent, or confusing, or dis-empowering.

The vast majority of these dreams have to do with times long before you ever came to Earth in what we call the Star Wars time and when you were in the Void. And there were so many things that happened back then that all of us are still trying to understand, trying to come to terms with. When you go into your dream state, you almost immediately project back to these pre-Earth days, back when there was no physical body, trying to help understand and resolve the situation. You will literally pick up pieces or aspects of conflicting energy situations that happened back then. You will literally attempt to go back there through the dream state so that you can pull some of the energies into your Now reality, into this lifetime, to help them get resolved. You could say you're trying to go back there to rescue yourself.

Now, you don't have to do it that way anymore. You don't have to go back and go through the trauma of the dreams and relive so many of the things that have happened. You can literally allow those pre-Earth energy aspects of yourself to come to you now to be in this space with you. You have built a beautiful and safe house, meaning that in this lifetime you have created a very stable and a very healthy type of energy around you.

Now, you can invite all of those aspects of yourself – they are like your spiritual relatives – to come into your house. In your house you can heal them. You can help release them from the energies that they are tied up in. You can tell them about who you are. You can sit with them and share the love you feel in your heart, the joy that you have for living, what you have learned about being in human form and what Earth represents. So, invite them into your house. Then you can release them from the energy that they are currently bound in. You can release the spell, you see. And you will no longer need these types of dreams affecting you.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you very much.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, for years I have been hearing how important it is to balance the male/female energies within us. So far it seems nobody has come up with how we are meant to be doing this. Can you give us something to work on with this? And how do we know if or when our male/female energies are fully in balance?

TOBIAS: Indeed, so much of the energies that you and others have been working to create for this balance of masculine/feminine came into manifestation, came into this reality, with the advent of the Harmonic Concordance. Now those energies are available for you and for everyone else to use.

The balance of the male and female is really understanding all of the aspects – the sensitivities, the empowerment – all of these aspects. It is just bringing it into your life. It does not necessarily mean there is going to be drastic physical changes. It is on more of the emotional or the spirit level this balance of energies.

The very fact that you ask this question indicates that you are bringing this balance in. You are aware that both masculine and feminine need to allow and to hold a space for each other. And then they naturally do. It is a – this balance of masculine and feminine – is a natural process. It is. The energies want to come back together. They want to share with each other what they have learned while they have been separate. They want to come back together. So, we say there are no techniques or gimmicks. There is no particular school you have to go to. It is about creating the safe space. And they will reunite with each other. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, is the concept of time just another part of our story that we need to release? And what would happen if we allowed ourselves to release all of our fears, our doubts, and our resistance all at once, and truly allowed ourselves to trust ourselves unconditionally?

TOBIAS: It has never been done, so we do not know (audience laughter). It is – and this can be a very complex answer here – let us address time first of all. Time is indeed part of your story. And it is very difficult to explain. Your association with time is based on everything from the wristwatches that you have and the clocks to the patterns and the cycles of the moon and the sun and the rhythms of Earth itself. You base your time sequence on this. This is an illusion, but there are things that allow for a flow of experiences.

We have been asked on a number of times if it is true that the past, present, and future are all occurring together. That is again one of those difficult questions to answer. But from your perspective we have to say, no, they are not all occurring together. The future has not been created at all. You can go back to the past and change the story – or your perception of that – but you can’t change the events. What truly matters is the Now moment that you are in. This is truly the important thing. So, you ask wonderful questions. And it is so much about just allowing yourself to be in the Now.

You asked a theoretical or hypothetical question. If you released all of your fears and had total trust for yourself, this would be a blessed thing. We don't know if the body would be able to endure all of these changes at one point. And we know that the collective of yourself would be (able to endure), but it may cause the loss of your body. As a matter of fact, we are getting confirmation here, it indeed would cause the loss of your body (some laughter). It would be nothing but a pile of clothes left behind (more laughter). And the reason is that the energies would instantly come in and, in a sense, cause a spontaneous combustion of the body. And even if the body was able to maintain itself through this process, there would be such an immediate desire to be free of the body that your spirit would simply jump out of it. So, thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (from the Internet, read by Linda): During the Creator Series, Lesson 3, I think you mentioned there would be a kind of new duality. Will this duality be more pleasant or easier to overcome?

TOBIAS: We have spoken about the New Energies. And the New Energies that we have been talking to you all about ever since also incorporate the energies of duality. So, you could say, in a sense, it has duality aspects. The New Energy has to incorporate duality aspects because that is where it is coming from. That is the path you have taken to get to the New Energy. You will always have the ability to turn duality one and off if you choose. You have the ability to be in duality or are out of duality. So, indeed it is a type of New duality that can be activated or deactivated at any point. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a man at the microphone): Greetings, Tobias. I’ve been experiencing my energetic body as being very, very large lately, and also having the experiences of being very close to the angelic realms. And I would like to ask some of your perspective on my association with the angelic realms and Archangel Michael in particular.

TOBIAS: Indeed, this fullness that you speak of in the body, and particularly the physical body, is what we have discussed several months ago when we said, “As you learn to re-embrace what you have called the darkness, in other words, that compassionate side of yourself that has held all of the negativity, you will feel a fullness in your body because you are filling it back up with everything that you are.” As you release the Old stories from past lives – or even this lifetime – you will feel more of a fullness, an aliveness in your body because they are coming back to fill the empty spaces.

It is interesting – some of you have such empty spaces in your biological body. And you try to fill them with food. And then you wonder at times why you gain weight. But there is an emptiness within you. And you are experiencing what it is like to have a full body. Some humans, they complain about this; they don't understand it. There is some confusion with it. They don't understand how empty they are until they start to fill up again. It is a whole new sensation as you understand in the body to feel it once again, you see. You feel aches and pains, Shaumbra, but you don’t really feel your body because it has been empty for quite a while.

So, in terms of your work in the angelic realms, in particular with the energies of Archangel Michael, indeed your perceptions are correct. You are doing this work. And if there is anything that they are asking right now – that you have also been getting this message – but they’re asking to bring in to manifest more of this here on Earth. In other words, instead of going into the angelic realms for your meetings, bring them to meetings here. There is a whole shift in the way things are working right now. It is also like the previous question about the dreams. Instead of going back to the past in your dreams, invite the dreams into your house here in the Now. And that is the simple request that they are making. It is going to be easier to support you if you do this, if you bring their energy in here.

SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question, if you choose.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I actually have two questions. My oldest son just came out of the closet, so to speak. And…

TOBIAS: Why was he in there? (much audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 13: He’s one of the blended ones, what you call, and I worry about him. He seems to be a little flighty. And is he going to be okay?

TOBIAS: It is difficult for us to answer that because he has not fully made his choice of potentials yet. He is – how to say – not sure of himself and has not selected what will be coming next in his life. He is very reticent to select it because he has not fully accepted who he is. So, it is very difficult for us to answer that. But based on your energy here, based on what we are chatting with each other about here in nonverbal terms, we will make a point to be particularly close to him right now. And we are sorry that we can’t directly answer the question because simply he is not in a place where he has chosen the potentials.

SHAUMBRA 13: Thank you.

TOBIAS: But we feel – just to answer another question – we feel that YOU are okay. You are in the right space. And we are not saying that just to make you feel good. But we see you have made some tremendous traces lately that will find their way into your physical world and your regular life in these next few months, yes.

SHAUMBRA 13: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Yes. And with that we will take one more.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 14 (a man at the microphone): Hello, Tobias, I’m glad to be here. And I thank you for joining me in my home. I see a lot of the blessings. I feel them. I not only take them for granted, but I still go out and seek outside validation. Why is this so?

TOBIAS: In a sense, you could say that it feels good. It is validating. And it is a very difficult experience that all of Shaumbra are going through because it hasn't been done before. It is easy sometimes to look back behind you to understand where you are now or how far you've come. That is what you are doing by seeking the validation. In such, there is nothing inappropriate with seeking validation. Our only concern with it is that the Old Energy world generally will not give you back validation.

If you're looking for validation, it is with Shaumbra. It is within yourself. And it is within – how to say – oddly enough, it is going to be within some of the children, some of the young ones who have been termed “crystals.” And again, we do not like the term so much. But the young ones will validate you more than anything because they don't come from such a restricted duality energy. They come from more of an open place. They have one foot in the New Energy already. They are looking to you for leadership, but they will give you validation.

So, talk to some of the very young ones. These could range in age from two or three years old up into even nine or ten in some cases. If you’re open to this, they will find their way to you. And they’re going to look you in the eye in a way that other humans can't. And they're going to see who you are, and they’re going to validate you. And when they do, don't discount it as coming from the mouths of babes, but rather coming from the mouths of spirits who are clear.

SHAUMBRA 14: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. So, Shaumbra, it has been a wonderful day. It has been an honor for I to turn over so much of the program to Kuthumi. And as you know, we love inviting the guests in here. We love talking to you in many different ways. And we are delighted that you were accepting of this energy. And it allows for yet another round of expansion and renewal and going to some fun places with you. And as you know, Kuthumi has quite the humor. Ohamah has quite the passion and the strength. And soon we will, with Cauldre’s approval – he is wagging his finger at us – soon we will be hearing directly from Count St. Germain, and many others will come forward. And it is all part of this expanding energy that you are creating.

And so it is.