The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 12: "The Gift of Clarity" - Featuring Tobias

Presented to the Crimson Circle
July 16, 2005

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together in this classroom of New Energy. Oh, you bring us in so very sweetly and tenderly on this day, not even knowing what comes (some laughter). We literally ride in on our own waves, our own chariots of energy here today. Oh, yes, we have been with you for weeks before you got here. We have been with you for these last few days.

But now we can really be with you, sitting not just in the seat next to you or behind you, but sitting within you because you have come that far. You have allowed the full embodiment. You have opened up that much and let the fears go that you can embody anything fearlessly. You can accept us. You can accept anything into your space, into your reality, without fearing that it’s going to take from you, without fearing that it’s going to distract you, without fearing that it’s going to somehow annihilate you. Oh, that is the true mark of a Divine Human when they can embody like what you are doing right now.

We are talking from within you. We are talking all around you. It is a precious moment that we share here with you in this annual gathering of Shaumbra with all of those who are in this room, all of those who are listening in, all of those who will be touched by this energy of Shaumbra in the times to come.

Our Shoud today is a bit different, perhaps, than what you are used to. It all depends on you actually. It all depends on you. Right now, gathered in this room along with you are the energies of Mark, Ohamah, White Eagle, The Council, Quan Yin. Indeed, it is an energy also that invites in Mary – that blessed, sacred, feminine energy of Mary – into this room. Mary is the mother energy of this very land. Even the natives, the First Nation people, tapped into this energy of Mary. They called her by a different name, but it was the same being. All of this energy comes flooding into the room right now to be with us for this 12th Shoud of this series.

Now, we come in, and we collect the energy of Shaumbra for a Shoud. These are truly your words, your energy, your consciousness. We simply collect this and support it. We are here to serve you. So often you feel – and for days ahead of time – what is going to be said because it is you. It is a bit different today, for there are two scripts that are written for this Shoud 12. And it has not yet been decided which one will be delivered (some laughter).

There are two scripts, Shaumbra. We are going to deliver one of them today, not both. We are going to deliver one. It is up to you in this Now moment. Be clear about that. Be clear about it. It is up to you. Take that deep breath of yours. Now, you may want us to describe what these two scripts are. And we can't. It has to come from your feeling.

(Abrupt change in energy.)

Namaste. Namaste! Namaste, it is I, Kuthumi, coming in (audience laughter), interrupting this Tobias channel. Namaste… (waiting for the audience to respond).

AUDIENCE: Namaste.

KUTHUMI: Something has gone wrong. I, Kuthumi, was looking over the schedule for this conference, and I saw the names of Tobias, and I saw the names of all of the others – White Eagle and Mark, and even Ohamah was invited this year (more laughter) – and I looked through every page, one after the other, and I could not find Kuthumi (more laughter). I said, “Where is Kuthumi? There must be a mistake!” And I checked in with Tobias. And he ignored me (more laughter).

I have to interrupt this to say that I am a bit disturbed by all of this. I cannot imagine a Shaumbra event that I am not invited to, so I popped in now (more laughter). I am so upset with this course of events I have decided to create my own workshop. And I'm going to promote it right here (more laughter). I have moved Tobias off to the side.

And I am going to create a workshop because I feel so bad about what has happened here. And I’m going to call this workshop, I’m going to call it “What Am I, Cow Dung Anyway?” (much more laughter). It is going to be a workshop about self-worth. And we are going to cover things like what it feels like to get bumped off the Internet (more laughter); what it feels like to show up at the restaurant feeling very, very hungry, and they decide to close, serve no more meals; what it is like to have your mate walk out on you.

Hey, what am I, cow dung anyway? That is the way I feel right now, a lack of self-worth here because I was not invited to the conference. So, I will create my own event. We are going to have this “Hey, What Am I, Cow Dung Anyway?” a workshop in self-worth. We are going to hold it in Cleveland (much more laughter) in the middle of winter (more laughter).

And for those who attend – and I have to say it will be very, very expensive, so that you really feel put out if you can't afford it (more laughter). And when you graduate from my workshop, you will get a diploma. You will be an official lackey (more laughter). Indeed, indeed like the “lack-ness” monster (word play on the Loch Ness Monster), that was mine also. So, I had to pop in. I had to move Tobias off so I could make my appearance at the conference. Namaste.

AUDIENCE: Namaste...

(Another change in energy as Tobias returns.)

TOBIAS: Two choices that you have today (audience laughter as Tobias continues as though nothing has interrupted his flow of talking), and it is up to you, which one that you choose. We ask you to go deep inside and to feel both of these choices. It is a crossroads. It is a time to go inside to feel the different directions that not only you as Shaumbra can go in but for those who will follow as well.

We are going to ask you to take a deep breath. Perhaps, while you go inside, you get out of the mind, you go into the heart energy. There is not one choice that is better or worse than the other. Either choice will get you to the same place, just in two different ways, Shaumbra, in two different ways. There is not a right or a wrong here. There are only two choices. Both are well-scripted out for this day. Let us feel your energy now, the energy of all of Shaumbra before we continue.

Over the past 12 months and 11 Shouds we have talked about the embodiment. We have talked about that embodiment is the fearless acceptance – taking away those blockages, releasing those things that are holding you back, embodying everything about yourself, embodying the likes and the dislikes, embodying the energies of the past life, embodying all of the potentials that were never acted upon, never manifested. Embodiment is the fearless acceptance.

And that is what you have been doing for 12 months. It is the releasing of the story that you thought you were. It is a beautiful story. You created it. It is a masterpiece. But there comes a point when it is time to even release that. Oh, not to throw it out in the street, not to deny it. When we say “releasing” – anytime we say “releasing” – we are talking about taking off the energetic structures, limitations, and controls of your creations.

As we have said throughout the year, when Spirit, the raw energy of Spirit, creates, there are no limitations. Spirit creates, then blesses the creation and lets that creation continue expanding and evolving without controls, without dragging old baggage on it, without agenda and without limitation. That is the way you are remembering to create.

You create the story. You give it a name in this lifetime, and you give it a body form to walk in. Then, there comes the point when you realize that it is no longer you; it is an aspect of you. And you let that story go. Oh, and when you do, things change, of course.

But it truly allows you to expand and to go to the next levels. It allows you to go beyond this 3D that you are in, a 3D that can feel so real and look so real but it was only one reality, this 3D that is so dense, so thick that it actually gets murky after a while. It loses the clarity. You lose your clarity about it. You lose the way.

So, in the embodiment, in the acceptance of all that you are and everything around you – everyone, everything – oh, it releases energy that wants to express in a new way. It wants to go into the New Energy. And that is what you have been doing for a year. And we love and honor you for it.

You learned about taking care of yourself. It seems odd that those words would even need to be said. But they did. You were forgetting to take care of you. You were forgetting to honor the body, honor the mind, and honor the spirit.

Honor your journey. Take care of yourself. As a teacher, you need to take care of yourself. You need to gift yourself. There is nothing wrong with being in a self-type of way, in a self-love. There is nothing wrong. Somehow human consciousness has made it a wrong thing.

Imagine walking out of here and seeing that everyone in the world loves themselves. What a blessing that would be! Well, it can start right here with you. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Nurture yourself. There is nothing wrong with it.

You are afraid of overindulging. You are moving beyond that. You are afraid of it because perhaps in the past you have overindulged. You have been in an imbalanced way. But now your energy comes back into balance.

Remember what we have said, “Energy seeks resolution. Energy seeks its own form of balance.” It is in an unnatural state of being when it is imbalanced. Fear not loving yourself. Fear not things that have happened in the past when you thought you overindulged.

Some of you still carry the energy of being an alcoholic. You put up that block. You continue to say, “I'm an alcoholic.” In this moment in this safe and sacred space that we are in, can you let that go and love yourself? You are not an alcoholic. You’re an angel who got drunk a lot (audience laughter), and now you are moving beyond that. You know it doesn't serve you to get drunk anymore like that.

It doesn't serve you to overeat, to over-anything. It’s a form of balance now. That balance is in you and with you right now. And by the way, we have to say for some of you, balance isn’t boring. Balance is completion and expression in a unique way.

Over the course of the year, we talked about the freedom of the soul. You had the honor of hearing from Adamus on a number of occasions – how to say – being shaken up a few times by Adamus, but to get the energy going, that energy of Saint-Germain flowing, the energy of alchemy and transmutation. We have talked extensively about freedom of the soul. And in the freedom of the soul, you become the radiant synchronistic beings that you choose to be, that you want to be.

Oh, you are radiating right now. There is an energy that is coming in you and through you, being blessed by you, that is causing a tremendous radiance in this room and for all who are listening in. You are beautiful radiant beings.

You heard even more today – and yesterday – about the synchronistic life. The synchronistic life is when you open up, when you embody, when you love yourself, when you grant yourself freedom, when you get out of the worrisome way of thinking and go into the New Energy way of being. Everything is synchronistic. It does happen in that moment. All of the events just seem to flow in. Literally, the answers are there before the question is ever asked.

That is actually the true and natural way of the New Energy. The answers are there before the question is asked. That is the way it is supposed to be. How it got out of polarity we’re not quite sure. It is time to return to that state of being where all of your needs are there before you even know you that you need them. Well, then it truly eliminates the need for need.

You have spent the past year embodying, releasing, allowing. We come to this point in Shoud 12, this point where you have now chosen a direction for this Shoud. We have to say it is a special day. It is a day of triple sevens. Not that you are ruled or controlled by numbers, but sometimes you happen to pick certain energy paths – as the triple seven is – as a time, as an event, perhaps even call it a ceremony. That's where we are at today – a triple seven, meaning that you have significant potential on this day, sitting right here with you. You have like an added potential that flows in, seven being sacred, mystical, transformational. It’s no wonder that we are sitting here on this day at this time.

Now, before we get into the heart of truly why we are here, let us talk about three important elements, three important attributes that tie into all of this, three things that literally will be carried with you in this next year of time. They are very simple “isms,” but very key to work you are going to be doing.

First, Shaumbra, understand that God is not power. Human consciousness right now equates God to power. It says God can create clouds and lightning and trees. God can move objects. God can do all of these powerful things.

Humanity is still in the consciousness that God is power. There is a direct, related energetic link between the two concepts – God and power. When it boils down to it, the religions of the world still feel that God is power. They are frightened of God and her power.

This seems like a small thing, Shaumbra, but it is large. It will help you to understand consciousness. It will help you to understand how people act the way they do and how you see the things that you do. Old Energy is “God is power.” New Energy, new consciousness, says that God is simply expression – expression, continually creating – and a creation that doesn't need power behind it. Power is an Old Energy concept.

Now, we have gone into the physics of energy with you. Here is a quick refresher. There is no energy. It doesn't exist. There is nothing but potential. The “field,” the “grid” – whatever you want to call it – is nothing but potential in a neutral state of being, waiting to be activated by consciousness, whether it is group, family, or individual.

The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda. It has no desires. It has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness. When it is activated, it takes on attributes of energy. It takes on different types of balances of what you would call positive or negative, plus and minus, masculine/feminine, however you want to term it. But it takes on attributes of duality and then it goes to work.

There is always a balance of this positive to minus. Generally, as we have said in previous Shouds, there is a two-third/one-third balance. But it is always changing. And it tends to resort back to a two-third/one-third balance, whether it is a balance towards positive, a balance towards minus. But that is an Old Energy attribute. That is the way the Old Energy world literally operates and is fueled.

But now in the New Energy God is simply expression. It doesn't need power. It doesn't even need the old negative and positive. Imagine and feel for a moment, existing and creating in your world that doesn't need to activate negative and positive. It doesn't need the Old Energy balances. It operates in a New Energy type of expression.

You see, expression and force, or power, are two different things. We know we are dealing with semantics here. And the English language sometimes is very limiting. But imagine, feel for a moment operating in a synchronistic life where you don’t have power. It is simply pure, clear expression. That is one very important thing to remember. God is not power. God is expression.

And when consciousness comes to that point of understanding, it will change the religions, and it will change the way humanity operates with each other. It will change the way humans interact with each other. It has been a power struggle up to now. Everybody is trying to assimilate, to gather, and to steal power, either to build their story or to try to get back Home, sometimes both.

The second point to remember, Shaumbra, is that – we have talked about the Wall of Fire as a metaphor – from the time you left Home, whatever you want to call it – the great central sun, the Kingdom, the oneness with Spirit – when you left Home, and chose to leave Home, and when you were blessed by Spirit to leave Home so you could go off to explore what Spirit did not know, you went through this thing we call the Wall of Fire. And in the Wall of Fire your individual identity was created. What you call your soul being, your creatorship, was created.

But you were also shattered into a billion and a billion pieces when you went through the Wall of Fire. And in that experience of going through that event of the Wall of Fire, the shattering, you also experienced every potential that could ever happen. Now, that is a lot. That is a lot. You experienced the potentials within potentials. Imagine all of this coming at you, what would seem to be a single point of time and one experience. All of the potentials you would ever have to choose from flowed into you. Imagine that.

Now, we don’t want to throw you too far off here, and we know this will lead to some discussion around the tables tonight, but in a way, you are still in the Wall of Fire, Shaumbra. We all are. We are still experiencing the Wall of Fire.

You chose one potential, and you hopped on it. And that potential appeared to be the reality of leaving the Wall of Fire and going off into this grand adventure of creating the physical universe, and all of the dimensions, and ending up sitting right here at this gathering of Shaumbra. But that was one potential that you chose. There are many, many others that are of equal or significant balance.

So, in a sense, you are still in the Wall of Fire. The potentials are still all right there. The potentials are flowing in and through you like a stream of dreams, coming in and flowing out.

One of the things that all of the angels of the universe, the archangels, came to feel and to know was that at some point we had to slow all of this down. We had to come to this material form of existence, what you call the Earth – matter, slowed down energy, third dimension – in order to have a truer, grander understanding of ourselves, in order to release us or, in a sense, reintegrate us in this Wall of Fire.

So, one of the things that we are literally experiencing right now is that we are still in the Wall of Fire. And we are choosing yet another potential to be in a third-dimensional, material reality as our choice, a way to re-integrate what we feel to be all of those parts and pieces that were shattered, shattered on purpose, shattered in great love. But to bring them back we felt the path of 3D, a material world, would be the best.

That will cause your head to spin perhaps a bit too much to think that you are still in the Wall of Fire. But your heart understands what we are speaking of. Your heart understands.

That would be the second important attribute that will continue to come back in this next year of time. You will understand so much more of the meaning of what you are saying and we are saying today.

The next attribute to remember – and this will really cause your head to spin but your heart to open up – you have already gotten there. You’ve already completed all of this. It is so very true. What you are doing now is having fun with the experience of getting there, you see.

You have already arrived. You have already ascended. You have already integrated. You have. Oh, we’re not speaking metaphorically. We are speaking literally. You have already transitioned into New Energy. You have already received your full creatorship, whatever you want to call it. You have gone full cycle. You have closed the circle.

And you say, “But then why does everything appear to be the way it is? Why does it appear to be incomplete?” It is because it is part of your brilliant and magnificent creative desire. You now want to experience it, you see. So, you are going through the experience.

Now, that should give you some sort of comfort. Perhaps, now you can enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about it every day. You have already gotten there, Shaumbra. Enjoy the experience now. There are no traps along the way between here and there. There are no bogeymen. There is nothing that's going to devour you. There is nothing that's going to take away from you.

So, how much do you want to experience? How do you want to experience? That is basically the question that we asked earlier. Two scripts, it is up to you.

Basically, the scripts were – if you want to boil it down – the scripts were, “The Hard Way” or “The Easy Way” (audience laughter). That is putting it into very simplistic forms. But one way was more difficult. One way was the way of the martyr, the way of carrying the cross on your shoulders. One way was the way of the suffering. One way was the way of going through great trauma and drama.

And you know what, that can be fun sometimes (more laughter). But it can also be its own trap. And we love when we hear the “no.” It can be the trap. It can get you stuck. And we think you’ve had enough of that, lifetimes of it. And perhaps it is time to move on (many in audience saying “yes.”).

The other way is the way of ease and synchronicity (more “yeses” from the audience), the way of simplicity, the way of no fear, the way of abundance, the way of being a radiant teacher. You are here on this planet right now because you have chosen to be. You don't need to be. You are here because you have chosen to be a teacher. You have given yourself some hellacious experiences (some laughter), thinking that this would help you be even a better teacher. You played the Adamus game – “My suffering was worse than yours (much laughter); my problems are bigger” – because you felt: A) this is a fun game to play, and B) because you felt this would give you the greatest empathy and love and knowingness for those who you are going to work with.

So, you chose the easy way, didn't you? And you still have this depth of wisdom. You didn’t sacrifice that. You still have an ocean of knowledge. You still have a universe of feeling within you. So, it is the easy way that we go then. And that is good because we were getting somewhat tired of the hard way (more laughter).

So, let us now go to the next level. It is a time of gifting, a gift that you have wrapped for yourself in the easy story. It wasn't in the hard story, but it is in the easy story. You don’t even want to know what was wrapped for you in the hard story (more laughter). But it did have something to do with this little school of lack of self-worth we heard about (more laughter). We have to say we do enjoy on our side of the veil even having fun, joking around. We thought we had locked up Kuthumi for the day (more laughter).

So, it is time now. It is quite simple. It is time for a gift. It is time for the gift of clarity, of clarity. You deserve it, Shaumbra. You have given it to yourself on this day. It sits here as a beautiful, glowing, radiant gem in the center of this room, in the center of this safe space that we have created. It is a gift that is also in every one of you.

You have held this clarity at bay. You have held it away from you until the time was right. And now on this day of triple sevens, you feel the time is right. And you know the time is right. And you have chosen this gift. So, it is clarity. Clarity is the ability – it is, by the way, not just the awakening. That was perhaps the first step in clarity. But this is a different type of clarity, New Energy clarity in your life.

As we said before, sometimes things are very murky. It is difficult to see them for what they are. Sometimes you are very unclear. Sometimes you get so very lost in what you are doing.

But now you give yourself, you bestow yourself the gift of clarity. And it will come to you in different ways. Have no expectation about the way that it comes in. For some of you it’s going to be a clarity of vision literally, or of hearing. For so many others it will be a clarity simply in knowingness, to see beyond what you think is obvious, to see beyond this reality and dimension.

You see, even in a tree; you look at it as a tree and you say, “It has bark, and it has roots, and it has leaves.” Ah, let us be clear about what it is. Let us go into another layer or level. Let us brush aside some of the illusions that that tree holds and that you have about the tree. Within the tree is dynamic life force energy. And you can see it, or feel it, or know it if you allow yourself to hop from one level of reality – what you call 3D – and expand into the others.

And yes, you can expand into these easily if you jump on some of these energy flows that we talked about the other day, if you get out of the box. Hop onto a spiral. Call upon a circle. Float along an energy that goes up and down. Some go in and out, you know. Some of these energies go in and out, one moment here, next moment not. You feel you’re in, and you feel you’re out. Hop on one of these.

Get simple. Get simple. Tell yourself that you’re choosing clarity, and you’re going to be able to see the tree for what it truly is. You’ll see that this illusion – that it has bark, has roots and leaves – is but one layer and level, but one illusion.

Ah, and when dealing with people, you get very unclear at times. You see just an energy that they are projecting out. And you think that is the only aspect of them. Be clear. Call upon clarity. As we said, it is a gem in the center of this room. And it is now flowing down into your one chakra, right now as we speak.

Even if you’re not sitting here is this room or listening in, if you’re reading or listening to this later, there is a reason; you’ve asked for this. This clarity is yours. It belongs to you. You created it. And now you've chosen to bring it in.

The clarity gives you the ability to see beyond the obvious in the people that you deal with. Oh, they play games. They have their facades, don’t they? The clarity allows you to see their energy. The clarity allows you to see who they really are. The clarity allows you to be clear then about who you are in relationship to them.

The clarity allows this old game of fighting for energy and power, stealing from each other, and manipulating each other, it eliminates that. You’re not going to have others take your energy away, or you try to take theirs. You don't need it. And they don't need it ultimately.

The clarity is going to help you to see all of the potentials that exist in your life right now. They surround you. They are swirling around you – potentials for what's going to happen in the next moment, potentials for what can be brought into expression in your life in the days to come.

So many of you are unclear, layers of mud or tar, layers and layers of this all around. And you call upon us. And you ask us, “What is it I should know?” We say that we love you.

We want you to know now that you can be clear. It’s not a magical thing. It’s nothing you have to strive for or try to do. Stop trying in your life, Shaumbra. Take that word out of vocabulary. No more trying. It simply is. It is a potential. You have chosen through the clarity of your soul to bring into expression in this and many other realities, you see. No more trying. Trying brings in the energy of efforting, of struggling. And you have chosen easy now. So, you want the easy life.

It is not about trying. It is about choosing. It is about allowing, letting it in, of clarity about your own choices and potentials. There are almost an infinite number of potentials swirling around you right now. The ones that are the closest are the ones that you are most likely to choose. But you don't have to. You can change in a moment and choose another potential.

And yes, we know so often you say, “Before I choose the potential, I have to know exactly what is contained within it (some laughter). I want to read the script. I want to know what the fine print is. I want to know all the details and ramifications. I want to analyze all of this before I make a choice.”

You have just lost the potential. It goes back out of your grasp at that point, you see, because now you are trying to pull it in through the head; you’re trying to analyze; you’re trying to dissect. And it loses the Now moment, the spontaneity and synchronicity that is contained within it.

You can feel every potential, you see, as you did earlier, a beautiful, beautiful experience. You had two potentials for scripts today. You allowed yourself to feel. Yes, we know your mind got in the way a little bit, but in your gut, in your heart, and in your one chakra, you already knew. You already knew. You felt it. So, clarity in your potentials.

We have to say that you do have to get out of your head. Pick the one that feels the best from soul and chakra feeling, the one that feels the best. Pick it and express it.

Clarity is dealing with all of the energies around you. And there are many, many energies. There are so many energies, outside energies, of human consciousness and this 3-D reality around you. It is like a congested freeway. And it gets confusing, and it gets difficult and frustrating, and literally wears you down.

It is an interesting dynamic. The more unclear you are the more tired you get. The more tired you get the more unclear you are. The more unclear you are the more tired you get. It is an endless cycle. Some of you are literally fatigued.

Now, what happens at a certain point is you get so fatigued you have to let go. You have to let go of control. You have to get back into the spirit source within you. It refreshes you for a period of time, and you breathe a sigh of relief. And then you get right back into the old cycle.

Shaumbra, let us get out of that now. Let us have clarity. Clarity. Clarity is the ability to know before it happens. Clarity is the ability to see into anything, whether it is material or nonmaterial, and understand its core essence, to understand its core energy, you see. It is very simple. Don't go into your brain trying to figure this out. It is so simple.

And we laugh. You see, everything is composed of energy, everything. The microphone that we are talking into, it’s made out of energy that has been created to be in a certain physical form and to perform certain functions. But be clear about it for a moment. Be clear about it. It isn't what it appears to be.

It is not the only thing that it appears to be. It is other things as well. It is the energy of all of those who have spoken into it. It is the – in its clearest form of being – the ability to transmit and distribute energies even beyond the human hearing range, which it is doing right now, you see. Be clear. Go into it. Go into the layers and layers. Get down to the simple core energy layers.

You are going to begin to see everything clearly for what it is. It will no longer fool you by its presence, whether it is a person or an object or a tree or plant. You are going to see – you are going to get so clear that you can begin to see – the original Creator energy in whatever it is, be it a person, be it an object or even one of the countless angels that are floating around right now.

Clarity, yes, does call on you for your imagination. Imagination is simply the vehicle for creativity to be expressed. So, call on your imagination.

You say, “But Tobias, I don't understand. How do I be clear?” Choose clear. See clear. Know clear. In these days, weeks, and months to come look at any object or person, and then clear – and you can do this through the breath – clear. And use (this) to clear out the old way of looking at it, the old preconditioned, third-dimensional ways of observing anything. Be clear. That will, in a sense, dissolve the layer or the facade that is appearing, presenting itself to you. And now you can see into it further. Clear again, and you can see deeper and further.

This is not a psychic exercise. It is not about trying to go in and be invasive. It is about seeing things in their truest, simplest form of energy, breaking through, getting out of the box of the 3D, of the way you’ve been looking at it.

This gift of clarity that you give yourself on this day, oh, it is a blessing. It is a long awaited blessing. It is going to serve you in what comes next in these times to come. As a matter of fact, where you are going from here demands clarity. You’ll no longer be fooled by appearances, no longer be fooled by what you think is and isn't reality. The ability to have clarity to go into the simplest foundations of the energy building blocks in anything is going to be important. It’s going to be very important.

Don't call on us to do your clearing. It is a gift you’re giving yourself. It is a gift you are giving yourself. And receive it on this day. You don’t have to do anything to activate it. You don't have to re-activate it. You don't have to trade it in. It is always there now. You just have to remember to use it. It takes a little bit, and then it becomes more and more natural. The clarity, the more you use it the more it's going to be there; the clarity for when you are writing a book, for instance.

Oh, yes, some of you have gotten so muddy, so unclear you have literally allowed all of the outer energies of consciousness to come in and, in a sense, make things murky, unclear because that is what consciousness is like right now. It’s like a murky river. And that is all right. It chooses to be a murky river. But you are choosing to be the clear river.

It reminds us of this story of Shaumbra, a short story (some laughter about Tobias’s history of labeling his quite long stories as “short”). And there weren’t seven; there was only one. And her name was Clare, and she was called up to go to a party. A friend called her and said, “We are all gathering together. We're going to have a party. There are going to be dozens of us, but it is a masquerade party. We are going to ask you to put on a costume and come over.”

So, indeed Clare did. She put on her costume. She dressed up as a witch, which was somewhat appropriate for Shaumbra, I guess (some laughter), and she went to the party. She spent the night there. And she observed all of the others wearing their costumes.

And the next day over coffee with a friend of hers, her friend said, “So, Clare, how was the party?” And Clare said, “They had wonderful food, wonderful drinks, and beautiful music. But it was difficult. I didn’t know anyone there.” Even though they were all of her friends, they were in disguise, and she felt she didn't know anybody. She had fallen so much into her own reality and illusion that she didn’t recognize anyone, even though she’d known many of them for years.

It’s kind of a way of saying, Shaumbra, that that is what life on Earth has been like. It’s been a masquerade party. Everything is masquerading as something – people masquerading as their identities, plants and animals masquerading as plants and animals (some laughter) – everything appearing to be something. But that it is not all that it is, and that is certainly not its core energy. In clarity you can go right past the illusion, right past the masquerade. So, be very clear about what's happening in your own life and everything around you.

Clarity is ease also, by the way. It is so easy. Start using it. Start working with it. Get together in groups. A couple of things when you are working with clarity. There should be no efforting. It is simply a choice. It is a choice to go beyond the illusion into the core energy, to go beyond the surface and into the true reality. Look at objects. Look at people. All you have to do is breathe in and say, “I choose clarity.”

Now, an interesting thing could happen here. Your mind has not caught up yet. The human physical mind has not caught up yet to perceiving input like you’re going to be receiving. So, it does not understand some of the information that's coming in. It is hard for you to even fathom the concept of not understanding something through the mind.

But this is where another beautiful benefit of the New Energy clarity comes in. Ah, it's going to cause you to start using the Divine Intelligence, the soul being, the inner knowingness, the one chakra. It’s going to get you out of your head and into that centered place.

You’re going to start getting information when you look at another person. You take a breath, you clear, you go into their essence – not invasively, of course – but you go into their essence to see their true nature. Now, in your head you may not at first at all understand what's transpiring. But your heart knows. Your heart knows. Your mind, your physical mind – which is simply like a tracking, recording and analytical device – will catch up. And it will grow literally also, by the way. Your mind will grow and expand into this. Just receive the information. It's there. It is just not coming in through the mind.

Clarity in everything you deal with, it’s going to be so important where we’re going from here on, you see. As I mentioned before, none of you have to be here right now. You've gotten off of the karma past life cycles. You are choosing to be here to bring in the New Energy, to teach, and simply to enjoy life. The clarity will help you see things as they truly are.

Now, for all Shaumbra who are ready, we’re going to move to the next level. And this is a good thing and an easy thing. For all Shaumbra who want to go on this next portion of the journey, as you know, we are fast approaching September 18, 2007, the quantum leap of human consciousness. That is why things seem to be so erratic and chaotic lately.

And again, we say that this is a blessed event. It is not the end of Earth. It is only the end of consciousness as you have known it. It is the beginning of the new times literally, the beginning of the New Energy way. So, things are shifting quite a bit right now.

We have been working with you now for some six years of time, going into our seventh. Our initial call in service, our initial request from you was for us to come down to help you through your personal and individual awakening. It was also to help you through this whole time of releasing and allowing. They go hand in hand. Awakening, calls for releasing and allowing. Releasing means taking the energetic structure off of what you've molded it into.

In a sense, you could say we are coming to the completion of our service with you. We have done what you have asked us to do. We have made a commitment to be with you through the end of 2007. And it is basically up to you at that point whether we continue to work with you like this in this fashion or not. There will always be those who come to work with you, angels and groups, always. But the way we have set up between us and Shaumbra is unique.

As we said, we are committed to working with you through the end of 2007. If you choose to go to the next level, we will stay. I, Tobias, will personally stay up until a point approximately ten years from now and no longer, and mark my words on that. On this day I commit to ten years, no more. There is no – this is clear – there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. My body on Earth is already incarnate. It is already driving its parents crazy (audience laughter). I have for so very long wanted to come back to Earth. I have so… I miss you and I miss Earth. I miss what life has to offer.

I will delay my re-entry for a bit of time if Shaumbra chooses to go forward. But going forward looks like this: It is time to get out of the box. It is time to get out of the chairs. It is time to do something, Shaumbra. The world is calling for it. The world wants it. It is time to bring the Shaumbra energies together.

We have been preparing on our side. And indeed, we have to say that Kuthumi has been taking quite a lead in this. We have been preparing on our side, working with a number of you on your side in turning this into a reality, in turning Shaumbra into a dynamic flowing expression, more than just Shouds once a month.

But it is time, Shaumbra. We have been – how to say – hinting at this. We have been pushing at this, and with some of you, nearly driving you crazy with it. It is time to be the teachers, the authors, the writers of music, the writers of plays, the inventors of new technologies, the counselors, the facilitators, and the healers.

It is time for you to bring back that Fruit of the Rose, the passion. You can't just talk about it anymore. You can’t just dream about it anymore. It is time to manifest and express that now in reality.

A structure has been created by Shaumbra on the potential levels. And it is – how to say – a New Energy structure that has a type of flow to it and a type of movement to it that is unlike the structures that you have on Earth. It is a structure for Shaumbra to create within. Let us call it the Shaumbra incubator, the birthing device, the “womb” of Shaumbra. It has been created on the potential levels. It has been attended to by a number of Shaumbra on your reality level. And it is time to bring that in now.

Bringing it in will cause – how to say – some resistance from those who are still in the Old Energy. Bringing it in will cause some – how to say – skepticism from within Shaumbra, definitely from within the New Age circles, and certainly from the fundamentalist circles. There is nothing frightening or scary about this energy. It is simply Shaumbra energy ready to manifest, ready to be expressed on Earth.

From this womb all of you can draw support, and abundance, creativity. You can use this womb as a place to birth your own passion in your own life. With the clarity that you brought in today you’ll know what to do, when to do it, how to do it. And then you go through the experience of it. From the womb comes the synchronicity that will bring everything to you in your endeavors.

Yes, what we are asking here of Shaumbra who are ready, we are asking for you to do your soul work here on Earth now, your New Energy soul work. And you panic, and you say, “But I don’t know what that is.” Ah, clarity, Shaumbra. Clarity. Clarity, it’s like dusting off some items that have been sitting there for a long time, clearing the dust off. It is like going into the inner layers, the multi-dimensional layers to see what energy is truly there.

Your passion is there. Your soul work is there. Maybe you've been afraid of it. Maybe you’ve been thinking that you’re not worthy of it. In that case you may have to go to Kuthumi’s class (some laughter) – “What, do you think I'm cow dung anyway?” We like that.

It is time to go out and do your work. It is not evangelizing. It is expressing and creating. You’re not trying to convert anybody or change anybody. You honor them for exactly where they’re at. But they are going to come to you, as we have said. They are going to come to you in greater and greater numbers, large numbers. They’re going to want to experience what you are creating, be it a book, be it a piece of music, be it a business.

Oh, and as you heard yesterday, you can even run a muffler repair shop, and it can be spiritual. You know, they are all metaphors. A muffler is getting rid of some of that – how to say – the very difficult noisy exhaust that happens with the human awakening process. Some of you need the literal muffler shop because you’ll be also doing the metaphorical and the spiritual muffler repair. You need to control some of these emissions and gases that are coming out (more laughter).

It doesn't have to be giving workshops. It could be painting. Do you know how much energy can be contained in a painting that is painted by Shaumbra? It is a mathematics. Clear for a moment here. Clear for a moment. Put your energy into a painting, one you see, one you have seen recently. Clear. Go into the deeper root level energies. It is a series of mathematics and sacred geometries. It is not just colors on a canvas. It is so much more than that. It could be a healing. It could be a story about another reality. It could be a way of the painter healing itself. There is so much more. Once you become clear, you will see beyond the obvious.

Shaumbra, it is time for you to do your soul work. We are going to ask – with Cauldre’s indulgence – for some explanation about this tomorrow. He has had a bit of – how to say – his own cold feet about it. But it is time. It is time for him to be clear as well. It is time for him to share this with all.

We are ready. The question, in the great words of Metatron, “Are you ready now? Are you ready for the New Energy, and for the easy way?” (Audience responding with “yes.”) Don’t feel – for some of you who couldn’t quite get that yes out of your mouth – don't feel ashamed of easy. On our side there is no judgment of easy or hard. You don't get any extra points for hard (audience laughter and applause). You don't get a better room on our side. You don't get seated first at our restaurants and you don't get a special weekend at my cottage.

As a matter of fact, we shake our heads, and sometimes we have a few tears when you choose the hard way. It doesn't have to be. God doesn't shine any more favor or love on those who choose the hard way. Those who choose the hard way literally usually lose contact with God.

So, Shaumbra, we have two years of preparation. This is not a fearful thing. This is a joyful thing. This is not any sort of demand. You’re not going to be left behind. They only do that in the other groups (audience laughter regarding Tobias’s reference to the “Left Behind” series of books).

There will always be a chair at the table of Shaumbra for you, always. Always, even if you get up for a little while and you go off somewhere else. Anytime you choose to come back, there will always be a chair for you. And we will always be there to serve you.

You are never alone because you are Shaumbra.

And so it is.