The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 11: "The Radiant Being" - Featuring Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain

Presented to the Crimson Circle
June 4, 2005

I am – and so it is (audience laughter) that we gather together in this classroom of the New Energy where humans are rediscovering who they truly are, where this special group that we call Shaumbra is opening doors, doors of New Energy, doors of new awarenesses, and doors of new consciousness. It is an honor for I, Tobias, and Saint-Germain to be here together simultaneously, together embodied with each of you, embodied in our channeler, Cauldre. Yes, we both had to squeeze in today, not much room left in here (more laughter). Truly a first when there is a dual channel.

You are going to hear in stereo (more laughter). You are going to feel the love and the warmth of Tobias. And you are going to feel the arrogance and the pompousness of Saint-Germain (more laughter), together at the same time. You are going to feel the tradition and the history and the Jewishness of Tobias. And you are going to feel the bohemian nature of Saint-Germain. So, we will call the entity on this day “Countess Saint To-BEE-us” (much more laughter).

We have agreed to have both of us talk to you today, do your Shoud with you on this day, to meld the energies together. It does not have to be just one of us. It does not even have to be just two. There can be a multitude of angels on our side channeling to the angels on your side, a multitude of us helping to move the energy of Shaumbra in and through.

This is the first time that the two of us have worked together like this simultaneously. It is causing Cauldre and some of you here today a bit of confusion, feeling the energies coming from different levels. But you are designed to run that way, designed to run on multiple levels and dimensions at the same time.

We come you today in this new persona to help you to understand that you don't have to be linear, that you can be very multiple. You can exist on different dimensions. You can receive from different sources all at the same time. And it is easier to do than living linearly. It is easier than trying to hold your focus and maintain a control on a single dimension. You were never designed to run that way. You were never designed to create that way.

Spirit, the essence of Spirit, doesn't create on one level. Spirit creates on every possible level at the same time simultaneously. And one of the things that you are learning as Shaumbra, as the New Energy teachers, is that you can be many things at once. You can have many stories going on. And it doesn't need to be a negative.

Oh, integrated stories indeed. The difference between having many stories and being – what you would call – a multiple-personality disorder is that they are integrated. They know about each other. They come from the same active source of energy. They love each other. They honor the roles each other plays, whereas a multiple-personality – in your psychiatric sense – plays hide-and-seek games with the aspects. There is tremendous denial. But Shaumbra, one of the things that you are already learning is how to operate on these different levels.

So, we decided today to come to you this way – multiple, stereo, different directions. We’re going to be moving around at different levels all around you. We are going to, yes, we’re going to alarm (laughter) you in many ways today (said as an emergency vehicle siren is heard outside of the building). So, Shaumbra, it is indeed an honor for all of us to be here.

And we have to say that we have already gone through this, you see. We have already gone through this. Within the past few nights of your sleep and your dreams we have gone through this Shoud. We have sat together with this very group, those who are physically here in the room, those who are listening in. We have Shouded together, not just in two voices or three, but as the whole group of us. We placed all of our energies together, and we sang then in the voice of one and many at the same time, you see. We did this on other levels, in other – you would call them – dimensions, non-physical dimensions that bear very little resemblance to the dimension that you exist in as a human. We created that potential.

We created a radiance. And “radiance” is the word of our channel today. It was no surprise that Andrah used this during her breathing (which preceded the channel). It is the title of our Shoud today, “The Radiant Being.”

Several nights ago, we sat together, and we created a radiance. It is vibration that is coming from you, energy that is expanding. Put together with the group, it radiated. And now you are basking in its energy. You have sat in these chairs. You are sitting at your homes, or at a friend’s home, listening now, basking in the very energy that you created several nights ago.

It is amazing how this works. There are tremendous, but yet very simple, physics involved in all of this. Today we are going to learn to take the controls off. We are going to learn to radiate once again. We are going to understand what that means. We’re going to understand the physics of it, the feelings of it, the love of it.

Shaumbra, there is so much happening all around the world right now, so much happening in consciousnesses, as we have stated recently. If you read your headlines, or you listen to your news on the television, it appears that things are going the wrong way. But that is an illusion. We have to let you know that it is a type of hypnosis or overlay. It is because those types of dramas create readership. Those types of dramas create – how to say – a type of energy addiction.

But go beyond those. Let us take a look at what is really happening in the world with the people that you know, with the people that you work with, with your family. There is a tremendous awakening all across this world, not reflected in the headlines, not reflected in the news. There is a tremendous surge of New Energy making its way to this planet – and to the humans who are willing and desirous to use it – that is beginning to affect everyone on different levels in different ways.

Some of them are now going through the very things that you went through 5, 10, 20 years of time ago, the sudden disruption of their hypnotic state. You call it their awakening. They are going through a turmoil in their life that is perhaps causing them what they consider to be pain and emotional agony, difficulties. They’re wondering what is happening to them.

But we all know, and you know. This is transformation. It is shaking them out of their hypnosis. It is opening them up to their true essence. It is opening them up to a type of peace, a type of love within themselves that you can never achieve through money, or power, or any of these other things. You can never achieve by praying to an outside God, by following rules of an outside group of humans. There is an awakening going on. If you take a look at what is in your Now, the people that you know, the people that are starting to come to you, you will see it.

We have this perspective from our side of the veil. We can see the true changes that are taking place. We can see the effect of the work that you are doing. We can see what is happening in your culture. We can see this beautiful blossoming of energy that is taking place.

Sometimes it doesn't look so beautiful because it is difficult to let go of that old story. Sometimes it is very difficult on the human. And you know from sitting with them, their tears, that they’ve just lost a loved one. Perhaps, they just lost everything they thought they owned. They just had some type of disease come over their body.

But you know, and we know, that this is simply a change of course. This is simply what some of you call “the crossroads,” the awakening that is taking place. It is difficult to accept for them with their state of consciousness. But you know, and we know, that the changes that are coming about are changes in truth, changes in the integration and melding of human and Spirit together.

We watch what is happening in your culture. It is amazing. It is amazing and sometimes so simple that you overlook it.

Recently you had the introduction of this new movie, the “Star Wars,” the return of the dark ones. This has been an incredible series, spanning nearly 30 years of time, nearly 30 years of your awakening time, Shaumbra. So many of you awoke, truly, truly awoke when you saw the first movie the first time. Perhaps, you didn’t even consciously know it.

But there was – there still is or are – triggers that are literally woven into the energetic fabric of this movie, the remembrance of what it used to be like. These movies are based more in fact than in fiction. Even though it happened a long, long time ago, it seems like it was in the future. Time becomes distorted.

It is a story about the light side and the dark side. It is a story about going off to explore both. You have to ultimately go through both and then to re-integrate them for true understanding. It is a story about Spirit, what is called “the force.” It is a story about your journeys. So many of you relate so closely with this because they are the stories of the battles that you fought. Oh, you didn't have little metal flying ships. It was done in the non-physical realities. But Shaumbra, it was real.

In the movie the one goes over to the dark side, becomes the leader and the commander of the dark side, exploring what it is like. There is the other, Luke, who works on the light side. You see, Luke was training to be a warrior. But when he went to his advanced training, he had to forget everything that he had learned in his previous training. He had to forget about how to hold the light saber. He had to forget about all of the routines. He had to forget about the controls that he learned, that he became disciplined in as a warrior. He had to let those go.

Remember when he ran into trouble, he heard the voice that came to him, the channeled voice that said, “Feel the force, Luke.” It didn't say, “Think the force, Luke.” It didn’t say, “Analyze the force.” (audience laughter). It said, “Feel the force, Luke. Let it flow through every part of your being. Get out of your mind. Let go of the controls. Forget everything you have learned.”

And Luke, like you, resisted this at first. He had learned his controls so well. He had learned how to handle himself through the mind, how to control his actions, his thoughts. And it felt very uncomfortable letting all of that go.

But once he did, once he felt “the force” and allowed it to race through him, allowed his mind to handle the things it was supposed to, but allowed “the force” to flow through, there was that golden feeling when he first did that. There was that feeling of euphoria. There was that feeling of remembrance when he connected once again with “the force.” And then it flowed. He knew what to do before he had to do it. He knew what his opponent was going to do even before his opponent did it. It was just there. It flowed.

Shaumbra, many of you have already experienced that. You have experienced that, would we call the divine knowing, that golden moment that transcends the normal state of human consciousness. That’s the cosmic consciousness. It is the golden moment where you just know. You can't explain it to anyone. You can't even explain it yourself. You just know.

That is that moment when you let go of the controls, sometimes because you have to. Luke had to let go of the controls. He knew that he was outmaneuvered by his opponent. He knew that it was going to be certain death if he continued using his old warrior ways, his controlled warrior ways. He didn’t have a choice. He had to let go.

You have a choice, of course. You’re not in that predicament that Luke was in. But yet there is a wonderful lesson to be learned about letting go of the control. Tobias spoke about that last month – totally letting go. Now, you've only just begun to scratch the surface of that. You’ve had your first experiences with letting go of control. We are going to encourage you to keep letting go.

There is this thing; it is called divinity. In the movie “Star Wars” it was called “the force,” but it is your divinity. It is all around you and inside of you. It doesn't belong somewhere else. It is not some removed energy. It is so close and so personal. Letting go of control allows that divinity to come in, allows that melding between human and divine. Letting go of control is a bit frightening at first. It takes getting used to.

And we know so many of you let go of some controls. You had some experiences with it in these last 30 days. As you continue to release those, you are going to come to this whole new understanding, the divine knowingness, the flow. Then comes the radiance after that.

As was said in the Shoud last month, control was something that you learned, much as a potter learns to control the clay, control the wheel, the potter’s wheel, and the speed of the wheel, control the clay itself and work his hands with control upon it. But what does a potter create – a pot, perhaps a sculpture? That is static. It just sits. It’s taken off the wheel. It’s put into the kiln for drying, for processing, for hardening. It literally encases it in the energy that it was originally formed into. It is controlled now. And the pot is painted and put up on a shelf. And it is controlled in that state of being.

So, Shaumbra, control limits the ability for energy to expand in you. You have been controlling your energy for every moment of this lifetime. You have been the potter, shaping your story. You have shaped it well. You've cleaned off many of the rough surfaces. You've reshaped it at times to fit your new consciousness. But in a sense, it is still controlled. It is still formed into a very specified vessel. It is called your story.

Now, it is time to take those controls off of your story and watch what happens in your life. Watch what new synchronicities come to you. It is time to have this radiance of energy take place.

So, let us talk a little bit about the physics of energy once again. As we said, energy does not exist. It does not exist in the heavens. There is no such thing called energy. There are no opposing forces of positive and negative. It is all just neutral potential, waiting to be activated.

You activate it through your connection with the thing called “the field.” Then, you bring it into various states of realities or dimensions. When you bring it to Earth, it is formed and shaped and controlled, then put to work for you. You can choose any set of potentials. You can choose it to have a positive expression or a negative expression, masculine or feminine. You are choosing.

Energy by itself doesn't exist. It is just potential, waiting to be expressed. Now, you are the ones forming it. You are also the ones controlling it. The control limits the ability of any of your creations, including yourself and your story to radiate. What do we mean by that? Well, that is the core of our discussion today.

Every Creator being, every souled being has the ability to re-create, to continue perpetuating the creations, to create over and over again. This Creator ability is not inherent in inanimate objects, in things like trees and most animals. Most of your pets even are not Creator abilities. They do not radiate an energy like you do.

You are a Creator being. Your radiance is the extension of your creation. But yet you have been living in this very controlled vessel that you sculpted. And you are not radiating any longer, not to the degree that you could be.
There is no continuation of your energy.

In other words, you have everything so tied up in your story, tied up in the overlays, the belief systems, and the hypnosis that your true Creator energy is not free. It is like that pot. It is like that vase that the potter created, sitting on the shelf contained, structured, limited. It is time to open up. It is time to begin radiating your energy.

Now, you sit here now, or you read this in your Now moment, and most humans, even most Shaumbra, are radiating, are allowing their shining, their Creator energies on a very limited basis, very limited. So, what happens is that your life is also limited. What comes back to you is limited.

When you take the controls off, you radiate this beautiful energy. It is a living energy. It is so living that everything that you touch, everything that you come in contact with, everything you think about, is affected by your Creator energy.

Imagine yourself as a beautiful flame, radiating energy. You are not forcing it on anyone or anything. You are simply radiating it. That is what some of the grand archangels do – they simply radiate. That is where some of you have had this – how to say – feeling or insight or image of the flame, the flame of Michael, even the flame of Metatron, and many of the others. It is the radiance of their being. And you notice that that light, that flame, it is not intrusive; it does not attempt to change anything. It is simply radiating potential New Energy for anyone who is willing to tap into it.

Shaumbra, you have been very limited in your own radiance because of the controls, because of the illusions. It is now time to let those go.

Literally, when you hold a pencil in your hand, when you physically touch a pencil, you are radiating your energy into it. That pencil will continue to hold your energy, feel your energy. You are constantly radiating energy, albeit at very low levels right now. But you are radiating energy into everything. And again, when we speak and say “radiance,” it is a glowing, an expansion, a goldenness of energy. It is not trying to change; it is simply sending out a potential.

You notice, for instance, that your radiance, your divinity, shines upon everything. That is why even your car, the automobile you drive, takes on your energy because you are literally coloring it with your divinity. You give it a name, your car, sometimes. It takes on you and your attributes. It is filled with your energy.

Your animals and pets are filled with your energy. You are radiating to them. The ones who you are close to in your life; you are constantly radiating, shining, glowing. And after a while some of these things, whether it is people or objects, take on so much of your energy attributes that they even begin looking like you, sounding like you. They take on some of your identity. You see, the Creator being has that capability to do that. The chairs that you sit in, they take on your life force essence.

You know you could literally sculpt a model, sculpt what you would call a doll. You could sculpt a being out of clay, make it can look like a human, whatever you want. And you could put your energy, radiate your energy, into that sculpted piece of clay and literally bring it to life. That is what radiance is about. That is the capability that you have.

Yes, an inanimate object, a hunk of clay shaped into perhaps a figure of a human, as you breathe in and breathe out, as you use no force and no effort, but simply radiance, that hunk of clay that you sculpted into a human can actually come to life. It is true. I have done it before. It can actually begin to breathe with you. You can try this. It takes a while. It takes some understandings of the simplicity of the mystics and an understanding of your own radiance.

But you can breathe into it, breathe with it, and it will come to life. You will see it. Oh, it could take a long, long time, but you’re going to see it start to breathe. One day it will start to move. And one day it will actually get up. One day it will start to speak.

Yes, that is what you are capable of doing right now. Again, it will take some effort because – and we are being asked not to use the word “effort” – it will take patience. It will take patience to learn how to do this. We are not suggesting you all run out to do it. But we are using this as more of an extreme example of how energy works, how your energy works. You’re constantly radiating energies to everything.

Now, we mention this as such an important part of the physics of the New Energy. We mention it because it is happening anyway. It is happening right now.

But your radiance levels are very low. We don't have so much of a measurement scale on our side. But to help you to understand, we will use a scale of 1 to 10: 1 being a human at a very, very, very low radiance, very little of the Spirit divine energy flowing from them; 10 being the highest where it is just flowing out, unobstructed, uninhibited, flowing openly and pure, having the greatest life force energy to it.

Most humans are operating at 3 to 5, very low. Their radiance level is very low because of the limitations, the controls and the restrictions that they place on themselves, the belief systems that they have. They are contained within that clay sculpture. They are hardened within it. They are so bought into their story.

Most Shaumbra are radiating at a 4 to 6 level right now. Your radiance is bigger and brighter. But there are still many controls, still many old belief systems that are limiting you, that are holding you back.

The importance of this radiance of energy is multi-fold, multi-dimensional. First, when you allow your divine energies to radiate, it means you aren’t trapping them inside your body or your reality. You’re letting them flow. And every energy is designed to flow. It’s not designed to be pent-up, caught up in that vessel, in that sculpture of your body. It’s meant to flow.

When you are radiating energy, you are being a true Creator. What you are doing is letting the potential flow out into all things. You are expanding energy. When you are radiating energy, what you have done is given yourself and every one of your creations the freedom and the right to continue evolving, you see.

Most human creators, most human beings, give nothing the right to continue expanding and living. They create something, and they limit it, and restrict it. And it never flows. It’s like the vase – it’s put on the shelf. It never changes the very nature of the vase, you see. Most humans create something, control it, and stop the process of creation. Most of you have done that extensively in the past. Most of you still stumble and fumble with creation because of that.

True creation is giving birth to something – giving birth to an idea, a feeling, a concept, giving birth to it – and then granting it beingness; letting it continue to evolve, letting it continue to grow, not holding it back. Part of you feels a bit odd about that because you think when you create something that you then have to limit it; then you then have a responsibility and an obligation to it and it has a responsibility and an obligation to you, but it doesn't.

A true Creator creates and lets go. It will always be your creation but now it will take on its own life. It will continue to expand and to grow. It will continue to redefine itself over and over again instead of being a piece of clay turned into a vase and put on a shelf. It will be a piece of clay turned into living energy that at one moment can be a vase, the next moment can be a tree and the next moment can be a bird and the next moment return to its clay origins.

That is alchemy. That is transmutation. That is the very nature of energy. It sounds familiar, we know, because we have already discussed this. We are already working with it. You are working with it. And it returns you to some of your origin Creator energies that aren't overshadowed by the controls and the limitations or the fears of creation.

This is true radiance. This is all Spirit does – radiance, no controls, no limitations. This is grace. This is flow, Shaumbra. This is what is happening to you in your life.

Now, as you radiate energy, you shine forth a potential that has no agenda. It is simply divine potential. As you create things, bring them into reality, and then give them their own right to continue evolving, it changes the whole flow of energy back to you as well. A very simple piece of New Energy physics: when you control energy coming from you, energy will be controlled coming back to you. You could say that quite literally the omniverse is literal. It is literal.

So, if you control, you then are controlled. If you control energy within you and flowing out from you, everything will come back to you as control. When you open up, take off your own controls, and begin this new graceful radiant type of creation, everything comes back to you as graceful radiant creation.

It is so simple, so simple that some of you would say, “But why didn’t you tell us this five years ago? Why did we have to go through all these Shouds? Why do we have to sit through all these lengthy meetings and go through these difficulties in our processes?”

One, Shaumbra, is because we love coming in to visit with you (some laughter). It gives us a reason to be here at least once a month. And secondly, you didn’t have the basis for understanding back then. You told us that; these are your Shouds. You wanted to go step-by-step, piece-by-piece so it all made sense; it all flowed and integrated together. It was all harmonious.

So, again, understanding the physics of energy: energy is potential, brought into expression in your reality, used for creatorship. You now create without controls, and you allow it to flow. You give it life. You bless it. You give it life and allow it to continue to evolve and expand and expand.

Now, what comes back to you is a free-flowing energy that absolutely serves you, absolutely serves every need and desire that you have. It comes back to you as clear and as pure as what you allowed to go out from you. It’s the very nature of creatorship – taking raw potential, bringing it into energy form, creating with it, and giving it life.

Where so many have run into difficulties is that you are beginning to understand the nature of energy and the nature of creatorship, but you are still limiting your creations. You are not allowing them their expression. You are trying to limit and restrict and to hold ownership over them. Let them go, Shaumbra. Let them go. Watch how this whole new flow occurs. Watch how the synchronicities become the way of life, rather than the exception of life.

Now, there is one difficult thing in here, an area that many of you have been having difficulties with, having troubles with. It is this whole concept now of the divine desire versus the human desire. And there seems to be so much contradiction in your life that occurs because the human desires one thing and what you would call the divine or the Spirit seems to have another concept.

What happens to so many of you in your life, you will pray, you will ask for things, you will try to create things. And then they don't happen. Then, you get angry with Spirit or with yourself. You feel that you are not a true Creator. Up until quite recently the divine and the human have been separate. You have treated them separately. You have put up a wall between them and said, “I am human over here, and I know divinity is on the other side, but we are not connected.”

Well, they are coming back together. There is a reunion or an integration of the two. It takes place in this reality. It doesn’t take place out in the ethers. It takes place in your Now moment. The two are coming back together. You are going to begin to understand what was an old human desire – a very limited desire – and what was the desire, the wish, the love of your soul, your spirit.

Let us give you an example. The human, the story that you are encased in right now, does not ever want to die. It wants to keep going. It wants to live and live and live. Humans for eons of time have been searching for eternal life while in the human body. And sometimes humans will say, “Well, then I create no death for myself. I create that I will live forever and ever.” But yet you die. You will die. You have done it many times before. You are getting quite good at it (some laughter).

And there appears to be a contradiction between what you say is your creatorship, your human creatorship, and what you say is divine creatorship. Sometimes there is so much difference between the two that it causes you great confusion. You don’t know which way to turn. The two are melding back together. You are beginning to get the overview. You are beginning to get the understanding of the divine plan, the divine desire versus the human.

The human desire sometimes was wrapped up in such a limited story. It was wrapped up in belief systems that did not serve the grander purpose of the being. We sometimes say on our side – the human desire versus the higher, the divine desire. And as a rule, the divine needs took precedence over the human because you do want to die sooner or later; otherwise, you get so trapped in your own old story. It is very difficult to get out. You designed death. You designed death so that you would be released, so you didn’t get trapped or embedded in these stories. So, that is an example of how the human desire and the divine desire sometimes don't seem to come together.

But there is a reason and a purpose. Sometimes you wonder why you don't have a loved one in your life, a partner to share things with. You get upset. You get angry about it. Sometimes the divine needs and desires take precedence over the human. Sometimes it is important for you to have that time by yourself to discover who you are, to understand who you truly are. The divine understands that you would be distracted if there was another human in your life.

Sometimes you wonder who's really calling the shots. But what happens as you are opening up, Shaumbra, as the human and divine are melding back together, you get a sense for the overall desire, the overall flow. You’re not caught up in the human limitations. You’re not caught up in what would be considered petty needs. But you are going for the higher need, the higher grander purpose.

So, we know there are many times when you are trying to consciously create that you run into these roadblocks and these problems. But with this integration and melding you will begin to make more sense out of all of this. You take off the controls. You radiate your energy. You give blessing to your creations. And they come to life. The energy comes back to serve you. The energy comes back to serve you in grand new ways. It is called “the synchronistic life.”

In a sense, you could say that in the synchronistic life there are no needs. Everything is already there. You don’t have to struggle with it. You don’t have to arm-wrestle with life anymore. It is just there. In a sense, in the synchronistic life there is no forced creation.

You don't need to even define what you need. You don’t need to ever worry about this thing you call abundance or health or any of it. It is just there. In the synchronistic life there are no needs because everything has already been met. There is a flow that comes into you that you can simply reach in and take out what you need in that moment.

In the synchronistic life, as we have said before, the answers are there before the questions are asked. In the synchronistic life there is a constant ongoing reunion with your divinity and with Spirit. You don’t to try to force it. You don’t have to try to will it. It is just there. It just flows.

To get to the synchronistic life, Shaumbra – it is not that far away – to get to it, it is simply a matter of letting go of the controls. It happens naturally. We have said a long time ago – the best thing to do, the best thing you can do is just get out of your way. The controls are in your way. The controls are providing a type of veil or barrier, a separation between you and divine, between you and synchronicity.

Let down the controls and the fears and the belief systems. Let that all go. The synchronistic life then begins to immediately connect, take place in your life. It is all there. It is difficult to describe because it is not a formula. It is just a way of being. In the synchronistic life there is that flow.

Yes, you do; you’re still living in the human reality. You are still going to have to get up in the morning, if you choose. You still have to participate in the material world. But it becomes so much easier. There’s not the stress. There’s not the push. There is not the mental battling.

The synchronistic life flows. The people are there, just happen to be there. The tools and the resources are just there. You don't have to even try to plan them out. You don’t have to try to struggle with them. You don't have to pray for them. They just appear.

You are going to realize as you enter into living the synchronistic life, you’re going to realize that every one of those things was already there. You just didn't see it. You’re going to slap yourself on the forehead and wonder how you could've overlooked it. You’re going to realize that every resource, tool, person, energy, healing, love was already there. You just didn't see it.

You were so busy focusing on your story, so busy focusing on how you are trying to create your realities. You’re so busy being human that you just didn't see it. But it was always there. It’s there right now ready to serve you, ready to come in.

The synchronistic life, you could say there are no expectations. There are no needs. Now, we’re not saying, “Go and throw away or give away all of your earthly possessions.” That again is a forced activity. You don’t have to force it. You will discover in the synchronistic life that you don't have a need, for instance, for a new car, or a new house. You don't have a need for people that you love, people that are fun to be with because it’s already there.

You see, when it’s already there, how could there possibly be a need? The right place to live, the right vehicle for you is already going to be there. The need is satisfied before you even know it. That is flow! That is synchronicity! This is not some type of hand-waving magic. This is not some type of psychic activity. It is grace, divine grace that you bring into your life.

You find you don't even need a plan anymore because the plan is there before you ever even know it. Everything appears before the need is ever established, you see. The synchronistic life changes the whole relationship of need and time and reality. It changes the relationship of linear living so that it is satisfied before the need is ever realized, you see. It is a type of expanded, circular, growing, dynamic living in your life.

The needs are taken care of by you. By you, not by Spirit, not by us. The needs are taken care of before you even realize you need it. That is synchronistic living: no more searching, not even searching for answers because the answers are there before you even realize you had a question. No more searching for Spirit because Spirit just is there. No more searching for the angels because they are there – they always were, you know – no more searching for your past life aspects because you have created such a space they are already there.

The synchronistic living is grand spiritual awareness in the present moment. And again, it doesn’t take any force or effort to get there, Shaumbra. There is no outline or curriculum or guidelines that you have to follow to get there. It can happen right now. It can happen the moment you consciously relieve old belief systems. The moment you release controls in your life it can happen. In a sense, as you know from our discussions several nights ago, it already did happen. It already occurred.

The synchronistic life is one that others will not understand for quite some time. The ones who are still in the duality world, they will not understand at all. They will envy it. They will envy you to the point of perhaps scorning you, rejecting you, or possibly trying to harm you, to find the secret, the elixir. They want it. They want it so very bad, but they don't understand what’s truly in it.

They want to make their old story just a little bigger and better story. They want to be a superhuman, rather than a divine human. And there's a huge difference. They want superpowers instead of divine beingness. They want to create and control, rather than creating and blessing and allowing, allowing your creations their own beingness.

You know, every past life that you have created continues to live. You granted it beingness. And it continues to live out in the other dimensions, not here on Earth, for the most part, occasionally, but not generally. Your past life aspects live on and on and on. They are not Creator-beings like you. They cannot create New Energy, new space, but they continue to swirl, to expand in the very energies that you granted them.

So, other humans will not understand this thing called the synchronistic life, for a while anyway until they go through some of the processes that you went through – the learning, the understanding, the releasing, the letting go, the realization that you are a spiritual being and everything is already there, the realization that you are God also. They are not going to understand how your life works so effortlessly. They are not going to understand how you consume so little energy and accomplish so much.

Shaumbra, so many of you lately have been experiencing this whole – how to say – phenomena of being ejected from the duality world, from your jobs and from your families and these other things, being popped out of them because your energy is no longer compatible in those environments. But you are creating new environments for yourself. It’s a bit scary sometimes, letting go of all of the old ways. But you are creating a new environment of synchronistic living for yourself. You had to be ejected from the old way so that you could discover the new. You could discover that it is already there.

This is not a mind game. More than anything, it is not a mind game. We don't want you to go out after listening or reading this Shoud and try playing games with your mind, saying, “It is already there. It’s already there.” That is forcing energy. That is trying to con yourself into a belief system that is very difficult to manifest that way. But rather it is the knowingness that it is already there, knowingness from the heart, the acceptance that it is already there, everything, the acceptance that the synchronistic living is already here.

When you run into troubles with it, but it doesn't feel like it is matching with you, when you feel yourself sliding back into old duality, take a look first at the controls that may be limiting you, the controls that are inhibiting you from experiencing this in your life. As was said in the last Shoud, it takes tremendous, tremendous trust to let go of the controls, tremendous trust in yourself to live in synchronicity, to know that absolutely everything is taken care of, to know that your physical body can heal, that your mind can rebalance. Everything that you need in your life has already come into you. It takes tremendous trust. More than anything, that is the point that you, we are at now, the trust in self, the great release, the great release.

So, as a group sitting here today, let us feel that and experience it for ourselves – the great release of controls, the great trust in self. Now, we are going to do it as a group. We don't want anyone to force this energy. Again, forcing energy will come back to you as force. So, we're just going to allow the release, the trust, letting go of controls, being in the state of synchronistic living. That involves no expectations, no needs, or desires.

So, we do this quite simply through the breath. Take the breath in and allow yourself to take that leap of trust, even letting the fears go, the worries go. When we say letting it go, it doesn’t mean trying to block them out. Just let them go. Walk right through them.

This is about the knowingness that you are so divine. You are such a blessed Creator that you can live here on Earth in this human condition. You can be a Creator of New Energies, of new concepts. You can grant them beingness. You can grant them their own existence and that everything then comes back to you, graceful, pure.

It’s about sitting in this moment and no longer trying to define what life is supposed to be about, no longer trying to define who you are supposed to be, sitting here in this moment of divine trust, not trying to define even what “spiritual” is, or define what “human” is. Being here in this pure moment, we don’t even have to define your needs. You’ve gone beyond that. You don’t have to define; you don't have to limit; you don’t have to force the things that are appropriate in your life. They are already there. You don't have to wish for them or pray for them.

Being in this pure moment together like this without expectation, literally allows you to spiral and to transform into a new level of living, a level that you could not comprehend in your Old Energy human mind. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to know details, structures, controls. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to have everything defined through the brain. You transcend that.

Let us just sit here in this moment, not trying to do anything, not trying to force anything. As you do this in this sacred state of being, the radiance, your radiance, expands. Your divine comes in and melds with your human. Everything starts expanding, glowing, radiating.

We can see it now. You’ve let the controls down. You’ve let the barriers and shields down. You’ve taken down your defenses because you don't need them anymore. Now, you are radiating. Now, you are the flame. You are the flame. It always was you.

You were waiting for us. You were waiting for Spirit to give you a flame. But it always was you. Now, you are radiating. Your energy goes out. It flows. It dances out, circles, spirals, plays. It goes all around you, not just in the physical reality, but in all of the dimensions. It is such an easier way to live, Shaumbra. You’re just letting energy flow through you. You’re letting creation emanate from you.

Funny thing about creation, it is almost the antithesis of what most humans have thought it was. You thought creation was holding out your hand and manifesting gold out of thin air. You thought that was creation.

True creation is quite different. True creation – as Adamus found out – you never even have to stick out your hand; the gold is just there. You never have to try to create. It just is. The energy of creation would bring tears to our eyes, tears to your eyes; it is so easy. It is so in the moment and so perfect.

You are radiating right now, Shaumbra, as we are talking to you. You have gotten your flame going again. You have gotten out of your head. You see – allow yourself to imagine here – you see how the rays of your flame are going out. They’re not trying to change anything. You’re not trying to change the weather. Why? The weather is perfect. You’re not trying to change your reality. It always was perfect. You were just seeing perhaps a small – what you considered – imperfect aspect. But in the grander nature of things, it is perfect.

You are radiating out energy. You’re just letting it dance. You’re not trying to make it go anywhere. You’re not trying to make it do anything. It doesn't even need to be a certain color. It doesn’t need to be a certain frequency range. It is just radiating. This, this, this is creation. This is pure creation because what you are radiating, shining out for all to behold, shining out, singing out for all to behold, that angel that you are, the divine that you are now comes back to you. Now, everything comes back to fill in, to serve you.

Shaumbra, it is this easy. You have been making it hard. You wanted to see what hard was like. It is time to let that go. It is this simple. And if you get trapped in your head, you get trapped in all the rules and the regulations, you get trapped in technique, you’re doing it wrong. Let us come back for a moment, take a deep breath. You are the flame. You always were. You are radiating pure creation energy.

Now, don't try to define even what you’re creating. Do you think Spirit sits in the house of spirit and tries to define? Spirit just creates and blesses with living energy.

You’re the flame. You are creating. You bless your radiance. You bless your energies that are going out with livingness. Then, the flip, or the turn, the transmutation – whatever you want to call it – occurs as the flame just radiates, just glows, just rejoices in creation. Then, everything comes back to you.

That is the synchronistic life. You never have to define it. You never have to structure it. You never have to worry about it. It is that simple.

Indeed, you will go out from here. You will walk back into a duality world. You will be assaulted by all of the heaviness, all of the contradictions, and everything else. Remember your flame. Remember how it shines, shines with compassion, brings back everything you need.

So, the energies of Tobias and Saint-Germain wanted to be here with you today for this simple energy delivery that we had to you. Words were spoken, but they meant so little. Energy was delivered, and it was yours. It was yours in the first place.

We are in this Embodiment Series, the embodiment of your divinity, the embodiment of every aspect of you into this reality, the complete acceptance, the fearless acceptance, the understanding that the aspect that you have known as yourself in this lifetime was just a story, a wonderful, beautiful story that you grant beingness to. You let it go also. Then, you can get back to the roots of who you truly are.

We look forward to our gathering in our next Shoud, Shoud 12, the end of this series. We look forward to culminating all of the energies that we have put together over this year, bringing them together in a very sacred spot, a very sacred energy. Oh, it allows us then to continue moving at a very fast speed into the next series.

We love you dearly. We are always, always working with you, being with you, sharing with you. Indeed, you are never alone.

And so it is.