The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 1: "Embodying the New Energy"

Presented to the Crimson Circle
August 7, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together again in the energy of our family, the energy of love, and now in a new melded and embodied energy of the AH and the OH. It is a delight for I, Tobias – and all of the other of those who are in non-physical bodies – to join you on this day.

One of our most delightful times is just before you start, just as we are getting prepared. Oh, much as you love this time when you first go to bed just before you fall off to sleep, when you are crossing over, when you are releasing your strong focus on the humanness and allowing yourself now to drift off into the etheric realms to let your body rest, to let your mind rest and let your soul come out to play in these wonderful dreams that you have; also in these times when you float back over to our side. We know how you love that time when you are slipping across as much as we love this time when the energies are first gathered, when there is breathing and there is music and there is the celebration of human life.

We on our side of the veil can take our own deep breath and tune into you because indeed your hearts are opening. Your hearts are opening now, Shaumbra. Such a change then from the time when we sat down with you five years ago, such a change, and so how very far you've come. We will discuss that today.

It is a joy for I, Tobias, to be back here as I, Tobias, for last month it was indeed a bit different. The energies were different. It was – what we would have to say – was the purest form of Shoud that you have ever done. Let it be known that I, Tobias – and the others – stepped back. We let you talk. We let your words come through in the purest, most unconditional way. We kept out our humor. We kept out our influence.

We wanted to hear you say the words. We wanted you to come to this crossing, this chasm, and go across it fearlessly. We wanted you to expose the energy of the darkness for what it truly was.

Oh, it was a different type of energy as we sat back in love and joy. And we were applauding the whole time. We knew that you – we knew that especially Cauldre and Linda – were challenged by some of this. You knew it, but you were challenged, and more so challenged by knowing it was time to open this up to all of the world, to put this energy now into the consciousness of humanity.

It is not about taking your words from this last Shoud and distributing them in writing or other forms to everyone that exists upon the Earth. It was about opening your hearts and opening to the consciousness of humanity. It has now been placed there: a new understanding of the darkness, of the divinity, and of the God within. A new understanding of where you can go without the battles, without all of the fighting; where you can go in your consciousness in your evolution with this reintegration. We will talk about that more on this day.

We ask all of you who are listening and all who are watching. Yes, indeed I, Tobias, am on television now (audience laughter), indeed much more than what you think. Some of you think you are looking at Cauldre, those who are watching now. But I want you to close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath, and those who are here in my studio audience (much audience laughter). Take a deep breath, to breathe in the energies of Shaumbra and the divinity and everything that you are, to breathe in the wholeness, to breathe in the safeness. Yes, indeed, to breathe in all of the energies into this divine and precious moment.

And now for those of you who are watching, as you slowly open your eyes, look past the obvious. Allow your eyes to open in a different way. And I will make sure that you see the energy of I, Tobias. Don’t necessarily look for a face. Look beyond what you see as Cauldre, for with this new technology that you have employed here, we have another way of communicating with you, another way of being together with you.

Go beyond the eyes and beyond the ears, and you will see the energy of I, Tobias. You will see the energy of our guests on this day. Yes, if you find your mind is interfering, close your eyes and take another deep breath. Look beyond now. Allow your eyes to expand, not to detract their focus, but rather to expand their focus to see the energies, to see the swirl of energies all around.

It is truly fun with all of your modern technology. Oh, there are things that we never even dreamed back in my days. But it is interesting with your beautiful technology how we can connect simultaneously all around the world, energetically through sound, through sight. And that helps to open up all of these other sensory perceptions – the divine senses that you have – where now we can come to you in a new way. It flows in.

It used to be that we had to come to you through the printed word only. Then, we were able to engage the audio, and now the video, and now all of the divine senses coming back in. It is like using any tool that has been dormant for a while, or any tool that is brand-new. It takes a bit of adjusting. There is part of you that wants to go to the Old human senses only. That is when it is time to take the deep breath, to reboot your system, to reboot, to open the imagination and to allow yourself to see the energies dancing.

Oh, you don’t have to look for a specific face. Some of you may see the face of I, Tobias, as I choose to appear to you – quite handsome, I’m sure (audience laughter). Oh, indeed, some of you might see me as simply an energy form. Some of you may only feel it at the other levels. But indeed, this does allow so many things to come full circle in the way Shaumbra now gathers. So, it is a delight to be here for this first time.

Dear Shaumbra, we do indeed get a bit overwhelmed when we come into your space like this, a bit overwhelmed on this day when you have gone through so many changes in your own understanding these past few weeks. Some of you have been kept very, very busy by outside events indeed. Some of you have been distracted by things outside of you in your life, things of friends and relatives, things of work, things that would temporarily distract the mind so that so much of the energies from our last Shoud together could find their place within your being, so they could be absorbed and taken in without the mind trying to filter, and adjust, and trying to analyze all of this.

We have to say from our perspective that we are delighted that you have not tried to over-analyze this. There have been those of you who have gently and beautifully helped guide others when they have gone into analysis. It is first a feeling, and a knowingness, and a wisdom that comes through.

This whole thing about the darkness, if you try to analyze it, dear friends, you will play an interesting game in a very confusing maze. You will find it difficult to get out. It is difficult, we know, not engaging the brain for all of these things. You have been told from the youngest of your years to always think. And we have come back to you and said, “No, feel first, and then think.”

It becomes a bit frightening to not have the mind filter. But dear friends, the ability of the feelings to understand and to comprehend transcends anything that the mind could have done. The ability of your divinity to sort things out – to keep you in the safe space, and to give you understanding – goes far beyond the mind.

And as we have said before, the mind wants to be released of its old burdens and duties of having to be the judge and the jury of your life, having to make every decision. It wants to be an active participant in your life. But it does not want to set values. It does not want to make judgments. The brain serves an essential purpose in your time here on Earth.

But now it is time to truly let the feelings come through. This whole understanding of the darkness comes through first as a feeling. Many of you have had it, the overwhelming feeling of love, the overwhelming knowingness of compassion. Oh, and then the mind tries to race in and tries to then analyze the dark. It does not want to be analyzed.

It wants to be accepted. It wants to be re-integrated. This greatest, greatest love that you have ever had wants to come back and share your life with you. It wants to show you things that it was doing while you were doing your thing. While you were doing your thing, not conscious of other things going on around you, the energy of the OH, the holder of the darkness, your divinity, wants to share with you what it was doing, you see.

Oh, it wasn’t doing it here on Earth so much. It wasn't doing it in any part of the physical universe that you know. The energy of the OH was embracing you the entire time. It was living through other experiences for you, other potentials for you, things – oh, my dear, dear friends – things that you could not possibly imagine in your mind. It only can be imagined in your soul, in your divinity, in your full expression of you.

Imagine what was going on all of those lifetimes, all of those lifetimes where you were living on Earth, embodied in a male or a female figure with two arms, two legs, eyes, and ears, having all of your experiences, having all of your conflicts, living out some of the grandest journeys and grandest experiences. Imagine now for a moment here what your divinity was doing, playing with all of the potentials that could have been brought in, experiencing those on your behalf. Those things it would like to share with you in your life now.

That is why we stress the imagination. That is why we said it is time to open the heart and the mind because we knew that when the divinity was embodied within, when the essence of the OH energy was accepted and brought in, there would be stories to tell, experiences to share.

You have been separated from parts of yourself for so very long. It is like being separated from family and friends for a long, long time. What do you do when you get back together with them? You want to share the stories. You want to share the excitement. You want to share the energy. That is what the divinity – what has been shrouded by the darkness – wants to share with you now in your life.

So, in these days to come you may feel a tremendous sense of incoming information, stories, experiences, feelings that seem to be inside and outside of you at the same time. It seems to be your story but not your experience. It seems personal, but you can’t remember where it came from. These will come rushing in as you accept the AH and the OH energy, the marriage of these two back together. It is a beautiful thing. The OH energy has been busy, as you have been busy. There are stories to tell.

Dear Shaumbra, we just want to sit here a minute and look at you. Even those who are looking at us on your little monitor, we want to look at you.

Sixty years ago, on this very day – 60 years ago on a day that has a 33 number – there was a grand gathering in the greatest chamber of the Order of the Arc. And at this grand gathering there were representatives from all of the family energies, including those of the Order of To-bi-wah, the Order of Michael, the Order of Sananda, the Order of Raphael and all of the others gathered on this day.

All of you were there in one form or the other. A few of you were already back on Earth in the physical body at a young age indeed. Many of you had not reincarnated yet. And you attended this grand gathering, this gathering of the Ah-lah-toan, Allatone, as we have said before, meaning creation, meaning “I create, I am.” It was the gathering of the Allatone, dear Shaumbra, that we gathered.

And this was towards what we would call the end of your grand World War. It was in the days where it was quite well known what direction this war would take; for the war, this World War II of yours, was such a time of decision and new direction. But on this date 60 years ago the direction was known at least on our side. Oh, indeed it could have changed. But things were so well-established at that point that those in Order of the Arc sent out a call for a whole new legion to reincarnate on Earth, or to join the few that had already come down.

As we gathered, we talked about things like the New Earth. We talked about the Old Earth and the changes that it would go through, the potentials that it had over the next 60 years for destruction and termination, or for revitalization and renewal, a re-immersion, and a redefinition. At this grand gathering, Shaumbra, is when you stepped forward and said you were ready to come back to Earth.

Some had only been gone for a few years, or in some cases a few months. Some of you had left during the time of war, killed in action, come back to our side. Some of you had been back for a few years, some for many, many centuries waiting for the right time. Those who were already on Earth incarnate, you were there with us in spirit. You had gone first. You had gone to help – how to say – pave the ways for the others.

So, we gathered around, and you knew it was time to incarnate. And we talked about all of the things that could be done. We talked about – how to say – a grand mission of sorts. We talked about grand changes on Earth. We talked about some of the challenges and difficulties that you would have when you went back. We talked about this whole area of remembrance.

We talked about – how to say, we say it symbolically – finding the rose within the picture, the picture of life on Earth with all of its difficulties and challenges, all of the non-remembering. Somewhere along the line you would find the rose again. Somewhere along the line you would come back in touch with the “fruit of the rose” that we have talked about before, the passion and the renewal. You planned it for yourself to find this “fruit of the rose,” the remembrance and the awakening.

You knew it would be a difficult lifetime, filled with things like very challenging, very challenging youths. You chose, so many of you, to incarnate into – you call them – dysfunctional families, very difficult families. Indeed, part of this was the understanding of going into these families, the understanding of how the light and the dark works, how you can become trapped in this whole game, how you can set up such a battle of duality in yourself, how this can cause such pain and suffering.

In a sense, you gave yourself what would be the type of catapult, the type of mechanism that would eventually trigger you into doing the work of Shaumbra, into being the teachers, into keeping you from getting too comfortable in human form. So, you chose the difficult lives in so many cases. And we have to say so many of you have gone through therapy and healing and all of these things in an effort to help you. And indeed, it was helpful.

But dear friends, you had already given yourself the rose, the remembrance. It was a wonderful thing that you put forth the effort for the healing and the rejuvenation. But understand that you already gave yourself that gift. You already gave yourself the gift of total understanding and remembrance. It was simply a matter of timing on your part when you were ready to choose.

So, dear friends, 60 years ago we talked at great lengths. We expended great energies towards this whole gathering of Allatone. It is indeed the combination of the knowingness that would eventually be the bringing together of the AH and the OH, the knowingness that many, many things would have to happen between now and then. But here we are together 60 years later. So many different things could have happened.

Oh, and indeed many who are Shaumbra decided at some point or the other not to continue the journey. Some have come back over to our side. Some have simply dropped out, not dropped out totally, but are waiting for the first group to go through. It was too difficult and too challenging, so they left it for the others, for you.

So, on this day it is a celebration for all of us on our side for the Order of the Arc to know that we could have come out – and you could have come out – with this information that will allow us now to go to new levels, to have a whole new view of your life, why you are here and what you are doing to let go of some of the Old story that you had about yourself.

You all carry a story, you know. It is an illusion. You think that you had a certain type of upbringing. You think that you have become a certain type of person. We are here today to tell you that it is an illusion, a very potent one, one that seems very real. But you are not bound to it. You are not stuck in it. You are not caught in it.

With the Shoud of last month, with your agreement to let forth this information, now this provides the opportunity to let go of your story. It provides the opportunity for a remembrance of who you are. It provides the opportunity for the OH energy to come back to you and share everything about itself, which is also you.

In these days to come, as the OH energy integrates on a very careful and safe level, it is not going to all come in at once. It does not want to overwhelm you. It is going to come in safely, slowly, gently into your being. You are going to feel full, full in your body. Some of you are going to be thinking you are gaining weight, but then the scale shows that there are no pounds that were brought in new. But you will feel full in your body.

And a funny thing happens when your body feels full, your physical body. It doesn't then need to store, it doesn’t then need to consume great amounts of food. And indeed, indeed this provides the perfect energy to lose weight. Your body will feel full because you are bringing in all the aspects of yourself.

Your mind will feel full. Yes, we know it feels full right now. But it will feel full in a new way, not in a way that’s darting back and forth, trying to figure out answers. But it will feel full in a peaceful way. The answers are there. Perhaps they’re not always right on the tip of your consciousness, but you will find out that in taking the deep breath that the fullness comes into the mind. The answers are there.

Your spirit, how many of you have really felt your spirit? Sometimes, yes, once in a while for many of you. Generally, it has been only on a rare occasion. But it has only been in what you called some type of altered state. But your own spirit comes in now. And it feels full. It feels like it has taken everything in, accepted all of the parts of itself in. It doesn't feel like it needs to be going to find the answers, to find the lost parts.

There is a fullness that comes into your life now that we have crossed that barrier, crossed that line, and come to a new understanding of who you really are. As you sit here right now, listening, watching this message, or perhaps reading it, dear friends, it becomes a safe time and a safe opportunity to let go of the Old story of who you thought you were – the Old story of a human who had the bad childhood, who had the bad marriages, who got caught up with drinking or drugs, who got caught up in even the addiction to religions and spirituality, the Old story of the human who felt they had no control over their own life, and especially the Old story of the human who thought that they were less than perfect.

That has been your story, Shaumbra, and the story of humanity, thinking that you were less than perfect. You have carried that story with you. You played it out. Any time you got tired of the story, and you wanted to get out of it, you were held back, feeling like you had anchors around your legs because of your Old story, because of that bad childhood, and the bad marriages. You felt you were caught in this rut.

And you were screaming out to try to get out of it, screaming out to have us come and save you, screaming out for some type of divine intervention in your life, angry with us so often, we know. It does not bother us so much (some laughter). There will come a time when we see you again face-to-face (more laughter). But you were angry with us.

So many of you felt totally hopeless and helpless in your condition, wondering where that salvation was going to come, wondering when you were going to get a little bit of information that would help you. So many of you, as you know in your story, you even went to all of these spiritual classes. And you would go from channel to channel, and reading to reading, trying to get just a glimpse of energy, a little bit of divine sugar in your life to carry you through, for the hopelessness was deep and difficult.

Dear friends, one of the most difficult things for us on our side of the veil has been not being able to pull you out of that, not being able to give you hope when you were hopeless, not being able to intervene. We have not been able to because the physics prevent it, and our agreement with you prevents it. But as you have worked, especially in this lifetime, following the gathering of Allatone 60 years ago today; as you have worked, as you have looked within, as you have brought your own self through this very difficult and challenging times, as you have brought forth the words that the darkness is your divinity, the divine is the darkness – it is all the same – ah, now we can come to you in a different way.

You can be here in a different way. You can shed that Old story of yours, much like a snake would shed its skin. You can let it go. It doesn't belong to you anymore. Oh, you created it indeed, but you don't have to wear it anymore. You can let it go. Ah, and when you do, what happens? As you know, it is released. You are no longer bound by it, and the energy comes back to serve you in a New Energy way.

Yes, the Old story is released and eventually comes back, but in a New way, filled with wisdom and filled with love, filled with all of these wonderful things, Shaumbra. Now that we have crossed this line – come to the new understanding of the light and dark – now you can be released of your story. You can let it go.

You're not who you thought you were. It’s what we are trying to tell you. You are much more than that.

You have focused on a very linear story. Some of you even bring in past lives and focus on those. In a sense – how to say – we don’t like focusing even on these past lives so much. Their energy comes into play at times, but you are even beyond past lives right now. You are not following a linear path and a karmic path of lifetime after lifetime. We’ve gotten away from that with you.

Those were Old stories too. If you’re tied into one, if you are still following the energy, trying to come to some sort of salvation of the energy or understanding, it’s time to let that story go, too. When you do, you will understand that the stories were limited. There is so much more to them, so much more going on behind and around and through every one of your past lifetimes, as there has been in this lifetime.

You thought you were brought up in a difficult family somewhere in the world. You thought that you had certain relationships, and went to certain schools, and took on certain careers. We are here to tell you, dear friends, look beyond that. That was only one aspect, what we call an illusion, only one aspect of what was really going on.

We know some of you are scratching your heads a bit. We know some of you are actually beginning to feel it. We know that you are ready for this, ready to go beyond the Old story, ready to begin understanding what has really been taking place here.

So, we know you've been going through tremendous changes over the past five years that we have been speaking to you in these channels and Shouds of ours. We have watched; we have been there with you. As you know, you have never, ever been alone. When you left the gathering of the Allatone, every one of you was given hundreds and hundreds of celestial helpers, of runners, of angels, who would be there supporting the energies, holding all of the inter-dimensional aspects and all of the potentials together while you went and experienced one on Earth, one reality, one illusion.

But there have been so many others around. You are going to start meeting some of those angels. You are going to start meeting some of those runners. You are going to start having remembrances of some of the – what you would call – parallel experiences, multi-dimensional aspects of what was going on. You are going to start feeling and hearing and knowing some of the experiences that the OH was having.

You are ready for now it. It would have scared the living hell out of you if it came through a year, or two, or five ago. But you are ready for it now, and it won't be frightening. It will be humorous in a way. It will truly give you that “aha,” Shaumbra.

So, we know you are ready for the next set of changes. But as we have said before, the most difficult ones are behind. You can let that story go. You can let it heal itself. All energy seeks and finds resolution. You can let your Old story go.

When you let the Old story go, it is not that you become a nothing, a neuter, invisible. No, indeed, you’ll find something quite different takes place. It actually gives you more of an understanding of your true identity. But we have to underline the word “true identity” here. You were living in a limited identity and a limited consciousness before. And now you can have an understanding of the new.

There will be changes in your life. Breathe them in. Have joy with them. Stop worrying about what happens with your job, or getting moved, or any of these other things. There will be changes in your life, but they’ll be on a new level now.

We had to go through some of the very difficult steps these past five years, some of the steps to basically help move you beyond being a linear human, moving you out of the humanness and at times you rebelled. You actually wanted more humanness. You wanted more of what you were getting. You wanted more limitation in a way. Oh, yes, you wanted a bigger house, and a better job, and a better-looking spouse (audience laughter).

But dear Shaumbra, we had to resist the temptation to help you with this. We had to help move you through – as difficult as it was – move you through, so we could arrive at this point, this safe space in the Now moment where you are multi-dimensional, where the AH and the OH are together again, integrated.

So, dear friends, on this beautiful day that we share together, we did bring in the energy of our dear, dear friend, Yeshua, as our guest today, ah, for Yeshua has been there working with you through the Order of Sananda. He is here today, ever present in the room and for those watching on your little monitors. Yes, you might have seen some funny little things taking place on your monitor, the energy of Yeshua coming through.

Yes, once again for those watching either live or on the screens, if you close your eyes for a moment and take that deep breath of the divine melded together with the humanness; take that deep breath, allow all of your senses to open, allow yourself to feel and to see the energy of Yeshua, not as the bearded one with the long hair, walking around with a robe, but the true energy of Yeshua can come through. He is here in this room. He is here in your room if you are watching this.

You will recognize it as an energy that has been there, an entity who has been there because Yeshua understands. You’d have to say, in a way – Yeshua is you. His experiences are near and dear because you helped to create this entity called Yeshua. Some of you also are repulsed by his experiences or reject his experiences because they are yours also, things about yourself that you have had difficulty with.

Yeshua is not the one from the Bible. Yes, an aspect of Yeshua is published there. Some are stories, once again, stories written about him. Some are influenced through channeling energy, as the stories were being written. Some are completely fabricated. The energy of Yeshua that joins us on this day is not the one from the Bible. Push that off to the side.

Yes, indeed, it is an old book (audience laughter). It is SO past its time, Shaumbra, it hurts us and makes us laugh on this side. It was intended for a time 2000 years ago. It was intended as a book that would last perhaps a thousand or so years. And then it was time to move beyond that. But they forgot to write the new book. They were afraid. But Yeshua, as we said, would love to be released from the Bible. We don’t think this is going to happen (more laughter).

Yeshua comes in here, for he understands this whole issue of facing the darkness. He has helped you in these weeks since our last Shoud. He had his own experience with the darkness. As you know a bit of the story, he went off into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights – there is that “4” number again – to battle the devil, ah, or so the old book says. It was not about battling the devil at all.

He went off into the desert to be away from the crowds who were actually beginning to drive him a bit crazy at that point (some laughter). They loved miracles. As you have found out, or will find out in your life, the humans love a miracle. They love a good show. Oh, but it can be so distracting because give them one miracle they want two (more laughter). Give them fish and loaves, and they’re going to want wine from water. And it continues to grow and grow. What we have then is nothing but a bunch of disempowered human beings.

So, dear friends, Yeshua went off into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. And you went with him on a level of your own. You were there with Yeshua. You were there to take a look at what the darkness really was and wasn't, for up until then it was not so much understood.

Yes, it was portrayed as these demons. Oh, they were given names, and they were given their own identities. They were bad excuses for things humans didn’t like about themselves. As much as they would put the energy of the almighty into outside gods, into idols, and many, many gods, they would also put the energies of what they didn't like about themselves into all of these demons and into this entity called Satan and Lucifer.

Yeshua didn't accept either one of these things. He didn't accept that there were gods in – how to say – all of these different types of idols. He didn’t accept even that there was a god in some far-off heaven. He didn't. He did not. He has been misquoted so much in Bible. He didn't accept that there were all of these demons. And he didn't accept that there was this energy of Satan that was going to overtake everyone if they didn't follow some crazy set of rules. So, he went off into the desert to discover for himself.

Oh, he believed in what you would call Spirit or God. But he didn't believe it the way the churches, or any of the cults, or any of the groups were portraying it. He was so confused. Does that ring a bell, Shaumbra? And you were with him.

So, he went out in the desert to contemplate, to be in an energy that was quieted down. As you have discovered in your life – all of you – it does you good to get out into nature, away from the energy of the cities and of the families.

And so, Yeshua went off into the desert to take a look at what felt right to him, at what was real. He didn't battle the devil. There came the understanding that the devil was part of him. There came the understanding that there had to be some type of reason for it. It wasn't put there as a test to him. It wasn't put there to make him feel any less human or any less angelic.

Why was it there? What was this darkness? And indeed, Yeshua – and all of you at that time – came to the realization that the darkness was everything that was rejected by the human self. The darkness was everything that was rejected by the spirit self.

Yeshua came to the same understanding that you voiced the other day. The darkness is the divinity. The two go together; the two have to go together. Yeshua came to the understanding that there were no demons to be driven out of a person, no demons to run and hide from. But there was rather the embracing of all of that inside.

Shaumbra, you were there energetically, spiritually. All of you helped to comprise this entity called Yeshua, helped to manifest this into a physical body on Earth. For 2000 years you have been walking with this knowingness. You have had it within you. You have had the understanding. And you knew it would be time at some point in some lifetime to bring it out, to live it, to embody it. The time wasn't right 1500 years ago, or a thousand years ago.

It has been there. You have felt it. You have known something that was being taught by the spiritual teachers, the churches, wasn't quite right. You have tried to make it right. You have tried to join in and participate. You have tried to make yourself feel perhaps what the others were feeling, but you couldn’t because you have always known something different.

From 2000 years ago you have understood inside what this whole issue of the light and the dark is. You have understood that there are no outside demons, unless of course you want there to be, you see.

Oh, there are a vast majority of humans on Earth right now, they want there to be an outside demon. They want to battle with it. As miserable as it gets, they want to battle with it. They want to have something to be righteous about, something to blame their own lives on, something to pour their negativity into, and something so they can continue to play the role of victim.

So, they create this thing – Satan, Lucifer. It doesn't exist on our side, Shaumbra. Come up here – when you’re ready (audience laughter) – you won't find the energy of Satan and Lucifer.

Now, you will find this – how to say – this type of devil here that is created in the consciousness of the humans who want to believe in it. And it serves them. It serves them as their master. And it comes to haunt them. And it comes to tempt them. And it comes to play with them. And it comes to make their life miserable. It serves them. They are creating it. They want it. They create it.

You don’t need it anymore in your life. You don't need the opposing forces. You don't need to be battling anything. You have gone beyond that.

Yeshua has been hanging around lately to help all of you through this very difficult thing. Yes, it is difficult because it is so ingrained in you, this whole issue of light and dark, the misperceptions of what these things are. So, Yeshua has been there at your side. He has been helping you to remember the time in the desert, helping you to remember what real healing is, and what real miracles are.

As we said before, the miracle – that true miracle – is the open consciousness. And the open consciousness allows you to break out of that limited linear human condition, go into the multi-dimensional while still staying present, fully present, fully present and alive in the Now moment.

But now without the Old story, now without the Old baggage, it allows you to pull in the energies of the OH energy into your life. It allows you to actually, literally re-experience everything you've ever experienced. With this new wisdom and this profound understanding about the energies of OH and AH that you have articulated, it truly allows the re-experiencing of everything that you have ever gone through.

In a sense, you could say all of your enlightenment shines across time and space of everything that you have ever gone through. It doesn’t change the sequence of events of past lifetimes or things in this lifetime. But it truly changes how you experience it. You will find here in these days to come that you can go back and re-experience what have been very difficult and painful memories.

Oh, we know some of you are haunted with these things. They seem to come back over and over again into your lives. You don’t want them there. Now, you will be able to go back and re-experience with a whole new understanding, so it is not haunting. It is not going to torment you. It is not going to follow around in your path, in your darknesses anymore. You will be able to re-experience with joy. You will be able go back in like – how to say – like selecting a television program and watch parts of your past, re-experience them. You will be able to go back and forth as much as you choose.

Dear Shaumbra, the darkness is not at all what you thought it would be. It has been a great place of great passion, a great love and great misunderstanding. It is one of the greatest games that has ever been played on this Earth. It is time for that to end now.

You are the first to walk through this as a group. Some of you have had the mental realization of this in the past. But you have not had the embodiment of this. And there is a big difference.

In the course of this next year, we are going to talk to you. You are going to talk yourselves through the Shoud about the embodiment. And we will call our series together “The Embodiment Series,” bringing it into your life, not keeping it out there, not intellectualizing it.

Oh, so many of you have so many intellectual concepts you have never even thought about living in your life. You like to talk about them, and you forget to live them. This year is about living. This year is about the embodiment of the energies, the AH and the OH, the fulfillment. We said, “You will feel full,” fulfillment in your life, bringing it in. You cannot be a spiritual teacher, a spiritual superstar, if you hold your life and you hold your concepts separately.

Some of the greatest pontificators are the greatest losers in life (some laughter). Indeed, I can say that because I was (more laughter). Oh, I loved to pontificate in my days as Tobias. And people would actually listen (more laughter). Funny how that happens. If you speak, they generally listen, don’t they? Very little discernment on their part! (more laughter) Oh, I would love to pontificate. I would quote the scriptures. I would quote the wisdom of Moses and the wisdom of Abraham.

And I didn’t even know what the hell I was talking about, but people listened, and they thought I was some type of holy man because I could quote scriptures. I didn’t live it in my life. Oh, I played with it. I used it as a defense, particularly against my wife. Something had to hold her back (some laughter). I say that with all due respect.

I used this pontificating because I thought God would appreciate it if I used what I thought were his words. I would quote this to people. And it would strike them such that they would never even question me about my life, which was actually not all that it was cracked it up to be, so much so that I chose on levels to be blinded, to be blinded with the dung of a bird, nonetheless. What an insult it was for a holy man!

But it caused me to go inside to consider life. Yes, it caused me to consider about why I would even want to continue with life. I was blind. All my power was taken away. My audience with the king was taken away.

So, I had to consider life. I had to go inside. And I realized what a phony I had been. Oh, it was fun playing that part. But I realized that I had not embodied any of this. I had not taken it inside of me. I had always been expressing it to others, but not living it within me. And the funniest part was I had no idea what any of it meant. It just sounded good.

So, I can talk about those who pontificate and who don't live it because I learned along the way. I learned it later in that lifetime as Tobias and in the next lifetime – indeed the one where I spent many a day in a prison. I learned how to embody. I learned how to embody Spirit in a prison within my being. I learned to live it in every moment. I learned the greatest joy I have ever had as a human beyond those four walls. I had to. I had to learn to embody it.

Shaumbra, so many of you take off when you are faced with difficulty, when you are faced with tough situations, when you are faced with your own darkness. You take off. You leave that body of yours. You leave your consciousness. You go somewhere else. You hide.

It is time now to embody. It is time when difficult situations come your way to take a deep breath and suck it all in, to embody it. Don’t think at the moment; just embody it. Bring it in.

There is going to be a whole new way of looking at things. Yes, the difficult situations in jobs, in relationships, but especially difficult situations with yourself. As you embody everything, be at full acceptance, the full integration into your physical reality into your Now moment. As you pull this in, it will be like having a whole new way of looking at it.

Go beyond the fear. Go beyond any trepidations that you have. Go beyond the limitations that you thought were there. As you embody, you’re going to see it in a whole new way. When you have a difficult situation presented to you, take a deep breath and fully embody into your being. And then you’re going to see something different when you open your eyes.

Some of you don’t like certain things. You don’t like certain foods. You think they are bad for you. Ah, take a deep breath. Look at it in a whole different light. Oh, you have already created categories in your mind – good and bad. “Bad” will make you sick. Yes, it will, if you choose to play that game. Take a deep breath.

Ah, yes, we use the example of food because it is true embodying. Bring it into your body. Go beyond. Take a look. There is something you are not seeing there in some of those foods you have judged.

As one example, people. You create categories of people – good and bad people, ah, enlightened people and dumb people (some laughter). Some of them you have had a difficult time being around. And we understand; you have been opening up and becoming more sensitive.

Indeed, but now we want you to look at them in a different way. Embody all of the energies. Difficult situations, breathe it in. Embody all of it. Bring it in. Then, you will start opening to a new understanding. You will see beyond what you have ever seen before as you embody it.

Your own self, breathe your body in. That is one of the things you have had a difficult time with. Breathe it in. You are going to start seeing something different about your body – the joy and the beauty of it, how it has served you, how it has served you in so many ways when you have hated it, when you have hated being here on Earth and taken it out on your physical body and let it become a reflection of your own dislike of being here.

Ah, yes, dislike of being here. You’ve tried to reject humanness to find spirituality. It will never, ever happen that way. Buddha can tell you that. He discovered that. He tried to reject the humanness to become holiness. He ended up with nothing but holes in his spirituality, you see (some laughter).

So, dear friends, it is about embodying all of it, everything that you thought was wrong or bad, everything you didn't like about yourself, all the darknesses. Embodying it means coming to terms with it, accepting that there was a reason, accepting that there is more beyond what you can see and feel and hear. Embodying it means bring it into this reality.

Embody your humanness. Embody this terrific, grand venture of being a human. There is nothing else like it. We all have to come this way. We all have to follow after you. So, as you embody and embrace your humanness, you’ll see things in it – in this journey – you could never have imagined before. You will see how it is a blessing, when for so long you have thought it was a curse.

This whole area of darkness, friends, so misunderstood. So misunderstood. You are crossing into new territory here with a new understanding. But it is quite simple.

Much as a storm cloud holds all the drops of water, ready to deliver them at the appropriate time, your divinity has been holding your darkness, holding it like a storm cloud would hold the drops of water. It doesn't make the storm cloud wrong. It doesn't make the storm cloud bad. It is serving a purpose.

Your divinity has been holding the darkness – the tiny drops of experiences, the drops of energy and the drops of love – now ready to come back, now ready to come down upon your human life in a whole new way. Ah, it is the embodiment. It is the release. It is the acceptance in that everything changes.

And Shaumbra, I, Tobias, am here to tell you – you don't need to force the change, you see. You hear the word change; you wonder what you need to do when you walk out of this place, when you turn off those monitors and stop watching me. Nothing. Nothing. Energy seeks resolution. Change finds its own level. It just begins happening.

What should you do then? Take that foot off the brake! You see, change starts coming around, and you put that foot on the brake. And it stops everything. And everything responds to you, and says, “Fine, no change.” And then you get angry with us that there are no changes in your life (audience laughter).

So, Shaumbra, the change will occur, and it will be a new type of change. We cannot label it good or bad. It is New Energy change. There is no longer a need to fear, no longer a need to worry, no longer a need to wonder if you are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Imagine from this day forward – no right or wrong thing. There is only “thing.” There is only “beingness,” no more “doingness” in your life. Can you possibly grant yourself that it can be this simple, the gift of simplicity?

Ah, yes, indeed, if you possibly release this Old darkness, this Old battle, and this Old story about yourself, and more than anything, Shaumbra, can you allow yourself the gift of re-immersing into humanness? Ah, yes, the baptism of the New Energy, re-immersing yourself now back into the humanness.

You have been out of it for a while now, believe it or not. Oh, you thought you were right in the middle. You pulled back. You pulled back. You had to. It was part of your plan, our plan.

You were existing. You were living. You were going through the motions, but part of you had pulled back so you could study some of these concepts. You could study the New spirituality and the New Energy on other levels. You weren’t – how to say – whole, but that was by design. You weren’t all here. And we know it was disruptive at times. The humanness was upset about this at times. A part of you was off in these other realms, doing other work.

Now it is time for re-immersion into the humanness. But when you re-immerse, it is different. It is new. It is balanced, and it is safe. It is a safe energy. It comes with a new understanding of the light and the dark. It comes with a full embodiment. It is much like a baptism.

You see, after Yeshua went out into the desert, he came back to the river Jordan where John the Baptist was performing his baptisms, and he allowed this baptism to take place, not to wash away the sins, quite the contrary. And he did talk to John afterwards and explained that it wasn't about washing away the sins or washing away the evils. It was about the re-immersion of himself into the human body, into the physical plane, the full embodiment of Spirit into humanity.

Part of you has been away for a long time. It is ready to come back now. Dear Shaumbra, let us take a moment here together – if you are so ready – in the safe space that we have created with the energy of Yeshua. Ah, yes, some of you are remembering how Yeshua went through the baptism with John.

If you are ready in this space, let us re-immerse. Let us come back in full embodiment into the human dimension in the human body, full acceptance of the humanity, full acceptance of the biology, full acceptance of this brilliant Now moment that we are in. As you allow yourself to re-immerse, you allow yourself the fullness to come back in. There is no battle. There is no back and forth. There is actually not even a mission anymore.

As you allow yourself to re-immerse, to come back in now, you bring all of the energies of AH and OH, nothing rejected, nothing left behind. There can’t be anything left behind. You allow it all to come in. You also allow all of the experiences of OH to come in to be shared with you at the appropriate time. You allow all of your being into this Now moment, no longer ashamed of humanity and your humanness, no longer ashamed of this beautiful thing called a “human reality.” Now, you can bring it all in, all into this Now. Through the breath, the deep breath, let us re-immerse in a whole new way.

You wonder, sometimes you ask us, “What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of life?” It is simply to live. It is simply to be here. You don’t need to have a mission right now.

And as empty as it might seem, you don't need to have a purpose. Purposes, in a sense, are limiting. Without a purpose you can be full. When you are full, you can be a Creator. When you are a Creator, you can do anything you want. You don’t have to have a mission or a purpose right now.

Then, simply be fulfilled, re-immersed in this life. And as some of you have already guessed, when that happens, ah, you don't have to have a defined purpose. You don’t have to pencil down some mission. You don’t have to have a mission of annihilating the dark anymore. No, when you come to this point, it all becomes obvious.

In this moment of beingness without purpose all of a sudden you begin to get it. All of a sudden a new passion comes out. You don’t have to try to create or manufacture a passion anymore. You simply know it. A passion comes out. The “fruit of the rose” comes out, re-immersed also in a whole new way.

Ah, then you understand what it is like to be a Creator. Then, you understand that – anything you choose to create and anything you choose to do – all the tools are there. Nothing hidden from you. Nothing held back. You don’t have to guess anymore. The knowingness comes through.

Don’t push it, Shaumbra. Don't force it. It comes to you. The embodiment, the fullness, the energies, the resources – it comes to you. It is a different way of living than what you have experienced. It comes to you.

Shaumbra, you’ve gone through many, many difficult years. You’ve had to release the guides. You’ve become “guide-less.” You’ve had to release the saviors. Nobody could save you and no need to save you. You have had to release the crutches. You have had to release the Old stories. You had to release everything. You had to cross that Bridge of Swords to get to this place, to get to this place of full embodiment and re-immersion.

Now, think no more like an Old Energy human. Imagine like a New Energy divine human, you see. Let go of the Old way and allow the imagination to soar.

We want you to feel for a moment before we close the legions that have been with you, supporting you on the different levels. You’ve wondered where they were on Earth. You expected them to be here. They have been on many of the other levels, the other dimensions.

We want you to feel your staff for a moment, the members of your team, what they have been doing for you on the other levels to keep divine integrity while you went through your process. Ah, yes, you can feel them, can’t you? You can almost name them. You can almost see them.

They have been the ones serving you. You owe them nothing. You owe them nothing. Their service to you was payment, their service to the grand leaders, the grand families of this creation. You are never alone.

And so it is.