The Clarity Series: "SHOUD 6" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
January 7, 2006

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we continue our gathering here in the Shaumbra Service Center. A place where you can truly just be. A place where you can ask the questions of yourself, put them out, let them go. And the answers come back. Sometimes from this place we call the crystalline realm. Sometimes from synchronicities all around you. Sometimes it comes into your heart or into your mind. Sometimes the answers are delivered by other people or circumstances into your life.

Getting the answers is really not as difficult as you thought. Some of you created some very complex mazes, some very complex message for trying to bring answers into your life, and then you get totally frustrated and got upset with it and began to expect answers from other people – how to guide your life – and they can’t do that.

So, Shaumbra, a few things from today’s Shoud to remember, to allow the energies to soak in, is to understand that one of the greatest frustrations that you have is this element of time. Understand that you can expand, contract time. You can literally, literally create multiple time dimensions in your reality. You don’t have to just expand out time but you can literally create a series of time potentials all existing right now in your Now. You can have a condensed dimension of time. If you’re trying to get through a project fast, you can have it so that time appears to go quickly and when you need more time for another project you’re working on, simultaneously expand it. Time doesn’t have to be singular either.

Also to remember from today’s Shoud was that as these aspects of the Self – what the Self has been constructed of in its reality base on Earth – you have the light and the dark and how they are eclipsing together. They are coming back together providing in a sense a reverse shadow of themselves and a reverse shadow of potentials. Again, it is appropriate because shadows just don’t have to be behind where the light source is coming from, or where the reality base is focused on. It can also have a forward type of shadow. I want you to think expanded and to be expanded in every possible way. Take nothing at its face value.

We’re gathering – St. Germain, by the way, has left and it should be a relief for those who are going to be asking questions today (audience laughter). He wanted to participate in the Shoud, but he had a dinner engagement tonight. He’s literally – Cauldre said he doesn’t believe us, but it is true – he’s literally going to be dining with President Bush tonight (lots of laughter). He is not going to be manifesting himself as St. Germain, but he’s going to be manifesting as another being who will be sitting at the table. We’re not being given permission to state who it is, but he’s going to be – how to say – trying to get that big ear once again to listen, to share some information in terms of – how to say – a more compassionate nature about the world. So literally that is where he is going to. He’s going off and getting dressed right now for the occasion (laughter). So I, Tobias, will be handling the questions that will be coming up.

But I want to share with all that St. Germain a while back announced that he was going to be doing a very special retreat with a small group of Shaumbra that he, and only he, selected for a variety of reasons. This retreat was going to deal with the whole issue of new energy hypnosis. What overlays are, how hypnosis works right now in old energy, and literally how to use, work with, a new type of hypnosis – a new energy hypnosis that is very compassionate. It is not manipulative in any way. It is simply allowing. The new hypnosis has to do with the synchronicity of events, more or less being the creator of synchronicity rather than having synchronicity as something that happens to you if you are fortunate enough, but being the creator of synchronistic events in your life.

All of the information from this workshop, which is taking place this next week, in a, literally, a remote island with a small group of Shaumbra. All of this information, according to St. Germain, will be then available and shared with all of Shaumbra. And you do not have to go through a class to get this information, but in order to set the energy for it, this small group is assembling. So, we’re going to ask all Shaumbra to help move that energy, share their energy, for this retreat is going to be transpiring based on this time zone, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this coming week. And then the information will be made available after that. It will be important information in terms of understanding really how overlays and how hypnosis works and how you can be a part of it when you want to and not be part of it. And literally through this retreat will be bringing in the first of what we call the new energy type of hypnosis. Hypnosis is not a bad word. Some of you have certain feelings about it, that it is used to alter or manipulate the mind. It can be. But hypnosis or belief system – how to say – grounding, that’s what it really is, belief system grounding, will be a very instrumental tool for all of Shaumbra. So that is coming up soon.

So Shaumbra, we also gave the analogy of the car. We gave that simply to help you understand so you got out of your own head for a minute. How the different layers of reality stack on top of each other. A car, without a brain, is simply a vehicle. Simply a vehicle to help you get around, to help you be in a reality. Once you add a brain to the vehicle, it changes the nature in a multidimensional way. Then you add feelings, awarenesses, and finally Spirit. In a sense, you are a car. You are that analogy. But you were built Spirit first, and then you brought down your energies into these other layers. You already are very multidimensional. We wanted you to feel what it was like to be just the body – to be the body and the mind – and then the body, mind and feeling – to understand that most humans work from these three basic levels without truly incorporating the Spirit.

Somewhere within this vehicle of yours lies this crystalline energy connector. It has always been there – the Christ Seed within you. You’ve known it. You have felt it, but you can’t seem to put your hands on it. At some point, as we said, you locked it away. You shut it down. You turned it off. That is not meant literal, because it is always active, but in a sense, you ignored it. You hypnotized yourself into believing that it wasn’t active, that it wasn’t even there.

So we have given you homework to do, and we truly ask, Shaumbra, work together on this. Work by yourselves but please do it. Look into the reasons why you shut it down and when you shut it down. And trust yourself when your imagination, when the answer comes through. Trust yourself. Then when the first layer of answer comes through take a deep breath and let the next layer come through and the next. You’re going to find out that this is truly multi-layered. There are many reasons and there are many times when you shut that down.

Then you’re going to be posed with a question – “Are you ready to open it up again?” Are you ready to again connect on the crystalline non-mental levels with yourself, with All That Is. You still maintain all your physical attributes. You still maintain the fact that you’re a human on Earth, but now you open to a whole new level. Imagine that you are this vehicle with the Soul, the feelings, the brain and the body and somewhere you have shut down or hidden this connection to realms that are indescribable. Imagine now what that adds to the mix, to the multidimensional layer of Self if that is brought back into reality.

It is difficult homework in a way, and it’s going to require some very inward looking. And it’s going to require perhaps going through some difficult remembrances. We said before that through some of the oaths and vows and promises that you gave yourself, you boarded over, you nailed over those connections that you’ve had. You’ve even hid those boards and nails pretending that they’re not there. Only you can open those back up, Shaumbra. If you’ve hid them, you can unhide them. We can’t. We literally – and we mean this literally because you hid them – even we can’t see them. If you come to us and say, “But where did I hide that? Where did I fool myself?” We don’t know, because you fooled yourself so well, you can fool the rest of us. That is how hypnosis works.

With that, we’d be delighted to answer your questions.

LINDA: Oops! The overlay of time says you’ve used up all your time (laughter).

TOBIAS: I have altered time to fit my needs.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the internet, read by Linda): Hi Tobias. I’m Ildiko from Hungary. I would like to give up smoking, but it was a failure. Help me. What can I do? Thanks a lot.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and this is one that touches close to Cauldre, so we’re going to ask him to back away for a little bit. First of all, we have to say there is a tremendous overlay about smoking. Now, I have to say that smoking is probably not the best thing you can do for your body, but your body does know how to assimilate all of the smoke and anything else that you take in. But what is happened because of the overlays – actually, the conflicting overlays and hypnosis that are taking place, it leaves the smokers who are trying to quit in a dilemma.

Plus, you add the fact that nicotine, in itself, is perhaps one of the most influential ingredients on Earth. Nicotine can lead you to believe anything – can reinforce belief systems very easily. It can be used to reinforce a belief system that smoking is bad or addictive. So, when this is fed to you through media or through other people, even through “scientific studies” that smoking is addictive and it’s bad, the nicotine responds to that, because it is a belief system that you at least, in part, hold for yourself. So now, you’re deep in the trap of this whole thing of smoking.

The best thing, actually, if you’re trying to quit smoking is to start smoking, and to stop trying to quit. You have to go ask yourself why you are quitting – because you’ve been told that it is bad, because you don’t feel energized, for whatever reason – you have to go into these. You should not try to quit smoking when you’re trying to quit smoking. You should go in and understand the reasons first.

Come into the Shaumbra Service Center, then allow us to work with you in the crystalline realms. Allow us to work with you and observing the smoking. You’re going to find out when you started, how you started. You’re going to find out the little trigger that has now grown into this huge issue of smoking. You’re going to find out that you can let go of these overlays and that, when we get down to the core level, if you truly want to quit, you’ll be able to. You’ll be able literally to just walk away. We see so many of you struggling with this and beating yourself up, and it’s truly not worth it. The damage that you do through this negative belief reinforcement is greater than the damage from smoking as itself – if there is a damage.

So, there is a very interesting energy here because you have on one hand sources saying that’s smoking is bad, and some of you even here believe that it is just terrible. It is no worse than any other thing that you bring into your body. On the other hand, you have the tobacco industry itself glamorizing smoking, making it so that it seems that it is very, very glamorous, that it is very relaxing. That is an overlay in itself. I want you to look back. It was not that long ago, perhaps in the last 100 to 150 years where people smoked and they didn’t get addicted to it. They could smoke – the first nations, the American Indians and other indigenous, have used tobacco for a long time, and it wasn’t addictive.

So, when did it become addictive? When did the overlays get so strong? When did you fall into that trap? And how can you get yourself out of that so you can make a clear and free choice, rather than one based on fear and overlays. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, can you comment on BEAM, the work of Dr. Joan Beattie in Toronto, and is this an appropriate thing for me to get involved with at this time?

TOBIAS: Indeed, there are many, many different types of energy work, facilitation work, going on right now. There is no one that is correct or incorrect. Look at it as something that’s helping you to expand your own awareness. We don’t want to make any specific comments here (a) about this particular type of work, or (b) about whether you should make the decision. You have to feel that within yourself.

The one thing that we would question any Shaumbra with is feeling that any one school of work is the only work, including Crimson Circle and Shaumbra. Crimson Circle is a gathering place. It is not about a work in itself. It is where we gather together, we learn and grow, we bring in information from the outside. So often we see though that Shaumbra will jump into one study of work and think it is the only thing. Many of you listening or here today have participated in Course in Miracles. There was a point when some of you felt it was the only answer. You’ve learned now it was part of a grander answer. It was part of an awakening.

So, we encourage you to follow your own feelings and to feed from it, receive from it, what is appropriate for you and feed back what is appropriate.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the internet, read by Linda): Tobias, I can’t feel my way through this. I have always done poorly when dealing with my biological family. When I do make attempts at interacting, it goes fine, as long as I ask about them and complimentary to them, ask about their children, I am complimentary. Nobody ever asks about my life or what I care about. There is gross dysfunction and enabling is mistaken as unconditional love. If I’m not careful, I get sucked in and start playing a terrible drama in duality. There’s one sibling above all others that I have the worst relationship with. Attempts to resolve the situation have been a dismal failure. For the most part, it only bothers me because of some sort of later consequence. Any special feelings or insights for me and others with these problems reconciling biological family relationships.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and Cauldre you really shouldn’t submit your own questions here! (Lots of laughter.) This is indeed a common situation for many Shaumbra. That’s why it sounds familiar to so many of you.

Biological families are – how to say – we could talk forever about this, but so many of you chose a – how to say – the quick fix for getting back here to Earth. You selected a biological family that perhaps wasn’t the most appropriate. Some of you chose biological families that you had had little or no connection to in past lives, so therefore you appear the black sheep of the family. Some of you chose what you know was going to be karmic hell, but you chose it anyway, because you wanted a family to come into. You wanted that physical body and you also thought you could handle the old karma very well. So sometimes there wasn’t – how to say – the most balanced reason for choosing your family.

On top of that, because your energy tends to be at a different level than theirs, at times you are invisible to them. Just as so many of you are invisible at work, invisible at the grocery store, and you wonder why people don’t notice you or see you or pay attention to your need. Because they almost don’t see you or feel you. You are, in a sense, almost ghost-like to them. They know you’re there, but in a sense, you don’t really fit in and you’re really not there. They tend to forget to invite you over for Christmas. They tend to forget to invite you out to dinner because they kind of forget. But I saw the consequences of trying to jump back in very quickly.

One of the most difficult things is releasing the biological family. That in itself is a heavy overlay or a heavy hypnosis. That you have to get acceptance from your biological family before you can even get acceptance from yourself. It’s difficult, or as tough love as it is to say, sometimes you just have to – how to say – divorce your biological family.

You are being – how to say – at one point we talked about clamps and claws in you. And in a sense, they have theirs in you and you have yours in them. Sometimes, as difficult as it is, you just have to walk away. Not in anger or not to be dramatic, but simply because that biological family has outlived its purpose for you. There was a carrier vehicle to get you here to Earth. And when they threw you out at 17, you should have known (laughter).

Now what does tend to happen often when you let go of some of those connections and you find your own new balance, a lot of times you find that they do come back to you, but you can’t disconnect with them with that expectation. You have to be truly willing to let that go and let it run its own course. In the case of you who are asking the question, there is an old past life karmic type of connection and in a sense, there is a resentment that you’re following a different path. That you’re looking for new type of answers. The family karma, the ancestral karma, is that they have all the answers to begin with.

So, you are probing and you are studying, you are looking into new arenas; in a sense it offends them. In a sense, angers them, and more than anything, they know if you change, you also change the whole potential for the lineage of ancestral karma. And there are some who are living and many who are dead who do not want to change the ancestral karma, the ancestral balance, of that family. So, in a sense you’re lucky to have gotten this far (laughter). Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, my favorite angel. I want to come here Tobias and I want to say it to Adamus too, but he left, because I just want to express my unconditional love to you and Adamus and Kuthumi and all the other angels that work with us and to Edith Procter, who’s working her little butt off. So, anyway, I want to know why we disconnected our crystals and how we get them hooked up. And I want know where my little doggie that died – if he’s alright.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The doggie is fine. Dogs have – and cats and your pets – have the easiest way of transitioning, and they don’t go through all the trauma that humans do. They don’t get stuck in the 4th dimension other than simply waiting for you. And when they’re waiting for you, time has little or no consequence, and their energies are always around. We’ll talk more about that next month.

But here you’re asking the very question that we asked you to ask yourself. About this crystalline connection. Now, we’re going to give you a few clues here. It is not physical. It is not located inside your body as such. It is always there. It always has been there. It also is part – we’re giving a big clue here for all of you, big clue. I could do this because St. Germain isn’t here (laughter). He would make you struggle and suffer through it.

This crystalline connection is also another way of describing the Christ Seed energy. When was the last time you worked actively with Christ Seed energy? When was it that you helped to bring it to Earth? What era started when that was brought to Earth?

SHAUMBRA 4: 2,000 years ago?

TOBIAS: And who did you come with? Indeed. So, now I can’t give you the answers (laughter). You have to find out for yourself.

SHAUMBRA 4: We have to go back 2,000 years? (Laughter) Okay. Okay, thank you Tobias.

TOBIAS: And dear one, I don’t know how much more help I can give you in this. Yes, indeed.

SHAUMBRA 4: Can I ask you one more thing? I’m going through a really shitty mess right now. Do you have any suggestions?

TOBIAS: Go through it (lots of laughter). Don’t stop now.

SHAUMBRA 4: As if I could! No, it’d be a smelly mess. No, I can’t stop now. I mean I can’t stop.

TOBIAS: No, simply, truly, allow yourself to go through it. And one of the problems is it is part of an energetic setup you gave yourself. You’re going through stuff in your life right now. And again, if it wasn’t so slow and so tedious, you wouldn’t mind at all if it went very quickly. But don’t stop, because then you’re just going to have to get right back in it. Don’t stop right in the middle of the mess, just alter time to get through it very, very quickly.

SHAUMBRA 4: Okay, it seems impossible to stop it though.

TOBIAS: And it is.

SHAUMBRA 4: Yeah, that’s how it seems! Okay, alright, I’ll alter time. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, with the condition of Sharon it seems appropriate that Israel is at a changing point again. Can you give us some insight?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed, there have been many interesting developments in Israel. We will talk in detail when I go back to my homeland soon, and I do look forward to going back. I do look forward to the directness and honesty I can have with Hapiru over there.

There was the – and again we speak in potentials here. Potentials are scenario situations that have the likelihood to manifest into reality. There was a potential in the last two years for there to be a very catastrophic event in Israel. An event that would draw the attention from all around the world. It would have made 9/11, which you’re all familiar with, look small in comparison. The plans were in place. The people, the players were in place, and this had to do specifically with nuclear weapons. It would have been catastrophic for the Muslims and the Christians and all involved. It would have essentially wiped the memory and the monuments off the face of the Earth.

This was the greatest potential at the time – several years ago – of taking place. This was diffused for a wide variety of reasons, but we do have to thank those Shaumbra who have been actively involved in energy moving directly in Israel for helping. And thank Shaumbra all around the world. We have to thank the energies of Lee Carroll and Kryon for visiting there and helping to diffuse, and for Steve Rother and the Group and for the other new energy teachers who have been bold and who have gone there and helped to literally bring in a different potential. To bring in so that we didn’t have to have this catastrophic event.

That event in itself would have brought the attention and ultimately the compassion of the world. You saw compassion come to the forefront with 9/11. This potential event would have had the same effect, but there was no need to go through that sort of trauma and loss of human life for it to have taken place. The potential still exists, but we see it now much more in the background.

When Yasser Arafat chose to leave, he was letting go of an energy of a battle, an energy of terrorism. He did not have to leave due to – how to say – because the biology had quit. He chose to leave knowing that for there to be resolution and peace that he would have to let go. That those who came in to replace him would – how to say – have a better communication or connection with Hapiru.

So now that you see Ariel Sharon ready to leave, you see another transition of power. This one is not quite so easy to understand. There will be a battle – political battle that is – between those who take a very old energy view and those who take a new energy view. And this battle, as we see now, the potential here is that it’s not going to be resolved easily or quickly. It’s going to cause whole energies to shift and change for Israel and for Hapiru. This would be the time for us to go there. This will be the time for all of Shaumbra to help move energy. Not to inflict your agenda or desires or anything, but to say we come in to help move the energy for change and potential should Hapiru, or the Jews, choose to do this.

So, it is a tremendous time. Tremendous time. It is also a delicately balanced time. Delicately balanced between going forward or going backwards. And again, that is why we’re going to be there in a few months.

Thank you for this delightful question, and we look forward to visiting and bringing the energy of unity to all Shaumbra in Israel.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Namaste, Geoffrey, Tobias, and Linda. I wondered if you would please define “Soul” for myself and others.

TOBIAS: That is a question of semantics and then it is a question of interpretation, because the use of the term “Soul” and “Spirit” and these other things are used in different ways by humans. It is a little difficult to answer. From my personal perspective, the soul is the unique fingerprint of you. It’s the unique spiritual identity. It is the part, the gift that All That Is, Spirit, the Eternal One, gave to you and said, “I set you free. You are as I am. You are God also, but you are unique unto yourself. You have complete and full creator rights and abilities. You are part of the whole, but you are unique unto yourself. And if you choose to take that uniqueness and ignore that you’re part of the whole, that is your right and you’re blessed for it also,” you see. That is your Soul. That is the essential part of you, and that is also the part that ultimately collects all of the experiences of every lifetime, of every challenge, of every smile, of every breath you’ve ever had. The Soul is the unified center of Self.

Now, we’re getting a bit heady here, and that’s where we all run into problems. Then we want to know more and more about the Soul – where does it resides, what does it do, what’s its name – all of these questions. So, we’re going to cut it here and say we gave a basic answer. The rest is discovery. To discover it, you cannot find the answers about Soul in the near realm or the non-physical earthbound realities. You have to go where the mind doesn’t work anymore. Most humans are not willing to go there, because the mind is their protection and their defense and their excuse.

So, to truly understand the Soul you go beyond any dimensions that are connected to or related to Earth. You go into the crystalline realms and there the answer awaits you personally. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question, if you so allow.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a man at the microphone): Hello Tobias. I felt you addressing my question during the Shoud, but I stand here asking you anyway. Dearest Tobias, I’ve recently awoke from an 18 year relationship hypnosis and find myself with various talents I’ve always considered very personal but want to share with the world. At once I feel an emptiness and an opportunity to be all that I am. Do you have any wisdom to share with a new energy human somewhat mired in duality?

TOBIAS: Indeed! Yes, we do. And this is directly for you, but we think all Shaumbra will benefit as well is you’ve heard the words before but dare yourself to go into the new potentials. Dare yourself to get out of your mire. You’re there for a reason. It is not inflicted on you from Spirit or anyone else. I myself had to use St. Germain’s exaggerated story. I dug my own hole for myself, and I cried out to God, prayed to God to get me out. And little did I know that it would have been very easy, very easy to get out, but I was so caught up in my own dilemmas. I should have dared myself to go in a different direction, you see. I kept on digging down – that was one direction – but kept on looking up for my escape. I should have gone sideways. I should have changed my thinking, dared myself to be a bit different. It is that way with all of you.

Daring yourself sometimes means letting go of the past that you’ve been on from the past. Letting go of the expectations, letting go of how you have identified with yourself up to now. It is a frightening thing for a human to go through. Letting go of how you have identified with yourself. You see, sometimes you feel that you will be in a total abyss once you let go of that tight hold on that singular aspect of Self.

Some of you will not let go of that until you are guaranteed that there is a new and better and different aspect awaiting. But, again, that is very short-sighted thinking. So, dare yourself right now to go totally out of the box. To go totally in a different direction. And you’re going to begin to discover then how you can move in and out of realities.

I’m going to offer you something, all of Shaumbra, and I’m going to include this in the homework, yes. St. Germain talked at one time about acting and role playing, and he said to truly understand who you are, begin acting. Begin developing new roles for yourself. Give yourself a new name if you want, legal or not legal. Pretend that you are different things – act out.

Now, very few of you did. Very few of you felt comfortable with it, and the biggest thing we heard from so many of you was “I’m not being true to myself if I’m acting out, if I’m role playing, if I’m pretending or imagining that I am an artist. What right do I have?” Or “I’m an accountant.” So many of you felt it would be untrue to yourself, but it is not at all. It is actually more true to yourself to be multidimensional than to get stuck in that role as an accountant.

So, dare yourself. Role play. Act it out. Imagine, and then let it be. It’s an amazing thing. It’s a fun thing. And again, sometimes Shaumbra you’re embarrassed to role play, to act a little different. You’re afraid too that you might – how to say – become one of these dysfunctional multi-personality disorder people. But again, play with it. Role play being multidimensional. Role play being a multi-disorder person for a while. See what that feels like and see how your own spiritual resiliency brings you back in. Play around with different aspects and characters and do this in the next 30 days. Role play, see how that feels.

You don’t have to do it with anyone else. You can do it for yourself. Wake up some morning and imagine that you are a brilliant – oh, you already are (some laughter). Imagine that you are whatever you want to be and then let that probability and potential enter into your life. You’re going to be amazed at, first of all, what a grand creator that you are. And I’m speaking to all of you. You’re going to be amazed at what a grand creator in imagining you are. You’re going to be amazed at how easily you can create hypnotic overlays for yourself that you even believe yourself. And you’re going to be amazed at how you can always come back to your own – what you would call – Soul or Center. It’s an amazing thing, and we thank you for asking this question.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

LINDA: Is there one more question?

TOBIAS: Cauldre is agreeing, so we will.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you very much. I’m nervous.

TOBIAS: So are we! (laughter) We are always nervous with the humans. You never know when they’re going to run you out of town! (More laughter.)


TOBIAS: And Jesus had a different experience, by the way. We have a right to be nervous (laughter).

SHAUMBRA 7: Yeah. My question is probably one of the age-old questions, is I feel that relationships is one of the most amazing ways to learn about ourselves, to grow and evolve. They’re the mirrors, but one of the hardest things I find is that how do you know when to continue in a relationship, because you’re always still going to learn whether you’re in it or not it. So, whether it’s to stay in it – because no matter who you’re with you’re going to deal with your stuff, but it’s just a different body and different face. And I get that, but …

TOBIAS: Indeed. I’m going to ask you to do a few things. First of all, the mirror of the relationship from now on should be with yourself. You become your own mirror. You become your own relationship and you see yourself within yourself. Stop looking now – it has been appropriate up to now – but stop looking now for a relationship to serve that purpose.

So now, what do you choose for a relationship? Imagine for a moment. Imagine the potential, the grandest relationship. How would that relationship serve and feed you? How would you choose to create that relationship?

SHAUMBRA 7: Hmmm …

TOBIAS: And you don’t have to answer that right now, but that is the true question. We want you to move beyond the old potential that a relationship was just there to help you grow. It’s not. It doesn’t have to be that. Relationship can be the grandest form of love where you don’t have to share a thing, you see. Where you don’t even have to share experiences and lessons – where it can just be. Imagine that.



SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Typically, the old energy relationships have been exactly what you have said. They’ve been dualistic. They’ve been filling in empty spaces for each other. They have been ways of prodding and pushing each other to grow. They have been ways of keeping from being lonely, even at their core level, and some relationships even have been strictly financial for somebody to support somebody else, and vice versa.

But move beyond that. And we’re going to ask you – we would love to hear back from you in a month or two what your vision of a new energy relationship is about.


TOBIAS: Thank you. And thank you for letting go of your nervousness.

With that, Shaumbra, it has been a long day. We have all moved tremendous amounts of information. This information is for you. It is about you, and it was created by you. Ultimately available to every human who walks this way, who walks the path that you’ve walked. Imagine how much easier it will be for them because of what you have allowed to come through you.

We love you very dearly.

And so it is.