The Clarity Series:
SHOUD 6: "Shadow Self and Potentials; Part 2" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
January 7, 2006

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together once again in this beautiful, beautiful energy of Earth. What an amazing place to live and to exist and to create. What an amazing place to have yourself and your energies exist to learn in ways that you could not have done so in any of the other dimensions and in any other parts of the cosmos and the omniverse. Only here, only on Earth could you do this. Dear angels, you have been all over prior to ever coming to Earth. You existed in so many different spaces and – what you would call – times, so many different dimensions, but nothing like this. It is a treasure. It is a gem here. It is an honor.

Sometimes you hear of how you volunteered, but in a sense, it is more accurate to say you were chosen, for only the angels who wanted to go to the next grandest and most expansive level were called on. Only those angels – you – heard the calling of Gabriel’s trumpet, sounding that the time was right and the consciousness of the omniverse was right to open planet Earth. You think in terms of time and space. And you think how long it took to come here, how long it took to evolve as a species, to develop the human body and the human consciousness. But in a sense, it was only a flash or a breath ago. It was only a breath ago that you left Home. It hasn’t been that long.

Sometimes what seems to get you down as human beings is you think this is going on for an eternity. It isn't the process that necessarily gets you down. It is the lack of speed. It is the slowness that gets you down. If you knew you would be through all of this in another year, obviously you could relax a bit. You would not be so concerned if you knew that there was some type of turnover point, what we call a “point of separation,” going from one level of consciousness or awareness into another. If you knew that it was going to happen in a relatively short order, none of the problems that plague you today would even seem like problems.

So, we have to chuckle sometimes when you call on us, which you do almost nightly (some audience laughter), and say, “Dear – or damn – Tobias,” depending on the night, “I’m going through all of this trauma in my life, all of this suffering and misery, and I don't know who I am anymore.” And that, by the way, is a good thing. You went through all of this, and I say, lovingly and gently back to you, “Dear one, have patience.”

Your answer almost universally among Shaumbra is, “Patience, my ass!” (much audience laughter) “I’m tired of patience, you say. I’m so weary with the process, with the time that it takes, not the actual process or experience, but how long it seems to linger.” Guess what, Shaumbra, you can change it. And I have tried to explain to you, but you tend to tune me out at this point. So, I will tell you now, and you can tune me out for the rest of this Shoud.

So let us change time. You wear that thing on your arm, that wristwatch. You have your mechanical devices on the walls. But truly there is no such thing as time, not as you know it anyway. We don't have watches on our side. And quite frankly we get somewhat bored and held back by the tedious nature of the time overlay that you operate under, you see, because when you are in a time zone and we are here as your loyal and faithful servants – unpaid, of course, but loyal and faithful (some laughter) – we fall into a time frame also. And it is very difficult for us.

So, perhaps during this Shoud today we can begin to expand time. We can begin to transcend it, to use it when we want to use it, when you want to use it, and not use it when it is not appropriate. No one said that there had to be 24 hours in a day. If you took away all of your clocks and watches and time devices, and then you took away the effects of the sun, which comes up at certain times and sets at certain times, you would have no concept of time. Time would mean very little to you at that point.

You could then more easily open up to the multi-dimensional nature, the potential, the shadow of timelessness. Then, you could use it to your advantage, however you want it. There are some times, of course, when you want time to go very slowly – when you are enjoying music, enjoying the company of friends, meditating, when you are taking a long walk. When you are sitting through a good movie, you want the movie to last forever and ever sometimes. There are many times when time can be stretched.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, other than consciousness overlay, that says time is fixed. But you have bought into it. You said that “I have to be to work at a certain time.” Well, first of all, you should quit your jobs. Then, you wouldn’t have that problem (some laughter), as we have said over and over, Shaumbra. Ultimately, you want to become self-employed, actively self-unemployed, if you want to put it precisely.

So, if you didn’t have this element of time dragging out the difficulties or anxieties, the challenges of living on planet Earth, it wouldn’t seem nearly so difficult. So, let us begin this Shoud by opening up time itself, by breaking through its barriers. Your society is more and more time oriented. We’re not saying that you’re going to dispel time or get rid of it altogether. We’re saying you are going to use it when it serves you and ignore when it doesn't. You are going to stretch it out when it is appropriate and condense it and compact it when it isn't. What an amazing thing – a group of humans actually ignoring the boundaries and limitations of time.

Now, right away we see some of you are worried about showing up to appointments late. And perhaps you should experience that for a few times, what it is like. Does the world fall apart? No! Do those people in that meeting truly have to have your energy? No, they can continue without you, sad enough to say (some laughter). Are you going to miss your rightful position if you miss that meeting? Probably. Probably, you are going to be then basically fading out of existence at that place that you’re working with. But that's what you’re asking for anyway.

You see, you ask for that new job. But you want us to guarantee that you’re going to get it before you leave the old one. Ah, ah, dear Shaumbra, that is a chasm you must cross over. You must in your own heart lovingly and fully release what you are ready to release. And if you’re not ready to do it, hang onto it. If it still serves you, hang onto it. But when you’re ready to let go, let go completely and see what happens.

Your fears come up. You say, “But then how will I pay my bills?” Well, how about if you created a more abundant type of working situation? How about if you created a new way that abundance rolled in? It doesn't have to be another job. It doesn't have to be a singular one-on-one replacement, old job/new job. That is linear thinking, Old Energy thinking. And it is also tedious thinking. And it is a type that wears you down, that wears your mind down. We’re going to transcend this whole issue of time, one of the greatest overlays that there are.

I am here today with the energy of dear Adamus Saint-Germain. We’re here together. You’ll notice, if you listen for a moment – listen for a moment, notice, feel – and be aware of different layers of energy that are operating simultaneously. You think you're listening to one voice. You are listening to many voices simultaneously right now. You think that the words are coming out of Cauldre, in through his – what do you call that? – microphone, into the microphone and in through your system – thank you (to Linda) – in through your system. But you are not. You just have been led to believe that. You have been led to focus on it.

What you are hearing right now is that and more. What you are hearing right now is I, Tobias. I’m standing right next to you. You’re not hearing this through the sound system. You’re hearing it because I'm right at the back of your head right there. I’m talking to you in a different way.

And you're hearing the energy of Adamus Saint-Germain. Saint-Germain is right there in front of you, he says, pointing to his head. He is talking to you also. You are hearing a voice; you’re hearing voices all simultaneously. Oh, and then there is a whole chorus in here, the chorus of Shaumbra that is talking. You’re all talking. You're all Shouding right along with all of us right now. They’re all over the world, Shaumbra. They are, and they’re talking. We’re talking in unison as one voice, as many voices, as one concept, as multiple concepts.

And you say, “But, but I can’t hear anything.” But yes, you can actually, if you expand. We’re glad that Cauldre did as we asked him to do at the beginning of this gathering today – expand the energy, expand your energy. Yes, that means your imagination. Trust in your imagination so much that you can open up and hear. Hearing doesn't have to just come from the physical ears. Hearing is a divine sense, as well. It's just there. It’s just there.

We are going to tell you something a little bit later in the Shoud today – you’re going to tell yourself actually – about this whole arena of imagination, of multiple levels, of why sometimes you get stuck. That is the primary topic of our discussion today. What's blocking you? What's getting you stuck? It’s really not much. You like to believe it is sometimes. But it's really not much. We’re going to talk about that.

But for a moment just listen to the magic of the many voices. Oh, some of them are also being carried through the actual literal voice and vibration of Cauldre. You see, Cauldre – he gets embarrassed when we talk about him – but Cauldre has spent many lifetimes training as a channeler. And one of the important things for any of you who channel isn't just about opening up so we can come through. It is about opening up so you can come through also. You open up all of the pipelines – us, yourself, the ones you are channeling or Shouding for. You open all of these. So, Cauldre studied that, as many of you have in the past.

But there is also something else that happens in studying about channeling, how to literally bring all of these dimensional energetic aspects through your voice. When Cauldre channels, also coming through his physical voice are the vibrations of us and you. It is a channeler’s gift, a channeler’s obligation to train the voice that extends all the way literally down into the belly and comes up all the way through the lungs, the chest, the throat, and the mouth, to channel in the physical energies as well.

So, you are in surround sound today. It is coming from every different direction. Why? Well, so you’ll hear it. If you don't hear from one source, you’ll hear it from the other, but also because you are multi-dimensional. As we sit chatting with you right now, there is energy being poured down through into your space, into your realm, energy of different dimensional aspects that then correspond with dimensional aspects or shadows of you, you see.

So, this is much more than the singular you sitting in the chairs, Cauldre sitting here channeling. It is happening on every level. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is happening on every level. An amazing thing, it is the New Energy way of living, multi-dimensional, multi-potentiated, all at one time. And you know, it's not coming from somewhere else. It's not coming in from the ethers. And it’s not necessarily even coming from us. It was there all of the time, waiting, waiting for you to allow it to come in and play.

So, today, Saint-Germain, I, Tobias, the angels who accompany us, other Shaumbra all gathered here to go to the next level. The first step, time. Transcending time. You don’t have to get mental about it. You don't have to sit down with your watch and stare at it and try to shift it and shape it. You just have to understand that time is flexible. Humans have made it quite inflexible.

But at its core – just feel the core of time for a minute. Don’t define it, just feel it. Feel the core of time, the setup behind it, why it is there, how it has served you. Not in your head. If you’re feeling pressure in your head, take a deep breath, feel time. At its core energy it can be easily expanded.

Sometimes you tell yourself that it’s going to take so many minutes or hours to do a task. And then you say, “But I can only do so much task in the allotted amount of time of day.” Well, then it becomes true. But now say to yourself, for instance, “Someday I’m going to do many tasks. I’m going to accomplish many things in a very compressed period of time. They will just get done efficiently and effectively without having to get neurotic or hyper about it. They will just process in the time incubator in a very short period. And that leaves me more time – or un-time – to do the things I truly want to do for myself.”

Yes, there will always be tasks. There are tasks here on our side of the veil, too. But we put those into time – how to say – types of capsules so the tasks are taken care of very easily. And it allows more “un-time” for us to do the things we love to do, you see.

So, Shaumbra, today we’re going to go back to the Shaumbra Service Center. We were there a few months ago. This is an energy, an imaginary place that is very real. Yes, I love that – an imaginary place that is very real. You think that the two are not compatible, but they're absolutely compatible. The imagination and reality, they actually are the same thing. It's only how the energy manifests; that is different, you see.

So, we’re going to the Shaumbra Service Center today because it is a wonderful place. Your energy is there. It is a wonderful place to talk about the issues, about blockages, about opening up to potentials. It is a wonderful place to open yourself up. We’re going to be doing a little – how to say – group exercise today in opening up. We’re going to be doing some energy moving to be sure. We’re going to talk about some concepts and some philosophies.

So, let us all join together, bring our energies together in the Shaumbra Service Center. It doesn’t take any effort. It doesn’t take any pushing. Don't force your mind. If you choose to be there, then you are.

Your Shaumbra Service Center, your impression of its energies may differ somewhat than the person sitting next to you. That is appropriate. In the outer, or the expanded realms, everyone has a different take on the energies. If you’re seeing a beautifully carpeted floor with thick, thick carpeting that you can just lay on in the Shaumbra Service Center, but the person next to you feels and perceives wood floors, that’s because they exist together here. Carpet, wood, tile, dirt, water – you see, it is multi-dimensional. Which potential do you want to pick up on? It is up you to you.

So, we sit here in the Shaumbra Service Center renewing our energy. We are in a safe space to allow us to release some of the blocks, to allow us to look beyond who we think we are. So, take a deep breath and feel the energy.

And by the way, we have to chide a few of you here. You run into trouble. Some of you have run into some very interesting, traumatic troubles over these past few holiday weeks of yours. What a wonderful time for drama! You get into trouble. Then, you get overwhelmed. You get down. You get depressed. And then some of you get a bit maudlin as well. You let this dictate your life.

And then you curse, and you say, “But I’m learning all of these things at the Shouds, but it must be not for me. Or it must not be real because then I run into all of these troubles and these traumas with my family, with my job. How could I possibly be Shaumbra if I just got fired the day before Christmas?” I know you’re out there, we heard. “How could that happen to me?”

Shaumbra, instead of getting upset and angry, instead of doing the “poor me,” or instead of, more than anything else, instead of feeling that you’re not worthy of all of this, stop for a moment. Come over here to the Shaumbra Service Center. Many times, it is absolutely vacant and empty. There are no Shaumbra in here at all. You can have the place to yourself.

Come here, sit down, take a deep breath. Bring your troubles with you if you want. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent place to process, to look at or observe your troubles and to really see the shadow behind what you think are your problems. Come to the Shaumbra Service Center. Don't waste your energy in all of these other things. Come here for a moment. Call us in – I, Tobias, Saint-Germain, Quan Yin, Ohamah. Call us in. Have us sit with you if you want. Don’t ask us to solve your problem though because you know our answer to you. What’s inside? What does it feel like to you?

Now, you ask yourself, sitting here in the Shaumbra Service Center, “So what is behind this issue? Why is it that I just got fired? Why is it that my body has been feeling so out of whack lately? Why is it that I’m having continual problems with my family? Why is it that I want to leave my spouse, but I can't seem to do it? I’m miserable, but I can't leave.” Well, come here, sit down, take a deep breath, have a glass of water. Indeed, you can; you can have a glass of water right here. Try it.

For some of you, you think, “Well, this is just silly.” Yes, it is, but not nearly as silly as being a one-dimensional human stuck on Earth. That is really silly. You don't have to be there. So, have a glass of water. Refresh a little bit. Take a deep breath, and say out loud or within yourself, “What is it with this? What is it?” Now, the minute you say that everything goes to work. The answer has to come to you. It has to, sooner or later.

If you're stuck in your head, and you’re trying to figure it out there, then the answer will have a hard time making itself known to you. It will be right there. And sometimes we can see the answer floating around your energy field. And we have to say, “Dear God, why can’t they see it as clearly as we see it?” It’s because you are in your brain.

You are operating in the – what we would call – the near dimensions. You’re not operating in the creative dimensions. We’ll talk about that in just a moment. Get out of your head for a bit. Let go of the question. Stop trying to figure it out. “Dear Spirit, dear self, dear Shaumbra, what is with this abundance issue that’s in my life right now or lack of abundance? Why am I all of a sudden hit with all these bills, and my car breaks down, my rent just went up, and I lost my job?”

Put it out there, you see. You’re really putting it in there actually. You’re putting it into yourself. You’re listening from within. Let go for a while. Stop thinking about it. You’ve already posed the question. Anytime any angel or human asks a question – one of the most beautiful things in the world – it sets up a dynamic where the answer comes flowing in. It has to. It's a natural response from what you call the universe. But it’s actually a natural response from yourself.

What is happening is that you pose the question, yourself. All levels say, “Oh, it is time to move on.” There is a desire for answers and understanding. They’re tired of going through the experience. And now we create, or we bring forth, the answer that was always there anyway.

Now, here you are. You’ve posed your question. You let go. Go off, sit in the Shaumbra Service Center, drink water, take a swim in the pool, sit in the hot tub, sit under the waterfall, one of the most popular places here. There is a beautiful, beautiful waterfall. The water is warm. The water doesn't crash down on you; it’s in slow motion, you see, because here you can even slow down the effects of space. And the water cascades over you.

Just sit there for a little while. Breathe. Turn on some music. We have every possible type of music here, every music that was ever put on to what you call your CD’s. Every tune that was ever thought about but never written down is here. Celestial music, we even have country western (some laughter).

So, you’ve let go. Now, don’t put a time restriction or limitation on when the answer should be there. That starts to mess everything up. Let it come in timeless, you see. You are timeless. All of your answers are timeless. Don't say, “I need that answer in five minutes,” because now you’ve put a spin or an imbalanced energy on the question to begin with. Go timeless here. Some of you are saying, “But what if takes a year?” Well, what if it does take a year? You still will have the answer, won’t you? Don’t worry about time here in the Shaumbra Service Center. Be timeless. The answers will come in.

So, Shaumbra, the question was asked in our Shoud last month, the question about darkness. Someone asked the question, “What is the difference between darkness and evil?” And in the short way we responded and said, “Darkness is a natural state of being.”

Darkness can be called many other names. Negative. It can be called the feminine energy. It can be called the “other” energy, the “other side,” whatever name you want to give it. It is just part of the equation. It could be the “zero” compared to the “one” of lightness. Or it could be the “one” compared the “zero.” The darkness and the light in the purest sense are not locked into their energy structures. They change, you see. They change back and forth – darkness to light. They change their personalities.

So, the question was asked – darkness versus evil – and we said darkness is a natural state of being. It is part of duality. It is a dimension in itself. It is the partner and the lover of the light, and they switch roles back and forth.

Evil – which some of you know would be “live” spelled backwards – evil is an imbalanced dark, where there is so much focus on the dark, and so much focus on what you would call energies of perhaps anger or hate or emptiness, lack of love, however you want to define it. It is an imbalanced dark. It is putting a focus on the dark and trying to ignore the light.

So, the question came up from our dear Linda, “So what is it when there is imbalanced light?” And because we were – how to say – trying to get through as many questions as possible, we deferred. But we would like to talk about that for a moment now because it is a very important aspect of being a multiple-dimensional and a multiple-potential being on Earth. You have to understand the dynamics of light and dark.

Light. You are “lightworkers.” You work in the light, eliminating the dark from the universe. That is the biggest crock, Shaumbra (some laughter). That is imbalanced also. We have a word for it here. It doesn’t really relate to any human word. But in the best translation we can provide, we call it “anost,” anost (Tobias pronouncing this as uh-NAHST). That means an imbalance to the light. The imbalance to the light, or anost, is a denial of the dark. It is a denial of half of yourself, if not more.

There are many, many New Agers – we’re laughing here because Cauldre is. He is shaking his head at us. He says, “Now we’re going to antagonize all of the New Agers.” But they need a bit of antagonizing, you know (some laughter). It is time that they get off of their rather soft thrones, you see.

There’s also an imbalance to the light. And we have to laugh when we hear about the “warriors of the light.” What are you battling? You’re going to go off and battle the dark? Well, they will win because they are stronger, you see. And because you are picking up your sword, they will pick up theirs also. And now you have a true battle going on. Now, you have, in spite of all of your words of peace and love and all of these other things, your denial of the dark creates the battle in the first place.

The dark is simply asking to be acknowledged, you see. Now, this is a tough issue for some because of the overlay of dark. Dark has gotten a bad rap, you see, from, yes, from the churches, from everything. “You can’t be dark.” Dark is often equated with evil, and it's not. It’s simply an imbalanced version, unstable version, of darkness. There is nothing wrong with darkness.

So, Shaumbra, you can be imbalanced to the light, so imbalanced that it causes your own the fortitude to go soft. Then, it causes you to talk in these esoteric lofty words about peace on Earth, but not really understanding what the dynamics are. You want to save the world without having compassion for the world.

Generally, when we see a person imbalanced to the light, one of the first things we recognize is their lack of compassion, oddly enough. You would think the dark would have a lack of compassion. But it's the light, the imbalanced light, thinking that everything has to be saved, and they are the only ones that can save it.

What happens when a person is imbalanced to the light is they become so airy, etheric, ungrounded, intangible. But they are no longer even efficient. They have all of these fluffy concepts that really aren't practical, really don't move energy at all. The imbalanced light is pushed by energy and tumbled around by energy, rather than being truly effective at moving energy.

So, we wanted to address this overlay of the perceptions of the dark.

Now, several years ago at our annual Shaumbra gathering, we talked about that darkness is your divinity. It was the toughest one we ever had to get through Cauldre and a few of you, opening up to say that the darkness is simply the companion of the light. It neither is right nor wrong. They have been lovers. They have been mates. They have filled in for each other. They have been the mirrors that have allowed you to look at who you are.

Can you get to the point in your evolution where you can look at dark and light as the same? Neither one good, neither one bad, they simply are. They’re expressions. The dark helps to spin the light, Shaumbra. It moves the light. The light helps to illuminate new areas, but it takes the dark to spin it. It takes the dark to ground it. We are not talking about dark/evil, dark/bad, dark/violent. We’re talking about the core energies.

Every once in a while, as we explained a long time ago, the dark and the light trade roles, you see. The light says, “I want to experience now what it is like to be the dark.” And dark wants to experience the illumination of the light. So, they switch roles.

Generally, this role switching between your personal light and dark has taken place in between lifetimes. It has generally not been advisable to do it while you were embodied, you see. There are cases of it, and Aandrah, Norma, can tell you more about this, what happens when role reversal happens when a person or a spirit is embodied in physical form, in an incarnation. That’ll throw everything off. So, generally you are reversal, and this is not – somebody is asking here, “Is this reverse polarity?” In a sense, not really, that is a different issue. This reversal of roles takes place in between lifetimes.

Now, for those going through a very intense spiritual ascension process or spiritual evolution, it will happen while you are in this body, you see. It has happened to every one of you where you have the switching back and forth of the dark and the light. And this tends to throw off everything in your reality. This is the point where you generally lose jobs and mates and everything else that you have balanced and brought into your life.

But now you switch roles. But it is different than the past. They switch on each other, so you can experience that, so you can see yourself from the new opposite. And then they come back. They meld; they meld together. What is happening right now for so many of you as this melding takes place… you see, the dark and the light will always, always maintain a certain degree of their own identity. Even when they meld together there will be an awareness that “Once I was light; once I was dark,” you see. So, light and dark don’t necessarily go away; they just find a new way to dance together.

But what happens when they re-meld – see, you've all gone through this role reversal, the light/dark reversal in the past five or six years of time. We know it feels like you’ve gone through it many, many times, but you haven't. It only can be handled one time in a physical lifetime, trust us. You went through this reversal, and now they are coming back together.

Now, think in terms of an eclipse, you see – a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse – when you have one element passing in front of the other, temporarily blocking or shadowing the other, you see, almost like a reverse shadow. That is what's happening with you right now in your lives. You’re integrating, melding, and marrying your dark and light.

Now, don’t go running out of this room and telling the general public that you've married your dark and light because they won't understand. The stigma of dark is so strong that they can't possibly let themselves go there. They're in their own battle with their light and dark right now. You know what that's like; you've gone through that in this lifetime, through others as well.

But you’re reintegrating. Now, you have a type of soul eclipse going on – not solar but a soul eclipse – going on right now, the dark and the light melding back together, but almost casting a reverse shadow, you see. So, while this is happening, you wonder sometimes why there is all this stuff in your life, why can't things just settle back down. But it's a process you asked for, a process that you want, a process that you would be disappointed with if you didn’t go through with it. If you came back to our side right now, you would say, “But why didn't you encourage me to continue? I was almost there. It was re-melding back together.” That's what is happening right now.

So, it is very appropriate during this time of a soul eclipse, of dark and light, a soul eclipse, by the way, that instead of them separating back again, they meld together. At this time of soul eclipse, we talk about the potentials, the shadows, you see, that are created. Behind the eclipse of the dark and the light within you, coming together, behind the eclipse are then many, many potentials.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words, but while you always had nearly infinite potentials to choose from in your life, the ones that were more within reach or grasp were somewhat limited, you see. The ability to bring in a whole different type of potential was limited. It was there, but it was beyond the conscious understanding or the ability of the biology to truly bring it in. But with this soul eclipse that's taking place in your life, the number or potential of potentials is now closer. The ability to bring in things that would a year or two ago have seemed impossible, incredulous, now are possible. This is all as a result of the soul eclipse. The number of shadows or potentials that are now within reality’s grasp are far, far grander. Far grander.

When we sat down with Cauldre and with you and channeled the Silent Prayer, which was given earlier today, the Silent Prayer is the “prayer of potentials.” We called it that at first, and Cauldre had no concept of what we were talking about, so we had to change the name to the Silent Prayer. The Silent Prayer basically says, “Everything is already in my reality. Everything is already here, I need only to accept it, to bring it into my conscious reality. The love that I seek is already in my life, I just need to open the door and let it in, rather than sitting, complaining about why I don't have it. The abundance that I choose in my life so that I can do this work, so that I can be a living, wealthy example of Spirit on Earth is already here,” you see.

Some of you say, “But where, but where?” Oh, it is there. It is here. It is a potential that you weren’t focusing on, that you weren’t realizing, but it is there. The health of your body. The Silent Prayer says your body is already healed because the potential, the shadow, for the healed body is already there. You have had every one of these within you all of this time. They are here now, Shaumbra.

The Silent Prayer is a prayer of potentials. Maybe we want to take a look at putting that as a subtitle to the Silent Prayer. Maybe when Shaumbra does the Silent Prayer – which is not a prayer of asking or begging; it is a prayer of realization and acceptance. “I realize that my life is abundant in every way. I realize that I am in every way.” Perhaps, Shaumbra, it should be the Prayer of Potentials where you don’t have to ask for anything; you just have to open the doors for it to come in. It’s an amazing thing.

We talked in our last Shoud about shadows and potentials. We said that humans tend to live a very singular life, hardly even dualistic, more singular, a singular expression of themselves, a singular path that they have been on and continue to stay on. Shaumbra is learning that it is more than singular. Shaumbra is learning that through the energy of imagination you can open up to all of these other things. You can bring them in through the portal, the crystalline portal, that leads directly into this Now reality, that comes into your Now moment.

But what are the blocks? What is holding you back? Why doesn’t it seem to work? Well, first of all you’re trying too hard. You’re trying to force it in, and you’re trying to figure it in. You’re trying to actually, some of you, con it in and manipulate it in, and it can’t be.

It is a realization. It is in itself its own belief system. It is an overlay absolutely. It is a belief that there is more to you than you. That is also a truism, but it is a belief. It is about allowing yourself to believe that, allowing yourself to get outside of the box that you've been in, but to do it without struggling and pushing and fighting.

Another thing that definitely holds it back are vows, oaths, and promises that you've made to yourself. Every one of these vows and oaths and promises in this lifetime, or from past lifetimes, serves as a type of barrier or blockage, a stone in the road or a boulder in the road or a nail. A nail that you nailed into the wall of your soul, to hold yourself in, a vow that you would never deal in the dark arts. My gosh, why not? Oh, you abused them; yes, we’ve heard about that before.

It’s time to get over that. Some of you said, “But I was a witch. I was a sorcerer. I was influenced by the dark.” Rethink dark, Shaumbra. “Yes, but because of the type of magic that I carried at one point, others abused it.” Well, that’s true, but you didn't. Oh, some of you say, “But yes, I did abuse it.”

But now it is time to move beyond that. It is time to take that nail out of the door of your soul, the nail that you used to keep yourself shut in and limited. You felt such guilt and anguish over what you did. You said, “I will never do that again.” Bang, bang, bang, nail that in. You just limited yourself. You just shut off potentials and probabilities and possibilities of your soul.

You said, “But I killed another human.” Yes, you did. Not a good thing, you know better now. You’re not going to do it. And you know what? They're back on Earth. They probably don't know you, and they’re probably not holding it against you. But you nailed another board in place over the house of your soul, saying, “I will never do that again.”

You felt guilty about abusing power because you saw what it did to you. You saw what it did your spirit. You saw what it did to others. So – bam, bam, bam – you nailed another board to block off the doors and the windows of the house of your soul. All of these things, Shaumbra, over and over again.

We’ve released a lot of them. We’ve taken a lot out. But there are still some there. There are some that are embedded so deep that you can’t even see them, some that you actually hid. You’re very tricky, you know, very tricky. You said, “I don't ever want to do that again. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I don't ever want to do that. I don’t want to ever lead an army of warriors into the battlefield because I saw the blood that was spilled. And I saw the lives that were taken. And I saw the families that suffered for no good at all,” other than what someone told you was a war for God, you see.

Some of you have this very vow or oath in you. And after that lifetime, you said, “Never again. And I'm going to ensure that I never do this again because I'm going to bury that nail. I’m going to board up that part of my soul myself. I’m going to bury that nail. And I’m going to imagine it's not there, even if I go looking for it someday, if I go searching for it someday, trying to open it up. If somebody’s trying to trick me into going into my soul and opening up parts that are best left covered up, I’m going to imagine that it is not there. I’m going to give myself the overlay, the hypnosis. The strongest hypnosis of all is to the self. I’m going to give myself that so I never, ever will find that nail,” you see.

Now, you’re at an interesting point. The nail is there, you know. That board over the door of your soul is there. What are you going to do? What are you going to do with those vows and oaths that were buried so deep, the ones that said, “I will never allow myself to have an abundance of money again because it turned me into a rotten person.” Yes, you were (some laughter), but you're not going to repeat it, Shaumbra. Consciousness, your consciousness, your love has allowed you to transcend.

Do you realize right now – just take a moment to feel it as we sit here in the service center – do you realize if you had a tremendous amount of abundance in your life right now what it would feel like? Just feel it for a moment. Oh, now stop that. One of you just said you would give it all away to everyone. Now stop that. Enjoy it yourself first.

Imagine. Yes, you’re right, you’re absolutely right. You all of a sudden realize you don't need that much? You’re right. And all of a sudden you realize that if you had this tremendous flow of abundance coming into your life, you also realize that there has to be a flow out, no sense in hoarding it or hiding it, no sense in using it for fear purposes, thinking the world is going to come to an end. If the world comes to an end, be the first one to get out (some laughter), guaranteed. Think about that. Why suffer? Leave early (more laughter).

So, Shaumbra, you have this flow of money coming in. Feel it for a moment. Feel what it is like. Feel what it is like to finally have energy back in your life. Feel this potential. And yes, you are right – it has to flow in and flow out. It’s a natural ebb and flow, a natural cycle. That means using it appropriately. Perhaps, you want to build a center. Perhaps, you want to simply invest in the economy, five cars. Perhaps, you want several homes.

Now, look at what this is doing. That nail is sitting there. That nail is so tight in there. And you’re saying, “But this sounds so selfish. I don’t need all of these things.” Shaumbra, let go. Let these limitations off. We know – and you know – you're not going to go crazy with this. You're not going to go and do things that are not appropriate for yourself or for others. It’ll be balanced, you see.

It has to be balanced. Why? Because you’re understanding the light and dark. You’re bringing them together. You’re doing a soul eclipse. You’re marrying the two. Money doesn’t ever have to be out of balance. Relationships never out of balance. Love, sex, food, all of these things, never out of balance because you've chosen to come here.

By the way, some of you worry; you say, “Well, but I’m coming into balance. I’m learning these things. I’m truly ready to accept the gifts and the joy into my life. But what if I slide backwards?” There is a spiritual physics that almost makes it impossible – not totally, but almost makes it impossible – because you reach a certain level of enlightenment. You cannot erase enlightenment, you see. You cannot erase it.

So, you're not going to slide backwards. You’re not going to go do evil, dark things. You’re not even going to do imbalanced light things. It’ll be a balance. And you’ve also asked us to help ensure that you don't slide backwards, that we come in and whap you on the backside a few times if you do (audience laughter). And we will; we love doing that (more laughter). We love doing it actually because, if you haven't noticed by now, as you go, Shaumbra goes; as Shaumbra goes, you go, you see.

So many of you are feeling the energies of this Shaumbra entity in your own life. It comes into support you and serve you and assist you. But you can also feel when there is a – how to say – when there is a disturbance in the Shaumbra force. You can feel when another Shaumbra is having a difficult time. Perhaps, you don't even know their name, but you can feel, yourself, or as part of a group.

You are your own consciousness, and you are a group consciousness, as long as you’re choosing to be that way. So, it behooves us as well to work with you because as you go, so we go. We are family. We are a group. We are Shaumbra.

So, what else is holding you back from this whole concept of potentials, new potentials brought forth? Well, there are very heavy overlays coming from outside of you, coming from other people – your co-workers, people you meet on the streets. There are particularly heavy overlays from television and the media because they are feeding everyone else. Oh, the media is the greatest feeding mechanism that we possibly know of because it can feed many at one time. It feeds realities and belief systems. And it supports the manifestation of beliefs all over the world.

Belief systems are very, very heavy. Those affect you because, while you are feeling or experiencing one thing within, the outside world is trying to tell you, “No, it’s not this way at all.” You have to be able to transcend that to be able to understand. It is time to disconnect from those feedings. It is time to let go of their version of reality. So, let go of that, Shaumbra. That is something else that is holding you back.

Your own internal belief systems, “How can this be possible?” We have heard of several of you say, “Tobias, wonderful theory, show me. Prove it.” We can’t do that because your reality is based on your beliefs systems. And even if we did it, then your next thing would be, “Well, you did, but that wasn't me.” You see, it has to come from within you.

Your own belief systems about the nature of reality need a bit of exploring. You need to take a look within. What are your belief systems about the nature of reality? Do you have to touch it and feel it and smell it in order for it to be real? Or can you accept the imagination? Can you accept the other probabilities and possibilities?

You are a very complex being. You are part human, part angel. You are part God and certainly part devil. You have all of these different aspects of you. Once in a while, you just need to come into the Shaumbra Service Center, get out of the confusion and the noise. You see, there is a very special energy here. It doesn't have what you would call the noise level of your cities, the noise level of Earth and humanity. You can come in here and get beyond that, go through some of the rejuvenation.

So, Shaumbra, in a sense, to help you understand the concepts, let's give an analogy. Let’s talk about a car since we’re in the service center, a car. Now, imagine a car, your car, your vehicle. The car is nothing but a physical thing, a shell made up of steal and tires, some plastic, and if you're fortunate enough, a little bit of leather.

The car, in a sense, doesn't have a mind. It simply is there, much like your physical body. Your physical body is a vehicle, your vehicle. But now let's say we add a brain to the car. Let’s give the car a brain. You don’t have that in your physical reality. But let's create now a car that has a brain.

The brain now of this car will help it to get from one place to the other. The brain will help the car know now how to get to the store, how to get to the office, how to turn right, and how to turn left. The brain will accumulate and collect information on directions and routes, but also things to do and not to do.

You see, part of the brain’s function is to protect the car and to protect the identity of itself. We now have a brain-car. And it wants to maintain at the very core of itself. Intuitively it knows to protect and maintain itself. So, now the brain takes on the responsibility of things to do and not do. The brain knows that you don't step on the gas pedal and go 80-miles-an-hour around a very sharp curve. It protects itself.

It’s a wonderful thing. You gave yourself a brain. The brain collects and stores information. It is a database. And it also has the ability to make judgments, based on things that have happened in the past. It has no way of making judgments of things it hasn't experienced before. The brain in itself is very limited that way. It collects data, makes judgments.

But it doesn't have the ability to predict into the future. As a matter of fact, if you start talking new experience, or future, or something it has never gone through before, the brain puts up an energy of fear. It doesn't know; it is protecting the car-self now. So, it puts up fear, just like you do.

Most humans actually operate in primarily what we would call “body/brain consciousness,” just like a car now with a brain, protecting itself. Most humans are simply protecting themselves. They are storing data, learning how to get through each day, protecting and defending itself.

So, now let's take your car that now has a brain; it’s got some smarts to it. It knows how to do certain things, knows how to get around and protect itself. Now, let's add some feelings to it. Wow, a car with feelings! You see, in a sense, before the brain didn't care; the brain-car didn't care about feelings. It only cared ultimately about preserving its identity. It knew that intuitively. But now it’s got feelings. It can feel pain.

Now, brain says, “Oh, pain. When another car hits me, it hurts. It doesn't feel good. If there are parts that are wearing out, I can feel that now. Before I just knew that they were wearing out. It had no particular effect on me. I was indifferent, other than protecting, maintaining the identity. But now I’ve added a new depth – I can actually feel it. I actually have ‘good car days’ and ‘bad car days.’ (some laughter) I actually, with my feelings, I’ve begun to notice there’s some nice looking cars over on the other end of the parking lot (more laughter). That little Miata is mighty attractive today.”

You see, now the car has feelings, and it begins to operate in a whole different way – emotions and feelings and awareness. The car now has a certain level of awareness that adds a new dimension. Many humans operate in body/brain and low feelings. We call them “low vibration” feelings, a certain degree of understanding, awareness of pain and feeling of what pleases them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, you see. So, most of humanity is in those levels of either body/brain or body/brain/somewhat-feeling basis.

Now, let us add spirit to the car, spirit. Oh, imagine what that does! Spirit is purpose. Spirit is awareness. Spirit is “I Am.” The car now realizes that it is a car. It has its own personality, its own identity. It has a body and a brain and some feelings. But now it is truly complete. With spirit added to this vehicle, now there is meaning. Now, there is purpose, not just survival, not just avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. But there is the purpose of evolving and expanding, growing, and creating.

Now, with the spirit entered into the car, the car also takes on a whole new aspect, a whole new understanding. It realizes that it can re-create itself over and over again. It can re-create itself, going from being a Chevy Lumina, and now can re-create itself as a Mercedes, to use a few of your overlay examples. It can create itself as a Jeep. It can re-create itself as a taxicab. The spirit in the car understands creation and re-creation. Then, the spirit says to itself, “If I created myself once, I can create myself and re-create myself over and over and over,” you see.

There are four levels of operation, and we just reversed engineered basically the human angel. We started with a body, and we went to the spirit. In your case it was the other way – the spirit that took on feeling or emotion, that took on brain, that took on body, you see. We want to have you to understand how each one of these layers work; how when adding a brain to a body, it changes, the whole composition. When adding feeling to the brain and the body, it changes everything.

And adding spirit is the ultimate. It adds the ability to understand self as self, have an awareness of self, have purpose in self, the purpose not just to survive, not just to live, but to drive like hell (audience laughter), to feel the wind against the windshield, to see the beautiful, panoramic views. The spirit helps it to understand joy, fulfillment, creation, all of these things.

You are these four elements put together now. You're beginning to understand your spirit. Slowly, but you’re beginning to understand.

One of the other blockages, Shaumbra, the biggest blockage, the biggest blockage of all, you’ve been operating in the body, in the brain, and to an extent the feeling levels or dimensions. You’ve been removed from Spirit. Spirit has been with you, even though you’ve been looking out there. Spirit has been there.

Now, let's bring in Spirit into this mix. It is you; it is the I Am. It is the awareness. It is the part that knows no death, you see. Spirit cannot know death, ever. Never. There is no death in the heart of Spirit. It is re-creation, re-creating, re-inventing yourself over and over.

One of the biggest blockages is the different agendas – the human agenda versus the spiritual delight, the spiritual purpose, the spiritual presence. You have been asking for all of these things in your life to satisfy the car – to try to fix the wheels, to try to take the tears out of the upholstery, to try to correct the rust, to try to make the engine sputter a few more miles. Your focus, Shaumbra, humans, has been on repairing the car.

And it's time to re-invent the car, re-create the car, and stop trying to rebuild it. The fear has been death. The fear has been finality. You’ve been operating in the three – what we would call – lower levels, or basic levels, of trying to always maintain the integrity of the car, trying to preserve and protect it. So, your agenda for making the car just a little shinier, a little faster, making the car a little better than someone else's is not necessarily consistent with the desire of the soul. You’ve been removed from your soul because you’ve been trying to focus on the basic things of keeping that old car running.

You see, Shaumbra, there’s been a disconnect between you and soul. You’ve been crying out for things that perhaps really weren’t that important to the soul. Ultimately, the soul wants simply to expand and to re-create over and over again. The aspect that you hold on so tightly to in your life, that aspect of you, the human, sitting here in the chair, wanting just a few more years of life on Earth, doesn’t really matter to the soul. It doesn't care. That part of yourself isn't concerned about things like that. Sometimes that part of you, which you blacked out, knows far better, knows sometimes it is time to end a life in order that it can re-create itself.

Dear Melanie, the one who passed away recently, the one who was a teacher for Cauldre, understood that quite well and understands it right now. Sometimes the soul just wants to re-create itself. Well, part of her, of course, wanted to repair the body where the cancer was coming in. But she had to connect with her soul. “What is the real purpose? What is the real meaning of this?” And the soul said, “It’s time that we re-invent ourselves. That old self, that old you, is tired out. We can do a much better job. New models are out now (some laughter). We can do a much better job.”

So, you see, the biggest blockage of all has been what you consider to be your agenda, your desires versus the soul desire. We are going to put these together. We’re going to bring them back together. We’re going to put them into an eclipse together, a soul eclipse, a complete understanding.

You see, you think your soul knows everything your humanness wants. It doesn't because you’ve shut it out. You’ve barricaded it. You’ve had so many vows and oaths and promises. You’ve cut out soul and self. And let’s bring them back together now. Oh, they are all part of the same indeed, but you’ve created an artificial separation. Let’s bring them back together.

Let’s breathe in for a minute the soul, the self, that part of you that loves to create, that loves to re-create, that loves the expression of life, whether it is in physical body or out. In a sense, the soul, your true being, has no desires or needs or agendas. It knows it's already there. The soul self is the part that understands every probability and potential. It’s already there. The part that sometimes you hear crying at night is your soul because you choose not to see that it is already there, that you’re already there.

So, Shaumbra, in the Service Center right now let’s start bringing back the soul into the life, into you, into your reality, into the Now. With that also comes the true understanding of how to bring all of these potentials into your life. Just invite it in without agenda. Invite yourself in.

So, we’re going to make another observation here, part of the – we will talk about this more in the next Shoud – but part of the other large blockage is the dimensional level that you’ve been working from. Now, Saint-Germain goes into great detail about this in the DreamWalker School. And by the way, I, Tobias, am without any – how to say – agenda. I’m going to suggest that sooner or later every Shaumbra go through the DreamWalker School. It is not about death. It is about new realities and new probabilities. That's what it is truly about.

Saint-Germain talks in great detail about the nonphysical, earthbound dimensions or realities. He calls it the “near realities,” nonphysical, earthbound realities, near because they are near to the Earth. They are nonphysical, but they are very closely connected to the Earth. This is where you tend to go at night. And this is where you tend to go to solve problems. And this is where your brain feels most comfortable with because it has the look and the feel, the smell, and the walk of physical reality. You’re more comfortable there.

Most people never get past the near dimensions or realities when they die. They leave Earth; they simply leave their body. They go into the near dimensions, which have all of the attributes of the physical reality of Earth; it is simply without matter.

Saint-Germain in the DreamWalker School talks about going through the next doorway that leads into what he calls the crystalline realms. He tells the students that the mind doesn't work out here in the crystalline realms. The crystalline realms are far beyond the Earth realm, and there is no particular affiliation or familiarity in the crystalline realms with Earth. You leave everything behind.

The crystalline realms are where new things are birthed. The crystalline realms are called “crystalline” because they are the Christ seed energy in an embryonic form, birthing. If you come out to these realms, you’ll feel birthing taking place. It is creative. It is non-mental. The mind doesn't work out here. Some have tried to propel themselves into these realms through the use of drugs, and they go crazy because the mind doesn't work. And on drugs you always bring your mind, you see. Bad trip (some laughter).

In the Shaumbra Service Center right now, as we have been talking, we have shifted – with your permission – we have shifted out of the mental. Some of you have fallen asleep because we have gone into the crystalline. Some of you are keeping your mind occupied with games or pretending you’re listening. But we’ve actually been in the crystalline.

From here – and again I am going to emphasize, and underline and exclamation point, if you do this in the text, please – in the crystalline realms the mind doesn't work! And if your mind is working away, you’re not in the crystalline realms. Period. It doesn't work. You’re going to try to force it to work. You’re even going to try to take little mental notes on what the crystalline realms are like.

And you’re then going to – how to say – be full of yourself and try to tell other people what they’re like. You can't. You can't. I can touch you and have you understand crystalline energy, but I can't tell you about it. You can share it with another person from your heart or by touching them, but you can never tell them about it. Not because it’s a secret, but because it is beyond words and beyond the mind.

Every one of you has been there at some time or the other. So, now the recollection is there, but it’s not recalled in the brain, you see. The brain is struggling to try to figure it out. And the brain is telling you right now, “Oh, yes, I have been there. I’m a master there; I’m a teacher there.” (audience laughter) I don’t remember inviting Kuthumi in, but I guess he showed up (more laughter).

The crystalline realms are where the true probabilities and potentials are created. And it’s where all problems are solved, you see. In the DreamWalker School Saint-Germain talks in detail about this, giving as much background as he can, but conveying as much energy as he knows how to.

So, when you're trying, Shaumbra, to say, “Now, how is it that I open up to new potentials and probabilities? How do I bring the shadows in now, now that I'm having a soul eclipse, bringing the light and dark together? And there are a myriad of new potentials available for me right now. How do I bring those in?”

Come up to the crystalline realms. Start out here in the Shaumbra Service Center. If you need an escort or a guide, that’s fine. There are many here who will bring you. Go out to the crystalline realms. And then be quiet and experience creation being birthed. Experience yourself being re-invented. And do it without fear.

Experience what it is like to have everything about you re-invented, re-created. Imagine all of the potentials that can be brought into your reality. And imagine that it doesn't have to be just one potential; it can be many. And then let them flow in.

Yes, your life will change. Again. We know. Things will happen but take a deep breath and let them happen. Stop trying to hold on so tightly to that old car. Stop trying to rebuild that old car. Perhaps, there is a potential that exists that the car can re-invent itself without having to destroy itself first, you see. You see how it’s all put together.

So, Shaumbra, we’re going to answer one question now before it is asked again. You say, “But all of these potentials exist, the potential that I could be a grand musician, which I’ve always wanted to be. But I know nothing about music. So, how does that work? Is that potential fully loaded? Does it come here is an accomplished pianist and composer? And do I just sit down like as in doing a channeling and start playing away?”

It is a potential, but there may be other potentials that want to come in first for a variety of reasons. And this is where the fully loaded dimensional aspect of you – body, mind, feeling and spirit – work together. But what happens is you bring that shadow forward. You breathe it in. You allow it to come in. You know no limitations.

Now, this potential is here. But in a way, at first it is somewhat etheric, unstable. It is standing side-by-side you, the physical being. It is part of you, but it is also itself. And now it is needing to be fed. It has a purpose and desire. It wants to create music and now it has to be filled in. It is like a blank being, in a sense, wanting now to be filled in.

It starts feeding itself from the collective you. It starts feeding itself also right here – and right here and right here, you see – everywhere there is the energy and the consciousness of music. It doesn't exist off locked inside some mountain somewhere. It is all around. The energy of music is everywhere, just as is the energy of painting, or the energy of scientific discovery.

And that probability potential self that has just joined you in reality through the imagination now starts feeding. It can start picking up chords. It can start picking up the understanding of the current musical scale, which, by the way, is a limited overlay in itself. It can start picking up the feel and resonance of instruments from the air, you see. Mass consciousness allows all of this to be floating around at any time.

You pull in a probability of yourself that wants to invent – let’s say, for instance – a new energy resource for Earth. Earth needs it right now. It needs a new way. So, you want to start bringing in the probability and potential self that understands how to bring energy from water. You bring it in, and it starts feeding on mass consciousness, information that’s stored. We know some of you talk about the Akashic records sometimes. There is a “human consciousness record,” just floating, just all around. You literally can start picking up energies and information out of the air, bringing them into the probability self, bringing them into you.

Some of you have had the experience lately where you felt – oh, yes, we hear we’re going too long here, but we’re having fun. Some of you have had the experience lately, saying, “But I don’t know where I knew that. I felt so smart. I must have been channeling.” No, you were bringing in probability selves, potential selves.

Those potential selves immediately start hooking up to the feeding, the feeding from mass consciousness, and also with permission feeding off of the grid, feeding off of more omni-universal databanks, and then begins to experience and play with that energy, you see. So, all of the resources are right here. You bring in that potential. You let it start feeding. That is why some of you hear songs being played that you’ve never heard on the radio, but they’re coming through you. You're tapping into mass consciousness.

You want to know how to – how to say – work with nuclear physics. Oh, yes, you can study books, but an interesting thing happens. You've created a probability self that chooses to know about nuclear physics. As you start reading the books, all of a sudden, your understanding grows exponentially, a quantum leap. Well, you’re reading, but there are other things happening as well. You’re connecting to mass consciousness information. And you’re bringing it in, not through the mind, but through your own crystalline connection.

Every one of you has a crystalline connection that has not been used in a long, long time that goes beyond the near realms, connects directly with the crystalline realms, you see. That has not been used in a long time. And your homework for these next days, 30 days or so of time that we have, is to go in and look – when did you shut down your crystalline connection? And why did you shut it down?

And listen. Come into the Shaumbra Service Center and listen for the answer. It is important. This is not trivial homework this time. This is important homework.

That crystalline connection is inside of you. You just deactivated it. You pulled the plug. Why did you do it? When did you do it? And are you ready to activate it again?

And so it is.