The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 12: "J'Encore" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
July 7, 2007

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, we continue the energy of this gathering, of the Shoud that we are all participating in, the J’Encore, the “me again.”

You know, it’s like if you were standing on a crossroads, but not just two roads crossing, but many, many, many roads. And you sent one of your thoughts down one road; one of your dreams down another; one of your feelings down yet another road; one of your creative imaginations down another. Every idea, thought, feeling part of you, you sent down a different road so you could explore parts of yourself. And you kept the you, the human aspect, focused on just one road.

You continued that journey, somewhat on your own and lonely, but yet underneath always knowing that every idea and thought of you was embarking on their own journey, discovering their own things, finding their own expression. And some day, which is in the Now moment, all of the thoughts and dreams and aspirations and potentials come back together. J’Encore. Me again. “That’s just me, that’s just a feeling that I’ve had that was off exploring. That was an idea that I had that I didn’t think I ever did anything with, but now I realize that I did. It was off exploring.” Perhaps it wasn’t manifesting right here on Earth in this third dimension, but it was doing something somewhere. Every dream, every imagination and every idea.

Not many humans will ever have their roads converge together in this lifetime. Maybe lifetimes from now, in the distant future, but the potential for you is to have the convergence occur now, to have these parts of you that have seemed fuzzy or even non-existent, now come into your consciousness. It’s those “aha” moments. It’s the feeling that you’re integrating yourself back together. It’s the bringing together, the J’Encore, of you.

I don’t want to give you any specifics of how it’s going to effect your life, we'd like you to discover that for yourself. But we’ll continue to talk about this for many, many Shouds into the future – the bringing back together of you. Meeting yourself once again. Instead of that dream that you had one night is seeming like some crazy fragment that you don’t understand, the J’Encore brings it back. Now you’ll understand that dream and for many of you it will actually occur in this reality. Some of the dreams that you’ve had at night, you’re living out somewhere else. But now in your new consciousness you’re bringing those in to actually happen right here on Earth. J’Encore.

And with that, let us take the questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the internet by Linda): Other entities say that at the time of the Quantum Leap the photon energy will enter through gates and that the strongest energy will enter through the gate over the old city of Jerusalem. It will cause an earthquake that will destroy the holy mountain. There will be some kind of darkness that will engulf the whole planet for about one and a half to three days. Many souls will leave their bodies and we will be in some kind of sleep state during this time, while you keep saying that we will feel nothing. Could you please elaborate on that?

LINDA: And this is a woman from Israel asking this.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Sounds like yet just another day on Earth! Shake rattle roll! Ha! (Tobias chuckles and some audience laughter).

LINDA: Nice...

TOBIAS: Joking. In this thing that we call the Quantum Leap, there is potentials in everything. There is potentials for all sorts of things to happen. There is the potential for these cataclysmic type of things to happen and they are often associated with some of the archetypical symbols like Jerusalem and the holy land. But it is just a potential, and we see a very, very slight chance of anything like that happening because, well, humans aren’t really choosing it right now. They’re not necessarily choosing that type of drama, that type of energy to happen. As the transition of the Quantum Leap is made, it will happen very subtly within the individuals. It doesn’t need this large drama around it. So what other groups are seeing is a potential that may be acted out in other realms, but the likelihood of it being acted out here on this earthly realm in the third dimension is very, very slim.

It’s important for all of you, all Shaumbra, not to get caught up with the drama. You don’t need drama to create excitement in life. You don’t need the drama to try to just keep getting through one day after the other. That is an Old Energy feeding. What you begin to see, as you bring all of the elements together, that there is a new depth and even a new dimension to living on Earth right now. Drama is not needed, and therefore that’s why we say that it is very unlikely that it will happen.

What is happening, at a very personal level, on this day of the Quantum Leap that is coming up very soon, you are literally allowing yourself to take a – let’s say – a type of key and unlock a new set of potentials that is far different, has far more depth than the old potentials you’ve been working with. You’re bringing in grand new opportunities into your life. Then it is up to you as individuals whether you are choosing to use them or not. They will never be inflicted on you. They will never be commanded to you. It is all about choice. Thank you.

LINDA: Do you have anything extra you want to add for these ladies in Israel?

TOBIAS: Yes indeed. The Quantum Leap energy – energy of the Quantum Leap and New Energy – will have an effect on this land of Israel which is very important. You may call it a portal or a gateway, but it is an energetic center on Earth right now for the old religion and the old view of God. Literally, there are those who are holding onto an energy – and they have been for four thousand years or more – of a God that no longer serves humans. And they are trying to keep that God in place, because it was a controlling God, it was a male God, oftentimes an angry God and a God that perhaps used the word love but never truly expressed it. It is just a human aspect. It is not truly a God as you would know, because the God is within you and God is nothing at all ... I can’t even use words, but God is nothing like how “he” is depicted and how “he” rules your society and your cultures right now.

So yes, there will come a point, and whether it is in a few months or whether it is in a few years or decades, where the old God concept, which is being held in this “wholly” ... that’s with a “w,” not necessarily with an “h” (laughter) ... within this wholly land is going to have to be shaken up. Now how hard are humans going to hold on? Well, you can see it happening all the time – they’re holding on very tightly. Perhaps the wobbling of consciousness is going to help free up some of that energy so humans can discover a new Spirit, and the Spirit that begins with “I AM” and then expands from there.

So if there is enough consciousness that is allowing the evolvement of the new God, and enough consciousness on the other hand that is holding on, that is going to cause some shake-ups. Perhaps it will come in terms of an earthquake, perhaps it will come in terms of a war, but generally it is a way of allowing Old Energy to get unstuck and to move to a new level.

If humans, and especially Shaumbra, add to the drama of that evolvement of energy, then yes it is very likely that it could involve some very dramatic events. But do you really need that? Do you need to look at the headlines and see that entire cities are wiped out? Do you need to look at the headlines and see that there is some grand terrorist act? Is that how you have to begin the day with your cup of coffee? To feel that drama? To feel that you’re still living?

There is a different way, a non-dramatic way and a very holistic way – with an “h” – that allows you to be, to work with and bring in energy, and to truly appreciate everything that you are and understand that God is within. So it is a human choice. It has not been written into the book of destiny, which there is none.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. It’s really wonderful to be here with you. It’s my birthday. (She begins to sing) “I’m sixty, I’m beautiful, and I am that I am!” I’ve been waiting to do that for three weeks. (audience applause)

TOBIAS: Yes indeed. And if you and Kuthumi got together ...

SHAUMBRA 2: I know! I know!

TOBIAS: ... there’s no telling what would happen!

SHAUMBRA 2: Yeah, but he said rap wasn’t music, and I’m not so sure. I used to be a lawyer and of course now I’m a full time teacher of music. I teach guitar, piano and voice, and I have over 50 students now on a waiting list. This is since June 9th of 2002, when I changed careers. I wanted to know, and I’ve wanted to know for a long time, what you think the role of music is in inspiring consciousness and awareness, as you put it today. And also I loved the trip down memory lane that we had in our last Shoud where we talked about Jimi Hendrix and many other artists. What is the role of music from before now versus the role of music in the future that has not yet maybe reached our ears? And can I keep teaching all those old classic rock songs that I love to all of my students and still take them forward consciously?

TOBIAS: Indeed. You bring up a very interesting topic here. Music is perhaps one of the easiest ways to allow the potential of consciousness change, because of its melodies, of the vibration and the resonance of the music, not just the words or what you would call the notes. But it is easier to put the consciousness into music than just about any other thing. When your eyes read something in a book or a magazine, you tend to go mental and you tend to actually filter out consciousness potential. Or if there is even a speech or a talk, it tends to get a bit mental. Music, oh, it appeals to the heart so it is much easier to allow a flow of consciousness in.

You answered your own question when you pointed out some of the great musicians back in the 60s, 70s and even many today, although we have to express a personal opinion. The infusion of consciousness and energy resonance in music is not as prolific now as it was back twenty, thirty years ago. There is much less of that almost conscious attempt to deliver consciousness through musical vibration.

However, the cycles are changing and in this time it is more possible to put in pure consciousness into a musical form, especially when the composer understands that music is no longer a vibration – or just a vibration. Music goes beyond that now in the New Energy, so you can have a musical symphony that combines vibrational tones with expansional New Energy resonance, all combined into the same thing. So instruments will play, singers will sing, but woven right into that is New Energy consciousness and potential. It’s the way of serving consciousness to humans who may not listen to Shouds or read books or any of these other things. It is the delivery method for New Energy.

So, that being said, we have been waiting – not always patiently – but waiting to do our “Ask Tobias” session about music. (applause) Indeed. We have been waiting for a variety of situations to take place and one of them is going to ... a very high potential that it’s going to – how to say – surface or come into actuality at the Quantum Leap conference in Taos in just a short period of time where you will see and feel and hear and experience the effects of a variety of types of music. I have to tell a secret that we haven’t even shared with Cauldre yet ... he always loves this! (laughter) One of the things we are planning on our side while the humans are planning their details is actually using this Quantum Leap celebration as a launching point for New Energy music. So be there ...

LINDA: Cauldre knows it!

TOHBIAS: ... be there and watch how all of this unfolds. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the internet by Linda): For quite some time now I’ve been quite in almost constant state of worry over my body’s health and I’ve found it very difficult to stay out of fear with it. I’m also afraid of actually creating issues with it by worry about it too. With all the changes my body’s going through, how do I know whether or not it is simply these changes or whether to be concerned and seek medical advice? As I’m due to go for a test, which I really don’t want to, but I have become so confused lately, I’m just not sure what to do and I’m scared. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The worrying is a form of drama, and although you will probably state that it’s miserable and you hate it and you didn’t bring it in, well, indeed you did. The worrying actually dramatizes events that are going on, not just in your body but in the mental and in the creative part of your life. So it’s actually bringing you a great deal of – what you would call – energy, but dramatic energy, energy that you really don’t need.

A couple of things here. First, work with the Standard Technology. That is, allowing your body to rejuvenate itself. It’s not very dramatic, it’s not very exciting. There’s not a lot of whistles and bells. Actually, Standard Technology is very, very boring. You are just allowing the natural functions of your body to do what they know how to do. Do your breathing. That is so important. And, as odd as it may sound, don’t try to achieve results, because that is actually putting energy into a biased state or a polarized state. As much as you want your physical body to heal, the more you try to make it heal, the more difficult it actually is. So, it’s actually about accepting. It’s about not worrying about it. What’s the worst that you’re going happen? The worst.

So now, with this renewed consciousness, now your body can really go to work, because it ... it wants to be healthy. It is programmed for health and healing and rejuvenation. It is deep within the DNA and the parts of the DNA that are now coming into this reality. It’s one of the parts of yourself that has been off wandering. That healing aspect of you is coming back in.

In the meantime, go to the doctor for nothing more than confirmation and comfort, because otherwise ... I know your mind, it is going to continue to worry and worry and worry about things. Now the doctor can help you truly have an understanding from an outside source. No matter what the doctor tells you though, no matter if he says that you have some type of disease or some type of imbalance in your body, understand that your body wants to rejuvenate and it has the capability to do that. It knows how to do that. The doctor will give you some comfort and perhaps direction.

And one thing that many doctors are very good with: they are also energy movers, even though they work with medicines and tools and things like that. One of the greatest benefits of a doctor, particularly a New Energy oriented type of doctor, is they are also helping to support the very healing work that your consciousness wants to do. So there is some underlying consciousness work going on between you and the doctor. However, always take and assume responsibility for your own body. Everything else comes in to support it – the doctor, families and friends, other types of things – support your own rejuvenation capability. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. I wanted to ask you about my youngest daughter. She is a Type 1 diabetic and recently we put her on the insulin pump and I just wondered what you guys’ opinion is of that or if you could talk about insulin dependent diabetics.

TOBIAS: Indeed. In this particular case that you’re talking about with your daughter, the ... we’re looking at her energy level and there is a permission to look deeply here. At this point we feel that ... and no, Linda, we are not medical doctors or authorities ...

LINDA: Thank you.

TOBIAS: ... we’re giving an energetic overview. It is not physical or psychiatric advice but rather a higher form of consciousness that we are attuning to. (some laughter)

LINDA: You’re good!

TOBIAS: Thank you. (laughter) Now with that disclaimer in place, your daughter at this point would go into a physical trauma without this insulin pump and without the type of medications. It’s not affecting the mind, it is working in the body. So that is a good thing. It is not altering the way the mind or even the spirit processes. It is isolated to the physical situation.

But, that being said, while the physical is being somewhat held in balance with the insulin, there is deep, deep energy wounds here. And any time there is a diabetic situation it is a strong indication of the lack of love that the person has, first for themselves. A total lack of ability for self love that manifests itself in all the people around the person – the family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, everything else. There is the inability to accept love also from another person. Accepting support or accepting the basic physical needs to keep her going, yes, they can do. But they reject love, and it starts from within.

That being said, there is no magic cure here. How do you encourage a person to unconditionally and absolutely love themselves? What do they go through to learn how to love? Well, one of the first steps is breathing. You can’t breathe deeply if you don’t love yourself. Breathing will bring about and open up a lot of very deep-seated issues and angers and all the rest of this, but it is the first step toward self love.

It is one of the things that we’re going to ask all of you, and you in particular, to look at, because it’s not just about your daughter. It’s about many, many others who have diabetes. You see, diabetes is an imbalance in some of the energies in the body, an imbalance in the sugar and in the blood, an imbalance in the sweetness of self and the sweetness of life. S

So I'm going to put the question back on you and I’m going to ask you to come back in three to four months of time and talk to us about how do you get a human back to loving themselves. Your daughter, who is energetically here, is agreeing to be a part of this discovery process. So it won’t necessarily ... she’s agreed to it, however it’s not going to make it easy, just that she agreed to it. It will bring up issues in you and in her and your own self worth issues that are somewhat tied into this as well. So what a beautiful time to take a look at what does it take to love oneself and to return the balance into the physical body. Thank you. You know your homework.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you. (Audience applauds)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (read from the internet by Linda): For more than a year now I’ve been on the verge of creating significant breakthroughs in my life. I've had several opportunities and potentials knocking at my door that make me believe that I’m about to finally manifest the things in my life I’ve always wanted. But when these things are about to come into manifestation, always, in the last minute everything falls apart. It all disappears right in front of my eyes like a mirage. I try looking at the bright side, convincing myself that maybe those things were not what I really wanted in the end. But to be honest, deep down I feel very frustrated and confused. Could you explain to me what’s going on?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Achieve-aphobia. (Tobias chuckling, audience laughter.) It is a real fear. Achieve-aphobia – the fear of achieving. You say you can almost taste it, you can almost feel it, but then it goes away. What’s happening? You’re afraid of it. What happens if you have that breakthrough? What responsibility does it place on you? How does it change your life? How do you have to stop feeding in the way that you’ve been feeding? How do you have to change some of those patterns and addictions that you have in your life?

So, you have achieve-aphobia. You have to take a look at why you have this fear of breakthrough. What will it mean in your life? What will you have to give up to become all that you are? Thank you. A whole new science here, perhaps Andra is going to go into this one. (laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. You may have already alluded to my question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. At the end of this wonderful weekend, this Ascension School in Breckenridge, Saint-Germain said some incredible, awesome things that moved all of us there. One thing that really spoke to me was when he said that we are coming to the end of our struggles and the burdens that we have carried through so many lifetimes and that we can expect a life of joy and happiness. I’d like to know if letting go of the pain in our body that I’m experiencing – and a lot of other Shaumbra – is part of this.

TOBIAS: Indeed it is, and when Saint-Germain addressed this group, which is meant for that specific group but also had implications on all of Shaumbra, what he was saying was that in service to humanity, in service to consciousness, that Shaumbra in general has given themselves, for many, many lifetimes in service. Taking on other people’s pains, taking on other people’s feelings and emotions, in a sense taking on the burden of humanity and consciousness, as grand as that may sound, but it is quite true.

There was a conscious choice somewhere along the line to say, “I will serve humanity.” And by experiencing the pain of human living and the challenge and the difficulty of life, it has given all of you incredibly deep insights into what humans and even what angels are experiencing. It has given you a type of very deep experience so that you could understand more about how to be the consciousness inspirers of this New Energy. You wanted to make sure that you weren’t doing it just from a place of analysis or theory, that you were deeply immersed in it. Now you are waking up. You are realizing that it’s not yours, it’s not about you. As much as you went so deeply into these experiences, you took it on for yourself, but it really hasn’t been about you.

Now much like Klaus, the doll maker, who kept all of these beautiful dolls on his shelf instead of selling them, he realized at some point he had to let them go. And the question that we are going to ask and will continue to ask Shaumbra is: Can you let go of so many of these struggles and challenges and difficulties that you have led yourself to believe are yours? But in reality they are not. The only thing that is yours is what you choose in this moment, and that’s all. That’s the only thing that is yours.

So when Saint-Germain said “You’re coming to a time now where you can actually have joy in your life,” the question that I have is: Will you allow yourself to have that? Or will you go on pretending that all of these things that induce the pain in your body and other places, are you willing to let those go? Are you willing to live your own life – and only your own life – in joy and in freedom and in sovereignty? Only for you. Now that sounds selfish perhaps, but is it? If you are living in absolute joy and freedom, and freedom of physical pain, mental trauma and all of these other things, if you are sovereign, don’t you think that that has an effect on consciousness? Instead of carrying the burdens of humanity and carrying old consciousness, isn’t it time that you inspired consciousness? Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you. (audience applause)

LINDA: There’s some good questions here.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (read from the internet by Linda): Hi Tobias. I’m extremely sensitive to the energies around. Being with people in relationships have always frightened me and I’m terribly afraid to speak in public. This problem really doesn’t let me be the teacher that I am and expand my energy. The question is I don’t know whether it’s my fear that causes me being sensitive or that being far too sensitive by nature, fear is the result. At the same time there is something in me that makes me feel kind of grand and I assume to be the energy pumping my Shaumbra energy, so to say. I also sense there is big stuff from previous lives. Is there anything you can add? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. So many of you have led quiet contemplative lives in the past, as Saint-Germain pointed out in the Ascension School. Even in this lifetime you don’t choose a – what we call – a stand out life, a big dramatic life, a life where you are high profile. You tend to lead a quieter life. In the past you have actually led very lonely lifetimes coming up to this. So you’re at the point now of coming out of your shell, of coming out to be all that you are, to be an inspiration for other humans. So obviously you went into a form of achieve-aphobia that has to do with being all that you are.

Many of you don’t want the responsibility and you fear that you may mislead other people so you tend to shy away. Many of you are very, very sensitive right now. When you get in front of even a small group you can feel their energies and perhaps there is a fear that you’re not going to like what they feel coming at you. They may be thinking thoughts in their heads and you’re hearing it in yours ... “This dear one is not a very good speaker, very boring, tells long stories, you know.” (laughter) But, that being said, you’re looking at just one aspect of what they may be thinking. The other part of them may be highly inspired, may be loving every word that you share. Remember to look at all aspects of any situation that is occurring in your life.

There is basically one cure for this that I know of. Get up and do it. Don’t fear failure. Yes, you might be extremely embarrassed. People might walk out. But you know, something happens to you when that occurs. Your own internal energies that you referenced here kick in and they say, “I don’t care what they say. I am expressing myself and my truth and that’s all that matters.” On the other hand, you may draw large groups and audiences who may come in to not just hear the words but to feel your energy. So you really have to make a decision to just do it, no matter what happens. Thank you.

LINDA: Two more questions?

TOBIAS: Three ... four. Not seven! (laughter)

LINDA: Feel, feel, feel the voice. How many questions? (Tobias holds up three fingers.) Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hello. This is my first meeting, so ... it’s great to be here. (audience applause) So I’m Shaum... Shaumbra? Is that how you say it?

TOBIAS: Yes! “My name is Bob. I’m Shaumbra.” That’s how we do it here, yes. (laughter, Tobias chuckling)

SHAUMBRA 8: Yes. Well I assumed that because I resonate so much with what I’ve been reading on the internet. So it’s very good stuff. My question is about music, and music has been part of my life off and on. And recently in the last number of years I’ve decided to pursue it more seriously and I do songwriting and I produced a CD. The part that’s hard for me is the promotional part and I want to take this to the next level. I’ve been performing around a lot but to smaller venues, and I want to take it to the next level. And I just want to hear what you have to say about that.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The ... many different thoughts going through at the same time ... first there is a network that is being created right now by Shaumbra to distribute the Shaumbra musical works. Some will achieve worldwide distribution through this type of Shaumbra internet portal that is being built right now, others will receive smaller distribution. Now that shouldn’t matter. Music is a type of melodic counseling and it doesn’t matter if you reach out to a million people or just a few. It is more about the type of thing we talked about before – the infusion of consciousness, the ability, actually, to do energetic or feeling counseling with people through music.

So the thing is here to try a variety of sources for the distribution, which is really what this is about. Don’t so much confuse it with promotion. It is about achieving, well you know, energy distribution channels. I’m going to throw in my two cents worth into this, saying that you have so many technologies available today. Incredible ... when we look at the energy of the internet, we stand behind our own short wall, we kind of look down on Earth and we look at the internet technology, there is so much energy, mostly old but some new, in the internet. Perhaps you don’t realize it because you just turn on your thing – processor – and you're there. You're participating. But from our vantage point we can see the energy potential in this thing called the internet.

The internet is basically a reflection of or a parallel of human consciousness. And you know these days that the majority of humans right now have added their energy into the internet. It is a type of collective uncollective. You have the personal computer at home that allows you to do your personal things, but it allows the consciousness of humanity to join together. So this offers tremendous potential.

Look towards distribution, not just in the conventional methods and the physical methods but into the internet distribution. The energy that you have placed in your music is going to resonate with specific groups, specific parts of the world even, specific – whether it is masculine or feminine – but it will find it its own level. You don’t actually really need to promote anymore these days, you just need to open distribution portals, and that applies to just about anything that Shaumbra does.

SHAUMBRA 8: Okay, thank you.

LINDA: Quite amazing, thank you.

TOBIAS: Absolutely! (audience applause)

LINDA: You’re at your best. Top of your game.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (read from the internet by Linda): I’m at a crossroads and direly need direction. A few months back Saint-Germain said if someone was still having trouble with abundance, they should consider backing up or dropping out. I took the words to heart and camped out in nature these past few months, re-reading every Shoud since 2003 just to see what I’d missed and why my life is not working like other Shaumbra. I gained many new insights and let go of things that I realized were holding me back. I spent many days in tears, angry and confused, as well as days filled with joy, hope and happiness. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that no answer comes when I ask myself what do I truly want. I need to know what is causing the blockage. Please direct me in some area because I don’t want to die in apathy. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Well you’ve made a choice not to die in apathy, so first of all understand that that will come to realization. You’ve let yourself go through a tremendous level of clearing and self-discovery most humans don’t go through. So give yourself honor and credit for going through this process. You’re doing it very, very quickly, not just stretching it over many lifetimes, but you are literally exploring every part of yourself.

Now you’ve gone to the point of analysis where you can’t analyze anymore, which is a good thing. You can’t possibly try to figure out the pieces anymore and you now know that doesn’t work. In a sense you become an empty vessel now. Your frustration, obviously, is noted, your desperation, but go back to what we talked about at the beginning of the Shoud. Behind every bad day is a good day. When you put the bad day and the good day together, you have a whole different reality. It’s not just a day anymore, it’s an experience. So you have this tremendous desperation, but in the other part, the counterpart, is this tremendous satisfaction and completion. That’s exactly the point that you’re at right now. You're an empty vessel, in a way, because of the exhaustion, the frustration and the desperation. You’ll allow anything to come in to basically rescue you right now. The only one that can is you, but at least you’re open to that.

Now, take another look and listen, not read, but listen to this Shoud a few more times. The J’Encore, bringing back together yourself, meeting you. While you’ve been busy in this desperate search to try to figure things out and to repair yourself as a human and as a spirit, you’ve literally sent all sorts of energy aspects of you, parts of you, off exploring into every realm. You remember doing that don’t you? You remember saying, “I have to go check this dimension out. I need to check that potential out.” You’ve done that in your quiet in your solitude and now those parts and pieces start coming back together. Don’t force them. Don’t try to coerce them or to manipulate them. Just let them. The minute you feel yourself getting into the brain trying to think them back in, let it go. Forget about it. Take a walk and take a deep breath. They will come back in, you will come back in, J’Encore, naturally and easily.

When you do you’re going to then have one of those tremendous “aha” moments of how you’ve actually planned this, how you put all this together to help you understand the depths of yourself. The issue of abundance and health will no longer become the focus or the issues. They’ll be the natural result of allowing you to just be yourself. The words that we use are difficult because there is a tendency to try to figure out the words. So we’re going to just ask you to go back into the very feeling of this message right now. We are adding a consciousness. We are adding a type of energy into this, a potential for you. Now just let it in. Watch how all the pieces come back together, but in a very new way. The “you” – the old you – in a sense has died, has gone away. The new “you” now starts coming into this reality. Thank you.

LINDA: One more or two questions?

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. I think you’ve answered my question but I ... One of the things that I’ve done in this lifetime that you haven’t spoken very optimistically about is psyche medications. And I was wondering what you see in the energy about this and how to bring that part of me back home.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Just your awareness of it makes a huge difference. The fact that you understand what you’ve done in the past, that you needed to stabilize yourself and the fact that you have used these psyche drugs actually opens it up for, as you say, bringing it all back together.

We have a little joke, you and I, that you know about. There is so much grandness in you that you don’t want to look at, so you play a game that you’re ungrand – and that in itself is very, very grand! (some laughter) There is so much potential in you, and I have chastised you many times. I said you have let yourself experience it in past lifetimes – the human grandness, the part that is a ruler of lands, the part of you that had influence over many, many people – and in a sense you play a game now that really wasn’t you. So you play ungrand. That’s pretty grand!

So it’s time now. You’re getting bored with the old game, which I’ve told you that you would. You’re getting to the point now where you want to live in a new way. Don’t worry about the psyche drugs as it were. However, I’m going to make a couple of recommendations here. This is not medical advice. It is not psychiatric advice. This is grand spiritual advice, which is better than any of those put together. ... feel Saint-Germain! (laughter)

For those of you who have been on the psyche drugs, the mind drugs, depression and mood drugs, if you’ve been off of these drugs for about a year of time and there are tendencies to either go back on or generally a tendency of feeling very incomplete ... they leave a hole, kind of a psychological hole in you, an incompletion that tends to stay on even long after you give up these medications. We have found in our energy research on this side to eat a lot of fish, fish from the ocean not from the lakes or rivers. Things like what you call the tuna, salmon, shrimp, shellfish, any fish that comes from the ocean tends to have a homeopathic or natural healing effect. This is not true, by the way, if you are currently taking the medications and you are trying to get off of them. You’ll find almost a reverse effect. But if you’ve been off for about a period of about a year, a lot of fish.

You’ll find that first of all it is ... your system likes that much better than the heavier things like meats. And you’ll find that you have a preference, after having a fairly steady diet of fish for ... not just fish, but fish once every few days ... you’ll find that after several months of this that hole, that sense that there is still a hole inside you and any incompleteness will go away. It will actually help to wash out some of the psychological and whatever physical residue still remain within you. Thank you. Stop worrying.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

LINDA: Thank you. Last question.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias, thank you. This is pure indulgence for me ...


SHAUMBRA 11: It’s been a long time since I’ve been up here to talk with you and since our days are numbered, it may be the last time. I want to thank you for inspiring me for so long and just find out if there’s anything you want to tell me.

TOBIAS: (pause) We're taking a look at your energy here. Yes, there is. There is, but it’s going to cause a few ripples and shake-ups and things like that. There’s going to be some late night phone calls and discussion going on as a result of this, but yes, it is very important right now that you begin teaching. You begin teaching. So, that is it. That is your passion, that is your desire. There have been things that have held you back – yourself, for one, manifested in a variety of different ways – but teach. Teach. And if it doesn’t work out the way that you want, come back and we’ll have a talk with some other people.

SHAUMBRA 11: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. Don’t ever let anyone stop you, Shaumbra. Be your full expression of who you are.

With that, it has been a delight on this day, J’Encore, me again.

And so it is.