The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 9: "Sans Definition" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
April 7, 2007

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we come into this space of questions and answers. It is an honor for I, Tobias, to sit here with White Eagle to take a look at what you are really asking, to take a look at your own self. Now, most of you don’t understand that so often, when we give these answers, we are just giving your answers back to you. We’re not creating our own, we’re just giving you back what is already within, what you simply haven’t discovered for yourself yet. It is yours. You have that answer. We’re just helping you to understand it better.

Today, what we would call a landmark gathering of Shaumbra, the message is simple: Sans Definition – out of the mind, out of words, out of the need to structure energy – into a new type of freedom that you haven’t experienced in the physical or the nonphysical realm for a long, long time.

Energy, by its very nature, moves in and out of definition. This is a universal physics or a universal principle. Energy moves in and out of definition. Where does energy go after it is unstructured? It goes into the non-defined, the unstructured. It goes back into itself. It goes back into what you would say in human words is a neutral state of being, but even that is too much of a definition for it. Energy continually moves in and out of definition.

The human and even the angelic consciousness is defined. You perceive and deal only with energies that have a definition to them or a structure. So now you’re going to be expanding into a very new and different realm of Sans Definition.

One of the greatest tools that you’re going to have when you’re going through the initial stages of perceiving this is the breathing. Breathing will quiet the mind, quiet the body. The breathing will also open you to the potentials of undefined, undescribed and unstructured energies. So use the breathing. Use the breathing as you’re going into this whole New Energy.

With that we would be delighted to begin the questions on this day.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the internet by Linda): I recently came across an article from a Russian scientist by the name of Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov ...

TOBIAS: hmm ... close ...

LINDA: Close enough. You want me to try it again? ... who I believe is now dead, but he discovered a means of anti-gravity using a structure found on the underside of a Siberian bee. This bee is said to only exist in Siberia but the name of this bee was not divulged in the article. I also believe the research was confiscated by one or more governments. Is this science or science fiction? If this is real, can you call upon Mr. Grebennikov to come and tell us what bee it was or what part of the underbelly has the comb-like part that is partially described in his writings, and how do we construct his flying platform that is shown in his writings that he claims defy gravity with enough construction detail to make it work.

TOBIAS: Indeed, a very appropriate question on this day for we’re talking once again about energy moves in and out of definition. Now it truly wouldn’t do any of us any good right now to go back and try to reconstruct, to try to bring back our dear scientist friend. If you try to even go back into the original papers that were ... and it doesn’t matter whether the government took them or they were lost or whatever. The real issue here is that that consciousness of the anti-matter – anti-gravity – was tapped into. It is available now in the consciousness of humanity tucked, indeed, in some far off place, but very discoverable.

I have talked for quite some time about the whole application of gravity as an energy form, into the physics of anti-matter and more accurately into the fact that energy moves in and out of definition. Once the scientists and the physicists and the metaphysicians begin to truly expand their energy to understand this is all absolutely possible but not always definable, then it will bring it more into this reality for practical applications.

As we talked about in our last gathering with Tesla, he is back working with a specific group right now to advance some of the findings that he had. And this is not the only, what you would call, scientific being or inventor who is back on Earth right now in non-physical form working with various groups. There is a call that has gone out for New Energy to come in, and it is coming in via consciousness, as we have done here today. It is coming in via inventions and it is coming in via a variety of different portals that, by the way, you don’t have to go and open. They open according to the demands of consciousness itself. These tools are all coming to Earth right now. No government, no religion or no rich and wealthy groups can stop it because consciousness is asking for its own expansion. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): My experience in the past is that I had a really strong sense of being connected with my inner knowing and things worked out well. And in the last three years I feel like no less connection with the inner knowing but things are not working out so well. So, it’s kind of a two-fold question. One is what gives? And the second is along the lines of how do I continue to trust when it’s not working out the way I think it was going to? Or not even the way I think it was going to because I feel like there’s not a lot of attachment, but ... anyway, that’s my question.

WHITE EAGLE: We will take that. This is Saint White Eagle. (Lots of laughter.) Your question went exactly to where Tobias was talking, that undefinable place. Most of you have looked for your knowing in the same room you used to find it, and now you must let go of the bounds of definition and look for your knowing in a holographic place. You will find yourself everywhere in the universe. And so in that new place of looking for your knowing, sweet angel, it is important that you use active patience. And what that means is not keep trying to see what you see, but when you don’t see anything in this place of non-definition, keep relaxing, keep letting go, keep being holographic.

You use the word unattached – that’s an excellent one. And it will show up, but you cannot use your will to see the future in that new room as you used to. So, dear one, try to go to that place where you at first need new skills to know that knowing and then the answers will be there but they won’t be as words. They won’t be as symbols crashing down. They will be so subtle that even the most enlightened could miss it. But as you are in that stillness, your ears get attuned and you say, “I hear the truth.” And the truth will be a song or a tone. It won’t be a word at first. And then as you expand into that song or tone, not only is the answer there, but the energy for the accomplishment is there too.

TOBIAS: And to add one non-thought to that (laughter), you made an interesting comment. You said “It’s just not working.” According to whom? What lies beneath? What lies above? What is it that is really going on? The human, the small human, says it’s not working because of, obviously, the expectations of the outcome. But as we stand here, sit here, looking at your energy above and below and inside, it is absolutely working. You just don’t trust that it is, you see. The small human self is looking at only one facet of the beautiful diamond that you are. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the internet by Linda): What is the purpose, the bigger picture of my role on the message board? There are between five and fifty of us who have been pillars on the board for the last few years. I find I can’t believe how many posts I’ve written. It’s like it doesn’t take energy to write there. It’s been very enjoyable and easy. Am I Shouding when I write these? Have I been believing that this is my own stuff I’m writing about? Deep down it feels like my writing is just for me. I enjoy doing things other than writing. I also don’t like the dynamic of feeling clients and readers feed on me when I write outside of the safe Shaumbra space.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Let’s not take a look at it as a role, because that puts a certain burden or responsibility, but let’s take a look at it as a joy, an opportunity to express yourself, share yourself with others. And in this message board in general it’s about a constant evolution of energy, moving through viewing and then moving through perceptions, going to the next level and the next. This, as you know, tends to bring up everything from debate to conflict, drama. But it provides ... it is a ... let us call the message board a stage or the theater for the New Energy for all of you to act out in the various roles, act out your energies. So this is the safe space that has been created there.

WHITE EAGLE: We would add to that that safety is a decision, and if you’ve decided that outside the safe place of Shaumbra energies feed on you, it will be so. So we ask you that safety comes from within you. It is not imposed from the outside. And for all of you, as you move into this New Energy world, don’t look for proof of safety outside, but carry it boldly in your heart.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias and White Eagle. I have written a Shaumbra murder mystery and I wanted to get your advice about that. But in particular, I wanted to ask you about publishing and specifically about self-publishing. And then I also have a question from Dale that he asked us to ask. It is “Can you please give us an update on the cottage retreat group and that energy? Is there something we should be doing as a group and why were we all brought together?”

WHITE EAGLE: Tobias, we may have you start this one.

TOBIAS: Indeed, how did you know! (laughter) Yes, that’s interesting. This whole concept of the expression through the publishing – oh, we could talk for a long time about that – but Shaumbra is now creating its own potential for that – with our advice and encouragement, of course – through this thing that is going to be on the launch pad fairly soon called the Crimson Publishing or Crimson Press. It is going to provide the outlet for Shaumbra to introduce their works, whether it is music or writing.

It is not for us to make any determination about self-publishing versus going outside for publishing, although our energetic suggestion would be that all should begin with self-publishing. It creates a type of ownership in your work. It allows you to understand the energy dynamics that take place with putting out what you have created, putting out, whether it is in print or in music, and allowing that to go forth.

So, more than anything right now for you we’d have to say it’s time to cross a chasm. It’s time to go from being the author and the writer into being the publisher and allowing your expressions to go out into the world. It is about accepting that you can get the message out. So many Shaumbra create a type of artificial barrier saying, “But I can only do the creative part, I don’t know the other – the marketing, the energy expansion part.” And indeed you do, and there is a mechanism within Crimson Circle already set up to facilitate that, that you’re going to all be hearing about quite soon.

In terms of the cottage retreat and the group, it is a group that has been together before, a group that developed a very strong bond several years ago, and it is a group that is supporting each other on the other realms during what you call your sleep state or your not so thinking state of being, and it is not a group that – how do you say – you don’t have a specific type of service. You don’t have a specific type of job that you have to do, but it creates a very lovely dynamic working with each other. There is no specific call, you see, that has to be done.

The one thing that we do see in this group is you placed a bit too much attention on the energy of the group. There should be a bit more freedom. Now what I would suggest is that this group who has developed a close bond with each other, because you have spent time together, that you explore this whole concept of the sans definition – as individuals but as a group also – and to watch the amazing transformation that you have with each other in going into these new realms. Thank you.

WHITE EAGLE: We have just one question. What is the name of your book?

SHAUMBRA 4: It’s either going to be called “Murder in the New Age” or “Circle of Death.”

WHITE EAGLE: Alright. And of course, put those two name side by side and see what flashes the most energy, and then ask your friends to put their energy onto the name itself, because that is part of the expression. For any of you who have a project, name your project and have a symbol for your project and keep visiting it with your light so you energize it.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (read from the internet by Linda): Apparently, Tesla lived the last ten years of his life in the New York hotel room 3327. Shoud 8, in which you mentioned Tesla, took place on 3/3/2007. Does that number ... is that number a co-incidence mean?

WHITE EAGLE: That’s yours too (some laughter).

TOBIAS: Don’t read too much into it. There are ... yes and no. There are synchronicities that occur naturally. As energy aligns itself, it just is natural. But if you start focusing on if there’s some large unknown or mystery meaning behind it, you really lose the fact that it’s just a synchronicity. As you get into this level of trust in yourself and a flow into the New Energy, synchronicities naturally occur. They’re not meant to be mysteries other than little nudges saying “You’ve got it. You’re aligning energies.”

WHITE EAGLE: Can we say something? We have. We just did. (laughter) You know, we had the different rooms today. We had the rooms of thoughts and the rooms of words, and we see that most intelligent human beings are retarded by their intelligence. (laughter) And you could walk quickly through the room of words and you would be much better off than if you stopped and defined them all. And sometimes we believe that thou doth think too much. So when you feel tempted to look at the bottom of bees (laughter) for anti-gravity, maybe you should just go to God and look for the answer there. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a man at the microphone): Welcome all great ones. My question, now that I want to stay, is will my business support Shaumbra and the New Energy or do I have a new storefront coming forward, or am I just listening today?

WHITE EAGLE: We’ll start. We feel that there is a new way your storefront will be, that there’s a new energy behind it that isn’t so structured. There needs to be more freedom – and we don’t even know what you’re talking about, we’re just looking at the energy of it. It needs to be expanded and more freedom and, dear one, there’s still some fear in there for your survival or the survival of the idea perhaps, and we bless you so deeply. Walk in the grace and the blessings and then let the ideas come from that space of the non-definition so the ideas come, they percolate from above rather than being pushed from below, if you understand.

TOBIAS: Agreed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (read from the internet by Linda): Tobias, first of all, thank you so much for the inspiration you give to all of us. I love listening to you. I hope it doesn’t matter that this is a personal question, but I’m a bit desperate. I have osteoporosis and feel that my skeleton is falling apart and would like to know what it’s all about and what I can do about it. I break bones for no apparent reason. I feel I’ve decided to stay here on Earth and help being a Teacher, but it seems my whole foundation is crumbling down. What’s up? I’m breathing and doing the Standard Technology. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. It is difficult, it is sad for us because of the ... what happens with the human body also affects the ability to enjoy life. What you’re seeing right now is perhaps an over-manifestation of this whole concept of structures falling down, structures coming apart. And in a sense it has energetically gotten into your physical system. It doesn’t need to be.

Working with the breath is the most important thing. You have begun the process and we’re going to encourage you to absolutely continue it. Working with the Standard Technology there’s going to be insights that you don’t quite understand yet. We have begun the work in Israel recently, we’re going to continue it in one week from now. We’re going to have more specific guidance for your self-healing, but ultimately it is the absolute unconditional trust in your body that it knows how to repair, rejuvenate and cleanse itself.

Within your body, you have all of the ingredients, all of the energy dynamics to absolutely halt this whole degradation process. Not only that but to rebuild many of the structures. We’re going to ask you to listen to this Standard Technology course that comes out, to understand and to give you confidence in what you’re doing, because looking at you energetically, as you’re doing the breathing and as you have begun working with some of the very rudimentary elements of Standard Technology, there is still an overwhelming fear, and there’s – more than anything – an absolute lack of trust with yourself that you can do it.

We see you still, kind of on the sly, going outside and asking Spirit, asking ... You are going to readers and healers right now, so you’re looking outside. The Standard Technology is absolutely asking you to trust your body to rejuvenate itself. It knows how to do that. Thank you.

WHITE EAGLE. We would like to add something. For all who feel that your foundations are crumbling, whether it is your body or your finances or your relationship, and to build on something that Tobias said is that he talked about clay. And the difference between clay and mud and the finished product is the fire, is the kiln. And so when you find things falling apart, what fire are you afraid to touch and walk through? What are you looking the other way about? Find what your fire is, and you’re probably afraid of it. God is on the other side of fear. And through that fire the clay of crumbling mud becomes a strong and finished fired item. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Hello Tobias and White Eagle. This question is about my work. I have been doing emotional healing and mentoring and coaching work for probably about 15 years now, and it’s been in transformation that entire time. And I’m continually growing it, changing it based on where I am and it’s gotten to a point now where I don’t know how to describe the work without using old terminology. And I always look for structure – or have in the past – and I don’t know how to ... I’m a little bit like I’m on quicksand or in no-man’s-land and I’m just wanting help with how to go about dealing with that.

WHITE EAGLE: We can start.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

WHITE EAGLE: This channel finds it so hard to know when to talk when her eyes are closed. (laughter) Her husband wishes she’ll close her eyes more often! (more laughter)

Dearest beloved friend, you are doing a beautiful job growing your practice as you grow and letting the people you attract being mirrored by the next level of growth that you are accomplishing. So don’t count so much on the words and the description. Find the best words and put your energy into it. So your tag line is whatever it is then put energy and light. People aren’t going to go because of the definition of the words, they’re going to go because they get hit by your light presence when they think about you or when someone refers and says your name.

So all of you, again, find the best words and let it go – even the best words aren’t good enough – so again it goes right to what Tobias was saying. Put your energy, your light ... and we would, because we have the microphone right at this moment, ask you, all of you, to immediately desist being light ‘workers’ and be light ‘holders’ so you can move more into being and less the ‘work’ of it. So, dear brother, you’re absolutely on the right track, and we think you’re worrying over something that isn’t really that important. (some laughter)

TOBIAS: We will add a statement to this. We commend you for understanding how the facilitation and the healing process is continually changing very, very fast right now. Modalities that were new 20 years ago are now either old or they have learned to adapt and to change, because everything – consciousness, everything – is changing so quickly right now. So we agree with White Eagle, it doesn’t matter so much the name. There are some that would obviously be not so good that would not apply, but use a word to define it that has more of an open structure. Use words that come from your heart, and more than anything understand that even the name can evolve and change whenever you choose it to. You’re not locked into it for any one thing. And again, we commend you for continuing to change your modality in your Now Healing Practice. Not a bad name either.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (read from the internet by Linda): Dear, whoever you happen to be today ... (Tobias chuckling and audience laughter)

WHITE EAGLE: That must be you! (more laughter from audience and Tobias)

SHAUMBRA 9: ... I am awesome. Contained with the awesomeness that is me is an aspect that I call the divine prostitute. It’s made up of pieces of me that know the art of sexual alchemy and also know to sing to DNA. I’m whole and complete and yet I enjoy connecting with others – male and female – when I feel a resonance with a person. There are also friends of mine without bodies that I enjoy connecting with. Since I am whole, this is for the pleasure of the experience, although I have no doubt there are other things that happen when our energies mix. My question is: Do all Shaumbra have the potential to do this or is this something specific to my soul group family?

TOBIAS: All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure – we could do a long dissertation about that – but pleasure ... there’s still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you’re going to be feeding off of others. You’re going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won’t be using terms like “divine prostitute” anymore. Thank you.

WHITE EAGLE: Right on! (laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. Greetings from the lands of Santa Maria. I’m asking to you what did I ask to you to tell or remember me in this moment of my life?

TOBIAS: If you don’t mind, I’ll take this one.


TOBIAS: Specifically, what we had agreed to talk about was, right now at this point, time for a change. Something you’ve been putting off for a long time. Something that you’ve been anticipating, dreading. You’ve been longing for but yet running from. It is inevitable, this change, because you have already chosen it. It is like saying you’ve been going down the road on one path or one direction but now it’s time not only to change directions but to change the road. So the question I have back to you is: Is this the time? Do you want it now or should we come back and revisit it in a few years?

SHAUMBRA 10: I don’t know.

TOBIAS: Your choice not mine. It doesn’t matter to me. If you choose it now, if you truly believe it – you’re not just saying it for the moment, but if you truly believe it – change will occur. The question is can you accept that what occurs has goodness in it, has evolution in it and what may at times appear to be a – how to say – a difficulty or challenge is just about a restructuring. Because much of your own energy is about ready to move out of its current definition, go someplace else and then come back for a new definition. So it is up to you. But what a beautiful time, here in the Shaumbra Service Center with all of these Shaumbra here and listening in, to put you on your own launch pad for your new direction. Thank you.

WHITE EAGLE: And beloved one, and all of you who are seeking change, once you are ready to jump off and take that leap, take an intuitive look at your solar plexus, because many of the relationships you have with the world and your thinking connect at your solar plexus, which is the place of black and white and structure and good and bad and fear and control. And unplug those cables that are there and plug them back into your heart where they belong, where they will not control you, they will not bleed you and they will not trip you up on your new steps. So dearest beloved one, we see that there are still some pretty fat cables that are connecting your being and the world through your solar plexus. And all of you have them, but they trip you up mostly when you are ready to take a new step – and you wonder why you weigh so much. (laughter)

LINDA: Last question.

TOBIAS: Hmmm I think White Eagle and I would like to take several more.

LINDA: Did Geoff say that?

TOBIAS: Umm, he’s gone. (lots of laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): Okay, hi Tobias and White Eagle. The concept of going into this new dimension without words is not new to me, and as you were describing this energy, this room of going into of no definition, it kind of was a little disturbing to me, because if I heard you correctly, you said that it wasn’t Spirit, it wasn’t God. And I just thought that all energy was a manifestation of God or Spirit. So I guess I don’t know if I heard you right or not, but I guess I need clarification. My brain is wanting some kind of clarification.

TOBIAS: Poor brain (laughter). You’ve come to the wrong place to get your brain fed.

WHITE EAGLE: I think she stayed in the room of words.

TOBIAS: Yes, I would love to jump in first and then White Eagle has much to say. I have to share with you right now. “Spirit,” “God” – first of all, throw out those words, Jesus Christ! (Tobias and audience laughing) Even that – throw that out! But what you would call Spirit, God, whatever, is not energy at all. God is not an energetic being. Energy is just a tool. Your soul does not contain any energy whatsoever. Energy is just a tool, a fuel if you would.

So, now take a deep breath with that! See? Now your brain is really messed up! White Eagle, take over. Round two.

WHITE EAGLE: Beyond energy is consciousness. Consciousness would be more likened to the structure of God, because it’s the plane, it’s the field, it’s the nothingness into which energy creates form. And so in that, only when you allow yourself in that indefinable place are you giving yourself permission to move to real Spirit, which is above the ability to be experienced in the old way. If you hold on to the need for experience, you will convict yourself to an experiential world.

TOBIAS: And ...

WHITE EAGLE: Go ahead.

TOBIAS: ... and beyond consciousness is no consciousness. It’s undefined even beyond. You see consciousness, it means something has been taken and defined, and it’s structured in a certain way. Albeit, consciousness is grand and vast, but what lies beyond consciousness? And isn’t that exactly what we were doing today – going beyond any known consciousness, even consciousness known by God or Spirit? That is exactly what you all did when you left Home, when you went through the Wall of Fire. You went into nothingness, void. And here you are again trying to put all definitions – including throwing in the definition and the words of God and Spirit – into where there is none.

Can you go to a place where there is no God or Spirit – without fear? Ah, ah ... because ... well we’ll get into that ... now we’re getting into philosophy. Kuthumi will indeed come and whap me! (lots of laughter)

SHAUMBRA 11: Okay, well I will do my ten minutes in the morning and the evening and will expand my nothingness.

TOBIAS: Ah, yes.

WHITE EAGLE: That’s right.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias, hi White Eagle. I’ve come a long way. I’m from Europe – Austria – and I felt drawn to the states for a few years already. I’ve been here a few times and this time I had this special call to come to Taos without really knowing what it’s all about. I know that I have a very strong connection to the Anazasi spirit, but this time I have a feeling that there is some more very subtle purpose and a need just connecting to the Anazasi spirit again, and I was wondering if you could give me some more insight on this.

TOBIAS: White Eagle?

WHITE EAGLE: We will begin, yes. All of you, trust your spirit knowing in the moment, that if you are drawn to Taos, that is enough. Then you get your ticket and you get your hotel and then you know that when you show up that’s when mastery will be there fluttering around. And to try to decide is it because you had a past life as an Anazasi or because you like squash blossom jewelry, it doesn’t matter what that is. So all of you, follow your instinct and then let it go, because the truth is only blossoming in the moment it’s supposed to blossom. You are supposed to go to Taos and it will be much more miraculous than you can get your head around.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and this is an area of magical energies. There are magical energies everywhere. This is also an area you have felt drawn to because it is going to be the center for our Quantum Leap celebration, and there are magical things that are happening there in advance of our celebration as a way of pulling the energies in. But indeed, as you stated, you have an affinity with the Anazasi, but you also know that the Anazasi energy is backing away and it’s time for each human to become the New Energy movers on Earth. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Well, it’s certainly a pleasure to be here with both of you. What a gift, wow!

TOBIAS: A gift for us as well with both of you! (Tobias chuckling)

SHAUMBRA 13: Or however many! I have two questions, since there are two of you. (Linda gestures “one question”) Only one? I can only one?

TOBIAS: That’s okay.

WHITE EAGLE: We’ll each take a half!

SHAUMBRA 13: Alright, there you go. They’re trying to really disconnect it from each other. The first is I really, really connect – I love Mother Earth – and I’m concerned about the bees. I’m hearing that there’s a lot of times, or there’s a lot of places where the bees are not. Now it’s interesting, I went out into my yard the other day and although it was early for the bees and it was snowy, I had bees around my little pond. I was so thankful for that, but could you explain what’s happening?

TOBIAS: Is your next question going to be about birds? (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 13: No, no! You guessed wrong! (lots of laughter)

TOBIAS: I have to say the bees are very energetically sensitive creatures, much more so than many of the other animals and insects on Earth. They are very susceptible to electromagnetic patterns, and the bees are shifting their orientation. They’re not leaving Earth, they’re just shifting where they play right now.

SHAUMBRA 13: Okay, good. Do you have anything to add to that White Eagle?

WHITE EAGLE: No, it is good enough. Not to worry about them, but to just love them and appreciate when you see them.

SHAUMBRA 13: Ah, good. The second question is my husband has developed sleep apnea, and we’ve looked for the origination of that, we’ve worked on energy work with that. We don’t seem to be able to get the handle on how we can resolve that. Could you help us with that? White Eagle.

WHITE EAGLE: There is something ... as we’re looking into his head, there is ... hmmm ... there was perhaps a slight mini-stroke, whatever the word was for that, that caused no other changes but a change in his patterns. And again, for anything that happens in sleep, particularly look at gingerly feeling appreciative of yourself and going to sleep without fear. When there’s breathing problems, it usually is a deep-seated fear that he’s just touching into.

TOBIAS: And I'll add one word to that. Absolutely, what White Eagle said, there is a fear. There’s a natural pattern that occurs during the sleep process that is so important to the connection between the human self and the other levels of self. There is a blockage that is occurring when he travels off in the dream state and he’s not allowing the full expansion of his energy in the night. And as White Eagle said, it’s absolutely caused by a fear that is taking place. This is causing a disruption in normal sleep patterns, and we’re going to recommend something rather strange and it is in this case only. This is not for all sleep apnea and is not a cure, but there is a, let us say, an energetic and type of aromatic trigger here. We’re going to suggest that he uses cinnamon, at least every day, approximately the size of half of a teaspoon full put into food or whatever. This should continue for at least 21 days. The cinnamon is not the cure, the cinnamon is a trigger.

SHAUMBRA 13: Okay. Thank you, thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 14 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias and White Eagle. I work with a scientific group and I was encouraged by your statement that these energies and technologies would come out regardless of government, but my question has to do with two perspectives in the group. Some seem to feel that there’s a necessity for discernment because of the violence and oppression toward inventors in our history. And then another part of the group seems to feel, you know, don’t worry because we create our reality and, you know, if we visualize the right thing, we won’t set up an opposition dynamic and the right things will happen. And I guess I’m wondering is one perspective or the other valid or are both valid? And these are people who pray and visualize and see the value of intuition and these kinds of things.

TOBIAS: White Eagle, first?

WHITE EAGLE: We’ll just say one thing. It depends ... discernment is not a bad thing, is the discernment coming from intuition or is the discernment coming from fear? Discernment is the way you organize what you do and so it is a very effective expression of one’s intuition. But if the discernment is coming from the solar plexus, is coming from fear, then it closes down that intuition. So the answer is be discerning and keep creating the future.

TOBIAS: And indeed, also understand that the energy of Earth, the consciousness, is so different than it was a few years ago, definitely much different than it was 50 years ago when there was an outpouring or an openness in inventions and many inventors were ridiculed. But the energy is different now. You’ve created a consciousness on Earth where things can happen instantly, where humans actually now are desiring to go beyond, where the need for new technology is very, very high right now – the desire for it and the openness to it – and where it is very difficult right now for any organization, group or government to try to hide anything.

We know there are still those who live in fear, who worry about things they don’t truly need to worry about, who worry about these secret governments and organizations. But do you realize that you can invent something that would change the potential of the world and literally in 30 seconds share it across the world? It cannot be held down anymore. Consciousness won’t allow it.

WHITE EAGLE: Beautiful.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 14 (a woman at the microphone): I’m working in a healing modality call SR, and it’s basically energetic adjustments to the body, and I feel very sure about what I’m doing most of the time and have great successes with quite a few people. But recently I’ve been experiencing some problems where people feel as if they’re getting relief from their back pains and TMJ and carpal tunnel and that type of thing, but then after a couple of days they call and they say “This isn’t working.” And I’m wondering is that uncertainty within me or within the clients that I’m working on or both?

TOBIAS: I’d love to start with this one! Because they truly don’t want to heal, because they are looking for a technique or a modality or a pill or the latest greatest fad. But ask them a simple question. Every one of you healers out there, before you begin your work, ask your client, your patient, “Do you want to heal?” It seems obvious and it seems simple, and if they answer you right away, ask them again, “Do you truly want to heal?” When they answer again, ask them for the third time, and watch how the answers change. “Do you truly want to heal?” When they say “Yes, but...” they’re not going to heal. “Yes, but...” means that it’s conditional. So, no matter what technique, modality or anything else you work with, it is about their desire to truly heal and their beliefs. White Eagle?

WHITE EAGLE: We would just add, once they leave your space, they are responsible for their body and you are over it. (laughter and audience applause)

LINDA: Geoff is telling me he’s done.

TOBIAS: He is done! (Tobias chuckling)

WHITE EAGLE: We’re done too then!

TOBIAS: It has been a long and wonderful day with all of Shaumbra here. We understand it is time to bring this energy to a close. And Shaumbra, again, what we have talked about today is we would consider an essential for expansion into the New Energy. It’s going to have it’s ... you'll have fun with it, perhaps some challenges with it, but more than anything else we know it’s going to provide some incredible insights and some surprising freedoms for you.

So go beyond. Go Sans Definition.

And so it could be. (laughter)