The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 7: "The Voice of Shaumbra" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
February 3, 2007

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, we continue the energy of this day of Shaumbra.

We choose this energy to talk about today because the energy of this family of Shaumbra and you as individuals continues expanding, continues to move it to new levels. We want to acknowledge the work that you have done. We want to acknowledge how you came here in this lifetime knowing that you would forget why you came, knowing that you would have many long and lonely days and nights, knowing that you would feel different, unique, but lonely – different from so many other humans. Even from your own family in some cases.

You came here for a very unique type of spiritual service, a service that doesn’t need to drain from you. It can fulfill you and give to you. But you came here with a heart and a soul and a love for all of humanity, all of the angel kingdoms, and you did it at sacrifice to yourself.

As I’ve said to you before, this is not just another lifetime. This is THE lifetime. This is when you integrate all the parts. This is when you move into a new energy. This is when you break through your old barriers.

There is an overall energy of Shaumbra that is much like an energy of an individual. It, too, has a passion and a desire, just like you and your soul do. It has a passion and a desire to expand and create and experience and to live, and that energy of Shaumbra then had an idea.

The idea began back in the days of Atlantis; and the idea was germinated once again in the times of Christ; and the idea then came forward to this New Energy and here we are today. We’re at the chasm. Some have crossed, some are in the midst and some are still standing on the edge. But the idea now is receiving energy and receiving a focus. And now the energy of Shaumbra is manifesting on Earth.

It is doing so in ways that some of you couldn’t have imagined 1,000 or 500,000 years ago. Energy of Shaumbra is opening and expanding in ways that some of you didn’t understand, didn’t imagine, couldn’t think that it could happen this way, because it goes outside of the boundaries, outside of the territories. But it’s happening.

Energy of Shaumbra is that of a standard, is that of showing the way, is that of teaching. Those are the fundamentals and the basics of why you are all here, why you are interfacing and working with each other, why you gather in this sacred space, why you gather in the center, which is not a building, but an internet site.

The energy of Shaumbra is manifesting on Earth. It is being fueled in part by what you call your Crimson Circle Energy Company. That’s helping to build the manifestation process. It also is going to build the whole energy or the – what you would call – the fuel process of bringing forth your individual and your group ideas to Earth.

In these years ahead, the Crimson Circle and the Crimson Circle Energy Company are going to help Shaumbra manifest and ground itself here on Earth. This is not our creation. It is yours. It is yours.

Crimson Circle and Shaumbra are going to assist because you have chosen. It’s going to assist others in moving into the New Energy. It’s going to help create the fuel and the method and the focus for inventions that have the potential to literally change the world, particularly inventions that have to do with energy, inventions that have to do with medicine, education, business. You are making it happen.

Shaumbra, even within you, within this group of humans, there are some disagreements. There are some different ways of doing things, and that is appropriate. It is about letting the energies collide right now. But it is also about staying out of the drama and it is understanding that in the collision, in the bringing back together of energies, there is tremendous new potential.

Now is the time to embody that. Now is the time to bring that in. Not to get into the drama, not to get into any of the blockages, not to get overwhelmed by the challenges, but to bring this in. It is being done. It is happening on Earth right now and you’re all part of it. The voice comes back today to remind you, to thank you and to honor you.

We’d like to take questions today but we would like all of the questions to be specific about Shaumbra. We know that sometimes there are personal questions or thoughts, but this is the day of Shaumbra today. So we’d request that all questions, whether they are submitted in writing or whether they are asked live, that they relate to Shaumbra – to the energy, to the family, to where it is going, how it can best be facilitated at this point. We will continue next month with our regular questions and answers, but for today, we’d like to focus on Shaumbra. So let us begin.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the internet by Linda): I’m going to abbreviate a question that was submitted, but the question is asking about what about the upcoming workshop in Israel and Shaumbra Israel and is there a reason why they should be there in person versus just waiting for the CDs, and how is the energy moving with Shaumbra in Israel?

TOBIAS: Several questions here contained in the same, but there is an interesting reason why we have chosen to discuss the standard technology in Israel that is fairly obvious. If we can begin there in one of the most challenging and colliding places in the world, and we can work with the individual Shaumbra who attend at that time and we can create and implement this standard technology, it will have the potential for profound energies for the people who are there, for the land of Israel and for the others. Yes, indeed, you can also listen later. It is not – how to say – required that you be there in attendance, but to this point we still have not worked out yet how the materials are distributed. We honor each and everyone who comes there, brings their energy there in person, but we also know that Shaumbra from all around the world will be adding their energy to that very sacred and special group.

SHAUMBRA 1: What about Shaumbra in Israel as a whole?

TOBIAS: We’re going to wait to discuss that based on some things we want to talk about with the group while we’re there, and so we’ll wait for that. We will wait.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. I’m very happy to start with the Shoud, the Ohaman school I am now about to begin. I’m also very nervous to be the first on line ... well I’m very glad that it was you the one who showed up today. (Some laughter) I’m scared that the other two (are baddies) But my question is about health. I’ve been health problems lately with headaches and my back and I hemorrhages. I just want to know if this is a Shaumbra issue or is it just me?

TOBIAS: So we’re going to ask you, which do you choose it to be?

SHAUMBRA 2: Tobias, out of Kuthumi then. No.

TOBIAS: This is not necessarily a Shaumbra issue, but it is a Shaumbra tendency, let’s say. There is a tendency to take on all the energies around you and accept them as your own. You have a choice right now sitting here in this moment with us to accept whether they are yours or they aren’t. Now we have our own opinions on where these come from and we’ll give you a few hints.

Take a look at your work situation and some of the changes that are taking place there right now. Take a look at the type of business that you’re involved in and how energies pour into that business – the energies of need, the energies of health or, in this case particularly, lack of health.

So you have a tremendous dynamic that is taking place in your work place. That is the first issue here that you are taking on as your own. You disguise it. You pretend that it’s your own. You don’t even necessarily want to look that it’s a work issue because underlying what we’re saying here, my dear, is that it’s going to be time soon for you to leave that environment, and you don’t want to look at that because it scares you of what your next step is. And you’ve put up all of the potential challenges of why you can’t leave it. But you know, I know, that it is time to move on.

But what you are doing right now is absorbing all of the energies of this company that you work with. You’re also absorbing the energies of some non-Shaumbra friends of yours right now who are putting some particular heavy duty energies on you. They’re not doing it consciously, but energetically they know they can.

And you’re also taking on some of the issues of this whole thing that we call the wound of Isis – the energies of Isis are very much in conflict right now in this area where you live, because this was one of the centers of Atlantis and this is where there was a very old and very difficult energy work that was done back then. This whole wound of Isis issue. So you’re literally absorbing this from everything around you. You, like other Shaumbra, are very empathic. You are very absorbing. You’re like a sponge. You absorb everything around, but you have a wonderful way then of taking on these issues as your own, pretending their your own.

They’re not yours. They’re really not. Now, we can arm wrestle about this and you can fight to keep them and I’m going to lose. You’ll end of keeping them. Or you can make a decision right here with this beautiful group of Shaumbra and the beautiful fire – I was sitting in the fire before having a wonderful time ... I can do that, you can’t!

You can make a choice. You can decide, no those are not my issues and I don’t need to hold them in my physical body anymore. And then don’t think about it, don’t worry about it. Just do your breathing. Let Ohamah do what he’s going to do with you over the next few days, and let these issues no longer be yours. I have to ask you, do you want them?


TOBIAS: Do you see any need to have them?

SHAUMBRA 2: No, not at all.

TOBIAS: Why did you take them?

SHAUMBRA 2: Because I’m a little bit fooled?.

TOBIAS: Actually, because you’re very loving and because you ... there was another part of the story of Emma that we didn’t share because of time, but Emma always felt she had more than others. And we don’t mean this in an egotistical way. She could handle more – more emotion, more pain, more difficulty. So she took on the energy of her mother and her father and her husband who died and all of the others.

She took all that on like it was her cross to bear. But gone are the days of bearing crosses. That was 2,000 years ago. You don’t do that today. You can let that go.

You still have a heart and you still have a soul even if you don’t take on other people’s issues. As a standard of New Energy, you’re not going to be good – you’re not going to be a good standard if you’re broken down. These are not your issues. We’re all looking at them – I and Metatron and the others looking at them right now.

They’re not your issues. You can let them go by first making a choice – acknowledging they’re not yours. Does that make you an uncaring person? No. It makes you a standard, because now you can show other people how issues are not theirs either. You can show others how to let go of stuff that truly doesn’t belong to them.

And then after making the choice, then do your breathing. This helps move the energy through.

Now what tends to happen here, for you and for all of Shaumbra, is once you make a choice such as letting go of these things that are affecting your physical body ... By the way, you have worried far too much over these past few years. Now it is just showing up. You’re worried about things that aren’t yours.

And what you have right now is a situation – you make a choice to let them go. Energy is going to start moving. You can facilitate the smooth and graceful movement of energy with breathing – regular breathing. You can facilitate the smooth movement of energy out of your consciousness and out of your body through what I would call light exercise. Something like walking, something like yoga – simply doing something that moves the body. By the way, any time any of you get stuck with anything, any issues, anything, do something physical to express movement and to get energy moving in your body. If you want to move energy – not a hard workout, but a light one – this will allow all of these things to now flow out of your body. When they do, it doesn’t go to somebody else. It doesn’t go cling on them to make them sick or feeling tired. It returns that energy into a natural state of purity. And more than anything, it allows that energy to be not just returned into the old duality world but it also has the potential of letting that energy move and be processed into New Energy. That’s a whole other discussion that we’re not going to have today. But do something to allow that energy to move.

If you don’t do something – if you just make a choice and then don’t do breathing, don’t do some physical movement, the energy will move out of you, but it could do it in a way that’s not as graceful or pleasant. So this process for you is going to take approximately, we going to say, about a month and a half for it to move through. You don’t have to push it out. You don’t have to force it out, just allow the natural process. You’re going to be doing a lot of that these next few days in the Ohamah school. So this is a wonderful opportunity to let that energy go. It doesn’t look good on you, dear. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you very much, Tobias.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the internet by Linda): This question represents a number of questions and it’s a few months ago in your question and answers you told a lady to announce her course and that in that way it would start well. Well, I did it. I’ve been wanting to give courses for two years now, so I did it.

And not one phone call, not one student. What happened? Did I create in the Old Energy? Am I really ready? Am I a teacher, because right now I really don’t know who I am, and with the center I was creating, the door has closed on me. So please tell me, what happened.

Am I on the right path, and if this is Saint-Germain, if I need a kick in the butt, well so be it, as long as the changes come. I’m ready. Please be blunt. Let me have it.

TOBIAS: We talked about many of these issues in the Shoud today, because your energy was in the Shoud. We talked about letting go of expectations of exactly what it looks like and exactly how it should manifest. We talked about beginning with something, which you have done and then allowing yourself to go through a learning experience. Sometimes it will take – oh how to say this – several spirals of energy before it actually evolves to the level that it best needs to go to.

You have an expectation about the number of students. Have you thought about – do not laugh here Shaumbra – have you thought about giving a class with no students? You can laugh now. (Laughter) That is an expectation. The fact that you are doing it is the important thing. The fact that you have expectations limits it and blocks it. You’re definitely on the right path. You definitely have the energy moving. You have the whole process of the passion or desire with the idea and now you’re at the chasm point. You’re putting energy into the project but now we’re going to ask you to let it manifest in a few different ways. And if nothing else, truly, truly give the class without any physical humans, but watch who else shows up.

And this is – trying to say this lovingly –

LINDA: She said kick my butt.

TOBIAS: That’s Saint-Germain. I’m Tobias. (Some laughter) This isn’t the ultimate goal right here for you. Have your mind and your heart set on it being a certain way. It’s going to evolve if you let it. So just keep gently allowing the focus, gently putting your energy just like I’m putting the energy into Sam right now. Put your energy into this course and watch how other things develop. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. Happy to be here with you today, with you all. I do not even really know what question I have. I have been working with kinesiology for 15 years now, and I feel a sort of change now in this sort of work. And kinesiology is body-based. It’s body feedback, and I feel that when asking how sometimes the body gives an answer that’s not right, so I just wanted to know what this has to do with New Energy?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Kinesiology, more than anything, demonstrates how energy works, how the mind works and how all of these things come together, but it has its limitations. Its limitations are basically belief systems held both by the facilitator and by the client. Its benefit has been that is open many humans up to understanding that there is more than just electronic measurement systems. There are energy measurement systems.

So since you asked the question, I’ll put it back on you. What is the next evolution of an energy measurement system beyond things that are electronic, beyond kinesiology, beyond these things? How is one to help perceive and understand energy – its cycles, its waves, its, what you would call, quantity or force, and its ability to move in expanded self? What is the next level? I’m going to pose that question to you.

SHAUMBRA 4: I realize that my body is answering the wrong way when I feel that’s not that. So it’s feeling.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we don’t exactly ... we’re not going to try to answer the question today. We’re posing it for you and for all of Shaumbra to look to the next way of understanding or, what you would call, measuring – perhaps measuring is not appropriate – but quantifying energy bases. It’s going to take a little bit of gnosting. It’s not an answer you’re going to come up with right away because it involves not only looking at the attributes of Old Energy, but now looking at the attributes of New Energy, which tend to be a little bit elusive right now. So this is definitely a gnost situation. But we have to say looking at the potentials that are available, there is another wonderful system beyond kinesiology. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5(read from the internet by Linda): There’s something I’d like to understand and would very much want you to explain. Why do Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi – all of you – use so many words? Where has the simplicity in clarity gone? You say you are speaking through us Shaumbra. I feel an irritation arising and lose interest when hearing or reading you because of these endlessly long discourses. Why is it you still think we need so many words to hear and understand ourselves? I would very much appreciate it if you would come more quickly and directly to the point. My sincerest wish is to let the simplicity arise more and more. I thank you.

TOBIAS: The answer is contained in your question. (Some laughter) When you become succinct, we become succinct. The Shoud is the reflection of Shaumbra.

As you go on and on repeating yourself and wasting precious energy, we can only mirror that back to you. At some point, we’ll become very succinct because you are very succinct.

It also, on a more practical level, takes a certain amount of time to download a certain amount of energy. Not just words or information that are coming through Cauldre, but a certain amount of energy. Now, here’s the trick, we download all of the energy of the Shoud to you during the time that the song is played.

It has nothing to do with the song, and we know some of you don’t even like the music, but we use that as a carrier. Cauldre was shocked! He loves the music. That’s like – Cauldre, the things they don’t tell you ...

Everything within the Shoud, all of its energies, are downloaded within the period of the music. So perhaps some days we can come to the point where we can sit together and listen to a three minute song and you’ll have all the energies. Now, we’re not there quite yet, because what you do is the energy is downloaded but it takes anywhere from about 56 1/2 to about 92 minutes to unravel the information for the group. There’s still a tendency to have to hear it with your physical ears and to have to then go and debate it and go back and forth about what was actually said.

All of you who post on the message board about what was said in the Shoud are absolutely wrong. It is an energy that is conveyed. There is nothing to intellectualize or debate about. It is not the words. It is the energy. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. Thank you for the beautiful music. (Laughter and applause) I would like to ask you about my girl. She’s resisting the joy of life really much, and I would like to know how I can support her in her choice. And each time I expand a lot, she’s resisting more, like when I come to a workshop or the school. So I’d like to know how I can help her with that.

TOBIAS: Indeed. A bit of difficult one and it gets into so many of the dynamics between two people, and the dynamics for the need for love and the need for maintaining what would be an expectation of a family environment.

Every time that you delve into your passion and your teaching and your work, she is feeling more of the separation that is coming from the home front. So this presents a worry that she has that it’s going to break apart the family. And break apart not only her security and comfort, but the long term family. So that is why there has been the resistance.

When the family does – how to say – dissolve itself in the union that was created, there’s still going to be resentment because there is going to be the feeling that you’re the one that caused it with your selfish – perceived as selfish – needs and desires that you weren’t listening to the needs of the family. But if you look at your own Emma story, your own story of how you came to Earth and what you would do, you knew that you would be in the relationship for a limited time. You knew that there were passions of yours and they were known by the others who were going to be part of your life.

It is also through her that you are feeling your own concerns, your own fears about doing some of this work, even though you are very strong. You are very charismatic in the work that you do, but through her you are actually seeing the reflection of your own doubts.

So the thing is not to put the focus on her anymore, as perhaps you may think that that’s not the appropriate thing you should worry about her and be concerned for your needs. But in a sense, once you stop using her as a mechanism for looking at yourself, it will relieve that tension. And we know that this is not a permanent thing that this whole feeling of resentment and tension and anger is going to move on. It’s not a permanent thing.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. I think I have to rephrase my question because I was little bit taken by surprise that you told me that it has to be for the Shaumbra. So I tried to rephrase it and put it this way. I want to talk for all the mothers – young mothers – in the Shaumbra community. It’s not a community, but the Shaumbra. How to understand as a mother to get along with children with special needs, because I have a hard time with especially health care doctors that they say there is this curve going on and your child should be here but he is not. He has a development delay, and medical-wise that can be this or it can be that, and I so disagree with everybody of them. And, you know, I just want to be not ending up like Sam’s parents that just being in the blur like oh god, you know, what’s going on! I want to be more aware and more conscious as a parent. How can I help my children? (Audience laughing in the background)

TOBIAS: Indeed, and look at the brilliant way you turned this into a Shaumbra question, because it is also a Shaumbra issue. It is not just yours.

It could be a very, very lengthy answer. Perhaps we should put it in a song and download it that way, (laughter) but the educational system right now and the medical system also are reflections or bases of consciousness. And in a sense they are both very, very stuck right now, and yes there is all of this mass consciousness type of pressure to have things done in a certain way whether it’s the children being taught and using very mental type of standards, and as you say, curves and where to put the child, what category and what bracket. These are all what we would term Old Energy – all very mental. And they’re not really about stimulating or motivating the child with special needs. They are about finding a box or a comfortable type of place/position to put them in. It’s not about really trying to work through any of the issues. The same occurs in medicine and so many of the other things in the world right now.

One of the things that Shaumbra will do because of its magnificence, because it has found a way to manifest the New Energy on Earth is there is going to – in these next few years – going to be new Shaumbra educational systems that come out from this group, come out from all the work you’re doing and come out from the fuel of the energy company that you put together. It’s going to develop a whole new style of, what you would call, teaching for the children that’s going to incorporate all of the aspects – the gnost, the mind, the spirit and the body. It’s going to be developed by Shaumbra. Not by us. We support; we don’t necessarily develop. And it’s going to provide some very key answers to these things you’re talking about. In the area of the medical field, this year in particular, we’re going to be working very much with the energy of standard technology to show that it doesn’t replace medicine, but what it does is it replaces the old concepts of healing. And it’s going to work in conjunction with medicine so you’re not going to get overwhelming resistance from the medical community, just a lot of resistance. (Some laughter)

SHAUMBRA 7: I know. I know all about it.

TOBIAS: So what you ask really is are the new systems going to be put in place and yes they are and they’re going to come from Shaumbra. They’re going to come from the Shaumbra who are willing to be creators, who are willing to be energy expanders and movers and willing to be the teachers.

Right now you become a teacher to your loved ones by yourself, and the best thing is to understand that you’re still having to work within an Old Energy system but produce a New Energy module that goes with it. The module basically is going to be your listening and your feeling for the child’s needs and understanding that while you still have to, what you would say, comply with or conform with certain things of the mass consciousness, you can go beyond that. You’re not stuck in that system.

We’re going to ask you also as we did before to say this is a situation for your own gnost to start coming up with new answers. You have all of the ingredients there in front of you now and it’s a matter of applying the energy of gnost to know how to use those in a very New Energy way. We know we didn’t answer your question specifically. We understand the intent of it, but it is a very large subject.

SHAUMBRA 7: Okay. Thank you so much for your love and your wisdom.

TOBIAS. Thank you.

LINDA: How do you feel about two more questions?

TOBIAS: That’s fine.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Hey Tobias. I want to affirm something you said earlier today. There is humor in death, and then I’m going to ask for a little affirmation of my own. My father chose to pass over last Sunday, and during the process – I was fortunate enough to be there. He definitely was in a hurry to go, tried to get out of bed several times, and it was quite funny because he’d been so sick and I just wondered why in the heck he’d want to carry that old tired body with him with where he was going. And it just caught me off guard. So anyway ...

TOBIAS: And by the way, it wasn’t an attempt to carry the old body. It was an attempt to walk out of the body, to leave the physical body and because it was still so connected with the spirit, they both moved at once.

SHAUMBRA 8: Okay. Yeah, he definitely tried to get out of bed several times.

TOBIAS: He tried to get out of his body. He tried to leave.

SHAUMBRA 8: Well that was a good thing.


SHAUMBRA 8: So being a simple guy that he is, I just kind of worried that he didn’t get lost or something after he crossed over and I just want to make sure he’s okay over there and being taken care of.

TOBIAS: I will turn this into a Shaumbra question for you. There are so many Shaumbra who worry about the ones who have departed, particularly after having a greater understanding of what really happens when you cross over. It’s not a heaven and hell situation, thank god. No pun intended, but it’s not going over to the other side and having everything blissful. You basically take over what you had. There are those who are fortunate enough to have a dreamwalker to guide them and there are those who are fortunate to have somebody with an enlightened beingness that is there – particularly as you were – that is there as a comfort and a joy. And you did not do what we would call a regular dreamwalk, but your energy helped cross over to the other side with him. By the way, the cross over was fine. Those generally, generally are. It is what happens on the other side. But when this dear one of yours crossed over, it was immediately greeted by – well there was a dog that was there and there was several ... we’re being asked to not give a lot detail ... several others who he’d known in this lifetime that were there. So it was not difficult, so to speak. It has not gone on to the Bridge of Flowers, but doesn’t really care to right now.

SHAUMBRA 8: Right. Good enough, thank you.

TOBIAS: Doing fine. It’ll be about four months before he checks in with you. There’s other activities going on right now.

SHAUMBRA 8: I’ll look forward to it, thanks.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Yes, hello Tobias. I’m going to ask you, as the sexual new business expert you are, and that’s according to my work, I’m absolutely [in anima] and I have a lot of strength. I know that, and I have a lot of experience, as many Shaumbra has. And I’m, even though I’m confused concerning my new business project, I feel in some how I’m so near, so close to it. I have this feeling all the time and I am asking is there a fear or some sort of fear which I do not see or do not feel, or what is this about? Why don’t I just go and do it?

TOBIAS: I will also turn your question into a Shaumbra question. (Laughter) Creatorship is an interesting thing. Creatorship will bring up all of your issues. It brings them up on purpose because a true creator doesn’t want to carry around a lot of old issues. So at the time of setting up your new business, the time of implementing your creator energy, it brings up things like fear and brings up uncertainty and questions you have about yourself.

Then in an Old Energy world, it would become a battle back and forth and you would try to, what you call, psyche yourself up, try to tell yourself to not look at the fears, to be strong, to be positive. That’s all essentially a bunch of crap, because you haven’t really addressed the energy. You’re just trying to disguise it. You’re just trying to whitewash it. Though the creator feels these energies, the creator understands they are true, they are real and they are present. But the creator understands that these energies of fear or trepidation or concern don’t have to be negative. They don’t have to stop you. They can actually work in conjunction with your creators. A fear is just energy.

Uncertainty is just energy. You don’t have to try to convert them or change them. Just recognize them. Invite them into your creation, you see. Look at it from a different way than you have ever done before. Bring fear right into your creation and bring that uncertainty right in, and watch what happens. Watch how, just like laughing at death, just like looking at things in a whole new way, just like doing a workshop with no people. Watch what happens when you bring these energies in, because they are going to end up supporting your creatorship.

You’re the boss. You’re the one guiding and directing. You bring these energies in, and instead of overwhelming you or stopping you, they’re going to reorient themselves, re – how would you say – convert themselves and become actually a support. It is a wonderful thing. Don’t be afraid of fear. Indeed. Thank you.

And with that Shaumbra. It is getting late. Cauldre’s voice is wearing out. Your energy is high, so this is a wonderful place. If we had a song, which we do, we would play it and download once again the whole day for you.

And so it is.