The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 6: "New Era, New Energy, New Way" - Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
January 6, 2007

ADAMUS: I am Professor Adamus Saint-Germain and who dareth to ask a question today. (Some laughter)

LINDA: That was exactly my question. Okay, first question ...

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the internet by Linda): Hello Adamus, Tobias, my buddy Kuthumi and gang (Linda says, this is so long, I’m only going to read it and when you get the gist of it say “I got it,” and I’ll stop.) I want to know something and say something. Why oh why oh why do I feel disconnected more and more from Shaumbra and/or spiritual people. If they look in my eyes and they are so dogmatic, so stuck in the hunt for new energy – like eating old biological carrots and recycling everything, even their shit, wearing old clothes, like attached to rules but saying they aren’t, abundance calling hello. I dream about it. The urge to belong to a group is big. It’s like an addict energy but every time I go out and meet Shaumbra or other something kind of minds – indigos – or whatever you call it ...

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (clearing his throat to interrupt Linda) ...

LINDA: You got it? Okay.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Let’s just say here that the energy of Shaumbra, Crimson Circle, was set up quite different than organizations, groups or clubs that you’ve been a part of in the past. Crimson Circle is not a club. It is not a group. I think it has been aptly defined by Tobias as a global affiliation of New Energy teachers. But yet there is a tendency for many who come into the Crimson Circle – Crimson Circle is an incubator. It is a supportive energy that keeps energy moving in and out. Many who come in follow paths of their history, of past lives, even this lifetime, where they feel that they must become a member or this is a club, that this organization will have specific rules and charters and creeds and mottos and even funny ways to dress. The energy of Crimson Circle and Shaumbra was never architected this way and does not support that kind of energy. So you will find that if you come in with an old set of beliefs or a way that you think things need to be done, a certain type of perspective of things, that it will not support that. And you will find yourself having to back out until you can re-enter new and different without expectations, without old formalities and without some of the trappings of organizations that you have been in in the past.

What you are seeing in other Shaumbra – their irritation with some of their ways – are irritations that you have with yourself. Irritations that you don’t want to fall prey to anymore, so you find it easier to remove your energy. And this is fine. Crimson Circle on Earth was never designed as a retirement home for seekers. (Adamus Saint-Germain chuckling). It was designed as a place for your energy to come in and out of. It wasn’t meant for you to rest here for extended periods of time, but only to come here to get some support and encouragement and then to go back out to do your work, whether your work is as a teacher, whether your work is simply enjoying life or whatever you choose. But Crimson Circle has many doorways all revolving, bringing energies in, sending them back out, bringing them in, sending out. There’s nothing that you have to make a commitment to put all of your energy into build the organization itself, because in a sense it has been designed to build its own energy. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hello. I’m magnificent, by the way.


SHAUMBRA 2: But, you know, talking about the collision, does that apply to Shaumbra obviously? And then what I want to ask is why do I have to collide all the time? Why do I have to battle people? Why do I have to do that? Where the hell is the easy button? I mean I don’t want to be in another car wreck. I don’t want to bitch at anybody. I don’t want to have to go through the drama.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, and you don’t. And we’re going to give you a wonderful example here of potentials and how things can be easy that you don’t have to do it the hard way. So take a deep breath. Turn around and face the other way – face to the west here. Now slowly gently bend down, bend at the waist to touch your toes. Now one of several potentials can happen here. I can come and kick your ass ... (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 2: You know, bring it – I’m ready to go.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: ... mass consciousness could kick your ass, or you can realize that those two feet of yours are a blessing and they’re here to take you on any journey that you choose. Obviously, there are difficulties with working with other humans because other humans have their stuff, their issues and many times . .

SHAUMBRA 2: But what am I a big magnet for everyone’s shit and every time they see me they go “I gotta fight with this girl because she brings up my stuff.” Is that what you’re saying?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: In a sense, yes. Yes

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: In a sense yes, you…

SHAUMBRA 2: Where’s the easy button in that though?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: You have to change the button. You push the button before that said, “Let me help people through their issues.” Now if you see – we talked before about there’s a new way. You forgot that right on the other side is a button that says, “I don’t choose to be, to serve in that role for other humans anymore.” And there’s a button somewhere in that grand console that you have, what you call the easy button. It’s the button that makes your life easy that changes your role that you have chosen and how you work and interrelate with other humans. And there’s a button there that says you don’t have to battle through things anymore. As you know you are a grand warrior and you are very used to battle and it has served you well many times before, but now you can be the grand, wise and very profound human who becomes a standard or an example to others.

So it is as easy as turning the old button off – the button that says you are a magnet for others to bring up their issues and stop playing that role. But, part of you liked playing that role. So I want you to look at why you did that. Why did you choose to play ...

SHAUMBRA 2: Where do I look when you say look at this? Where do I go – on the Angel’s Peak and go look? I mean ...

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: That would be a wonderful place.

SHAUMBRA 2: Do you know what I’m saying, you always say look at things. I see in my life drama, drama, drama, confrontation and then it’s like “look within.” Where?!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: In the new place.

SHAUMBRA 2: Where do you look within?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: In the new place. You see, you are letting your pretending your you cannot imagine this, pretending that it doesn’t exist. You are playing a game and a game that, quite frankly, I can’t deactivate. You have to choose; you have to imagine. Imagine that you’re sitting at a grand console with all sorts of buttons. Choose the one you want. But understand that there are many, many choices that go far beyond what you’ve been used to. You’ve limited yourself and said I’m going to continue playing this role of being the catalyst to other people. You chose it for a reason, now you can deactivate it – much as I chose to be in a crystal for 100,000 years. Eventually I could deactivate that and choose to be free. You are making your own choices difficult. You want to struggle with them so remember this exercise about you can bend over to touch your toes and you could either get kicked or you could realize that those feet of yours can take you anywhere you want to go.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.


SHAUMBRA 2: Okay. I have been, and I’m working on that.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the internet by Linda): I am a lesbian and I have recently been feeling many changes in myself regarding the way I feel about my sexuality with my balance of feminine and masculine energies. Then I had the wonderful privilege of listening to the 13th Strand audio CD and for me it just felt as if I finally was whole and in complete alignment with my own self. Since the 13th Strand session took place over two years ago and since it has so much to do with the balance of masculine and feminine energies that all of Shaumbra seem to now deal with, I was wondering if you could maybe refer to what you’ve talked about in that session in light of our progress and where we are today, and if you could give me a new message to the blended ones.

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed. You are all becoming blended ones. This is the melding of the masculine/feminine. It is the collision of the energies of Isis and Adam within you, but this collision doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. It could be just as sometimes the atoms collide with each other. It can create a whole new energy. One of the things I would suggest here personally is to let go of some of the – what do you call them – titles or monikers you’ve given yourself, whether it’s gay or lesbian or straight or neutered or whatever you want to call it. (some laughter) To let go of some of these titles because those names tend to create some types of limitations as well. It tends to put you in a box or a compartment. For everybody on Earth, no matters what they call themselves – what sexual orientation they have – they’re all going to go through a process of reintegrating the masculine/feminine. It takes place with a small group of humans first who recognize that they are no longer man or woman and no longer even human – no longer light and dark. They are that they are. That sets up the potential, because they are the standard, you see. They set up the potential for other humans who are ready to end that internal separation and conflict that they’ve been having. So this is having – the work that so many of you are doing right now in this arena – is having a profound effect on consciousness in general but also the ability of the sexual energy virus to continue to proliferate. The virus in its own way knows and understands this is happening, and in a sense you could say it doesn’t care or it’s even happy about it. But in another sense it still has its own programming to continue to feed and to grow.

So in these last few years the strides in new consciousness regarding sexuality – we’re talking about the balance of masculine and feminine within, not necessarily just the physical portion – but has come such a long way and it’s evidenced in the acceptance that so many humans now have for whatever you choose to do with your own sexuality. It’s a new honoring of the person’s body. If there is still some forces very aggressively trying to keep these separate, but it won’t last. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hello. I’ve been through some interesting times in the last few months and it seems like you’ve been there coaching me, nurturing me along, and I wanted to say thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed, and a few times I asked you to turn around and reach down and touch your toes and ... . (audience laughter and Adamus Saint-Germain chuckling).

SHAUMBRA 4: Yes! I’ve noticed that. And I just was wondering if there was something else you wanted to say to me.

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: I’m going to, in a sense, summarize what I said to the whole group today but it is very apt for you at this time. For you they’ll be a period of a bit of quiet – a settling of energies – which you’ll find very comforting, and after that there is going to be a flurry of new activities in your life involving a number of thing – work, even where you live, but a whole new flow coming about. At that point, particularly and there’s no need to fear. It is just you are bringing in a new flow of energies, but look in a new way now for the way you approach things in your life. Particularly, as you apply creative energies to things in your life. Look for the new way of doing that. And we all have gotten trained to do things in a very repetitive and predictable manner. But as you feel the energy start to come in and intensify, go unpredictable.

SHAUMBRA 4: I tend to want to go into my art work when that happens. Is that an advisable pathway?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: The art work is particularly good for opening up the creative energies within you. It allows you to, actually you literally expand yourself. As you know when you’re involved in the art, it allows the non-mental or more of the gnost type of energies to come in. So this is an excellent outlook, but I don’t want to say anything about where this will specifically lead to. We prefer for you to make those choices.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (read from the internet by Linda): We experienced that being in the New Energy and gnost creates frustration and friction with the duality world around us. How can we be connected to the New Energy dimensions and realities and at the same time be surrounded by a reality, a duality with its rules limiting belief pattern without experiencing a sense of separation, resistance, frustration, etc.? Is there a way to integrate both worlds within us. Thank you very much.

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed, and that summarizes the entire challenge of all of you who’ve chosen to be on Earth at this time of change. Part of you was so excited about being here for the advent of a new era and a whole new way of doing things. And in the excitement you forgot that we were whispering in your ear and sometimes yelling very loud that there are other ramifications of being a pioneer and of being a standard. There are still the implications of dealing with mass consciousness. At the beginning of our discussion today I said to you that even the angels have to back away from the very powerful energetic gravity of Earth. It is very strong, and it pulls in. It pulls things into it.

So here you are living in a human body in this mass consciousness world, so how do you keep that balance between the two? Part of it is acknowledging how you feel about living in a physical body, living in the world. Acknowledging and being honest saying sometimes it really sucks to be human. Saying that sometimes it is very difficult to be enlightened or clear about things but yet having to go through the same type of very thick energies that other humans do. Once you begin to be very honest with yourself about it and realize you don’t have to let their mud stick on you, or as Kryon tells in the parable, you can be in the tar pit but you don’t have to let the tar get all over you.

Some of you consider it incorrect, as you would say, to not get into this mud with rest of humans. You feel that if they’re in it, you should be in it too. But, I’m going to tell you right now, there is a new way. You can be in the mud but not be in the mud, if you know what I mean. You can be in the thickness of day-to-day living but not let it stick on you. And you say, “but how can I possibly not?” Well you choose that you’re going to live on Earth. You’re going to be here as a standard of New Energy, but you’re not going to take it as your own. You’re going to understand that it belongs to somebody else. It’s their mud. They can have it. You don’t have to smear it all over your body and all over your creations. It’s as simple as that. It’s a choice. It’s a new way. You don’t have to be a martyr. You don have to, as you would say, get on their level, because in a sense mud doesn’t look very good on you. It tends to diminish the light of a standard. And quite frankly more than anything, they don’t want it on you. They want an example. They want to see somebody who doesn’t let that mud stick on them. And they want to see somebody who can, in a sense, rise above it. So thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Saint-Germain. Actually, I have a couple of questions. I don’t know if there’s time for both of them.


SHAUMBRA 6: The first one is I’ve been going through a very intense and determined process of integration. I’ve felt your assistance during parts of that and I would just like any thing you have for me, even if it’s a kick in the butt.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: I would tell you you’re far too serious. Far too serious about things. I have been working with you, others have, and if I look at the core energy right now, your heart and your passion are large and strong. Your desire, your passion for this New Energy and for Shaumbra and for your own self are so strong that sometimes you get in your own way by your seriousness. You analyze every step before you take it. And very rarely, but once in a while, very rarely you take a step without trying to analyze it and you find amazing results. But then you retreat. And you tend to try to map things out and try to preplan it. As we said before, this New Energy is unpredictable. And this is going to go against the grain of everything that you’ve been programmed to do, everything you’ve been trained to do. But it is unpredictable, and it’s causing you tremendous amount of frustration right now, because in a sense you could say you want predictable outcome but yet you don’t want old outcome. So you have a collision of your own energies that’s taking place – your desire for something new and different but yet still taking your steps too cautiously.

So it’s time to break out of that old box. It is time to lighten up in the things you are doing and understand that spirituality is a bunch of crap. You’re very locked into this whole thing that spirituality is holy and sacred and it should be treated with such honor and respect. Spirituality is not a whole lot different than God. It’s a bunch of crap – at least the spirituality and the God that are practiced today. They have their own trappings, they have their rituals and they have their very seductive energy that will pull you right in. And the way this energy works on you in particular, it gets you very confused and then in your confused state, you try to map and plot out everything that’s going to happen to get you out of confused state, but as you’ve discovered, it just gets you deeper into confused.

So lighten up. Forget all this spirituality stuff. Go for the joy. And even now you’re trying to figure it out. You’re going right back to the same old places we’re talking. You’re trying to map out your joy and what you’re going to do. Let that go. Let your old training and your very deep programming of spirituality straight out the door. Throw it in the fire if there’s still any left in there. Let got of it, because it’s your own limitation. Spirituality is your greatest passion and your greatest enemy at this point. It is the conflict that is taking place within you. You’re going to find it difficult to let it go because it’s been a journey for many, many lifetimes. It’s deep-seated. It’s a programming that’s within you. You won’t even let other people come close when they’re working with you to touch that sacred area. You’ve set up this little alter within yourself where you honor this false spirituality. It’s a crock. Let it go. Find the new way and have some fun doing it. Thank you.

SHJAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (read from the internet by Linda): I’m dedicating the beginning of this year to honor an inner knowing that there are stories – great stories – that want to be told through the medium of film and television and that I have a role to play in there. I don’t know how and what and when but I’ve come to the U.S. to spend a month in New York to dive into this world and to see how this will unfold. Can you help me to be crystal clear about how to maximize the potential in this new field of teaching right now. Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed, to us it sounds like it is quite the – the passion is quite crystal clear. You are looking at tools to help you discover your own passion, your own way. You’re taking that journey. Now just let it unfold in a very natural way. Hop on that winged horse and go on a journey with it without – you see, the only energy we could see here that’s blocking it is some of your own expectations. And, by the way, New York is not the place. We’ll give you that clue. There’s some other wonderful places. And not L.A. (Los Angeles) either. There are new and emerging markets for filmmakers just like yourself. The messages you have to share are clear in themselves and they are profound, but you’re just looking for the right connections. Well, look in a new place, a new way and just let them – basically they will come to you. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Saint-Germain, My dear and precious friend from childhood on. I’m here today to say that I am truly a standard of prosperity and unlimited abundance and I know how to fly. And I’m here to also thank you for your infinite patience with me to stand up here to admit this. I have one question and it’s hopefully in the New Energy. I would just like to know about my daughter who passed away and her birthday was yesterday.

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed. Energy of your daughter is still very present around your energy, around Earth. There’s some unresolved issues that needed attention and needed some focusing on, but ... allow us a moment here ... (Pause) She says this somewhat cryptically. She said she’s doing fine, but she said she never learned how to set the table correctly. And that is one of the things she is working on in the other realms. But the particular balance of energy in setting the table for dinner. And that is her message. Other than that, doing just fine.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you very much.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: And there is much more to that than the literal translation.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. How do you reconcile the New Energy you’re describing with our opening to our gnost without expectations? Is that similar or how is it different?

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: In a sense, it is all the same. Gnost is without limitations and gnost does not follow any known linear path. Gnost is open in free form and very much similar to the New Energy. The New Energy is basically a fuel, if you would, that the gnost uses to continue evolving and expanding itself, but it doesn’t annihilate the fuel as it uses it. Again here, words are somewhat difficult. It collaborates with New Energy to keep itself going, to keep itself moving through energy. So in gnost as well as New Energy it is about expecting the unexpected. It’s about understanding that what may appear to be chaos or confusion or struggles aren’t necessarily that at all. Sometimes you have to rise above and take a look to see that what may appear to be a very broken weaving on a loom, a very rough weaving with inconsistencies and imperfections, just means you’re looking from the bottom side of the loom up. And if you change your perspective and look from the top side, you’ll see a very beautiful weaving. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hello. My question is for a very good friend who has a teenaged daughter who’s a cutter and she’s very frustrated with her. Any advice for her?

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Well, we have to go several levels here to look into this. In a sense, what we’re seeing happening here right now, there’s a variety. It’s a mixed bag. There’s some old karmic issues here but more than anything, teenagers in general are having such a difficult time right now. The ones who are particularly in the age bracket from about 15 to, we’re going to say, 22, 23 years old. Because of the type of energetic influences that they came in on, they’re finding it very difficult. Part of them is very clear about who they are and why they’re here, but yet part of them is also very, very confused. So they’re in a type of identity search that is different, quite different, from the ones their parents had or the ones that you are having. Right now more than anything, it’s not trying to impose any new systems or structures on them. Give them a lot of space. A lot of space, right now. It would be the most important thing.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a man at the microphone): Hi. I’m new to the Circle. I’m the first time here and I’ve been following the Ram off and on for half my life. I heard that the Circle and the Ram are somehow connected. Could you elaborate on that?

ADAMUS SAINT GERMAIN: Indeed, yes, there are many ways to answer that. There are a group of entities who I would call supremely sovereign. They have left all organizations and all groups that they had originally come from. They discovered, as Ram did, his own sovereignty and his own unique characteristics. These entities have come back to assist with many different types of angelic or human organizations, but yet you’ll never find them totally immersing themselves in. They will never lose their sovereignty for the sake of a group. Again, because once you understand sovereignty or realize it, you never totally immerse. But these beings are coming back particularly to those groups who are working with the energy to achieve their own sovereignty and they’re working with many different groups. So there are some here – angelic beings who will work with the Crimson Circle. They will work with, for instance, the Kryon. They will work with Ram and many, many of the other groups. They cross platforms. But their unique characteristic is those who are allowing their sovereignty to come to the forefront in particular. So you’ll find a mixture of different angelic beings with different groups on Earth right now. Thank you.

LINDA: Last, last, final question.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Hi. I just left an abusive relationship.


SHAUMBRA 12: And my problem is I’ve been channeling for 23 years. It’s second nature for me to go out of body. And I tend to do that in confrontational situations. My problem now is being present and staying in body and being strong for my kids and myself and standing up for myself. I mean, present here on this plane in this body when I need to. How do I – can you give me suggestions to stay present in body and have the courage to stay here when my tendency and my urge is to go out of body to avoid confrontation instead of following the urge to just be forgiving and loving and loving too much when I shouldn’t.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. And thank you for first getting out of that abusive relationship. It didn’t look good on you anymore, and for being so clear and truthful. It is very easy to detach, to go out of your body. By the way, there’s a difference between expanding from the core of yourself in your body and expanding multidimensionally versus just leaving your body. In other words, leaving your reality base. So half of the dilemma here was identifying the situation, which you have so aptly done. The other part is going to be quite simple actually. It’s a very, very simple prescription for so many of things that ail the spirit. It’s to breath. As you breathe, you’re breathing into your physical body, into your now moment. As you breathe, you’re bringing an anchor into yourself. And you’re acknowledging that you choose life and that you want to be here on Earth. There’s one difficult thing, and this is in your case in particular, not for the others who are listening. You have been trained in the past to use breathing to go out of your body. So we have a collision here of energies. We have a very – what would be a very wonderful tool to stay in but you actually have been trained to use it to go out. So it is, in a sense, a bastardization or distortion of those very sacred energies.

So you’re going to, if you choose, you’re going to choose to reverse that. You’re going to look in the new place. As you breathe, instead of it ejecting you, you’re going to find that – if you choose – that it can anchor and ground you. You go through a period of a bit of struggle and you hit this point of collision where the inbreath and the outbreath are going to collide, where the inbody and the outbody are going to collide. And in that beautiful collision of energies where you become very frustrated and pissed off at me, wondering what kind of crazy advice I gave you, you’re going to stop. You’re going to freeze time and space and experience. And you’re going to realize in a collision of these energies is a new potential for you. You don’t even have to try to go back and reprogram yourself. This is a very deep and old programming that you had to get out of the body. But you’re going to realize that there’s some very beautiful gifts here and a very beautiful gift of understanding things about now reality and – using words carefully here – things about magic that occur in this moment. So when this collision, which will be evidenced by great frustration and anger also takes place, freeze-frame everything. Stop, and look at the energy, the new potential that is coming into play here. And look at how the Old Energy of magic, which you were very adept at was distorted and twisted and used in some very interesting ways, but there is a new way to deal with magic.

When you get to magic, so often you do eject out of your body, because it was a very potent tool. You’re an expert at working with it and there’s going to be that tendency to want to run, because that’s how you were programmed. But again I say stop everything at that point and look at the new potential for new magic, and we think you know what we’re speaking about here. There is others who will help you to understand how to reverse the old breathing programs, and they will speak to you after we’re done here. But it was a very, what do you say, sinister energy – a very wicked energy that taught you how to do this. And now it’s time that you let that go.

SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you very much.


And with that Shaumbra we bring this exquisite, exquisite gathering to a close, and in this next month of time until we gather again understand there is a new way if you’ll just accept it.

I am and you are also.