The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 5: "Philosophy is Dead!" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

December 16, 2006

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that I, Tobias, return for this portion of our gathering. Indeed I would not want to miss the activities here, the celebration and indeed to take the questions today.

Before we begin with the questions, let me speak a little bit more about Kuthumi. Kuthumi has long been considered one of the world’s teachers – the world’s spiritual teacher – assisting those who are on Earth from his side, assisting many on Earth while he walked on Earth in the human body. His energy has been an important part of this whole transformation over the past 100 years, and he continues to work with humans based on his own experience. He’s lived many, many lifetimes and as he stated today he has been a philosopher for so many of them. For him to state that philosophy is dead is significant. It’s a milestone. It’s very indicative of the New Energy that’s coming in for him to come to the group today and basically let you know that this area that was such a passion and a love of his is now behind him. He is now into the creative energies. He is now into the energies of experiencing and creating rather than just thinking or pondering things. That should be a wonderful example to all of you.

You’ve had many, many years of your own type of inner philosophy, your own type of pondering. You’ve gone through your own type of breakdowns and meltdowns. As you move beyond that now you come to this era of creativity. You begin applying what you’ve learned, what you’ve studied. You begin applying yourself into energy consciously. That is the creator in the New Energy.

Kuthumi talked today about this New Energy infusion, allowing the space and doing the breathing to actually let that start becoming part of your life. As he said, this New Energy is coming anyway one way or the other. There are those who will resist it. There are those who will battle it, but it’s coming. It’s the natural evolution of all of our energies. It is indeed coming.

Now there are many ways to bring New Energy in or any energy for that matter but New Energy in particular. One of the ways that you have brought energy in in the past was to do it through some type of trauma – an accident, something that even possibly caused you great stress on your body, a drama in your life that caused the type of shock or overwhelming reaction. And during that time period, that major incident that took place, it allowed energies, even old energies, to flow in. As we have said before just when you are born into the biological body, it’s not like you bring in all of your energy at one time. It slowly comes in over 14 – up to 21 years of time. Oftentimes it is brought in when you have a trauma. When you’re a child and fall off your bike, get the wind knocked out of you.

So for Kuthumi to do this simple and short exercise today is significant. You can bring in your New Energy, your divine energy, without the trauma. You can bring it in without all of the difficult and harsh circumstances. You don’t need to suffer to have it come in. You can do this in a group. For any of you Shaumbra who meet together, take a few moments to breathe in and to soak in the New Energy that is here for you. You can do it by yourself with your regular breathing, which I know all of you do – with your regular breathing to allow that New Energy into your life. And as Kuthumi said, without expectation, because it’s going to look different and feel different. It’s going to smell different than any of the energies that you are familiar with. Some of you may be looking at your life and saying, “Where is this New Energy that I keep hearing about? How come it’s not here?” Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong place. It comes in very different. And it operates different than what you’ve been used to, but the fact is, it is coming in. It’s part of the natural evolution and part of the cycles that Kuthumi talked about today.

So keep breathing, keep allowing that in and now in your lives Shaumbra, begin to apply it. Apply this creativity, no matter what it is – writing a book, starting a business, anything you choose. Begin applying it in your life. With that we will begin the questions for today and we’re going to ask you to give us your best shot.

LINDA: The first question I am going to alter one of the words towards the end because of the live web cast.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, you’ve had an impact on my life by the lies you are creating within your cult (some laughter). After sitting in on one of your workshops I can now clearly see what you are trying to accomplish. The fact that a close friend of mine has had his wife leave him and his family can be directly associated to you. In further researching your operation, it’s evident that there are a number things that you are doing that are unethical. I’m not okay with that. The fact that you have a belief system that is different from mine is certainly okay, however profiting from the manipulation of people is a crime and will not be tolerated. My friend had his wife threaten him at gunpoint recently because he didn’t want her to go to one of your seminars. Since that day his family is much better off, however he has lost his wife and the mother of his children. I blame you for that and as I have found out, there are a lot of other people out there facing similar problems. You need to know a couple things – magical thinking does not cure cancer. Miracles do happen but it’s not because of your magical thinking. It should also be noted that sexual healing is not something that is better when two people have been enlightened. The base of this thought process is ridiculous and criminal. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming workshops. I would assume that you realize that there is going to be backlash with some of your teachings. If you’re going to manipulate people in a certain way for profit, you should then be open to being f*@#’ed up yourself.

TOBIAS: And a merry Christmas to you. (Lots of laughter and audience applause.) Indeed, these energies we are dealing with here are most potent, and we have told Shaumbra that from the beginning. This is not for everyone. This does not have mass appeal for all humans because it involves change and change is very, very difficult. Change sometimes means leaving your job, sometimes a spouse, sometimes your old ways. Sometimes change totally changes your concept of who you are, of what you thought you were ... changes your entire identity. It’s not easy work. Most Shaumbra have been together for a long time. Our journey began in the Temples of Tien in Atlantis and continued through the time of Yeshua and we renew that again as the Family of the Rock here again in this time of transformation into New Energy. The change is difficult. Shaumbra knows that. That is why we get together every month like this and that is why we get together in our workshops and seminars. Not so much about the words that I, Tobias, say. It’s about the energy of getting together with this family.

I ask all of you to, first of all, understand that it is not about the energy of Tobias, Kuthumi, Saint-Germain, Kwan Yin or any of the others. We are here to listen. We’re here to share your thoughts back to you. There is something very unique about the energy of a Shoud. It is your energy. As we’ve all learned from past lifetimes, we’re not trying to create a hierarchy or leadership. Even within Crimson Circle, leadership is not – how do you say – dictatorial. It is not strong. It is about empowering and allowing the empowerment of each person. It is about the core message of what you have to share and what we have to share also. You are God also. You are the one who has the answers, not any of us. You are the ones who can heal your body. You are the ones who can create your reality in any way you choose.

Most people have a difficult time with that. They want to believe that they are a victim of circumstances and consciousness, that there are others even on the celestial levels who are calling the shots. They want to believe that they are simply a victim of destiny. We turn that around and we say you are the creator. This doesn’t sit well with some people and it doesn’t necessarily sit well with their families, because it involves change. It involves a whole new way of looking at things. So we’re not asking everybody to agree with us or you, Shaumbra, and if any of you, whether you are sitting here today listening, listening to this at a future point, if the energy isn’t appropriate for you, you don’t have to partake in it. However, whether your spouse or friends or family choose to be involved in this work, choose to be involved in church work or choose to be agnostics, whatever they choose we ask you to honor them for their path rather than trying to inflict your beliefs and your ideas on them – your view of the way the world should look. Honor them. Allow them the space. Allow them to pursue their own dreams. Allow them to pursue their own heart. This way you avoid many of the conflicts and the dramas that are being stirred up right now. We do indeed thank you for your question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, last month I accepted the challenge of change in my life and then I started working with the gnost CD, and then everything, all the old energy stuff in my life started falling apart – of course, a lot of drama – and my question is twofold. Number one if you could give me some understanding about this even to the point where I’m not even going to be able to afford a place to live on my own, and I’m wondering if this is actually gnost – if I’m letting go of every Old Energy thing to bring the New Energy in. And the second part, can you tell us, for those of us who have lived on credit for a long time and are basically ruining our credit, is it really going to matter in the New Energy, because we’re trying to solve this in the Old Energy but we’re moving into the new.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and as Kuthumi talked about today. He shared his experience of going through his own type of breakdown in his life as Kuthumi. And this is something that – this type of hitting the wall or hitting an endpoint is something that is very, very common with those who are going through very fast change and evolution in their life. I had my own experience, my own traumas in my past lifetime locked away in prison angry with everything, going through my own type of hell and torture. I lost everything that I had in order to find everything that I was. Now, you don’t need to do that. You can learn from my experience and Kuthumi’s experience. You don’t need to bottom out before you go through that next evolution. You can choose to do it gracefully. You can choose to do it where you don’t have to lose everything. But right now there’s still a very old mindset that you carry but many other humans do also, that you must go through this trauma in the evolution in order to basically free yourself of all those energies to move forward. You don’t need to do that. You don’t need to get to the point of losing your home and losing all of your property, basically being destitute in order to rediscover yourself. You can choose to do it more gracefully and you can choose to do it abundantly.

Now when you do, when you choose to do it that way, the old part of you jumps up and basically doesn’t think it can go through these changes, these difficult changes, without having to completely cleanse or release everything. But you actually can. You can have those old aspects of yourself evolve right along with you. You don’t need to go into a destitute situation. You’re the only one who can make that choice. And we know you’ve made it in your mind, but you also have to make it in your heart. You’ve said to yourself that you don’t want to suffer but yet in many ways you’re still choosing it. It’s about going in and letting every part of your being know that it’s okay. Kuthumi gave the story today about you, the parent self, the god self going into the energies of the rest of you, the other aspects, and assuring every part of you – the financial part, the health part and the relationship part – that this is all a natural and very sacred process.

In terms of this whole area of credit, that’s a very long discussion but we wouldn’t advise to Shaumbra to go out and run up your credit cards. We’ve called these before karma cards, because in a sense there is a payment for them. You’re not going to get out of this without some type of repayment because you’ve made a commitment or an obligation to repay them. So to think that you’re just going to walk away is going to have an effect, because there’s going to be people who are going to call you on the phone and be your own sense of consciousness and rightness about this. But you can choose situations. You can create situations that are going to allow you to be abundant so that paying off these credit cards is not a problem. You’re not going to reach ascension by charging it on your credit card, so to speak.

So it’s time to get very, very simple in some of what you are doing. Go back to some of the simple principles, the principles of making your choices, being the creator, not relying on others and allowing yourself to be totally abundant. And we’re going to tell you right now very, very directly and specifically. This energy that we talk about – the New Energy even the Old Energy – is all around you right now. It is free and it is abundant. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to know any special words to unlock the secret door. It is sitting right around you right now. You are the only one in the universe who can activate it. I can’t do it for you. None of the rest of Shaumbra can do it for you. Even praying to spirit won’t do it for you. You have to be willing to activate it. You have to go inside and look – what is activating that energy? Taking this raw energy and applying it towards a creative application – what does that look like? Listen for the answer for it is there. And don’t allow yourself, unless you choose to, but don’t allow yourself to go down this path of having to have a total smash up before you move to the next level.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I still don’t trust my feelings. Sometimes it’s like two opposite energies are pulling me into different directions. What can you tell me?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Sometimes there’s a confusion between feelings and thoughts. Sometimes the mind jumps in and wants to take over, interpret and analyze what we call raw feelings or raw energy. Therefore, you get into this conflict about what you are really feeling. You get into basically a head game. Feeling is about sensory perception. You get it all the time, all of you do. You get feelings when there’s other energies in the room. You can walk into a grocery store and you get a feeling of the people in the environment that you’re in. But the minute that you start to analyze it, then the feeling gets into conflict. It’s no longer feeling, now it is thought. The challenge in the New Energy is to allow yourself to experience feeling without analyzing it, without trying to define it. It’s difficult at first and very easy later. Difficult because you’re used to defining everything, and to let yourself just have raw feeling without trying to say that it’s dark or light or without trying to define the quantity or the depth or any of these other Old Energy measurement systems is a bit challenging.

It’s about allowing raw, raw feelings. At first it feels uncomfortable because you’re not used to it. The mind wants to race off and make it into something, but leave it as it is. Just experience it. Then the thought process or the analytical process will be replaced by the knowingness, which is indeed gnost and is indeed your, what we would call, your divine intelligence. Now you’re operating in a realm of knowingness rather than thinking. You can have immense amounts of feelings and knowingness and allow it not to have to go through the mind but allow it to just be that divine knowingness. It is an entirely different principle. It is the difference between a very old computer operating system and a very, very new high tech operating system. It doesn’t even need things like electricity. So it’s quite different. Allow yourself to have raw undefined feelings and then go from there.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. You fooled me. I thought you were going to be Kuthumi.

TOBIAS: Sometimes I dress up like him!

SHAUMBRA: I’ve seen you like that!

TOBIAS: (chuckling) ... put that little thing on my head ...

SHAUMBRA 4: I had no question for Kuthumi and I have no question for you! I simply wanted to say hello to my dear friend and associate, Kuthumi, who high tailed it out of here.

TOBIAS: I have a question for you.

SHAUMBRA 4: Oh boy, that’s what I was afraid of.

TOBIAS: And I won’t ask why the chicken crossed the road, but I will ask. How are you doing since the last time you stood in front of the group like this?

SHAUMBRA 4: I absolutely can’t even remember the least bit of anything about that last time. Do you mean in this room?

TOBIAS: In this room, in front of the microphone ... a bit, should we call it, distressed; a bit upset. You wanted a manifestation of Saint-Germain.

SHAUMBRA 4: Oh! of Saint-Germain. Yes, that time. Yes I think of that often.

TOBIAS: Yes, yes, yes. You wanted some tangible proof. You wanted ...

SHAUMBRA 4: ... yeah. Oh well you know I wasn’t upset. I knew that ... well in the past he and I had kind of played those kind of games together and so I just wanted him to show everybody else one of those. And I always regret it though when he said I’m standing an inch away from you and you don’t see me, that I wasn’t extra cute and went like this and said am I hugging you. I always regret that. How do I feel differently now? This is a different lifetime. I’m a different woman. Is that what your question was? No.

TOBIAS: Could be.

SHAUMBRA 4: Well you know what I was going to suggest since I didn’t have a question that perhaps you would share with us what you and Kuthumi and Saint-Germain and you guys when you’re hanging out these days watching Shaumbra and laughing your little heads off and everything ... or not. What are some of your most salient observations of the moment, and as a group is there something that you might want to share with us?

TOBIAS: A wide variety and then we discuss it all the time, but a wide variety. We took on our portion of the assignment or this whole venture and it was to work from this side of the veil and it was to continue to basically encourage you and support all of you knowing that it would be very, very challenging and difficult. One of the most common conversations we have is this actually how it’s going better than what we thought. We were prepared for worse. We were prepared for ... we’re having to get this by Cauldre here. (Laughter and Tobias chuckling). We were prepared for many Shaumbra to drop out in the first several years of our working together, and actually we’re quite surprised that the number has – Shaumbra has stayed so focused on their own work, on their journey in this lifetime. We’re very pleased that so many have truly stuck through the toughest of times. You have gone through the toughest. Things now are going through a process of change but their not the old ripping down, tearing out type of things that you’ve experienced. Now what your experience is change that you’re feeling, much of the change within yourself, but the difficult energies are actually outside of yourself. And right now our focus is to try to help Shaumbra understand this very simple principle. So many of the things that are difficult and cause the stress and tension are not coming from you. You’re simply feeling so much and interpreting it from the outside.

One of our greatest joys is that this whole advent of the quantum leap is approaching and that we have such a large group of Shaumbra to work with through this process. It is truly historic. It is something that perhaps sounds a bit like a fairy tale or perhaps sounds like a spiritual carrot, but indeed it is happening. It has been predicted for eons of time. We’re simply entering into the next age of consciousness. We are going beyond the – what you would call – the mind-oriented human in this new and next evolution in the New Energy. It’s causing many challenges and breakdowns of old systems, and it’s very difficult for Shaumbra to be around during this time. But yet you’re enduring, you’re persevering, you’re going for it.

Now, there’s one thing that Saint-Germain, Kuthumi and I are going to be working on with all of you. You’re at an interesting point. You’ve gone through this tremendous evolution. You’ve learned so much within yourself. You’ve learned to be your own master, not to have somebody else as your master, but to be your own. But right now in order to bridge the gap between this energy integration, your melding of the masculine/feminine and all of the other energies in you, now the next step is putting it into application. And this is why in a sense that Kuthumi also said philosophy is done. Time to stop thinking about it, time to stop talking about it and time to start doing it. We can’t do it. We don’t have the physical mechanisms that you do. You can now take this energy, take your divinity, every part of you, everything we’ve been learning over these years and now apply it. This is crossing a spiritual chasm. It’s going from philosophy and thought into application. But as you know chasms are sometimes dark and deep, and sometimes those who leap over chasms tend to freeze up first before they do. They tend to get then into their mind. They tend to evaluate that chasm. They tend to want to know how deep it is, how much of a leap they need to take and what’s on the other side.

Because of the way energy works and all these other physics of living, those answers aren’t there. So it’s taking yet another leap of faith. Putting this work into action, putting yourself into action, this is the real – what would you say – proof of the pudding. This is the manifestation of everything we’ve been talking about. It’s more important to have all of you Shaumbra manifest, create, make this energy real and tangible, bring it to Earth rather than just talking about it. It’s more important than having I, Tobias, or Saint-Germain or any of the rest of us appear to you out of thin air and then poof away. That would destroy years and years and years worth of work that you’ve done. It would totally distract you. But when you learn how to take this energy, work it very efficiently into your life, balance your biology, create grand abundance into your life, that is the proof. That is the standard that other humans are looking for.

So over the course of the next nine months, obviously we’re going to be talking to all of you, asking you what have you done with your New Energy today? Have you gotten up and just thought about it? Have you created it as another philosophy, as just another thought-provoking notion or are you actually applying it in your life? Are you actually rising up to become standards and creators in the New Energy? Anything else?

SHAUMBRA 4: One very brief thing. When Kuthumi and I were working on the books together, there’s a section about our creation, our creation of – in his words – there’s nothing out there. There’s nothing out there but you. And now we are, and I believe that this is very real, I’ve experienced it, but there is something out there that isn’t us, or is it? This energy that we are meeting up with that is so highly challenging – is this us? Is this in fact something ...

TOBIAS: It is actually – now we get philosophical here – but I will answer. It is actually – it is you. It is you and it is the rest of the humans in a type of mass consciousness, and it is also entities from the nonphysical realms. But the aspect of it that is you is a you from the past, you see. It is a part of you from the past that was Old Energy that clung on and held to Old Energy that got into drama and fear and all of these other things. The other part that was very linear and very duality-oriented and very separated. But part of you doesn’t necessarily just go away. You just evolve yourself beyond its limitations. But it shows back up again to you back in these energies that we talked about. So in a sense yes it is you and it is the others, but it is you from the past.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Back in June you discussed that humanity needs stewards of business. You said you would be happy to do discussions about a New Energy business. Would you consider doing a separate channeling specific to creating the new business models? As I am working with building a business, I would love information to guide me to build it in New Energy.

TOBIAS: Sounds like a promotion for the upcoming “Ask Tobias” session that we’re going to have in less than three weeks. It will be about New Energy business and it will be available on your local website. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. This is a question from Wilhelmina in the Netherlands. She says becoming sovereign doesn’t appear loving and compassionate to those ones has to leave. I can now see they were old ties but the dozens of family members and friends I’ve distanced from over the last years one way or another wouldn’t describe me as a standard of love and compassion at this point. So the question is how to combine the process of becoming sovereign and being compassionate at the same time.

TOBIAS: Indeed, the first thing is into becoming sovereign is to have compassion and love for yourself first and foremost. You can’t do this without the love for yourself. Other humans they’re used to feeding on other people and they have a certain definition, a way that you, anybody should act and respond to them, how you should be giving, giving, giving to them. This is a very Old Energy principle, and it eventually drains the energy out of people and they get sick and they die and then we have to try to work with them over here. It’s a very, very old cycle. You take one human who learns to love themselves – sometimes they have to separate from other people to do that. A human who learns that they are God also – sometimes they have to leave behind other things to understand that. Sometimes they have to go off on a sabbatical away from everything as Saint-Germain has done, as Kuthumi did and as I did and many, many of the others. Sometimes humans, Shaumbra, you’re learning to just let some of the old things go. Go off on your own journey for a while. Yes, it’s going to get other people mad because you’ve built a complex network with them, a consciousness network, and they feel the loss of your presence. They also feel angry and they also feel hungry because they can’t feed on things they call love and compassion.

But what really are love and compassion? Well that answer is within yourself. Go inside and look for what is it like to love yourself. You are going to be the hardest person that you’ll ever come to love. It’s easier to “love” – a restricted type or limited type of love – easier to love other people, easier to have compassion. I get a little upset when I hear people misusing these words. Sometimes compassion, when a person uses it in reference to another, means they’re just supposed to be a pushover, and they’re supposed to be a sucker, and they’re supposed to give, give, give all the time. That is not a good or healthy energy relationship. Now imagine a world composed of totally sovereign beings who don’t need to feed off of others, who don’t need to take energy from others, who can create, who can choose, who can be who they are. You’re not going to have things like wars. You’re not going to have things like poverty. Everyone is self-empowered in their own right.

So sometimes, yes, when you or any of you move into your own changes as you go into sovereignty, sometimes it does mean letting go of the old things, and some of them aren’t going to like it. The good news is is that as you come to the true understanding of love and of compassion and sovereignty then you can reestablish a relationship with those whom you have let the old relationship go and now you can have a New Energy relationship rather than an old karmic relationship. Quite a difference. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 6: And she just had one other question. She wanted to know why you referred to Ramtha in the old name during the gnost question and answer session.

TOBIAS: We use the name Ohamah, which is the – what you would say – the large or the grander energy. Ramtha was one character, one aspects of Ohamah that existed in a particular lifetime. Oftentimes we mix these up and Cauldre’s screaming at us right now saying that there are other implications, from a legal standpoint. But it is what it is. The energy of Ramtha is still very present on Earth helping to guide many, many humans into their new understanding. We tend to work more directly with the overall energy of Ohamah. But the energies, again, are very similar.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Can you refresh my mind and tell me why did I come back here? (Some laughter) I know I’m the one who chose it, it makes sense, but I would never have guessed it. But as I find myself feeling only part woman, mom, artist, teacher and don’t feel I’m being or doing any of these things with my whole presence, I don’t complete any of those passions I describe there, even less tasting the rewards of living them. And yes, I do breathe, but maybe only partially. Seriously, I need some wider vision on this situation please, and why is it so?

TOBIAS: Absolutely. Coming back to Earth in this time was indeed a choice by all of you. It wasn’t for karmic reasons. As we’ve told you before, you got through all that. You didn’t need to come back here. But yet when you saw the potential and the opportunity in this era of transition into the New Energy, in a sense you almost couldn’t resist it. You’ve been such a part of creating Earth, of going through the ages of Lemuria, of Atlantis, of the Christos era and now going into this new era of New Energy. You almost couldn’t say no. It’s like you had to see how this play turns out. You also knew – all of you – that you would have so much to offer to other humans, a wealth of experience. You knew that you would have so much to teach them whether it was teachings through the Crimson Circle, whether it was things you developed on your own. But you knew that there would be millions and millions of humans as there are today calling out for a new way. The old way is the old way. They are looking for a new and different way.

Most of you came to Earth anywhere from 30 to 60, 70 years ago of time knowing that the time wasn’t quite right, that there was things that had to change on Earth. First we had to get through the potential of nuclear war and the devastation of Earth. And we had to get through the millennium period, another potential time for the Earth energy basically to collapse on itself. We get through all of that and now in the past six years of time, we’re marching towards this New Energy era. So the time is right. You’ve been in a holding pattern to say, assuming more mundane things in your life – jobs or families or things like that – waiting for the time to be right and waiting for other humans to raise their hand to say I’m looking for something different. I’m looking for a teacher who can help me to find my own way. The time is here right now. The time is here, but again so many of you have been used to waiting, have been used to waiting for the consciousness to catch up that you’re still waiting. And we are here to encourage you now it is time.

We’re not talking about going and evangelizing. There’s no need to do that. There are far too many humans in this world right now who are looking for a spiritual teacher. They are looking for someone to be a human guide with them during their ascension process. So the time is right now. It is the passion of the Shaumbra to do this type of work and it is here now. Thank you.

LINDA: Two more questions.

TOBIAS: ... that would be four.

LINDA: You know we got a party.

TOBIAS: I thought I was at a party right here. (Laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Tobias, we’re very glad you joined us this afternoon. And I want to thank you very, very much for sharing the sexual energy materials. The question is in a couple weeks – a little over a couple of weeks – it’ll be 2007 and it’s going to be the quantum leap. Is there a message or some sort of thoughts that the Crimson Council might like to share with its earthly counterpart the Crimson Circle a.k.a. CCEC?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed that message is, as you say, this New Energy era is here. The quantum leap is here. Humans will continue to go through many, many challenges on their way to this and through this. Just because we hit this date of September 18, 2007 doesn’t mean that all humans all of sudden make peace with each other. There is still this whole transformation period. But what we do say is from that date on, the potential of everything changes – the ability to make fast changes, to make easy changes, the ability to invent and create all change for humanity as a whole. You can embrace that energy now, you don’t have to wait. But we’re talking about when things reach a ... when consciousness – we have to use words that are not quite accurate – but when consciousness speeds up to this point, when it evolves so quickly that it literally goes off the old tracks onto a whole new type of system that isn’t comprised of tracks at all. So don’t expect big changes on September 19th but expect the potential of everything to change after that.

With that, again as we just said, more and more humans are going to be looking for spiritual answers. They’re going to be looking for real answers, not just rules, not platitudes. They’re going to be looking for a way to basically manage and experience their life in a whole new way, and that’s what Shaumbra is all about. You’re not here to be their gurus. You’re not here to be their leaders. You’re here to be a standard, a human guide to show them that it can be done. You didn’t have that, Shaumbra. None of you had that. You were going through this first. You didn’t have other humans who had already gone through it who could say it can be done. You’re going through that very dark and tangled jungle – going through it first – not knowing if this was all a bunch of, as you would say, crap. Not knowing if it was just running you in circles or not knowing what type of demons were lurking behind the trees. Once the first group goes through, it essentially creates a pathway. Now the other humans have to do it on their own, but at least they know that it can be done. We’re going to say much more obviously about the New Energy but we thank you for your work and for your question.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Please let me know why I created the experience to have a relationship with a person that’s not available and doesn’t want to leave his family?

TOBIAS: A variety of reasons. A commitment would come to mind here, but also understanding at your deeper level you know that there’s other things that are going to be coming into your life, and if you got very tied up with a commitment particularly with the one you speak of here, would have been very energetically consuming. It would have been wonderful perhaps, but it would have distracted you from other passions that you have. So you allowed yourself a little bit of taste but you didn’t have the whole meal.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a man at the microphone): Oh Tobias, Tobias, Tobias. (Tobias chuckling) What am I going to do with you? I flew my winged horse, you know, to be here as an aid or a standard of the Order of the Crimson Circle so I could join you at this roundtable for a magnificent feast, and I don’t really have a question but it is being formed right now.

TOBIAS: It’s an epidemic today. A lot of no questions during our questions.

SHAUMBRA 10: One just came up now actually, and you know I’ve had a tremendous year in terms of just amazing experiences – belief systems that were altered and some that ...

TOBIAS: Ripped apart?

SHAUMBRA 10: ... ripped apart and let go of, and as a result, for instance in the last year I haven’t done any running. I used to do 50 kilometers of running every week just to keep my weight in check. I haven’t done any running. I haven’t gained any weight practically. Also, I had been without drinking alcohol for 20 years, and I let go of that belief system of being an alcoholic and I recently went back drinking, and although for a little while there was a little bit of fear as to whether I had actually allowed the belief system to go or not, well I know for a fact now it’s very clear that it has disappeared. And I’m just curious as to know, and by the way, you know you were very angry in jail now when I think of it.

TOBIAS: Very angry.

SHAUMBRA 10: You were very angry and I remember. Back to my question ... I thought I would just put that in there ... I wonder if you have any suggestion as to which belief system now I should just let go of? (Some laughter)

TOBIAS: Actually, belief systems are a brilliant thing. They are brilliant. They only become un-brilliant when they are trapped or locked. That happens far too often of course. A human develops a belief system and doesn’t allow that belief to evolve. They trap it. They imprison it, using your terms, and they then believe that that is the only belief. Belief systems are actually very creative. They inspire. They expand. They allow a human to realize their dreams and they allow an angel human to fulfill their whole journey. There’s nothing wrong with beliefs at all as long as you allow them to expand and change and flow and adapt to new situations continually. You had a very locked in belief system about being an alcoholic. It was beat into you. You were hypnotized into believing that you were an alcoholic. The good news was is that this caused you from self-destructing in this lifetime because you were on that path. The bad news was that you continued to hold this belief system in a very fearful type of way thinking that if you let it go that you would return to your old demonic drunken self. (Some laughter) But this is how you felt and not necessarily how I felt, but you were afraid of going back to that old you. So you held this belief system very rigid.

Now obviously, letting that belief system now change and expand to the point where maybe the belief system now is that you were, what you would call, an alcoholic. You were psychologically addicted to alcohol. But now that expands and you say that is no longer a limitation you don’t have to call yourself but yet you did have that marvelous experience of overdrinking and then learning what it was like to stop drinking. So the belief system expands and evolves now and this is a fun thing to play with. It is your belief system. You created it. Now feel and watch how it expands. It’s you but it has a life force energy in it that keeps moving. So where does it go to next? What does it do? It’s not that we negate anything about the belief that you were an alcoholic and then you became a dry alcoholic – two different belief systems that were smashing into each other. But now it evolves into a greater belief system. And what is that? It’s for you choose. It’s for you to play with. It’s for you to add your energy in and watch how it evolves. If you don’t, perhaps, like the way it’s going or twisting or turning, you could always re-create it in a new way. You don’t have to structure it. You don’t have to get hammer and nails and boards and try to enclose and shape that belief system. It is continually ebbing and flowing, but you can also guide its direction. So, dear one of the light, what do you want to believe today?

SHAUMBRA 10: I don’t think I want to believe in anything. I just want to be fully aware.

TOBIAS: That’s a good belief. Do you believe that you can be fully aware? And then the belief system takes you to that flow awareness. But don’t get trapped in limiting that belief because you can go beyond awareness and that’s a whole other series of discussions.

SHAUMBRA 10: Okay. I thank you very much and I’ll drink to that. (Laughter and applause)

LINDA: Last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I wish to understand and know the difference between self-control as discussed in the Oslo sessions and the standard technology.

TOBIAS: Humans tend to control themselves in many different ways that it relates to the question and the discussion we were just having. They take a belief system and then they control it. They limit it, and essentially they suffocate that belief system or that potential of creation. They suffocate it and limit it, therefore limiting their experiences in life. Once you let the control off of your beliefs or your energies or your creations, they expand in ways that you can’t even begin to fathom right now. As you let go of the controls, as you let that winged horse truly soar, it’s going to create things that are so different for you in your life. It’s going to create the ability to heal even though there are those who say that it can’t be done. Well then it can’t, but if you belief that the standard of the pure rejuvenated healthy cell can radiate to every other cell in your body to send a message, a communication, actually literally an electromagnetic signal to all the unhealthy, imbalanced cells, this is possible. If you take the controls and the limitations off, anything becomes possible at that point.

As you do this, as you become the empowered humans who have the ability to heal themselves and live abundantly and joyfully, this becomes the standard to all of the others – all of the other people. And this is about what the essence of the Shaumbra teaching is all about. So we say to all of you as we just said to Luke, the belief systems – there’s nothing wrong with them. You are a creator being who uses a belief system or an energy concept to experience your creations. It is only when you control or limit your belief that you’re now controlling and limiting your creator self. Take off the controls. Go and be crazy and without having the total type of breakdown that Kuthumi had. Let go of the controls that you have in your body and your mind and begin experiencing something totally different.

With that Shaumbra we wish you the very best of the holiday season. No homework. No homework this time. We’re going to ask you to simply enjoy and experience life.

And so it is.