The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 4: "As Above, So Below" - Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

November 4, 2006

ADAMUS: I am, yes I am, Adamus Saint-Germain. And before we begin with your questions for the day, a few comments about the material we just covered. First Shaumbra, it is appropriate for you to also spend the time with your masculine and feminine. Give them the space, give them the energy, give them the love, for they come back together again to reunite. In a sense you could say to annihilate the old concept of division and to replace it with a higher consciousness – an expanded consciousness of a total self. And as this whole elimination of the need for separation occurs, it also lets go of the duality within you – the need to have a light and a dark, a good and a bad. It eliminates the need even of this thing that we call the veil.

So as I did recently, in my sabbatical, take one for yourself. It could be a day, a few days, a week of time by yourself. It could be just an evening. It could be a night in the bathtub or a drive in the car. Make no excuses for not doing it. Too often you say that you are busy. You will put it off to another time. Some of you might think that I’m not speaking to you – I’m talking to the one next to you. I’m talking to each and every one.

The process of the reunion will be experienced by all of you in your own personal and very beautiful way. It doesn’t necessarily happen in an instant. It could unfold over months of time. The masculine and the feminine have been apart for far too long. The tears have been far too many. The desire to return back to the original core energy but now in a new way is so very strong that it in itself overcomes any of these outside pressures. The outside pressures that are trying to confuse you, trying to keep you in duality, trying to make you feel low and worthless, trying to make you feel that the masculine and feminine are incompatible when you see it in examples in your everyday life. Married men and women who can’t get along. Your parents possibly who didn’t get along. You have so many examples of how it didn’t work that you’re afraid to try it within yourself. Your afraid that one will try to dominate the other, one will make the other suffer. Shaumbra, let go of those old ideas and allow this blessed and sacred reunion and re-melding of the masculine/feminine to take place.

One of the things that is going to be very important in this process for you to do personally is to make decisions. This energy of separation and confusion has it so you find it very difficult and challenging to make any decisions, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you. Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won’t be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back this reunion of masculine and feminine.

One of my great frustrations with Shaumbra – besides the fact that you just don’t see who you really are – one of my great frustrations is you’ve gotten to this energy of not making decisions. You go into nothingness. You go into this very confused energy, this lost and wandering energy and you think that life is a destiny, that it will just take you where it wants to take you. That is not creator energy. That is Old Energy. Start to be very observant about your ability to make decisions. You have them before you everyday – little ways and big ways. In little ways I see some of you afraid to make a decision about what you’re going to eat, because you hear that certain things are good for you and certain things are bad. So you don’t even follow your own stomach and your own heart. And then you’re afraid. You let it be decided for you.

Many of you are afraid to make decisions about what to do with your relationships. You’re afraid you know in your heart what to do, but you’re afraid to make that decision. You’re afraid to give yourself that peace, give yourself that sovereignty and give yourself your own space. You’re afraid to make decisions about jobs and money. You’re afraid to make decisions about just about anything. It gets down to you won’t even make a decision about what movie to watch. Shaumbra, you can reclaim your own sovereign authority by starting out with something very simple, very easy. Make a decision. Any decision. Stop judging whether it’s right or wrong. As Tobias has told you, within you is a self-adjusting or energy-balancing mechanism. Even if you make the wrong decision, it is motion. It is momentum that will then shift to what is the appropriate balance for you. It is you doing this. It is not I, Saint-Germain, or anybody else. Practice making decisions. It is a wonderful thing and a very empowering thing.

And I will ask you one more time now before we go into the questions and answers, and this would be a wonderful time for your decision process to start, “Are you willing to accept changes in your life and your reality?”

Let us begin with the questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): What is it that I don’t see about my abundance? I dig deep in myself. I went to highs and lows in finances just to find myself again without money. Any insights please.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Let’s turn this to White Eagle to begin with.

WHITE EAGLE: We need the name.

LINDA: I don’t have a name.

WHITE EAGLE: Oh, alright. Let us see it. (Pause while White Eagle examines it.)

There is a locked place within you that you have been afraid to open. It was opened before you were about 14 and it closed down. And in its closing you said to yourself, I won’t get what I want. Something happened and you didn’t get what you want, and so there has become a self-sabotage. When you get close to grabbing that golden ring, the horse goes too quickly around. And so, dear one, look not at money but look at that deep locked box that says I can’t have what I want, because it’s not just money. You get so close and it dissolves and then you say there I go again. I get so close and it dissolves. Change that decision. Go back to when you were young and it flowed and you saw it flow. Now you don’t see it flow even when it flows. Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: High five, White Eagle!! (Lots of laughter)

WHITE EAGLE: We did pretty good without a name.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hello. I’m asking this question on behalf of someone else. I am truly wanting to lose weight in a New Energy way – simply, easily and without force and restrictive dieting. I have over 100 pounds to lose and it is causing me health and mobility problems, which I choose to be free of. I have listened to the Oslo CDs about allowing my body to rebalance itself and I’m working with that. I am also breathing, focusing on loving myself, inviting gnost in to provide the most creative solution, and asking my correspondent to bring me any and all useful information. So far it appears that certain foods still have an impact on my body and I haven’t lost weight without going on a restrictive diet, which I find very discouraging. I would very much appreciate your perspective on this and any information or guidance you can provide. Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. There are so many energy issues associated with this weight. We’re going to say the first thing to look at is your wounds that you have had from a type of sexual abuse in the past in this lifetime. Most of it was not physical. Much of it was psychic, a type of abuse, and it’s caused you to put on all this weight and keep it there as a barrier. This was reinforced by, what you would call mass consciousness, that leads you to believe that you have to have now restrictive diets which are nothing more than suffering. So you’re saying to yourself basically in order to get through some of these energy wounds and violations that you’ve had that you need to suffer. You’ve let yourself slip right into this whole Old Energy belief system and hypnosis.

Your body is a sacred thing. It knows how to process energy going into it and it knows how to eliminate what is not needed. So it is time you get very, very much back in touch with your body as well as with your masculine/feminine. When the masculine and feminine energies inside of you are balanced and when you are loving your body, which you do not do right now. When you are loving your body and balanced in the energies, you can’t possibly have large amounts of extra weight. You cannot possibly be obese. Your body will not balance out of weight like it is right now. It will maintain a very appropriate amount of weight to your body height and your body structure.

You’ve gotten into your mind about all this now. You are trapped in your mind. That’s what we see in this energy. You don’t know how to get out. You have read things, you’ve listened to things, but because the earlier trauma in your life is so deep, it is very difficult for you now to get out of your mind. And that is exactly where the sexual energy virus exists and wants you to be – in your mind. We’re going to ask you to work with a facilitator who you trust and who you can open up to and we’re going to ask you to do a lot of breathing. And we’re going to ask you to go back to the point of this physical and psychic sexual energy abuse. You’re going to find that you’ve been placing the blame on yourself even though it wasn’t about you. This was an outside energy that has affected your emotions, your psychological balance and your spiritual balance. Work with a facilitator to bring this out into the open, not for the sake of a lot of drama, not for the sake of processing but for the sake of releasing.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to have to go back to the actual incident. Just knowing that the incident took place is enough to let it go. But yours is very deep and very locked up inside you. You’re going to need to work with somebody to gently go in and unlock it. But work with somebody who you trust and somebody who is very balanced in their own sexual masculine/feminine energy. Then you’ll find the weight naturally goes away. Don’t make it a race. Don’t give yourself all sorts of goals and specific dates where you have to lose weight. It will naturally go away. We thank you for the question on behalf of all of Shaumbra.

WHITE EAGLE: We would like to add to that because it is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds. First, you cannot lose weight, you can only gain thinness. It’s like trying to lose darkness. You cannot lose darkness, you can only bring in more light. And so all of you who are focused on losing weight, you’ve already lost the game. So gain thinness, gain health, gain fitness, gain flexibility. Look at everything you want rather than what you don’t want. The other very important part of any of you who feel ... about the restrictions – ah I don’t want to do this because I don’t like to have the restrictions of a diet or having to work out or all of that. Look at your anger at restrictions.

Now when you drove here to Coal Creek Canyon or you drove to wherever you are, you stop at a red light. You go when it’s green. You stop when there’s pedestrians. Do you get angry at those restrictions? Or do you just know that they are part – those limitations on your movement forward in the middle of road – are part of the order of life, and you accept them without animosity. Because you accept them, the world flows. If you are angry that you are heavy, if you are angry that you have to diet and you can’t eat chocolate, that anger itself – your belief about the restriction – is getting in your way. Find a way to neutralize your hatred of limitations because that itself is a limitation. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I am standard and I live in Romania. I went to my home on the other side. I was shocked because of its beauty. It’s actually very clean in the attic and I found the chest. They are full of treasures. I took some stuff and also a lot of money. I chose to use them for the following projects: publishing the Shaumbra Romania magazine, workshops and trainings for establishing the Romania Shaumbra U, publishing Crimson Circle books and also other Shaumbra ones including the ones I will write, building a ranch for Shaumbra from Romania and other countries will gather to move the energies and for the other projects in the New Energy. What can you tell me about all of this? Thank you, all my love.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Tell you, "Wonderful". You make decisions, you have a passion and continue forth. Don’t let things hold you back.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a man at the microphone): Greeting to Shaumbra family. I’ve been isolated from you for too long. This is my first visit. And thank you to Adamus and our guests and all those who’ve been working with me lately. I appreciate it very much. I felt like I’m catching up a little bit and the last few months have been quite a roller coaster for me – exciting, yet fearful as well. A lot of pieces of the puzzle have fit together finally and I would appreciate, however, some clarity on certain aspects of relationships, especially with my wife and children, and where my new gifts that I have discovered have been hiding for so long can be best applied.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: We’re both going to look at the energy here and based on what you are talking about in relationships. The most important thing here right now, is as we discussed today, is that relationship with yourself. When you have that intimate passionate relationship with you and you allow the masculine/feminine to come back together, the relationships with other humans aren’t even an issue because you are in your own place of balance that no others can throw you off, but you also appreciate exactly where they are at. So often Shaumbra has issues with relationships. It comes up over and over again. But it will be a non-issue with a relationship with yourself. The gifts that you have – the gifts that you have given yourself – these are things that you locked away or just put aside until you felt you were ready. These are gifts that you designed for yourself in the other realms even before this lifetime. So it is up to you right now to consciously make that decision, consciously accept that you’re ready for changes, because when you accept these gifts from yourself into your life, it will bring about changes. But when you are ready for these, simply make that decision and activate them in this reality.

WHITE EAGLE: And we would like to add about especially relationships for you and really for all of Shaumbra. We notice when we look at your relationship that you are not relating to your wife as she is now, you are relating to your wife as she used to be in the pictures that you’ve created. In fact it would be ... and she’s a little bit relating to you as you used to be, and this is so common in any relationship. You know you stop relating to the real person years ago and you begin to have your relationship only with your pictures of them. But you are doing that especially and we would like to suggest to you and to all of you to unload yourself of the old pictures, relate to that person as they are now – and you haven’t seen them forever because you haven’t looked – but also relate to the future picture of them. Relate to their soul. Take it a few steps from today to where you know they’re evolving, where you know their soul belongs. And what happens when you choose to relate to that higher place of them, it lifts you out of your stuck-ness into the higher place of you. So for you especially we notice you both relating to the old shadows instead of the new you's. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I’m currently building some consciousness about how people give away their energy balance. During that, I’ve observed how my two boys seem to give their energy away to me. They never seem to get enough mom, enough of my time or enough of my attention. And I also find that I give my energy away to them. I often have a feeling of not being a good enough mom. Every help on breaking this energy pattern is appreciated. With love, thank you.

WHITE EAGLE. Can we start this one?


WHITE EAGLE: Alright. Just the fact that you worry about not being a good enough mom means you’re actually asking for their energy. You want to be wanted. You want, although in one phrase you said I don’t want them to give their energy to me, because of that fear of not being a good enough mom, you actually subtly want them to need you and want you so you can be an even better mom. (To Adamus Saint-Germain) You’re on.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN. Well put. Nothing to add ... concise, direct.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Within the last six weeks I have made decisions and I have stepped away from a 28 year marriage and am trying to step out and assume responsibility solely for myself. And since I’ve done this I’ve fallen badly and injured my right wrist and I’ve discovered a hernia on my right side and other ailments – everything on my right side, which I consider to be my masculine side. Am I manifesting this? Is this something that’s to be expected with this ...

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: It’s not I who is manifesting it! It must be you. (Laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6: Good, good.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Sorry to poke fun at you here. We know it is a difficult time, but what has happened is you have had somebody else holding your masculine energy for a long, long time. And when you finally made the decision, which you are commended for, knowing that it was not in the best interest of your growth or theirs, that it was time to let go of the old relationship, you assumed it for yourself. When this happens, many energies that have been suppressed for a long, long time start to come up. And as you noticed and as you’re very aware, these tend to be on the right side or what you would call the masculine-based side. It is part of an energy evolution. These things had to get out. These energies had to come to the surface and you’re allowing these to happen in these ways. It is not something permanent. It is not spirit trying to tell you that you made the wrong decision. It is just suppressed energy coming out.

You can let it out in other ways. You can scream a little, which we would highly suggest you do. Seriously. You have not an overwhelming amount of suppressed energies, but there are suppressed energies in there. Go off in a room by yourself and scream, because when you scream you’re also having to do a lot of deep breathing. You’re having to let some of those energies out and understand that you made a very, what we would call, necessary and balanced decision. Now what happens in that old relationship, now that you’ve let it go, it can evolve and it can grow to its higher level. The whole relationship between both of you was being suppressed. Now it can evolve. What does that mean? Does that mean you’re necessarily going to get back together? No. What it means is that it can evolve in the other levels. The soul to soul level. You’re both free now and in that freedom you can come back together in a new and different way if you choose.

WHITE EAGLE: We would just ask, what took you so long? (some laughter)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (Chucking) We’ve all been asking that question. Only White Eagle dares to ask!

WHITE EAGLE: And we would also add you must re-masculine yourself. You must be your own man, and what has happened is that he is holding onto a lot of your feminine parts. So you need to do some sort of an exercise where you pull back your feminine from him and you give back his masculine to him and then you fill in your own masculine rather than his and he will probably flop around a little bit and fall on his left side (laughter) until he re-feminines himself – to make up a word.


WHITE EAGLE: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the Internet, read by Linda): At the Embodying the New Energy workshop in Denver August 2004, reference was made to a universal language. What is the universal language and how does it relate to gnost?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: The universal language that was referred to there is in development right now. As was stated that is going to be a – there are two versions of this: one would be a universal language that is universal on Earth. Earth right now speaks hundreds and hundreds of different languages and with the advent of the internet and particularly the young ones right now who are dealing internationally, they are going to be developing a very simple type of language that anyone could use. It doesn’t mean other languages will go out of existence, but it will be a way for humans to communicate with each other much more easily than they’re doing now.

There’s also a type of universal language on the nonphysical realms and the angelic realms. Not all angel beings use or work with this, but it is available. They are not sounds. It is a type of ... difficult to describe here – it is a type of vibration signature pattern. We don’t use words on our side and we don’t use particular sounds, but there are energy packets. So this type of angelic overall language is also going to be a part of the new universal language on Earth. And yes indeed the element of gnost or the creative solution is going to be a part of that.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hi. My dear friend Jeannie Nicholson was in a car accident last Friday and she’s a spiritual teacher and healer and she is in a coma and has brain trauma on the right side. And I’m just wondering why did she do this and what is going to be the outcome?

WHITE EAGLE: We would say it’s not to ask why people do that, because the why was caused long before she took her body, long before she got in her car. She is now experiencing a place of rainbow energies where she’s enabled to make a decision whether she comes back or not. If she decides to come back, she will be very much transformed, and if she doesn’t, she will have transformed enough. It doesn’t matter.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: We will concur and say that the decision is not yet been made whether to come out of this coma or to transition over to the other side, but we’re going to ask you to honor and respect and have compassion for it. There’s not a mistake here and there’s nothing that was done wrong, but the dear one that you refer to here has spent a life in service to others, working with and helping others, but also taking on many of their old and stuck energies. Because there was a need to let go of some of that, but because this dear one didn’t really understand the best way to do that, she chose to go into this in-between state. And in this state of being, can choose to let go of all of the energy she’s taken on from others. As all of you know, being a spiritual teacher takes its toll on the soul, on the body and every part of you, because spiritual teachers are compassionate humans. They tend to take on many of their client’s energies and sometimes they’re not sure how to get out of that. So in this in-between space she’s in right now is a time for decisions, time to decide whether to go back into this work, whether to do something different or just transition back over onto our side. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Hi Tobias. Please clarify your example statements in Shoud 2 where you said “feel a healthy cell with the goal of having it communicate throughout our bodies for healing.” Then further down you give the example of imagining ourselves driving down the road enjoying ourselves, feeling that energy. When you imagine you are using your mental abilities, your mind, then feeling the enjoyment of the moment, how do we isolate these experiences to feeling and keep out the visualization? Can you please clarify, explain or give more examples. This isn’t as easy as you make it sound.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: So Tobias, not being here today, I Adamus, will attempt to answer this. It is so easy to get stuck in the mind. It is so easy to not recognize feeling, and Tobias, White Eagle, Saint-Germain, all of us, we have tried to make this very simple. If you feel the essence, experience. Go into the experience of a totally healthy cell. Not try to analyze it, not trying to even necessarily picture exactly what it looks like, but experience a totally healthy cell. This becomes the standard or the way of the other cells. This totally healthy cell can then become the example or the template. It is the same with consciousness, with a good feeling. Go back to when you were taking a drive in a car and you felt free and you felt good to be on Earth, you felt the joy of living. Go back to that feeling. Don’t analyze it. And we’re not even saying trying to do a strong visualization, but go back to the experience.

We’ll do it right now. Can you feel the experience driving along in a car on a beautiful sunny day with the wind in your hair and on your face, beautiful music playing in the background ... nobody else on the road, just you. You see the trees, the blue sky. You feel totally free, totally liberated. You don’t have to worry about money. You don’t have to worry about other people. It’s a moment right here for your enjoying just being on Earth, living life. That’s an experience, a feeling. It doesn’t need a lot analysis. You don’t have to stress your mind out trying to decide if the trees you’re seeing are evergreens or oaks. It’s just a damn experience. (Some laughter) You are making it very confusing. You’re trying to put too much spin on it. You’re trying to make it difficult because you believe that it has to be. It could be so simple as this one beautiful experience. Then take that experience of joy for living and let it now permeate to every part of your life. Take a deep breath – you’ll need several deep breaths. Thank you.

LINDA: Well it’s time for the shuffle of the last question. This might be the last question.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Hmmmm, with White Eagle’s concurrence, a few more.

LINDA: Fine.

WHITE EAGLE: It is okay.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. I just finished the Sychrotize™ system and I thank you. It’s been very helpful to me. I have a question about something that’s been confusing me that I need clarification about. It’s a group that I have been involved with just recently called the Jerome School of Enlightenment. And I came to the school as a student but I’m wondering if the roles are supposed to be reversed because the energy feels old to me. And I’m wondering if it’s possible for a school of enlightenment to be based in Old Energy? That’s my first question.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: I’m going to make a general statement here, but I’m going to say about 93 1/2% of all schools of enlightenment are based in Old Energy and that is totally appropriate because there is still enlightenment to be had. Humans work at all different levels. It would be completely disruptive for many, many humans to jump right in to be working with White Eagle and Mark or Tobias and Saint-Germain. The type of work we do is different. Not better, not grander, just for a different set of humans. So there are many, many schools of enlightenment that have not changed a thing in a 100 years, 1,000 years or 5,000 years. Now you tell me, where’s that Old Energy? The second part ...

SHAUMBRA 10: The second part was, if that is the case, why did my paths cross with this group?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Sounds like the old question, why did the chicken cross the road. (Audience laughter and Adamus Saint-Germain chuckling) To teach the other chickens not to cross the road! (Lots of laughter) Roads can be a very deadly thing for chickens you know! We’re going to put that back on you, so why did you choose that?

LINDA: She’s gone. You chased her away.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: So why did you choose that? You have to ask yourself that question ...

LINDA: Really she’s gone!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (Chuckling) We realize.

WHITE EAGLE: And we would add to that the reason you choose any part of your path that you then outgrow is so that you can watch your growth by seeing what you outgrow.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Shaumbra, I am in need of urgent clarification. I’ve been gnosting and using the standard technology as recently suggested and things appear to be in worse shape than ever (laughter). It feels like old issues are rearing their heads and Shaumbra in general seem to be dealing with a lot of crap. My eyes are foggy, my muscular skeletal system is a mess and I’m very fatigued. Please comment on whether this is just things getting worse before they get better for Shaumbra in general or whether I am very disillusioned in what I am choosing for myself and still choosing a path of self-sabotage at a deeper level. For example, I’m not using vitamin/mineral supplementation and have put my trust in my own ability to heal myself. Please comment on the eyes in particular as many Shaumbra seem to have eye issues right now. Thank you Tobias for your love and support and I know I already know the answer to my question (lots of laughter), but I am feeling very frustrated and need of reassurance.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: I’ll make an attempt at this. I asked the question twice today, will you accept changes. I didn’t say things were going to get better immediately. I didn’t say all of a sudden you would become a super human. I didn’t say any of these things. I just said do you accept changes, because I know and you know also any time you allow yourself to evolve from one level of consciousness into new levels of consciousness – and remember those words. One level – you're sitting on one level. Let’s call it level 7, and now you change into new levels where it’s not 8, but it could be 9 and 6 and –4 and 2,000,001 all at the same time. You’re going through an incredible transformation, an incredible process. Sometimes the old systems break down on purpose, because they are no longer necessary and they break down before the new energies come in. So often Shaumbra thinks that if they’re going to do this work that their lives get perfect, but they’re basing this on their old life getting perfect. We’re not trying to dress up your old life in a new dress. There is a total transformation that occurs. You’re desperately trying to hold onto the old you and I’m desperately inviting you to let that go. It doesn’t look good on you anymore.

LINDA: Second to the last question.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Perhaps White Eagle would like to respond.

LINDA: Oh okay, very good.

WHITE EAGLE: Yes indeed, and we would like to be called Saint White Eagle. (Lots of laughter and Adamus Saint-Germain chuckling)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Only if I can be called Whitey Adamus! (More laughter)

WHITE EAGLE: Indeed. As Shaumbra grows, you are so focused on the creation being co-creators. That is all very wonderful, but you forget that the equal side of God is the destroyer and as things fall apart, that is God also. Destruction – de-construction – is an intrinsic part of creation. And if your eyes are bothering you it might be you are looking only at creation and not accepting the perfection of destruction. Thank you.

How do you go? White ...


WHITE EAGLE: (Repeating it) Whitey Adamus. Alright, thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Well thank you, Whitey and Sainty. (Lots of laughter)

WHITE EAGLE: Saint White Eagle. It has a ring to it that first name Saint.

SHAUMBRA 12: No, actually a very heartfelt thank you. I appreciate all you’ve done. I have a question today for myself and for any other Shaumbra parent who has children or child that probably has history that tends to come out at night when they’re sleeping and they have terrors or fears and anxieties. And so I’m wondering if you can help me with my child and generalize that advice for other children who have difficulty at night.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (whispers) White Eagle.

WHITE EAGLE: Alright. One thing you can do is straighten out their energies while you’re putting them to bed. Put one hand on the base of their skull, the other hand at their sacrum and hold it until you feel a connection. Once you feel a calm, harmonious flow, put the one hand from the base of the neck to the crown chakra and wait until you feel a flow. When there is harmony, you have helped that child harmonize his or her spiritual bodies as well as emotional bodies before they go into slumber.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: There are so many activities that take place at night for adults and children alike. There are so many energies out there right now. Energies, whether it is from past life experiences, energies that are residuals from the type of battles that took place in the other realms, or even just from mass consciousness that can tend to be very, very fearful – very frightening for a child. It is important to let them know that they are God also. It is important to let them know that no one, no thing can do harm to them, that they can make the decisions, that they can do what they choose to do. If there are those who are chasing them at night or trying to frighten them, they can command and demand that those beings go away. And let them know that they can create their safe space that nobody else is allowed into unless they personally let them in.

The young people – young ones – are so very sensitive and open right now and they are feeling all of the energies of conflict, energies of battle, energies of this sexual energy virus – all of these things they are feeling particularly when they are sleeping at night. Just as we have shared with Shaumbra today saying that you make the decisions, you can decide whether to let these outside energies affect you or not affect you. You are sovereign. In your same way in your own words, share this with the children. Share that they are God also. Share with them that they can create what they choose. As you encourage this activity, you’re going to find that their dream state becomes much more peaceful and you’re going to see a very rapid growth and expansion in everything about them. For a human to know that they are God also is divine.

With that Shaumbra, we thank you for this day. We thank you for being here. We look forward to working with you in these next six weeks of time. As we mentioned, you’re going to be confronted three to four times and you might even want to write these down, but these energies that right now are trying to keep everything separate – the masculine and the feminine separate. They’re going to come knock on your door and have a visit with you. Take a deep breath and remember that you are God also.

I am, yes I am.