The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 2: "Standard Technology" - Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
September 2, 2006

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Teachers, Shaumbra, we continue with the energy of this gathering with I, Tobias flanked by Kuthumi and Adamus Saint-Germain.

We've talked today about a very important concept, not new at all – it has actually been in existence ever since we left Home: The ability for energy to replicate and mimic and mirror itself. We call it now Standard Technology because you set a standard of energy. You choose that standard of energy and then use it, to set the example for everything else. It has been used since the beginning of creation, the beginning of the omniverse. Notice how galaxies mirror other galaxies, they have many of the same components? They each may rearrange their energies in a bit different way, but they are essentially examples or reflections of each other. Planets and stars – very much the same way. Life works like this. Creation works based on previous examples and then it builds on it and expands it. This is a very natural flow of energy.

Now we are doing something a bit different here with Standard Technology. We’re using the ability, for the example that you want to use, to radiate its essence to all of the other components, all of the other parts, so they can then adapt that – whether it is healthiness, whether it is vitality or love or any other essence you wish to recreate. But we do something a bit different now with Shaumbra in this New Energy. We add the energy of gnost and we add the energy of new into this age-old method of creation – recreating by example – so we create some very interesting results. We were using, for instance, a healthy cell in your biology to mirror and reflect to the other cells. You are opening up the lines of pure communication so that every other cell can feel and exemplify health and life force energy – or a perfect balance.

But now, as Shaumbra, we add in New Energy. We’re no longer just recreating by example. We’re using example as a foundation and a basis, but we’re opening up or expanding the ability of the example to expand much more rapidly and much more inter-dimensionally, you see. That literally takes you off of a linear path and puts you on an expansional path. You’re still using the example of something in your body, in your consciousness or anything, as your base ingredient for new creation, but now you’re letting it expand and go even further. Plus, with your use of gnost, it allows the whole process to be done more energetically efficient. It’ll happen faster, bigger and much more efficiently. That's why we say: for the next 30 days use this process on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be anything that you have to struggle with, it should be a joy. It shouldn’t be a discipline, it should be something that you are choosing to do as a creator and wanting to do. Watch how this simple example of a healthy cell has a profound impact on the rest of your body.

While you’re doing this process stay out of the head. Don’t try to control it. Don’t try to manipulate it. Don’t try to say that this “healthy example” has to go to a specific area, for instance your knees or your shoulders or any other place. If you’ve been having particular health problem in a certain part of your body, don’t force or direct this radiant standard energy to go just to that place. You’re letting it flow naturally. It may end up going to your fingertips first, for energetic reasons. It may end up going to other places. Usually the source of the ache or pain – or where you’re feeling it – is actually not where it’s actually originating from. You just happen to be feeling it there. There are energy conduits and energy highways in your body. What you’re doing is allowing the standard energy to flow appropriately. You don’t have to control anything. You simply create.

With that we would be delighted to take your questions and we’ll have to say that I, Tobias, will be answering today. It will be accompanied by Saint-Germain and Kuthumi but, for your protection, I will be answering. (much laughter)

LINDA: Thank you. By the way, my issue isn’t taxes, it’s speeding tickets! (laughter)

TOBIAS: (chuckling) That is a whole other issue. We talked about busy-ness before. (more laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): What is the relationship of ascension to the DreamWalk?

TOBIAS: The relationship of ascension to DreamWalk is very similar, and you ask a very broad and wide open question so we’re trying to focus this down. They contain many of the same components and Saint-Germain is saying here that he would prefer to handle that separately when we get into the DreamWalk Ascension or what you are calling the Sovereign Workshop. But you’ll find that the components between birthing, and deathing, and in-body ascension are all the same, they are just different forms of the energy.

LINDA: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Greetings to the three of you. Can we talk a little bit about South America? Specifically, the social democrat presidents all over, Chavez being one of them, and how this is effecting Argentina, the security down there? And the second part of the question is: the business I’m manifesting with the donations I’ve been getting – is there anything I need to add for it to be more Shaumbra or more... I know it’s a stupid question, but...

TOBIAS: Then it becomes a stupid question! (laughter) Let us take the first question first. As we have said before, any political leader is simply the reflection of the consciousness of the people in the area. So often people will blame the leader for what is going on, but they have to accept the blame themselves. So in the part of the world that you are speaking of, in general, not in all cases but in general, there is a very heavy overlay. And the overlay has to do with exactly what we were talking about earlier: giving away your energy balance or what you would call power.

This was a particularly strong and – what we would say – sacred and very mighty part of the world, centuries and centuries of time ago. There was a type of energy abuse that took place... and we are speaking here particularly with the Incas and the Mayans, and there was another culture that lived there by the name of Abosa, they are not heard of or known of these days, they are a culture that vanished... but there were abuses with all of these different cultures and, as we speak about in one of our schools, this virus tends to get in... this energy abuse virus tends to get in, infiltrate every part, and it worked its way even into the most sacred parts to the point where these empires, which once had been very sacred, became very energy-unbalanced.

This opened up the door for another energy to move in at some point, and this energy came in with all of its new rules and regulations and rituals and power feeding. You also know this as the Catholic Church (some laughter). But as we say, energy tends to beget its own type of energy. A virus will simply flow into one area and then move to the next of its kind.

So this energy virus has been prolific in this area of the world and so many of the people who live there are used to giving away their power constantly. If they’re not giving it away to some culture, they’re giving it away to a church and now they’re giving it away to leaders who are just power-feeders themselves who claim to be working for the people, but the evidence on the table says they are really only working for themselves and a small group of the people.

Unfortunately, we don’t see a change in this. It is so ingrained in this culture, and if you’ve noticed, we have not been in this area. We have not encouraged Cauldre and Linda to travel to this area because it is actually more detrimental and potentially hazardous to them than even going to my homeland of Israel. Now, there are outright wars there, but there tends to be more of an open respect for other humans, and there tends to be not the same type of energy feeding. In the South American countries, because of the poverty and the rampant type of energy virus that’s taking place, could pose a very difficult time on a very strong, spiritually based person going there. They would be more prone to everything from kidnapping to violent acts, robbery and this type of thing. It’s not very often that you see any channeler going to this area. They have to prepare an elaborate type of energy disguise and, quite frankly, there’s been other places that we have preferred to have Shaumbra go.

So, as sad as that may be, there are things that can be done. You, for instance, have a network there and you’ve already developed your ability to, in a sense, make yourself invisible against those who would see an evolved spiritual being and try to feed off of them, in one way or the other. There are many others like you in this area, but you have not found each other or bonded to each other. Once you start doing this, you are going to create a new type of energy rhythm or pattern in this area and it’s going to start changing consciousness for those who are ready to change it.

This is... we are going to make a prediction here... this area of the world is going to be the new volatile hot spot. It is an incubator for – what you would call – terrorist activities. So often terrorists have nothing.. they have no political agenda and no spiritual agenda. They hide behind those disguises. They simply have a feeding agenda. They are heavily influenced by this distorted energy virus and they are going to be showing up there in large numbers because that area supports it.

So you have interesting work ahead of you and that leads to your second question about the work that you are doing. I will make another prediction here, and I’m not known to doing this but I can see the energies here so clearly. The work that you are doing now is going to take a very large turn. It’s going to take a very large expansion but not particularly in a way that you’re going to be thrilled with – at first. You’re going to come to see the wisdom of what you have set up, but it’s going to cause you a bit of consternation, and it’s going to result directly from you beginning to work with Standard Technology.

As you go into this, and you already have a deep sense of what I was speaking about before, it’s going to literally change some of the wiring within yourself and that wiring is going to have a profound impact on your biology and your mind. And, a year from now, you’re going to be laughing about the whole matter. Six months from now, though, you’ll be ready to chase after me! (laughter)

So... you were bold and daring enough to ask and I do want to share the very simple truth with you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (Linda at the microphone): I have a question from a very dear Shaumbra teacher. She took the sexual energies workshop and it began doing the work with the virus and just recently her husband now has shown up with a very serious colon situation that they’re not sure might be cancer. She has some concern that is the work that she’s done with the sexual energies, and the working with the virus, in some way connected to this?

TOBIAS: Philosophically, perhaps, but in actual or literal terms, no. It is a complex question. The simple answer, thanks to Kuthumi, is that sometimes any energy shift will instigate other energy shifts, particularly when it’s a couple – two people that have been together for a long time and where they’re very connected.

The question here is really “Should I blame myself for what’s going on?” and the answer is “Absolutely not.” Understand that everything is appropriate and understand, dear one that – as you know – you are a teacher but you are also a different type of teacher and a different type of healer. The work that we just discussed, with the Standard Technology, will have a profound impact with your mate.

Your mate, the situation – how to say – has the initial appearance of having a potential severity to it but underneath it doesn’t have the momentum to truly become serious, unless the participant would choose that. But here is an excellent opportunity to work today, and everyday, with the Standard Technology. Keep it simple, to use it as a radiant example of the health in the body that can help to re-balance every part of the body. Nothing here is by coincidence – the timing on any of this – whether it was your working with the sexual energy school or his potential energy imbalance coming forward or, also, this gift you can give yourself of working with the Standard Technology.

One caution that I will personally add and I will underline it and perhaps even boldface it: be cautious at this stage of what the doctors are saying. It is not that they are trying to mislead you, there is no conspiracy, but they are taught to respond in a certain way. They do not, for the most part, understand New Energy, they have no concept of what energetic healing is and they are looking out for him in what they feel is the best way, but they don’t quite understand the situation. Their responses and reactions are literally bringing in a different type of standard energy that is one of fear and illness and the focus has now been placed over there. And when that happens, and you allow that to be communicated to every cell in your body, you do have a problem.

So be cautious and balanced about what the doctors are saying and begin to work with this beautiful, simple Standard Technology today. One healthy cell will radiate to every other cell. It communicates to every other cell to cleanse out anything that’s not appropriate. Thank you.

LINDA: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Is there really those that are working for a one world government, and if there is, how does that fit in with the New Energy?

TOBIAS: That elicits a variety of responses on our part. There are those who feel that a singular government is the best thing for the world. They feel it will bring peace, they feel it will bring unity and they’re doing it from a place of enlightened consciousness. There are others who are working at this same agenda but from a different viewpoint, figuring it would be easier to control the world from one government rather than from many. Neither one is right and neither one is necessarily wrong. They are working on these agendas but we can tell you from the energy that we see, it is not a reality right now and we don’t foresee it any time for a long time.

Right now the energy of the world is going back to an individual energy, back to the source energy. You are God also. In the times of Atlantis, where we tried the singular government and we tried what you would now call one world concept, it didn’t work, because it essentially took away the sovereignty, the uniqueness and the sacredness of every individual. Back in Atlantis we were trying to meld it all together, thinking perhaps this is how we can find the answer, and, as has been discovered, it’s already within. It’s already within each individual. So coming together in one great big glorious type of harmonious one-world stew is not something that we see working. Individuals recognizing their own sovereignty is what we see happening for many, many generations to come. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a man at the microphone): Good evening to the three of you – Master Saint-Germain, Tobias, and my brother Kuthumi. I send you all three my love. My question is: what I’ve learned here today I have been being given for the last two or three weeks, the balance of the body, but I have other modalities that I work with, Shambala and so on. Could you address how we can work this all in together?



TOBIAS: Not. And this is difficult for some Shaumbra - it won’t be for you – but you’ve all learned different modalities and what you basically learned in studying these was that energy is real. It has movement and flow to it, it contains life force energy and, as a creator, these are the ingredients that you use: various forms of energy. So it’s taken learning these many different modalities in order to understand that it is real.

Now we get to this place together where we simplify it. We do a Kuthumi on it! We cleanse out all of the other trappings, particularly the things that are of mental trappings. And the other trappings are those things that really don’t apply here to Earth. There are many modalities that deal with inter-dimensional energies. So what? If they don’t work on Earth... so you are out there creating but you are here right now on Earth to manifest, to teach and to create.

So we’re going to simplify it. We’re going to use this very simple Standard Technology. You’ll find that Standard Technology will not let you get into the brain, into the mind. I would say that... and Saint-Germain is giving a number here (Tobias chuckling, audience laughter)... 90.007% of the modalities will get you trapped in your brain. They’re ineffective, eventually. At first they work, because you are in your heart, but eventually they move you up to the brain. And that's one of the things is we have many angelic beings working with Shaumbra to assure that the Standard Technology doesn’t go to the mind, that you keep it simple and in the heart.

If you start working and intermixing other modalities, other than just knowing that energy is real and has movement, then you tend to get it very mixed up and very mental. So put those aside for the time being. You don’t have to throw them out, but put them in the closet for a while and watch how this simple, simple technology works. You notice we don’t have to do lengthy classes and workshops. we’re not even asking you for a fee. (some laughter) It is very simple. You’re going to become – all of you here if you’re interested – you’re going to become masters in this yourself. The fact that it is so simple is going to baffle and befuddle your students and even the medical and scientific community. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (Linda at the microphone): By the way, there are a number of emailed questions related to different things with Al-Qaeda and Iran and would you care to make some comments about that.

TOBIAS: Indeed, we’re going to make a general comment about some of the world situation right now. We have told you before, as things speed up – and particularly as we approach the time of the quantum leap – these battling forces will battle even more. Essentially, you could say that there are many forces that want things to slow down.

In a sense it is almost like a repeat of the Wall of Fire. Remember how it drew you into it and you tried to stop. You tried to turn around and go back home and it just drew you into it. It was a time of change. On Earth right now you are in a phenomenal time of change and there are groups and individuals who don’t want to see the change. They fear it. It brings up remembrances of things like the Wall of Fire. It brings up remembrances of the downfall of Atlantis.

These groups, by the way, you’ll notice, all have a very fundamentalist, religious façade to them. They use that as a way of saying that “God will get angry, God will get mad.” They scream about the Pagans and those without spirituality, but yet they are in such deep fear themselves. They are fearing the change that is taking place, and the interesting thing is they tend to battle each other. They love to cause large scale disruption and they will continue doing that. It will actually intensify over this next year of time.

After the Quantum Leap in 2007... we don’t want to make any predictions specific here (Linda says “Go ahead”)... it’s going to take... Saint-Germain does and I don’t! (laughter) I have to come back, he doesn’t! (more laughter, Tobias chuckling) Doing a little spiritual “high five” with each other! (lots of laughter and more chuckling from Tobias)

After the Quantum Leap, the way that these groups deal with each other is going to have to change. The old ways of the battling and the war and the killing has to change because the implications of it are going to be in the face of those who are terrorizing. And we’re not just talking about terrorists as one element to the other, it could be an entire government. It could be a president. It could be anybody who’s inflicting pain and killing and suffering on other groups. They are terrorists in our opinion. They might be leaders of great countries, but in our opinion they are still terrorists. Thank you. (applause)

LINDA: Second the last question.

TOBIAS: Several more here.

LINDA: Three.

TOBIAS: Four, and that’s it. (lots of laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi. I have been having some strange altered states, I guess I would call it. I’m sitting there watching TV or I’m reading a book and all of a sudden I’ll be like out, and I don’t even remember closing my eyes or anything and I’ll wake up and it will be like the TV will be on still and 30 minutes will have passed. Can you tell me where I’m going or if I’m experiencing this consciousness shift you’ve been talking about?

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we’re checking the records as you’re talking here and we’re finding that you specifically asked for “strange and unusual experiences in an altered state of mind.” And you got it! (Tobias and audience laughing)

What is happening is you are giving yourself permission to expand your consciousness and you’re doing it rather gently and slowly instead of all at once, which could tend to literally burn out your biology. You’re giving yourself these experiences a little here, a little there. You say, “Well where do I go during those experiences?” Well you don’t go anywhere in particular. It’s not like you go into another realm. You are simply letting yourself expand your energy outside of the typical 3D into the other realms.

Now when you do that, you, in a sense lose consciousness... as you would know it – you don’t necessarily have to pass out physically... but you lose your consciousness or your tight hold on 3D focus. And it feels very odd because, as you start expanding, the mind doesn’t work – as you’ve seen. You open up and the biology no longer has such a tight hold on its focus here and it feels wobbly out there. It feels a bit disoriented, but then you bring your energies back into more of a focus.

Each time you’ve been doing this, you are literally expanding out a bit further and coming back in less compacted. You’re gently giving yourself what’s almost like a “breathing in, breathing out” experience. Each time opening up or blossoming your energy, but then when you come back you’re not as tight or as focused. It allows your mind to literally catch up with this consciousness expansion that you’re going into and it’s actually a very healthy way of doing it. So take a deep breath, open up and let yourself expand.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Hi Tobias, Kuthumi, Saint-Germain. My respect to the three of you.

TOBIAS: ... returned.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you. I would like, if appropriate, for Saint-Germain to answer this, just for the fun of it! (audience laughter) I’m just kind of curious as to whether I’ll be able to quit my job in the near future and ...


LINDA: That was Saint-Germain! (more laughter and applause)

SHAUMBRA 8: Well I asked for it and I got it, eh. Can you elaborate?

TOBIAS: I, Tobias, will elaborate. (more laughter, Tobias chuckling) What Saint-Germain would have said, but in a slightly different terminology, is “If you have to ask the question then you won’t... in such the way you stated it, you are already limiting yourself.” And you’re asking if you are going to be able to change your energy and by asking that it was actually defeating the very free flow of energy in the first place. So Saint-Germain’s answer “No” was very appropriate.

However, understand that... what do you want to create? What do you choose to do for yourself? You don’t even need to ask us “Can you do it” – yes, you can do anything. I would prefer you ask “How much, how far can you go” rather than how you’re going to limit yourself.

SHAUMBRA 8: That makes a lot of sense and that’s what I was thinking, actually, but I guess I just tend ...

TOBIAS: That’s your second problem: thinking. (much laughter)

SHAUMBRA 8: Oh right...

TOBIAS: That was both of us! (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): My thanks and heartfelt love to all five of you, including the two who are here. My question ties in with the first one, which is you were talking about the South American/Central American countries. How does all of this relate to the influx of immigrants that we are getting from Mexico and other countries, both legally and illegally?

TOBIAS: Excellent question – excellent and very perceptive also, putting it very clearly. We see that as the world focuses on bringing up the energy of countries, particularly of Africa right now... there is going to be an intense focus of energy in Africa that’s going to improve the economy, the health, the consciousness, everything else. It has been suppressed for too long and there are some – what we would say – brilliant energies at work there right now.

But what’s going to happen is the South American regions are going to become the next impoverished and energy-stealing areas. We see that, while the shift takes place in Africa, it’s going to put a new heavy energetic burden on South America.

And I’m going to make a statement here regarding what I said before with not wanting Cauldre and Linda to go there at this time: they will be going there, but right now there are some other things needed to be done. We’re not trying to purposely avoid it, but we’re monitoring the situation there.

But what you have now is a large number of people who see the storm rolling in. They understand the changing energy – and not for the better – that’s coming into these lands and they see potential for great wars there, but not wars based on religion, wars based on rhetoric and wars based on energy feeding. So the immigrants, the ones that you’re talking about, they are sensing that something’s going on. They may not understand it in their brain but they are sensing that a dark era is coming over this land. So they are trying to leave right now and that is why you see the surge in the immigration, and if it can’t be into America it will be into Canada. If not Canada, Australia, or a variety of the different countries, because they’re sensing what is going on.

So it is leaving many other countries with an interesting dilemma. How much do you open the borders and how openly do you let the energy flow in or out? And for that we don’t have a specific answer. The humans will have to answer that one.

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you.

LINDA: By your own designation, this is the last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you for taking my question. Greetings. I have a couple of questions, (laughter) not real long ones! My first question is: I’m having major hot flashes but my sense is I don’t think they’re just hot flashes. They're very consistent. Do I need to be concerned about that?

TOBIAS: In your particular case, no. You are very correct, there is a combination of things going on but mostly just the continual series of changes taking place in your body and in your consciousness and this is nothing that needs medical attention. It is an energetic shift.

SHAUMBRA 10: Okay, great.

TOBIAS: Breathing is good. It helps soothe some of these things that you’re going through. And eat a little bit more chocolate. (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 10: Right on! My other question is: this morning when I awoke I had a Shaumbra dream and I was wondering if you could give me some clarity on that. In particular, Linda was imparting some information to us and if you could give me some insight on that dream, that would be great.

TOBIAS: Indeed. As Shaumbra we meet on a regular basis, not just like this in our body forms but we meet on a regular basis on the other side. Shaumbra University was created on this side. It is finally manifesting itself on Earth, first one location and then another and another. But during the dream states we tend to come back to this Shaumbra University. We tend to discuss what is going on energetically with ourselves, with Shaumbra as a group throughout the world, throughout the omniverse. So it is a very common occurrence to have dreams of other Shaumbra with other Shaumbra in them. So it is no mistake or coincidence that the evening before the human gathering that you were part of the group in the gathering in the other realms.

And as we said, your dreams – for you, for all of Shaumbra – are going to take a twist and a turn here. They are going to become less personal, less about you and less – how do you say – many of you have “fear” dreams or “being chased” dreams or “being lost” dreams. Those are going to be replaced by “teaching” dreams, and also in between teaching going to the faculty lounge at the Shaumbra University! (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 10: Well can I ask you this: there was something really in particular she was imparting (Linda in her dream). If you could give me some clarity on that?

TOBIAS: This is too much of a private nature. We’d be delighted to speak with you afterwards but it has a very personal answer to it that we don’t think you’d want us to give in front of the group.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

LINDA: I’ve got one last little question. I have this thing where I’ve noticed... No, I get to! (lots of laughter) I’m asking because I noticed something that I thought was strictly personal, but today I have noticed that a number of people that had this little spasm in their eye where you could see the eye pulsing, and it’s like, okay, it’s not just me. What’s that about?


LINDA: Oh please...

TOBIAS: Too busy! What’s happening is, in your busy-ness, you are distorting some of the energies. It is showing up as a twitch or a stress and is happening to many Shaumbra right now. It is basically saying that it’s time to bring in gnost – start breathing in gnost, using gnost – and the twitching goes away.

LINDA: Super. (laughter)

TOBIAS: And with that, Shaumbra, it has been a delightful gathering on behalf of Kuthumi lal Singh, Adamus Saint-Germain and I, Tobias, it has been such a delight. We’ll see you in the celestial highways.

And so it is.