The Teacher Series:
SHOUD 11: "New Energy Artists" - Featuring Kuthumi Lal Singh, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
June 2, 2007

KUTHUMI: Namaste! Namaste! (Audience responds “Namaste.”) I can’t hear you, Namaste! (Audience responds “Namaste” again.) It is I, Kuthumi, (audience cheering, Kuthumi chuckling) coming back ... (Linda says “Welcome back!”) ... coming back to my family of Shaumbra, to this beautiful energy of this beautiful group of New Energy Artists.

I’m going to take a moment to walk around the room, walk around your internet, all over the world, and would like to just hold your hand for awhile. It has been a while since we have been together, so please extend either right or left hand – but just one, I only have so many hands! Hold out your hand so I can come and feel your energy and you can feel mine.


And through me let us connect all of Shaumbra all over the world in this precious moment.


We do it so often together in the other realms, while you’re sleeping at night, while you’re daydreaming, while you’re sitting having a beer at the bar. But let’s do it right now together and breathe in this beautiful energy of Shaumbra – the New Energy Artists.

Now I use the term “artist” here ... not like you have to paint on canvas, not like you have to even create a piece of music. An artist is a being, a soul, an entity, who goes into something new to explore, to discover, to learn and to experience. That is what an artist is ... keep your hand out, I'd like to keep holding it ... that is what an artist is. They play with energy. And today we’re going to talk about New Energy Artists, because that, above all, is what you are. You can put that on your business card. You can hang a sign above your bed. (chuckling) You are New Energy Artists.

So let’s breathe that in together, and as you do, remember your center. Your center is you, in this Now precious moment. In the center is the essence of you. You have some ideas on what you think you should be, how you think it should be, but there is nothing more divine than your center right here, right now. So breathe that in.


It is very easy to get thrown out of balance, to lose your vision and your dreams, to get caught up in the energy of this world today, as it is. Every now and then call me in. I will sit with you, we will do a little bit of breathing, we will tell a few jokes, we will sing a few songs perhaps, and we will let that center come back into being. The center is very simple, by the way. It is not complex. It is not in the mind. It is the simplest part of you, but in that simplicity is the grandness. In that simplicity is all the complexity of who you are. Right now the center is so simple. You don’t even have to try to find it – it finds you, if you let it. Let us take a deep breath together as we begin our Shoud.

I’m delighted to be back here on stage with Shaumbra. Tobias is off – how to say – working with his shell body, Sam, spending a little time with himself, as you were asked to do by Adamus last month. Adamus, getting ready for the Ascension School in Frankfurt, so it is my turn to come in, my turn to share a bit of energy with you today. A little talk, perhaps a bit of humor, but more than anything, to help you understand how you are New Energy Artists.

Todays Guest

I’ve invited a special guest in today to be with us, one that many of you here are familiar with, perhaps a few are not. One that has been on Earth quite recently and is now back in our realms entertaining, creating a few jokes, helping other humans understand the artistry of working with energy. And it is the dear one ... well, take a moment to feel – it was a “he” in the past life – take a moment to feel the energy, not trying to define the name, but to feel the energy of this one that we know, you know as John Belushi. (audience reacts with surprise and pleasure)

Yes indeed! Not what you would consider a highly spiritual being by modern terms, but indeed he was. He explored energy. He explored going out beyond the barriers. He explored what it was like to work with the energy of humor. He was a comedian; he was musician; he was an artist in every way. Now because he went into such depth with his artwork, exploring the edges of energy and consciousness, and because he didn’t have this incredible support family that you now have called Shaumbra, he took it a bit far. But he had a wonderful trip coming back over to our side. (some laughter)

He was from a generation of New Energy Artists, the first true generation that stepped beyond the old structure and the limitations so that they could help to begin opening up consciousness in anticipation of this thing that we call the Quantum Leap. He was part of a generation of incredible artists – Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney – oh he’s not dead, just his music is dead! (much laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) That was Belushi, not I! (more laughter) An incredible generation of New Energy Artists, amongst the first. Yes indeed, some of you are considering the energy element around. Indeed, most of them partook in drugs because in a sense the drugs helped them to expand, helped them to go through some of those very difficult barriers, barriers that you have encountered also. But you are finding that you don’t need the drugs to expand – well, not anymore. (Kuthumi chuckling to himself). We see a few personal stories here! (much laughter) Hmm!

They were an incredible generation of New Energy Artists. They used the tools of music and they used the tools of actual artwork or comedy to evolve consciousness. Look at the impact that they had on the world and still have on the world today. They were phenomenal. So I’ve asked John Belushi to come in to be the guest for today, to help you understand how you can be a New Energy Artist as well.

Kuthumi's Recent Activities

One of the great questions in the universe has been “Where’s Kuthumi? (laughter) Where is Kuthumi?” I’ve been busy with you, Shaumbra. I have been busy helping you to write your books and many of you are doing that. Some – Louise,* Marisa,** and a few others – have already done it. Isn’t it a rewarding and satisfying creative venture to just do it? Perhaps it’s not what you would consider the perfect document and that is where some of you get stuck. You want the perfect one the first time. You judge it, you don’t think it’s perfect, so you struggle with it and it never gets off the creative workbench. It never gets into reality. But if you would know, as John Belushi knows, that it doesn’t have to be what you call perfect, because it can never be perfect. As energy changes, what was done yesterday isn’t necessarily perfect today. The important thing is just getting it out, letting that energy flow, discovering what it is like to be a New Energy Artist.

I’ve been working with some of you with your songs and your music. Some of you have beautiful, beautiful compositions, but you’re afraid to let the world see or to hear. Some of you with incredible dreams – dreams of creating perhaps an invention, a school, a therapy – but, because you are not allowing the energy to move, because you are doubting yourself, it never gets going. Now that's not a New Energy Artist. The artists I just mentioned were willing to take the risk, willing to go beyond. So it’s time for you, Shaumbra, to do the same.

Indeed, in my creative ventures, I have also been working on writing with Shaumbra, been working on the songs. I’ve even written a few rap songs myself. I call myself K-Lite, my rap name. (laughter) I’ll give you a sample! (more laughter)

Boom-boom-boom-boom. (Kuthumi chuckles)

Humans in commotion
Filled with bad emotion
Try my true love potion
It’s just energy in motion.

Yo ho ho ho
It’s energy on the go
Say hey, hey, hey
It’s a brand new day!

(Lots of audience laughter, cheering and applause and Kuthumi laughing. Linda says “That is the best evidence ever that Geoff is channeling!!”)

Now indeed, Cauldre was a bit concerned about having to sing, but it was rap, it wasn’t singing! (laughter) Shaumbra, just my way of saying “Step out!” Do these things. Do these New Energy artistic things. Let that energy flow. You see how good it feels to just get it out? I’ll create some more lyrics for one of our upcoming events. So let us take a deep breath together ...


You, New Energy Artists.

No Lessons

As I talked about the last time I was here with Shaumbra, in my last lifetime as Kuthumi my sole objective, much like yours, was to find enlightenment; was to discover the truth and the answer; was to come back to make it my final lifetime on Earth.

I came back in as Kuthumi lal Singh, born into the lands of what are now India, Pakistan; educated in Europe where I studied and studied to try to find the answers. And you can't. You cannot. Let go of that concept, because there is not just one truth. There is not just one answer. There is not a secret that God or the angels are keeping from you. There is not. I drove myself to the brink of a mental breakdown because I had too much energy in the mind trying to figure everything out, and I see some of you doing that. Actually, I see all of you doing that – trying to figure it out. And you can’t. That is one of the fallacies of life.

After my breakdown, I decided to let it all go. The stress and the pain and the anxiety were far too great. I let it go. I let go of philosophy. I let go of searching. I let go of the whole concept of spirituality, because even back in my time spirituality was so burdened with Old Energy concepts. So I let it all go, and then I wandered. Not wandered as in lost, but wandered as in discovering and learning and experiencing. I wandered throughout Europe. I wandered into the parts of North Africa. I wandered back into my homeland, experiencing every moment, every drop of life that there was to offer. And I finally came to a beautiful conclusion ... a beautiful conclusion that I live by – even though I’m not in body – that I live by even now: Life, particularly life on Earth, is an interactive art gallery. That’s all it is! It’s an interactive art gallery and you are in the midst of it.

You see, there are no lessons in life. That is a fallacy. That is an incorrect observation as far as I’m concerned. Humans think that – they have been taught, led to believe – that you’re here on Earth to learn some lessons. You don’t know what the lessons are and you never know if you’ve learned them. You don’t know if you got the answer right even if you did approach the lesson. But you think it’s some sort of obstacle course or maze. You’ve been taught that that’s the way it is. It’s lessons. I found in my experience it’s not at all. There are no lessons.

Metaphysicians that you are have been taught that life has a certain goal to it, a metaphysical goal of understanding the Oneness, of understanding Spirit or God. And there’s not. There’s not. You never understand what the oneness is like, you can only experience it. You’ll never understand the mind of God, because God has no mind at all! You’ll never have or find the answer, because it’s not there.

Now I know that's a bit depressing and when I realized this myself, it took me aback. I was a bit depressed, because all of my energies had been focused on finding these things, finding the One, learning my lessons, scraping and crawling my way back to the heavens, to the gods. I realized one day, “No more.” I realized that life in the heavens where the angels, life here on Earth, is your interactive living art gallery, you see. You go through each day enjoying and feeling and absorbing the experience. It has nothing to do with a lesson, it is an experience.

Now, what are you going to take from the experience? Are you going to take the feeling of joy? Are you going to take the fact that you experience what it is like to fall off of a two-story building? It’s just an experience! It wasn’t a lesson from God, it didn’t mean that you were doing the wrong thing, it wasn’t fate or destiny. You just wanted to experience falling.

I know many humans, including Mr. Belushi, who went and drank far too much alcohol. Some of you here have done that also. You have put a little sign around your head that says “Hi, I’m Bob, an alcoholic.” And you carry that with you. You feel that you are weak. You feel that there is something wrong with you. You label yourself. Why not change that label and say, “I had a great drunk experience.” That’s all it’s about, Shaumbra. Life is an interactive art gallery and you’re the New Energy Artist. You’re the one that can take the energies, play with them, discover in them, create in them, and find the joy – your joy – in them.

Take this opportunity in this Shoud to let go of this whole concept of a goal, even of ascension. Even of ascension. Saint-Germain and I, sitting around together, we have to chuckle sometimes. Your concept of ascension – what you think it is – you think you’re going to become some perfect human. You think you’re going to impress the masses by rising up out of the dead. But have you ever thought of where you really go when you ascend? You think that you are suddenly struck with wisdom and knowledge beyond all. Actually, in ascension – true ascension – you just go back to your simplicity, you see.

Let go of all of these concepts and allow your life here on Earth, the rest of your remaining years, to become your own interactive art gallery. Interactive because you are working with other elements, other humans, nature, even the invisible ones such as us. Every day is your palette. Every day becomes your creation. You’re no longer subject to the creation of others, the victim of mass consciousness.

Life is an interactive art gallery. Breathe that in a moment. Feel … feel beyond the words ...


... feel into the energies of being this New Energy Artist.

Current Energies

Right now on Earth the energy is very wobbly. Very wobbly. You have probably felt that in these past few months. You felt that things are no longer steady, everything is shaking, wobbling. Imagine a large sheet of glass – a plate of glass – as tall as you are and as wide as you can stretch your arms, a glass like you would put in a window. Now, that glass is hard. It is very rigid. The energies of the glass are such that it stays rigid and structured. That is the principle of glass. But imagine now that sheet of glass wobbling ... wobbling, fluctuating, shimmering, even dancing a little bit. And you go “But glass can’t dance. Glass sticks together. It is tight. It is hard. It shatters, actually, if it were to have this wobbling energetic motion to it. It would shatter.”

The energy of human consciousness is much like this. Human consciousness is very tight, very rigid. It tends to shatter. You know this because your own personal energy has shattered at times. But right now, as we approach the Quantum Leap, it wobbles. That is exactly what is happening on Earth. The wobbling motion will continue between now and shortly after the Quantum Leap, probably into late October time-frame, because as energy shifts and changes ... and right now it is literally changing its own dynamics or its characteristics, it is no longer just a vibrational energy, it is no longer following the old path ... so it is now wobbling.

Take a feel how all of human consciousness is doing this wobble. You have been feeling it, I know, so many of you, particularly in the last month. You wonder why you feel a little strange. You wonder why everything seems to be shifting kind of in and out of its old structure. Why things like your car doesn’t run like it has been running before. Your electronics at home are wobbling as well. Everything around you is wobbling.

Other humans, they are all wobbling also but they don’t really understand why. So what do they do? They try to re-plant themselves in their old structure. They try to grab back into yesterday, the way things used to be. They try to hold on tight. Well, the way the wobbling energy works, if you can imagine holding on tight to something that’s wobbling, it will shake you right off. It will shake you loose.

This type of energetic effect is very natural. It’s the way things should be. It may seem to disorganize you at times, but that is part of the wobbling effect. Your sleep patterns may be different. The way you speak, I have noticed, to so many of you, the way you talk – you can’t get it together any more between your mind and your mouth and your heart! (laughter) You think one thing, you feel another and something else comes out of your mouth! It is not I, Kuthumi, or Tobias making you do that, but you are wobbling.

The interconnection of your consciousness parts are changing right now, and as New Energy Artists this is a good thing. This is a time to actually allow, to facilitate this wobbling change going about within you. Have you noticed that even while you are watching a movie or watching television, you seem to be going in and out? And sometimes it makes sense, what you see on the screen, sometimes none at all. You’re going in and out of different consciousness modalities right now. And again, I want to share with you that it is all perfectly natural. It’s the way energy is working.

Last month Adamus said that this was the New Renaissance right now, and indeed it is. A time of new discovery, the time of grand changes on Earth. The wobbling motion that all of you are feeling – and will continue to feel – is simply in response to consciousness going to a whole new level. It shakes before it moves. It wobbles before it evolves. Everything shifts the way it interrelates and interacts to itself before it moves on. So instead of having your high anxiety about your – what do you say – your lack of balance, your wobbleness right now, take a deep breath and understand it is happening for a reason.

Effects of the Wobbling

I find that perhaps the most interesting side effect for Shaumbra in this wobbling is how your mind works. And I have to laugh here because this is where the biggest wobble is taking place – in your mind! Some of you curse it. Some of you say it is ... you’re getting old. Some of you think that you are losing your mind. Some of you, in the Belushi style, think perhaps you did a few too many, hmm, enhancement entertainment type of activities when you were younger.

So you wonder what is happening in that mind of yours right now. Why doesn’t it respond like it used to? Why doesn’t it come up with the answers in the way it used to? Why does everything up there seem so disorganized and in disarray? Why do you seem so disconnected from your mind when before it was supreme? It was the grandest thing. It was the highest form that you had. It’s wobbling right now. It’s changing.

As a human, you will find that it will cause perhaps a few distractions in your life. It will cause even a few collisions. But allow this process to take place, and you’re going to find that it truly opens you to this thing that we’ve talked about recently: going beyond the mind, sans definition, opening into new realms. Allow the wobbling. Matter of fact, right now, just wobble in your seat! (Kuthumi wiggles in his chair to audience laughter) Please don’t be embarrassed – I just did it! Wobble in your seat. You shake ... (Kuthumi chuckles) See how good that feels? (laughter) I’m going to recommend to all of you to get up in the morning – and wobble! Oh we know you almost fall over sometimes, but literally shake the energy in your body and in your brain. Let it – let it – open up and expand, for that is all it is trying to do right now.

The Purpose of New Energy Artists

Right now, right now the energy is moving, as Adamus said, and right now on Earth is the time for New Energy Artists. As I said, an artist is one who explores. An artist is the pioneer. Don’t think in terms of just painting or drawing. Think in terms of an artist as one who experiences something that has not been experienced or done before. An artist immerses themself into the newness, into the openness, tries it, feels it and then shares it with others. That is my definition of an artist.

Right now the world needs New Energy Artists just like you. The world needs the ones who will go off into the new areas of consciousness, and that is exactly what Shaumbra is doing. When we say that you are truly the first going into this New Energy, we truly mean it. No exaggeration. You’re the ones allowing yourself to open up, to go beyond, to go beyond the beyond into these new areas. And when you do, you open a type of barrier or what would have been a doorway – but a closed door – that leads into a grander, bigger and more dynamic energy for all of consciousness. Whether you are asleep at night, whether you are conscious during the day, this is what all of you, bar none, are doing right now. You’re going into these new realms. What used to be your thoughts have turned into feelings, and even going beyond that into the pure realms of the sans definition.

In order for humanity in general, and the other levels, what you would call the angelic levels, to move smoothly, gracefully into the New Energy, it needs pioneers. It needs New Energy Artists. In order for these technological developments that Saint-Germain talked about last month to take place on Earth, the New Energy Artists are needed to go out into these realms. That is exactly what you have been doing.

In order for spirituality to evolve on Earth right now; to go beyond some of the old and restrictive concepts of God and heaven and the angels; in order to move beyond that into a new understanding of a living God, of a compassionate God, and a God that is in this reality right now embodied in you, the world needs the New Energy Artists. So that’s what you do. You go through consciousness barriers. We’re doing it right now together. You may say, “Kuthumi, but I don’t realize that I’m doing anything.” But you are. You’re letting yourself expand. You’re letting yourself go beyond what were the old concepts, what was the old you, what were the old limitations. You are truly the New Energy Artists.

I will keep my discussion here today short, because we are allowing the energy to come in, in so many different ways. But I will say that it's time – perhaps my call to action for all of you – is for the New Energy Artists to ignite, for you to ignite. For you to ignite that New Energy fire that is here available to you to do something, as Saint-Germain said last month. Start anything to ignite that creative flow of energy in your life right now. Tobias has said it, Saint-Germain has said it, I will say it also: It’s time for you to do something creative. Now, have no expectation of the results or the outcome. Just do it for the experience, for the pleasure of doing it. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to make you rich or successful or popular overnight. But the whole idea is just to experience it.

Once you ignite the New Energy fire within you – you get it going, you get it flowing – you’ll move beyond an intellectual concept of New Energy and being a New Energy Artist; move beyond the concept of what we have called creativity. You will truly begin to experience and to understand on the most powerful level. It’s time to do something. It’s time to ignite that New Energy within.

Honoring Shaumbra

Let us join hands again ...


And in this moment I would like to thank and honor all of you. You’ve all come from diverse backgrounds in this lifetime, coming from many different parts of the world, many different professions, many different backgrounds as children. But there was one thing that all of you – all of us – had in common: a desire ... a desire to make this the lifetime; a desire to discover in this lifetime what we’d worked so many lifetimes for; a desire to be the New Energy Artists at the forefront of this whole Quantum Leap. You’re doing it.

Oh you perhaps you look at your job that you have in the everyday world and you don’t think you’re making an impact on society or on the world. But now look at your job, your work that you are doing as a metaphysician, a New Energy Artist: you are doing it. You are doing it. You are opening new realms.

So, Mr. Belushi, I, Kuthumi, and all of the others will just take this moment to send you our love, to send you our support, to encourage you into these next realms. The energy will wobble these months, particularly during the hottest part of the summer. It will wobble. Keep your sense of humor, understand it is appropriate, and understand, as Tobias would say, you are never alone.


* Louise Sarezky, author of “How to be Kind of Good Looking in an Otherwise Ugly World” and “Silly, Silly Humans – a Guidebook for Dummies Who Want to Remain Dummies,” channeled with Kuthumi.

** Marisa Calvi, author of “You Don't Have Problems, You're Just Bored,” also channeled with Kuthumi.