The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 8: "Claim Who You Are" -
Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
April 5, 2008

And so it is, dear Shaumbra, we continue the evolving consciousness of you personally, of this group of Shaumbra and of the Earth. I had an interesting talk with Dr. Freud during our break. He was observing all of you and truly being in the safe space. He made several interesting comments. He said it’s about awareness not analysis. Hmmm. Indeed! He said it’s about acceptance, not about processing.

So, dear Shaumbra, we don’t need to say a lot of other words other than he’s also saying here that doubt is the thing that will make it complex when it is truly quite simple. Doubt will distort the simple truths and make it appear that everything is difficult and challenging. So go beyond the doubt, proclaim who you are and share what you know.

And with that we’ll begin the questions.

LINDA: Well, the first question is for our friend Edith. She had a malfunction standing in the line.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read for Edith by Linda): What is the status of her sister, Patricia, who has not been feeling well, and where is her sister at?

TOBIAS: Well, let us say that she has a reluctant sister here, doesn’t want necessarily to be talked about in front of the large group for a variety of reasons, quite doesn’t want to be talked about. So we’ll reserve that for Cauldre to talk to Edith about later.

LINDA: Very good.

TOBIAS: And I will use that as a note to caution. For any of you having to deal with things with other people, honor and respect the fact that sometimes they are blocking themselves. They do not want to be seen. They do not want to be energetically exposed for a variety of reasons. You’re going to encounter these types of people as you’re doing your teaching work. You’re going to know that there’s something going on. You’re going to feel an imbalance with them or you’re going to actually be able to see the physical problems that they’re having or emotional problems, but that human aspect may not want to reveal it to themselves. They know that they’re in pain or they’re not happy, but they’re going to play games with you from time to time – or quite a bit, actually – because they don’t want to be exposed. So do honor that if that’s what they are choosing. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. I have two questions…

TOBIAS: You have many, many more than that!! (much laughter from Tobias and audience) You’re going to try to slip in just two!

SHAUMBRA 2: During the last month, my company has gone through a tremendous amount of changes. With that many people lost their job this past week and I anticipate many more changes to come. So, one question is what are some of the potentials there and what can I expect to come? And then the second question is I’ve been working on writing a book for the last year and if you can share some potentials or whatever I need to know about that.

TOBIAS: Indeed! Well do you see the correlation between your questions? (Tobias laughs) Let us get very simple here – let that doubt go! Do you see that they are very connected?


TOBIAS: Okay! (chuckling) So there is – how to say – a very large part of you that is choosing to lose the job, not to have it anymore, feeling that it will provide you with some freedom. But there’s a very big part of you that is doubting. What will happen? Can you make it on your on? Can you publish a book and have it successful? Can you do those things that you have dreamt about and talked about and know in your heart to be true?

Mmmmm. We’ve had so many talks – so many talks, long, long talks – and when you don’t like what I tell you, you go talk to Saint-Germain. (laughter) He tells me that you call on him. It’s like you’re emotionally cheating on me here. (more laughter, Tobias chuckling) But, you know, we both say the same thing – I say it nicer, he says it more direct. (laughter)

You’re a beautiful example of this whole dilemma Shaumbra is running into right now. You know it – you know it’s there – but there is that doubt that comes in that clouds the whole picture. You know you want to leave that work environment that you’ve been in. There are many things that you love about it, obviously; many things that allow you to excel within yourself; and it also provides you some other luxuries, as you know about. But you know you’re not fulfilled there. Happy is not the right word, but you know you’re not fulfilled, and you know that if you continue to hold onto this job you’re going to turn into a big “freud” – or fraud! (Tobias laughing) ... my joke.

You know that the inner part of you that wants so much to share what you have is going to be suffocated. And when that happens – for all of you – you know that it jams up the energy in your body and you end up getting sick. Or it clouds over your vitality that’s in your consciousness and that’s in your mind and then you get dull. So here you are in a dilemma, you already know the answer, but you’re doubting what it is.

Now, I can’t promise you how well your book’s going to do. It’s your book. It has potential and the potential is not just with Shaumbra, as you know. It is with so many people. It is… are you going to remove your doubts and just go for it? What do you have to lose anyway? (some laughter) But truly, it is not a joke. It is about saying that, Shaumbra, so many of you are backed up right now. You are holding back. You have this high measurement of consciousness on this numeric scale that we brought into today, but it would be so much higher if you were actually doing it.

Now, I would like Shaumbra to share their stories, in whatever is the appropriate manner, but there are a lot of Shaumbra who have stepped out of the regular work world. Many who’ve given up good jobs – and of course a lot of bad jobs – but they are out doing it. Now, they still scratch their head and say, “How is it that I’m not working, but I’m making more than I ever have? I’m more liberated. I’m happier than I ever have, but I left what I considered my security and my safety.” It is a decision only you can make, and what you’re really asking is can you energetically let go of the job so that it lets go of you so that you could focus on what really sings in your heart? And it is so obvious ... so obvious that even I don’t need to tell you the answer.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. Please come back anytime for your other questions!

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the Internet by Linda): Hi. Albert Einstein did say if the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more men. Well, the bees are disappearing from the Earth. Can you say something about that? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. The function provided by the bees, this pollination, is changing. As Gaia is leaving… and dear Gaia has held the energy of the Earth for so long, but it was always known that she would leave so that humans could accept the responsibility of their Earth. They don’t need “the Mother” taking care of it anymore. As the consciousness evolves, humanity needs to take responsibility for the planet it lives on.

The bees are leaving – not all at once, they’re not going to be gone overnight – but they are leaving. Energetically, plants and flowers are going to change the way that they pollinate, that they do their inner workings, and it’s going to be in a large part with the assistance of human consciousness. Plant life on Earth, and the animal life, is actually quite adaptable. It’s the humans who aren’t always so adaptable! So, indeed the bees can leave and it will be replaced by a whole new type of physics on Earth. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. I’d like to ask a couple of questions and one of them is what’s going on with the left part of my brain? Because doctors have detected something and they want me to take an MRI soon.

TOBIAS: Let us answer that first. For anybody going to a conventional medical doctor for things like brain waves and brain activity, as well as any Shaumbra going to a traditional psychic, they are going to see some things that alarm them. In your brain, the balance of what you would call left brain/right brain or “creative versus analytical” is changing rapidly, and the mind has to go through its process of how it brings in and compiles information, how it stores it and how it triggers the creative activity.

You’re going to – you, all of Shaumbra – are going to a place, you’re not going to any longer have this separation of the lobes, the left brain/right brain activity. You’re going to have basically an elevator that goes up and down on a continuing basis, retrieving information from the crystalline realms, bringing it in through some of the other realms into your human life. That consciousness from the human self then goes back up the elevator and is basically shared back in the other realms. So there is no longer all of this separation that takes place.

So I’m going to ask you – all of you – to be very cautious in dealing with anything that you are told by professionals regarding brain waves, regarding psychic readings in particular. The typical psychic does not understand what is happening.

Now… thank you for bringing this question up, it brings up my annoyances. (laughter) A typical reader – and I’m not saying everyone – the typical psychic is looking at one layer of you. Now, if you show up in front of you and they dim the lights and play the sweet music and start to talk, what happens is the aspect that day that is the most – how to say – out in front, the most vocal, the most emotional, simply the one that is out front, is going to be the one that they read. It is not an accurate reflection of all of you. Literally, these guides or readers need to look in a new place now when they do readings. Tarot cards don’t work for Shaumbra anymore. I know many of you still are trying to make it work. Astrology is losing its impact on Shaumbra because astrology is so much more encompassing now. You can become all of the signs.

Keep it simple. Go back to what you know within. And if you have doubts, if you’re not sure, talk to Shaumbra, talk to us, but you already know it within. There is nothing wrong with your brain other than you’re getting out of it! (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 4: I know that already!

TOBIAS: I know you know and that’s why I know I can tell you that you know!

LINDA: That’s not medical advice though, correct?

TOB IAS (chuckling): No.

SHAUMBRA 4: And the second question is that what is the effect of a mirror when you do the Aliyah sessions?

TOBIAS: We’re going to ask you to repeat that for everybody.

SHAUMBRA 4: What is the effect of a mirror when you do the Aliyah sessions?

TOBIAS: Yes. When you’re doing the Aliyah sessions, it is about returning back to the self-love. It is about essentially reintegrating all of the parts of yourself that have been wounded and unloved and unworthy. So the effect is that everything is reintegrated, brought back into whole and brought back into balance. But we’re going to ask all of you who have worked with the Sexual Energy School and are working with the energy of Aliyah to, again, keep it very simple. You should not try to be worried about side effects or any other particular things. Allow yourself to love who you are and watch how all of the rest of it flows very naturally.

SHAUMBRA 4: So the mirror has no effect.

TOBIAS: No, don’t worry about any of that.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (read from the Internet by Linda): Breathing is often given as advice to open up, to get through difficulties and so on for Shaumbra. How does the breathing work for non-Shaumbra? Is there any difference?

TOBIAS: Breathing is beneficial for any human. It has different effects for different people based on what you would call their level of consciousness. But for a non-Shaumbra it would help them to begin the awakening process, and it can make the awakening so much more easy, smoother. The breathing is actually a conscious choice of living. It changes the body, it changes the mind and everything else. Now, as you say, for Shaumbra who have a bit different perspective of things, a bit different consciousnesses, it will help you expand into the multidimensional realms while still being very much in the Now here on Earth. It could have a different effect on what you would call a non-Shaumbra – it could help with some more basic things in their life – but breathing is a tool for all.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. Nothing’s missing anymore, Tobias, just so you know. I invite myself into this question. I’m asking this on behalf of Shaumbra children who are faced with the allergy problem. And I understand Tobin is my son is processing, but the snot production level is just astounding! I mean, this kid’s got snot running down his face all day!

TOBIAS: Perhaps we could do a special “Ask Tobias” about snot! Yes. (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 4 (laughing): Yeah! That would be good!!

TOBIAS: Let’s-not!! (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6: How about “Ask Tobias about the kids and allergies” is my question, and do you recommend… you know, I do this salt water flush, which isn’t pleasant for either of us, but I’m really looking at, you know, the processing and what could alleviate that. And the other part of it is he wants to sleep with me, and neither one of us sleep very good, and I want to understand the reason behind that, and… that’s it.

TOBIAS: First of all, with the allergies, particularly the young ones, but that being said, so many of the Shaumbra, so many of you, are finding that you are much more allergic than you used to be. As a being becomes more and more sensitive, as the young ones are or as you, Shaumbra, now are, you become much more aware of everything and initially there is a physical reaction. It is the allergic reaction. For Tobin in particular it is a constant clearing out of the impurities that are coming into the body, a way for him to keep very clear. For Tobin, he is doing it also on behalf of both you and the dear father. So one of the things is to… he’s feeling your energy so strongly, for both of you, and he’s clearing for all of you. That’s the reason for the excessive discharges that he has.

So one of the things to do is find a little bit more resolution in the relationship between mother and father, but in general, in the young ones are very allergic. We highly suggest not overdosing with the medications. The body has a way to adjust to the allergies, unless it’s in a very severe form. The body can learn to adjust itself to even pollutants in the air, the effects of dust and mold and all of these other things. And particularly when they’re very young, anywhere up to 7, 8 years of age, it’s important for them to build their natural… “immunity” wouldn’t be the right word… but their natural acceptance system into this.

So now, the issue of sleeping together. Here you have the child who needs assurance, needs extra comfort. You have a situation between the father and the mother, again, that is providing some feelings of uncertainty and unrest, and this dear Tobin needs to feel assured, and he needs to feel that there is a safe space. So when he wants to come to bed with you, it is two things. It is needing that safe space, but it is… also he is there trying to reassure you that it’s time to do what you know is right. In other words, in a way he’s trying to reassure you to go out and do what’s right for you. So he feels if he is there for you that that would give you more confidence in yourself.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (read from the Internet by Linda): I hope I can get through this time for a solution as I have had feelings of wanting to walk out of my body just out of frustration in myself. But I stick around knowing if I let this pattern go I’ll finally be able to express myself completely and enjoy my last years of life to the fullest. I feel stuck in the same issue or perhaps a few related issues that have plagued me for at least this entire lifetime. I choose to do things differently but keep finding myself doing the same thing again. I let go of controls over it, and it’s only gotten worse, especially since the Quantum Leap. I’ve done ESS, SES, and more workshops, still no change – that I can see anyways. Self-sufferance. It’s like I’ve just got it in for myself. Is it just many, many aspects? I’ve had enough of this not-so-merry-go-round when I’m not carrying out my choices. Any comments on my work and family, much appreciated. I Am that I Am, oceans of love to you all.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Shaumbra you are going through issues that aren’t really yours, and you have such a marvelous way of pretending, of deceiving yourself, of taking on the burdens of the ones around you. Now, you in particular who are asking the question, you have this phenomenal ability to take on the issues of those who are very, very close to you and pretending that they’re yours. And you don’t – we’ve talked about this before – you don’t want to seem to let go of that. You want to accept them as your own. So, that being said, you may consider a physical move some place else. Not that the energy in one geographic location is going to be better than another, but a separation from some of the ones who are closest to you – and you know exactly what I mean here – so you stop taking on their issues and pretending that they’re yours.

You and I both know, again we’ve talked about this, that your energy is quite balanced, quite clear. The one thing that I see as an issue here is that you have – what would I say – a new Shaumbra system – you’re afraid to get out there on your own. You’ve become very comfortable in taking on everybody else’s issues. Let go of them. They’re not yours. If you have to, move away from them physically. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Greeting Tobias. No accidents, are there? (Tobias chuckles)

TOBIAS: Well, there seem to be a lot these days, but they’re not really accidents.

SHAUMBRA 8: No accident that I would be working on a program of light, sound and water, as related to DNA activation. The tail end of this program that I have just finished, I’m uncertain of the frequencies. There are 12 frequencies – one of each of the DNA strands – do I have them anywhere close?

TOBIAS: I’m trying to think of a very short answer to a very, very large question that you’re asking. I’m going to ask you to do a couple things. Let go of the whole concept of DNA activation. Very, very strong – in what I’ve seen and what Saint-Germain and Kuthumi have seen – it is not appropriate to try to artificially activate DNA. DNA is naturally activated through consciousness, and consciousness, again, is awareness. Consciousness can be blocked and made to appear very cloudy by doubt. So you have a large element of doubt – an overwhelming element of doubt – in your own work. That is causing you to get very complex and too much in the mind in what should be very, very simple. Let go of the concept of DNA activation.

Look at things now that have to do with the ability of consciousness and water working together – water being a way to literally help make consciousness more tangible, more manifest in this reality. That’s its basic purpose. Don’t try to do anything specific with it right now, and don’t worry about frequencies. Just test and play around with and experiment with the interrelationship of water and consciousness. You’re going to be amazed at the potentials that you’re not even seeing right now, because you’re focused on something very, very deliberate. Just play around with it. Then come back in about three months, four months, and we’ll talk again.

SHAUMBRA 8: The information I was given on running the water through a system to help energize it – is that still appropriate?

TOBIAS: Somewhat. Water itself is energized. Water sits in what many would be considered a relatively neutral state, but it holds potential in it where you don’t have to artificially activate it. You don’t have to run it through anything, other than consciousness. It’s very simple. There are several researchers who have done some phenomenal work in this area. Take a look at what they have done and then bring it yourself to the next level.

Artificial induction of so many things – whether it is into the body or into the DNA or artificially trying to stimulate consciousness – end up not working very well. That brings in doubt that tends to throw everything off. You can be a wonderful example to other Shaumbra in this work that you are doing, and you have all the capabilities to do it. You have both the awareness tools and the intellectual tools. Go back to simplicity, absolute simplicity, and every time it starts getting complex, break it down. Go back to simplicity. You’re going to see what you have been working on or attempting to discover has always been there but it has been out of your awareness or out of your sight because of trying to get it so complex. Absolute simplicity.

So take a deep breath. Don’t doubt the work that you’ve done up to now just because of what I said. It was part of the process.

SHAUMBRA 8: Take it to the next step?

TOBIAS: Next step.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. Keep up the good work.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (read from the Internet by Linda): Hello Tobias. Is the Obama phenomenon an example of New Energy in action? He seems so New Energy and people just connect with him not knowing why. Could you please comment about him? Thanks.

TOBIAS: Indeed, and as I told you before you wrote out the question, that under the circumstances it’s not appropriate to talk about politics for a variety of reasons. Cauldre doesn’t want us to, being the number one. Linda doesn’t want us to, being number two. (Tobias and Linda laughing) There’s some very interesting phenomena that are going on with this election. And again, if you keep it simple… go stand behind the short wall. Election years are the best time to stand behind the short wall. And I mean this, especially for those of you who are getting all passionate and all emotional about this. Stand behind the short wall, even if part of you says you need to go out and knock on doors for Obama or Hillary or ... McCain. (laughter) I slipped that right in underneath Cauldre!

No matter what, stand behind the short wall. Sit this one out, Shaumbra. Sit this one out, and don’t try to say one person is more New Energy. Watch what attributes they represent, and look at the many, many different layers. But election years are a wonderful time to be very aware, because there is so much going on and so much deception and so many false messages and so many empty promises. Stand behind the short wall and you observe who’s really doing what.

By the way, I’ll end that by saying that elected leaders are always, always a reflection of the consciousness of their population. Whether they are a dictator, a king, an elected official, they are always a reflection. So where is America, America?

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. What is fractal geometry and why does this elegance trigger such memories?

TOBIAS: Ah! Well, fractal geometry, sacred geometry, numerology, numbers themselves and what we would call more universal mathematics are incredible ways of understanding how energy flows and how it responds to consciousness.

Mathematics do not make the universe. They respond to the universe. Mathematics show how consciousness can actually be brought in from the nonphysical realms into the physical. The fractal geometry is another amazing, amazing part of this whole study of numbers and the way energy moves and the way it works.

So, obviously as you already know, you have spent a lot of time working with this in the past. You have worked with aspects of Kuthumi who understood this. You’ve worked in many, many lifetimes in the temples in Egypt, also going as far back as Atlantis, and understanding how geometry, numbers, all of this, show how energy work. And you can actually use fractal geometry as a way to connect in an easier way to the nonphysical realms. So it is something you’ve studied and something that still applies today.

SHAUMBRA 10: Great. Thank you.

TOBIAS: But always remember, in numbers there are numbers between the numbers and there are what we would call reverse numbers. Now, we’re not talking anything below zero – not going to -1 or -2 – but every number has a reverse number, and we would love for you to play with this concept because it gives new meaning to any type of fractal work. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (read from the Internet by Linda): Hi Tobias. I have little money, don’t have a job, my husband has a lot of debt on his credit card, and we’re struggling to pay the rent. I don’t feel like getting a job as a cashier at a supermarket anymore, but I’m not sure about teaching at art workshops like my husband suggests to me. I have no confidence about my communication skill because I’m with pervasive development disorder and this holds me back from getting a job also. Things aren’t easy for me so I must be doing it wrong. I try to believe things should be easy, but then when I wake up in the morning, everything is the same as yesterday. I feel I have to do something but I don’t know what to do. Yes, I’m pretending, so huh, what energy is there behind this? Thank you.

TOBIAS: There is a lot of energy of choices – choices that you’ve made – and what we have here right now is there’s a lack of responsibility for making those choices. You want to think that it’s just being put on you or it’s just the way it is, when the moment you accept everything that happens in your life as a choice you made on some level. Now you’re going to get mad and argue with me and say that you’re choosing to be abundant, but I’m going to ask you to go back and take a look at that. You’re not taking responsibility. You were actually trained very, very young not to take responsibility, and it’s all just the other guy’s, and it’s all just the way the system works, and it’s all just the family you were born into and the mental capacity that you had at birth. These are all avoidances.

Go back into everything of your life right now – everything you just mentioned and that other long list that you wrote – take responsibility for every one of those things. Don’t try to figure it out, but take responsibility. Feel into why you might have done that. Don’t analyze it, but sense it. Once you begin to understand that you choose and are responsible for everything, then you’re going to understand how you can be a much more efficient creator and a much more dynamic creator. And I’m going to keep this simple – you’re choosing it right now. The energy is so apparent and so clear. Thank you.

LINDA: Two more questions?

TOBIAS: All day long!! I don’t have any place to go. I’m going to go back to the cottage and nobody’s there, and I could be here all day long!

LINDA: How does Cauldre feel?

TOBIAS: (chuckling) Two more.

LINDA: Yes, thanks.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias, I’m Barbara. I think I wrote the one that you just responded to now. I’m thinking I’m having a ... I’m sabotaging myself.

TOBIAS: Yeah, it’s a very fun game to play.

SHAUMBRA 12: I really don’t like it.

TOBIAS: Yes… but you do.

SHAUMBRA 12: I do?

TOBIAS: You do.

SHAUMBRA 12: I’m on the edge, I’m walking the razor’s edge…

TOBIAS: Oh! It is so phenomenal to walk on the edge. It is better than being bored. (some laughter)

SHAUMBRA 12: Well I’m close to falling off.

TOBIAS: Yes, I know. It’s a wonderful thing, it’s dramatic. In a very odd and perverse way, it reminds you that you’re alive because you’re looking at not being alive.

SHAUMBRA 12: That’s true.

TOBIAS: It is emotional, it is dramatic, and it is a wonderful game. You are an expert. And there’s nothing wrong with it, we’re making no judgment. You are highly proficient at it, and you also represent a lot of energy of Shaumbra.

SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Yes. So now, where would you like to go?

SHAUMBRA 12: Well, I would like to probably stay on the Earth for a while. I was thinking maybe it was time to ascend since I’ve created such a mess for myself.

TOBIAS: Nah! No, it’s not a mess, just energy that is bouncing off walls. Not a mess at all. Take a look at it this way, what you call a mess is actually an incredible vessel of energy ready to serve you in a new way. A lot of people have very low energy, and they have nothing in their pot, so to speak. You have a lot there. Now how would you like it to serve you?

SHAUMBRA 12: In a positive way for the betterment of all and myself.

TOBIAS: A negative way is good too. No positive, no negative, it just is. So let’s not put labels.

SHAUMBRA 12: I’d rather be.

TOBIAS: Ah, be what?

SHAUMBRA 12: Just be.

TOBIAS: Be… what?

SHAUMBRA 12: Instead of doing I’d rather be being.

TOBIAS: Okay. What would you ...

SHAUMBRA 12: Choose?

TOBIAS: I’m not saying that…

SHAUMBRA 12: Well I choose to be doing what I’m doing, to meet what my heart says I like to do outside. I want to have a garden, live a simple life, happy.

TOBIAS: What about teaching?

SHAUMBRA 12: Well, I thought about that. In fact, the teaching aspect here kind of resonated with me. So I’ll look into that later.

TOBIAS: Much later.

SHAUMBRA 12: Really? (laughter) First I have to have a little bit of abundance so I don’t get evicted from where I’m living.

TOBIAS: Do you realize who I am?

SHAUMBRA 12: Who are you?

TOBIAS: Well, I’m the one that comes and talks to you, but not as Tobias. I come and talk to you as the “other one,” and you like to… you’re afraid that if I was Tobias I would know too much about you, so I come as the other one. Yes. But eviction is a wonderful thing, and then you could have a new home.

SHAUMBRA 12: No! I just moved there.

TOBIAS: Yes, but…

SHAUMBRA 12: Oh, I thought I was guided to move there. Was that true or I just was deluding myself?

TOBIAS: (laughing) Well, it wasn’t me who guided you to move there.

SHAUMBRA 12: Somebody else?

TOBIAS: Who would that be?


TOBIAS: Not Saint-Germain.


TOBIAS: No, he would have you living in a palace.

SHAUMBRA 12: I would like that.

TOBIAS: Yes… but you actually wouldn’t like that.



SHAUMBRA 12: I thought I’m living where I am for a larger reason than myself.

TOBIAS: Yes. Yes. Now, let’s stop for a moment here, because we could go on and on. We always do as I come to you as the “other one.” And we have these long discussions that go nowhere. And we could do that again, but Shaumbra would, they would get upset.

SHAUMBRA 12: The audience might also.

TOBIAS: Yes. There is part of you… a part of you that loves the drama in all this, that loves living right on the edge, almost ready to lose everything, but you never quite do, do you?

SHAUMBRA 12: Well, I’m pretty close now. I think I’ve overdone it.

TOBIAS: Well, but you always get pretty close. It’s like the human who would always walk to the edge of the cliff and each day see if they could walk a little further and a little further. I came up to this human one time, disguised as something else, and pushed him off!!! (Tobias and audience laughing) And I said, “But why oh why are you doing this to yourself everyday? You’re in terrible fear, but yet everyday you go further and further to the edge of the cliff, but yet you never quite go off over the side. Why do you do this?” And the human thought about it for a moment, this dear one, and said, “It’s something to do. It gives me a strange kind of thrill. It makes me feel so much better when I go back to my house that’s safe. So I go to this edge every day just to see how far.” I said, “But someday you’re going to go right over the edge, because you have no more little safe space any more. You’ll just fall right over the edge, the wind will come blow you over, and then what?” He thought about a moment then he said, “Well, then I’ll reincarnate and just do it all over again.” (laughter)

Do you see you could get so caught up in these traps and so caught up in this… it’s a false energy, it’s a false way of testing yourself. Now, why do you need to test yourself?

SHAUMBRA 12: I don’t know.

TOBIAS: I don’t know either.

SHAUMBRA 12: Can I stop?

TOBIAS: I don’t know.

SHAUMBRA 12: Can you help me stop?

TOBIAS: (chuckling) No, I cannot help you. I will be there with you…

SHAUMBRA 12: Thanks.

TOBIAS: …but I can’t help you. I will be there as you continue to push the edge, as you continue to see how far you can experience some of these – the darkness and the depths of human reality – how far you can go before you really go. Now, as you know from our little chats, the next thing is your body. Are you willing to play the games with your body? How far can you go? Do you want to get cancer and see how scary that can be?


TOBIAS: Do you want to have a shutdown in some of your vital organs? Do you want to get MS?


TOBIAS: Well… but that’s where I see you heading.

SHAUMBRA 12: Ooooh.

TOBIAS: Ooooh! I see you possibly playing this game of “how far can I go” to the point where it will be physically painful, where you will start losing control of yourself – your physical self – it will break down. It will rebel on you. It will deteriorate very, very rapidly. Do you want to go there?


TOBIAS: You’re going there.

SHAUMBRA 12: I am?

TOBIAS: (very gently) Yes… yes, because you like to play “how far can I go.” The answer is quite simple. How much do you want to live now? How much can you get yourself off that drug of cheap thrill, of scare and fear, of losing everything? How much do you right now choose to live rather than to play the game of almost dying? How much do you choose to bring energy in to serve you rather than twist and distort energy to see if it can destroy you?

SHAUMBRA 12: I think I need to stay here and be of service.

TOBIAS: You don’t need to. We have wonderful, wonderful facilities back here. It is actually quite comfortable, and actually you don’t need to worry about things like you do on Earth.

SHAUMBRA 12: I think I made a contract though to be here.

TOBIAS: Contracts are gone.


TOBIAS: No more contract. Gone.

SHAUMBRA 12: Well, I have two grandchildren I’d like to see grow up, and I have another one too.


SHAUMBRA 12: I think they need me.

TOBIAS: No, they don’t need you.


TOBIAS: No, no, no, no, no.

SHAUMBRA 12: No one needs me?

TOBIAS: No. No, I’m sorry. They love you, but they don’t need you. And actually, with the games that are being played, they can feel it, they can sense it. Now do you want them to play the game of “how far can they go” in their lives?

SHAUMBRA 12: No… no.

TOBIAS: So, what do you choose to do right now?

SHAUMBRA 12: Well, stop doing that.

TOBIAS: Do you really?

SHAUMBRA 12: Um hmm.

TOBIAS: Would you come back at the next Shoud and we can talk again?


TOBIAS: Can you really feel into what feeds you? What makes you go, what makes you get up in the morning? Can you feel into what’s going on within you?

SHAUMBRA 12: I’ll have to work on that.

TOBIAS: Don’t work on it. Just feel it.

SHAUMBRA 12: Alright.

TOBIAS: Okay. Don’t go in the meantime, because you have a lot to offer. You have a lot, a lot that can be shared with other humans who also go to the edge, who also have to assure themselves that they’re alive by going to the very edge and almost to death. You will have a tremendous amount to share as soon as you let go of some of this compulsion.



SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you.

TOBIAS: We’ll talk about it next month.

SHAUMBRA 12: Alright, thank you.

LINDA: Last question. By the way, I think she asked that on behalf of a lot of people.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. I just wanted to clarify my question about my sister. I know where she is, I just wondered if there might be some words I could say to her that would comfort her or something that would ease her pain.

TOBIAS: I would prefer to discuss it privately.

SHAUMBRA 13: Alright.


SHAUMBRA 13: Thanks.

TOBIAS: So with that Shaumbra, deep breath. You know your homework, it’s going to bring up your issues of doubt – of doubt. When you tell another human who you are, why you’re here, first of all you’re going to wonder in yourself, is that really you? Are you just making it up or do you really accept that? Is it your creation? Is it who you are? And as you express this to others and hear it in your own ear, hear the truth in it, it’s going to break beyond some of those barriers of doubt that have actually been holding your own consciousness back.

Let’s take a deep breath together.


Feel into the essence of our dear doctor guest today who has learned so much. I think he just said he’s going to go back and have a good cry.

Feel into the energy of the seven who come representing the Crystals. Oh, what stories they’re going to have to share after today.

Feel into yourself, into you. You are that you are. You don’t need anything to feed you, anything to create drama in your life. You don’t need anybody to be here for. Just being here sharing who you are is enough.

And so we are.