The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 7: "Nhahyu" -
Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 1, 2008

ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, Adamus Saint-Germain, and you are not. (laughter) But you are who you are – a sovereign Master who has chosen to be here on Earth at this important time of consciousness rising. You have chosen to be here as Standards of the New Energy, pioneers of new consciousness, those who are literally energy scientists. That’s what you are – energy scientists – dealing with things that go beyond just the mind, dealing with consciousness.

Today, for those of you who missed our regular Shoud, you should have got the message and allowed yourself to feel it. You were feeling something. Something wasn’t quite right. You felt that there was a bit of impatience – mine, of course. You were feeling that you might be missing something – and you did. (some laughter) You missed the Shoud. Now I’m going to ask you to pay particular attention to your feelings. That’s what this Shoud was about – consciousness, awareness, sensitivity, feelings – something we called nhahyu, an old Lemurian term that was applied to literally putting your consciousness into things of Earth, allowing yourself to become so immersed in consciousness, in reality, that you allowed yourself then to exist within it.

In these New Energy contemporary terms, it means that you can fearlessly allow your consciousness to go into anything else and feel it fully. Not just in the mind, but in every part of you, so much so that your consciousness becomes totally immersed in the consciousness of what you are choosing to put it in. So you can feel it in every cell of your body, in every part of your mind, in every part of your spirit. So you’re not standing off from it, you’re not holding back. You’re allowing yourself to immerse within anything else.

As you understand this very fundamental principle of New Energy, it’s going to allow you to understand what’s going on in the world all around you. It’s the new form of what you would call being psychic. It is about being aware. It’s going to allow you to discern between what is yours, what is coming from somebody else, what is coming from a nonphysical being on the other side. It’s going to allow you to discern between group consciousness and individual consciousness, and ultimately, all of that is going to sharpen your own ability to understand what is your consciousness – who you are.

What we went through today is something you should study, that you should work with over and over again to become proficient masters of consciousness melding. Always returning back to your true self with a very simple thought or feeling – I Am that I Am – you return back to you unencumbered by the feelings and all of the other energy that you have just been so intimately involved in. But yet, you learned something valuable through the experience of putting your consciousness and your feelings into something else.

So take down the walls and allow yourself to venture, to open up, to become immersed in all other things around you. You’re going to need this simple tool as we go forward.

On Earth and in the heavens right now there is a tremendous, tremendous amount of activities. Your spiritual families – your true spiritual families from so far away, so far back – they are starting to, in their own way, awaken again. What was once this settling in or the non-expansion of even their energy is now starting to awaken and to move once again. And you’re feeling it. You’re so closely attached to it that you take it as your own, and it’s not. It was just the spiritual family.

On Earth right now there’s tremendous changes, movement in energy, shifting in consciousness. Humans aren’t sure what their consciousness is, they aren’t sure anymore what is real and what is not, what is right or what is wrong. Everything is getting changed, and you should understand that. You went through this over the past eight, nine, ten years of time.

Human consciousness is very unsettled right now. It’s trying to find itself, sometimes very desperately trying to find itself. And as consciousness, whether it is individual or group, tries to find itself, feeling like it’s lost, it has a tendency to want to go back to what it once knew. It wants to go back to the old ways. It feels lost or insecure going into the new, therefore, this creates a tremendous conflict. These conflicts are showing up all over the world in every type of endeavor – in business, in religion, between countries, in individuals. If you’re not aware of what is you and what is outside of you, if you’re not aware of how to go into energies and then to come back to yourself, you’re going to find it very difficult. You’re going to find it very easy to get lost yourself.

We went through a series of examples today of going into, diving deep into other’s energies – other people, Earth, animals. This is something that you have done before in the past in a different way, but you know how to do it. You feared, especially in this lifetime, in this reality, getting lost into some of these outer consciousnesses. But fear no more. You are in the New Energy. You are a being of sovereign and independent consciousness. You are who are you.

Take a deep breath and receive all that is there for you.

And let us begin with the questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Adamus, as I asked myself recently about my decision whether to choose ascension in this lifetime or in a later incarnation, I decided to ascend in this lifetime. Actually, it was not really a question as I feel so intense that I can’t be a part of the old world anymore like you describe with being one foot in the old and one foot in the New Energy. So there’s only one direction as going back isn’t possible. So now it’s on choosing and creating how I want to spend my last lifetime on Earth and do what can bring most joy to me. And here is where I can’t see clearly what is a desire of me, soul or aspects of me. I’d love to realize my visions as a singer/performer, but it seems as if I couldn’t get any step further, same as with many other projects. Then if the reason is that I can’t bring enough passion into it or collaborate anymore with old energy, how can I create or at least to be a fortunate privateer, as just the decision to be so didn’t seem to be enough so far.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Several things here. As you so aptly mentioned, it is first about making a choice. Making a choice. You made a choice to enjoy life. That’s an important choice. You made a choice to allow the natural process of ascension to take place, and in these remaining years of your life now the question is what do you choose to do? Here you don’t have to get down into the details. The choices should be a higher level. Some of you may choose simply to enjoy life, to know your peace, to bring all of you back together again, have a big family reunion of your aspects.

Then it is a matter of taking a breath that we talked about earlier and receiving. All the energies will come into support the high level choices. You’re going to find that tools and resources and opportunities simply start presenting themselves.

But when you get deep into the mind, when you allow … what you have here is a number of different human aspects of yourself that have felt failure in the past and you’re allowing them to jump in and work in the mind to stop you, to stifle you. That’s when you have to take that breath, remind yourself, “I Am that I Am, my choices are those things I wish to have realized, to be materialized, here on Earth,” and then to allow the own natural processes to take place.

You don’t have to struggle with anything. If you are struggling, you’re probably not doing it right. If you choose, for instance, to be a singer, breathe that energy in and receive. Watch how all of the opportunities start coming to you. When you hear that little nagging voice from the frustrated singer, from the failed human, from the confused human aspect, remind yourself who’s the boss. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, dear one. I want to know what I’m really, really supposed to be doing with Crimson Circle. I feel a strong compulsion to do more or be more, express more, and I sort of feel this feeling that I’m anxious because I have this anxiety that it’s not enough. I feel like I’m sort of getting it, because when I get this feeling I go do something fun or something that feels like cheating or playing hooky. And then I’ll usually come back around again and it’s almost scary how things are starting to happen. So I don’t know. I just want to know – I guess I want some kind of way of feeling that everything’s okay, trusting myself more.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: That would be a good answer. (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 2: (laughing) How do I feel that way?!?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: First of all, there is nothing that you have to do. What you’re actually feeling is tremendous excitement, but you’re not sure how to express that. Part of you thinks that there are certain things, tasks that you need to accomplish. Just actually being here on Earth right now is a passion and it is fulfillment. You are adding so much to the potential of consciousness for other humans. When you dance, you light up the room. You make people smile. You expand the potential of joy and happiness and that in itself means so much. But there is that little part of you that thinks that you have to perform tasks, that you have to do something. Have a talk with yourself.

First of all I have to remind you, the Crimson Circle is a – as you say – a global affiliation of teachers. It’s not something that you have to do anything for. It is a meeting place, both in a physical form and in a consciousness form. It’s a type of oasis for kindred spirits all across the world. So it’s not like you have to serve the Crimson Circle. Its energy is – how to say – very sustaining by itself.

Now let’s get back to the real issue here. What is it you choose to do for you? Part of you – a large part of you – is still resisting this whole thing about doing something for yourself. Now, you’re going to have some wonderful opportunities to take a look at what you want to do for you, to do it without feeling selfish, without … as you are told so often and you let yourself believe it from other people, they tell you, “Why do you always do these selfish things for yourself?” Because you can! (laughter) Because it’s good! Because it’s fulfilling. Because as you do things for yourself, it actually serves everybody else. So truly take a deep breath for this. Understand there’s nothing that you have to do. You’re already doing it.

Now, what would give you joy? What would give you passion? Take this very heavy energy off of yourself that you have to be doing something and just do it because. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Tobias or Saint-G, so is it any coincidence that following the Quantum Leap, Oprah is running a 10-week online course with Eckhart Tolle based on his latest book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose.” Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up already. Any comments on Oprah’s role in shifting consciousness, Eckhart Tolle, or while we’re at it, Dali Lama. Does the Crimson Council work with any of these individuals or are they different paths than Shaumbra?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: You could say that all of these beings, as well as Shaumbra that you mention, are all working on opening consciousness, on moving energy – stuck energy – on going into what we would call the New Energy. Some specifically identify with Shaumbra. Some are doing work very, very similar, like the ones you mentioned, but it is all part of the same.

The way to understand this is to go in, look at the words that you use and the similar words that they use. Look at things like “New Earth,” a concept we have been talking about for years. It is now becoming mainstream. It’s no coincidence. It’s pioneer work that all of you did. Pretty soon you’re going to see more and more discussion about new consciousness and new awareness, and it’s going to seem old to you, because you’ve been working with it for a while. You’re going to hear this whole term of Aspectology, which was new to Shaumbra not so very long ago. In a few years, it’s going to find its way into the psychological community, it’s going to find its way into the counseling world, and into what you would call mainstream.

Take particular note of what you have been doing in your life these last few years and then watch how it expands and becomes part of mainstream. You have taken on a very unique role. You have become the point of the arrow, so to speak, opening new territories. And others like Oprah, some of these others, then take the potential of consciousness and continue to evolve it and expand it for others.

Now, it’s not to say that any of you here couldn’t be an Oprah, couldn’t be a world famous author, couldn’t be doing any of this work. You can do pioneer work and do mainstream work at the same time. But in answer to the question here, it is all about a true global affiliation of spiritual and consciousness beings working together. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. I Am that I Am, and I think you talked to me today. I’m the one percent who likes to make it really hard. (laughter) And I am still in disbelief that those two or four words will take my body out of wanting to harm something else or somebody else. And since I’m the only one, you may want to just address me. Thank you.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Bad girl! (laughter, Adamus chuckling) Let me say that you are one who in the past has dealt with dark energies and all of this other stuff, and you’re still playing out that game of guilt and lack of worth and more than anything a fear of what if you got back into the psychic type of energies again, being able to literally put your energy into anything else. You are very good at it, but you dealt with it before in a manipulative or very dark way.

You feel that, you know that, you do many, many things in your life to hold back. You won’t let yourself do it the easy way because, quite frankly, you’re playing a game – a game of punishment and self-abuse – and not just for yourself, but for others whom you worked with. You didn’t feel that they were dealt enough karma, that they did enough suffering for their dark deeds, so you’re taking on their energy as well. It’s a wonderful thing, it’s a fine thing. You’re doing a phenomenal job of suffering, but the question is when are you going to be done with it? When are you just truly going to walk away from it?

I’ll tell you something. It’s not going to make you a better person, a smarter person, wise or anything else. There is absolutely no value in it other than you like playing the game. You’re not earning anything. God doesn’t care whether you decide to suffer and to beat yourself, or whether you decide to go to a new place of higher consciousness. I’ve told you before, you and I have talked, and I’ve said there’s no danger right now of repeating the mistakes of the past – or what you consider the mistakes – because the energy in you and in the world and in everything else is quite different. You literally cannot go back. You couldn’t lay a curse on anybody else if you wanted to right now. It just wouldn’t work. You wouldn’t do it and it wouldn’t work.

So let go of all that. Allow yourself to be free. You’re in a type of prison, and I understand what prisons are like. I was in one for a long, long time, a crystal. But you’re in your own prison right now, a mental, physical prison. When are you going to get out? You understand the concepts. You understand higher consciousness, but you won’t let yourself live it. The choice is yours. Thank you.

…bad girl. (much laughter)

LINDA: Why has there been no update on New Earth?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: It is coming. Not appropriate right now.

LINDA: Why? (laughter)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: (sighing heavily) Tobias will be talking about that shortly.

LINDA: Good deferral.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): I’m interested in re-growing my thyroid gland and wanted to know if you have any helpful hints.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: I do. Don’t worry about the physical part of it. Don’t worry about the physical. Don’t try to recreate it through your mind or imagination or anything else. You can very, very easily allow your body to totally recreate itself, and sometimes it will be in a very physical nature and other times it’s going to be an energetic center. There’s a reason why the thyroid stopped operating or stopped becoming part of you, because actually as a New Energy being you create a certain energetic function of the thyroid but it’s at a higher level. So don’t try to recreate the old one, is what I’m saying. Allow a new one to be recreated.

Just tell your body that you’re ready and tell your consciousness, your essence, that you’re ready. Allow this whole principle of what we call Standard Technology to go to work. Your body and your mind, spirit and gnost all know what to do if you just make a choice, if you let them know what it is that you’re choosing. Then back away from expectations, because part of you is expecting an actual physical organ to re-grow itself. But as you and many other Shaumbra will come to know, it doesn’t necessarily have to physically re-grow. A much more dynamic energetic type of functionality will come into play. This is not a chakra either. It is a … we call it a New Energy nonphysical thyroid that is much more efficient. So give permission to your body to do what it already knows how to do.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (read from the Internet by Linda): Dear Shaumbra and great wise men of Crimson Circle, you know how much you are appreciated and how your inspiration and teaching has kept me going, especially lately. So thank you for that. But ... (laughter)

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN (laughing): You could stop right there! (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 6 (Linda continues): South Africa and Africa as a whole seems to be slipping even further back into 3D rather than ascending into New Energy. It seems that the promise of a new way of solving racial and political conflicts and inequalities as embodied by Nelson Mandela has vanished. Corruption, violence, criminality and ethnic and racial intolerance seem to be increasing. Is this just ping-pong? Why is this being chosen and created by the people of this region? I try my best to not make it my stuff and stay behind the short wall. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Your insights would be much appreciated.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. Excellent question and here we invite you to … you’re looking at and feeling one level of consciousness. And often as humans you get attracted to feeling what would be the darker energies or the more difficult – the sadder energies – because in an energy way, they scream out louder. They’re more apparent. But, when you dive into the energy of Africa, dive into that energy and discover that at a very, very beautiful but deep level, there is a spiritual renewal taking place, and not just for Africa.

There are those who say that Africa is the birthplace of humanity. There’s another type of birthing – a spiritual birthing – that is taking place beneath the surface. It has tremendous potential, but what is on the surface right now, what is attracting the attention is the inequity, is the poverty, the disease and the sickness. Go into a deeper level. There’s something very, very beautiful happening there. One of the whole things about nhahyu – opening your consciousness, becoming aware – is to be without the judgment and also to be without just going into one layer. It’s easy to get kind of pulled into that, but go into all the layers because there are some very beautiful things happening in this land of Africa.

Africa for such a long time has absorbed many of the very dark energies of Earth and humanity herself, but there is an incredible beneath-the-surface transformation. Go back and visit. Go back and visit and you’re going to see and feel exactly what I’m speaking about. Watch what happens in this area. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Adamus. As you probably know my grandmother had passed away not too long ago and in one of the Shouds they said that she was dancing on the top of the table and playing cards. And playing cards was her favorite thing to do. My question is ever since she passed away she’s been contacting me repeatedly about her will – she made up a will. And, you know, it’s like 2:00 in the morning, I’m sound asleep, really good sleep, and Boom! my eyes pop open and the first thing that pops in my head is my grandmother’s will. Can you please tell me what it is she wants me to do? She speaks to me more now than she did when she was alive!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: For several reasons. One is she’s lonely and you’re asleep. What a great opportunity to talk! (some laughter) You’re aware and most of the other members of your family, I’m sorry to say, are not aware. So she’s just hanging around. She would love to talk. So before we get into this whole thing of the will with her, just chat with her about anything. She would just like to feel acknowledged right now. Those beings on the other side who she was initially playing cards with and dancing with, they’ve gone on. So she’s just hanging around. Talk to her about why she’s hanging around, why she’s staying, and then at some point she’d be happy to tell you more about this will. I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to get into that. I think it would be better if the two of you talked. But more than anything get the hint here that she needs somebody to tell her it’s okay to go on.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (read from the Internet by Linda): Tobias, I would like to ask you about death. On this side of the veil it carries such sadness, has devastating effects on people’s lives, particularly those who don’t understand soul choices and even those who do. When we’re planning our lives on Earth do we choose to experience loss of loved ones? Some people seem to experience so many losses and even when the bigger picture can be understood, it can still leave such a deep imprint of loss and sadness throughout the rest of the human life. I know on your side of the veil it is experienced and viewed so differently, but I can’t envision a time when humans will truly celebrate in their heart the passing of a loved one. With reference to my personal experience of loss, while I feel I understand the experience from the soul perspective and I know it was the choice of the person to leave, I still feel the impact a year later. I understand that I can communicate with him energetically, but it doesn’t seem the same. I still wonder why I chose the experience of such powerful short-lived connection. In that regard, it doesn’t make sense to me. So if I can’t fully process the experience in my heart, how can those who haven’t awakened do this? And I wonder how the New Energy can assist humans in their grief?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Loss and the grief is a very, very real thing, and it would be quite a denial to say that it doesn’t exist or to try to block it off. There is a soul-to-soul connection as well as a human-to-human, and it is one of those things that we would encourage any Shaumbra, any human, to actually allow themselves to feel that loss. Generally, when the sense of grieving goes on and on, as it has in your case, is you’re not letting yourself totally feel the loss. Part of you is saying that you have to be strong, you have to let go, you have to be spiritual, you have all this Shaumbra training so why would you possibly feel loss. Allow yourself to dive into that loss.

Now, this is going to be one of the hardest ones because when you dive into it you are going to feel consumed by it. You’re going to feel that it is totally absorbing you and the loss, you’re going to feel at times, is grander than you are. But by allowing yourself to go into it and experience it, you will also discover the blessing in the relationship, the blessing in the loss itself, and a true heartfelt understanding that this dear one is not lost at all.

This is a difficult one in your case because you are what we would call early, early connections from way, way back to the earliest times near the Wall of Fire where you met from the beginning and you’ve been so very close. And right now there’s more of a feeling than just the loss of the human – thinking that you lost them – but as you’re moving into higher levels of consciousness and the very real potential of ascension after this lifetime, you’re feeling that you may never see this angel, this spirit being again. You’re feeling that they’re going to be in the physical or Earth realms for a while more, which they probably will be. They have other incarnations coming up and you go off into ascension, so you’re feeling a sense of great fear or disconnection here. This is bringing up so many of the issues. Allow yourself to go in and feel it at a very deep level. Understand that you’re not going to be consumed by it, but there’s something very beautiful in here for you. And if you do feel overwhelmed by the loss and the grief and the fear of going into your own ascension without them, remember I Am that I Am. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Saint-Germain. I have a question, you addressed some of it earlier today.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: You have about four questions! But go ahead. (Saint-Germain chuckling)

SHAUMBRA 9: I’ll get up every month and talk to you. You know what is said, your life is your art. I had an experience several years ago and I’ve worked with it. I can’t say I fully understood it. Today when you addressed moving into energy and bringing the potential for peace, that helped me understand what I can do with this particular experience. And maybe that’s it, but I’m going to ask the question for myself and for all of Shaumbra. The situation I experienced several years ago was being on an airplane with a supposed terrorist and being in that whole scene with my children. So that was a very intense opportunity to take a look at, hmmm, what is going on in our current world? What can we do with this? So now obviously we can go in and expand that potential. Can you help me take a look at this experience from a higher perspective? Is there more we can do with this? And also for all of Shaumbra who have had these experiences – will have these experiences – what are we doing with these? And how do we help our children when they come into these very young and very open?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: As I stated, four questions – all contained within one. (laughter) Indeed, I’m having fun. I’ll make this quite simple. Your – this is to all of Shaumbra but I’m using your situation as a real-life story – your presence in situations literally changes the potential of the outcome of the situation. You could be sitting on an airplane with a potential terrorist and just you being there, your presence, can change the potential outcome. It’s not that you’re trying to inflict your will on it, but – how to say … this is a crude way of putting it – it shines a light on an otherwise dark situation. It opens new pathways of consciousness that wouldn’t necessarily be there if you weren’t there.

So often Shaumbra you find yourself, for instance, suddenly driving down the road and lost and not sure why you’re there. Perhaps your physical as well as your energetic presence needs to be there. You find yourself in unusual circumstances and wonder how you got there. Because you were led to that situation knowing that you add a New Energy element to an Old Energy, conflicted and very potentially harmful situation. Literally right now as I talk, right now, there are Shaumbra in Israel and in the Mid East who are finding themselves suddenly in a place they’re not sure why. They’re finding themselves bringing their new consciousness into a very difficult situation. This is part of what you have agreed to do – all of you – to be there. To be there as a type of human angel, bringing a new light to difficult human situations.

You have been called there at some level by a human, or sometimes by a group of humans, who is calling out for resolution, who is calling out to the angels – what you would call heavenly angels – for guidance, and you are responding by just being there. Some of you have a hard time understanding how just your presence can change an entire situation. You think you have to be doing something, that you have to be active or negotiating or doing something. Just being there is so, so important and provides so much potential.

While you can also be there on a physical level, Shaumbra in general can also be in places on a consciousness level like exactly what we talked about today with nhahyu – the ability to go in to feel energies. By having this type of nonphysical ability to go into situations, you’re going to find yourself called into consciousness situations where you’re not necessarily physically there, but your consciousness will be called in. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to mend fences. You don’t need to inflict the energy of peace or anything else. Just being there with your consciousness and New Energy changes the way the Old Energy elements and the Old Energy vibration is working and responding.

So, for your children – just being there. This is what we call the Standard. Just being there. Assuming the I Am Presence and knowing that all things are truly in perfect order. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you very much. Can I just add one more?


SHAUMBRA 9: It’s not a question, and I wouldn’t apologize even if it was. For the Shaumbra who choose to have this kind of experience, since we’re on the topic of feelings, based on my experience what I’m going to put out as a heads up for you, when I had this experience what was I think maybe even more profound than the experience itself was how disassociated people were from their feelings and the denial of their feelings about it. And I actually went into kind of a post-traumatic shock for like three days because everybody around me was going, “Eh! We didn’t get blown up. What’s the big deal. You’re fine.” And I’m going, “Hey wait a minute! Aah!” But nobody got it. So if you go through this and people around you don’t get it, it’s not you. Really, you’re okay. You’re a feeling being and maybe people around you are not connected at that level. So if you have that experience, you’re okay and I want you to know that.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Absolutely. And that reminds me to remind everybody you can be in very intense and dramatic situations and you can absolutely feel them like you were experiencing it, but you don’t have to own it. It’s not yours, and you can return back to your essence, your presence simply through the I Am. I Am that I Am. You still will have felt everything and experienced it, but it doesn’t become part of your book. It doesn’t become just another chapter in your life. You see, there’s a beauty to it – the ability to really feel something, but not own it.

Now, some Shaumbra have thought that that meant that they don’t actually physically feel it or mentally feel the confusion or at a deep level feel the spiritual spiral. No, you’re going to feel those, but you’re just going to remind yourself that they’re not yours. They’re experiences but they’re not yours. Excellent. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (read from the Internet by Linda): Tobias/Saint-Germain, I’m Dora from Hungary and we wait for you in May. Hungary is a strange and contradictory place, and I hate it and love it. I want to go away and stay at the same time. Can you tell me something about the situation of this country from your point of view, and if you could tell me anything about my personal situation in this New Energy process, I’d be so thankful because I feel so lost at this moment. We love you all so much. Dora.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Well dear Dora, we’re going to come to visit and both Tobias and I will be there with you. I’ll give you a little bit right now that Hungary is a wounded land, a wounded people. Very proud, but yet very wounded. Hungary is a, what I would call, a victim country, but yet very strong unto its own right. It feels like it has had its arms and legs removed from it and it’s time somebody gave those back. Hungary also has tremendous potential to – how to say – leapfrog the traditional patterns or the historic patterns that emerging, awakening countries go through. So we’re coming there specifically to address some of these issues.

As far as your work, you have chosen to be in this land. You have chosen to be a Standard and a Shaumbra, but you are taking on too much of the energies of the people who are stuck and angry and feeling like victims. It’s wearing you out and it’s tiring you out, because you’re owning these feelings as your own and they’re not. So take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are not hungry … heh, get it? (laughter and Saint-Germain chuckling)

LINDA (rather dryly): That’s really funny. Really funny.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN (chuckling): I’ll leave the humor to Kuthumi. Remind yourself that you are not Hungary, truly. You are yourself. You have allowed yourself, given yourself permission to go there to be a Standard, but stop taking on all of the issues. It’s wearing you out. We’ll be there soon. Thank you.

LINDA: Very clever.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): I appreciate the practice today. I still have a question and I’ll use an example from the last couple of weeks, if I can. Coming back from feelings, waking up with a deep sense of emptiness and anxiety, allowing myself to feel that, choosing or trying to choose to move through it, sometimes I might succeed. But it’s the place of wanting to honor those feelings and the outward expression, for me in the past, honoring those feeling meant maybe I need to take a time-out for a day. When they continued for a few weeks, it’s not such a good idea to take a time-out for two weeks from life. So we worked today on releasing those, and I guess that’s my question or guidance – how really to let go of that or when is that expression or taking care of oneself, you know, when is it an outward expression and when do you just need to release it and move through it and how to do that.

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: That’s an excellent observation, and it’s very important for all of Shaumbra. The Master is one who can absolutely feel something, even things like sadness, emptiness, depression. Now these are very difficult energies, but very powerful. They contain … depression and sadness and even emptiness, oddly enough, contain tremendous amount of feeling or sensory energy so overwhelming that it can absolutely make you feel like you’re empty and you’re depressed. It’s phenomenal.

You, particularly here, are playing around with your own aspects, your own selves, parts of you that you weren’t real happy with, parts of you that stay alive by playing this game with you. They’re afraid of dying, of losing their identity if they no longer capture your attention. And they have a deep fear, as do you, that the moment you take on your own I Am Presence – you claim mastery of yourself – that they’re going to disappear, and in a way they will. They won’t really disappear, they’ll integrate with you. They won’t go – how to say – they won’t fade off from the memory. They’ll just stop controlling you. You’ll still remember what darkness and sadness and depression felt like, but now you won’t own it. Can you see the difference between feeling or sensory that we have talked about today but not letting it control you? You come back to yourself. You come back to your own mastery.

So basically, you’re being challenged right now once again to determine who you are, to determine your own I Am essence. Are you going to let your aspects continue to try to steal your soul? Or are you going to claim mastery of yourself?

It’s a wonderful game. It’s an amazing game, but it truly is time for it to end. And you get so serious about it, you get so overwhelmed by it, but you know, that is just feeling. “Serious” is a big feeling. It’s a very serious feeling! (Saint-Germain chuckles) But, but it is feeling. The important thing we are working with Shaumbra on right now is the mastery of feelings, the mastery of truly being aware but not letting it run your life. Do you see what a beautiful … it seems like a fine line, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful mastery in the New Energy. Feel everything; own only yourself. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (read from the Internet by Linda): Where I live we all appear to be experiencing an upsurge of horrific crimes within family units and against children. Can you tell us what that’s about?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Indeed. It’s just human condition right now. Humans don’t know, generally, how to deal with all of this change that is going on at such deep levels. Things are coming to the surface right now. It’s hard to hide anything including yourself and your aspects and your conflicts and your suffering and your pain. Everything is rising to the surface – consciousness rising right now – it is rising so that it can be dealt it. It is rising so that humans can become aware of it, but it is causing a lot of, what you would call, very obvious conflicts.

We’re going to ask all of Shaumbra to be able to feel this, to be aware of it, but don’t own it. This is a wonderful example of stand behind the short wall. Have compassion for it no matter how difficult it may seem. And once again the most beautiful thing any of you can do is make your presence available. It adds new potential to an otherwise painful or difficult situation.

LINDA: Master Adamus, how many more questions would you like? (Saint-Germain holds up one finger.)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you. This has actually been quite wonderful because part of my question was answered in the answer with the woman with the airplane experience. About a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago, I learned about an initiative that’s being put together in the Middle East that is a walking path of 600 miles and it’s to bring peace and oneness to that area. And just in the last couple of weeks I’ve felt really drawn to explore that and I haven’t been able to get a clear read on whether this is a good idea. What would you say to Shaumbra there in the Middle East or here that are interested in doing this?

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: Well, what’s interesting here is you went by the important part here. You said that you felt drawn to do this. Now, I’ll use the example – I sent a message out to all Shaumbra today saying we were going to skip those boring slides (laughter) … I think slides are the work of Satan himself … (lots of laughter from audience and Saint-Germain)

LINDA: Awww … Geoff puts so much time into that and it’s a labor of love!

ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN: … we were going to get on with business because I’m busy, and so many Shaumbra felt something but ignored it. And here you feel something, you feel drawn to it. Don’t ignore it. Feel into it. Get out of your brain. You have all of these mental reasons for not doing it. Follow the feelings. But, I say that with a footnote. Go into your feelings to find out what’s really there. You get different levels of feelings. Here you’re being drawn to this project. There’s something more to it. When you dive into your own feelings about it, there’s something else going on here. It’s not just about doing this long, long trek. There are other dynamics – people that you’re going to meet, new opportunities come into your life and your presence in the life of others – there are all of these other things. So follow your feelings here.

With that Shaumbra, I look forward to the day, coming soon I hope, when you are going to be teachers of the experience of feeling; when you’re going to teach other humans how to absolutely go into the nhahyu, into the feelings, into the experience without blocking it, without filtering it, without running from it; to be able to experience everything from total joy to total depression – it’s just feeling, it’s just consciousness – but to go into any of these feelings or consciousnesses and always to understand who you are. Not to take them on as your own, not to let them run your life, but to have the experience of nhahyu and to always know yourself.

With that let us together say out loud that most important phrase that acknowledges your essence. “I Am that I Am.”

And so it is.