The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 6: "Working with New Energy" -
Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
February 2, 2008

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra. What a wonderful time we’ve had together in the Service Center, in our own family spa today, letting all the energies catch up, rebalance and continue to evolve. What a wonderful opportunity it will be in this month of love, what you call the Valentine’s month, to bring in this energy of the new consciousness into situations in your life that have been challenging you, presenting certain problems, and watch how New Energy actually works. Observe it.

We talked in this session about old human consciousness versus New Energy. It is very difficult to define New Energy because it defies definition, at least by any of the standards of the old. It works different. It doesn’t repeat itself over and over and over again. And one of things here we wanted to mention also was that in the Old Energy, in the old human consciousness, there was the very strong tendency to repeat history. In other words, you would continue to walk through experiences time and time again, lifetime after lifetime. You perhaps changed the characters and changed some of the settings and some of the details, but it was a continual process of repeating history, walking in the same path, presenting yourself with the same problem over and over and over again, looking to see if you could perhaps find a different solution. But because you were in the energy of the old and almost in a way hypnotized into repeating history, you found yourself continuing over and over and over with the same set of problems and situations.

In the New Energy history does not repeat itself. There is no reason for it to do so. No place. The new dynamic is brought into it, and some of you are going to feel at a level within you uncomfortable that you’re not walking in the same rut, you’re not repeating history over and over again. You’re actually very familiar with your own history, your own set of circumstances, and now it’s going to change. The New Energy presents a whole new type of evolution so you’re no longer repeating the past.

And with that, what a wonderful opportunity to begin to answer your questions today, many of them which are repetition of history – of the past. (laughter)

LINDA: Well, not all of them.


LINDA: Okay. (Tobias chuckles)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (read from the internet by Linda): I’m asking for your help with my son, but on the behalf of all children, indigos and crystals. He’s a sophomore who’s fallen through the public school system cracks. Although he is capable, he doesn’t apply himself and his grades are suffering as well as his self-confidence and joy. We’ve enrolled him in a local learning center, which seems to help. He has a wonderful therapist to talk to, yet these support activities make him feel like a freak. What’s a parent to do? What awareness do I need to hear? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Old Energy educational system is Old Energy indeed, and it tries to conform the individuals. It tries to put them in patterns and structures that we talked about earlier. The crystals and, as you call them, the indigos, come in with a whole different set of desires. Their soul composition is different than what has taken place in the past, so it is very difficult to, as you would say, put a square peg in a round hole.

It’s important not to try to force the issue of conformity or compliance. It’s important to let your son here in this case, or for all of you Shaumbra – your daughters and your sons and your grandchildren – know that there is nothing wrong with them. They too in a way are pioneers. They too are finding a different way to educate themselves and to grow and to learn and to experience. It’s important for them to understand that there is nothing wrong with them. They are just very unique angelic human beings.

You can relate directly to that. You can relate your experience. All of you – all of you, Shaumbra – have gone through that same thing. Not necessarily with the schools, because, well, so many of you Shaumbra forced yourself to try to conform and forced yourself to try to fit into the system, and you know it never worked. It’s been very difficult on you when you were younger to make yourself like others when you knew that you weren’t. Can you imagine what it would be if you had given yourself permission to be different, and to take a little different path? You eventually did. You found you couldn’t conform, you couldn’t do the standard things that others were doing. So you set yourself free. It was difficult to acknowledge that you were different, but now, with that wisdom that you have gained about yourself, share it with them as well.

It’s not important, it doesn’t really matter what the grades are like. We know very many of you who didn’t get good grades in school, who didn’t excel but then went on to actually live life rather than just get into the mundane day-to-day. So, allow the freedom. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hi. I had a lot of repressed things and new emotions come up this week in relation to me and someone close to me. I am trying to get a better understanding at the spiritual level of what’s going on with that, and also how I can stay more out of my mind and more into the intuition like you mentioned earlier in the Shoud. Thank you.

TOBIAS: First of all, staying into the intuition and the feelings and these things, is a matter of choice. The mind will tend to rebel and tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing. It will want to try to maintain control because it is just trying to protect you, but as you continue to make the conscious choice to be intuitive and feeling and sensory, your mind will finally acquiesce. It will give way. It will understand that actually its freedom is also through letting go.

The situation that you are experiencing with this other person also has to do with the freedom. There have been – what would you say – many patterns of history in the past, lifetimes together, and again you’ve come back together and find yourself reluctantly repeating those once again. The dynamics that are taking place right now are attempting to force the freedom, attempting to release the patterns of the past and the karma and all of the rest of the things that would hold you together. Sometimes it appears to be chaotic energy or very rough energy, but if you let yourself experience it, it is just about letting go of the past patterns so both of you can be free.

So, we know some of you don’t like this advice, but take a deep breath, stand behind the short wall and watch how in these next 30 days the energy changes. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (read from the internet by Linda): My son has obsessive compulsive disorder. He’s fourteen. Can he cure the symptoms by the power of consciousness or does he have to go through the regular care such as taking medications? I don’t want him to take any drugs. I know that you can create your own reality by the power of your thought and feelings, so I believe that this kind of mental disease could be solved by the way of thinking. What do you think?

TOBIAS: I don’t think, and that is my benefit! (laughter and Tobias chuckling)

LINDA: That was somebody that innocently didn’t know to use that word.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Indeed. There are so many different consciousness energies at work on Earth right now, and they cause a wide variety of what would be considered imbalances. And we sometimes are amused at all of the labels put on these things, but essentially it is just a consciousness imbalance. There are so many internal and external energies at work that sometimes the soul being doesn’t know which way to turn anymore.

We do not recommend medications, particularly for those who are Shaumbra and family of Shaumbra. Now, it would lead to a long discussion, perhaps a debate and we’ll have to put out disclaimers that Cauldre is screaming to us about right now that this is not medical advice or psychiatric advice, but we’ll ignore those disclaimers and state that the medications inhibit the proper and natural rebalancing of energies within anyone. They put a damper or a type of a blanket over the natural workings and the integrated workings of the body, mind, spirit and gnost. And although they may appear to temporarily –how to say – calm somebody down, they are putting them in a type of comatose hypnotic state that will eventually explode and erupt just like a volcano would explode and erupt. You can hold the energy down for a while but ultimately it, and all energy, evolves.

So the natural process for any of these energy imbalances is a combination of some very, very simple things. And we understand here … we understand that we’re dealing with the very complex human/divine psyche and it may not appear that these things are going to be easy to rebalance but here, in this particular case, you have a situation where breathing is going to be much more effective. Now breathing is going to bring up the – how to say – some of the demons, some of the illusions and distortions of energy. So initially when the deep breathing is implemented, it actually sometimes appears that things are getting worse, but all the energies are just rising to the surface. Then with gentle, what we would call, counseling with this dear one you’re speaking about, in allowing the energies. Instead of holding on tight, instead of battling, instead of suppressing, the breathing and the natural accepting will automatically rebalance all energies. Automatically.

It is important for you, as a loving caretaker for this being, to have compassion and to understand that you have to let go of your expectations of an outcome. This soul, this entity is going through this experience for a variety of reasons, but yet at some level now is asking to be released from this type of energy distortion. We would say very simply here if you could initiate the breathing and with the breathing get this dear one to just let go and allow a natural energy and consciousness rebalancing process to take place. We’re somewhat oversimplifying here but actually the New Energy is very simple.

LINDA: I have a quick question – there is a creative based school that was started up here that there are a number of kids that didn’t particularly fit very well in the system that seemed to be doing … the school seems to be having some successes. Are there some things that should be looked at there that they are doing right that could be applied to this new education that you’re talking about?

TOBIAS: Absolutely, and the key ingredient for so many of these types of schools you’re referring to is the return to creative expression. One of the biggest challenges in the public system these days is the creative expression has been discontinued for the most part. These schools are focusing on more of an open creativity and creativity in itself is an extremely valuable dynamic in dealing with everything from emotions to, what you would say, fitting in and a personal acceptance – a person’s personal acceptance. So many of you know when you have your own creative endeavor, whatever it happens to be – it could be painting or sewing or anything else – it actually has a way of providing a type of rejuvenation and a personal acceptance. Yes, indeed.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Tobias. Cope with me, because I am very nervous. It’s been a long journey, really, and seems like right now I am in a point that I really have nothing to lose, I really have not much to lose. I don’t really want to keep living with little bits here and little bits there anymore. I would really want to live with my whole potential. I want to work with the children and really live ... soar, you know. But you know me well.

TOBIAS (chuckling): Yes, sometimes I have a tendency to call you doubting Thomasita! (laughter, more chuckling from Tobias)

SHUAMBRA 4: Si, si.

TOBIAS: You … I look at you … I joke with you now, but you play the doubt game very, very well. You doubt yourself very, very well. Now, could you imagine taking that same expertise and creative energy you’ve applied to doubting who you are and actually putting it to use?

SHAUMBRA 4: Well, that’s why I am here. I really want to ask you Tobias – you know me well – is there any place where, geographically, where I can really fulfill all this?

TOBIAS: Yes, indeed. Planet Earth! (laughter)

SHAUMBRA 4: Anywhere?

TOBIAS: It doesn’t matter, truly. Sometimes there is a tendency to get caught up in which place is energetically better, which place is energetically worse. That, pardon us for being so blunt, is Old Energy thinking. It’s thinking that a place or an energy or a portal is more important than you, that holds the power. There are places that have different energies, but let’s go back and take a look at the physics of energy itself. It is neutral. At its core, at its base, it is neutral. Now perhaps you go to a place like New Mexico, and you find energy is activated in a certain direction, it has certain characteristics about it, but the Master of energy understands it doesn’t have to move them left or right. It is just energy.

Now, that energy is asking you how it can serve you. But I, Tobias, will tell you because you love to doubt, that energy comes in and supports your doubt and you move to this new location and your doubts get bigger than ever. You see? It’s a matter now of letting go of the doubt, making some choices in your life, breathing them in, letting the energy serve your choices.

Energy wants to help consciousness manifest. Period. Did you hear that? Energy wants to help consciousness manifest. So, become a creative energy worker. Let it come. You have certain dreams and goals. You say you would love to work with the children. Allow that energy to come in and serve that. Take a few bold steps now. See, you tend to get caught up in the worrying and you never take those first steps. Take those steps and watch what starts to happen. Be open to things that even go beyond your human dreams and expectations, because now many new dynamics come in, and it may turn out that the energy and your choices go far beyond even what you are standing here thinking about today. Okay? (some laughter)

SHAUMBRA 4: Gracias.

TOBIAS: We’ll talk to you tonight in your dreams. You’re doubting what I say. Gracias.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (read from the internet by Linda): Dear Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi and company, understanding this is my last lifetime on Earth, Saint-Germain has said that it doesn’t matter how we choose to spend it. Yet, as a passionate New Energy Teacher and choosing to teach this information, am I compromising myself promoting other spiritual information that isn’t New Energy but does inspire and awaken others at a certain level? An example of this would be like the upcoming Moses Code movie. Obviously, I like the emphasis on the “I am that I am” and the message beyond “The Secret,” but less excited about what kind of “world Kumbaya peace meditation” the next day. There still isn’t exactly a crowd on the leading edge of New Energy yet and this does frustrate me marketing our classes. I’m really challenged right now as to where to choose to focus my energy and work and would love some clarity. Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. There are many, many, many levels of human consciousness right now. Some of them are open to things that we as Shaumbra discuss. Some of them couldn’t even begin to fathom it and would actually run from it. There are some who are just awakening right now and they need a bit different type of consciousness message than those who, like Shaumbra, have been in this ascension process for quite some time. So understand that when you are called, or when, let’s say, when they come to you, that there are going to be different layers and levels. Using your intuition, using your feeling, understand the appropriate energy rapport to have with them. Some of them may not at all understand what we discuss in a Shoud, but they might just understand something at an early awakening stage. Your question is really more a validation because you already knew as you were writing it what the answer was. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Greetings, Tobias. As I feel these feelings that aren’t necessarily mine, what is the “me” in me that chooses which feelings come to me or that it’s time for a crisis, and how do they choose which crisis? And what would the non-answer also be in the New Energy of choice? What does choice look like in the New Energy?

TOBIAS: Choice is here and now – what you would call the Now moment. The choice is you, at this point, without worrying about the right or the wrong or any of this. What is your choice right now? And understand the choice right now that you make does not lock you in or define you for eons of time to come. Choice is very free and flexible. You could make a choice now and not have what you would call negative consequences of it if you make another choice tomorrow. Now, perhaps that seems somewhat – to some of you – chaotic or irresponsible, but it’s actually very New Energy. The choice is, this moment right now, what do you choose? Bold choice, fearless choice. So it is as simple as that. Don’t try to make this choice thing too complex. Don’t try to make it ... it is whatever you choose it to be. So, that is choice.

Now, you’re constantly, all of you, are constantly barraged with energy – volumes of energy at every moment in time. Everything from other people’s feelings, to your own past life aspects, to messages coming through your Internet. Do you realize when you go onto the Internet, you aren’t just necessarily at one website or on just your email? When you go on the Internet, you open yourself up to all of consciousness of what the Internet is now, which is quite large. There are many layers and levels, of course, and you’re not tuned into all of those consciously at one time. But at another level, you’re exposing yourself to all of those energies.

Now that’s enough to make some of you never to get on the Internet again. (Tobias chuckling) But – ah, but – the New Energy Master understands that they can feel everything, or they can just feel what they want at that particular time. But they’re not afraid of those external energies. They can allow themselves to feel deeply into them, to sense them, to bring them to life. But you don’t have to own it. So there are some, what you would call, junky or low energy vibrations on the Internet. There are some very inspired incredible energies, and you can feel all of them. But the only thing that is yours is what you consciously choose. Everything else was just an experience. Everything else returns back to pure natural energy at some point. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (read from the internet by Linda): Greetings, dearest. In considering our process of integration of our aspects, it occurs to me that the tremendous desire that some of us carry to ascend this body in this lifetime, I’m beginning to wonder if in fact Shaumbra may be creating an entirely new paradigm of what has been called ascension. It would seem that the likeliest way to attain full integration and ascension in this body might be to move into a state of isolation – physically as well as spiritually – in a way that many of the ascended Masters we know of have done. This would in effect cut us off from our human life as in being on the mountaintop in the Himalayas with a bowl of rice. This would entail focusing on nothing other than attaining this elevated state of consciousness as an ascended being. But then what has happened to “enjoy life?” So please tell me if perhaps what has occurred to me recently that Shaumbra may be, if they choose, creating a completely new state of consciousness, one that is called ascension, but one that has never existed before – a state of consciousness that allows true integration and ascension in the human bodies we now inhabit (Tobias starts clearing his throat in the background, trying to cut in), but that does not require the type of choices that necessitate the separation (Tobias does it again, several times, audience begins laughing, Linda starts reading faster) from human life in order to attain the higher states of consciousness awareness that many of us so yearn for. (Tobias is now louder, making a coughing noise) Thank you. (much audience laughter, Tobias chuckling)

TOBIAS: Indeed, and could you read that a little faster next time? (more laughter)

LINDA: Was that too fast?

TOBIAS: No. Ascension, putting it quite simply, ascension is the acceptance and the joy of life while you are embodied on Earth as a human being. To run off to the Himalayas or to isolate yourself in some deep bat-infested cave somewhere is actually a denial of life. You don’t need the isolation, actually you are never truly isolated anyway. So it is about the acceptance of all of yourself, about calling home every part of you that has been fragmented or wounded in the past, letting them know that this Now moment is the safe and sacred space, and they can come home. That is integration, and as the integration occurs, the ascension process evolves. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, Tobias. No question, just a feeling that it’s time to check in. So I would like to do that and see if there’s anything I need to hear.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Application. Application – that’s it! (laughter)


TOBIAS: You’ll know later exactly what that means. Application. Thank you.

LINDA: Suzy asked me to note that there were several questions related to snakes and them appearing and being fearful. Do you want to comment to why there were several Shaumbra questions about snakes?

TOBIAS: Indeed, snakes … oh, this could be a whole session here, but we’ll keep it very simple. Snakes right now in this consciousness … now please understand this wasn’t the consciousness or the symbology of snakes twenty years ago or a hundred years ago, but right now snakes have to do with the spiraling of the energy. Some of you would relate it to the kundalini, but let’s go somewhat beyond that. It is the upward evolution of energy but in so the fear of that expansion. So many of you are having dreams about snakes and your misinterpreting these as being either like a sexual type of dream or a forbidden fruit type of dream. It is actually an indication that your own energy is now expanding both in your body, your mind and your spirit, but there are certain fears along the way of what will happen next.

In the New Energy you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next, you’re just going to experience it. There’s such a tendency in the Old Energy to want to know the outcome before you actually jumped into the situation. Now, what fun is that? (laughter) Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (read from the internet by Linda): Why am I so desperately tired?

TOBIAS: Yes, why you are so desperately tired is because it is very energetically consuming right now going through these tremendous changes. Your DNA, as you know, is going through a remodeling process, but at the same time there is what you might call a mental DNA. It is not just physically related, it is related to the mind, and DNA is much more expansive than what anyone is even talking about right now. So there is an energetic template reworking that’s taking place. Now, Cauldre and Linda will appreciate that, that have you ever lived in a house during the remodel? (laughter) Well most of you aren’t that foolish (more laughter) but it is very difficult, it is very challenging. And that’s exactly what is taking place right now and that is exactly why we took you all to the Shaumbra Service Center today – and paid for it too! (laughter)

LINDA: That’s it? (Tobias nods) No that’s great! I’m just checking in. No that’s great! (Tobias chuckling) Last two questions.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Okay, I’ve been trying to play and tap into the playful or energetic field of being with someone who is in the dying process and what that would be like in the dying. So it’s my choice. But you know around the planet there’s a lot of dying people and I’m just curious if you have anything to say how to be in that in a whole different kind of energy with them. Do you follow me?

TOBIAS: I do, and part of the problem is that humans love to die miserably, and... (laughter and audience applause, “Tobias” laughing as well) ...that is Cauldre laughing, not me. I didn’t mean that to be funny! But they do, there is a very strong overlay that this death has to be gloomy and sad and miserable. I would love to see if somebody came up with a Playful Death workshop, but they would probably be committed, as you know. (laughter)

Death is just a transition. It truly is. You’ve all done it thousands of times, you are experts at dying! So don’t you want to die with a lot of grace and a lot of fun? Don’t you want to die telling jokes and doing stupid things and telling people what you really think about them?! (Tobias chuckling, audience laughter)

So there is something very, very strong to be said about dying with joy, and it doesn’t have to be so maudlin and so dreary. It makes us sad. We wander sometimes through the halls of the hospices and the hospitals and there is such an overlay, it’s such a hypnosis that it has to be difficult. And it starts with the person, they hold onto issues and they hold onto life and they don’t let themselves go in any sort of grace or dignity. And they die then of disease and being unhappy and fearful that there is going to be some sort of judgment on the other side. Could you please tell the world that there is no judgment on the other side? There’s only the same stuff that you had on this side but without the physical body!

So, yes, dying could be much, much different than it is now, so go for it. I mean, not for you to die! But for … (much laughter)

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (read from the internet by Linda): In a recorded session on aspectology, you described aspects in a fairly benign way as interesting and useful personality traits to be breathed in and integrated. Yet, in the recent Kauai workshop you told the group there’s a war going on within us with our aspects fighting for control of our soul. You said our aspects didn’t want us to hear that message as they feared their annihilation. On the other hand, it felt empowering to hear about these competing aspects, like the parts of myself that sabotage me were not actually me but some other entity that has been trying to keep me from reaching my full potential. This makes it easier to stand up for them and tell them that I am in charge of this life, not them. But I’m curious, why the change in tone? Are our aspects merely interesting and benign or are they like controlling entities to be wary of and challenged for ownership of the soul?

LINDA: This could be a good advertisement for the aspectology thing, so note your answer.

TOBIAS: The whole subject of aspectology is, in my humble opinion, going to be one of the most sweeping and one of the most even controversial programs that Shaumbra will ever put forth, and one of the things that I, as Sam, will come back to work with. That, in conjunction with the sexual energy, perhaps two of the most dynamic modalities, if you would call it that, on Earth right now … if I have to say so myself, and if I don’t Saint-Germain will.

So we introduced the subject of aspectology as a primer, as an introducing a subject. In the initial one hour discussion there wasn’t a time or place, it wasn’t appropriate to get into the nuances of aspectology. Saint-Germain and I have both discussed it in a bit more detail – and of course Aandrah has done extensive, extensive work with aspectology in our upcoming school – that we will be going into great depths about it, helping Shaumbra to understand all of the physics, all of the psychology and all of the attributes of aspectology.

It is not going to be, what you would call, an easy school. There is going to be some interesting energies at work. But, as you know, going through the schools in the past, by bringing these very New Energy subjects to the surface, it also provides a whole new level of understanding of who you really are. So, we’ll be going into even greater depth in our upcoming schools.

LINDA: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

And with that, Shaumbra, what a wonderful day we’ve had together. Time for rejuvenation, time to allow every part of you to catch up with your very dynamic consciousness right now. This energy of the Service Center and of rejuvenation can heal, can continue to rebalance, perhaps a better definition of rebalancing of energies.

We leave on this note today, to remember to take care and to love yourself.

And so it is.