The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 2: "You, You, You" - Featuring Kuthumi lal Singh,
channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Questions and Answers

Presented to the Crimson Circle
October 6, 2007

KUTHUMI: Namaste. (audience responds “Namaste”) We continue our beautiful gathering with this group of Shaumbra on this wonderful day. And I would like to answer a question before it actually is posed: No! (audience and Kuthumi laughing)

And the next question is: Tell us a little bit more about what is going on with the New Earth and the Old ... (Linda slaps the stack of questions in her hands and says, “That’s good!”) ... Old Earth. (Kuthumi is laughing and Linda repeats, “That is really good. I’m impressed.”) Throw that one away! (Linda says, “Oh wow.”)

I’m going to try to make it very simple. It is very big energy behind all of this, but let us say that the New Earth and the Old Earth were dating, (some laughter) and they got into a bit of an argument about which direction they would go in, how they would take the relationship. And the Old Earth said to the New Earth, “Get your sorry ass out of here!,” (laughter) as sometimes is said in relationships. “I don’t need you or want you anymore.” And so, out of compassion and out of respect, the New Earth said, “Yes, we will back away here. You are choosing to do what you choose to do and we will honor that. We don’t necessarily agree with it, but we will honor it.”

So the Old Earth and the New Earth broke up. But then the Old Earth felt very sad and lonely, didn’t feel it had that other energy to help balance it and to guide it. And the Old Earth went and did some stupid things – stayed out too late, partied too hard, got in with the wrong group of people, a few murders, a few other violent acts – and, at the end of the day, the Old Earth said, “There was something I really loved about the New Earth. The New Earth had such an ease to it. The New Earth was the manifest of joy. The New Earth seemed at peace with itself and here I don’t even like myself at all. Maybe it’s time we got back together.”

So, on September 18th, the Old Earth went crawling on its knees to the New Earth and said, “I beg your forgiveness.” (At that moment something falls on the floor with a crash, causing much laughter from audience and Kuthumi) And the New Earth said, “There is nothing to forgive.” And the Old Earth said, “Let’s get back together.” And the New Earth said, “Not in the way that you would want, because you see, in the old way you were taking from me. In the old way you were using me to neglect yourself. So if we get back together, Old Earth, you have to take a look within yourself. You have to learn to love who you are. You have to be whole and complete, because I cannot complete you. I cannot make you happy. I cannot solve your problems, and I cannot answer all of your silly, silly, consistent, non-stop questions. You have to do that for yourself. And if you are willing to do that, we can start dating again. But let’s not talk about marriage right away.” (laughter)

So this is the story of the Old Earth and the New Earth. They are developing a new relationship with each other. And from our perspective we saw that the Old Earth was becoming very, very dependent on the New Earth. The Old Earth was also trying to get the New Earth to become like it. It had a difficulty accepting this type of balance, this type of glow that the New Earth had, and it was wanting to, well, take over and control the New Earth. But the New Earth, being very cognizant of itself and of its own being and completeness of its being, wouldn’t allow that to happen.

So now they’re dating again. They’re having laughs again. They’re discussing things of mutual interest. The energies are coming back together. But the New Earth is being very careful to say to the Old Earth, “You have to do it yourself.” One way or the other, the New Earth is going to evolve or what you would call ascend. The New Earth is going to be this magnificent example or Standard, not only to the humans who remain on the Old Earth for the time being, but also to all of the angelic beings of all of the realms who are asking, “What is it like to return to sovereignty, but in a new way? What is it like to go through the experience of embodying on Earth, with all of the difficulties and challenges, and still come out as the 'I Am' always.”

Let us take some questions now that those are done.

LINDA: Also, I noticed that there’s a character that was associated with your voice that was projected through Cauldre. That character is gone.


LINDA: Ah-h-h. Very good. Very good.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Integration. Whenever there is a type of – you would call it a resistance – it amplifies some of the characteristics. For instance, if you were to start channeling an entity – let’s say, Cleopatra – initially the characteristics of that entity are going to be more exaggerated as they come through you, but as you become more trusting and you become more comfortable with that energy, it literally embodies within you. It melds with you, and therefore the differences are not so pronounced as they were in the beginning. Much like when Cauldre first began working with Tobias or Saint-Germain, the differences were more exaggerated. But I could go back to acting like I was before! (laughter)

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (a woman at the microphone): Okay, I don’t have a question. I thought I had a statement, but I realize I have an exclamation. Since the Quantum Leap, for the first time in my life ... I came close to death several different times but for the time in my life I really did want to die because I thought I couldn’t do anymore and I thought it was just done. And yesterday for the first time I had a glimmer of my old magnificent self and my new magnificent self, and today I just want to exclaim that I am so glad that I found more of the “you” that is me. And I just wanted to say thank you for that. (audience applause)

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: It brings up an excellent point for all of Shaumbra, and one of the reasons in this Shoud why I talked about “So why be on Earth here right now?” You crossed a very important marker on September 18th. Some of you, literally, were holding on by a thread to your life to make it to that point. You were doing whatever it took just to make that marker. And you crossed over.

Now the question becomes, “What do I do? Why am I here on Earth? Why go through all of this?” Our answer to that is ... actually, death is very fast. You come back to our side, it’s not all the drama and the trauma that humans associate it with. So it is very easy to come back here. Dear Paula – Paula Sunray (a Shaumbra who crossed over on September 18) is here with us today, and she will tell you it is like walking across a line in the sand. But we also talked to you about “Why are you here?” It is because humans are calling for it.

As we said, there had been no new answers, new thoughts, new consciousness on Earth for a long, long time. So, you hear that call, and you agreed to stay. Perhaps ... now think of this. We also talked about you are here on Earth now, instead of coming back to our side, to create your Master’s Piece. Your Master’s Piece, the thing that you will remember forever and ever as you ascend past the Earth planes. Now, could there possibly be a correlation between this calling out for new answers, for new thought on Earth, and your creation of your Master’s piece? Just possibly.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (spoken by Linda): There are several questions related to sleep, and I know that that’s been answered before as a Shaumbra symptom, but these are people that are aware of the Shaumbra symptoms that are still finding a new level of irritation with the ability to sleep. Could you elaborate?

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Your body does not ... Let us back up. Your mind is the one that needs to sleep, not your body. Your mind is changing greatly right now and you are much less dependent on your mind. You feel uncomfortable because, well, it’s not in your mind, but you know something else is happening out there – a divine intelligence, the fullness of you – where you’re not taxing your mind. So you do not need to sleep nearly what you needed before. Actually, now it is more your body that needs some sleep, but your mind doesn’t need the excessive amount it needed before. You’re learning to balance this, but part of you is still believing that you have to have a certain regime of sleep. And you don’t.

There is an initial changeover. For instance, if you have only slept two or three hours in a night, there’s still the body/mind/spirit record that makes you believe that you’re going to be tired the next day, so you will be. But soon that goes away and you realize that your requirements for sleep are very different. Now, there may be other points where you sleep for days on end and that is why we say it is important eventually for you to work for yourself! (laughter) ... or an employer who truly understands that the flexibility is important. But your sleep patterns are definitely going to change. It is one of the measurements that we’re going to talk about in “What’s Missing?,” the video.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (a woman at the microphone): Hi Kuthumi. It’s me, and this question is for me.


SHAUMBRA 3: Yes, it’s me.


SHAUMBRA 3: Yes. (someone in the audience shouts, “The magnificent you!”) Of course I’m magnificent! (laughter) For quite some time I’ve had a breathing problem, and it just, you know, I try breathing like Norma says ...

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: A living problem?

SHAUMBRA 3: I knew you were going to say that!

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Living problem?

SHAUMBRA 3: No! A breathing problem. I have the Standard Technology and I’m beginning to use that. So I would like a very quick fifteen second cure (laughter) so that I can get on with life.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Hmm! I’m going to back to my statement: A living problem. And it is directly associated with the breathing, questioning whether you really wanted to be here, why you were here. Therefore, it manifested itself in the breathing, and as soon as you make a very conscious choice that you’re going to be here in joy and in ease, well, your breathing will then be in joy and in ease. And it’s gone.

SHAUMBRA 3: I’ve done that and it hasn’t gone. Ha ha! (laughing) There it goes – look at that look!

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: I would beg to differ with you. (laughter) You are more afraid of dying than you are choosing to live. In other words, you’re not sure what’s really going to happen, but you’re not sure if you really want to be here. It is very simple energy.

I look at and measure your level of passion. There has been very little. You’ve been struggling to create a passion or a reason or a joy, but quite frankly your passion meter is getting close to “empty.” There is passion all around you, I see it in your outer energy fields. Passions for doing many different things, some that would definitely be what you would call Old Energy, but some that are emerging right now or birthing right now as a New Energy passion, not necessarily associated with any particular human activity. But you haven’t allowed this to come through. Again, there is a certain limitation or reluctance, a certain old programming that you have that doesn’t allow you to burst forth. This passion is there and it’s yours and you can invite it into your life, without reservation, without having to know what it is.

You see, for you – for all of you – New Energy passion is not necessarily related directly to human activities. For instance, say, a passion might be painting or dancing or taking trips. New Energy passion goes beyond human needs and even human understanding. So I would invite you to truly feel into this passion. It’s yours. It’s sitting there – non-definable at the time being – but can you let that flow into your life? You’re going to find that the breathing, as you’ve already been told but don’t want to hear, is simply a manifestation of other things. Call it living, call it passion, but when you go beyond your mind in rationalizing why you want to stay here on Earth, and you allow that passion meter to fill back up again, breathing won’t be a problem at all. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Greetings. Please explain what the Christ Seed and Christ Consciousness is. In Saint-Germain’s book, he mentions that the energy of the Christ Seed is blossoming on Earth right now. I get caught up in what religion teaches about Christ and would like to know what your definition is of Christ Seed and Christ Consciousness.

P.S.: I am playing today instead of attending this Shoud and would like to know if you miss me. (laughter)

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Physically, you are not here. Energetically, you’ve been very, very present. So, no, we haven’t missed you. You are not missing!

In terms of the Christ Consciousness/Christ Seed, again, we deal with all of these different definitions, but it comes from the root energy “crystal” or “Christos,” “clear” or “new.” It is not that it has to do with Jesus Christ, as it were, or the Christ that you read about in your holy scriptures. It is about the clearness or the newness. So when it was referred to that the Christ Seed had been planted, the Christ Consciousness is here, it means the new. Basically, New Energy.

Two thousand years ago so many of you were here on Earth in that general time era to plant the seeds of new consciousness that are now coming out. You’ve come back to be the ones to harvest what is coming in as new consciousness so you can therefore share it with others in the world. This is the new consciousness I talked about earlier.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a man at the microphone): Hi Kuthumi. Lately, there’s been a big emphasis with you fellows in the Crimson Circle about bringing in more feminine energy, and it sounds like that that’s important, especially in the New Energy. And it’s not uncommon for other, for instance, for female channelers to bring in male entities, but it seems to me that the Crimson Circle is weighted towards the masculine. Is there a reason why we don’t bring any ... admittedly, we have contributions of the feminine energies, but no actual channels of feminine entities.

LINDA: Don't you get that from Kuthumi? (audience and Kuthumi laughing)

SHAUMBRA 5: I could see some of that in Kuthumi!

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: We tested it at an early point and we all felt, on our side of the veil, that it would sound very unusual for Cauldre to be channeling Mary, for instance. There wouldn’t be any credibility with his voice, which has been attuned to carrying certain energies, to have the feminine. But it is not a matter of if there is a particular entity on our side who is called by a feminine name. The entity of Tobias, Saint-Germain and particularly I, Kuthumi, have integrated masculine/feminine energy. So do not be deceived by the name that we associate with on the human level that we are just masculine, for we are very, very balanced in both of these.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: And what you’re really asking us is about your own balance of masculine/feminine and where you are with that. So ... You struggle too much with it. You analyze it too much. It is an invitation given by yourself to every aspect of you, masculine or feminine. You can’t control it. You can’t – and don’t want to – try to regulate it. It is about inviting your masculine/feminine to meld together. Inviting your light and dark, which you’ve played with in the past and you've – how to say – gotten burned so you've stayed away from that. Go home tonight and invite your light and your dark to come back together. Invite all of these duality pieces of yourself. I see you struggling with that right now, that you’re not sure how you are doing. Take that deep breath and invite all those parts back together. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (from the Internet, read by Linda): There’s a website called Second Life, which is a virtual reality world. In it a person creates an electronic person called an Avatar who can be and can have any characteristic that their creator wishes. In this world, the creator controls the Avatar to do, buy. sell, create, become whatever one can imagine. I can see how this kind of play can be both constructive as well as destructive to the person playing. If a creator becomes quite invested in this virtual world and his or her Avatar, is the person really creating an aspect of him or herself which then goes out into the real world and collects experiences for the purpose the Avatar was created? If so, how do this person/creator – how does it affect them?

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: What you are doing here with the creation of these games is basically mimicking what you do from a much higher level of creation. You can imagine yourself as the game player, at a very high level, creating all of these aspects of yourself called lifetimes. Creating different types of characteristics and identities, some are good and some are bad, but all for the sake of discovering more about yourself. So now with these electronic games, you mimic that same activity. It has its value, then it helps others ... it helps humans to understand that you truly do create aspects and these aspects have a life of their own, in a way. Whether they are just playing within the confines of the Second World or whether they are actually going off into dimensions, they are real and they exist.

There is a tremendous amount of consciousness and energy that is poured into these Avatars to the point that, with one who is very proficient, could actually have that Avatar come to life, not as a souled being but as a biological being. There are some who have actually come quite close to it, and many who have created such a dynamic behind their Avatars that the Avatars are seen by other people with their human eyes. Even though they are a type of apparition or they’re not truly in physical form, for a brief time they can appear to be in physical form.

The beauty of this is that eventually humans will understand what incredible creators they are. They will understand how they can create dynamic aspects or Avatars of themselves. But they will also come to understand that it is a way to fragment yourself, to get temporarily lost in these various aspects, and sooner or later they’ll want to call all their Avatars back home.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a man at the microphone): Hello Kuthumi. First of all, thank you for being with me a couple days. My question is about my father, he passed away ten months ago. And the second question is about this weird trip that I take. A couple of days before I fly to America, in my job I have to go to Jerusalem, to the old city, and I’ve been there. I see all these old patterns, and we are living in a very, very nervous country. Amazing. Very nervous. And I look at it now, I see this difference from here, after my clearness and my releasing, and what you can say about it? Thank you.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: First, on the issue of your father: he is gone to a kibbutz on the other side, because he has been very comfortable with that energy for a long, long time. It was his home, it was his security. And, as you know from the Saint-Germain schools, that on the other side of the veil there are many, many levels, many dimensions, and so often those who depart the human world are very attracted to what they did back on Earth. Now they do it without physical body but yet with physical qualities or certain types of consciousness.

So, he is very active in this kibbutz in the near Earth realms, helping others, working very, very hard because he’s always believed that working hard will be your reward, your pathway to heaven. He loves to lecture other people and tell them what to do, (some laughter) and you could say this is his own kibbutz in a way, but he has also melded with others who have the same type of needs. Your question is, is he happy? No, but he never was before. (laughter) And this is his ... he’s comfortable, let’s say. He’s comfortable. He continues to wait – wait for a certain calling or a certain time when there is an eternalness to his soul, when he is called back to the beginning. And that is what he’s waiting for, but right now doing just fine. Very comfortable.

Lands of Israel are ... (pause) I’m having to consult here ... I’m going to pass on that question and it will be answered in more detail in February, but there’s a bit of concern that by answering it now we'll – how to say – cause a bit of nervousness, and so we’ll wait.

LINDA: Nervousness to whom?

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: You. You! (laughter)

LINDA: Two more questions.


LINDA: Oh man! Alright.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (from the Internet, read by Linda): My central question was and still is: Am I a part of the Shaumbra family? I was reading and listening to all the Shouds over the last years, but still don’t feel any changes within me or in my environment that will give me a hint if I’m supposed to take part in the Quantum Leap within this lifetime or not. This is worrying me quite a bit during the last months and I’m wondering if I can get any answers from your side?

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Truly a personal choice. It is up to you. Choose it; don’t choose it. It’s not anything that we define here. We don’t go down the list and pick out who’s Shaumbra, who’s not. Shaumbra is consciousness. It is not a club or a fraternity ... or sorority, thank you. Shaumbra is a consciousness and it is energy that you feel compatible with or not. So, it is a gift you bestow upon yourself. Nobody else, from Tobias to Cauldre or Andra or An, can give it to you. You give it to yourself.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a man at the microphone): Hi Kuthumi, how are you doing? First thing I want to ask is why do I feel like I’m having a heart attack right now? (laughter from Kuthumi and audience) And also, that is one of my questions I’ve been asking for years also, the last question that was asked. But I chose ... when I was sitting in the seat I wanted to kind of hide in the seat because I have so many emotions about being here. I want to be here. I've wanted to be here for six years, I’ve been so scared to come here.

LINDA: The meeting?

SHAUMBRA 9: Yeah, and I just ... I know ...

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: The food here is bad – but not that bad! (lots of laughter)

SHAUMBRA 9: I was here in May and I drove Linda ... I asked questions and I was babbling, and I just ... My wife’s out there and she said, “I’m going to give you cue cards to ask,” you know. I don’t want to be self-indulgent and ask a question about, you know, who am I? Why am I here? But ...

LINDA: Why not?

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: But ... but ...

SHAUMBRA 9: I wanted to ask ...

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Go for it. (Kuthumi chuckling)

SHAUMBRA 9: I get scared sometimes, because I feel like I’ve had a history with Shaumbra and I don’t always feel like it was always positive. And I get a little scared, because ... You want to know the truth? I’ll get right to my question ...

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Oh I know the truth! (more laughter)

SHAUMBRA 9: I’m scared about not being welcomed here, and I know it has to do with me. I have felt so welcomed by everybody here, but in my mind I feel like Linda’s not going to, like, not hand me the mike or say, you know, “We’re done with questions.” (audience laughter and Linda in the background saying “Aawwww” and “No”) But I’m going to stop because I’m babbling and Maureen’s out there just saying, you know ...

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: Well, let’s begin with this. As you know already, you’re highly, highly sensitive, particularly to emotions and feelings of others. And you are learning to become more aware or attuned to the emotions of yourself, which has been the biggest challenge of your life – how to handle your own feelings and emotions. So you do it by picking up things from other people, from the outside, but you’re in a transition stage and learning to become much more comfortable with your own feelings and emotions. The best way to say it is you already know your truth and now you’re beginning to let yourself have that.

One of the things that ... by the way, in the past with Shaumbra: Shaumbra come from many different celestial families – angelic families – and Shaumbra have spent many, many lifetimes on Earth, more than any other group. Shaumbra has killed each other and stolen from each other and warred with each other – and that’s the good news! (much laughter) Because they come from such different lineages and have had so many conflicts in the past, they’ve also said, “This isn’t going anywhere. Let’s gather ourselves together in this energy of this thing we call the Crimson Council and the Crimson Circle, and let’s work on a way to help evolve the consciousness, not only for ourselves and between ourselves, but for humanity if they choose to accept it. Let’s find a way to come from diverse backgrounds and be together.”

And Shaumbra has found that the best way to be together is to be “you” first, you see. I know I’ve harped on this today, but when you are “you,” totally complete in yourself with no need of anything from anyone else, well then it’s easy to get along with everyone. So through this whole process of families and lineage and groups, you have learned to become individuals.

So you, who have – oh you have been quite a warrior as you know, quite a warrior – you have made a commitment to yourself to be a part of this group, and not only a part of this group but unfortunately a leader in this group! (laughter) And this is what causes your heart to shake and wobble and vibrate, and what causes such a perspiration and all of these other things, because you’ve asked for it; you’ve trained yourself for it; you know it’s imminent; you know you can’t hide; and you know right now, talking like we are, one-on-one, that it’s really quite easy. You’re already doing it. You’re already here, and there’s nothing to fear from Shaumbra, from Tobias, and just a little bit from Saint-Germain! (much laughter) So, it’s time to step up ...

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: ... and then the heart will settle down.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I wish to know if and when cold fusion will be a source of power.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: That is a better question for Saint-Germain, but I will attempt it in his absence. It is a stepping-stone, it will not be the final result. It has potential, but it’s actually going to lead to discoveries of an even more efficient and safer form of energy.

I’m going to add to what was said during the Quantum Leap. There will be several new energy sources that are going to be coming to the forefront. As these do, it will rock the world – in a good way and in a challenging way – because the institutions of Earth right now are literally built upon the Old Energy or fossil fuel sources. Everything from the economies, lifestyles, distribution systems, all of these things are built on these Old Energy ways. So there is going to be a resistance to change, but change is coming.

We’re going to discuss ... and I’m having to check in here ... there will be more discussion about energy sources, possibly in an upcoming “Ask Tobias,” but to say that the cold fusion is a stepping-stone.

We’re going to make one other observation here, indirectly related to this question, but back on the discussion of Old Earth and New Earth. I’m going to share something with you that we’ll talk about more but one of the greatest links and one of the greatest ... I’m going to call it a portal. You all are familiar with portals. Portals are openings, portals are ways of moving and shifting energy. And I’m going to say that it is my humble opinion that the portal that will allow the Old Earth and the New Earth to reconnect in the greatest way is going to be business. Business on Earth – Old Energy Earth.

It is through this portal that many of the high consciousness concepts coming from New Earth and coming from you will manifest themselves into Old Earth. We have seen how the energies of religion, for instance, will block change – deliberately. Religions are a very staid or a very non-moving energy. Governments, their energy spins within itself. It doesn’t expand out, so it is a very difficult portal to bring change. Now we could go down the list of all these various things. The portal of choice between the Old Earth and the New for bringing in concepts of higher consciousness, and eventually the “I Am” principle to humans on Earth, is through business.

Now many of you cringe when I say that and you think of business as being something very “taking,” business as being very focused only on itself. You blame business for damaging the Earth and these other things, and to a degree that is very true. However, there are enough enlightened beings on Earth right now who have recognized that in business energy moves. In business there is the constant desire to grow and develop – sometimes obsessive – but at least the desire to grow and expand is always there. Sometimes that desire is placed only on the profitability of the company, but at least there is movement within business.

Enlightened beings all over the Earth right now are engaging in the business world, and they are using it as a portal to bring in concepts of higher consciousness of all these things we’ve talked about over these years, because it can actually be implemented through business.

You could take a group like Greenpeace, who has a certain degree of effectiveness in bringing the awareness of the environment and all of the things that are being done right now. It’s not even about the Earth, but how the environment interrelates to humans. But even an organization like Greenpeace could only go so far, so I’m going to reveal something that perhaps shouldn’t be revealed, but they have gotten into business. Quietly – very quietly – they’re starting to engage in or buy businesses around the world. And these are going to be conscious businesses, and “green” businesses, and businesses that respect other humans and respect the Earth. There are individuals who are going into business knowing that they are going to use the profits from these businesses to support things that will bring consciousness, bring peace, bring new schools. Businesses are going to bring new schools to Earth, not governments.

So, dear Shaumbra, take a deep breath. Take a look at your old beliefs about business. It is a portal for moving energy and actually for bringing Old Earth and New Earth together. Business will not allow grand wars any more. It did at one point, it encouraged wars. But now, business has vested interest all over the world and cannot afford wars. So through this thing called business could also bring the Old Earth and the New together. Thank you.

LINDA: That was your humble opinion. What’s your grand one? (laughter)

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: (chuckling) It’s already done!

LINDA: O-o-o-h, I like that! Last question.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (a woman at the microphone): I understand that breath is a choice to live, and the birth transition materials helped me to understand why some people are born with illnesses. My question is, is that I have a young niece that was born with a breathing problem and I would like your opinion on hospital machinery to keep her alive.

KUTHUMI LAL SINGH: (pause) Looking at the energy here ... I would like you and Cauldre to talk afterwards, if you don’t mind. It would be more appropriate in a very personal matter here.

So, to all of you who have joined in today, and to Tobias who is still homebound, (laughter) still grounded and still quite angry ... I have to say it is funny to see an enlightened being like Tobias, who exists in his energetic state on our level, have to deal with the humanness of himself as Sam and the frustration and the anger that Sam is feeling right now about all of this. And to Saint-Germain and to all of the others, we thank you for joining in this Shoud and for allowing me to moderate in this New Energy.