The Quantum Leap Series:
SHOUD 6: "Working with New Energy" -
Featuring Tobias, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
February 2, 2008

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra and teachers of the new consciousness of Earth. We gather together once again in this beautiful tapestry of this thing called Shaumbra, our family, representing all of the spiritual families – oh, not here on Earth, but the spiritual angelic families – who have been watching you, watching your progress for ever since you came here to Earth. For what goes on Earth goes through all of the rest of the kingdoms, all of the dimensions, all of the spiritual families.

You are the pioneers, every human on Earth right now, pioneers into the new realms. And of course, you Shaumbra are the ones who are the pioneers of consciousness on Earth right now. Venturing off into new dimensions and new realms even while you remain in your physical body. Here to explore not new lands, new continents, new oceans, but you’re here exploring consciousness. You’re helping to unlock the doors and the very structures that have kept consciousness in its same pattern for tens and hundreds and even millions of years.

You are the ones going outside of the box, all the while while you remain in human form. You are the ones opening to things like feeling, new consciousness, going beyond the limitations of the mind while still loving and embracing the beauty of the mind. You are the ones who, in your sleep at night, are connecting back with your very selves from the past, from your angelic families, from those who you have known so long ago, letting them know that you’re okay. Letting them know that while sometimes your new quests and your new journeys can be lonely and difficult and sometimes even frightening, that you’re okay. You’re here, you’re alive and you’re expanding.

What a delight to be back with this group of angel beings. Again, the wonderful thing is you don’t come from the same angelic family. You come from all of the families. You come from diverse angelic backgrounds and experiences. You come together now at this time on Earth, together in what we call the energy of Shaumbra, bringing in New Energy.

The Angel Spa

Now today we’d like to do things a little bit different than usual. Ah, yes indeed, Cauldre tells us that we spent a lot of time lecturing and pontificating. We will still do that today. (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) We almost had Cauldre fooled, but (more laughter) ... but instead of coming to you today as we normally do … we open certain, what you would call, energy portals and you allow us to come into your space. Today we are somewhere else. We’re doing kind of a remote broadcast to you right now. We’re going to ask you to come to us today.

Today is special. It is a day that has been set for each and every one of you, whether you are here in person, whether you are listening in – what you call – online, whether you are reading or listening at a later day. But this time and this space has been set aside for you. We are opening the Shaumbra Service Center today. We call it the Angelic Spa. This is the place – it is a type of dimension or point of consciousness – where you can come for rejuvenation. And dear Shaumbra, indeed you need it today.

But in the past we have always come to get you. We’ve sent out, what you would call, “Angel Buses” to come and pick you up to bring you to the Shaumbra Service Center. But today we’re going to ask you to intuit your way there. Some of you right away get a bit panicky, say, “I don’t know how to get there. Do I take a left turn or a right? How fast should I go? What do I need to imagine in my mind to get there?” None of the above. To get to the Shaumbra Service Center, where we’ll all collect in just a moment, is just taking that deep breath and feeling your way there. Yes, feeling your way there.

And before you do this, before you join us in the Shaumbra Service Center, take a deep breath and relax. Get out of your head in what it has to look like or feel like. Shaumbra Service Center doesn’t necessarily need to be on another planet far away in another galaxy. It can be one breath away from you right now, almost co-existing in the same space you are in, but just slightly different. The Shaumbra Service Center could be where you sometimes go at night in your dream state. It could be where you go at times when things become a little overwhelming and you find refuge and rejuvenation there. Allow yourself to feel and intuit your way there.

I’m going to ask you not to come as a group but to take your way there individually. I’m going to ask you not to imagine in your mind, not to try to do any affirmations or visualizations. We’re going to ask you to open yourself, to trust yourself and to join us in just a moment in the Shaumbra Service Center.

Now some of you are saying, “Is this real?” Well you already know the answer: If you choose it to be. Some of you wonder if you could really find your way there. If you let go of the doubt and allow yourself to be there. Some of you are trying to think your way through a complex maze of dimensional corridors. Why? Why? It is as simple as choosing and allowing your own natural feelings and intuition to bring you here.

We’ll be waiting for you. We’ll collect all the energies again in just a moment. Now take a deep breath…


…intuit and feel your way.

Let yourself free now to join us in the Shaumbra Service Center, the Angelic Spa where we have quite a day prepared for you.

Take a deep breath...



See? What a nice little shift. What a nice little shift. We’re going to ask the Master Kuderka (John Kuderka, the sound technician) to put on a bit of Angel Spa Music. That’s what you do n you go to a spa. And for those of you who aren’t sure if you’re here yet, the music will also provide some guidance for you. Just light in the background. (light angelic music begins)

Catching Up

So, what’s been going on lately Shaumbra? What’s been going on? Amazing. What has happened is that you have opened your consciousness and expanded it so very rapidly that your mind needs to catch up now. You’ve been going off into these other realms. You’ve been playing with New Energy so fast that your mind has become overwhelmed. Some of you have felt that it has just stopped working, it doesn’t know what to do anymore. It’s a consequence of new consciousness and New Energy.

Take a deep breath.


What’s been going on lately? Oh, it’s not necessarily the alignment of the stars, although they do reinforce the expansion of consciousness. It’s not necessarily numerology, although numerology will change and adapt itself so that it provides a blueprint of what you are already going through. It reinforces what you are going through. So don’t look to the stars or numerology or even the direction of the wind. They just support and affirm what’s happening in your life.

Take a deep breath...


Well Shaumbra, you’ve jumped out into new consciousness and your body needs to catch up right now. Your body is so assigned to Earth, so tied into the animals, the plant life, Gaia. Oh, the water and the air. As your consciousness has expanded … your consciousness, of course, is your awareness, your feelings and your sensitivity. As it has expanded so quickly, your body needs a moment, a chance to catch up.

Your body’s been trying to figure out what has been going on. It has been reacting. It’s been calling out. One moment it’s in your stomach, the next moment in your head, then in your knees and your feet, and a few of you your buttocks, Linda. It’s been calling out saying, “What is going on? Why all of these odd physical sensations?” Your body is in a type of overwhelm, so much feeling. Your body has been holding a lot of that feeling and carrying it to the point where your body doesn’t know what to do anymore. What do they say in your expression – crap or get off the pot. Well, your body is conf- ... (Tobias chuckles) …your body is confused and it is trying to catch up but doesn’t know what to do.

You have been expanding your consciousness like a child with a new toy, playing in the dimensions that your mind couldn’t possibly comprehend, your old sensations and feelings and awarenesses can’t possibly decipher. It’s affecting your spirit. Yeah, your spirit. You see, your spirit is playing a catch-up game. Your spirit has been very used to being in an old type of ratio or balance with you. It has remained in one place; you have remained in another. You have kept yourself in two separate rooms even though it’s in the same house. And now with your consciousness, your awareness expanding, even your spirit has been thrown off not knowing what’s going on. This isn’t like you. This isn’t like the old you who tended to stay somewhat stuck, tended to stay in its room. Now you are seeking and exploring and playing. So even your spirit is seeking to catch up.

Oh, and then your gnost. Yes, indeed. Your gnost is the creative solution. It’s the way you handle situations, dilemmas, problems or any type of challenges. It’s the creative solution to things that have been going on in your human life. But because you have been opening into new realms of consciousness where you have never gone before, where nobody has gone before, even your gnost needs to catch up. Your gnost has had a somewhat limited set of solutions that it felt it could deal with in the past based on your old consciousness. But now as you are changing and expanding, even your gnost needs to catch up – your potentials of creative solutions. So that’s why we call each and every one of you here today to the Shaumbra Service Center.


We have called in a wide variety of angelic beings today. Our primary guest and also a facilitator for you is the energy of Quan Yin, who comes in in all of her compassion. Oh, Quan Yin doesn’t fix. Quan Yin helps create that safe and sacred space where you can allow the natural rebalancing of energies to take place.

Some of you are wondering what this Shaumbra Service Center should look like, but that’s the interesting thing. It could have changed how it looks or feels since the last time you were here. It could evolve and change every moment that you are here today. We would suggest to all of you, Quan Yin suggests in particular, to let go of trying to define this place. Allow it to be the space of rejuvenation, the space of taking a rest, the space of receiving.

Take a deep breath, Shaumbra.

The energy of Quan Yin is here. She’s accompanied by many, many attendants – angelic beings who are here for you today. This is like a beautiful spa day. You could even use the analogy that it’s time to get a massage, a spiritual massage.

For some of you, you may choose the energy of water treatment. There’s a very interesting dynamic of water. It is the most abundant substance upon Earth, it is vital to Earth. But unlike the ground and the dirt of Earth, which are common only to this planet, water is also an energy that is very prevalent and very used in the other realms. In the other realms water doesn’t have the liquid wet feel that you associate with on Earth. It doesn’t necessarily rain in the other dimensions, but there is a very similar energetic element, even in the nonphysical realms, that’s directly related to water on Earth.

If you put aside the hydrogen and the oxygen molecules that comprise the physical element of water on Earth and you look at the essential energy or the essence, the essence on Earth is the same in the other realms for this thing you call water. It’s not that the angels have to drink the water, but this type of element is used to refresh, used to renew. It’s why many of you dream at night of water, of rain or rivers, because it is used in the angelic realms.

Water is an essential part of the Shaumbra Service Center. Because you have had the experience of being on Earth and being in water – drinking water, having water surround you and having it make up such a large part of your body mass – you can use that energy today here in the Shaumbra Service Center. Let yourself bathe in the water. Let yourself be showered by the water. Let water surround you and come into you. You see, because simultaneously both your physical body on Earth will benefit from this, and your energetic body – your angelic body – is going to benefit also.

So as we are talking today throughout the rest of our discussion, allow the angel attendants also to work with you. Now, you know they’re not going to fix you. They’re not going to start tinkering with your energy grids. They’re not going to start readjusting your brain waves, they’re not going to play with anything. They’re here to help facilitate, perhaps a gentle spiritual massage.

You see, you do have what some of you would call Light Body or an Energy Body as a direct parallel to your physical body on Earth. You have a type of energy mind, but it is not like your brain. But there’s a correlation even in the angelic realms between your human mind and a type of angelic … let’s call it reasoning.

So today as we go into our discussion, take a deep breath … relax … oh, it’s time for your body, time for your mind, time for your spirit and your gnost to catch up to your consciousness, to you.

Take a deep breath.



We talked in our last Shoud about feelings and I’d like to talk for just a moment more. Feelings are awarenesses and sensitivities. It is perhaps one of the biggest things that you’re going to experience this year – feelings. This is the time to be outrageous in allowing yourself to feel. And it doesn’t mean just good feelings. It doesn’t mean just being comfortable or just feeling things like joy. It’s all feelings. As you have opened up into new levels of consciousness, it naturally opens up the pathways of awareness, of feelings.

Take a deep breath.

Some of these awarenesses and sensitivities occur on a very, what you would call, high consciousness level. They are very refined. They are very, very clear. You might even call them crystalline. And one of the challenges has been how do you bring these into your everyday human life on Earth? It seems that there’s a natural barrier or maybe a resistance, a challenge in allowing those such pure energies to migrate or to trickle down to these other levels of consciousness that you exist at – the human level in particular.

At times it seems like there’s a natural reluctance for some of these beautiful insights that you are receiving on other levels to make their way here. And part of you, the spirit that exists here on Earth, so desperately wants to meet these energies, wants them to come in. What is that barrier that keeps them from coming in?

Partly, the heaviness of overall human consciousness creates a type of wall, a type of barrier so that they find it very, very difficult for the pure insights and consciousness to come in.

But part of it is you, a reluctance on your part to allow something so beautiful to come into a world that can seem so rough and so difficult at times. It would be like taking a rose into a landfill. It wouldn’t feel quite right about something so delicate and fragrant, then bringing it into the energy of discarded, useless things. But, dear friends, is there not wisdom in bringing the rose to the place where trash is put? Is there not a wisdom of bringing an element of such beauty, such fragrance, into a place that actually needs and wants that kind of energy? Isn’t it appropriate now for you to receive that energy of your new consciousness into this reality?

The new consciousness, the inspiration, that clarity and crystalline energy, it will not be destroyed in this reality of Earth. It will not. It will not wither away, it will thrive here, because here on the planet Earth, in the old human consciousness is crying for it, is wanting it. You, the human aspect that are here on Earth, are crying for it. You want it. So maybe it’s time to let that in.

What Is and Isn’t Yours

This is the year of feelings – open, raw, bold and outrageous feelings. It’s what you’ve been aspiring to. It’s what you’ve been expanding into – the ability to feel at many, many different layers and levels. To feel the joy and the sadness of other people. How many of you here are counselors and teachers? You know what it’s like to open up and to feel your client’s energy. You also know what it’s like to protect your own, to make sure you’re shielded, to make sure you filter, to make sure that you don’t take on their feelings, because their feelings sometimes are confused, diseased, crazy, mortal – all of these other things – imbalanced to tremendous degrees. That’s why they come to you!

I have to laugh, hearing the other day in the discussion, the psychologist wondering why all these crazy people keep coming to her. Well, that’s what you’re there for. (Tobias chuckling) So, dear Shaumbra, feelings. Ah, yes.

You who are counselors and teachers, you have shielded, filtered and protected. Take those down now. Take those down. Let yourself absolutely feel – all of Shaumbra, whether you are a facilitator, teacher, counselor, no matter what you do – take a deep breath here as we are together in the Shaumbra Service Center. Allow yourself to feel outrageous feeling. Feel the depths and the hell of humanity, but also the joy of humanity.

Allow yourself to feel what is going on in the dimensions right around you – earthbound entities, ghosts and spooks, those who haven’t been able to let go. They come around you all of the time, because you exude a different type of consciousness. You feel them, but your mind and your body don’t know how to take it. So you feel fear, you feel lost, you feel cold at times. Let yourself feel that. Don’t put up the barrier. Don’t resist.

We’ve talked before about this very simple principle – you are only what you choose. You are only what you choose and in that is your natural balance. In that beautiful space you can feel everything. Oh yes, you can feel nauseous, you can feel frightened, you can feel exhilaration, you can feel happiness – all of these things – and you don’t have to own them.

You see, you’re opening up. You’re opening up to yourself, to your aspects, to other humans. You can be aware and observant and it doesn’t have to throw you out of balance. You don’t have to take those energies into your body and process them for others. You don’t have to grapple with the issues in your mind on behalf of others. Oh, and when I say “others” I mean others can also be the aspects of you from the past. Not just past lives, but past parts of yourself.

The beauty of life right now is the ability to absolutely feel and experience without absorbing it, without having to process or fix it. Oh yes, you hear Quan Yin – “Don’t fix them. Love them, cherish them, but don’t fix them.” You can’t. Only they can accept that responsibility. The ability to feel, uncensored and unfiltered, can be somewhat frightening, somewhat overwhelming, particularly if your body, mind, spirit and gnost haven’t quite caught up yet to the consciousness. They don’t understand what to do with this what seems like an overwhelm of feelings. So they go into either overwhelm or shut-down or sometimes both. Dear friends, it’s not about you, unless you want it to be.

I have to look at you sometimes as we sit here in the Shaumbra Service Center and chuckle. I know who you are. I know where you came from. I know your glory and your grace. How soon you forget when you go to Earth. I look at you right now – pioneers of new consciousness – gobbling up consciousness, opening up to it, but then seeing sometimes how it throws you so off balance. So let’s just spend this time here in the Shaumbra Service Center allowing the natural processes within you to rejuvenate, allowing the angelic beings who are here with us right now to attend to you.

Yes, as you are beginning to sense, there is other music going on, not just what you hear with the physical ear but other levels. We’re going to talk about music very soon in one of our sessions and the tremendous, tremendous rejuvenation abilities within music. But, for now, just relax, feel the energy of the water, allow your body, mind, spirit and gnost to catch up with your ever-expanding consciousness.


More Feelings

Back to feelings for just a moment. Sometimes when a new wave of feelings comes in like it has been, particularly the last 12 days, it can be overwhelming. It can really cause a lot of mental anxiety. Again, just remember it’s just feelings. It’s just awareness. It’s coming from other humans. It’s coming from this ping-pong type of reality on Earth right now. It’s coming from imbalances – imbalances of economics, of power, imbalances in relationships, most certainly in a type of imbalance of the masculine/feminine energy on Earth, which is choosing to come back into balance.

But you know how it is sometimes. When you come back into balance with yourself even, there are some points of readjustment that are difficult, challenging. But it’s all about these energies on Earth right now wanting to come to resolution but sometimes afraid to. When energies seek to come to resolution and balance, sometimes the individual elements of those energies – they’re afraid to lose their identity. They’re afraid that in coming to resolution that it will cause a type of energetic death, so they try to hang onto the old while also trying to rebalance and come to resolution in the new.

Some of this is happening within you, but so much of what you’re feeling is just coming from things around you. You’re feeling the energy of Gaia leaving the Earth. That angel being who’s been here for so long gently, slowly departing, and there’s a sadness. There’s an uncertainty. Are humans ready to accept the responsibility of this great planet? Are they ready to care for the air and the water and the land, the animals and the forests? There’s a sense that, “If Gaia is leaving maybe I ought to leave too; maybe she knows something I don’t know.” So there is a feeling almost of a Mother Earth energy abandoning the child. You are feeling it and you’re feeling other humans feeling it. Now how overwhelming is that?

You’re feeling the crystal children come in now. They started coming in – a few before the Quantum Leap but now in greater numbers – coming to Earth. The first timers. Wonderful, wise angels who are descending their energy, who are walking down the stairway to come to Earth, and you’re feeling their excitement, their innocence. You’re feeling their anxiety. You’re feeling … I know some of you last week in particular were feeling their sense of – what would you call – shock and confusion, as they first opened their little eyes for the first time as human beings and said, “Dear God, what have I done.” (Tobias chuckles)

Oh, it is a shock! Some of you still have those wounds of coming here. Some of you were feeling the overwhelming ... there was a large group that came in in these last twelve days, a large group on Earth. Look at some of the birth records. A large group came in – quite a few ... quite a few in the lands of Europe in particular, also in the land of Ah-Ta-Rah, Australia. Some of you were feeling their sense of shock, their feeling of doubt for the first time ever like that. You see, you’re opening to feelings. Isn’t that what you asked for? Just remember it’s not yours. Experience it. Feel it. Embrace it. But remember, don’t own it – only if you want.

You’re going through these tremendous feelings right now, sometimes finding it difficult to deal with them. So what do you do? You take a deep breath, you come here to this Shaumbra Service Center anytime you want. It’s open all the time for you.

Trust in yourself and you become very quickly discerning about what is yours and what’s not. Discerning about what are your feelings, what is your consciousness? Sometimes some of you pick up these very disturbing thoughts. Thoughts float around, they radiate from humans but they also come off of the nonphysical beings who sometimes intersect through your dimension. They are almost like little floating wisps of energy, these thoughts. And you pick them up – imbalanced thoughts, disturbed, confused and lost – and they go right into you. Oh, you feel them, you experience them. Sometimes they’re like demons and ghosts.

But then you mistake them. You think that they’re yours. And then you try to process them or battle them. Don’t, Shaumbra, just feel them. Just feel them. Sometimes you wonder, “Why is that in me? What part of me is possibly doing that?” It’s not you. Really, it’s not. The wise human is the one who understands it’s only what they choose in the Now moment that is them.

Some of you get all caught up thinking it was because of some event in your life when you were five years old or eighteen years old or whatever that’s causing these disturbances. So then therefore, you summarize, it must be you. Well, actually, it’s not. That was just an aspect. That was just a tiny, small portion of an experience, but it’s not you. You are the angelic human being who is here in this moment right now.

We summarize this section of our discussion today by saying open yourself to outrageous feeling, awareness, sensitivity. Breathe it in. Feel it throughout you, and then let it go. Let it go. Oh yes, sometimes the energy lingers and you continue to feel the sensations for a while, but remind yourself you’re not owning it. It’s not you. You’re just sensing it. We will talk more about it this year. We will talk more about this triumphant discovery of feeling. We will talk about it at the end of the year and we’ll celebrate what it’s like to feel and to live.

New Energy

So Shaumbra, as we continue here today in the Shaumbra Service Center letting everything catch up to your expanding consciousness, let’s talk about New Energy – how New Energy works. New Energy, as we have talked about before, is not vibrational like Old Energy. It is expansional. It expands in all directions and dimensions simultaneously. It’s nearly impossible to compare New Energy to Old Energy. They are totally different in nearly every respect.

New Energy can be integrated into Old Energy reality. They don’t have to be independent or separate. But Old Energy is suspicious of New Energy. Old Energy will try to keep it out or, at best, will try to test it to determine what it’s really made out of. Old Energy consciousness even that is within you doesn’t understand this what appears to be foreign intrusion. It’s almost like little spaceships coming down to Earth probing, trying to feel and to sense and, as you know, anytime a spaceship comes down to Earth, it causes a lot of panic. New Energy is like that. It’s coming into your reality. Not in little flying disks, but a type of energy bubbles. These bubbles are all around you right now. We can literally see them. Many times you’re not aware that the bubbles are there, but you feel them. You feel something different and strange. You’re not sure what it is. It’s new consciousness. It’s New Energy.

New Energy works … you have to understand again, we’re limited by human words. It doesn’t actually “work,” it just is. But New Energy is coming to work in your life right now. We’re going to talk about some of the differences between Old Energy and New.

Let’s take a deep breath as we sit here in the Shaumbra Service Center, and if you choose, allow yourself to feel and experience and utilize New Energy now. The mind doesn’t quite know what to do because it is so different.

In the Old Energy the human wants answers. Human consciousness wants answers. The New Energy is not answers. There are no answers, because New Energy is potentials. And the potential doesn’t have to define itself as a singular answer, as a singular truth, but as many, many layers and potentials. So while the old human searches for an answer to a problem, sometimes very desperately or in great frustration, the New Energy comes to you, sometimes unseen and unknown, as potentials. You could start letting the word “answer” out of your vocabulary – when you choose of course –and allow the consciousness of potentials to start coming in.

The human consciousness wants definition. The mind in particular wants to define things. It wants to understand and analyze. In the New Energy there is no definition. It is free. It is open. It is sans definition. Definition by its very nature in the Old Energy is a way of limiting, whereas New Energy has no definition. It is freedom.

The human psyche right now cannot deal very well with things that are undefined. So one of your challenges in our spa today is can you be so free as to not define? Can you be so free as not to have to have neat little compartments for things like feelings and thoughts and energy? Can you be that free? Can you be that with yourself, into yourself that you don’t need that definition?

The Old Energy consciousness, the human, wants two and two – numbers 2 and 2 – to equal 4, and it wants it to do it every time. You punch the buttons on the calculator or you add in your mind, you always want 2 and 2 to equal 4. In the New Energy that you are in now, 2 and 2 doesn’t equal 4, at least not just 4. When you put together these energy elements, it can add up to a wide variety of different numbers, and even “reverse” numbers and even “sideways” numbers that mathematicians haven’t discovered yet. “In between” numbers that are unknown to consciousness right now.

The mind wants it to be equal and steady every time, but in the New Energy it’s not. Actually, in the New Energy the sum of any two parts always comes back to one. You can add up tens and thousands of elements or numbers or whatever you choose – bits of energy – and instead of arriving at a new sum they will always, in the New Energy, add up to 1.

Now, we could lead into a long discussion of New Energy physics here, but we’ll save your mind and your body. But understand in the New Energy, it doesn’t work like it did before. There are some who want to hold on and have to know – have to know that to be grounded, to be balanced 2 and 2 is 4 – but let go of that. It is many things now.

The human wants to know that there is a right and a wrong. It wants to put a type of value judgment on nearly everything in life. In the new consciousness, the New Energy, there is no right and wrong. It can’t be defined in those terms any more. Perhaps the best way to say it is “It just is,” without a value. Perhaps it is just experience, energy, consciousness. The human mind desperately tries to stay in these moral parameters of right and wrong as a way of keeping on track. But in the New Energy, there is no need for a track. There is no need to have to put these types of limitations on yourself. They are indeed judgments. They are indeed a type of prison.

Let’s take a deep breath here.


More Rejuvenation

Feel the essence of water, both physical and energetic water, helping to soothe and to smooth, rejuvenate, and naturally bring you back into balance. To let your body, mind, spirit and gnost catch up with your very dynamic consciousness.

Yes you can call to any of the angelic attendants, have them come over, massage your feet maybe. Not enough of you get your feet massaged. Work on those shoulders a bit, around your forehead and temples a bit. Keep breathing, keep allowing the energies to catch up with your consciousness.

You’ve been going through some very, very big feelings and openings lately, and the purpose of today’s session is just to rejuvenate. No pressure, no forcing energies, no big challenges today.

Take a deep breath.

(long pause)

In the old human consciousness there is a desire for resolution. Humans want to resolve things, it ties into this whole issue of answers. But they want issues brought to resolution and actually in the New Energy it’s not about resolution, it’s about continual evolution, expansion. There is not an end. Sometimes you wonder, “What’s the answer? What’s the resolution?” It’s about continual evolution and opening.

There’s times like now where it’s important that we take a rest, bring energies back into alignment. But then everything continues to open and unfold and to expand. As you become more discerning about yourself, it becomes easier. It becomes actually quite playful to continue expanding the energies. But we have to take times like this just to bring things back together.


The old human consciousness ... in the old human consciousness there is this dynamic where humans believe they have to earn. To earn. They have to struggle, they have to go through some type of – what you would call – pain, whether it is mental or physical. But they have to exert a certain amount of energy in order to evolve or grow or prosper and there had to be a type of struggle associated with it. If it wasn’t a challenge, then the energy or the results weren’t worth it. In that old human consciousness, people have put themselves through great difficulty for something that is really quite simple.

In the new consciousness, the New Energy, it is about receiving. Receiving. There is not a cause/effect, there is not an energy input associated with energy received. Receiving in New Energy can be truly a one-way street. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. In other words, New Energy, new spirit will come to you without you doing anything, without you sacrificing, without you doing hours of prayer or meditation or anything like that.

Now, this is a very simple but yet somewhat an odd dynamic. You have been taught, and the physics and beliefs of Earth have now been shaped in such a way, that there is always a trade of energies. In order to receive something you must give something, or if you do receive it first then you must give later. That dynamic does not apply in the New Energy. Receiving is open, it is unconditional, it is available and nothing is asked back from you.

Receiving comes from a wide variety of different sources. First it comes from yourself, your whole Self, not just the human, but all of you. All of you chooses to serve you when you allow it. Receiving comes from your pets, other humans at times, the angelic correspondents who are all around. Receiving comes from a wide variety of places and dimensions. It is just about energy – raw energy – coming in for you, coming in to support consciousness. Remember, consciousness is not energy. Energy is there to help consciousness manifest its grandest desires.

You’ve restricted the flow of energy in the old human consciousness because of a belief system that was set up a long time ago that in order to receive you must be worthy, you must suffer, you must earn it. But receiving in the New Energy is as simple as taking a breath, as simple as allowing, and you don’t have to give anything back. And this also seems somewhat of a strange paradigm. The old human self says, “But I must give something back.” No. Believe it or not, no. You don’t have to even share any of your wisdom, any of your abundance. You can if you choose, but it’s not a requirement in the New Energy.

There are tremendous interdimensional, high consciousness energies that would like to be in your life, that would like to support you, that would like to encourage you, that would like to be here with you right now – coming from you, from the outside, from spirit, from the nature devas, from water, from Quan Yin, from everywhere. And today, I’m going to ask you, dear Shaumbra, as we sit here in the Shaumbra Service Center, can you really allow yourself to receive? Pure energy, unconditional energy, energy without agenda, energy that is just in a pure natural state waiting to come into your reality. Can you receive that?

I’m going to ask the energy of Quan Yin, embodied now in Aandrah, to come up for a moment to work with those of you who choose to breathe this in now, into your reality, into your life, into you. Receiving unconditionally, receiving unfiltered, receiving the gifts of life. Aandrah...

AANDRAH: So in this moment I invite you. Will you receive a Valentine’s Day gift, an exquisite gift of this breath? This breath ... for in this energy of this breath is a love so deep many of you have forgotten, but it is here. Breathe it deep into the core of you.

He spoke of it riding in a bubble. What if it were a champagne bubble, a bubble that wants to dance and play and sparkle with you. Will you receive it? Will you breathe it in?

Breathe. Like the great music these sweet friends have been bringing you, it comes to touch you.

Breathe. Breathe in their music, breathe in Tobias’ words, breathe in this vibration that I breathe with you now. Breathe it so deeply, so deeply, for as it dances and sparkles and flows into the depths of you, wanting to play, I say, Come play. Come dare to live with me in this new way. Breathe now. Breathe and receive. I dare you to receive so big. Will you? I invite you.

Breathe with me now. Allow me to love you so deeply, to blow my breath into every fiber of you. Breathe with me now.

Breathe and receive. Breathe and receive. Yes … yes.


TOBIAS: What a wonderful day we share together, here at this beautiful angelic spa, just letting the rest of you catch up to your consciousness.

How New Energy Works

Let’s talk a little bit more about human energy versus New Energy. Human consciousness wanted to validate the identity of the human self. Human consciousness wanted to validate itself. In the New Energy there’s no reason to validate the human self. No reason whatsoever. It is just about being all of yourself in this Now moment, in you. The human self doesn’t need that validation. It doesn’t need to know that it exists, because in the New Energy it just is. So much energy was put forth towards validation, towards identity, and you discover now that it was just a type of illusion.

In the Old Energy consciousness there was a propensity to make things very difficult and complex. It served a purpose because it allowed your consciousness to find how deep it could go, how confused it could get, how lost it could be. In the New Energy there is a brilliant simplicity to everything. The New Energy doesn’t have to discover depths anymore, because it knows everything has infinite depth, but yet infinite simplicity. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but in the New Energy most things Old Energy are indeed a contradiction of terms.

New Energy. Feel it. Just feel it. Stop trying to define it, that doesn’t work very well. Just feel it. It is a source of unlimited potential. It is a source of unlimited and free energy. The old human consciousness wanted to structure things. Structuring is fun – putting things together, building things. The old consciousness wanted to structure everything, assign it a value, therefore, it was easier to understand how everything fit together. But it came a point where you couldn’t figure it out anymore, couldn’t figure out how all the pieces worked. But yet the humans continue to structure, to analyze everything.

New Energy has no structure. It is energy, but it doesn’t have structure. Therefore, scientists will find it very difficult to identify. But there we go back to trying to identify everything, because if you can’t identify it, obviously it’s not real! Well, at least in an Old Energy way of thinking.

New Energy is without structure, but yet it can apply itself into current forms, into current consciousness and enhance it. But as New Energy comes into current concepts and actually even into physical reality and physical structures, it will seem to be or appear to be that the New Energy actually destroys the old concept or the old structure. It seems to annihilate it. But when you look again or feel again, you’ll understand it hasn’t done that at all. It was an illusion.

It has redefined the consciousness of Old Energy. It has allowed it to expand, it to release its old structures and limitations, to join it in free expression. So when you see things in your own life seeming to fall apart in front of your very eyes, it’s actually not at all. It’s just redefining itself in an undefined and free way. Again, it’s all going to seem to be contradiction, but it’s not at all.

This will challenge you to get out of old ways of thinking, get out of old patterns that you’ve had for yourself, old comfortable patterns. That’s another thing – human consciousness, Old Energy, wanted to be comfortable ... comfortable. New Energy has no need for comfort. It’s about expanding and evolving, experiencing and playing, because there is no right or wrong, good or bad, pain or comfort. It’s just consciousness.

Take a deep breath Shaumbra.


You’re really beginning to feel. You’re really beginning to sense. In this past month you’ve started integrating New Energy into your life and at times it appears to be chaotic because it doesn’t follow the patterns of what you’ve known before. We never told you you’re just going to get amped up Old Energy, stronger Old Energy. We said it was going to be New, and you nodded your head and agreed! (some laughter, Tobias chuckling) So, we’re going to have a wonderful, wonderful example of it for all of you in this next month. It’s an odd month anyway according to your calendar. So...

The Application

Take a situation, feel a situation that’s in your life that’s a problem that involves another person, and we know you all have them. (Tobias chuckling) Feel that person. Don’t just imagine, but feel that person. Now you’ve had some difficulties or challenges with this person, be it a spouse or especially an ex-spouse, be it somebody you work with or a sibling or anybody that you’ve been having some challenges with. Like two sheep ramming their heads, you’ve been trying to figure things out. You’ve been trying to work things out between you in an Old Energy way. Obviously when you ram two things into each other, what do they do? They get bigger, they get more stubborn, and they get more sensitive.

So take that one situation that you have with another – just one please, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself this month. Take that one situation with another person. Now, understand this is a little bit historic for us. We’ve always asked you in our homework and assignments just to do things for yourself. Don’t draw in the other energies, but we’re ready now, you’re ready now. Feel the energy of this situation. Maybe it’s not a comfortable feeling, but let yourself feel it. Feel what it’s doing to your mind and your emotions and your body.

Now, allow New Energy into this situation. Now a few of you gulp, because it’s like – “But if I allow New Energy into this old difficult situation, what is going to happen? Is it giving me an unfair advantage? Is it going to actually resolve the issue?” Perhaps you’ve been having fun playing with it for too long of a time. Will the other person win? Will they be the ones who benefit from this rather than you?

Well, let yourself experience now. This next month bring that New Energy in. Bring that New Energy into you, into the situation. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t try to manipulate it. We’re going to underline that. Don’t try to manipulate the energy. Just breathe it in.

And now watch and observe from behind the short wall what happens. Watch what happens when you get home later today. Watch what happens in the next few days in particular with this person. Stand behind the short wall and understand that New Energy comes in right now, because you’ve called on it. You’ve allowed it. See and observe how it works.

Let go of the expectations of what you think the outcome should be. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the chaos or drama or fear. Just observe. You’re going to have a brilliant triumphant discovery of how New Energy – your New Energy in consciousness – comes into play. Again, no expectations now of what the outcome should be. Just observe.

With that, dear Shaumbra, you are welcome to linger here energetically in the Shaumbra Service Center, in this Angel Spa for as long as you choose. Understand that it’s given you a chance to bring your body, mind, spirit and gnost, letting them catch up with you in your ever-expanding consciousness. Understand you can come back here any time.

It is difficult and challenging at times on Earth right now, especially when you’re new consciousness pioneers. Understand that we are here to serve you. Understand that the New Energy is available to you at any time.

We thank each and every one of you for what you are doing. We only hope that soon you will remember all of the reasons why.

And so it is.