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  • Masters In Munich - Now Available!
    Posted January 9, 2017

    Always wanted to join a Shoud in person? Did you miss the first one in Europe last time? This is the second time that the Monthly Shoud is broadcast from outside of Colorado, United States. Since the very beginning, the webcasts have been broadcast from Colorado. 2016 was the first year we did this in another location and it was so popular we could not fit everyone interested under the same roof.
    For more information - click here

  • Shaumbra Magazine - January 2017
    Posted January 4, 2017
    The January 2017  issue of the Shaumbra Magazine is now available. Click here for the PDF or e-reader format.
  • New! 'Quantum Allowing' Cloud Class Event - now available!
    Posted January 4, 2017

    Allowing and And. According to Adamus, these are the keys to embodied realization and living as a Master on Earth. And now, Quantum Allowing, one of the most popular live events with Geoff & Linda, is available as a Cloud Class.

    Click here for more information

  • Shoud 4 - Transhuman Series
    Posted January 4, 2017
    The Audio and Video of Shoud 4 of the Transhuman Series is now available in the library, click here.
  • "THE SIMPLE MASTER: Allowing & And", Norway, May 14-16, 2017
    Posted December 6, 2016

    In The Simple Master, Adamus Saint-Germain helps clear the clutter and bring you back to the basics: Allowing & And. Adamus says these are the keys to embodied enlightenment. Allowing means to get out of the mind – and get out of your human-aspect ways – to allow the Free Self to be present in your everyday life.

    For more Information click here

  • The Threshold: Middelfart, Denmark, May 2017
    Posted December 5, 2016

    The Threshold is the premium Crimson Circle event based on what Adamus Saint-Germain calls The Threshold of Enlightenment. According to Adamus, our journey on the spiritual path has encompassed many lifetimes, but now we hesitate at the threshold of the realization of enlightenment.

    For more information click here

  • Memoirs of a Master now Available!
    Posted November 18, 2016
    The long awaited book, 'Memoirs of a Master' is now available.  Click here for more information.
  • Prognost 2017 - Sign Up now available
    Posted November 4, 2016

    Prognost 2017 sign up is now available.

    English - click here for more information

    Spanish - click here for more information

  • NEW! - The Master’s Life Chapter 3 – Embodiment
    Posted September 26, 2016

    Adamus is here to work with those who are dedicated to fully embody their consciousness here on Earth, and this is exactly what The Master’s Life, Part 3: Embodiment is all about. Originally called “Embodied Consciousness Retreat” and “Light Integration,” this intense and transformational presentation takes you through the various phases of allowing the light into every area of your reality. - Click here for more information

  • Faces of our Shaumbra Family - Video
    Posted May 8, 2016

    CLICK HERE to enjoy this heart touching video with photos of Shaumbra around the world. What a beautiful family we are!

    To participate in the next "Shaumbra Family" project, please send your photo to [email protected] You may also see these photos in our family album.

    Posted April 25, 2016
    A brand new venue for selling and sharing your creations with other Shaumbra. Check it out! 
    Posted March 30, 2016
    We have recently added a Crimson Site Map, that will give you an immediate view of the entire website.  The site map can be found on the footer of every page. All headings in the site map are clickable.   Click here to view.