The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 8: "Freedom of the Soul; Part III" - Featuring Adamus Saint-Germain and Tobias

Presented to the Crimson Circle
March 5, 2005

TOBIAS: It is I, Tobias, here with you on this day. But, let there be no mistake that the energies of Adamus Saint-Germain, are also embodied in Cauldre. It is very tight in here today (much audience laughter). We had to make a bit of extra room. We were chuckling amongst ourselves as we brought our energy into embodiment with Cauldre and with you. Yes, we are equally with you. We’ve been playing around, as the music was going, with your DNA. Feel for a moment what it is like not just to have your own DNA entity but also to have us embodied in with you.

It is a delight for I, Tobias, to be back with Shaumbra. Saint-Germain will be talking today. But, I wanted to open up this discussion on this day to have you feel my energies… to let me feel yours… to share a few moments together as we always do… to share the love of Shaumbra.

Shaumbra is family. Shaumbra is an awakening. Shaumbra is a realization of who you are and where you have been. And, let met tell you – it is grand; it is grand what you have done. You are in an interesting type of dynamic right now where you are coming out of the Old and into the New. But, there are still aspects of the Old that hang on. There are still Old ways of doing things.

Saint-Germain will address these today to help you better understand some of the things that you are going through. He talked last month about what energy is, or isn't, to try to get you to understand that it is all an illusion – a wonderful, beautiful illusion – but an illusion that is so real that if you go running into the wall over here right now you will probably hurt yourself (some laughter), but not really. Ultimately the pain, the suffering, the lifetimes… everything is an illusion… other than the experience that you gain from it… you see.

Don't discount the illusion, and say it was nothing, for in spite of the fact that it was an illusion something is gained or learned from it. It literally allows you to expand. It allows you to understand who you are at the very core of your being – a Creator, a Creator that has been given the same as what you would call God or Spirit. You have been given Creator ability and Creator rights, just like the King and the Queen, just like the energy of Home. So, you have been going on this incredible experience, this illusion that you are in, to gain better understanding of what a Creator is and what a Creator isn't. You’ve learned all of these wonderful things.

Shaumbra, we have been together for a long time. I think you know this, and you can feel this. We were together in the Temples of Tien. We were together in the time of the Christ awakening, the time of Yeshua. We come back together again to walk, or perhaps to run, to leap with joy into the New Energy. Oh, it is difficult I know. I know, for I talk to all of you. It is difficult to be so much a part of your story in this reality around you. It is difficult to let go. It is difficult to understand how the illusion works.

Some of you say, “But, why is it so difficult? Why do I have such a hard time with things, and just when I think I'm making progress, I seem to fall back two steps? How come it is that, even though I cry and I pray for change, I don’t get what I ask for?”

Perhaps, Shaumbra, just perhaps, it is because you love your story so much. You love your story so much, perhaps it is difficult to let it go. Think about that. Feel that for the rest of this Shoud. Take a look at how you have fallen in love with your own story. Yes, we have talked about love at some of the recent gatherings of Shaumbra. It is always difficult for lovers to say goodbye, for lovers to truly release their energy.

We said recently that love has no connection… you see. You always thought that love was connection. It has none. It holds you to nothing. It holds you in no form or state of being. Love lets you be who you are and express who you are any way you want. Love has no connection… you see.

You love each other. You love another person. You fall in love with them. And, what you do then? Well, you connect to each other. And, you thought that was normal and natural. You establish bonds and binds with each other. You limit and restrict each other. That is a form of love, but it is not the true freedom of the soul and the freedom of love. Love has no connection.

So, perhaps you have fallen deeply in love with your own story. And, perhaps it is time to let that connection go. Perhaps, the way to let the connection go is the full acceptance, the full embodiment, that you are the Creator of that story, the full responsibility that you are creating every moment.

We know it is difficult to see at times because you try what you call “creation.” You try to – how to say – blow out a candle without literally blowing, without touching it. You try to do it in your mind, and you struggle, and you strain. And, then you fall back and say, “ I must not be a Creator. I don’t understand why Tobias keeps saying I am.”

Perhaps, you are looking at creation in an Old Energy way. Perhaps, so much of your energy is tied up with making your story work… you see. Sometimes you don't get what you ask for, do you? Sometimes you pray to God, and you pray to angels for certain things to happen. Perhaps, you’re just trying to make your story bigger.

Perhaps, at the inner soul level there is a deeper desire, a deeper understanding. And, perhaps now is the time to bring that to your consciousness. Well, you say, “What has held me back from that? What has kept me?” Well, St. Germain will talk about that today.

So, Shaumbra, take a look at your story. Take a look at the amount of energy you are expending, holding that story in place. As a wise one said very recently, a wise Shaumbra, “We try to make our stories work. We work at our stories all of the time. And, when the stories don’t work, we get frustrated, and we get angry. And, then we come back and keep repeating the cycles of incarnations on Earth.” Perhaps, it is time to let that go. Perhaps, you don't have to use tremendous volumes of energy to try to support a story that is nothing other than an illusion, just an illusion.

So, with that, my energy will be very present in the room today. I will remain embodied within Cauldre and each of you. But, now let us shift energy. And, let us turn this over to Adamus.

Saint-Germain: I am… yes, I am. I am the energy of Adamus. I am within each and every one of you today. I bring myself back to this group of Shaumbra to continue where we just left off. I am melded with Tobias. I am melded with the others who are with us today. My energy comes in smoother and more gracefully to each of you.

I had to get your attention in our last gathering. I had to let you know that there is something different going on. I had to let you know that we’re not… we are not going to be satisfied with just feeding you more good-feeling energy. We’re not going to be satisfied with just pumping you up for a month, and then having you come back, needing more energy. I had to get your attention and let you know that things are changing. And, perhaps some will leave. Perhaps, others will join in now. But, we are going into the New realms. We are going to dispel some of the things that you thought were reality.

I've been with you for eons of time. We have traveled together. We have been in lifetimes together. You recognized my energy when I came in. And, some of you cringed. Some of you didn't want to remember who I am. Some of you have been working intensely with me, with Tobias. You welcomed the energy. Some of you weren’t ready to take that next step. But, in the past month that has transpired, we see now that you understand… you remember what is going on.

There are so many on our side who are supporting this work, who are supporting you. You are at the leading edge of it. You are the ones walking into the New Energy. And, all of the rest of us are serving as a support system.

Yes, indeed there are things that I have done that you have not. And, there are things that you have done that I have only dreamed about. And, that is why our energies can be so compatible during this time of approaching the “quantum leap.”

It is a very delicate and very fragile time, and a time where we want to cut to the chase. There are only a few years left. And, years on our side are nothing. They truly are not on your side either. They go by so quickly. This is not a panic or a desperate situation. But, we know there is an important energetic event that is taking place – the “quantum leap” where a significant portion of mass consciousness reaches a level to transcend vibrational energy and go into expansional energy, that it affects everything else around it.

In my lifetime as Count Saint-Germain I worked with many different small groups. I called them my “radiance groups.” Many of you participated in those. I worked with groups in my lifetime, such as the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons. I worked with the Knights Templar, the friends of the Templar, and the Illuminati… and many others.

Our theory was to have these small – what are now known as – secret groups dispersed all around Europe with a few in America, and to provide a type of radiance, a type of continuing energy that would keep the enlightened ones, what we call the “walking masters”… I don't ever want to hear you call me a “master.” You are the Masters, the walking Masters. These radiant groups were put in place to send energy out to all of you, whether you were involved in that group or not. It was like a lamppost or an energetic plug-in along the way. So, the work has been difficult.

It is interesting to note that these groups were formed. These secret societies were formed because the power of the church was so strong at the time. The arm of the church was strong, and it was brutal, and it was violent. And, we had to have these secret groups to maintain a type of balance of energies at the time.

Many of you were in those. You were – what you would now consider – energy holders for those groups. You have ascended into the status of Energy Movers. But, you were energy holders. I know some of you can remember the times of the gatherings, the gatherings of the Knights Templar – does that ring a bell for some of you? – the gathering of the Freemasons.

Why the Freemasons? It was an inside joke, in a way. We called ourselves the Masons, the Freemasons, because there was a group that was not free. They were controlled by the church. And, the church took all of the energies of the Masons, the builders, the architects, the builders of energy, and captured it for themselves. They had any stoneworker, any Mason, building monuments to themselves, churches of stone, places that they said were of worship. But, they were to hold and pervert energy.

And, the Masons that were under the control of the church were not free. And, it was difficult for nearly anyone in Europe to build their own place because all of the Masons were tied up by the church. It was illegal in many places to do any work other than for the church.

So, we started the Freemasons. We talked about the true geometries, the sacred geometries and energies. Many of you were there. Today there is little or no resemblance of the energies we had in the Freemasons.

The Illuminati, a wonderful group, had gotten a bad reputation along the way until one of your more recent books has come out, helping to understand the whole purpose. Illuminati… radiance, Shaumbra… radiance… a light… a light that penetrated into the walls of the church.

Cauldre is having a little discussion with us about the church (some laughter).

But, it is important for you to understand that it does not matter, for we know some of you who are holding energies of the churches today are listening. There is a message in this for you. It is not a message of hate or fear or wrong. It is saying for you who are listening from the churches – you can let go now… you can let go now. You have found it doesn't work. There is a New spiritual energy that is wanting to come to Earth now, like it was over 2000 years ago, but it is different now.

The Illuminati was a group who understood that there was something beyond what the church was proposing and expounding. There was something beyond the rules that were laid down by the church. The Illuminati understood that the spirit, the light, is within every man, woman, and child on Earth. It is not contained in the walls of a church. It is not contained in a single book. When will humans come to understand that each and every one is God also? When will humans stop fighting in the name of God, stop having these wars and struggles in the name of God? Let that Old Energy go.

I was involved in forming or helping to encourage these secret societies back in those times. So many of you still have those energies within you. So many of you are attracted by the twinkle of a jewel that catches your eye in a certain way, and it provides a remembrance of the times in the secret societies.

The secret societies, in a way, date back to the very origins of Shaumbra in the time of Yeshua where we met. We met in secret. We met as Essenes, and even as a subgroup of the Essenes to really bring in the Christ seed here on Earth, to bring in the awakening consciousness to a consciousness that has long been asleep.

We have worked together for so very long. Our times go all the way back to Atlantis. You were there; I was there. We were together in the temples. We were together in the last lifetimes in Atlantis. We experienced some of the best and some of the worst. That is where our connection, Shaumbra, comes from.

In the times of Atlantis I was not a king. I was not a priest. I was not a powerbroker. I was not one of the magicians of energies. I was simply a slave boy. That’s all I was. You were the royalty. Most of you here sat in the higher places in the temples. And, you understood how energies worked.

Many of you here were in the Temples of Tien where you understood how to free energies from its structures, so you could go into the multi-dimensional realms while still existing in a space in the physical Earth. Many of you worked with the great energies of Atlantis. And, you knew how to hold time still. You knew how to keep the body from aging. You knew how to heal. You knew how to transport material objects without touching them. Much of that technology was later used in the building of the pyramids. And, we understand some are going there soon.

It was all about illusion, energy as an illusion. In the Temples of Tien you understood it. I was simply the slave from the working-class who was brought into the temples to serve you, to bring you your meals, to clean up your wastes. I was there to make your life and work easier.

Interesting that I also got caught in the middle of your experiments. Literally, on a day when one of the experiments with energy was spiraling in a way that you didn't understand, and you could no longer control, I happened to walk through the wrong door at the wrong time, this little slave boy, and get caught up in it. I was taken into this vortex of energy that you had created and basically placed in a – what you would call – a crystalline structure that I could not get out of… you see… and you could not get me out of.

I was on display for each and every one of you, stuck in the crystal. And, I lived in that crystal for weeks and days and lifetimes and eons of time. That is where we know each other, for I sat there with that horrified look on my face, as you looked back at me. You knew how to work energies. And, I was right in the middle of it.

So, here I was, not able to die, not able to live, but stuck. And, you didn't know how to free me. Even when Atlantis fell, I was still stuck in the crystal. I was still part of your karma. I was still part of your lineage now. We have been connected. And, that is why I irritated so many of you so much last time to see me like this now (audience laughter).

Oh, yes, I did get out after a long and a horrific time within that crystal… no death when I wished I could die… no one to hear me when I called out… my body suspended frozen in place… my mind active. Nobody could hear, not in the other realms. The crystalline structure that your energies created prevented any outside energy from hearing me. It cut everything off. Not an angel in heaven knew where I was. Talk about loneliness, and talk about a hell that you put me in! I’m not here for revenge (more laughter). I’m here for sharing.

What an experience that you granted me… to be isolated like that… to have no death… to be trapped. What an experience of having to hear only my own voice. What an experience to be imprisoned in a way that you could never possibly imagine. I literally watched as Atlantis crumbled… as the Temples of Tien disappeared… as the flames ran through what used to be the great halls of Tien. I literally sunk into the ocean beneath the ocean’s floor and remained there. Some say that I came back. Some say that I plagued travelers for hundreds of thousands of years afterwards… somewhat true.

My energies wanted to be released and wanted to be freed from the crystal that you had put me in. But, what I did learn was how to be with me. What I did learn was how to release myself from an illusion. And, that's all your crystal was. It was an illusion. It took me an incredible amount of time to figure it out. You would measure this in hundreds of thousands of human years. It was hell, Shaumbra. But, through it, I learned that it was an illusion. I had to learn. I had to learn how to get out.

So, here I am… released. Oh, and to this day I love crystals. I love the jewels. I love taking material objects and transmuting them because I realize how easy it is.

What I learned I learned on behalf of all of us. I walked into that room in the Temples of Tien in the midst of your experiment with full knowingness, full knowingness. It was no mistake. I say it was the wrong time and wrong place. But, I knew perfectly well what I was doing.

I had watched you. I had watched the priests and priestesses of Tien do their work. I wanted what I thought you had. I wanted this elixir. I wanted longevity. I wanted the health and the energy. So, it was no mistake that I walked in. I wasn't expecting what I got. But, it was beautiful. What I learned in the temples I learned for all of us. And, I come back now in this sacred time and energy to share with each and every one of you.

In a sense, you are locked in your crystal, aren’t you? In a sense, you walked into a swirl of energy at the wrong time and the wrong place… but perhaps the perfect place. And, you got locked in. And, here you sit on the inside, and I'm on the outside now (some laughter). I say that with the greatest love and compassion. But, you are; you are locked in.

You are locked in through what I would consider, or I would call, hypnosis. You are sitting in a state of hypnosis…. “hypno-” meaning sleep. You are sound asleep. You have been hypnotized. You have been led to believe that this is real and that you are less than you are.

And, we are going to dispel the spell that you have placed upon yourself. Yes, we are going to dispel the spell you have placed upon yourself. We are going to release the state of hypnosis that you are existing in.

Yes, there is part of you that related so well to my story of the crystal – trapped inside your own being, inside your own creation. Don’t you feel some days like you’re screaming, and no one can hear you… like you’re trapped… suspended… frozen… eyes wide open… mouth screaming… hands out… frozen? I know what it's like. I know what it's like to be so hypnotized, asleep, mesmerized that you actually believe in these things that no longer serve you.

Now, this is not to say that any of the experiences that you've had have been wrong. They haven't been. I don't regret a moment of time that I was suspended in my state of crystalline prison. I don't regret it at all. I would spend another hundred thousand years in that hell and know what I know now.

So, let us talk for a few minutes about why you are hypnotized. What is causing this? Why are you in this state of being?

First of all, there is the influence of the churches. I spend much of my time and energy on this right now because, as I have said, the churches carry the most diseased energy on Earth of any right now. The energy of the churches – or of religion, in general, most of them, not all, but most of them – carry so much fear and so much duality. And, they have a grip on people.

And, they have people hypnotized. They have people hypnotized, believing that there is a right and a wrong. There are people walking on Earth right now that literally believe in a devil, children that are frightened of this thing called Satan.

There are intelligent, well-meaning people who believe that there is this place called “heaven.” They believe, actually literally, in this being called Saint Peter, who has this register and looks you up after you leave Earth to see if you have been naughty or nice (some laughter)… or perhaps that’s Santa Claus (more laughter).

In that belief, Shaumbra, reality occurs; it does. Reality occurs because the belief system is there because there is this hypnosis that has been laid out, and people have fallen into its trap. So, there is a hell, and there is a heaven. And, there is judgment on the other realms because the other realms are filled with nothing but grand potential.

You want an experience? You can have it on the other realms, the nonphysical realms. You can go to heaven. You can go to hell. And, there are millions of souls laying in rest, waiting to be judged, waiting for Yeshua. It is difficult. And, you work with them at night. You are the type of EMS workers for those who are so locked into their own beliefs and their own type of hypnosis. Hypnosis works on both sides of the veil. It does.

The churches of Earth have laid out this energy of fear, this energy of the devil. And, it still lays so heavy upon mankind. It is a relatively new creation and invention. Truly, only in the last six or seven thousand years of humankind has there been this hypnosis of religion. Prior to that we didn’t have it.

In Atlantis, in Lemuria, there were no religions. We didn’t understand the concept of God. We understood oneness. We understood love. We understood evolution and all of these things.

But, God is a relatively new invention. Duality in the churches is a form of hypnosis. And, at this very moment around your world, it is holding billions of people in place out of fear.

You have been part of that. So many of you have had that in your lifetimes. You have battled this, and you’re still battling it. You’re still wondering if you're doing the right thing. You’re still wondering if you should perhaps return to your earlier religious roots.

There was a sort of comfort in that, wasn't there? They took care of things for you. They answered the questions for you. They told you how to live your life. They told you who to be, and particularly who not to be. It was hypnosis. And, it still has an effect on you. It has an effect partly because you are still so loving and sensitive and open.

This hypnosis of religion holds so much of the consciousness of Earth right now. I am not speaking ill of the churches. I’m only trying to state facts. I can't speak ill of the churches. You and I helped to create them. We created them for a different purpose, especially two thousand years ago. We created some of the initial churches, some of the initial ways of humankind, as we were birthing this divine seed, this Christ consciousness on Earth.

As you came into incarnation, you realized it was so hard to maintain the divine seed, the Christ consciousness in a very hostile and difficult world. So, you started to build churches, physical places that could be sacred, that could hold the sacred energy, that could house the divine Christ energy until it was time to truly radiate throughout all of the world. So, you helped to build the physical churches.

You helped to build some of the structures of the churches, the structures of ways of living. And, that's all you were trying to do. And, it’s all Yeshua was trying to do is build ways of living, rules that people could look at. But, they could decide whether or not they wanted to use them, pieces of enlightenment and wisdom that others could tap into, if they so chose. But, these energies have become distorted. These energies have become abused.

The energy stealers of Earth and of the other realms have taken the churches and used them to suck the energy of humanity dry. And, they’re doing it right now all over Earth. They speak words of love. And, they recite words that supposedly Yeshua said. But, how do they act? What wars do they create? What hatred do they hold in their hearts? And, what fear do they have in their spirit?

As a group of Shaumbra, we can provide a radiance. We are not trying to change them. We are only trying to show a way that is beyond, a way that is evolved from the churches. The churches have had people hypnotized for a long time now. It will be very difficult – very difficult – for consciousness to let that go. You're seeing the battles take place right now.

What do they call you, the ones who have a few different thoughts and ideas, the ones who carry love in your heart, the ones who act love in your life? They call you “the dark ones,” don't they? They call you “the misled ones.” They say perhaps Satan has you. Oh, there is that fear again. It is hypnosis. And, most of the world has fallen under its spell.

Another form of hypnosis comes from the governments of the world. Now, you have to understand that the governments – and there are many, many, hundreds of different governments on Earth – the governments are strictly a representation of the consciousness of that group of people. But, that consciousness takes on its own life form energy. The government takes on its own type of persona. And, it has an influence over people. It hypnotizes them. That is all it is, Shaumbra – hypnosis. We are not saying it’s bad. We’re just saying that it’s a set of belief systems that are so strong that you can’t get out of them.

You wonder why it’s so difficult sometimes. The government truly sends out an incredibly strong hypnotic signal. Now, we're not talking from little mechanical devices. We’re not talking about anything that is a conspiracy.

Conspiracies don't work because most humans are not bright enough (some laughter) – I will have a whole talk about that sometime (more laughter) – because they truly don't understand at the core how energy works. They are like children. They are like trying to steal each other’s energy all the time. And, they do it in some of the most naive ways. No, we are not talking about some grand conspiracy with the government sending types of radio frequencies, or waves, or polluting the skies with things that are supposed to kill you… not these type of things.

The government is sending out a consciousness. And, again the government is its people. The government sends out a consciousness about things like taxes. You have fallen into a belief system that you have to pay taxes because the government believes that it has to take energy from you in order to maintain its own self.

The government has rules about how to live. It tells you what is right or wrong, and you fall into that. You have been part of that ever since you were born on Earth in this lifetime. “Here is what’s right, and here is what’s wrong.” The government even has a hypnotic link to you about what to eat, what to do.

I’m going to tell you something, for instance. Everything about your reality now is a hypnotic state. You believe it. You fall into it. And, then you wonder how to get out. We will give you an example. This is one that is near and dear to Cauldre.

Nicotine in cigarettes – it is not addictive. It is not addictive! You smokers don’t believe me, do you? (laughter) You non-smokers don’t want to believe me (more laughter). It is not addictive. Nicotine by itself has an incredible hypnotic effect. Anything that it is applied to, it tends to exaggerate. So, if somebody says nicotine in cigarettes is dangerous, it intensifies that, and it makes them dangerous. Nicotine is one of the most responsive substances on Earth. It fulfills your belief systems. It is wonderful.

Now, there are many who believe that they have been told that nicotine is addictive. So, it becomes highly addictive. Unto itself, it is not. It is not. It is strictly a belief intensifier. That’s all it is. But, the hypnotic effect that is sent out leads you to believe it is bad, that it is addictive, that you have to struggle with it. There are those of you that quit smoking that are still struggling and still dreaming about it because you are hypnotized.

The government helps to regulate the hypnotic effects of foods, of activities, of money, of morals. The government creates this incredible hypnotic effect. Now, you can particularly feel it when you go to any center of government, whether it is your city government, whether it is your national government. Go to the capital of your country, and just hang there for a while. You’re going to feel its hypnotic effect. You are going to feel yourself buying into it. You are going to feel the intensity of the duality all around that your government is exaggerating duality in every way.

Now, isn’t it interesting that the churches and the government are sometimes the same, even when they say they’re not? Even when they pretend there is a separation, they work together. Again, this is not a conspiracy. It is just simply something that happens. It is simply a set of belief systems that you’ve agreed to… that you can get out of.

So, you have governments and churches working together. Some countries are controlled. Their government is their church. Others have a government that is infiltrated by those who have strong religious beliefs, but pretend they don’t. So, that’s the second form of hypnosis. *

The third – and it’s a very interesting one that it is taking place right now on the planet – is called business. Business – what a wonderful way – you get hypnotized each day when you walk into your job, and you’re told that you’re not worthy of a promotion or raise. You’re told that you’re not anything who you truly are. You’re told that there's a certain way that things are done… that you have to follow a certain formula… that you have to go through certain research and development phases… and that only a small group of people can come up with the ideas.

You’re told that you have to come there and spend a certain amount of hours to make a certain amount of money. You’ve fallen into one of the funniest belief systems ever. You’re told that you are limited in how much money you can make. You fall into a belief system that has you believing that you have to have a certain amount of education… or training… or background… or perhaps come from the right families.

This business hypnotic effect is growing very fast, faster than the other ones. It is the new hypnosis that is taking over the world. It is helping to run the world. It is setting new classes of humans. It is setting new standards of morality. It sets the standards of dress, how you should dress, and how you should act.

Business is hypnotizing the world. Oh, it is doing it very openly. Watch your television; you’ll see the ads. It’s hypnotizing you to believe you need certain things at certain times. Business is shaping the way the world operates. It is shaping the pulse and rhythm of human consciousness right now. Business is trying to take over the world. It is. The energies of religion are bad enough. But, then you add government and business to it, and you have a very, very toxic type of cocktail, a hypnotic effect that's working on each and every one of you.

You try to get out of it. What do you do? You take its own tools to try to get out of it. You try to use the tools of the religion, or of business, or of money to get out of your hypnotic effect. It only gets you in deeper. It gets you in deeper. You are trapped inside that crystal. I’m out here; I can see you.

When do you want to get out? When do you want to leave all of that? Before you answer, there are some considerations. We know you want to get out. There are some considerations. How much is it going to change your life? How much is it going to change your story? What could it lead to?

Let’s talk about the fourth major hypnotic effect that has its influence on you. It is your family. Now, that hypnotic effect – how to say – is very narrow, but it is very strong. It does not have the depth. It doesn't have the fear factor of religion. It doesn't have the financial control of business. And, it doesn't have the other controls that the government hypnosis has in it.

But, your family hypnosis ties directly, so directly, into you. It knows how to push your buttons. Your family hypnotic effect started very early, of course. It helped to shape some of your belief systems that you still carry with you, particularly the beliefs about who you aren’t.

It didn’t serve you very well as a radiant being in your early years because you were trying to glow, and you were trying to open up. You were trying to let that Christ consciousness come into this reality. And, it was shut down through family members who let you know very quickly that you shouldn't be shining your light… that you should be humble… that you should be small… that you are insignificant… that you should not be so pompous, as I've been called (some laughter)… that you shouldn't be so sure of yourself.

Most of you experienced that – a very strong hypnotic effect that is still with you. You still hear those voices – don't you? – mother/father voices in your head. Modern psychology has had a wonderful time trying to assess and understand all of this. They have been trying to figure it all out. It is very simple. It’s a hypnotic effect that has been placed on you by your parents. And, now you see them as archetypical figures, and they have this control over you. It is only hypnosis. That’s all it was.

The family hypnotic effect goes into other lifetimes, past lifetimes. Tobias has talked about ancestral karma. We understand that he is going to give a whole session on it. I will be there with him. There is a karma that follows the lineage of your forefathers. And, this type of hypnosis affects your entire family tree. And, you are part of your family tree. You go back several lifetimes ago when you were probably your grandfather's great-grandfather or great-grandmother. You are part of your family tree. And, you carry that hypnosis with you and through you.

So, Shaumbra we have these very strong effects, these hypnotic effects, these belief systems that you have bought into so deeply that you can't seem to get out. You are locked in this crystalline structure… frozen into it… screaming… trying to get out. You’re literally – because of the hypnotic effect – you’re literally continuing to try to work on your story, thinking that if you get your story right, that it will free you. It won't. It won't. You continue to try to build on a story that had its time.

YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE. It’s all an illusion. I’m sitting on the other side of your illusion, chuckling, and laughing, knowing that you are going to get out of it, knowing that it's so much easier than what you think, what you feel, knowing it's so easy to clear those hypnotic effects from you.

It’s interesting that belief systems perpetuate themselves. We have talked before that anything that you create, in a sense, you give it its own life form and allow it to continue living on its own, allow it its freedom. Belief systems are like that too. Belief systems try to maintain their own integrity. They try to build on themselves and to expand themselves.

And, that is what is happening right now with you and with your society. Because of the hypnosis, the belief system effect that you carry with you, your stories try to protect and defend and build the stories. So, even as I'm speaking to you, your story is trying to protect. Your story is trying to find fault with what I'm saying… trying to shoot holes in it… trying to think that what I’m saying is for someone else and not for you.

It is for you. I’m looking at you, and I’m on the outside. You’re trapped on the inside. But, yet even though you’re trapped, even though I'm coming up to your encasement, your little shell, your crystalline structure, saying, “I’m out here; I’m free,” there is still something inside you – that hypnosis – that’s trying to protect your shell. There is still something inside your being that's trying to decide where I’m wrong. It’s still a protection device. The hypnotic effect that you’re under is trying to build your story even grander… and your crystalline structure even grander… your prison even more imprisoned. That is what hypnosis does. That is what belief systems do.

Any time you structure energy, it tries to maintain its integrity. Why? Because it loves you… you created it… you made this story… you made you. Everything will try to protect that because it's what it thinks you want it to do. You’ve trained it to do that for you. You’ve trained your belief systems to constantly protect you. You’ve trained them to build bigger belief systems.

You’re incredible. You created a little belief and let it turn into a big belief. And, now you can't get out. Even though you say you want to, your belief systems go in defensive mode right now, like they're doing right now, going into defensive mode. They don’t know how to handle this barrage that Tobias and I are sending it. They want to run, don’t they? They’re not sure what to do.

There is pressure. There is an uncomfortable feeling. You want this channel to end right now (some laughter). We’re talking to your belief systems. They don't know what to do. They’ve never been talked to like this before. They know it's true, but yet they can't understand; they can't handle it. They’re trying to protect you because they love you, and they want to serve you.

Now, here you are in this incredible hypnotized state… the state of accepting the reality that you are in and thinking that you can't get out… the state of being controlled by the hypnotic effect of churches… governments… business… and religions… and families… and friends. Look at you… you’re so hypnotized that you see yourself through other people’s eyes. You worry about what they think about you. What a hypnosis! You are absolutely hypnotized, a true sign of hypnosis when you worry what other people think about what you. But, you do. That is how you view yourself.

Here is another one – you know you’re hypnotized when you worry about going crazy (some laughter). You spend so much of your time worrying about if you’re going to go crazy. Why? Because it's this hypnotic effect that has its hold on you that's trying to maintain the hold because it loves you. So, it’s devised this thing called “the crazy check.” (more laughter) You say, “I think I’m going crazy, so I’ll hold back. I’ll go back into my hypnotic state because I'm going outside of normal. I’m going outside of mass consciousness. Somebody might notice me (more laughter). I have to keep a low-profile.”

Let me tell you, Shaumbra, I am fully crazy. I have kings and queens and bankers and bishops that will tell you that I am. But, yet they have called on me for counsel. They have called on me to help show them how to get out of their crystal prison.

Simple… I tell them. I tell the kings and the queens and the princes and the government leaders and the rulers – “Let yourself go from that hypnotic state that you’re in. Let yourself go 100 percent – not a little, not some, not 90 percent – 100 percent.”

Ah, and herein lies the challenge. You’re going to do 10 percent. You’ll let go of 10 percent of your story. But, alls you’re doing is letting it go to try to make your story bigger. Under the influence of hypnosis you’re going to try to defend and protect and build your story. It has to be.

Belief systems… any belief system will try to prove itself and grow itself. That is why you are here. You’re a victim – or the lucky recipient – of your own belief systems. You have to be willing to let go 100 percent.

And, here’s what I did. I didn’t have a choice. I was locked into this energy, after walking into your spiral in the Temples of Tien and getting frozen, and being left by you. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know how to get me out. So, you ran. I became part of your karma.

So, I had to learn to let go of everything… everything… 100 percent. I had to learn to let go of every belief system. And, that's where I came to understand what hypnosis is. We’d never talked about this thing called hypnosis back in the temples. But, that’s exactly what it was – belief systems that can be like demons, like monsters… needing to feed off of more energy… needing more and more energy… needing you to create more stories… in other words, taking a neutral state of being, turning it into energy.

It's a vicious and mad cycle. A belief system needs to continue feeding. So, it needs you to continue creating story. It needs you to make your story bigger. You see… you see how this works? It is a very interesting dynamic… until you walk out of it… until you walk out.

Now, walking out of every belief system, walking out of this state of hypnosis takes the most incredible level of trust. You have to be willing to let go of everything. You have to be willing to know that you are going to die the moment you let go, not only die, but not exist anymore because you're not going to exist anymore in the way that you did.

You have to be willing to let go of everything, but yet embody everything simultaneously. Release and accept simultaneously. This is not for the faint of heart. This is not for those who are trying to make their life just a little better. This is for those who are ready to be where I am. This is for those who are ready to walk out of your hypnotic state of the reality that you're sitting in.

If you like your reality, and you just want to make your reality a little bit bigger, that's easy. We can show you how to make more energy to make your story bigger. That’s what most of you, most humans, do. You’re constantly working on your story, aren't you? You’re afraid to let it go. And, the hypnosis justifies your fear.

So, I’m going to leave it at this point. I am going to come back next gathering of Shaumbra. And, we’re going to talk in more detail about how to walk out… how to walk beyond… how to give up everything… so that you truly can have back what is rightfully yours. Remember, Shaumbra, in this next month you are in a state of hypnosis. Remember that it is not bad. It just is what is locking you in right now.

You’re under such a wonderful hypnosis. We’re going to work with you for these next few weeks in helping you to see for yourself how you are hypnotized, see for yourself the fear of leaving the system that has you trapped. You are going to we see your own fears of what it is like to leave the system, not just to be a little better within the system, but to leave it.

I’m going to turn this back over to Tobias. I will continue appearing to you in various forms over this next month. I am that I am.

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we continue with the energy of our gathering. And, Cauldre sometimes wonders who he is and who comes through next.

We have asked Saint-Germain to speak to you about releasing energy beliefs. We have asked him to speak to you about what energy truly is. And, at our next gathering he is going to talk about how to step out, how to come back out of that sleep that you are in.

It is interesting to note that you are in a state of sleep, in a state of hypnosis right now, so fully comfortable in it that you question whether you do want to leave it. But, yet in your – what you would call – your sleep state, when you fall asleep at night, you are much more free than what you are now, much more free. Some very interesting dynamics are going on, some very intense, intense work that you are doing.

In this next month you are going to be confronted with the issues of what is real. Is this real? Continually over and over again, you are going to hear those words. Yes, we are hypnotizing you! (audience laughter) You will hear the words over and over (teasingly said in a stereotyped hypnotizing tone of voice) from us. Is this real? Is it real? It may appear real, but is it real? We are going to question the very fabric of reality through which you will discover how realities are created and how you can ultimately have freedom of the soul.

We love you dearly, and we are on an exciting journey together.

And so it is!

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 50,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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