The Divine Human Series:

Presented at the Crimson Circle
December 8, 2002

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather again as family, as Shaumbra. We share our energies, we share our love, and we share our journey. Indeed, I, Tobias, love to come roaring in, as Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) says. I love to come into your space, to sit next you, to be with you, to feel you so close.

Those of us on this side of the veil cannot come in close to you unless you allow us. We cannot interfere, of course. We cannot even come in close to you unless you give permission and you open your hearts.

That is why it is such a joy for I, Tobias, and for all of the other angels and entities who sit in the Second Circle to gather with you like this. Oh, they are as thrilled as I am. They are here today, filling the Second Circle, hundreds and hundreds of angels and entities who, in a way, have to get tickets to this show (audience laughter), for we limit the number and the quotient of energy that comes in order to keep a balance.

The angels come in, waiting to be with you, waiting to feel your energy and your love, waiting to see this amazing creature called the human, now turning into a Divine Human. They come in to observe because they know their time will come to be in physical body and walk as humans on Earth.

The angels are fascinated by everything that you do. They are taking notes. They are writing it down. They are observing the first group of humans to integrate fully in the New Energy. They are waiting for you to communicate with them on your own level, to talk to them and to hear them. Yes, this is what you are moving into, where you speak from the heart to them, and you can hear them back without the filters, without the layers that interfere with the communications.

How do you do this, dear friends? You do it by opening up. You do it by feeling, rather than thinking. You will feel their vibrations. You will be channeling them, indeed, as you learn to channel yourself and other humans. Then, you will channel them.

What you will hear from them, behind all of the words, behind all of the feelings, is that you are the exulted ones. You are the ones who have taken the difficult journey. You are their teachers. That’s what you will hear.

Indeed, we do love these gatherings! We love this time together with you.

And, indeed, so much is said that goes beyond the words. Yes, as Cauldre was saying prior to the channel, he learned – you are learning – that it is not the words. It is the energies. And, dear friends, as you, as Shaumbra, learn to channel, learn to understand these energies, you do not have to worry about the words. You do not have to place them in words.

So much can be said without the words. Without the words you bypass the brain, the mind. You go straight for the heart. You go straight for the depth. So much of what is said in our gatherings is not in words. That is why so many of you go out to the “zone.” So many of you nod off because you are allowing yourself to receive all of these energies.

What a wonderful group we have here today, the ones who sit in the chairs, and the ones who are connected from all over the world – a group, as we said, who raised their hands when the trumpet of Gabriel was sounded, who said, “Dear God, dear Spirit, I give of myself in service. I will do anything.”

And, here you sit many years later, many years later, having gone through so many difficulties and challenges, giving up everything that you thought you were in order to become everything that you possibly can. And, here you sit, ready for more, waiting for what comes next, still singing the song from your heart that says, “Spirit, I give of myself to your service, to the service of All.”

We meet like this so many times when you are dreaming, when you are sleeping at night. Yes, all of us meet like this as a group. If that's why this energy seems so familiar, it is because we do meet. We sit like this so often in silence, so often just feeling the vibrations. This is where you go at night between your other journeys. You come to this place of “Shaumbratic” energy. And, we sit. And, we smile. There are a few tears. But, we share energies. We share stories. We share ourselves.

Dear friends, many of you have been feeling stress in your bodies lately. We know this. We can see it as we sit here looking at you. We can see what looks like solar flares coming off of your auric field. Much stress. It is also in your mind. Understand that so much of the reason for this right now is because the final adjustments of the grids that we talked about last month are being made.

You can feel the new potential coming in. You can feel the shifts taking place. At the highest levels the energy is shifting. At the inner levels within you the energy is shifting right now. Your body knows that something is happening. Your body knows that it needs to change to adjust to your divinity. It needs to change because you are allowing your divine energies to come up from within you.

These are high, high frequency energies, unlike what your body has experienced in any lifetime past. These energies are strong. They are high. They are intense. And, they are coming in now.

Your body is preparing itself. It is going through the changes at the deepest level. Your body is changing at the levels of the space between the space, then up through the DNA, and the cells, and the tissues, and the organs. What you are going through right now is a biological adjustment so that you can handle all of these New Energies. They are coming in now. That is why your body aches. That is why there are pains. This too shall pass. As your body becomes accustomed and adjusted to the new frequencies, the aches and pains will go out of your body.

We know there is stress in your mind right now. You are so accustomed to seeing what comes ahead of you on the path. You are accustomed to knowing what you will do and where you will be in three months or six months. Humans plan their lives out until they die. They plan their jobs, and their retirement, and even their death. Interesting!

But now you cannot see even into tomorrow. You have difficulty in knowing what lies ahead. This is causing stress in the mind. This is part of the change that is taking place. Part of you is in fear, not knowing what will happen next, not being able to predict, not being able to plan. Oh, this causes great stress in the mind!

We know so many of you lay awake at night wondering, wondering what you will be doing. Worried… you are worried. You are saying to yourself, “I am 30, 40, 50 years of age, or more. What will I be doing? What about my retirement? Who will take care of me? How will I live? What will I do?” We know you worry.

The stress right now is because you are making an adjustment in your mind and in your spirit to live in the Now, to live in the Now, in the moment. It is difficult because you still want to know what is going to happen tomorrow. Living in the Now is NOW. It is the moment.

So, there is much stress in your mind … much stress in your mind. Understand that all of this is appropriate, and it all has to do with this alignment of the magnetic grids.

Understand that these stresses will soon be leaving, and you will then have a body that has been re-built from the ground up. You will have a mind that understands the moment. And you will have a spirit that understands that everything you need comes to you.

It is the new paradigm. You are now living it. You are now in it. You are birthing your divinity, bringing it into the Now – not an intellectual concept, but a reality that is within you.

In our discussion last month, dear friends, I talked at some time, at some length about the churches. I talked about how the churches are holding back the consciousness. It is also a time for change. I spoke at length about the churches and about the religious leaders for a specific reason – to help you, Shaumbra, understand your new role.

You will be the new spiritual teachers. You will be the ones guiding others. You will be the new priests and priestesses in your own way. Perhaps you will not have a large building where they come to worship once a week. Perhaps, you will do it in your own way, from your own home, from your own car, one way or the other. But, you, you are the new teachers.

Last month I spoke about the churches in order to make a point, to make a point to each of you. Don’t rely on old books and old ways. When you are with your students, be in the Now, in the moment. Don’t have any cliches stored in your back pocket for them. Don’t have any old tricks that you pull out from the hat.

Be in the Now. Read their energy. Feel their energy. Hear their words. Then, you will know what to say. Then, you will know how to have compassion for them. Then you will know what to do for them.

The churches, dear friends, served a purpose. You are the ones who helped to create them in the first place, many lifetimes ago! But, their time is coming to an end. There is a whole New Energy, and a whole new type of Divine Human ready to do the work. Look at how you can truly be in service.

Look at the new balance of male and female energy that is needed on Earth. Indeed, the churches of the world have a male domination, a male orientation. It is appropriate now for the melding of the feminine and the masculine energies. It is appropriate now. It is appropriate to be the receiver, as well as the giver.

That is why I, Tobias, got a bit wound up last month about the churches! I was trying to make a point to each of you – to look at what is not working right now for so many humans… to look at what the new teachers will be using as their tools… and, more important than anything, to remind you to always remind your student that they are God also, that they have the power within. It is not contained for them within you, for them within a book, for them within mantras. It is contained within THEM.

Remind them over and over again of the same thing that we have reminded you about – YOU ARE GOD ALSO. It begins with you. It begins inside. It begins when you take that first step of divine empowerment.

Dear friends, there is a shift taking place on Earth. We have spoken of it time and time again. We have spoken of some of the difficult times that Earth as a whole will go through as the old institutions are no longer appropriate in this New Energy… as they come to a conclusion… as their walls come tumbling down.

So much of this change involves a balance and a meld of the male and the female energy, the feminine and the masculine. We are not talking here about the genders of male and female. We are speaking about the energy of the feminine and the energy of the masculine, the giver and the receiver. It is now time for this to come into balance.

It will happen with the completion of the magnetic grid changes. It is time for that to happen within each of you. None of you here are male or female from an energetic standpoint. You are both. It is time that you looked upon yourself as having both energies – the giver and the receiver, the masculine and the feminine, the nurturer, and the one who has the strength. You are all male and female.


We take this opportunity to ask you to love, and acknowledge, and appreciate those in your society who came into this lifetime with a contract to bring in both energies within one body. You call them “gay.” Many times, too often, they are ridiculed. But they came in with a large contract to meld both energies in one body. At times this has caused them imbalance. At times this has caused them great inner difficulties.

They were the first to incorporate both energies at one time. The ones you call “gay” or “lesbians,” they are tired now. They have carried much of this energy, this melded energy of male and female. They have done their work.

Now it is time for you to accept the meld of energies within you. We are not talking about sex here. We are talking about you. We are talking about your energetic balance of feminine and masculine. It is time for you to accept both parts of yourself.

You have gone through much conflict over these years about who you were. You have wondered about how much of a woman you were, or how much of a man you were. Now, it is time to be both. The ones who in your society have been called the gays and the lesbians have paved the way and opened the door, so that it is much more acceptable for you now to carry the meld of energy.

Speaking of the divine feminine energy, we have a wonderful guest on this day who comes in at this special time of the year to be with you. Her energy has been strong around all of you for many months now. For many of you she has been such a guiding force for all of your life. She joins us now as the symbol of the feminine energy, as the re-balance of the feminine energy within you, within society, within the churches.

She comes in as the energy of Mary, what you would call “Mother Mary.” But, it is not just the persona of the one who was in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian churches. Mary represents the goddess. Mary represents the feminine balance.

Your Earth is coming into a new balance. The feminine energy is coming in so very strong right now… strong, in order to be able to be balanced side-by-side with the male energy that has dominated Earth for so many centuries. The Queen returns, the energy of the goddess, symbolized through Mary.

Mary joins us as our special, honored guest on this day. She would like to spend a moment with each of you. She would like to spend a moment, allowing you to feel the potential of the divine feminine energy. So, we will be in quiet for just a moment so that the Queen can sit next to the King inside of you. Yes, and this would be a good time to breathe deeply.


The energy of the Queen, of the feminine, represented here today by Mary, helps to fill the space that has been long neglected in your societies. She comes here to take her rightful seat for a new balance of feminine and masculine, the return of the Queen, and balance with the King. Allow yourself to absorb these energies of dear Mary. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Queen within you.

These energies will be so important in these months ahead because they are nurturing and compassionate. They are giving of life. They are the receiving energies. And, oh, dear friends, how it is that each one of you needs to receive, needs to receive!

You have been givers. You have been warriors. You have been builders and planners. Your energy has been very strong and very assertive. Yes, men and women … we are speaking to both of you. But, now, in the new balance of the New Earth, it is important to be receivers as well. There must be that balance of giving and receiving, of masculine and feminine, of birthing, and of creating, all within you, all within you.

So it is that the energy of Mary is strong and present here on this day as a reminder that it was the energy of the feminine that gave birth to the one you call Yeshua (Jesus), that gave birth to this male who would teach in a new way, teach without the walls. She gave birth to Yeshua, who would change the course of history. She gave birth to Yeshua, who was not accepted at the time, but whose word came to be known by so many in this world. It started with the birthing from the feminine energy.

All of this is so important now that the adjustments of the grids is done… the feminine, the receiving, the nurturing, and the compassion. If there is nothing else that we accomplish today, what we want you to do is to feel this meld within you. So many of you, even the women, have shut down your feminine side, or you have not understood it.

So many of you men, indeed, have thought it was not appropriate to express the feminine, so you closed the door on that part of yourself. It is time to open the door once again. It is time, dear friends, to feel the blended, melded and balanced energy of male and female within the core of your being.

We can feel the changes even as we sit here. Those who are in the Second Circle can see the transformation taking place within you.

Now, we want to add another point here on this day. So many of you are wondering now what work you will be doing. You have heard us talking at length about teaching. You have heard us talk at length about the new work and changes in your life. Indeed, so many of you will be going through changes in these next three, six and nine months of time. There will be changes in where you live, in your jobs, yes, and in your relationships.

At times you have felt the pressure to make changes in your life. You did not quite understand what you were supposed to do. Some of you have been delaying large decisions in your life. You have been waiting. You have been procrastinating. Oh, dear friends, the energy of these decisions will come to visit you in a strong way. It is time to make shifts in your life. It is time to move to the next level.

You wonder about what work you will be doing. Let us just say that it will be different. It will be a work of passion, a work of your heart. There will be some changes that you go through in order to get to that point. These will be happening soon.

We want to make one point very clear. You wonder about the work. We hear so many of you saying to us at night, saying to the angels and the archangels, “My job is insignificant. I don’t feel I’m doing anything worthwhile. I work at a store. I put in my hours. Shouldn’t I be doing grand spiritual work?”

So many of you – too many of you – are in jobs you do not like. This will be changing. This will be changing. So many of you are ready to begin your new work – that of a teacher. Being a teacher has many implications… it can be done in many different ways.

The important thing is that you are already doing the work, or you have done the work. The work is on the inside. The work is on the inside. The changes on Earth, and the changes in the universe, and everything in the Second Circle are affected by what goes on inside you.

When we hear you saying, “Dear Tobias, I do not feel I am doing any work,” we have to chuckle. The changes you have done within youself, the releasing of the Old, and the accepting of your divinity… this is what truly makes a difference. We know you have been going through many internal struggles, many clearings. This is truly powerful work. This work makes a difference more than anything else.

When you change your vibration, you change everything around you. You change the vibration of the mass consciousness. You change the vibration of the angels and the archangels.

The true work is what you have done inside yourself. It is not about what is on your business card. It is not your job or profession. It is what you have done on the inside. So many of you think you are not worthy because you are not doing what you consider to be important work. We shake our heads and say, “No, you do not understand yet.” The important work is what you do on the inside.

The changes you made by facing the darkness within you, by facing your fears, by releasing old wounds… these changes have changed your world to the point where you did not need to go through any sort of catastrophe or termination. The work that you have done within yourself is the true work. The work you have done internally has changed people all around you. It has prevented what could have been very catastrophic Earth changes.

Oh, indeed, you will see the Earth shake and belch for a while. It is appropriate. But, you will notice that there are not large losses of human life. Gaia is able to release in non-destructive ways. It is because you have done the work inside.

It is not your day-to-day career or work that is important. It is what you have done on the inside that is important. What you have done on the inside is the true work.

You ARE worthy. You have been doing the work. Because you have been doing the work, indeed, there will be a new call for you. There will be a new call in this next year of one sort or another. It will be a move to a new level or step.

Yes, indeed we know that there will be some stress caused by the changes. Humans… they do not like change. They complain about what they have, but they do not want to change. (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) But, we tell you, Shaumbra worldwide, there will be changes in your life. It will mean letting something go to make room for something new.

We ask you not to curse us when you are going through this process of letting something go. We ask you to honor and to bless it. It is appropriate. This could be friends, or family, or a career, or a job. This could be something even in your body that needs to be released.

But we tell you that changes are coming. We tell you if there are uncertain times, if you are not sure of your balance, talk to other Shaumbra. Ah, you are the best teachers and the best students for each other. Indeed, you are.

Along that line, dear friends, we would love to tell a short story, a short story. We will keep it short. Cauldre does not so much believe us. (audience laughter) To help you understand part of where you are, we will tell the story of Joe, the story that we told several weeks ago in the land of Orion, what you call Korea. It was told there, and we will tell it again for all of Shaumbra to hear because it is your story. It is about you.

It is that Joe is Shaumbra, like you, going through many changes in his life… learning to understand that he is God also… learning to release the old things that no longer serve him… going through changes that some days have him puzzled and wondering what he is doing… but knowing that there is guidance… knowing that he is never alone. Like you, Joe is searching for his enlightenment. Joe is searching to understand his divinity and his connection with Spirit.

One night in a lucid dream, Joe found himself going to the inner Temple of Divinity, the Temple of Divinity within him. He felt that he was journeying across time and space and dimensions. But, yet he was really, truly only taking an inner journey to the inside of his own being.

In his lucid dream, Joe came to the Temple of Divinity. He opened the door. And, behold, he saw a grand and beautiful hall filled with light, light that seemed to have no source. Everything was illuminated, brilliant, and gold, and shimmering.

Joe walked into the Temple of Divinity and glanced around. He noticed that the entire perimeter was filled with angels. He recognized many of them as being aspects of himself from the past. And he recognized many of the angels who assembled in the Hall of Divinity as being ones who had walked beside him in past lives or in this lifetime.

The angels were all familiar to Joe. There were hundreds and hundreds of angels. They were gathered because they knew Joe was coming.

Joe saw a lone chair in the center of the hall. He knew it was time for him to approach this Chair of Divinity and to sit in it. He slowly approached the Chair of Divinity, glancing at all the angels who were present, knowing that there was some type of ceremony that would take place.

He stepped up into the Chair of Divinity, sat down, and said, “Dear Spirit, am I ready for my enlightenment? Am I ready for my divinity?” A silence fell throughout the whole hall.

One angel stepped out from the group. One large, beautiful, powerful, glowing angel stepped up to the chair where Joe was seated, and said, “Joe, we are honored to have you here in the Temple of Divinity. And, Joe, you are not ready yet to receive your enlightenment.”

A sadness came over Joe, and confusion, and anger. His anger caused him to wake up from his lucid dream, to wake up remembering all the details of going into the Hall of Divinity, and remembering the letdown when the angel told him he was not ready. He sat up the rest of the night, and through the next day, and through the next day, wondering what he needed to do to receive his enlightenment.

At the end of the second day, Joe concluded that he had not studied enough, that he had not learned enough. So Joe began a very aggressive program of reading books, going to workshops and learning everything he could. For the next six months of time Joe read, and studied, and listened. Every moment of his waking hours was spent absorbing material, trying to find new pearls of wisdom.

After six difficult, grueling and tiring months of loading up his mind with information, he went back to the Temple of Divinity one night in his lucid dreams. Once again he opened the door of the temple. And, once again the temple was filled with hundreds and hundreds of angels, all of whom Joe recognized.

Once again he walked up to the Chair of Divinity and sat down. The grand angel stepped forward knowing what Joe would ask next. With a bit of nervousness in his voice, being wearied and tired, Joe said, “Am I ready for my enlightenment?” And once again the large angel said, “Joe, you are not yet ready for enlightenment.”

The emotion of the response from the large angel threw Joe back to his everyday human world. He woke up in bed sweating, remembering every detail of the dream. Once again Joe sat up throughout the rest of the night and for two days afterwards, wondering what was keeping him from his enlightenment.

He finally figured it out. He had too many possessions that were holding him back, too many material things in his life that were keeping him from enlightenment. He felt they were anchors around his legs, dragging him down, keeping him from his enlightenment.

Joe went out and gave away everything he had – his house, his car, his savings accounts, everything except the clothes on his back. He went out and lived as a beggar on the streets, eating only enough to allow his physical body to survive, accepting only enough from those who gave him money or food, accepting only enough to get by. For six months of time, Joe led a life of poverty, a life of lack, releasing everything material around him so that he did not have these as anchors.

After six months, Joe once again found himself in a lucid dream where he traveled to the Temple of Divinity. He opened the door, walked in, this time very tired, and emaciated, and hungry, but not carrying any material goods with him except the clothes on his back. Joe sat in the Chair of Divinity with much anxiety as the angel approached. Once again Joe asked the question, “Am I ready for my enlightenment?” This time the tall, beautiful angel said no words, but simply shook his head, “No. No.”

This nonverbal response flung him out of the lucid dream, back to his human world. He found himself laying on the street corner, for he had no bed… laying on the street corner wondering, wondering, wondering what it was he should know. He laid on the street corner for a long time until somebody came and moved him away, like he was a piece of garbage or dirt.

Joe thought about his lifetime, thought about his journey. It suddenly dawned upon him that he had not done enough service for others. His life had been about himself. He knew that he was selfish, that he had spent so much time on his own spiritual journey and awakening. Surely, surely, the reason he was not be ready for enlightenment was that he had not given enough to others.

So Joe embarked on a whole new program of being in service to others. He found every opportunity to help someone. He helped the elderly with their groceries. He helped children in the park who had fallen down and gotten hurt. He helped couples who were quarreling. He looked for every possible opportunity to be in service to others, to earn his “enlightenment points.”

After six months of giving of himself in every possible way to any human who would possibly allow him to do so, Joe went back to the Temple of Divinity one night. He opened the door, saw all of the angels, but this time didn’t pause to feel their love and their energy, for he was a bit angry by now. (audience laughter)

He wanted his enlightenment. He marched to the Chair of Divinity and sat down. Before the angel could even come to him he said, “Am I ready now for my enlightenment?” A hush fell over the crowd, and in unison, hundreds and hundreds of angels said, “No, no, Joe, you are not ready yet.” (audience laughter)

At that point Joe broke down in tears and said, “I give up, I give up. I have tried everything I possibly could to achieve my enlightenment. I have given up all my material goods. I have been in service to others. I have studied about spirituality and religions. I come back here and you tell me “no” one more time.”

Joe broke down. He had tears coming from his eyes. And as he broke down, he released all of the Old Energies that had been pent up within him.

One tall, grand angel came forth, put his hand on Joe’s shoulder, and looked at him with eyes of compassion. Even through the compassion, Joe could see that the angel was smiling, even chuckling. This angered Joe even more to think that the angel would laugh at him.

Joe asked, “What is it that I should know? What is it that I need to do to achieve my enlightenment?” The angel laughed and said to him, “Joe, it was so simple all along. You could have just asked. We would have told you. But now that you have tried everything, now that you have experienced all these different things, now you ask the question. We will show you the reflection of yourself in the mirror. Within that reflection you will see the answer.”

Joe gazed at the angel and could suddenly see himself in the angel’s face. He could suddenly see his own being reflected from the grand angel who stood in front of him. Then the answer came to him. It was simple. It was so simple that Joe felt ashamed for a moment, and then broke out laughing.

The answer, dear friends, was that Joe had no self-worth. Joe did not value himself, or what he was doing. So, how could he possibly have enlightenment? Joe felt that he was less than perfect, and less than God. Each time he came to sit in the Chair of Enlightenment his lack of self-worth showed. When Joe sat in the Chair of Divinity and asked if he was ready for his enlightenment, all of the angels had to respond, “No, you are not ready yet because you have no self-worth. You view yourself as something less than God, as something less than perfect.”

Joe also saw in his own reflection that everything he had done in every lifetime, had been perfect. Everything had been part of a learning and growing experience. Everything he had done contributed to All That Is. Everything he had done had created new experiences for his soul. Everything had been perfect.

There were no wrong turns in the path … ever. There were no lesser roads. There were no mistakes along the way … ever. Even in lifetimes when he was a thief, or a bandit, or a murderer… all of it was appropriate. Yes, also in the lifetimes where he was a healer, and a doctor, and a teacher, one who worked with others… they were appropriate also.

Sitting in the Chair of Divinity, Joe realized that he didn’t have to ask if he was he ready for his enlightenment. The answer was already there. He didn’t have to ask the angels. All he needed to do was to accept himself with total compassion and love, just as the angels accepted him. But, he needed to do it within himself.

At that moment, Joe achieved his enlightenment. At that moment, his divinity glowed within him. He realized, in the moment, that everything was perfect and right. So ends the story of Joe, Shaumbra, like you… you who are sitting in these chairs today… you who are sitting in the chairs listening in today, or reading today.

You don’t have to ask if you are ready for your enlightenment or your divinity. Your divinity is here right now, ready to go, ready for you to understand the perfection of everything you have ever done. Your divinity is waiting for you to acknowledge that you don’t need to have a job with a big business card with a big title in order to be worthy. You don’t have to be speak to hundreds or thousands of people to be worthy.

The work you have done within yourself is what has made a difference. The work you have done to come to new understandings about who you are – that has made the difference.

You are worthy. We don’t want to have to tell you this! We want you to understand it within yourself. We want you to accept that everything you have ever done has served a purpose and has been done in love and perfection. You are so hard on yourselves.

Right now there are changes you are going through in your life, and you think you are making mistakes. You worry about the people who you affect by the decisions that you make. Dear friends, you cannot affect them. You cannot.

You think that you are hurting others because of things you are doing for yourself right now on your spiritual path. Understand that you are not. In a way, you are being the best possible teacher to them. You worry that you spend too much time on yourself. You worry that you should be in service to everyone else, like Joe.

You think that living a life of poverty will bring you enlightenment. So, on the inner levels you choose a life of poverty. Dear friends, in this work of Spirit in the New Energy, you need abundance. Allow it into your life. You have lived in poverty too long. You have lived too long in lack. Has it brought you enlightenment? No. It’s only brought you pain. It has only depleted your strength and your energy.

You have studied, and studied, and studied until your eyes have become crossed and blurry, thinking that you were going to find an answer in a book, or from someone else. That did not work either. You are the teachers. You are the ones to be writing the new books, not studying the old books. You have learned everything you are going to learn from studying. Now begin practicing. Practice. Teach. Be guides. Be Divine Human Guides.

In a way, dear friends, you have been hiding behind these things that Joe was hiding behind. You’ve been hiding behind the thought that you had not learned enough, so therefore you could not teach. You have been hiding behind the fact that you needed to punish yourself through poverty, so you have stayed in poverty. You’ve been hiding behind the fact that you need to do all of these things for other people, be in service to them.

Dear friends, we pose a difficult question to you: “How are THEY going to come to THEIR enlightenment, if you don’t allow them their journey, which may include difficulties and challenges? But, if you are trying to interfere, trying to put bandages on their life for them, how are they going to come to their enlightenment?”

You are not here to heal or rescue anyone. You are here to facilitate their own healing process. You are here to be a compassionate guide, but not to do it for them. You do not get “brownie points” on our side of the veil for service to others. You get enlightenment when you come to your own sense of self-worth.

We do not want to have to say this to you again! You need to discover it on your own. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE GOD ALSO. Everything you have ever done has been in the name of love… everything… everything… everything.

You are God also. You have never killed anyone. Oh, you have destroyed their physical body, and they had to be re-birthed. (audience laughter) But, their energy was still here. They are sitting next to you now. How could you have killed them? They are sitting next to you. You have never done damage to the spirit and the love of God. You have only built experience.

With that, dear friends, let us talk for a moment here about the New Earth. Let us talk for a moment here about where you are going.

But, we remind you… we do not want to have to bring up this subject of self-worth again! (audience laughter) It is your problem now!

Dear friends, you left Home so very long ago on a journey to learn something that Spirit, that you, could not have learned staying in the Kingdom. You left Home to learn about something that was not possible for Spirit to learn on its own.

Part of this journey meant leaving Home and essentially erasing any identity that you had in order to create a new identity. When you left Home, you created a new identity so you could experience in a whole new way.

It was a brilliant, brilliant plan to forget who you were, to wipe out identity… be on your own. It was a brilliant plan, we have to say.

When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, the first question you asked was, “Who am I?” You were no longer at Home. You were no longer part of the oneness. You were no longer the Prince or the Princess of a Kingdom. You were nothing. You were in the Void. You were nothing. You asked in the darkness, “Who am I?”

That single, energetic question has propelled you through a journey that has gone for eons of time. That single question – “Who am I?” – has taken you out into the Void where you and all the others have created the universes. Indeed, there are universes. What you see out there is your physical universe, but there are many, many layers, many dimensions that you do not see with your human eye.

When you asked the question, “Who am I?” it started a long journey. You went out to learn what it was like to have your own identity. You learned about the deepest of the deep. You learned about the widest of the wide, and the longest of the long.

You learned about the color blue. You learned about birds. You learned about stars. You created all of these things. You created them and then experienced them.

You created water. And, then you put yourself in body so you could experience it.

You created energy waves that float around in space. And, then you went and played with them. Using these energy waves, you created whole groups and societies.

You created stories, stories out in the universe, out in the Void that will be told from here to eternity. The stories are about how you shifted from one identity to another, and how you teamed with other identities who were also in search, asking the same question, “Who am I?”

You learned what it was like to love, and you learned what it was like to hate. You learned the beauty of the sunset. You learned about the sadness of death. You learned laughter. You learned about tears and what they carried with them.

You learned about the joys of having a family, of meeting someone, falling in love, and creating little babies who would turn into rambunctious teen-agers. (audience laughter) You learned about emotions like fear. You learned about anger.

Everything you have ever created you have learned from. It has all been to answer the question, “Who am I?”

You had marvelous experiences… wonderful. You created music so that you could listen to it. You created animals so that you could learn about biology, and so that you could have pets, who could show you unconditional love.

You learned what it was like to fall so deeply in love with someone that you allowed your energy to fall into theirs. And, you learned what it was like to have enemies, who would gobble you up, who would annihilate you if you didn’t get them first.

What a wonderful game… what a wonderful game! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, “Who am I?” is the single question that has created all of this. How could any of it be wrong? It is all designed to help you learn and understand, and help you come to a new depth of understanding of “Who am I?”

It’s been a wonderful journey, a long journey. But, you know, dear friends, it was not really so long ago when you left the Kingdom, not very long ago at all. It is an illusion that so many years, centuries, eons of time have passed. In a sense, it was only the blink of an eye ago. It was only one breath ago that you left Home and asked the question, “Who am I?”

Now look, look, and see what you have created. You created physical bodies so that you could experience your creations. All in answer to the question, “Who am I?”

How does this apply to the New Earth? The New Earth it is not a planet, although it has characteristics of a planet. It has a type of gravitational pull, this place we call the New Earth. It has a type of energy that at one moment could appear to have mass, and the next moment does not.

The New Earth is being built right now. It is being built by you. It is being built because of the changes that you are making within yourself. The New Earth is being built with the assistance of all the angels of the Order of the Arc. But, in a sense, you are the general contractors. They are only helping to shape, to weave, and to structure the energies because of what you are telling them to do.

You have all been journeying there in some of your nightly wanderings, in your dreams. So you have a perception of this energy already, this energy of the New Earth. Some of you, when you leave this physical body behind, when you end this lifetime… some of you will go there, and in a sense, reside there. Others of you will choose to come back to Earth.

Let us tell you the main difference about the New Earth, as compared to anything else. Right now you still ask the question, “Who am I?” On the New Earth there is no question. There is simply the knowingness, “I AM. I AM. I AM.” You’ve gone through a very long journey to get to this point, and you no longer need to answer the question, “Who am I?” You come to the new awareness of “I Am.”

When you go to this New Earth – sooner or later – you will find things very different than on the old planet Earth. You will find that you do not need to create situations for yourself to answer the question, “Who am I?” When you go to the New Earth, you will understand, “I Am.”

On the New Earth, you will be working with and studying and playing with New Energy. As we have told you before, New Energy has never been created before. There was a finite amount of energy that left the Kingdom, and you have just been switching its forms and its ratios back and forth. But, now, you as humans on Earth have created New Energy for the first time outside of the Kingdom.

The New Earth is the place where you will study this energy. You will learn about the potentials of New Energy. You will learn what can be done with it. You will learn how to be true creators. The biggest difference is you will no longer ask the question, “Who am I?” You will understand the statement, “I Am.”

On the New Earth you will be a receiver of energies, as much as a giver. Do you know, here on the Old Earth you give… and you give… and you give. It is an outward expression all the time, giving in to creation, giving in to creating new forms and new identities.

On the New Earth you will be giving AND receiving. On the New Earth you will be a balanced energy of male and female. In a sense, there won’t even be a male and a female anymore. That was Old. That was duality. You will be totally integrated.

On the New Earth, you will be able to go back and pick up any of the attributes of anything you have ever learned and use them there. You will not have a physical human body, unless you want it. You can create it, and you can literally go back into biology, into mass. But, then you can depart it whenever you want.

Right now, in the Old Earth you are, as you say, stuck in these bodies, and if you leave, you face certain death. On the New Earth you can create the body, and you can create mass whenever you choose to. If you want to enjoy a fine meal, you can do that. And, at the end of the meal you can move out of physical form, back into pure energy form.

I have talked about creating my own scenario of my cottage out in the country. But, in a sense, it is just my hologram, an illusion. But, on the New Earth you will be able to create reality, material reality whenever you want.

On the New Earth there won’t be any death because there is no permanent body. You never die. On the New Earth there is no death, so you don’t have that dreaded thing to look forward to. On the New Earth you go through cycles and changes. You go from one level of vibration, to the next level, to the next level, perhaps taking breaks in between, but there is no death.

On the New Earth there is no need to seek a partner or a mate to be part of your life. You will be complete unto yourself. You are whole unto yourself. But, on the New Earth you will find that you can easily meld and blend your energy with another entity if you choose. You can become part of them and part of their experience. You will understand everything their soul has ever gone through. You can literally view it from within them. But, on the New Earth you do not need to consume them. They do not need to consume you. You are whole and complete unto yourself.

On the New Earth, you will not have a brain like you have now as a human because you will FEEL everything. You will not need this barrier, this filter of the brain, to process things through. In a sense, all of the records of all of your experiences will be contained within you. You will have access to them, but it will not be like a brain that makes judgements, that tells you what’s right or wrong. On the New Earth there is no right and wrong. It is simply “I Am.”

On the New Earth you will have incredible senses of feelings… and understanding… and compassion… and love… and joy. On the New Earth you won’t have to experience the things that you did on the Old Earth, of fear and anger. Those were all part of this game of answering the question, “Who am I?”

The New Earth will be a laboratory for studying the applications of New Energy, and how to use it for creation. The New Earth will be a learning place where the energies of Home can come in fully. Yes, indeed the New Earth will be a beacon to Home, to allow the energies of the Kingdom, of the King and the Queen, to now expand outwards.

The New Earth will be a place where you, you human angels, can also work with the humans who have stayed on the Old Earth. You will be able to literally sit beside them. They may not recognize you because they are still in duality.

You will be able to transport yourself back to the Old Earth because you were there. You helped to create it. You know how the energies work. So, you will be able to go back and be next to the ones who are asking for guidance. You will be able to go and sit with them. Very few will recognize you because they are still in the Old Energy.

Do you understand, dear friends, that even we who are on this side of the veil cannot come in too close to you, the humans? There are energetic barriers that prevent us from coming in very close. But, from the New Earth you will be able to come and be even much closer than we are right now.

There is a question here (coming from the thoughts of someone in the audience) – wondering, wondering if entities like I, Tobias, or Mary, or any of the others can go to this New Earth at any time? In a sense, yes, we can, but we cannot stay there. They can visit. That is the best way to put it.

In order to truly be a resident of the New Earth you must go through the entire process of enlightenment on the Old Earth. That is the pathway to get to the New Earth. The angels on this side of the veil cannot by-pass Earth to get to this new place.

The question is also asked, “What is the name of the New Earth?” We tell you that it has not been given a name yet. The energies are still being built. It would not be appropriate to name it at this point.

We also tell you that the New Earth is a separate place, not a planet, but rather an energy build-up. This is a wonderful place from what we have seen, from what we perceive it will be. It will be a place where you will truly understand the “I Am-ness” of who you are.

What happens to the Old Earth? We don’t know yet. It is up to you. It is up to the other humans. We see the strong potential for the same changes that are taking place on the New Earth to also happen on the Old Earth. We see that the understanding of “I Am” can occur here on this physical Earth, just as well.

We see that the Old Earth, the physical Earth, also has the potential to release duality. We see the potential that you do not have to carry around the physical body all of the time on the Old Earth. We see the potential where there are not wars because there is nothing to battle about anymore. With the understanding of “I Am” there is no need to battle.

The Old Earth has the potential of changing. The Old Earth has the potential of bringing in the attributes of the New Earth. The Old Earth also has the attributes, dear friends, of being a place for souls who want to continue playing the old game, who want to continue to be in search of the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

The Old Earth has the potential to continue wars… to continue pollution… to continue mistrust… to continue the emotions of anger, and hate, and rage. It has that potential also. Which way the Old Earth goes really depends on you and the other humans at this point. It really depends on the work that you do within you, deep within you.

It is at a point where we cannot tell you, one way or the other. We do not see that the Old Earth will go through any sort of destruction or termination, but it could be that it could remain as the playground of old duality.

This will be known here in the next few years of time, in the time of what you have talked about, as calling “the quantum leap.” That will help determine which way the Old Earth goes. But, what we know right now is that a New Earth is being built. It is being built by you.

No longer ask the question, “Who am I?” You will have the understanding of “I Am.” It is something that you are beginning to experience in your lives right now.

Now, we know that there will be many questions about the New Earth. Some we will not be able to answer because it has not been determined yet. But, we can give you the overview of the energies of the New Earth, and the understanding of how you can take everything you have ever done and play with it on the New Earth. You can go into physical matter. You can do all of these things on the New Earth.

Now with that, dear friends, it is time for you to speak. It is time for the Shoud, for you to speak to yourself about what is going on in your lives. I, Tobias, will back away for a moment, and next you will hear the sound of your own heart, of your own being come through. We will take a moment to adjust the energies.

(Pause while Cauldre shifts from Tobias to the Shoud)

Shaumbra: We are Shaumbra, and we are family. We are one voice, and we are many voices. Together we walk a journey, a journey of Shaumbra, a journey that leads us from Home into this place Tobias talks about, the New Earth.

As we listen to Tobias talk, we dream of the New Earth being right here in this place where we currently live. We dream of bringing these same energies to what has been called the Old Earth. As Shaumbra, we see the potential for all of these things to occur on this Earth.

As Shaumbra, on our path right now there are so many changes that at times it is difficult. At times we’re not sure which way to turn. We’re not sure what’s blocking the road in front of us.

But, we are here to tell ourselves one simple and short thing on this day in this Shoud. We have created so many rules for ourselves in the past. We have created rules to help us get through the difficult times. We have created rules about how we should act… and what we should eat… what we should think… who we should associate with.

We have created rules for ourselves about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. We have created so many rules for ourselves that it is difficult at times to move forward.

As Shaumbra, we remind ourselves that it is time for all of the rules to come down now. Let there be no rules in our life. Between now and the end of our calendar year, we will look at the rules that we have created. We will look at the rules that we have created about what is the right way to dress… what is the right way to talk… what is the right way to act… what are the right things to believe in… what are the right foods to eat.

We have created volumes and volumes of rules, and none of them apply anymore. We will look throughout these next days and weeks of time as we experience things in our life. We will look at all the rules that we have. And, we will come to understand that the rules perhaps served us in the past, but are no longer appropriate.

It is time for all of the rules to be gone. We have allowed the rules to rule our life. We have given up control and power of who we are to rules that don’t apply anymore. We have let a portion of our own identity be the judge and jury. Those are the voices that we hear in our head. Those are the voices from the very rules that we made up, and then gave authority to part of ourselves.

To enforce the rules, we hear the voice of the judge and the jury, and they are controlling and guiding so much of our lives. It is time to take all of those law books that we have written for ourselves and throw them out. Those old rules are not becoming of us anymore. The old rules don’t look good on us anymore. They don’t serve us anymore.

As Shaumbra, we gave up power to old rules that the old self created. As Shaumbra, we let the kingdom of ourselves be governed by aspects of ourselves – the judge and the jury that told us what to do and what not to do. As we look out on our path and what lies ahead for us, we realize that the old rules will keep us from becoming who we are, keep us from understanding the true “I Am.”

So, it is time that we look at how those rules dictate and guide our lives. And, then we release them all.

There are rules that guide our lives that we don’t even understand are rules. They are so engrained and embedded within us that we don’t realize that these were illusions, that we don’t need them anymore. We tend to create such narrow guidelines for ourselves that we have not allowed ourselves to truly express and truly enjoy.

We’ve created so many of the rules because we didn’t trust ourselves. We didn’t trust our own power and our own divinity. So, we limited ourselves with rule after rule after rule about how to live… and what to be… and how to be perceived by others.

We realize that these old rules are the last vestiges of what needs to be released in order to become a Divine Human. We have released past lives. We have released old energies. We have released other people. But, now, as Shaumbra, we realize it’s time to release all of the old rules that we created. None of them apply anymore. And there is no reason to write new ones.

If we are going to let our divinity be our guide, why would we need rules? Why would we have to create restrictions? If we truly trust ourselves as divine angels, there are no rules. There is only creation. There is only “I Am.” And so it is.

(Brief pause as Tobias returns)

Tobias: I, Tobias, return for just a moment. Ah, we love looking at you. We love this time together.

We have covered much ground today. We will talk more about the New Earth in upcoming gatherings. We will talk more about what you said – how this energy of the New Earth can be part of the Old Earth, as well. We can envision the meld of the Old Earth into the New Earth so they are one, so they do not have to be separate. It could take a while. But, dear friends, with the work you are doing, there is the potential for that to happen. There is the potential for the New Earth to be right here.

You are never alone. You have Shaumbra as family. You have us, the angels, as dear friends.

And so it is


Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 50,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

Please freely distribute this text on a non-commercial, no-charge basis. Please include the information in its entirety, including these footnotes. All other uses must be approved in writing by Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, Colorado.

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