Technical Requirements
To have a successful viewing experience, you must have the following:

Consistent high speed Internet connection - A broadband Internet connection that provides a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps (1000 Kbps) is required for video streaming. If audio only streaming is available, 64 Kbps (0.064 Mbps) is required. To be sure that you have sufficient bandwidth, click here to test it now. Test to Chicago and a couple of other cities to see if you have consistent speeds. Satellite-based internet connections have, historically, been problematic for live streaming, due in large part to the inconsistency of the download speed which frequently falls below the minimum bandwidth. Similarly, wireless high-speed internet (such as 4G providers) tend to have issues due to fluctuations in signal strength. For these reasons, we strongly recommend viewing Live Cloud Classes on a wired broadband connection such as cable or DSL.

Up-to-date browser - You must have the most up-to-date version of a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Opera.  In the event of any issues we will likely have you can try one of the other browsers as a solution. If you have embed issues when using the Safari browser, please change to Chrome browser or try this in Safari: Go to Safari preferences, choose Privacy and uncheck 'Prevent cross-site tracking

Usage - For users with a data usage cap on their Internet service, Cloud Classes will use approximately 350 MBytes/Hour. The on-demand replay will use the same.

Buffering Problems? - If you have problems with buffering that usually means your internet is not keeping up with the setting on the player that you have in watching the video.  When you have the video running, on the bottom right of the video player there is an HD, click on that and put your session on 'automatic'.  It will optimize your internet speed to the video that is playing.  If that doesn't help put the slider on a lower number.

Close opened APPS - close out all the opened apps, since they consume memory even if they are not in use

On Demand (Archive)

I don’t see the videos when I get to the Class broadcast web page. What do I do?

Refresh your screen. Clear your Cache. Click here to have help with Clearing your Cache on different browsers

How long will the on-demand replay be available?

The on-demand replay for the Cloud Classes will be available for 90 days (Live hosted events can be much shorter). The countdown clock posted under the player on the Class page after the live event will indicate how much time is left. The viewing time will be listed in the description of the event prior to your purchase.

Is there a limit to how many times I can play the video? 

You can play the video as many times as you like until the viewing period has ended.

If I experienced technical difficulties during the live broadcast, can I get an extension of time to view the video on demand?

The time period for the on-demand replay cannot be extended. If you have technical difficulties, e-mail [email protected] for assistance.

Can I share the on-demand video link?

No. The on-demand video viewing is for paid participants only.

Can I download, record, or copy the on-demand video?

No. Please remember that all video and audio transmissions and recordings are copyrighted by the Crimson Circle. We appreciate your integrity in respecting these copyrights.

Comment Wall
What is the Comment Wall?

You will see a Comment Area just under the video window. This is an area for attendees to comment and interact with each other about the event. Event facilitators may also interact here.

Registration and Login Questions
What is My Account for in the Crimson Circle Online Store?

Your My Account page in the Crimson Circle Store is used to purchase products and register for various events, workshops and Cloud Classes. The My Account will keep a history of what you have ordered or signed up for including the links to your online Events or Cloud Classes and any gift certificate usage you may have.

Can I use my username and password from the Crimson Circle Online Store to log in?

Yes. In fact, this is the only login information that will give you access to your Online Cloud Classes.

How do I recover my password? (Your username is your email address)

Go to this page and type in the e-mail address with which your account was registered and click the 'Request a new password' button to get your password e-mailed to you. Please do not create another account if you have one already, you can change the email address in your account!

I get an error that my e-mail is already in use, what do I do?

Your e-mail address uniquely identifies your account. If you already have an account using this e-mail address then you should login to that account and proceed. If you can't remember your password and/or username then go to this page, enter your e-mail address and click the 'Request a new password' button. Your password will be e-mailed to you. Please do not create another account if you have one already!

How do I sign up for Workshops?

Login to the Crimson Circle Store and click on "Live Events", "Online Events" or "Cloud Classes". Follow the instructions to select the workshop you want to register for. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and your credit card will be charged. For the Cloud Classes you will be sent an email with the class access. For Online Events you will receive an invitation email as noted in the Event description.

How can I tell when I am signed up for an Event?

Login to the Store and click on My Account. On your My Account page you will see all upcoming Classes for which you have registered, including a unique link for the Cloud Classes.

How do change or cancel my Workshop registration once I've placed the order?

You will have to email Customer Support.

Why didn't I get any e-mails from the Crimson Circle Store after registering?

Most likely the e-mail has been blocked by your ISP or sent to your junk mail (spam) folder. Add [email protected] to your safe sender email list and look in your junk mail folder(s). Also, whenever you checkout in the CC store, make sure you do not uncheck the box that says "Receive offers by email?"

What do I do if I've lost the e-mail with the information for the event I registered for?

Simply sign in to your My Account in the Crimson Circle Store and you will find all of Cloud Class logistical information.

Customer Support
How do I contact customer support?

Email us at [email protected].