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Channel Pack from the Midsummer Conference – Hamburg
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Disk 1: Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 2: Kuan Yin through Norma Delaney, with Garret Annofsky
Disk 3: 'We Are Nine' through Story Waters
Disk 4: Kuthumi through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 5: Zapharia through Lee Harris
Disk 6: Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 7: Group Channel with Zachary, Kuan Yin, 'We Are Nine' and Tobias

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October 2008 Newsletter
Shaumbra Speaks

A sample of recent postings on the Crimson Circle Message Board and feedback from Shaumbra around the world


The “Power” of Words

How much power do we give to words? When St. Germain speaks of the farewell of "power," we are all questioning the power in our lives, even the word "power" itself! It makes me question what is power exactly?

I find in my present realm of experience the word "power" as two different things. The first thing as St. Germain spoke of is power as an opposing force, something outside of self that controls consciousness, energies, and resources. The other power I experience is quite different and this is "power" as the ability to choose. A type of inner power and something that describes the grandness of living in true self and authentic creative abilities. If I have a "powerful" experience it is something very moving from within that awakens something deep and true inside me.

I am discovering here that we tend to put too much power into word's definitions, and this is the power outside of self, the power that dictates reality. But when we trust ourselves the specific words that we use don't matter so much, it is the inner consciousness behind the words that moves the energy, and this is what really matters.

So if I find myself caught up in a power game of words, then I know its time to let go and go into self-trust and travel to a place of Sans Definition. Words are only as powerful as we make them out to be, we can either allow the words to inspire and empower the soul within, or create separation and opposition of self with them.

So trusting all choices, including choice of words is vitally important at this time of the farewell to power.

Rebecca – USA

Saint-Germain as a cat?

Now, what was it St-G was saying about cats during the Shoud......?

From what I remember, he mentioned that he likes to manifest himself as a cat on occasion... Which is funny because after listening to the Shoud last night, I went outside on my porch. I have been feeling this fear move through me. It is not mine. There is so much fear here. In the South Eastern states, we are currently experiencing a gas shortage due to pipeline problems after the last hurricane. This has been happening for two weeks now. Then of course all the talk about the stock market, the price of gold, energy crisis, the falling of insurance agencies, etc. I have been feeling so much of people's fear, it sometimes is almost too much. Breathe...

Well, after the Shoud I went outside to breathe because the Shoud was heavy. I asked to speak to St. Germain to ask if I am indeed going to make it. How will we all fare through this, because there was so much fear in the air. Just as I requested to speak to him a cat appeared out from the bushes in my yard. He stopped, sat, and looked at me, so I asked him the question. I was talking to a strange cat as if it could talk back! This made me laugh. Well, I as soon as I asked the question the cat looked to it's right – that’s when a limousine drove by from that direction.... To me symbolizing abundance.

Then I told St. G that he looked cute as a little cat. With that he ran away...

“Heliumbones” – USA

Evidence of Construction

Kudos on your excellent work & a job well done!!!! The newsletter & website are fabulous! And, the new energy space is great! I created a healing space for myself within the Shaumbra Service Center where I use expanded awareness to help myself and my clients..... The new energy is great!! And I got a wink from the other side, too. A construction truck with the most interesting slogan, "We're proud of our erections." I knew it was Tobias and Adamus validating my spiritual presence within the Shaumbra group. Even though I have only personally met one other Shaumbra in the physical world this lifetime, I still feel like this is my spiritual family.

Elizabeth – USA

Finding Home

After spending time thinking about and searching for the bigger truth for most of my life, I met the Crimson Circle and felt truly "home" for the first time. I am that I am, is feeling so true, and right.

After meeting other Shaumbra in Hamburg and listening to the channels there, I met another viewpoint, and that was about us all LOVING IT! Loving being here, loving all there is to this life, all of it. I found myself laughing inside. Not that I ever have had that thought before, quite the opposite. But I let the new thought or feeling join in with the rest of me, and walked home afterwards, loudly laughing with my friend. We enjoyed turning this new experience around in all different ways, and we're still laughing! It really did something new to the both of us. So we're really loving it, right!! That's just another new perspective, and it's so good and so funny to feel.

Maud – Denmark

Fully Human

If there is one thing I have found in my own life, [it is that] I can allow my human to be transformed, but I won't be leaving any part of it behind in the process (no matter how much I might want to or try to convince myself it is somehow possible)...and while no one can tell me that things will turn out the way I think I want or hope for them to, what almost anyone can offer anyone else is the reassurance that no matter what, I will always be alright...even when it doesn't particularly feel that way...and that's what friends are for...to cheer us on in our triumphs, to hold our hand when we are sick, to celebrate the beauty of life, to share love, joy, peace, and sorrow...sometimes to simply share a sense of quiet presence...and when possible/appropriate to be that other tangible hand of God we provide ourself to get up again when we fall. These things are everywhere, everyday...they always have been...it's just really hard sometimes to reopen when we closed down from the harshness of this world, and the tendency we all have to turn it on ourselves.

I have spent a lot of time trying to be 'christian,' 'spiritual,' 'intellectual,' etc...the one thing I gave up on at a very young age was fully engaging humanity...and the funny thing is that the true growth (in any respect, spiritual or otherwise) has only ever come in those moments where being fully human was unavoidable.

I have spent so much time and energy trying to be something, anything else...and it would seem that I have truly saved the best for last...I have been everything else, there is nothing left to be...and, funny thing is, in allowing for this...what I am discovering is that the divine was there all the time. I am not losing myself in the humanness...I am finding the divine within it...and it was always there, waiting for me to embody it...the fruit of the rose.

Criss – USA



I Ache to Return Back to Me

I gain from the shame
I hide in my pain
I love my arms and they love me
They stroke my heart,
I feel divine
Arms out wide
Spread open
Opening all of me. My Wings
My Angelic wings, gracefully allowing
Me to open, back into me
Fully opening
Feel the gentleness and love
Back into me, I am remembering who I am
Pure, delicate, sweet grace
My arms are tired of holding back
I spread my wings now and shine my divinity
My wings keep me balanced open and free
I feel so alive, as the winds sooth me
To now choose to fly free
The pain that I carry is many life times long
Beating myself for getting it wrong
I thrash my arms with unbelieving thoughts
I carry, push, hit and fight
I thrash my body with all my might
I have to get it right
No one can see me until I do
I will hide another lifetime,
If that's what I have to do
Abandon me, and lie to me again an again
I don't think so
I'm now ready to stand up
Be my magnificence
Spread my wings
And Teach

Janine – New Zealand

Origin of Creation


When I give my all to the Origin of Creation
I feel a complete rejuvenation
and I come to one startling revelation
that this will be our true salvation

Lennon gave us 'Imagination'
religions tell us they are our salvation
if we give our all to the Origin of Creation
we rejuvenate, rejuvenate, rejuvenate
We are each a fragment of the creation
give yourself a standing ovation
feel the sensation, one civilization
we are heading toward one realization

There's an Origin of Creation
no matter what you think
a birth, a bang, a word, a being
it's all the same whole we are seeing
The veil is drawing back, feel it more and more
it's time to breathe anew and rejuvenate the core
There's a truth about the Origin and it didn't start with sin
it's time for religions to let everybody in

Religions have fought for power, for several thousand years
all were started by men and are preying on our fears
This is not blaspheming
and I know that I'm not dreaming
we are particles of the same Creation, we all came from One
every man, every women, every son
The Christians and the Muslims cannot seem to coexist
each being more righteous, they want to insist
In the Crusades Christians killed the Muslims
'the infidels were perverse'
Here comes the energy once again
only this time, in reverse
Here it comes full circle, more like a figure eight
both kill for right, both kill for hate
both for the Light but the dark can't wait
The energies come, the energies go
seeking resolution as they flow

To all you radical Muslims, freely taking lives
what if your 72 virgins, are nuns all armed with knives?
Don't you see who you are killing, it does seem so deranged
it's time to stop the violence, the energy has changed
The train has left the station, we're calling all aboard
no one will get left behind, its the One we're heading toward
You may be a Catholic, an atheist or a Jew
a Buddhist or a Baptist but you're all coming too


When I give my all to the Origin of Creation
I feel a complete rejuvenation
and I come to one startling revelation
that this will be our true salvation

Patrick – USA

Answers that Quench

The seekers' flames must never go out
For if they did a dark age would soon sprout

Eternal questions thirsty for answers that quench
Enlightenment can even be found on a park bench

The power of now is the power to choose again
This is a power we all share both women and men

That which is present has been present all along
The melodies may change yet it continues its song

All that is is in the all just as the all is in all
Everything has its tides, the rise and the fall

The pendulum swings from side to side
Within all this motion does the infinite hide

The life of a universe is contained in a blink
By the one mind that allows us neurons to think

To those that seek they will surely find
We live in a mental creation of the all mind


Shaumbra Haiku

All that we are pours
LOVE JOY and LIGHT forever
into all that is

Deep peace of gently
falling rain to you...breathe love
in magic of now

Sing your dreams into
BEING...feel the LOVE that your
singing is bringing

In every waking
moment choose that which gives you
happiness and peace

Breathe the magic breath
of appreciation and
all becomes perfect

Zoe – USA

The flutter of wings
reminding me of Angels ...
wrap me up in Love ...

Breathe them in deeply...
feel them meld into Oneness
with our physical...

Auspicious time comes ...
impossible, possible ...
magyck becomes real....

Yvonne – Canada

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