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by Geoffrey Hoppe

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Channel Pack from the Midsummer Conference – Hamburg
Includes 7 audio CDs with all channelings from the Hamburg Conference, including Tobias, Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin, 'We Are Nine', Zachary and Zapharia.

Disk 1: Tobias through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 2: Kuan Yin through Norma Delaney, with Garret Annofsky
Disk 3: 'We Are Nine' through Story Waters
Disk 4: Kuthumi through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 5: Zapharia through Lee Harris
Disk 6: Adamus Saint-Germain through Geoffrey Hoppe
Disk 7: Group Channel with Zachary, Kuan Yin, 'We Are Nine' and Tobias

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October 2008 Newsletter

An Inside View
       - by Geoffrey Hoppe

After an intense Shoud like we had on October 4 with Adamus Saint-Germain, I get a lot of questions from Shaumbra about what I experience as the channeler during a session like this. Here’s a look from the inside:

I usually don’t know which entity is going to do the Shoud. The only time I get a heads-up is when something unusual or challenging is going to be presented. Adamus Saint-Germain “dropped in” while I was taking a shower on Saturday morning before the Shoud to let me know he would be doing the session. I was somewhat surprised because with Tobias departing in July 2009 I assumed that Tobias would do all of the Shouds in the Returning Series. Adamus said Tobias asked him to do the session because it would be such an integral part of what we are going to work on in the next four years.

During the “Geoff and Linda Show” at the beginning of the webcast I started to feel lightheaded and slightly disoriented as I could feel Adamus moving in. It felt very surreal, like I was watching myself trying to go through the slides during the first hour. Adamus was very present and ready to go; quite frankly I think he wanted to dispense with the slides and get on with HIS message.

During the break between the G & L show and the Shoud, I go into the back room at the Coal Creek Hall to breathe and make my connection with the entities. Once I get into this groove I become extremely sensitive to any and all energies. I have to limit my interaction, both physical and psychic, with other people as well as the other non-physical beings I become aware of at this time. Because I feel so expansive, it’s easy to get distracted by the incoming energies of the guests, the Shaumbra who are tuning in online, and the angels of the Crimson Council that are energetically supporting the Shoud.

The moment Norma starts to lead the breathing with Shaumbra I feel myself being swept away into other dimensions. I can still feel my body and I’m aware of my physical reality, but it feels like one aspect out of many. At this point I can feel my body jerk and twitch; it happens even if I consciously try to inhibit it.

Now the music starts playing. I’m out in the ozone so to speak. I can see and feel Saint-Germain. The compassion and love is so overwhelming that I get a series of love washes starting at the top of my head and going out through my toes. My body jerks and twitches again. It is an incredible, euphoric sensation. Everything turns golden-white and I realize I’m back in my true consciousness. I wish I felt like this all of the time. “Stay focused,” I tell myself. It’s not a time to go wandering off. Saint-Germain is radiating a light that goes right into my physical and ethereal body. I’m allowing him to meld with me, entering into my body, mind and soul. More body jerks and twitches. “Are other people feeling this,” I wonder? Ooops, stay focused. This is the time for a channeler like the initial take-off is to an airline pilot. Not a good time to be looking out the window. Breathe and release. Breathe and release. Ah!

Suddenly the swirling of energy calms down. Saint-Germain has landed, fully a part of me. He’s Saint-Germain, I’m Geoffrey, but now we are unified. The music is still playing and the next minute or two seem to take hours. Saint-Germain starts chatting with me, usually about rather mundane and unimportant things. He tells a few jokes, he shares a few stories about Tobias and Kuthumi. I feel a big smile on my human face. I hope everyone has their eyes closed because I probably look like the village idiot right now.

Saint-Germain tells me that he has an important message today. “Don’t filter or hold back,” he chides. Be a clear channel. He’s going to tell it like it is because Shaumbra really wants to know. Stay tuned to him, don’t wander into the other very active energies surrounding both of us. Breathe. I smile again, not because Saint-Germain is joking around but because he’s now smiling at Shaumbra through my physical face. My face feels different, like it’s not all mine.

Suddenly I hear words coming out of my mouth. It sounds like me but it isn’t me. I’m present in the room but I’m not present at all. I know I could stop everything if I wanted to but I don’t want to. I’m flowing on a fast-moving river of consciousness but yet it feels calm, steady and guided. I hear the audience laugh. Dang, I missed Saint-Germain’s humorous or perhaps arrogant remark! Such is the life of a channeler.

We’re deep into the Shoud now. Saint-Germain is talking about The Messengers. My mouth is moving and sound is coming out but I’m not really sure what is being said. In addition to Saint-Germain I can also feel the incredible connection with tens of thousands of Shaumbra. This indeed is a Shoud, the combined consciousness of Shaumbra and the entities. Life is good. Breathe.

Saint-Germain is talking about Farewell to Power. Like both watching and feeling a movie I can see powerful people around the world trying to cling to their power. I can see not-so-nice entities on the other side trying to hold on as well. It’s not a pretty sight. Saint-Germain nudges me: “Stop filtering!” He wanted to say something about religious rhetoric and spiritual bull shit. I said “spiritual BS” instead. The audience laughs. I breathe. What’s a former Catholic boy to do?

Now he’s coming on strong. Talking about what’s ahead in the world. I feel like I’m a passenger in a speeding car. I can see this whole struggle for power, I can feel the fear and anxiety among humans, and more than anything I can feel humanity’s confusion and their own loss of power about what’s really happening with the world financial markets. Few know what’s really going on, many will incorrectly speculate. “Get back into focus,” I tell myself. Don’t get sucked into the chaos.

As quickly as the storm of energy moves in, it now suddenly settles down. The waters are calm again. “Wow,” I think to myself, “this is one heck of a Shoud.” If anyone is tuning in late they probably got blasted by the energy. Now Saint-Germain, using my voice and mouth, is talking about trusting ourselves. I’ve heard it before but this time it takes on new meaning and depth. I feel it rather than think it. Trust in our self: It’s how we get through the tough times ahead. Anything else is an artificial flavor.

Ahead of me in the channel I can feel something very special coming up. The ominous energy is replaced by a shimmering golden landscape. Saint-Germain is asking Shaumbra to join in a vision for the planet. He asks us to feel it rather than think it. Gerhard Fankhauser is playing music per Saint-Germain’s request. If any Shaumbra had been drifting off they now join back into the Shoud energy to create this vision of future potential. “This is what Shaumbra really love doing,” I think to myself. This is where they are at the top of their game. The energy of the Shoud grows immense but it doesn’t push or control. Maybe we should do these group visions more often I think?

We take a break between the Shoud and Questions/Answers. Linda gently guides me to the back room so I can stay in the Shoud consciousness. I wonder how she’s holding up? I know she feels the energy as intensely as I do during a Shoud because she’s an intricate part of the channeling process. She leaves me alone in the back room and goes out to talk to Shaumbra. She’ll allow herself to integrate this Shoud at a later time, maybe on the flight down to Brazil.

We’re back for the Questions & Answers session. I maintained my connection with Saint-Germain so it’s easy to slip right back into full channel. Now he’s talking about the “Good News,” or as I just mistyped now, the “God News.” Whew! I’m happy to hear there IS good news. Saint-Germain is talking about a formula for spiritual physics: “The collapse of power leads to waves of turbulence that cause a tense void, which leads to new awareness.” I can see the formula like it was written on a chalkboard by a mathematician. Saint-Germain nudges me and says not to try to describe it in human words. It’s indescribable for the time being, and besides, Shaumbra “gets it” anyway. We move on. Now I can see solutions to humanity’s challenges of fuel, food, finance and medicine coming fast and efficient. These are solutions we couldn’t have even imagined a few years ago. This whole Farewell to Power has opened new doors of potential that were always there but never seen. The visions of Shaumbra we did during the Shoud are helping to bring these into reality. Very cool Saint-Germain, I think I get it now!

Another Shoud has been delivered and the day is done. I feel very disoriented now although I’m trying to talk to people and help the staff pack and load the equipment. I’m more of a hindrance than a help so I decide to get out of the crew’s way. I’m hungry, tired and happy. We have dinner with a group of Shaumbra at the little restaurant up the road. The conversation is light and easy. Everyone is basking in the energy of Shaumbra and the day.

That night I have one of the most restless sleep’s I’ve had in years. The dreams are vivid and intense. There’s a lot of chasing, struggles, anger. And fear. It’s the Farewell to Power.

And so it is.

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