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in a moment of true inspiration, music becomes channeling and channeling becomes music, a message for you, a Call to Awaken.

A spiritual experience beyond words

Featuring Tobias and Yoham

From the unforgettable opening with rich musical tones that stir the soul and usher in the voice of Tobias, to the gentle closing words directly from the hearts of the angels, Call to Awaken is a multi-dimensional experience that will touch you on every level. The musical passion and genius of Yoham blended with the profound love and compassion of Tobias have created an incredible gift to be received deep within your spirit. Gerhard Fankhauser and Amir Ya'acoby (together known as Yoham) bring in New Energy through their unique musical expression as they accompany Tobias (through Geoffrey Hoppe) in an incredible co-creation recorded live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tobias opens with a deeply moving invitation to remember your origin, your purpose and your true identity. His comforting voice gently invites you into a deep inner experience of remembrance and trust, opening the heart, calming the mind and beckoning the soul from its slumber.

Carried on the ancient rhythms of the music of Yoham and delivered through the loving words of Tobias, the Call to Awaken resounds within your soul and touches every part of your being. It is your own Call, reaching out to your biology, your mind, your consciousness and your spirit, calling every part of you to awaken and come back home to yourself.

With the voice of an angel accompanied by the rich musical expression of voice, string and percussion, Tobias and Yoham spin an incredible journey of remembrance and awakening. The Call to Awaken is a call you will never forget.
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“Welcome to this New Energy Synchrotize where we’re going to explore the nature of reality, the effect of belief systems and how you can make conscious choices in your life to bring about the reality that you choose for yourself.” – Adamus Saint-Germain

The new, updated version of Saint-Germain’s Synchotize™ is now available! The updated version was recorded with a live audience in Lincoln City, Oregon in July 2007. It replaces the original version recorded in Eleuthera, The Bahamas in January 2006. The new version features clear, professional audio recordings and new information from Adamus Saint-Germain.

Synchrotize helps a person look at their beliefs and overlays, then release those they no longer accept. Using the simple tools offered by Adamus Saint-Germain, a person can easily learn how to make their own conscious choices and place these in their reality landscape. When this happens, the person realizes a synchronous flow in their life. Adamus Saint-Germain concludes the New Energy Synchrotize workshop saying, by making a conscious choice to be with and work with New Energy, you leap into new potentials in your life, new experiences.”

While participating in the New Energy Synchrotize process, Saint-Germain takes the listener through an intensive 3-1/2 day journey of looking at their beliefs systems, observing how they have been hypnotized into limited belief systems, and learning how to create their new reality.

Available in the Shaumbra Shoppe on the Crimson Circle web site.”

The New Energy Synchrotize program contains 6 audio CDs and one data disk with complete text transcripts and a guide to review the materials as PDFs. ORDER HERE

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May 2008 Newsletter
Q&A Classics

Revisiting some of the 1100+ questions that
have been
asked at past Shouds.

“Aging” in the New Energy

Clarity, Shoud 1

QUESTION: Tobias, I’m turning 50 soon and I was told recently that strengthening my body through exercise would help carry light out into the world as I go from practicing law to speaking and writing. And I’m just wondering what you had to say to us “baby boomers” who are going out into the world in different ways in this chapter of our lives.

TOBIAS: Indeed. I can make that very clear. It is about no longer accepting the illusions of age. This can be one of the first groups to transcend all of that. Oh, we see so many things: Old perceptions and concepts about everything from the way your body acts and reacts; about what to eat and not to eat; and particularly about sex.

We see that when you – not just you, but all of Shaumbra – are inundated with this information that now there’s going to be more of it because there's more of you that are growing more graceful and more mature. You are going to be inundated with hypnotic messages that say you're getting old; you’re getting decrepit; you’re losing your mind; and you’re losing the control of your body. We watch these commercials and these advertisements through you and we are amazed that you believe it and you accept it! “Oh, my gosh the person on TV is losing control of their bowels, and so I must also!” (audience laughter)

What you are doing is buying into the illusion. So, we are going to ask you, first of all when you see any commercial, to clear. Go to the core energy for what it really is. It’s not that commercials are bad, but they are hypnotic. You buy into them. So, we’re going to ask you to clear all of this.

The physical body, actually at this point in your cycle and your years, can be at one of its most resilient and energetic states. The muscle mass starts going, and there is a good reason for that. Muscle is an older energy tissue and it is being replaced by another layer of energy tissue that cannot be seen – it is not a physical tissue – but you can start incorporating that into your body. You don't need the muscle mass. You don't need that mass anymore. You can be very resilient.

QUESTION: That means no more working out in the gym?

TOBIAS: Not the way most humans work out. They go and beat and abuse their body. If you can’t smile during your workout, don’t work out! You should have joy. If you are working out right now, you should clear the energy so that you can release old muscle mass, replace it with a whole new level of energetic structure. It is invisible, non-physical energy that comes in and starts incorporating. It creates its own network with your tissues and particularly – with all of you – your bone structure. Invite it into your bone structure so the bones aren’t dependent on the old way of structure and so fragile, and now they can become more resilient.

This is the first group to show that age doesn't have to bring upon the decay of the body. We get very emphatic here. But we want all of you to enjoy living in your body. And then, the day you decide not to live in it, don't go through months or years of disease. Walk out of your body. Drop it. Leave it behind like a pair of old underwear. Right now the body gets decayed and diseased and old and the last years of living are miserable. You should able to walk directly out of your body.

Darkness vs Evil
Clarity, Shoud 5

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, what is the difference between darkness and evil?

TOBIAS: That is an excellent question and a difficult one to answer in a short time like this. Darkness is a natural occurring energy that is part of the duality reality. It is an energy that is literally is part of the whole but helps the light understand itself. There is no bad in the darkness. It is just an opposing force. It actually works in harmony with what you would call the light.

What you now term as evil, we say would be the unbalanced or the imbalanced darkness. Evil is when you take the energy to an extreme, and you literally try to shut out its partner, the light. It becomes obsessed with itself and – how to say – it believes in only itself. It becomes very centered in self and it begins to twist and distort its relationship with the light. In a sense, it will deny the light in order to pump itself up.

As much as you have the imbalanced energy of the dark called “evil,” you have an imbalanced energy of the light as well, believe it or not. There is an energy of light that denies the darkness, that finds comfort and joy only in itself, that pretends it's the beginning and the end, and that wants to take everything for itself. That is also an imbalance. Just like evil is to dark, there is this other side of the light.

It is about understanding that the two – lightness and dark – both have a right to exist. And both work together in harmony in a duality scenario. Once you move out of duality you don’t any longer have the opposing forces of light and dark, and therefore evil cannot be present in total pure New Energy.

Our Origin
Clarity, Shoud 5

QUESTION: Where did I specifically come from and what would be the relevance of that to what I’m doing right now?

TOBIAS: Indeed, well, that could be a very long answer, but let us give you the short version. You – and all humans – came from the Source, the Oneness. You are an expression of Spirit with a very unique identity of your own. You are God also. You are part of that Oneness. But you, God, gave yourself the gift of an individual identity. You are part of the whole, but you are whole unto yourself, you see. It seems like a contradiction or a paradox, but it is not at all. You are part of the fabric or the matrix of everything, interconnected to every other energy. But yet you, by yourself, are wholeness and complete. You can literally let go of your connection to everything else and still be whole and complete within yourself. So, that is truly where you came from.

Sex and Love
Clarity, Shoud 5

QUESTION: What’s wrong with me about love and sex? Have you a message for me?

TOBIAS: Indeed. Love and sex… love and sex… two of the strongest overlays of any on Earth right now, two of the strongest forms of hypnosis. They are both, as you know, very related to each other. They are both cause for great delight and joy, and both cause for the darkest of any darkness that you can possibly go into.

They are what we are going to call pure energy sources, both of them. Neither one of them is physical or non-physical. They are simply energy sources. And we’re going to get into these in great detail in our upcoming workshop about sexual energies. We’re going to explore what energy is in the first place, how it is used, how it is manifested, how it is abused, and how these two things – love and sex – can be used to control others. It can be used to put spells on others. It can be used to manipulate and steal energy. Or it can be used for the complete liberation of yourself.

These two energies are gifts. They are blessings and they are curses at the same time. So we will go into much more detail about this, but understand that when you look at what feeds you, look at it from the standpoint of love. And look at how you have your own relationship, your own feelings and beliefs about sex, and how these two issues can also be some of the greatest things holding you back right now.

What is love? We don’t want to answer that because that would again tend to try to define it. You’re all going to be finding a whole new meaning of love in your life in these coming few years, a whole new understanding that blows away anything that you thought that love was.

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