Sedona Reunion
by Geoffrey Hoppe

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in a moment of true inspiration, music becomes channeling and channeling becomes music, a message for you, a Call to Awaken.

A spiritual experience beyond words

Featuring Tobias and Yoham

From the unforgettable opening with rich musical tones that stir the soul and usher in the voice of Tobias, to the gentle closing words directly from the hearts of the angels, Call to Awaken is a multi-dimensional experience that will touch you on every level. The musical passion and genius of Yoham blended with the profound love and compassion of Tobias have created an incredible gift to be received deep within your spirit. Gerhard Fankhauser and Amir Ya'acoby (together known as Yoham) bring in New Energy through their unique musical expression as they accompany Tobias (through Geoffrey Hoppe) in an incredible co-creation recorded live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tobias opens with a deeply moving invitation to remember your origin, your purpose and your true identity. His comforting voice gently invites you into a deep inner experience of remembrance and trust, opening the heart, calming the mind and beckoning the soul from its slumber.

Carried on the ancient rhythms of the music of Yoham and delivered through the loving words of Tobias, the Call to Awaken resounds within your soul and touches every part of your being. It is your own Call, reaching out to your biology, your mind, your consciousness and your spirit, calling every part of you to awaken and come back home to yourself.

With the voice of an angel accompanied by the rich musical expression of voice, string and percussion, Tobias and Yoham spin an incredible journey of remembrance and awakening. The Call to Awaken is a call you will never forget.
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July 2008 Newsletter

Sedona Reunion
       - by Geoffrey Hoppe

Last month Linda and I were guest presenters at the Kryon Summer Conference in Sedona, Arizona. The event was billed as the “Reunion” between Lee Caroll, Steve Rother, Ronna Herman and myself. And what an amazing event it was!

Sedona is a city with a population of 11,220. Sedona's main attraction is its stunning array of red sandstone formations, the Red Rocks of Sedona. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. The Red Rocks form a breathtaking backdrop for everything from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails. It’s considered to be the New Age capital of America.

Lee channels Kryon and is one of the best-known channelers in the world today. He started his work in the early 1990s and since then has helped enlighten hundreds of thousands of people around the world with the Kryon book series and his seminars. Ronna channels Archangel Michael and is known as the Grand Dame of channelers. At 80+ years old, she’s a real powerhouse and one of the most authentic people you’ll ever meet. Steve channels The Group, and together with his wonderful wife Barbara travels around the world doing workshops and seminars. Steve is like a brother to me, having grown up together in this spiritual work we do. It was a gathering of some of the most preeminent channelers in the world.

The last time we were together as a group was 2002 at the Kryon Summer Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a classic moment. Lee, Steve and I were onstage getting ready for a three-way channel. The audience was going wild with laughter as Lee, Steve and I did a little comedy thing like something out of an Abbott and Costello movie (you had to be there). Unknown to Lee, Steve or anyone else, we had arranged for Ronna to crash the party. She burst through the doors shouting, “Boys, boys, you need some strong feminine energy up there with you!” The audience went wild and we created the first four-way entity channel.

Back to Sedona. Linda and I showed up at the high school gymnasium the day before the Kryon event began. The size of the “room” and the magnitude of the event were a bit intimidating. Linda and I have spoken in front of larger groups but it was always a Shaumbra audience. This event would include about 750 Kryon-ites, Lightworkers and Michael-maniacs as well as Shaumbra. Plus some other world-renowned experts such as Peggy Dubro (EMF Energy Balancing), Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (DNA and laser light research), Robert Coxon (an incredible musician) and Jan Tober (music, healing and meditation).

Linda and I are usually too busy at our own big events, such as the Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, to really observe or enjoy the gatherings. But here at the Kryon event we didn’t have to worry about the lighting or sound, didn’t have to think about the problems with air conditioning or bathrooms, or any of those countless details that bring the blood pressure up a few notches. We actually got to talk to people we haven’t seen in ages (and maybe lifetimes). I was able to sign lots of books and schmooze with people without interruption or worry. What a blessing!

The gymnasium was packed wall-to-wall with spiritual humans from around the world. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen or felt in a long time. They weren’t there just for Kryon or Tobias or Archangel Michael or The Group. They were there for planetary consciousness! They came from nearly every walk of life and corner of the world, but the common bond was clear: Everyone had a love and passion for this thing called the human journey.

We were scheduled to talk on Sunday afternoon, not usually a good time because people are tired and maybe overwhelmed by that point. Some of the talks had gone long earlier in the day so instead of starting at 2:20 PM we didn’t get on stage until well after 3:30 PM. I had prepared slides about the Crimson Circle, but the moment we got on stage Tobias nearly leapt into my body and wanted to talk. I hadn’t seen him that excited since Taos last year. After a very brief introduction from Linda to the group, we started the channel. You can see clips of it on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiBU9FwaXr8) or download the entire channel at www.crimsoncircle.com.

Tobias’ love and compassion really came out in this channel. Unlike most channels where he’s talking to a group of Shaumbra, this message was more general but in many ways more touching. He was reaching out to the entire spectrum of metaphysicians at this conference, and perhaps to a much broader audience as well. And if anyone in the audience was tired they certainly didn’t show it. I was told that people hung onto every word from Tobias; there wasn’t any snoozing or twitching and restlessness as he seemed to captivate the entire group.

The highlight of the conference for nearly everyone there was the five-entity channel at 7:00 Sunday night. You could have heard a pin drop as Lee Carroll convened the session. After bringing up Pepper Lewis (channeler for Gaia) as a surprise guest, the five entities came in and the channeling began. The message from every entity was loving and compatible, talking about unity and working together with human beings and angelic beings to bring forth new consciousness. Tobias brought the house to roaring laughter when it was his turn to channel. He noted the magnificence of Gaia, Archangel Michael, The Group and Kryon, and noted it was an honor for “an old dead Jew” to be in such esteemed company. The entire five-way channel is available as a free audio download on the Crimson Circle home page (www.crimsoncircle.com).

I wish I could have bottled that moment after Kryon do the wrap-up portion of the five-way channel, which was also the wrap up for the three day conference. The love of 750 humans and countless entities was so thick I could feel it in every part of my being. The hope and potential for humanity was so evident that it washed away any concerns or fears. The dedication of this group of humans who, like you, have spent countless lifetimes in service to humanity, was so obvious it brought tears to my eyes. It was one of those moments of truly inspired consciousness. It made me proud of the work that Shaumbra and all New Age/New Consciousness people do.

My hat is off to Lee Carroll for putting this Reunion together, and to his staff and the other presenters for the impeccable job of organizing an event this size. We are all truly family of the heart.

~* Travel with Tobias - Upcoming Events *~

Event dates subject to change. Some upcoming events may not yet be listed in the Shaumbra Shoppe because details have not been finalized.

July 11-13, 2008
Tobias’ Aspectology School
Breckenridge, Colorado
Live Tobias channels with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe. Co-facilitated by Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky. Learn about the nature of aspects, how to identify and integrate your old aspects and how to create new aspects to serve your needs.
July 19, 2008 • 7:00 - 9:00 PM
A Channel in the Garden
Eli Ashby Center of Arvada
7401 Grandview Ave., Arvada, Colorado

An evening of live music and channeling at the Eli Ashby Center, owned by Lori and Roger Drienka. Call 303-463-6565 for reservations. Space is limited.

August 2, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com

August 22-24, 2008
Midsummer New Energy Conference

Hamburg, Germany
First time in Europe! A 2-1/2 day conference and celebration to be held in Hamburg, Germany. Featuring Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi, Story Waters, Lee Harris, Patricia Aburdene, Alain Bolea, Jan Brouwer, Norma Delaney, Garret Annofsky, the music of Yoham (including Gerhard and Amir) and others. Check out the Midsummer Conference web site at www.midsummerconference.com for full details. Early-bird registration price ends July 20. Hosted by Dr. Gisela Steimel.
August 26, 2008
Shaumbra Institute Teacher Seminar
Hamburg, Germany

A one-day gathering for certified Shaumbra Institute teachers followed by a late afternoon reception. e-mail Suzy for more information
September 6, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com

September 21-24, 2008
A Special Tobias Retreat!
Landmark Resort
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin
A special retreat limited to 40 attendees in beautiful Egg Harbor, Wisconsin (northeast of Green Bay). Tobias will focus on inter-dimensional expansion, sensing entities and energies, using sensory feelings. The retreat will include connecting to non-physical energies, probing into future potentials, and becoming aware of nature spirits. Opening dinner on Sunday night, September 21. Hosted by Dale Laviolette.

October 4, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
October 10 - 12, 2008
Tobias’ Sexual Energies School
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Live Tobias channelings of the popular Sexual Energies School. Tobias will talk about the sexual energy virus, how it affects the victim and abuse consciousness, the origins of the virus, feminine and masculine energy imbalances, and how the practice of Aliyah from the Atlantean Temples of Tien can be used in your life. This is one of the most intense and transformational Shaumbra Institute schools. Hosted by Silvia Togna Magini.
Novermber 1, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
November 14-16-2008
Tobias’ Aspectology School
Holiday Inn Frankfurt- City South
Frankfurt, Germany

Live Tobias channels with Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo. Co-facilitated by Norma Delaney and Garret Annofsky. Learn about the nature of aspects, how to identify and integrate your old aspects, and how to create new aspects to serve your needs. An intensive three-day school. Not recommended for persons taking anti-depression medication.
December 6, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
plus Crimson Circle Holiday Party!
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
January 3, 2008
Shaumbra Webcast and Shoud
Coal Creek Canyon Community Hall
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado USA
Attend in person or tune into the webcast here or login to www.crimsoncircle.com
Also coming in January 2009:
• Tobias’ Aspectology School, Tokyo, Japan. Live channeling’s with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe.
• Annual Kauai Retreat: Kauai, Hawaii. Tobias will talk about his past lives and returning to earth. Limited to 60 attendees.
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