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Tobias’ Discovering Your Passion workshop is now available as a five audio-CD Personal Study Course. The channels were recorded in Denver, Colorado in June 2008 and have been put together in a comprehensive Personal Study Course complete with a Study Guide and text transcripts of the channels.

The Discovering Your Passion Personal Study Course allows Shaumbra around the world to hear the important and timely information from Tobias about passion in the comfort of their own home, on their own schedule. “What is my passion?” is one of the most frequently asked questions to Tobias. In this insightful course Tobias talks about what passion is, why it has changed, and how to bring passion back into your life.


Featuring Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, and a powerful intuition-expanding experience with Kuthumi lal Singh

Recorded in November 2008 in Athens, Greece

Intuition: Have you ever wondered what it is? Is it only for privileged few? Are women naturally more intuitive than men? How does it really work? Can it be learned, or enhanced?

In 'Expanding Your Intuition' Tobias will give you the background information to understand what intuition is and how it works. Kuthumi’s guided exercise will take you through the process of opening and expanding your intuition, and Adamus Saint-Germain will work with you for a fortnight to experience and use intuition in your life.

Expanding Your Intuition includes these audio presentations:

  • Tobias session – 55:23
  • Kuthumi session – 72:18
  • Adamus Saint-Germain session – 50:39
  • Questions & Answers – 50:44


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January 2009 Newsletter

Midsummer New Energy Conference 2009
       - by Jean Tinder

Ever since his first “And so it is” back in August of 1999, Tobias has been lovingly fulfilling an age-old agreement to remind us who we are, bring us back together as the family of the Shaumbra, and help us facilitate a consciousness shift the likes of which has never been seen before.

But something special happened on 11-11 in the year 2000, after he had been speaking to us for just over a year. We had not yet experienced 9/11, Adamus Saint-Germain, or the Quantum Leap; we hadn’t even learned to call ourselves Shaumbra yet. But during a Q&A session that day Tobias announced that, after staying on the other side in loving support of us for more than 2000 years, someday soon he wanted to return to Earth and join us here!

Over the years Tobias has often reminisced about his days on Earth during the times of Atlantis or his adventures – and misadventures – in the lands of Israel. As Saint-Germain has said, Tobias’ greatest attribute is his incredible love for humanity. And, as time went on, he spoke more and more often of his desire to once again partake of the experiences that only life on Earth can offer.

Then, in February 2005, Saint-Germain announced that Tobias already had a body here on Earth! He said it is a biological ‘shell’ that Tobias has been preparing to inhabit sometime in the future. As we began to hear more details about this special human, eventually given the pseudonym of “Sam,” we came to love him too. And, because of how openly Tobias has shared his story with us, we also learned to love our own precious human self a little more.

Finally the day came when Tobias announced the date of his departure/return: July 19, 2009. What a celebration it will be! Tobias is allowing us to witness the process of incarnating into physical reality from a very unique perspective, and in doing so he is teaching us about the exquisite preciousness of human life.

The Midsummer New Energy Conference of 2009 will be a gathering like no other. Old friends from both sides of the veil will be on hand to assist in this universe-wide celebration of life. It will be a weekend to remember.

Here are the details:

Dates: July 17-19, 2009
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Venues: The Riverwalk Center AND The Village Hotel

Partial list of angelic participants:
• Tobias
• Kryon
• Chief Joseph
• The Pleiadian Collective
• Adamus Saint-Germain
• Kuthumi Lal Singh
• Kwan Yin

Partial list of human participants:
• Geoffrey Hoppe
• Linda Benyo
• Lee Carrol
• Story Waters
• Lee Harris
• Norma Delaney
• Garret Annofsky
• John Cali
• Wendy Kennedy

And of course will we celebrate and dance the nights away! Entertainment includes:
• Yoham
• The Jimmy Stadler Band
• Brian Campbell – DJ

It is a party not to be missed!

Please note:

• Many of the events this weekend will take place at The Village hotel, including book signings, Meet the Speakers, evening entertainment, and the Shaumbra Shoppe.

• Lodging is available at The Village as well as The Great Divide a few blocks away.

• Make your reservations soon, the rooms will sell out quickly.

• Be sure to ask for the Crimson Circle discount rate. Group Code #: BC9CC4. Discounts available until June 16, 2009.

The channeled sessions will NOT be broadcast live. Recordings will be available within 1-3 weeks following the event.

To register, please click on the following link: http://www.shaumbrashoppe.com/p-1059-msnec-farewell-to-tobias-breckenridge-co-july-17-19-2009.aspx

There will also be a special celebration for Shaumbra Institute Teachers on July 20 & 21, details coming soon.

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