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A book about New Energy Abundance by Jan Brouwer

Do you have problems with money? Does it seem that no matter how much you earn, there is never quite enough? Would you like to learn practical applications of the teachings of the Crimson Council and experience true abundance in your life?

In this booklet you will learn the difference between wealth and abundance; how mass belief systems and the human tendency to avoid uncertainty keep abundance from our lives; how to use the power of conscious choice to make fundamental and lasting changes in your life; and what abundance looks like once you start trusting yourself and living fully in the Now moment. With a number of exercises to help you reflect on your own issues, "Choosing For You" provides you with the inspiration and tools to change your life and start experiencing abundance for yourself.

Now available as a digital download (PDF)
Price: $12.50 USD

For more information and to order:
Click Here-US Store
Click Here-European Store



Featuring Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, and a powerful intuition-expanding experience with Kuthumi lal Singh

Recorded in November 2008 in Athens, Greece

Intuition: Have you ever wondered what it is? Is it only for priviledged few? Are women naturally more intuitive than men? How does it really work? Can it be learned or enhanced?

In 'Expanding Your Intuition' Tobias will give you the background information to understand what intuition is and how it works. Kuthumi’s guided exercise will take you through the process of opening and expanding your intuition, and Adamus Saint-Germain will work with you for a fortnight to experience and use intuition in your life.

For more information and to order:
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Personal Study Course

Adamus Saint-Germain’s DreamWalker Birth Transitions is now available as a Personal Study Course. DreamWalker Birth is the second in Saint-Germain's DreamWalker Death/Birth/Ascension trilogy. This new course offers insights and guidance into what happens on the Earth dimensions and angelic realms prior to physical birth.

The DreamWalker Birth guide, called an “Adoula,” is trained to work with expectant parents to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery. The entire process of conception, pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating much pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth. The DreamWalker Birth materials will help expand your horizons and assist you in inspiring consciousness in others.

If you want to learn more about the spiritual aspects of the birth process, this material from Adamus Saint-Germain is informative, captivating and inspirational. If you want to become an active, certified Adoula, you will have to attend a teacher presented DreamWalker Birth Transitions workshop.DreamWalker Birth Transitions Personal Study Course includes:

• Nine audio CD disks with Adamus Saint-Germain channels and Questions/Answers
• 300 Page Study Guide Book, including transcript, in PDF format on a data disk

For more information and to order:

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Crimson Circle Store
February 2009 Newsletter
Shaumbra Creations

Discover new contributions every month from creative Shaumbra all over the world. Please note that inclusion here does not imply endorsement by the Crimson Circle.
For submission guidelines, please see below.

Featured on this month’s Shaumbra Launch Pad!!

Creator – Marisa Calvi

CreationPharaoh Thutmose III - Book

I have had an interest and passion for writing since I was a child but never connected with it fully. I have been following the Crimson Circle teachings since 2000 and as I re-awakened my consciousness, my passion for writing did also. During my Ohamah School in Feb 2006 I began automatic writing and then consciously chose to write as my way of being a new energy teacher. It was at the Crimson Circle MSNEC at Breckinridge in July 2006 that I connected with Kuthumi and began to truly write and channel. I published our first book "You Don't Have Problems, You're Just Bored!" in January of 2007. It was through this book that I was inspired to begin writing Kuthumi's memoirs from his more well known times as a human. "Pharaoh Thutmose III" is the first of these. To order, please visit my website.

Website: www.newenergywriting.com
Email: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Tommi Makela

Creation Beyond Mind: Business Consulting & Channeling

Channeling the Big Picture

Welcome to a different kind of a management consultancy service. What you are going to read, throughout this website, will go beyond what is considered ‘normal’ in business standards. Channeling is a remarkable and efficient process to add clarity in both business and career situations.

My name is Tommi Makela, and my expertise is through going beyond concepts that a mind can handle, opening up the consciousness, and helping my clients to realize the bigger, metaphysical picture. Through channeling, I connect with the energy and wisdom of Saint Germain, and bring clarity and suggestions to all types of business and career situations. A client’s higher self will also participate in the process, which goes beyond restricted, mental solutions. Based on these verbally channeled messages, I help create solutions and solve specific issues associated with traditional consultancy methods.

You are probably thinking, can this all be real? Well, it is if you allow it to be.

Website: www.beyond-mind.com
Email: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Hedy Maimann

Creation “Tarot of Inner Peace" card deck

The "Tarot of Inner Peace" is a sensual, new card deck with soft, harmonious colours that uses the system and titles of the old tarot cards but steps from there into the new energies and new meanings. It is up to you which way you use it as it will be like a living partner.

The box contains 79 cards as it has an additional "Hope" card in reference to Tobias beautiful "Hope channeling" from England, a spread card and a flyer with some hints of the meaning. You can use the cards to improve your own intuition and find your own interpretations and truth as the creator of your reality. The cards are designed to bring the energy or tools you need in the moment. They are available in English, German, French and Italian.

All card illustrations are original oil paintings. Most of the originals are also available for purchase. For size and price please contact me via email. You may also order an additional signed card from the artist.

The price per set (shipping costs included):
Normal shipping $38.60 (USD)
Priority shipping $40.50 (USD)

Website (to view the cards) www.mon-art.eu
Email (to order) [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator– Barb Glover

Creation – Printed Passion

This site is intended as an entertaining conduit for the celebration of that singularly wondrous part of the planet, known worldwide simply as “the West.” My devotion to the West in general is only overridden by one thing, as readers will come to understand, and that is my particular enchantment with the state of New Mexico.

The website includes a separate blog regarding my consciousness awakening page, whose address is:

Website: http://www.printedpassion.com

Contact info:
[email protected]
[email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Esme Ellis

CreationThis Strange and Precious Thing

Pondering how best to describe my new book for Crimson Circle readers, I heard Tobias (who dropped in from time to time) say, "Tell them, 'This Strange and Precious Thing' is "A Book for an Awakening Humanity."

I chose the medium of fiction because it enables people to enter more deeply into some of the challenging and exciting concepts which are revealed as the story unfolds. Living it through our feeling and imagination, the seeds of new and seemingly-incredible possibilities are sown. For readers who simply enjoy a good read with elements of sci-fi and an amazing love story at its heart, those seeds lie in wait, ready to awaken in their own time. Yet for others, already open and aware of the shifts in consciousness Humanity will need as we journey into the New Energy future, there is the potential discovery within its pages of psychological and spiritual truths, and even greater depths of enjoyment.

The Island, which Plato claimed to be the last remaining tip of lost Atlantis, is the setting for this multi-dimensional story. A feisty, but skeptical young women, on vacation with her boyfriend, dreams of becoming a world-class reporter. Instead, she finds herself caught up in a nightmare when he's abruptly called away on a secret assignment. He persuades her to stay on, but limping home the next day, bleeding and shaken after her swim has gone disastrously wrong, she discovers their apartment has been invaded. Yet there's no sign of a break-in. Who was the intruder? Is he hiding? Waiting for her all along?

Bafflement escalates to panic when a series of inexplicable events compel her to seek help from strangers. Her quest for answers leads to ever more disturbing questions which take us on a journey which ranges from present-day Baghdad to the far-off origins of Earth, in the course of which we meet many intriguing characters, the most extraordinary of them being the radiant youth with blue curls. Born 250 years in the future, he's also on a mission – some impossible-seeming task set him by Gaia, Mother Earth.

The narrative weaves their destinies together while exploring with us the very nature of reality, and our power to change it.

Contact info
Email: [email protected]
Blog: http://esmeellis.blogspot.com/
Webpage: http://www.esmeellis.co.uk

Order direct from Amazon by going to my website, or contact me via email for further details

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Johan Claus

Creation – Breath is Health CDs

Dear breathing friend, here are some facts about this quality product!

• They are the missing link for complete beginners and a good introduction into New Energy breathing
• They will be a great help for therapists, it saves time
• CD1 with parts 1 and 2 is good for beginners and very useful for trained breathers
• CD2 with parts 3 and 4 is useful when parts 1 and 2 are practiced and understood
• CD1 gives you the pure breathing technique to come to your deep abdominal breath (most existing breathing CDs always forget this important step!)
• CD2 trains you how to breathe in all sorts of nice energies; e.g. a nice life experience, a good friend who has left in one way or another, something you would like to realize in your life, etc. After this training you have the technique to breathe in anything that will help you to live better and more consciously
• These CDs contain the knowledge and expertise of 30 years of drama and expression classes and of reflection days with adults and youngsters
• It is my deepest wish and hope that these CDs will help the world to breathe, live and act more consciously
• There is a Dutch and English version available with German and French versions to come!
• These CDs are a healthy and original gift
• They CD's are recorded in a professional studio
• Reactions on the use of these CDs are welcome on my site www.breathandsoul.com

Price: $17 per CD, or $30 for both (postage included)

Website: www.breathandsoul.com
Email: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Janet Carroll Meeks

CreationMud Pies Stepping Stones

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, more and more people are seeking ways to escape the tensions of the day by creating home and garden environments that help restore balance and promote spiritual connection. Thoughtfully arranged stepping stones can serve as:
• Garden Paths & Focal Points
• Pet Memorials & Memory Stones
• Milestones, Trophies & Tributes
• Name, Address & Estate Plaques
• Allies, Totems & Power Animals
• Medicine Wheels & Labyrinths
• Unique Fund Raising Campaigns
• Personalized Gifts for All Occasions

We provide high-quality custom handcrafted concrete stepping stones to Inspire, Amuse, Celebrate and Honor you or those you love. In addition to the "Mud Pies" shown here, our Store has numerous other pre-made stones or, for the same price, you can personalize them with words and symbols that are meaningful to you. Each stepping stone is 12" in diameter, approximately 1 1/2" thick and is made of vinyl patch concrete for extra strength and durability. Choose from hundreds of images or send us your own--almost any simple design can be reproduced at no extra charge. Please allow 2-4 weeks for custom stones. For a truly meaningful tribute, ashes can also be lovingly mixed into the concrete. Please visit our website for details.

Website: http://www.MudPies.biz
Email: [email protected]
Blog: http://www.uniquegardensteppingstones.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Creator – Joan Potvin

CreationMoney Free Living website

Consider the possibilities of a “money-free society”. It starts with the individual and their community but can quickly become a global project with the use of technology and the Internet. This new tool can work wonders at connecting us and conveying our individual needs! Let’s face it; the current financial system is just not working for us.

What is a money-free initiative? Simply, it is a movement towards spending less money by exchanging goods, services and space. The great thing about this approach is that it can be implemented slowly and in small ways. Also, you have nothing to lose by just contemplating the possibilities. With practice you can see that there is a natural flow to the movement of goods, services, tools, land and space that we need only plug into. We have enough practitioners, tradesman, craftsman, inventors, laborers, creators, materials, land, tools and space to continue providing the world with the things it is used to and go beyond that to fill in the gaps where there is lack.

This organization and website is dedicated to helping society and ourselves move towards a money-free environment by providing information, support and access to software that matches up global “needs” with “haves”. The goal is to gradually release our dependence on money and rely on our innate ability to fairly move goods and services in a more harmonious and natural way.

Website: www.moneyfreeliving.com
Email: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shaumbra Creations Submissions Guidelines

Shaumbra creations submitted for launch in Shaumbra News must be new, i.e. created within the last few months.

The product or service must be YOUR creation. Please don’t submit books written by other people, music CDs created by someone else, or classes created by someone else (even if you are a facilitator). If your creation is a workshop or class, it must be a new series that you will offer on an ongoing basis.

The product or service must be available for Shaumbra to order today. In other words, the book must be printed, the music CDs ready to ship, classes must be open for immediate registration, etc.

To launch your creation please send the following information to [email protected]:

1. Contact information including your website and email address.
2. Description of your creation in 250 words or less (English only please). Shaumbra News reserves the right to edit your submission.
3. A digital photo of yourself
4. A digital image of your product. Images should be medium resolution, approximately 1000 x 1000 pixels. The files can be in JPEG, TIFF or GIF formats.

We will include as many new creations as possible each month but cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.

Please note that each creation may be submitted ONE TIME ONLY. You can submit new creations at a later date but each creation will be listed only once in Shaumbra News.

Go creators!

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