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in a moment of true inspiration, music becomes channeling and channeling becomes music, a message for you, a Call to Awaken.

A spiritual experience beyond words

Featuring Tobias and Yoham

From the unforgettable opening with rich musical tones that stir the soul and usher in the voice of Tobias, to the gentle closing words directly from the hearts of the angels, Call to Awaken is a multi-dimensional experience that will touch you on every level. The musical passion and genius of Yoham blended with the profound love and compassion of Tobias have created an incredible gift to be received deep within your spirit. Gerhard Fankhauser and Amir Ya'acoby (together known as Yoham) bring in New Energy through their unique musical expression as they accompany Tobias (through Geoffrey Hoppe) in an incredible co-creation recorded live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tobias opens with a deeply moving invitation to remember your origin, your purpose and your true identity. His comforting voice gently invites you into a deep inner experience of remembrance and trust, opening the heart, calming the mind and beckoning the soul from its slumber.

Carried on the ancient rhythms of the music of Yoham and delivered through the loving words of Tobias, the Call to Awaken resounds within your soul and touches every part of your being. It is your own Call, reaching out to your biology, your mind, your consciousness and your spirit, calling every part of you to awaken and come back home to yourself.

With the voice of an angel accompanied by the rich musical expression of voice, string and percussion, Tobias and Yoham spin an incredible journey of remembrance and awakening. The Call to Awaken is a call you will never forget.
Available now in MP3 Download and CD format -


“Welcome to this New Energy Synchrotize where we’re going to explore the nature of reality, the effect of belief systems and how you can make conscious choices in your life to bring about the reality that you choose for yourself.” – Adamus Saint-Germain

The new, updated version of Saint-Germain’s Synchotize™ is now available! The updated version was recorded with a live audience in Lincoln City, Oregon in July 2007. It replaces the original version recorded in Eleuthera, The Bahamas in January 2006. The new version features clear, professional audio recordings and new information from Adamus Saint-Germain.

Synchrotize helps a person look at their beliefs and overlays, then release those they no longer accept. Using the simple tools offered by Adamus Saint-Germain, a person can easily learn how to make their own conscious choices and place these in their reality landscape. When this happens, the person realizes a synchronous flow in their life. Adamus Saint-Germain concludes the New Energy Synchrotize workshop saying, by making a conscious choice to be with and work with New Energy, you leap into new potentials in your life, new experiences.”

While participating in the New Energy Synchrotize process, Saint-Germain takes the listener through an intensive 3-1/2 day journey of looking at their beliefs systems, observing how they have been hypnotized into limited belief systems, and learning how to create their new reality.

Available in the Shaumbra Shoppe on the Crimson Circle web site.”

The New Energy Synchrotize program contains 6 audio CDs and one data disk with complete text transcripts and a guide to review the materials as PDFs. ORDER HERE

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August 2008 Newsletter
Shaumbra Speaks

A sample of recent postings on the Crimson Circle Message Board from Shaumbra around the world:

Welcome Home
Hi everyone,
This is my very first post. I am getting near the end of all the Shouds. I started reading them a year and a half ago, right when I first found out about the CC and Shaumbra... it's been an incredible year for me. This weird thing that started happening to me right about the time the first monthly meeting happened in 1999. It took me that long to be guided to this safe energy... and now, I feel ready for what comes next. Whatever it is I hope the hardest is behind and that the teaching will soon begin. I am looking forward to it in whichever form it will take. I am just so happy and proud too to be part of this


Shaumbra Shift
I've been around the teachings almost since the start and they/you all have been my family since then. Lately there has been a huge shift in the feeling of Shaumbra. The Q&A questions are showing me different and growing people. There's a reality about our team now - it's as if many more of us have stepped up to the plate and are Walking The Talk. I Love That.
With Love and Big Heart Hugs


What Are We In For?
Sadly it's going to get worse, the hardest is to come. Your dark side will come out, you will lose all your current friends and family. You will become a freak show. My goodness... go back while you can, run, run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding of course!! Welcome to the real world!!!!


Shaumbra On Passion
To me, passion is this:

Anything that comes to you as the next thing you want to experience. If it is to experience a balanced relationship filled with mutual respecting Love, then so it is! I think people get hung up on Passion being something to "do" long term or even that it is just "one thing you were meant to do." Passion evolves and changes depending on what you are focused on creating/experiencing in the moment.

For me, my passion in this now is to feel and experience the process of manifesting beautiful works of art. The ART is not my passion... the EXPERIENCE OF CREATING IT is. The manifestation of the art is simply the result of being in my passion. See? Beauty and Joy manifest any time you are in Passion.

Anytime you are IN your passion (i.e. submersed in the experience you choose to have in any given moment), all things are given unto you. To me, this means all things that you need to support you BEING IN PASSION will come to you. Waiting for life to support you BEFORE you allow yourself to be in your Passion defeats the whole purpose and will never work.

In this now moment, if each of us look at what is currently before us in our lives (i.e. what we have already created and are now in the process of experiencing), what stands out to you as something RIGHT NOW that you choose to experience? That gets your juices flowing? That bubbles up in you with a sense of excitement and anticipation? Even if it is to go into your kitchen and make yourself a scrumptious triple dipped mint chocolate chip ice cream cone? Choose that thing, COMMIT to it and put ALL your focus into the experience of that thing... and viola! You are in your Passion!


More on Passion
This morning while watering my flower garden I GOT that it's not the Gardening that is My Passion - it's that the Gardening connects me to My Passion.
And I realize that I have always thought that My Passion was a thing/activity / cause – like, is My Passion singing? Writing? Drawing? Saving the whales?
Sooo many years I have spent looking for My Passion. And this morning I Got that My Passion is a feeling inside me and anything & everything that I enjoy doing connects me to My Passion.


Teaching by Living
I have learned that I am Shaumbra, part of CC. I was one of the first into New Energy. I would now being going crazy with worry, guilt, fear for others losing homes, their disrupted lives, their confusion. But I know what is happening and wait patiently for I know it will be easier for them in the near future. These losses of things were gained in great stress, competition, duality and tired old fearful energy. They will go for awhile.............. and in the departing will be cleansed or purified or something.

It was only a short time ago when I went thru losses. I was so scared, angry and lonely. Oh, I remember those days. Now things have come back to me in a new way. The new is gentle and flowing, with wonderful manifestations coming before I can even realize I wanted them or needed them. More than I ever dreamed. I have no needs other than the moment. Time as I knew it is also lost.

I teach but do not realize I have taught until after the lesson is given. I remember the faces while I talked. The attentive looks toward me, then relief, gratitude and sighs, breaths of relaxation. The old ways are gone and its ok. But I remember. Oh, how I remember. The lostness. The fear. The stepping out into the unknown. Having to trust it because I created loss of everything I had known, that was weighted down in old energy.

I once worried about the time when I would teach. Ha, ha – there was no need. Students come – and they are ready. Only a human can teach like this. I love myself. I love all of me.


Real Life
Just a couple of hours ago we experienced an earthquake in Southern California again. It was not right under me, nor as big as the one in 1987, but significant.
What happens right after you literally right yourself, is that most of us want to get outdoors. There you see the neighbors who held the annoying party over the weekend, the fool whose ride honks at 5 a.m. and wakes everyone up, the skaters who drive home with rap music blaring, the alcoholic next door, the kind granddaughter caring for her grandmother and mother and kids....
They all look beautiful. They are all open whether they are aware or not. (Thanks adrenal glands!) And everyone says the same..."Are you all right? Are you okay?" The young cholo ("tough guy") who wouldn't speak to me answers, "Yeah, you?" and he sounds like his child self.
There's a flicker of the idea that these may be the folks you die with when the really big one hits; they may be the people you rescue or who rescue you. That hand that honks the horn might be the last one you hold.
I lingered outside, sitting on the front steps until they disappeared one by one, back into their houses and back into their 3D-ness.
It's over. The earthquake and the open faces, hearts, hands. The rap music from the cars just feels like another version of a blankie, a teddy bear. No big deal.


Always Learning
(contributed by Shaumbra from Australia, Scotland, America, Canada, Germany)

Things I learned this week:
- I am not my computer
- I am not my car
- just because old patterns repeat does not mean that I have to react to them the same way
- that a painting created in the new energy by a friend can be an anchor
- sometimes the things that you need are closer than you can imagine
- sometimes the solution you need is more obvious than you can imagine
- I am not my credit card debt
- compassion towards someone lost in their games can be more healing to everyone than anger
- I have some amazing people in my life and some of them even think I am amazing too
- that things from my childhood aren't as big as I remember them to be
- my past is disappearing
- most of my 'misery' was related to the past
- regrets are only as painful as we choose them to be
- a tender word can be as difficult to accept as the sharpest insult
- young children seem to remember so much more than we have forgotten
- it is ok to get messy and make “mistakes”
- it does not have to be perfect the first time through
- to not take for granted the ease with which some things come to me
- I truly do want to experience a new energy sexual relationship
- sometimes, something shows up in your life just to prove that what you want actually does exist
- when you fully, truly, completely, utterly let go... sometimes it DOES come back in a way you never expected.
- breathing with myself is something I just can't do without... I miss me too much
- aspects sometimes have a funny way of coming home, but they do
- I have as much time as I choose to have
- I don't have to do it all by myself – and certainly not all at once
- there are actually many people who would love to co-create with me
- sometimes going slow means actually going at high speed
- I do need to rest from time to time
- there are so many great people around me!
- I live in paradise
- I DO trust myself
- experiencing the heartbeat of Shaumbra is way more fun and inspiring than anything that I "should" be getting done...
- there are never any "new" friends...
- just when you think it's in the bag, a new twist shows up…another layer of trust to practice being who you really are...
- when you set out to inspire others you yourself also gain inspiration
- looking for ways to win a new car can give you a gret excuse to buy chocolate


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