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Journey of The Angels
A Personal Study Course

"The story of creation that’s
never been told...
now told by a real angel"

Tobias reminds us of what it was like to leave the angelic realms to come to earth. The listener re-experiences many things – what it was like to be birthed into biological form for the first time; remembrances of our Lemurian lifetimes; the pleasures and pains of Atlantis; and finally, into our more modern times and the deeper understanding of why we are here in this lifetime.

This is the story of creation that’s never been told before, shared with us now by a real angel. It explains how and why we became separated from Spirit, helps us to understand what transpires in the angelic realms, and it paints a new and refreshing picture of why earth was created and why we chose to come here.

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic. It’s the explanation and understanding of Creation from A – Z. More than anything, the listener can actually re-experience their personal journey while in the energy of this masterpiece story. More than just words in an audio recording, Journey of the Angels is an experience of awakening and remembrance.

Journey of the Angels is now available in a 12 CD Personal Study Course that includes 11 audio CDs and 1 data disk. It includes a comprehensive Study Guide (PDF format) that facilitates the listener in a step-by-step process of reflecting on and observing their personal journey from Home to Now. (The course will also be taught by certified Shaumbra Institute teachers in late 2009 with enhanced original videos.)

This is the essential Tobias course for any Shaumbra – or anyone else – who wants to understand their angelic history. At times it will challenge you, at times it will give you great comfort and remembrance. You might be moved to tears or laughter, but one way or the other Journey of the Angels WILL touch you deeply.

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September 2009 Newsletter

Shaumbra Heartbeat
 - by Jean Tinder

Where is your Tobias?

A few weeks ago humanity was graced with a most amazing event – the return of an Ascended Master to Earth. And while his name was not “Jesus Christ,” his return truly was an event “of historic proportions,” as Kuthumi said. Just how historic? Well, it was the fulfillment of years and lifetimes of hard work, prayer, faith and hope. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to look back at the end of the era, instead of constantly looking forward to it, hoping everything would work out? Well, here we are! How does it feel?

Having grown up deeply immersed in the Christian faith, I find the similarities between what I used to believe and hope for, and what we are now experiencing, to be quite interesting. Christians talk of accepting Jesus into your heart; Tobias and Kuthumi spoke of integrating “our own Tobias” back into ourselves. Yeshua was a composite being, made up of the consciousness of those who were working to bring divinity – the Christ – to Earth; Tobias himself included the consciousness of Shaumbra, the ones who are working to now embody their own divinity on earth.

When you take away all the rhetoric, control issues and distortion, Christianity is really about living life with God in your heart. And as the ones who helped get the churches going in the first place, we understood that at a very deep level. We knew that ultimate “salvation” was the integration and remembrance of our true essence, the acceptance of our divine God self within. For a long time we needed a different way to describe it since most humans still saw God “out there.” So we explained it as best we could, knowing that to accept the love and presence of God in your heart was to somehow accept your own divine essence.

And now, here we are as Shaumbra, two months into a whole new era. The I AM’s (Incoming Ascended Masters – thank you Geoff for that one!) are taking up residence on Earth, and our own piece of Tobias is returning to each of us.

I invite you to think about that – or better still, feel that – for a moment. A part of you was part of our friend Tobias, an Ascended Master in his own right, just like a part of you made up the one called Yeshua. So if you were part of Tobias, and he is indeed an ascended being, what does that say about you??

Now the question is, can you accept and receive back that ascended self that you really are? Can you integrate it into your every day reality? It won’t turn you into one who can do magic tricks and charm the masses, but rather one who simply knows you are here by your own choice, creating every moment of your reality.

Are YOU ready to walk on Earth as an Ascended Master? You don’t have to wait for anything to do so – not death, enlightenment, salvation, permission, or anything else. Not even the “second coming.” It’s already happened, heaven is already here; so how do you want to experience it?

As I tune in to us each month, I’ve often wondered how Shaumbra Heartbeat would change as the heart of Shaumbra keeps evolving. We no longer need to try to remember who we are – we already have. We no longer need to process what we feel – we only need to breathe and feel it, in the greatest honor for ourselves. We no longer need to save the world – it’s doing just fine. By “saving” ourselves, we have created incredible potentials for every other being on Earth.

I’ve talked to a number of us who are venturing back out into the “real world,” something many haven’t wanted to do for years. We are stepping up, stepping out, being seen, and joining in with life on Earth, because our “incubation” period is finally over. Tobias may have been the first Ascended Master to return to Earth, but he has cleared the way for every single one of us to rebirth ourselves as a Master on Earth, right beside him.

One thing I know about the heart of Shaumbra is that we keep going, no matter how rough the path or how dark the night. Our own inner Tobias has always been there, picking us up, dusting us off, and cheering us on. And now that there’s nothing left to accomplish and every potential available to us, now that our own Tobias has come home, now that we are finally ready To Be Us, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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